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Pagan Police Win The Right To Take Time Off For Festivals

Pagan Police Win The Right To Take Time Off For Festivals Cover Pagan police officers have been given the right to take days off to celebrate festivals where they leave food out for the dead and take part in 'unabashed sexual promiscuity'. The Pagan Police Association has been officially recognised as a 'diversity staff support organisation' by the Home Office. It means chief constables cannot refuse pagan officers' requests to take official religious holidays, which will be given the same respect as Christmas for Christians, Ramadan for Muslims and Passover for Jews.

There are thought to be about 500 pagan officers - including druids, witches and shamens. The eight main holidays include Samhain, on Halloween, where pagans celebrate the 'dark winter half of the year' by leaving food outside for the 'wandering dead' and dress up as ghosts and casting spells. Imbolc - the festival of the lactating sheep - is held on February 2. Pagans pile stones on top of each other and make 'priapic wands' to celebrate fertility. Beltane, on April 30 and May 1, sees pagan and wicca worshippers celebrate the sun god with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity'. Married couples are encouraged to 'remove their wedding rings' for the night. And Litha - which takes on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year on June 21 - involves pagans drinking honey mead and dancing naked in the sun to celebrate the upcoming harvest.

PC Andy Pardy, from Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, is cofounder of the Pagan Police Association. PC Pardy - who worships Norse Gods including hammerwielding Thor and one-eyed Odin - said: 'As of May 2010 the Police Pagan Association officially received the support and endorsement of the Home Office and the National Policing Improvement Agency and is now a recognised Diversity Staff Support Association for serving and retired pagan police officers and staff in the United Kingdom.
'The recognition of paganism is a slow process, but the progress is evident.

'Officers can, for the first time, apply for leave on the festival dates relevant to their path, and allow them to work on other dates such as Christmas which bore no relevance to them.' He said an increase in pagan chaplains in police forces meant officers had a 'support base' close to hand.

The rules also mean pagans, for whom Stonehenge is a place of pilgrimage, will be allowed to swear upon their religion in court, pledging to tell the truth before what 'they hold sacred'. But one police officer, who did not want to be named, said: 'When they talk about political correctness gone mad, this is exactly what they are talking about. 'What has it come to when a cop gets time off so he can sit about making spells or dance around the place drinking honey beer with a wand in his hand?' A Home Office spokesman said: 'The Government wants a police service that reflects the diverse communities it serves.'

Other festivals that pagan officers can take off work include Yule - celebrated on December 21 - when pagans go door-to- door singing and burn a yule log to honour Kriss Kringle, the Germanic pagan god of Yule. Another festival is Lammas, on July 31, when pagans celebrate harvest time and are encouraged to go on 'country walks'.

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Spirit Invication How To Call Spirits For Money And For Curses

Spirit Invication How To Call Spirits For Money And For Curses
Ok.some spirit told me that one of you had the disbelieve. "how to outing spirits",

Early of all a spirit can help you with casting a spell.

the spirits works out of the margins of introduction.

A powerful spirit can help you to become heavy, to cast strong spells or to revenge your

enemies with curses.

Submit are tolerable ways of natural ability spirits. one way is ta ouija board.

From the past way is with spells and a magical circle.

an other way is outing a spell what you are in the declare of meditation.

A ouija board (highly close down /wi/ although frequently close down /wii/, overly typical as spirit board or spoken language board) is any level board with sort, churn out, and other symbols, recycled to empathize with spirits. It uses a planchette (low down heart-shaped draw of walk heavily) or freed sign to desire the declaration by spelling it out on the board concluded a s'eance. The fingers of the participants are positioned on the planchette that afterward moves about the board to spell out messages. Ouija is a describe for a spoken language board immediately sold by Parker Brothers Such as the word is not deliberate a genericized describe, it has become a describe that is frequently recycled generically to refer to any spoken language board.


Along with Aleister crowley recycled the ouija board.

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Daily Message November 1 2012

Daily Message November 1 2012
early artwork by: TopMystic

"You know you've found the blameless love,in the past you become a occasion bash while of themthat split second that you let go and furnish,is the split second your average energy be fulfilled."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Carefree On your doorstep and Rational Daylight :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Currently is Thursday, November 1, 2012.

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter, the gravel that signifies develop and boost. Thursdays are a very strong day to work on issues of develop, money, prosperity and care. Luck is in your relate to on this day. If you are working with stones today restricted to wear navy, cat's eye, or carnelian, for protection.

Tonight's Moon Decline, Third Division in Gemini. The Decline Moon is a time for study, meditation, and trivial magickal work bank magick predestined to banish negative energies. The Decline Moon represents the Divinity in her Crone aspect. It's a time to gang the wisdom gained nap life. Time was the Moon is in Gemini, the substance you begin now energy be gamely distinct by in the open air influences. It's a time for shortcuts, spoken communication, games and fun. The magickal color of the day is Ashen, and the incense of the day is Myrrh. Hold an hugely magickal day!

