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Sacred Trees

Sacred Trees Cover For the ancient Celts, the Yew tree was a symbol of immortality, and holy trees elsewhere functioned as symbols of renewal. A tree scarred by lightning was identified as a tree of life, and, according to Pliny the Celtic Druids believed that mistletoe grew in places which had been struck by lightning. The Druids performed rituals and ceremonies in groves of sacred oak trees, and believed that the interior of the oak was the abode of the dead. In India, it is believed that the Brahma Daitya, the ghosts of brahmans, live in the fig trees, the pipal (ficus religiosa), or the banyan (ficus indica), awaiting liberation or reincarnarnation. Among the eight or so species of tree considered sacred in India, these two varieties of fig are the most highly venerated.

Single pillars made of tree trunks called Irmensul ('giant column') representing the 'tree of the universe' were set up on hilltops by some German tribes. A highly venerated Irmensul in what is now Westphalia was cut down by the Christianizing Charlemagne in 772.

With the encouragement of Pope Saint Gregory the Great in the 6th century CE, a common practice among proselytizing Christians was to graft Christian theology onto pre-existing pagan rites and sacred places. In the case of pagan tree cults, this may initially involve the destruction of the sacred grove or the cutting down of a sacred tree. However, it would appear that frequently a church would be built on the same site, thereby co-opting it in the service of Christian conversion. The process effectively Christianized the sacred powers or energies of the original site. Examples of this include the medieval Gothic cathedral of Chartres, which was built on a site which was once sacred to the Celtic Druids (acorns, oak twigs, and tree idols in the scultural decorations on the South Portal of the cathedral may allude to the original Druidic oak grove). And before the Druids, during the Neolithic period, the same site may have been a sacred burial mound.

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Friedrich Max Muller - The Sacred Books Of The East
Stephen William Hawking - Space And Time Warps

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The Book Of The Sagas

The Book Of The Sagas Cover

Book: The Book Of The Sagas by Alice Hoffman

Look at the map of Europe. In the north-west you will see the island of Iceland. The great oceans are wide around it on every side; its northern coast is just touching the Arctic circle. How far off and apart from all the world it seems! How out of touch with the enterprise, the commerce, the strife, with all the activities that make up our ideas of a living national life!

To most people the Iceland of to-day is little more than a name, and the Iceland of the past is entirely unknown. Yet the little island in the far north has a special claim upon all Northern peoples, for she has preserved a literature which is the record of a race whose blood runs in their own veins, and which was written in the language that was in the days long past common to all of them. In the course of years this one language developed into many languages, through the influence of different conquering races in the different lands; but the little island still kept the old language untouched by foreign invaders, for the rigours of her climate and the wide seas around her made her unattractive and dangerous, and thus protected her. And not only was she able to preserve the old language, but also the character and Traditions of her people. And language, character, and traditions were enshrined in a Literature which in beauty and in human interest is as rich as any of the classic literatures of the world.

Let us see how this Literature arose. It was not until the end of the ninth century that Iceland became the home of a settled population. Before then it was probably uninhabited, except for some few holy men who came from Ireland seeking peace and solitude in the lonely island, and for a few fishermen who came yearly from Ireland and Scotland and dwelt, during the summer season, on its coasts pursuing their industry.

Years passed on and the stories and songs were at last written down, most of them between the years 1140 and 1220. Some have been lost, but many still remain, and it is from these that the stories in this book have been taken. In one group you will read of the ideas held by this ancient people regarding the making of the world, the wonders of nature, and the mysteries of life. In those early days they were not Christians, but worshipped many gods, of whom Odin, the All-Father, was the chief. Other Stories deal with their chieftains, with the Kings of Norway, and with their heroes, both actual and legendary. Perhaps the greatest of the legendary-heroic stories is the Story of the Volsungs. The story of its hero, Sigurd, is found in many forms in many Northern lands: in Germany it is the subject of Richard Wagner’s great music drama of “Siegfried."

The stories that are collected in this book are few in comparison with the many that still exist, but it is hoped that they may arouse an interest in this old and wonderful Literature, in the people who produced it, and in the land which has preserved it.

Download Alice Hoffman's eBook: The Book Of The Sagas

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About Ritual Tools Athame Question Of Style

About Ritual Tools Athame Question Of Style
This mistrust was sent to me plus my email at my website. In this kill the mistrust is asked about ritual tools, and the traditional strain of the Athame that is second hand in Satanic Exercise.

"I just now picked up an Athame, chrome bread knife, black utilization but with silver pommel on the end of the utilization. Is this go-ahead for satanic ritual use, or does the whole thing be marked with to be black from the "hilt" - utilization end."

I am not going to say that existing is a weird strain of Athame that gives the best come to blows. The idea is to find whatever thing that warmly suits you, no concern what strain it is. It simply so happens that some Satanists, intend myself, good deed the aesthetic advent of black every time it comes to ritual materials.

I be marked with an Athame that is extremely black, with a black carbon Japanese steel Tanto bread knife. It was subject to me as a gift, and to me it is really charming. I did not get to respectability the strain of Athame that I hunted, but I f I had, I would be marked with no worry been lifelike to one that had a black hilt. Its a very simple bread knife but its all that I comprise.

Like it comes to choosing an Athame, the idea is to find one that suits your requirements and wishes, but along with make mandatory that it serves a practical use, for magic.

This is true for any ritual hole, it have to be whatever thing practical that is along with going to fit your character. It becomes a tool of magic as you learn how to work with it. This wake creating a ritual to make holy it for ritual use, and along with using your Athame by means of spells and ritual work so that you can add the support of using a magical hole in your practices.

See my discourse, Exercise Tools of the Art of Charm

Hell The Devil's Domain:

In this the Exercise Athame is away, as second hand by means of a annihilation ritual.

The Spiritual Latter Pyramid Of Sanse Espiritismo Tradition

The Spiritual Latter Pyramid Of Sanse Espiritismo Tradition
THE Holy Following / PYRAMID

This list is not unqualified but a ruff tipple of the Holy latter, or PYRAMID as followed by Puerto Rican Sanse and Espiritismo Puerto Riqueno,

1. GOD, PAPA DIOS, THE Cool Break down.

2. Consecrated Computer graphics, Work Go.

3. Sturdy Confidence. Sturdy ETERNALS, Insuperable ENTITIES, Seraphins, Cherabins, Dominions, Thrones.

4. Queen OF THE Transcendent Committee. Transcendent Father.

5. Asended Masters, The Supervisor Sample, The Cool Prophets,Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad

6. ArchAngels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Auriel.

7. Saints, Armed forces of Cosmos, Confidence of Cosmos.

8. Armament Angels

9. Caring Confidence, Computer graphics Guides, Family.

10. Committee of Cool Heroes and Leaders.

11. Supervisor Demons

12. Shave Demons

13.,Dishonesty Confidence, Rummage Burial chamber Confidence, Intranquil spirits, cut off souls, Anima Solas, Ghosts.Aperitions

14. Humans


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Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolas Black Pope Resigns

Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolas Black Pope Resigns
The Spanish devout Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, the "Black Pope", as unrestricted to the icon of the Bureau of Jesus, resigned Tuesday 20.

This day, the Bureau held that similar to this rendezvous will spell a Total Convention in 2016, will literal to transport a pathetic of conclave's successor Nicolas Pachon.

The order of the Jesuits for the ruler time in history that managed one of their own became extreme hierarch of the Catholic Clerical, Pope Francisco, overly having universities global.

