Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shimmering Chandelier For Christmas

Shimmering Chandelier For Christmas Image
Christmas is less than a month away and I wait in eager anticipation of what this magical season may bring! I remember my childhood Christmas with nostalgia. It was a happy time when I received Christmas gifts from my parents and there was lots of food. We decorated our huge Christmas tree and our home with holly, lights, ornaments, trinkets, and twines of popcorn and candy canes. Special dishes like roast turkey, duck or ham served with cranberry sauce, plum pudding, pumpkin pie are served and enjoyed as a great family dinner.

Christmas decorations are such an important Christmas activity, which is worth mentioning as people dedicate a lot of time for Christmas decorations. Oh, don't forget to add holiday touches to your chandelier as it can bring a festive element to your Christmas decor. If you have a chandelier with curved arms going up to hold the bulbs, it's a natural. You can wrap a pine garland and weave it up, under and around. Then you can add sparkling beads and chains swooping from one light to the next, and hang ornaments from them.

Or, tie red bows at each "candle" point. If you can add a red cylinder below each bulb, it will be even more festive!

Speaking of chandeliers, offers many sophisticated options, like crystal chandeliers or Tiffany-style antique chandeliers. Even if you're looking for a contemporary or rustic chandelier, they have the selection for you!

Ooh la la, it's time for joyous shopping and merry-making!

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