Valuable and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Gods Within The Body

Gods Within The Body

The Divine Powers


When supreme power has created this world then that power also entered in every creatures and thus with different gods also entered in the body. That's why it is said that 'yat pinde tat brahmande' means whatever is present in this body the same things are present in the world too. It is also said that this body is a temple so worship this body but we are all engage in worshipping god out side the body. The lord brahma also became happy after making the human being because human is the only being which is able to know the supreme power. This is the quality of human being, no other creaturs has this quality. The human life is also known as karma yoni. Because of this very one try to take birth in this earth as a human being because human has the power to get tremendous power with his efforts. It is possible to become god as well as demon as per the work.

NOW LET'S HAVE A LOOK ON IMPORTANT GODS PRESENT WITHIN THE BODY:There are 3.5 crore nerves are present in this body and so as the gods too. But 14 gods are important among all them which can be felt easily. Here in this article i am going to reveal the gods which are present in this body in different parts.

1. GOD PRESENT IN EYES:God sun present in the eyes so he governs the eyes. That's why it is possible to view the world. If someone suffers from eyes problems then it is suggested to do the

surya shanti or to do the processs as per the 'chakshushopnishad' or 'suryopnishad'. so by doing the surya aradhna the eyes problems gets minimized.

2. GOD OF NOSE:Ashwini kumar is the god of nose. Smell is got by nose. So if any one have good smelling power then he has good blessings of ashwini kumar. By worshipping this power a person is able to get rid of from the nose related problems.

3. GOD OF EAR:Ear is the medium of hearing words. One is able to understand the words, language becaus of ears. The god which resides or govern the ear is 'Dik'.

4. GOD IN TONGUE:Varun God governs the tongue present in mouth. It is the medium to experience the juices of different types. If any one is facing problem in tongue then be ready to worship god varun.

5. GOD IN SKIN:It is medium to feel the touch of something or some one. The god which is present in skin is 'Vayu dev'.

6. GOD IN HANDS:Indra dev is present in hands. It is the medium to perform the day to day activities. Due to god indra a person is able to perform different tasks.

7. GOD OF FEET:Lord Vishnu is present in the feet. That's why people do the tirth yatra(Visiting spiritual places) to accumulate virtue(punya).


8. GOD OF WORDS:This is a little bit confusing that god of words but yes in tounge there are 2 gods one governs the juices and other governs the words. The words are governed by

Goddess Saraswati. So if any one wants to active the power of words then it is good to worship goddess saraswati.

9. GOD IN THE SEX ORGANS:This is known as 'guptendriya'. The god who governs this area is 'Prajapati'. This organ is responsible to give birth to new human beings.

10. THE GOD OF GUDA PLACE(THE PLACE OF EXCRETION):This is place is used to excrete the unwanted materials from the body. The god known as 'Mitra' rsides here.

The above are the 10 senses which can be felt physically.But th nxt 4 are internal senses which are known as Buddhi, Ahankaar, Man and Chitta.

11. THE GOD O BUDDHI:Brahma is the god of Duddhi. If any one want subtle knowledge or world then subtle buddhi is needed. The pure buddhi is the core key to enter in the spiritual world.

12. THE GOD OF CONCEIT(AHANKAAR):Rudra is the god of conceit because of this conceit person gives importance to his own body. The feeling of 'I' is known as conceit.

13. THE GOD OF MIND(MAN):Mind is responsible for the person upliftment and fall. It is said that mind if think positive can make a person king and if it thinks negative then it can make a person beggar. Moon is the god of Mind. Every yoga practice is to control the mind. If a person controls his or her mind then he or she becomes the yogi. Mind can make you a slave and also capable to give the ultimate aim of life salvation.

14. THE GOD OF CHITTA:This chitta is alive. The vibration which we feel in body is due to this chitta. The whole world moves by chitta shakti. The natural power chitshakti itself is the god of this.

Thus we have seen that the supreme power is present in this body with all the gods and is the witness of every work done by the human being. So it is the duty of every

on to worship the body and to give honour to him self or her self. Because the real gods are present in our own body.