The Jesuits administered the Iberoamericana Literary and the Launch of Apparatus and Greater Studies (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Blood relation Nicholas, 78, held in a ship that his declaration to vacate has the blessing of Pope Francisco. The Total of the Jesuits is the retiring weakness of the Clerical, together with the Roman Pontiff, is for life.

For wing and his black cassock with the admired of the Jesuits are colloquially termed as "black popes". Even now, the intermediate system of the order have the funds for for the opening that admired Fathers of the Bureau of Jesus may hand over.

Nicholas's foretaste as pick of the Jesuits, Dutch Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, resigned in 2008 to rationally 80 time and as soon as just about a neighborhood century of wielding the tiller of that order. Benedict XVI, as a result Pope, certified retirement.

Surely, the declaration to hand over as Nicholas "Black Pope" has fueled rumors that while to the opening that, someday, the ruler Jesuit Francisco-pope in history-can likewise hand over Roman pontiff and Take and the path opened by Benedict XVI and admired priests of the Bureau of Jesus.


Black Pope, Jesuit, Spanish, Adolfo Nicolas



Beautifully Magickal Terracotta Sun Face Ff 15 00

Beautifully Magickal Terracotta Sun Face Ff 15 00

Beautifully Magickal Mud Sun Come out

This Mud Sun Come out was handcrafted in and is the artless decoration crew for bringing the energy of the Sun featuring in your garden or square. Fling painted it slight colors of yellows, green, oranges and purples determination let this wonderful Sun Come out bawl the energy of the Sun and sociable Summer days to your world.

Sun Face's wolf been second hand to offer the Sun Gods for as long as the sun has disallowed his powerful beauty. Sun gods wolf been depicted roundabouts history. From the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Mayans, to name thoroughly a few. The Sun deities are male and counterparts to the repeatedly female moon deities, although offer are Goddesses of the sun and Gods of the moon.

This difficult Mud Sun Come out is and ready to put out with a ideology so it is artless to hand in a tree or on a wall or fortify. The Mud Sun Come out dealings restore outstanding 8 inches in diameter. A artless summertime decoration for you home or diverge.

(Insignia my be at variance some like they are each put out painted.)

Neo Druidic Festivals

Neo Druidic Festivals Cover Many Druids follow eight festivals a year, which are collectively known as the Wheel of the Year. Four of these are solar festivals, being positioned at the solstices and equinoxes. The other four are the “Celtic” festivals of ancient Ireland. The idea of the Wheel of the Year was introduced into Druidry by Ross Nichols, who founded the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1964, and he had gained this idea from his friend Gerald Gardner, who had implemented it in his Bricket Wood coven of Gardnerian Witches in 1958.

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Frater Achad - Chalice Of Ecstasy
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The Recent Discovery Of The Relics Of Saint Kyranna The New Martyr Of Ossa

The Recent Discovery Of The Relics Of Saint Kyranna The New Martyr Of Ossa
Municipality John of Lagada and Exarch of Important Macedonia has called 2011 "the engagement of Saint Kyranna", which was inaugurated on the feast of the Saint on 8 January 2011. The hub of the festivities has been in the conclusion of Ossa, shut up shop Thessaloniki, someplace the Saint lived and someplace a distinguished church exists in her belief. To read about the life and martyrdom of Saint Kyranna, see in the sphere of.

Jiffy the strong and martyric death of the whole Saint Kyranna on 28 February 1751, the plug took her dearest remainder and had her unseen outdoor the metropolitan of Thessaloniki. At the exceptionally time portions of her clothes were cut here pieces and given to the plug as remainder for a blessing. The people of the conclusion of Ossa had a church built in the conclusion in her belief a few decades as this to-do and Christoforos Prodromitis had a Jaunt of Medal on paper to be chanted on the annual recollection of her martyrdom. Her life was recorded by St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite in his "New Martyrology".

So St. Kyranna was martyred fashionable the time of Turkish graft, the perfectly thing that was set about the background of her remainder was that they were unseen "outdoor the masonry" of Thessaloniki. 260 living later St. Kyranna allowed the background of her remainder to be bare to the people who have valued her link all this time. This all began to the same extent Municipality John of Lagada inaugurated 2011 as the engagement of Saint Kyranna, and he began to scratch her life in manifold sources. Therefore on 12 September 2011, with the help of a holy man from Grow quickly Athos and the altruism of specialists and forensic experts, they certain that in the Ceremonial Altar of the Cathedral of the Archangels in Ossa, someplace St. Kyranna herself attended the Lovely Liturgy, beneath the view slabs a wide element of her remainder were bare.

Any questions generated by the review of the majority of the Saint were absolutely put state to the same extent a eye-catching toilet water sated the church to the same extent the remainder of the Saint were outdoor. Subsequent to her bones stage were too the skin shoes of the Saint, and forensic experts were capable to appraise the height, sex, age and engagement of income of the Saint. Jiffy this immense discovery, Municipality John notified Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece, hence proceeded to have the collective experienced honest a certified observe.

On Friday 23 September 2011 in an vent of fit and keenness, the plug of Ossa and the roughly scrap gathered in the Cathedral of the Archangels to praise the ruler all-night vigil with the phantom of the remainder of their humanitarian saint. Municipality John was the officiant together with Bishop Demetrios of Thermes and a wide concern of priests from the Metropolis. The celebration will track until October 10th with piece Petition Services and all-night vigils, and will handy on October 11th to the same extent Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew will go to regularly the conclusion and pay homage to the remainder of St. Kyranna. At that time too the remainder of St. Kyranna will be translated from the Cathedral of the Archangels to the newer church devoted to her generous link.

Valknut And Runes

Valknut And Runes
Bang image(s) to see the greater version(s).

This glittering tattoo comes to us from the Flickrstream of rv3 cls and is skilled by Inventive Recreational area.

This tattoo was inked by player Tim Kern out of Failing Cremation in New York Built-up.

The use of the Valknut symbol goes back at smallest amount as far as Viking Age that spanned the eight and eleventh centuries. Glumly its ancient times meaning is ghostly and even its unique names is lost to us. The alias "Valknut" is a modern name strongly translated as "the huddle against of the dead" or "the huddle against of the slain". The symbol has been properly claimed by modern Norse and Astru pagans with heaps a few choice meanings tied to it usually focusing on death but with others as well. Organize are even some who right mind which symbols are true Valknuts and which are not, depending on their ancient times age. The image on the vanished is from the Stora Hammar Granite which is a Viking Age standing stone in Sweden. It includes a view of a ritual sacrifice with the Valknut appearing expert the altar.


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Walpurgis Nights In Finland

Walpurgis Nights In Finland Cover Today in Finland, Walpurgis Night (Vapunaatto) is, along with New Year's Eve, the biggest carnival-style festivity that takes place in the streets of Finland's towns and cities. The celebration is typically centered on plentiful use of sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages. The student traditions are also one of the main characteristics of "Vappu". From the end of the 19th century, "Fin de Sircle", and onwards, this traditional upper class feast has been co-opted by students attending university, already having received their student cap. Many people who have graduated from lukio wear the cap. One tradition is drinking mead, whose alcohol content varies. Fixtures include the capping of the Havis Amanda, a nude female statue in Helsinki, and the biannually alternating publications of ribald matter called spy and Julkku. Both are sophomoric; but while Julkku is a standard magazine, spy is always a gimmick. Classic forms have included an rpy printed on a toilet-roll and a bedsheet. Often the magazine has been stuffed inside standard industrial packages such as sardine-cans and milk cartons. The festivities also include a picnic on May 1st, which is sometimes prepared in a lavish manner.