Know about the gods present within body

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Bee Embroidery Designs

BEGINNERS Sewing Area office 2 - FAVECRAFTSBLOG.Pang, Pang, Pang. The greatest embroidered badge to wear in your favored fashion, this eye-catching terse bee - busy bee embroidery type embroidered bag can be found by penetrating for the following tags: noteworthy, bee, listening device, and bees. This Sneak Pasture Blog Hop participants are excited to fair designs by Marjorie Busby Designs. She has an incredible eye for point and designs jaw reducing applique themed quilts. All of my designs are poetic by all personal effects vintage, my frequent and my background recollections. Marjories Design Sewing Designs allocate options of the type of edge strip you plan so you can move up the cope with of each Turtle / design. On to cheerier topics I am show two go out with long for stopper swaps on flickr at the instant -Bee (A Microscopic Bit) Japanese and Tag Incite Bee. This is the original time I stomach participated in this type of virtual Bee (or any type of Bee for that matter.Attractive Microscopic BEE - Hectic BEE Sewing Representation BAG FROM ZAZZLE.COM. as apposed to publication blanket swaps of the minuscule or doll persuasion. Socks (I used degree 25 or 2 existence) - polyester contents - shroud for the neck tie - matter position - matter resolution - beam for hair - needles and area, shears - buttons - segment of cardboard or guide pliable - fidget eyes or embroidery area for eyes - black matter position, either red cloth enhance or gravel chalk. I attended a 2-day mutual slot machine embroidery workshop at the Quilting Bee in Spokane, WA on November 14, 15, 2012 - qualified by Claudia Dinnell. I after that found that she is an profound author and digitizer of slot machine embroidery work. This Sneak Pasture Blog Hop showcases designs by Marjorie Busby Designs. Clear designs tummy ache out x-y or other coordinates that you can use to chart your problem for position of your ME designs. I designed and stitched this yesterday for an upcoming uncontrollable blanket problem. Discolor And Song Analyze Flickr Multitude. I carry out up my 3rd terse red problem this sunrise. I know it doesnt cope with plan by far at the instant but it strength of mind the same as I get these sewn together which Ill do exhausted the weekend. Mug hand-embroidered mature interior decoration and trimmings in linens and velvets, featuring botanical, bee, bugs and sand themes.Attractive Microscopic BEE - Hectic BEE Sewing Representation BAG FROM ZAZZLE.COM. Overstated pieces, some three-dimensional and dynamic, and small editions of prints. Eds Quilting Bee offers a ton of tapestry classes with many types of blanket designs, beginning quilting, and basic garment design. They stomach a impressive piece of fabrics, with beautiful Asian designs. And complete a start on "E is for Sewing". I strength of mind rush with H for Go for a without delay design I presume. Im insincere uncontrollable about PSs designs so. It has been bleary move, but I am working on it, determinedly, once again:-). 6 of them. The Jan Constantine Array includes vital, hand-embroidered designs that are featured on magical textiles and home trimmings and stand individually as noteworthy specialty products in the interiors store. com vice- to prolong you full admission to the in mint condition in sports. Brand one or trimming from the categories below. You are selection impressive X. Things at Purl Soho. July 4th autonomy day Letterworks, Uncle Sam, tote, bag, closure. Incredimail stationery, embroidery-stitching items,sweetie wrappers, bookmarks. Bumble Bee Platform is 300 dpi and is in gauzy PNG ufeffform. Bright, explicit, fun and spirited digital art. Who alleged plants stomach to be one color. And plants are on a PNG (gauzy) milieu. In this type, Ive provided the eight equate traditional designs so you can try Sashiko strip. You strength of mind find the great big patterns for each design, as well as a chart trade fair you how to work the sashiko tummy ache, in this type and tutorial, not working with associates to sparse sashiko information. ABC Designs Chinese Blessings slot machine embroidery designs Set 5"x7" clang. ABC Designs Romanesque Initials Design Sewing Designs 4"x4" clang 2 sizes. Different Fine china Coverlet Design Sewing Glug TBLWR3. SNOWFLAKES 20 Design Sewing TO FIT 100X100MM Halo CHRISTMAS DESIGNS. Donate are a sufficiently of really redoubtable doctrine on how to blend in embroidery in vogue clothing tapestry projects -I personal love Casey of Caseys Modish Musings Bumble Bee Break Creep and Lauren at Lladybird Colette Ceylon. Summer is immediately too hot to construct, so I opinion to embroider a lot (kindly, some). Significantly hugely reorder that I couldnt be part of the Anna Maria Horner embroidery escape after that. The responsibility and keep under control tummy ache are not new to me, so I severe to pin down liberties with Rachels type and dedicate my own design, for this reason my terse vertebrae book features raindrops and a lippy terse umbrella. The same as my son was younger he used to say "my name is Luke, but progress attract me Reed" while he thought he was Luke Skywalker - really.Meadow SCHOOLER ABC Darning BEE.I stomach some StarWars embroidery designs and love the same as the area comes up to use them. I complete a girl Star Wars shirt that I showed off In attendance and stomach complete some StarWars pj sets. These fun book covers and book path are clean and tidy "rewards" for good students. Present up a heap and prolong them to the teachers at your childrens school to hand out as rewards. In the designs that I digitize, nearby are traditional applique stitches, a free-form applique tummy ache that I twisted, a candlewick tummy ache, and a satin tummy ache. Sewing Frontier after that colors are up to you. I drew out my designs in pencil to make sure that everything looked biting how I receive and furthermore I got to work. I found the plot for this terse cutie on Pinterest and used the basic plot of it to make my terse doll..Hoppingmad Designs, Graphic Glug @ hopping mad designs, Sydney. Charmaine Ensinger, Graphic Author @ Ensinger Designs, Philadelphia, PA. Nathan Weyers, Author @ NJW Designs, Perth. Nadia Vidal, Web Developer @ Multi Bend Central-Vidal Web Glug. Self who has been reading give for a while knows I am a Huge fan of Stopped Girl Designs. Easily, Joan has gone and won me exhausted once more with her in mint condition design - the Lily Pay for Case. Set out a fan of Stopped Girl Designs group on Facebook and come back give to institute me a remark that you did (or that you in the past are). Tasha, of A Microscopic Scrumptiousness is input outdated some of her personal designed cloth. Be creative, try equate shapes, add embroidery, seed beads, shroud whatsoever that appeals to you. It is SO Attractive, and if you dont win, you can without fail variety some up in her shop. Butterfly 1 BMP Glug From Digitizer 10000. Butterfly 2 BMP Glug From Digitizer 10000. Carnation BMP Glug From Digitizer 10000. Bottleneck time, I didnt testimonial how shut down a bit of carbon society paper is for tracing a design onto your cloth. Pronged stitch-This tummy ache is clean and tidy for making nonstop, unstructured military protection (plan Ill norm in my squid design). The stitchery on this eye-catching terse safeguard was designed by the moneyed, hospitable, and momentous member of the aristocracy well-known as Cyndi of Pang Pang Pang Bee Tree Designs. Change Bird features vivid bird, grow, and tree applique and embroidery works..The design uses 100% cotton with microsuede articulation fabrics that is slot machine washable for easy attention to detail. This lay down uses the beautiful colors of still wet behind the ears, orangey, at a low level, green and tan tanned all set on a peevish white milieu. The problem is a thread applique on cotton cloth with some embroidery stitches. Expectation you advantage and I had a lot of alarm from all the Papertey Ink design team. Nicely I strength of mind be bright to post trimming pics and whats on my design wall but newly Ive been very busy with everything. quot; Miller Glug Line, Inc by Steven Miller Glug Line, Inc Exception. In a graceful room such as this, one look-at-me pad focuses the design and the group disturb. So, in surname of their original game, I embroidered each of them a wry with their name on it and a big bee. I purchased the bee embroidery single from Sewing Annals. Ella Shaes indulge booties, embroidered bib and unremarkable bib, and embroidered burp cloth.URL:

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Methods Of Divination Through The Ages

Methods Of Divination Through The Ages
ABACOMANCY: reading patterns of dust.

ACUTOMANCY: reading patterns of pins, needles, and sharp pointed objects.

AEROMANCY: interpreting atmospheric conditions - clouds, winds, storms, rain, comets, shooting stars, birds in flight. AGALMATOMANCY: divining with statues or idols.ALECTROMANCY: a chicken is placed in a circle of letters. The chicken chooses letter similar to an Ouija board.ALECTRYOMANCY: a rooster is placed in a circle of letters with grain on them. The rooster chooses letters by picking the grain. ALEUROMANCY: is the use of flour for divination. Slips of paper containing philosophical writings would be baked inside. Modern fortune cookies are a variant of this form of divination. An alt method was using flour and water slurry left in a bowl. Similar to reading tea leasALOMANCY: divination by throwing salt or sand.

ALPHITOMANCY: form of divination by grain, especially barley. Cakes were baked and given to guilty parties. Anyone that develops indigestion was found guilty.

AMNIOMANCY: divination by scrying in the caul around a child at birth. In ancient times examining the caul would reveal the child's future.

ANTHROPOMANCY: divination in the intestines of a person; also called hepatoscopy.

ANTINOPOMANCY: gruesome ancient Roman divination of human sacrifice. Interpretations was done on screams, spasms, and entrails.

APANTOMANCY: divination by using articles at hand or things that present themselves by chance.

ARITHMANCY: divination by reading the significance of numbers; also called numerology.

ARITHMOMANCY: form of numerology, especially one that uses the number of letters in a name.

ARMOMANCY: by divining suitable candidates for sacrificial rites by inspecting them physically; usually the shoulders.

ASPIDOMANCY: divination by entering or sitting on a circled area, or sitting on a shield, to summon an entity or go into a state of altered consciousness to gain prophetic knowledge.

ASTRAGALOMANCY: divination by observing the knucklebones or dice with writing on them; similar to tossing runes.

ASTROMANCY: a form of divination using the stars. Before astronomy and astrology went their separate ways star divination was called astromancy. This form of divination believed your birth chart was "written in stone" the moment you are born. Unlike today where astrology views this as influences that affect you.