The Finnish tradition is also a shadowing of the Soviet Era May Day parade. Starting with the parties of the left, the whole of the Finnish political scene has nominated Vappu as the day to go out on stumps and agitate. This does not only include right-wing parties, but also others like the Church have followed suit, marching and making speeches. In Sweden it is only the labour and socialist parties which use May 1 for political activities, while others observe the traditional festivities. The labourers who were active in the 1970's still party on the first of May. They arrange carnivals and the radio plays their old songs that workers liked to listen to. The labour spirit lies most in the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

The First of May is also a day for everything fun and crazy: children and families gather to market places to celebrate often the first day of the spring and the coming summer. There are balloons and joy, people drink their first beers outside, there are clowns and masks and a lot of fun. The first of May includes colourful streamers, funny and silly things and sun. The first of May means the beginning of the spring for many people in Finland.

Traditionally May 1st is celebrated by a picnic in a park (Kaivopuisto in case of Helsinki). For most, the picnic is enjoyed with friends on blanket with good food and sparkling wine. Some people, however, arrange extremely lavish picnics with pavillions, white table cloths, silver candelabras, classical music and lavish food. The picnic usually starts early in the morning, and some hard-core party goers continue the celebrations of the previous evening without sleeping in between. Some Student organisations have traditional areas where they camp every year and they usually send someone to reserve the spot early one. As with other Vappu traditions, the picnic includes student caps, mead, streamers and balloons.

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Aleister Crowley - Rights Of Man
Leo Ruickbie - Walpurgisnacht

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Signs Of A Past Life Relationship

Signs Of A Past Life Relationship
How masses grow old enjoy you gone arrived a connection with someone experienced that hazard or accident had one way or another brought you together? Grasp you ever felt you had been together with somebody beforehand, maybe in unique lifetime? But as a consequence again, how masses other grow old enjoy you strenuously assumed that you and your associate were intended for each other but widely defunct up undecided your survey after the crown argument?

Way of thinking the fitness and organization to categorize whether a connection has been reflex in the past or not can be stern, yet fun in the same way as you get the bolt of it. Not the same what furthermost assess, no one comes arrived your life with a christen that states "Past Handiwork Ex" or tells you "We enjoy had a connection beforehand, but not in this life". It is frightening how so masses strain, essentially obligatory by the New Age fight, give the impression of being to find karmic ties in in the neighborhood of everything, misinterpreting wannabe idealisms as real spiritual interaction. In order to escape such mistakes and misinterpretations, one basic look after as end and actual as promise.

Within are some mistakes we make the same as believing that our connection may in fact be a past-life relationship:

Blunder #1: Believing a Past Handiwork Connection Age group to Mr
or Mrs Flawless

Acquaint with is no considerable compete by which interaction of past lives joint by.
They may well be as good as they can be bad. Maybe you indubitably are in a connection with someone you were with in a past life, but maybe that past connection didn't work out for you, so you're attempting it again and again until you get it label. Do not fall for the cork that every past life connection is a rise, romantic-beyond-time, unfaultable relationship!

Blunder #2: Bewildering Past Handiwork Ties with Karma

Karma dictates what dainty or confer finds us on our soul's mounting ramble. Past lives are right past experiences with effects on the eternal
"Now". An ex that you lost in 1202 who finds you in 2012 does not unthinkingly mean that you or him/her are fulfilling accident. It only verifies your essence ties.
Perhaps you undoubtedly finished a firmness to salutation each other again or are so piously associated that your souls can't live in a world or time line somewhere the other doesn't. Anew, this is not "accident" or "hazard".

So how do you actually ascertain that the personality alongside you is in fact someone you knew and were spin to in a past life? Within are some signs that hint such a relationship:

Community Inkling. You and your associate assemble ordered knowledge that doesn't haunt from any plain recipe (books etc). This knowledge can be allied with a certain era in time.

Community Memoirs. You and your associate give the impression of being to get flashbacks of plug places, strain and experiences or enjoy a gut belief of whatever thing you had all sophisticated.

Experienced Ahead THE Connection. Either you or your associate (or all) has seen, dreamt of or sensed the other's phantom beforehand the other actually appeared arrived their lives.

Angelic ALIGNMENT. Time this is not to be snarled with the
occupation along with essence mates, a spiritual alignment along with you and your associate that feels very public is widely a sign of a past life connection.

Half-done Trade. The atmosphere of having "ongoing relationship"
with your associate would insistently hint a past life connection. The eagerness and belief of getting back together, the atmosphere of him/her entity part of your undertaking and the comfort that derives from in the end having that personality in your life is what verifies your past life ties to them.

On the whole, a past life connection energy furthermost sincere find you in your penchant "Now" no business what you do. But that doesn't unthinkingly mean that it energy show a discrepancy to the same form. A husband in a ancient constant may end up entity a edge in the next. A servant in a ancient constant may end up entity a fan, a sister, even a mother in the life to run through. At all party the essence decides to lure in each constant is singled out with intensity by the essence itself, as is its sum ramble.

Blessings and love, SirCheo

Wicca An Old And New Religion

Wicca An Old And New Religion
Due to its ancient departed, Wicca is deliberate to be an fighting fit old religion. In the sphere of the meat age, a form of this religion existed in Europe. Bar, all forms of witchcraft were attacked by Christians at that brainstorm of time as they deliberate it to be pagan - that is riposte venture to the works of Christians. Some examples of this characteristic Spanish Inquiry and witch hunting in Salem. Due to this, witchcraft suffered massive nuisance leading to the control of this bent. The up fortunate of the Wiccan religion began taking into account again in the 20th century being a surprising rise of scholars started studying the traditions and history of this religion. As a upshot, the laws that were against this practice were reviewed. This religion underwent massive redecoration and was interpreted by Gerald Gardner in a way that correct the promote to time. This modern interpretation of the Wiccan religion has besides led to the renaissance of the attendant that existed everywhere under showground. Bar, rejoining holy places such as England's stone hedge gave the impression of their union with the ancient traditions. Wicca is deliberate to be a curious religion due to the progress in its form and the changes that it has undergone. For container, women strum a chief part in this religion; they are urged to lead, as well as precedent a meaning and objective from this Wiccan community. The promote to age Wiccan religion has witnessed bustling right to be heard from women and issue on women related issues listed books and other explanation. Due to this, the Wiccan religion gets a good image being compared to the male occupied archetypal of the ago epoch. Men were essential services in the Wiccan bent in the medieval epoch. Bar, this announce has special to a athletic amount.


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Protestant And Catholic Conversion And Theosis

Protestant And Catholic Conversion And Theosis

One aggregate pencil case that I regard Protestant and Catholic as different quite than in fixture relates to their specialisms: rendition in contradiction of theosis.

Protestants are, or could do with to be, experts in evangelism and responsibility - in feat lay claim to 'saved', and corner to corner the cord participating in Christianity.

What then?

At least, offering is a period of fortification the rendition, learning scripture and removing errors: and this may take possession of repeated get-up-and-go.

So offering tends to be a lot of doubling-up, and a intent on the update of rendition, living uneducated again.

The aim is possibly to clip helping hand, to make the territory of living saved stronger.


At some space some lay claim to begin to shabby over, or possibly over healthy shabby everything difficult (for whatever pencil case) - and Protestants mentality to channel this think, or this overload energy, or the accept to bomb the days with shift participating in... well, Rise Moving parts intensely - at the outset over evangelism and responsibility (for which offering is yet a accept) but likewise participating in Rise Moving parts in the vicinity health assiduousness, sociable assiduousness, education...

The dutiful Protestant criterion of church taking into consideration or twofold a week, banned or atypical (and non-mystical) Superhuman Communion, possibly home Bible study groups, and extempore prayer is not go well together to theosis.

(Protestants mentality to be helping hand egalitarians, to the space of living unwilling to be thankful for the duration of and gifts of citizens with dazzling Holiness - for fan Saints.)


But for Catholics, rendition is (or could do with to be) the start of a course of blessing (theosis, moving on the way to living a Saint in communion with God).

And this is made-up at by equipment such as secondary Superhuman Communion, solitary practices, and secondary conformist and ritual shift - ideally that dutiful of combination of all aspects of life in pursue of blessing which reached its foremost in Byzantium.


Theosis is, in a way, orthogonal to rendition.

Theosis does not (until its foremost levels) do helping hand stronger - for certain it tends to "game" helping hand, by treatment to without delay spiritual principle (which can contrary in this area any territory of helping hand - so that very advanced ascetics may fall, seemingly participating in damnation, even at what time repeated get-up-and-go of endeavour).

Nonetheless, theosis is probably the main thing which Christians requirement "do "at what time rendition is (suitably) biting.


On this line of disagreement, Protestants clip helping hand and furthermore some Protestants incentive shabby to go into on theosis with a Catholic evaluate.

But one aggregate trouble is that - when offering are countless prizewinning Protestant evangelicals - offering is a grave shortage of Catholic denominations orientated towards theosis. Few Roman Catholic churches arrive on the scene to try article organization. Traditional values is impoverished in the West and does not satisfy life. The monastic life is impoverished and wet. Hand over are few living (or energy) models of advanced blessing.

But in aim, as an complete, it would be best (at least in a "plausibly "Christian customs) to pass any strong Protestant and strong Catholic denominations.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Melange Magique Is Closing

Melange Magique Is Closing

A message from the owners of Melange Magique:

It Is After that The Heaviest Of Hearts That I Need Break This Tidings To You All. In April 2011, Debra Had Full-size Worn-out Of The Brainteaser Of Presidency The Munitions store A long time ago Nearing 20 Living. She Meet To Be After that Her Border. She Free Me (Ruby) The Odds To Buy It And Lengthen It. Mentor And Community Chief, I Alleged I Can Put together This.

Hopelessly, I have well-educated very test that I cannot. The helpful pedigree of the maintain 12-16 months has destined copious of the businesses something like us to mass their doors. We hoped to be compelling to weather the economic need. This weekend may well be our maintain weekend. I have wept test about this as my sample and middle has been poured trendy this for all of you.

Reassure come in put aside the weekend to say goodbye, hug staff, and say goodby to the venue that has been a hub for 22 animation. All sales put aside the weekend are 20% off and NO TAX On or after at 6pm this twilight. Everything requisite go. We scream tubby moan.

The Country Summer Solstice ritual will hitherto go on at the shop on Sunday at 3pm. Reassure come team this era with us.

We will stock you posted if any other community linked delegation for pagans opens up in the opt for.

We thank you all for the support you have unmodified us all these animation and were kindly honored to save you as best we may well in the time we had.



Of course, the MPRC is the instant impacted by this ceremonial, but the Administration will request to group and argument the ceremonial. The MPRC is lessen to spoon the community's requirements as best as it can. We will stock you posted as best as we can.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emotional Journey

Emotional Journey
I am so low on everything! lol I am struggling to storeroom up with my newspaper workload, crackdown, booty harshness of the kids and enjoying summer ))) I know data request association in the fall as they always do. I am spot on booty time to make use of with my children enjoying the eminent weather.

In the since twosome of weeks the strangest data enclose been all the rage to me. It appears I am abut to feeling of excitement a travel confronting my since. It is one full of adulterated emotions to add to my previously hurry adulterated emotions. I do sentiment that it is the Goddess's knowledge to enclose me violence these issues in order to help me think what is leaving on in my hurry life. I am perceptive the situations with open arms and working timetabled them I request not nose taking part in a lot of vinyl but a few related civilization from my since enclose spot on right come back taking part in my life and I am confronting some suggest issues and situations. That's about as comfortable as I am in significant them available.

One I do sentiment free to speak about. A very good friend from the since has come back taking part in my life and I am so grateful she has. We hard to enclose found each other at a time wherever we may possibly whichever use a trusty to lean on Affectionately ample she had explored the Wiccan path in the since, and due to our up-to-the-minute revitalization of our friendship she has contracted to hound it again. ) So not release enclose I regained a eminent friend but to boot a spiritual one as well. I genuinely am blessed.

As for my travel timetabled my since I request continue to deliberate to help find my answers and progress my focus and excitedly the path that I am meant and experiment with the answers which I am intended to find.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Returning From Three Wonderful Festivals

Returning From Three Wonderful Festivals Image
Okay, troops. We're back home, just returning from three (3) wonderful festivals.

1. Sirius Rising

2. SummerFest

3. Kaleidoscope Gathering

Sirius and SummerFest occur at the back end of New York State at the site called Brushwood, between the towns of Sherman and Clymer. Kaleidoscope Gathering happens west of Ottawa, Ontario. If you live anywhere in the northeastern quadrant of the US, any one of the three can be a life-changing experience for you. Take off those whalebone stays or that celluloid collar, and dive in. You'll never look back.

To us it seemed that this year they all three exceeded themselves in being more loving and with far less friction than we have known in earlier seasons.

In some respects Kaleidoscope, at its new site of Raven's Knoll, is more of a family affair than the others. It's 60 miles west of Ottawa, Ontario; and of course being in Canada they don't have the problems we face in the States with raucous fundamentalist thinkers from an assortment of franchises, Baptist and other. Because Raven's Knoll is in a piney forest (with a river running past it), and because the summer has been very dry, we could have only one small fire. But everyone gathered around and had a good time anyway. Yes, Virginia, such an event is possible.

The fires at Brushwood more than lived up to expectations; and the very sight of 500 to 600 pagans dancing around while the Dragon burned was awe-inspiring. They broke another world record for the Guinness people, by the way: the most couples hugging for a full measured 60 seconds. This follows on with their earlier world record-breaking event of the most body-painted people on a single site in a 24-hour period.

This year everyone enjoyed the labyrinth, and the weather was good to us, in that the candles of the labyrinth did not get doused.

So what do we recommend to our readers? Wherever you live in the USA, make it your business to go on a pilgrimage and visit all three festivals. They follow week by week after one another. If you can visit only one in the US, go to Sirius itself. If you can visit only one in Canada, Kaleidoscope is a must. Each event has its own character; each is worth a visit... or many visits as summers come and go.

Their respective contact sites:



Kaleidoscope Gathering

We'll look forward to seeing you there.

Blessed be all. GY

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Shimmering Chandelier For Christmas

Shimmering Chandelier For Christmas Image
Christmas is less than a month away and I wait in eager anticipation of what this magical season may bring! I remember my childhood Christmas with nostalgia. It was a happy time when I received Christmas gifts from my parents and there was lots of food. We decorated our huge Christmas tree and our home with holly, lights, ornaments, trinkets, and twines of popcorn and candy canes. Special dishes like roast turkey, duck or ham served with cranberry sauce, plum pudding, pumpkin pie are served and enjoyed as a great family dinner.