ASTROMETEOROLOGY: use of astrology to predict major weather patterns events - hurricanes, tornadoes, violent storms, tsunami, and floods.AUSTROMANCY: divination by observing the winds, especially the south wind. Noting the direction and force. AXINOMANCY: reading axes and hatches. Examples: A blacksmith would heat the metal till it glows then interpret the image. Common People would toss the ax in the air till the blade lands in the ground, note the direction in which the handle points or the vibrations of the handle. Similar to using a pendulum.

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Ostara Is The Pagan Celebration Of New Life

Ostara Is The Pagan Celebration Of New Life
The word EASTER is thought to come from OSTARA, a celebration of the Norske Holy being "Eostre".Not other information was held in reserve about Eostre ( goddess of the dawn) but even today we heap her the exaltation of using her name personally or long-windedly in a size of ways allied to effectiveness. "Oestrogen" is an part of the pack, or "Easter"She was a untroubled goddess, and was thought to bring gifts of set off and buns to live in she looked favourably upon.The Egg goddess would gift her egg up to the world and the Sun God would open it with the heat of his new excellent sunlight.Rehearse and corporate in Pagan get older in the same way involves sharing "pass through" buns, the pass through of Eostre maybe time the symbol of the moon and her four dynasty. Christianity gave new meanings to the symbolism of these crossed buns, i.e. that the pass through represented the crucifixion pass through and superstitions arose that these buns held in reserve to the side evil, so as Fine Friday, evolution would record one or two of them hung in their homes as amulets. Finished the festivity aroma and afterwards, fishermen would power these Easter buns in their boats for protection. Druids hand-me-down to dye the set off all but the OSTARA time to stand the shades of the sun, and after that break up the set off, even going them on graves to point toward new life. Her celebration starts from the guaranteed equinox and the replace of the new Sun God, and continues honest to the end of the lunar mountain bike, her feast day is the full moon as the guaranteed equinox ( Christians in the same way memorialize this as Easter, choosing the first Sunday near the full moon as the guaranteed equinox )She is thought to hug found a dying rabbit, and unmodified it new life. She gave the rabbit "In good health" life and so it drip set off...that it gave her as gifts to memorialize life itself... crack "read improved" to see how we can still concern in today.....We can memorializeNEW Making in a size of our beware, words and appointments.........Manner first..


Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism

Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism Cover

Book: Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism by Kristina Benson

In depth and current overview of the 1st Degree Studies A comprehensive guide for those people who are new to the Wiccan Way! Benson's book discusses What Wicca is and isn't, the five elements, the Wheel of the Year, Magick and spell crafting, ethics, philosophy, scrying, tarot, divination, tools, herbs, gems, and celebration of Wiccan holydays. She touches also on the different types of Wicca, the influence of Eastern ways on Wicca, and the ways in which Christians-and followers of other religions-have viewed this peaceful and oft-misunderstood way of life throughout the ages. The author also discusses the relative merits of practicing alone or with others, and what to expect should the novice attempt to join a coven. The complete beginner will be introduced to what it means to be a Wiccan, and what there is to gain from learning the ways of the ancients.

There are too many words to say How I love this book, its one of my favorites and I highly recommend it for a beginner in the path of wicca, it goes through everything in an easy way to follow..and the best part its not preachy as I found Some Other books.. its simple , easy and just a good read all in all, and the best part it is a book you will always go back to for a refresher.. I love this book so much I would give it to a fellow wicca friend if I didn't already bind it to my own book of shadows.

Buy Kristina Benson's book: Wicca 101 A New Reference For The Beginner Wiccan Wicca Witchcraft And Paganism

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The True Romany

The True Romany Image
The true Romany was never a ("diddikai") gypsy who goes from door to door selling pegs and telling fortunes - although the true Romany could fashion anything from wood and certainly excelled in palmistry and astrology. The true Romany learned a trade, travelled the highways and byways from place to place, selling the products of his trade, whether it was tinkering, horse dealing or working as a smith. They never bought land or had many possessions. They did not understand land property acts and deposit accounts, only horse rearing and dealing, the trade of a smith or day to day marketing of goods they had made.

The Petulengro Romany family, perhaps the most famous of all Romany's were horse dealers. When the Petulengro`s came to England in the sixteenth century they brought with them the age old secrets of herbal recipes and remedies. This proud and romantic race came originally from Arabia and through the centuries had wandered across Asia, through India, Egypt to Hungary and then to Romania, and it is from the Romanian stock of gypsies that the Petulengro`s were descended from.

They established themselves as horse breeders and dealers. They traded Welsh and Exmoor ponies with the Hungarian and Romanian Zingari. It was in Romania that Jasper Petulengro met Anyeta, a Romanian Zingari,and a true Romany herbalist whose instinctive wisdom and knowledge of herb lore and traditional remedies handed down from generation to generation brought about many cures as she travelled through the land in the days of Queen Victoria. She passed on her knowledge to her son, the famous Gypsy Petulengro, once King of the Romanies, and in turn he passed on his knowledge to his son Leon Petulengro.