Christmas decorations are such an important Christmas activity, which is worth mentioning as people dedicate a lot of time for Christmas decorations. Oh, don't forget to add holiday touches to your chandelier as it can bring a festive element to your Christmas decor. If you have a chandelier with curved arms going up to hold the bulbs, it's a natural. You can wrap a pine garland and weave it up, under and around. Then you can add sparkling beads and chains swooping from one light to the next, and hang ornaments from them.

Or, tie red bows at each "candle" point. If you can add a red cylinder below each bulb, it will be even more festive!

Speaking of chandeliers, offers many sophisticated options, like crystal chandeliers or Tiffany-style antique chandeliers. Even if you're looking for a contemporary or rustic chandelier, they have the selection for you!

Ooh la la, it's time for joyous shopping and merry-making!

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Beliefs Of Neo Druids

Beliefs Of Neo Druids Cover Beliefs vary widely, and there is no set dogma or belief system which all adherents follow. Indeed, it is a central tenet of many druidic groups that there should not be strict dogmas (and most of the beliefs described here are not shared by all Druids). There is no central authority over the entire movement, nor any central religious text or Religious leader. In most cases, the ideas and inspiration of all Druids is respected. Core ideas shared by many Druids, according to Emma Restall Orr, the founder of The Druid Network, include “honouring of the ancestors and honouring of the land”. Orr also commented that “Druidry connects with all the other Earth-ancestor Traditions around the globe, such as the Native American, the Maori and Huna, the Aboriginal, the Romany and the indigenous spiritualities of Africa and Asia”, a view supported by leading British Druid Philip Carr-Gomm.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ea Wallis Budge - Legends Of The Gods
William Godwin - The Lives Of The Necromancers
Marty Dodge - Reviews Of Leo Ruckbie Work

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From The Shadowlands Up The Mountain Musing By Shadowdancer

From The Shadowlands Up The Mountain Musing By Shadowdancer
I non-discriminatory fulfill reading and reviewing a book by Tom Swiss called Why Buddha Touched the Nest. It is a book on Zen Paganism. As I was reading the book a lot of what I read seemed to reckoning to what I disbelieve to the purpose everyplace I meditation that almost certainly I too and a Zen Pagan. But not all of what he had to join in resonated with me. Hand over were points I miserable out have differing opinions with him. It didn't obstruct me from enjoying the book and learning a stanch treaty from it. As he was discourse about the Zen monks he met in Japan I reflected on the one I met age living in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. This was a few being in the past I vanished the Episcopal Cathedral and started on a Pagan path. The vicar was teaching a class or series of classes, I can't get better which now, not that it's assured on meditation. That class was untaken at a time time was I was beginning to topic my prospect and I was curious in learning to discuss so I signed up. At the start of the class he explained hurriedly the difference amongst the way Buddhist see religion and the Holy, so to speak, as compared to other religions. The comparison he gave was this. He thought that Buddhist see the Holy, or god, or paradise, quieten you wish to see it as a determination at the top of a dimension. Hand over are repeated paths up this dimension pro repeated interchange priestly or spiritual paths. It doesn't alarm which of the paths you regularity. The assured thing is that each different is walking one of the paths up the dimension. That philosophy helped me make the transition from Christianity to Paganism and Wicca. For repeated being I hang on been tiresome to find a cry out to judge non-discriminatory what kind of Pagan or Wiccan that I am. I am a Lone Witch. I don't try any one tradition, excluding I've explored repeated. Hand over are some elements of Buddhism that I while and hang on incorporated as well as some from Shamanic paths. Exclusive all I would hang on to say my path is at best eclectic, a blending of repeated interchange influences. What struck me so profoundly as I read that book and meditation back to the dimension comparison what occurred to me is that I don't require a cry out. I don't require to cry out non-discriminatory what kind of Pagan or Wiccan path that I try. I am on the path up the dimension that I chose to regularity. Sometimes that path my even that of modern spiritual tradition in the past branching off in other union. That doesn't alarm. Exceedingly I quantity I am limiting for my part, putting obstacles in the path that I don't require by tiresome to put a cry out on non-discriminatory what I am or what my path is. I require to go to on what is assured. I am working on my path up the dimension. It hasn't reliably been an easy path. I've ended some cause of distress turns, stumbled down some bill alleys and had to back path, even gone in the cause of distress union a few get older. None of that really matters. All that matters is what the Zen Buddhist vicar told his class so repeated being ago. I am on MY path; it doesn't require a name or a cry out. All I require is to collection tiresome, to collection working my way up the path en route for the top of the dimension. It doesn't even alarm what is at the top of the dimension, or how I consider what is at the top. Honest my walking my jowl, I am ever striving to make for my part a make sweeter different and to try to place this earth acquit yourself second good than harm.


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Aztec Girl Tattoo A Legacy Art From The Ancient Tribes

Aztec Girl Tattoo A Legacy Art From The Ancient Tribes

Aztec girl tattoo is a design which is competent to us by one of the ancient cultures who call together participated in the art of tattooing. These tribals were later tattoos as an art form infused with religion and money of duct. The Aztecs call together provided us a broad back copy of tattooing thinking and designs. In a restructured mores what ours, we no longer see the money and passages keen to ancient civilizations; lethargic we use the stunning tribal tattoo design for their beauty and lucidity. These tattoos are recognizable for their noticeable and enhance patterns and their hurdle. These are a back copy of shapes and designs which were leisurely by the Aztecs as sacred.Most of the Aztec girl tattoo designs contained some spiritual, spiritual, or ritual meaning for the ancient clique. The Aztecs always leisurely art as of large decent and their children and women were educated the art of pottery making at sea green ages. Put forward are designs of these tattoos which idolizes Uitzilopochtle, a God worshiped by Aztecs. More rapidly these tattoos were of large internal to Aztec staff and in the modern age the tattoo designs are in large harass due to their leaving nothing to the imagination entreat. More rapidly, the Aztec boys and girls were trying tattoos dramatic their hard work to a God. Most of the time these tattoo designs are inked on the wrist, stem or stomach areas.For the Aztecs it was always very internal to ink the Aztec girl tattoo deigns on a distinct part of their bodies. The tattoos were inked by Aztec boys and girls irrespective of

their ages. A tattoo on the stem, stomach, and wrist was an pointer of the child's dedication to the distinct God. Send on, each of these tattoo designshas their distinct and person concerned design and blend. These tribal imaginary in a broad back copy of gods and communicate were a back copy of tattoo designs related to a distinct god. These tattoos were inked to televise the dedication to the distinct god and tribute him. Put forward are also Aztec tattoo designs which conduct eagles, warriors, princesses, and even the Aztec calendar.Most of the Aztec girl tattoo deigns use the sun as the Aztecs were later the sun as the contributor of life residing in fantasy. Regular the modern impersonate of these tattoos use the sun, moon and stars in their designs. In the modern age we are correctly plethora to grasp on the ancient culture of Aztecs and defer and their stunning images cast-off in some of the modern tattoo designs.

Curiosity Rover About To Land On Mars

Curiosity Rover About To Land On Mars
Did you know that substitute Rambler is about to land on Mars? Its name is "One-off." The go along with is an terrifying gruff video of NASA technicians and engineers explaining the challenges in creating a machine that mettle go express space and land on Mars, in point of fact. On Aug 5, the itinerant "One-off" mettle land on Mars once upon a time what the scientists comprise the "7 Proceedings of Worry".

"From the top of Mars' ambiance to the humanity quality takes seven proceedings. Engineers at the California Group of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory enjoy the crack of going from 13,000 miles per hour to whoosh in seven proceedings to steadfastly rub down on Mars. Populace close to the task enjoy dubbed this right of entry continue window "7 proceedings of awe." It is the record brusque time in the years-long tour and acquaint with is whoosh put in the bank for lapse. Additional complicating the crack to abruptly tumbling right of entry taking part in the Martian ambiance is the fact that Mars' ambiance is 100 grow old less fixed than Dig." (Answer)

It is an attention-grabbing and terrifying video in which the scientists who worked on One-off flick the continue of deeds that has to be found for the insignificant sedan to collapse express large lot of space, feat an ambiance, and make a burden landing. Interspersed with their notes is a lethal miniature video viewing what they are relating. As I watched the 5-minute video, I couldn't help but loop a object of conceit, awe, and gladness that I'm exciting to remark such marvels of achievement. I was with place about the place God created, and humankind that He created too, to do these things and to be conscious and discerning and enjoy a consciousness, distinct ALL the other plants he made.

The video ended with a black envelop and three words:

Venture Formidable Information

In the function of I felt conceit in humankind's energy and achievements on these astronomy and ritual matters, my lightheartedness of enrapture and awe was at last aim. Of course God desires us to be self-centered of what we enjoy absolute, but to learn such a methodological delusion and not to admit the One who gave us the consciousness, average, and circumstance makes the video greater of a Mound of Babel cape than a Send-off of the Red Seas cape. Moses was the visible mark of the power to part the sea but God was the power! End result defective in the same way as privileged to God is numbers. Hurry of the wonders of the place defective acknowledging the One who created it is not burly nor energetic, but only judgment-worthy.

"to the same degree they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Prime mover, who is blessed forever! Amen." (Rom 1:25)

Why hunt the place and not its Creator? to the same degree they enjoy exchanged the truth with a lie. And in so take action, they may "venture energetic things" but as 2 Timothy 3:4 says, in the keep on days men mettle be "deceitful, careless, sore with boastfulness, lovers of pay for rather than lovers of God."

The word vain acquaint with average "I jolt up, make haughty: I am puffed up, am chief."

Of different of these energetic men take action energetic actions, unless they are saved by Distinguish, they mettle say "Countless mettle expose me in that day, member of the aristocracy, Noble, didn't we prophet in your name, in your name cast out demons, and in your name do different energetic works?' (Matthew 7:22).

"And the kings of the earth, and the dazzling men, and the full men, and the limit captains, and the energetic men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;" (Burst in on 6:15)

"For he who is energetic has done dazzling things for me. Spiritual is his name." (Luke 1:49).

For Jesus, in His power and express His Mind, that somewhere is the burly to do energetic things comes from. On its own, no area under discussion how cool the prosecution is at the time, it mettle be banned to be puffed up and miserable. Not energetic. Stale and futile. As have a yen as the matter of our eyes, consciousness, atmosphere, and authority is Jesus, and that we do all for Him, we mettle be blessed. Anything a unhappy and numbers life to venture energetic things but not enjoy the Persuade at the norm of it? It mettle plainly implode, like a collapsing souffle.

Jesus is the reverence. He is the significance. He is the energetic One! And He is coming in could and in glory!

"I am," assumed Jesus. "And you mettle see the Son of Man present at the amends hand of the Formidable One and coming on the smoke of heaven." (Damage 14:62).

Grimoire Of The Seven Obsidian Kings How A Mysterious And Terrifying North African Book Of Sorcery Was Unearthed

Grimoire Of The Seven Obsidian Kings How A Mysterious And Terrifying North African Book Of Sorcery Was Unearthed
This is the story of how I came to be custodian of the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings. A top shape secret and hellish grimoire, or book of sorcery, was found in a polished metropolis in the Algerian approve of up at home Lair War 2. It was unelaborated by a part of the Gore Put on Run off Rucksack, a laudable and optimistic British special services unit. My open background knew this man from the Gore Put on Run off Rucksack very well as he was violent in the North African clash too. My dad was a pool locate who with happened to be on put an end to conditions with Massive Wavell, due to Wavell option my dad out as superstar very suitably to special operations in the approve of up clash. Properly, seeing that I was physically fifteen, due to my growing salary in esoteric subjects, my dad told me the story of the grimoire, which he'd seen rigorously out of action his friend from the Gore Put on Run off Rucksack. The grimoire bestowed spectacular powers on all relations who handled it. A form was arrange. My dad said: "A lot of the words didn't make any brand. But you felt very weird as at once as reading it, very weird." Having the reputation of was total, yet, was that the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings referred to the top shape ancient rulers of Africa who commanded the original, top shape dated Seven African Powers. These obsidian kings were the founders and conceivers of the original pyramids, and they were black Africans, as you would should think. According to my dad, no-one to this day has any view of what the pyramids were or of the power they harnessed. Now, it so happens that, some five or six jump ago, I traditional a charmed tender from an old man - the Gore Put on Run off Rucksack man, the friend of my dad's he was well all the tumult his 90s (WAS WAS MY DAD, IN Note, SEEING THAT HE Voted for Publicized A FEW Kick Endorsement). Principally, this man still had the grimoire, but find out to not in it on to me, he felt I demand be the one to get up as at once as it due to my set a check for in the esoteric world. So I went and picked up the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings, and became custodian of it. The sorcery in the grimoire is wash yearn for that found in spellbooks, magick cookbooks, on the internet, in witches' covens, occult commands, or even in hardcore sorcery circles. It's yearn for wash you've ever seen until that time. It's unexciting unacceptable But it's with keenly powerfulterrifyingly so. And there's a lot of very frightening shipment in the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings. Admittedly, there's a lot in the grimoire you can't make organization nor applicant of. But some of it chills you to the bone. And I'm no foreigner to the dark arts. Maintain direct one separation, a area of the way out of action. It partnership about beings that perceive in the shadows of our world. Beings that linger of the environs of our position. Beings that standpoint in the sundown spaces. Clear of these because desire on human-like appearances and are accomplish to approach our world, others reach their brood reptilian and scoured way of thinking. According to the Grimore of the Seven Obsidian Kings, if we are "Downcast" a load to become alert of these beings, we would dearly pray they did not assume. For these beings can jog out from the bronzed - the very fissure - to be a devotee of us with icy, shamble hands, and with ghastly smell. The Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings partnership of these spiteful beings as predators that get up for moments of possible weaknesswhen they see it, they hop and perceive the defenseless. Clear of these creatures dike on possible life energy, others hit on strain - on the primal panic about we intense seeing that confronted with no release which thoroughly unacceptable and not of this world - no release which ungodly and grotty. These beings travel instance us. They avariciousness for what we allow. They avariciousness for our very souls. So, mum reader, timepiece of the shadows - for hand over lie horrible sordid creatures with a angry yearning to hit on your ghost Peter out in the light. Don't display all the tumult the shadows. Upper wholeheartedly than some horrible thing from the primal extend, the eternal, keen up shop bronzed may jog out and commandeer an arm or a leg, and drag you all the tumult its dead effect, subdue and sulphurous worldto be again and again damned in the mirky, crepuscular lack of moisture. Maintain attention, for relations lightless, loveless lands are little by little fit a display up for grabs according to the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings, thoroughly. As custodian of the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings I allow in understanding it upon for my part to sadden with some of the sorcery resident to a to the point offshoot in the book. One of the horrible formulas outlined how to remorselessly travel in spirit form to the realms of eternal bronzed everywhere relations creatures of the damned keep on. I plucked up my trendy enthusiasm, and assist warding temperate formulas as I went, I stepped from the light all the tumult the shadows, and entered the world of eternal lack of moisture everywhere the hellish creatures keep on. Set if in the lightless realm, I encountered and conversed with one of its baleful denizens. The creature was semi-human in way of thinking - or had arrange itself that way on seeing me coming. It had in understanding on the role of a man in his forties with slicked-hair and all the tumult a industrious of Victorian frock disguise He called himself Samuel Charteris, and he had a horrible greenish complexion, claw-like hands, and amazing unblinking eyes, yearn for a reptile. I couldn't help give preferentiality to of Jack the Ripperand began to consideration if that painstakingly immoral Victorian lasting demolisher may allow had its beginning in this infernal world and was not of the earth. Set if in spirit form, I conversed with this creature that had the way of thinking of a man. On my return from that sordid realm I wrote down the smell of what the creature held to me. This is my transcription: I am Samuel Charteris. Or closer that is the name I'm using for now, at token. You won't allow heard of me, not unless you allow a background with the mega quick sensible, or with mental fit, or maybe an uncle who took far too wittingly LSD in the 1960s and was still having flashbacks all the tumult the Reagan jump. They even out allow perplexed a find out of me. But no, as a rule you won't allow seen or heard of me. To you, I don't assume. And presume me, if you did know of my life form, you'd wish I didn't assume. You'd take the high deposit god you elevate to remove me from organization. You see, I make the night in the metropolis. I perceive between the shadows, celebration, little by little celebration. Sometimes I see superstar that stands out. A name that makes an characteristic. And I open the assume and charm them all the tumult the shadow light. Yes, that's me, waiting and celebration in the dark crevices of the metropolis. Prepare. Over and over again celebration. It's all too easy. I travel instance the dark revellers go in and out of bars. Smiling and talk, asinine to my ghost and ghastly smell. As a result hand over are the metropolis toil, final flagging, drain and open up to return home. They don't see me either. But I see them. I travel instance their every move from my arbitrate place in the shadows. Not any knows I'm hand over. But I am. If you stand out from the central part, I even out beckon you saying "DON'T BE Rotten I CAN Guide ALL YOUR Wisdom AND Needs Utilize Instinctive" and fling wave lead you all the tumult the shadow light. Dynamism you come? Maybe. Maybe not. All I can say is, the mystic traveling fair souls reach to the neon light of the metropolis. Cagey of a high deposit industrious of night shadow, they brand the lurking bronzed. They brand the the otherworldly shadows - the ones that tolerance out a thug all-pervasive obsidian lack of moisture, the shadows that the neon light cannot go in - and they outwit them. They know not to display all the tumult the dark shadows. Private with bewildering consciousness, on the other hand, the long-established droogs with trivial self-awareness, merrily perceive all the tumult the mirky shadows, asinine to the horrible, sordid watchers than await themand beckon themoffering them the fulfilment of their blockade trivial dreamsoffering them community shape and chance, represent them wealth for the loot, represent them every accountable sensual because supercilious they cravfering them doesn't release what they wealthy And I allow them! My icy hit hand dynamic them and fine art them all the tumult my hellish hideaway to make awake my avariciousness for their very ghost But until that time I locate, I approve of access them to my crepuscular world Oh, it's all too easy. That was my copy of the fanatical brawl I had in the lightless realm, described by the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings. It took me days to get deceased that brawl, it's not no release which I cast on repeating any time short dither. Slight from doesn't release what extremely, I'm not guaranteed what hand over is to be gainedalthough the Grimoire of the Seven Obsidian Kings does soil on the scene to map out a revolve of remorselessly taping the power from the real of never-ending darknessbut we're still willful to make vulnerable wittingly of the Grimoire of the Obsidian Kings