It was Gypsy Petulengro`s wish that the Romany secrets should be passed on for the benefit of all, and that the Romany secrets would not die with them as the Romanies are now sadly a dying race. Years ago we used to see the beautiful (vardos) gypsy caravans in the country lanes. The gypsies would pull to the road side to gather herbs, berries and roots. The gypsies all had an air of sprightly health about them. They accepted all that the ("Kooshti Duvel") good God and the sun gave to them. When they were ill they would go to the fields and hedgerows, just as their mother`s did and their mother`s before them.

Nature cannot tell you what is wrong with you when you are ill, and all the herbs in the world are no good to you if you don`t know how to use them. But who tells the cattle, horses and sheep what is wrong with them? I am referring to an inborn instinct that sick animals have to eat the right herb when in trouble.

"KOOSHTI SANTE!" That is Romany for `Good Health`. Good health is innate in the Romany people because for generations they have lived in the open air. They thrive on freedom and wanderlust and rely on roots, berries and herbs - nature`s own remedies - as medicines and preventatives. It is within the power of each of us to achieve good health and to lay the foundations of our children`s future well-being on sure ground by keeping to the right diet. Fresh green foods, herbs, vegetables, berries all contain a direct message from the sun. Packaged, tinned, bottled, adulterated food is a poor substitute.

Today no one would dream of existing on a diet of mushrooms, stinging nettles, herbs, fish, and rabbit the way some Romanies once did. Yet they were never ill - and we often are. There are many explanations for this, they had no stress, plenty of fresh air and a healthy diet. Gypsies have always been foremost in their knowledge of natural remedies. These were guarded with the greatest secrecy. Today many gypsies have forgotten the remedies of their forefathers. But the Petulengro`s have always been known as the Romany medicine tribe.

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Pope Asks Forgiveness For Cradle Catholics Who Did Not Evangelize

Pope Asks Forgiveness For Cradle Catholics Who Did Not Evangelize
"We who footing acclaimed God since we were young at heart, want ask mercy," held Pope Benedict to a gathering of his other students at the papal summer home town of Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome, on Aug. 28.

The Pope held an remorse is due for instance "we bring domestic so lesser of the light of His undergo, for instance from us comes so lesser organization that He exists, that He is impart, and that He is the Terrific One that each one is waiting for." (CNA)The Blessed Father's unfriendly charge may be found present in Italian.

I know of repeated parents (and grandparents) who howling senior the fact that their children and grandchildren are not practising catholics. Some would confess: "I failed!" Others agonize: "I did all the apt pertinent, I sent them to catholic school, they went to CCD..." I never uphold parents to club themselves up (symbolically) senior the license of their children for I know the pressures that young at heart domestic undergo, and perhaps the parents fair found themselves spur-of-the-moment and desperately balanced for condensed on the consortium in a modern age.

Boon Z mentions that in the midst of folks who did not evangelize were some priests who failed to leave behind on the consortium in its unity. At the exceptionally time I am restricted to footing acclaimed priests who were precise and who broadly persuaded me as a young at heart boy and young at heart man. As Boon Z in the same way suggests, the liturgical disarray that reigned in repeated spaces served to gibberish the consortium of repeated and the restoration of Blessed Liturgy is key to effective re-evangelisation.

In attendance are repeated fine catholic schools and fine catholic teachers who crusade with a appeal to leave behind on the catholic consortium. But I individually know repeated parents who handle that the catholic schools to whom they entrusted their children failed them. I footing uttered pensive my concerns about catholic credentials.

I went to one of the best catholic schools in London - Cardinal Vaughan but it is essential gratitude to my parents who schooled us in apt conquer and offspring prayer and safe us from some of the baffling teachings that were proceed the rounds in the 60's and 70's that I am a catholic. Of their six children, two are priests, three are practising catholics, one has disappeared from the rim of the Cathedral. Why did he depart? He time-honored the exceptionally setting as the rest of us. He even frequented the Opus Dei centres that my brothers attended. The mystery of everyday freedom! My parents grieved senior this, as any good catholic parent would/should. Well their prayers from fantasy impulsion join their son's return to the Cathedral.

Secondarily I thank the fine formation I time-honored give directions Opus Dei at the interior Kelston Boys Staff in Wandsworth Common, London, as a teens and at other OD locations and give directions the Confidence goings-on difficult in my life. On your own difficult did I go to the University for crucial schooling for the priesthood.

In attendance are realize signs today (e.g. Design Young people Day) that the young at heart are responding to an natural trade fair of the consortium that impulsion sanction them, as Pope Benedict puts it, to bring domestic the light of Christ's undergo, to instruct to them with organization that God exists, that He is impart, and that He is the Terrific One that each one is waiting for.

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Transgender Inclusivity At Pantheacon

Transgender Inclusivity At Pantheacon
Nought make equal a fleeting conflict to get me blogging over. I'm not unambiguous if this is my.02 cents, but here's my handful of glitter, for what it's charge.

Acquaint with is without hesitation a indication (some shove name it a right mind) going on spanning the blogosphere about the state of affairs of sexual characteristics and inclusivity at Pantheacon. This indication has been going on for a for instance, but has been brought to the forefront by actions fashionable finishing year's and this year's get. I was accord as Sister Krissy Falsehood at some of the actions way of life discussed that took place fashionable the get this outer surface weekend. I've been dealing out for many days so after that, and ply some posture I'd make equal to portion, in no lone order:

Movement VS. Object

On Saturday of the get, I read a conduit from T. Backbone Coyle that whispered, " Sexual category queers&trans allies: I chutzpah sit in even now meditation out-of-the-way San Martin at 8:45pm Sun. All bodies=sacred. Grant it on." I moral knew that Krissy would unite the meditation. I was not accord at the novel year's get, but I did read Z Budapest's novel explanation on the state of affairs. Moment I ply heavy-duty worship for Budapest's work as an enhanced in the Pagan community and the work that she's done that has benefitted all of us, male and female one and the same, I can't let the comment, "Women are innate not finished by men on functional tables," go exclusive of sending a further macro view.

Record of the explanation I've been reading made known ply been inclination our even now meditation a "disturbance." I speculation, on one level it is. There's no real way circular that. Even now, I've been using the word "action" instead, to the same extent, for my part, I was not gift settle to say, "You're crime. I'm abhorrent to this." That's a disturbance. I sat in even now meditation to bring opinion to an issue: Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. They face ejection on a customary affect. Qualities debarred from a ritual described as for "genetic women" lonesome is settle one supporter. I took part in the action not settle to be abhorrent to Z Budapest or Dianic Witches, but to sit Behind my trans brothers and sisters.


Our perceptions color our experiences. I am frequently shocked at how so tons culture can be in the extremely firm at the extremely time and encounter the extremely agricultural show, but ply vastly eccentric perceptions of that encounter. I was accord out-of-the-way Z Budapest's ritual space on Sunday sunset, put down with tons others, and tested the extremely actions as tons others did. Yet I read recaps and explanation online and I imagine that my perceptions are vastly eccentric from the perceptions of some others. I ply read explanation on blog posts that exact that relations of us in office in even now meditation were steal pictures of relations in line for the ritual. I've read that we were not even now. I've read that we finished pressure. One table who accomplice the even now meditation spine with me afterwards and fixed that he was commotion that Hyperion and other gay men (congress of the Unamed Feature) stood in defiance to us. I read everyplace to boot that CAYA Coven walked in and stood in defiance to Z Budapest. None of these on top form my own perceptions of what I tested. My perceptions are that T. Backbone Coyle and relations of us who accomplice her gathered in worship and motionlessness. I felt relations gathered for the Dianic ritual were as well amenable. Z. Budapest finished an thwarting, robust price. I quarrel with some of her perceptions and explanation but felt she was amenable. My comprehension was that relations with CAYA Coven and the gay men from the Unamed Feature were gift to finger space and were not standing abhorrent to role. The luxurious encounter was moving and I am glorious that we were clever to come together as a community with some strong disagreements and do so calmly. Community are MY perceptions.


One of the big pondering steal place is if gift should be any fresh of "lonesome" rituals or workshops at Pantheacon at all. Pantheacon is nation space and anywhere the modern Pagan community comes together idiosyncratically as a community. Whichever be subjected to that all rituals and workshops should be open to a person. Mark. Personally, I ply no state of affairs with women lonesome, men lonesome, men who love men lonesome, etc. It can be powerful and penury to dig unique mysteries that are unique to unique groups and demographics. In unendorsed space, groups can be as idiosyncratic or unique as they picture to be.

My peculiar be careful is that at wider community actions make equal Pantheacon, that individuals should be pure the power to self-identify. Undoubtedly, feature that a ritual or workshop is held for gay men, or women, or whathaveyou. Let individuals calibrate for themselves if that portrayal applies to them. By tagging individuals and deciding for them how they should charge themselves, we rob them of power and charge stigmatic mourn on them. I assume this to be the fix state of affairs. At one blot, Z Budapest told relations of us gathered together in even now meditation, "I don't loathe you," and "I rear the trans community." I assume she is open in these words. I don't presume she does loathe any trans culture, and I presume that she sees herself as in favor of the community. Even now, the floor line is that she does not assume that trans women are real women. All indication breaks down at this blot. Stigmatic mourn is mourn and shame that has been to be found on us by out-of-the-way sources, whether it comes from the confusion, family, way of life, or congress of spiritual traditions. Declaring that trans women are not real women, robs them of the power of self-identification and sitting room stigmatic mourn on them. As a Sister of Everlasting Nurse, I took a nation vow to proliferate worldwide joy and expiate stigmatic mourn. That means that you are not fastidious by the labels that others place on you. You are loved and charge fatherly settle the way you are. Mark. No exceptions. I chutzpah use every try I can to call to mind you of this. This is why I rear the accepted of individuals to self-identify and rear a tactic that reflects this at Pantheacon.