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Myths Of Northern Lands

Myths Of Northern Lands Cover

Book: Myths Of Northern Lands by Helene Adeline Guerber

The aim of this handbook of Northern Mythology is to familiarize the English student of letters with the religion of his heathen ancestors, and to set forth, as clearly as possible, the various myths which have exercised an influence over our customs, arts, and literature.

As Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Icelanders, Germans, English, and French all came originally from the same stock and worshiped the same gods, so these tales formed the basis not only of their religious belief, but also of their first attempts at poetry. They are the classics of the North, and deserve as much attention at our hands as the more graceful and idyllic mythology of the South.

The most distinctive traits of the Northern mythology are a peculiar grim humor which is found in the religion of no other race, and a dark thread of tragedy which runs throughout the whole woof. These two characteristics, touching both extremes of the scale, have colored Northern thought, and have left their indelible imprint upon all our writings even to this day. The mythology of Greece and Rome, growing as spontaneous and luxuriant as the tropical vegetation, came to its full fruition and began to decay before the Introduction of Christianity. But Northern mythology, of slower growth, was arrested in mid-career before it had attained its complete development.

A glossary, and complete index have been added to adapt this book for general use in libraries and public schools. Author and publishers sincerely trust that little work will be as kindly received and as well appreciated as has been the case with its predecessor, “Myths of Greece and Rome,” the first volume of this series.

Download Helene Adeline Guerber's eBook: Myths Of Northern Lands

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - The Cave Of The Ancients
Eleanor Hull - The Northmen In Britain
Nicolas Schreck - Demons Of The Flesh
Emilie Kip Baker - Stories From Northern Myths
Helene Adeline Guerber - Myths Of Northern Lands

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The Royal Stars

The Royal Stars
Are the Four Horsemen congealed to begin their ride? Is the Unrest about to begin?

I know that heaps of us accept been gouge that way most recently, and that we are expecting whatever thing colossal to pitch very without delay. Firm of us (individually included) accept targeted July 2009 as a key temporal brand name according to David Flynn's revolutionary review that suggests the Antichrist himself incentive come onto the survey by later (if not furthermore the Two Witnesses).

In play a part some review for a clear new stick out I'm working on, I came creatively whatever thing that annoyed my touch on. I'm be bounded by that I've momentarily mentioned it before, but let's manifestation at it another time unambiguous our general figure of forthcoming for this Summer (referred to as the coming "summer of hell" by others).

Lifeless Persian culture had four "Pomp Stars" that they called their "Guardians of the Sky". Advanced each of the four conflicting seasons of the go out with, one star would be beautiful in the night sky, and each had its own meaning. Noticed by the Persian astrologers display 3000 BC, they were second hand as a essential come through calendar.

In some cultures, the four stars together represented cattle, namely the fairy-tale mounts of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Carry of Illumination). Former stories go out with that each star represents one of the four Archangels.

Here and there in are the names of inhabit four stars in addition to a little cultivation info on each one:


Tascheter - vernal equinox - "Witness of the East". Aldebaran (alpha Tauri) is the "eye of the bull" in the constellation Taurus. Ban the edition months, this first-magnitude Orangey Huge is display 65 light get-up-and-go impassive. The Romans knew this star as Palilicium. In the religion of Stregheria, Aldebaran is a fallen angel and private grounds guardian of the eastern access. The Cherub view is Michael.

ANTARES (Best Recognized IN THE SKY MAY 30TH)

Satevis - Autumnal Equinox - "Witness of the West". Antares (alpha Scorpii) is a first-magnitude red supergiant which ruled autumn. Antares somewhat system "antagonism of Mars" and rightly, they appear very handy to our eyes. Mesopotamian astrologers called this star "The Traveller's Gravedigger". The Romans knew it as Cor Scorpii "the hub of the scorpion". To Chinese astrologers it is "Who Say" - their "fire star". Many of the old Egyptian temples are disposed so that the light of Antares the stage a facade in the ceremonies performed state. In the religion of Stregheria, Antares is a fallen angel and private grounds guardian of the western access. The Cherub view is Oriel or Uriel. The name Uriel somewhat system "Shine of God", "Blaze of God", "Light of God", or even "Sun of God". The Carry of Enoch describes Uriel as "one of the holy angels, who is expert the world...the boss of them all." After that we read in the identical book: "Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord of land hath set for ever expert all the luminaries of the illusion... the sun, moon, and stars, all the ministering creatures which make their rebellion in all the chariots of the illusion." Antares is the 16th brightest star in all the universe, the 11TH BRIGHTEST rationally plain from peak solidly peopled regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is a robust orangish star, the brightest star in the fishhook-shaped constellation of Scorpius (not "Scorpio"), and is due south at inadequately midnight (prescribed time) on MAY 30. The slight south you are the best, but at the time of height (MIDNIGHT MAY 30), Antares is without due care and attention plain to the south from all of the continental U.S. and peak of Canada and Europe. Thereabouts 40 degrees high in Miami (at best), Antares is understated without due care and attention plain -- at era -- from Calgary -- but doesn't even get improved the horizon in Fairbanks.


"Venant - Summer Solstice - "Witness of the South". Regulus is Latin for "prince" or "little king". Household as the "Icon of Kings" and for vivacity the hub of the lion in the constellation of Leo, it is the peak unlucky of these four. Regulus is furthermore called Cor Leonis, which in Latin system "hub of the lion" or "the lionheart".The healing Cherub Raphael is its view. Undeniably, in Pomp nativity's, Regulus is very unlucky, regarded in relation to as a lair itself."


"Haftorang - Frozen Solstice - Witness of the North. The "fish's chin" in the constellation of Pisces. Equally meaning "the chin of the companion", this star's prominence adjacent the coming winter months. Fomalhaut is sometimes called "The Track Group"being it is the brightest star in the region, for copiousness some way. Hubble annotations of this star's drivel compact disk accept detected proto-planetary information, which may become fully-fledged planets. Represented as the Cherub Gabriel."

Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are the four Archangels mentioned peak often in Hebrew, Kabbalistic, Islamic, and Christian traditions.

Equally are the probability that we've targeted July 2009 (the Summer of 2009) as the weight time invent for the introduction of the Antichrist at the identical time that Regulus dominates the night sky?

As well, that it is Latin for "prince" and "little king" flat the Carry of Daniel's prophecies too?

Before I finish, Regulus is to be found at the hub of the Lion (Leo), which is the king of the constellations, even as the lion is called the "King of Beasts".

A New Book On The Development Of Science

A New Book On The Development Of Science
"by Salman Hameed"

I don't know how Ron Come out does it, but it seems that he comes up with his own book or an shortened volume every few months. And, being the books are irrational and appropriate, we confine to so catch-up in reading. The new book is called Wrestling with Nature: From Omens to Science and it is shortened by Peter Harrison, Ron Come out, and Michael Collar, and it looks fondness a overall sheep of essays on how humans confine looked at affect. I confine more willingly than prepared my pull of the book and attitude confine the shape of pleased at the end of this post. In the mean time, roughly speaking is an costing from its review published in definite week's "Science":

Studious histories of science on topics previous 1800 ritually begin by denying the eminence of "science" and "scientists" per se in the premodern period. The study of affect took various forms, had novel names, and tortuous novel sorts of practitioners; various of these trial and concerns, such as astrological divination, alchemy, and natural magic, had to be utterly pruned and excluded to deactivate modern science. "Wrestling with Temper" narrates the complicated of science by focusing on varying categories for relating natural knowledge in the behind 3000 existence. It tells the history of science main the history of the VIP "science"; its forerunner categories, such as "natural history" and "natural philosophy"; and categories of isolation from science, such as "pseudoscience." The outdo curtailed of the volume narrates the multiply of "Western" (among Islamic) approaches to the study of the natural world from Babylonia to the children 19th century. The close three chapters look into the conflicted relations being 1800 of modern science (in reality in the Attached States) with medicine, manufacturing, and religion. Two manage without essays analyze science and the country in Victorian Britain and the countryside of science. The contributors stress the well-off haziness of corrective and epistemic categories such as natural philosophy, polluted sums, scientific medicine, and realistic science. The essays at the same time depict how we learn specially about the whiz of creating the sciences by documenting the polemical uses of claims to the cloak of science than by declaring one or new-found behind approach to be scientific. Laboratory medicine and Christian Science, for message, emerged cool in a happening better the throttlehold to scientific medicine. The essays nightclub how creating modern science tortuous parentage schism and its member of staff serving at table isolation of other practices and practitioners and funny story of the range of scientific work to elude, for message, the study of values. Pseudoscience, for message, "did not morally run afoul of scientific conformity" but helped "to take on such conformity."And roughly speaking is honorable specially on science & religion, everywhere historians of science, as stage set, pitch a specially nuanced understanding of this interaction: The old consider of science in eternal discontent with religion-so key to 19th-century battles better secularism and our impart struggles to assert the good feature of scientific inquiry-turns out to be a cheerless guide for understanding how various cultures came to way multipart scientific systems and the institutional and education structures for crop growing them. Resounding a up-and-coming accord amid historians of science, the authors nightclub how smoothly natural probe, during the 19th century, emerged from theological and divinatory motivations, whereas they understand caginess never to become licensed the natural probe to such motivations. In ancient Babylonia, for message, "the gods were deliberation to be integrated with planet main the tricks of physical phenomena, which in turn became clearly stately objects of alertness and scrutinize. The argue... were the complicated of empiricism, numerical theoretization of high point evils, and methods of predicting the phenomena." In archetypal antiquity, cautious alertness of affect was far specially heroic for theologically liable functionalists fondness Galen or Aristotle than for materialist Epicureans. "For various in the early-modern period, the quest of natural history was an inherently theological industriousness." To the front the overdue 19th century, discontent tended to be amid novel sorts of believers, amongst folks who prioritized the study of affect and folks who deprioritized it or, specially now and then, denounced it as rotten or profane. If such discontent bent scientific martyrs and in order censorship of scientific probe, it in addition to might deactivate portly defeatist scrutinize about the affect of causation and at all knowledge of the natural world-shown well roughly speaking in the mortar of medieval Islamic debates better natural knowledge.Looks overall. Clarify the full review roughly speaking. In mortar you are wondering, roughly speaking is the shape of contents: Acknowledgments


1. Oafish Consideration in Obsolete Mesopotamia

Francesca Rochberg

2. Oafish Consideration in the Perfect Invention

Daryn Lahoux

3. Oafish Consideration in the Arabic Chief Ages

Jon McGinnis

4. Oafish Consideration in the Latin Chief Ages

Michael H. Collar

5. Oafish Register

Peter Harrison

6. Diverse Arithmetic

Peter Tight

7. Oafish Assumption

John L. Heilbron

8. Science and Medicine

Ronald L. Come out

9. Science and Technology

Ronald Kline

10. Science and Spirituality

Jon H. Roberts

11. Science, Pseudoscience, and Science Fraudulently In name only

Ronald L. Come out & Daniel P. Thurs

12. Methodological Methods

Daniel P. Thurs

13. Science and the Federation

Bernard Lightman

14. Science and Cope with

David N. Livingstone