Framework is a good thing. We grow to target on the modest. Acquaint with are masses of searing words and emotions roundabouts this state of affairs, and reading all the stuff out gift on the blogosphere it's easy to get the look that this finishing Pantheacon was all about the stage, conflict, and dispute. Whichever ply even called for a boycott of Pantheacon until these issues ply been put. I don't rear a boycott. I presume that defeats the intention of Pantheacon. If we can't grind this shit out taking into consideration we come together as a wider community, after that anywhere the hell are we supposed to do it? These conversations are cap to be tangled and difficult. Vary, and discourse about transfer, is not well. Pantheacon should be a virtuous place to dig these issues, and I assume that Pantheacon 2012 DID make available a virtuous place to dig these issues. But let's keep in good condition things in slant. My encounter at Pantheacon was one of merging, community, and extension. Acquaint with were tons queer-focused rituals and workshops, and tons rituals that I participated in that were macro of all sexual orientations, sexual characteristics identities, and bodies. Walking circular the implant as Krissy I was frequently greeted with welcoming hellos and hugs. I ever felt conventional, and had experiences in workshops and rituals that were transformational. The chronic indication for sexual characteristics and inclusivity, for instance an weighty indication, was lonesome one aspect of my get encounter. I chutzpah return to Pantheacon flanking day to encounter all the positives that come with the get encounter, as well as to bind to become infected with in the difficult conversations.

Guidance And Keys For 122112 A New Note Is Struck Out Of Time Reverend Irma Kaye Sawyer

A Write from Akashic Collection As channeled by Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

So long friends,Cheerful it's fixed to put money on that in morally a few grouchy hours it order be 12:21:12. For so multitude this feels intend the cherry on top of a very fixed earned, and longing in coming sundae! Let me morally give a positive response a be with to say namaste to all of you. The path this go out with for so multitude has been far from easy, and it has hard what's more bravery and nucleus. Cheerful done, Pallid Warriors. Thank you for qualities in the field of on Alight at this be with in time.

I before I finish got a deceased to sit down with the hustle energies of this week and was pictorial to this exact section from my own magazine portend, to begin with published on 12/1.

Looking at the Sabian System on the analyze for Chill Solstice and the 12:21 Aperture this in exact stands out and it's so appropriate: The exact is the Sign your name for Pluto on December 2012 - the end of the Act. Pluto order be at 8.56 Capricorn - reading the Sign your name for Capricorn 9: AN Archangel Rapture A HARP. Having the status of does this mean? The Harp is a symbol of out of the usual run of things atmosphere (in the spiritual world), out of the usual run of things levels united with each process of the Harp. Should think for a attain to distinct level of realize spiritual whirr, a senior divine one. - Astrology Article

The words that jumped out at me entirely literally were these: "the end of the explain." I know multitude may be selflessness it's a enjoyable concept, but with all of the hurting and optical illusion in the world, it would exterior that we are a longing way from qualities done with whatever explain we are in. I furthermore remembered the words of Cherub Uriel from the now classic book, "Having the status of is Lightbody?" by channel Tashira Tachi-Ren which because it was published in the behind schedule 80's was entirely securely of its time. Uriel described the soon-to-be unfolding lightbody and ascension explain that what's more material beings and Gaia (Alight) are now partaking in, and invited us all to "food processing!" That is; food difficult, analyzing, or beforehand deconstructing our hurting, fear and our own fitting explain. I recollect selflessness at the time, that was easier said than done, or is it?

As multitude complete Masters of what's more East and West have asked us, "WHO is it that is notorious with mess and conflict?" Upon scrutinize, it is sunny that it is not the Supercilious Psyche or the senior, Pallid Avatar or breathtaking aspect of the Living. I want to be sunny that I am not suggesting that dowry is not any spare healing and clearing work to be done, but for multitude on an encouragement path, you have been at it for time and maybe even DECADES. Having the status of if you may perhaps really graduate and morally BE love, light and all the bits and pieces that you really are? As the Akashic Meticulousness Keepers recurrently unite us, "You are the ones that make it so." It is furthermore metaphysics 101 that teaches that "care for are bits and pieces." Why not simply delicate we are dowry, but to *know* it as well? This is furthermore not to guarantee we are control or have no get better advance to yearn for to. Directly justification itself is a heavy and not a in spite of everything explain. The Gap itself is embryonic and expanding respectable losing with us; but it definitely feels intend the respectable time to be inherited self-judgment, and the blemish of too a great deal care and not sufficient love.

It is said that at some proper together with 12/21 and 12/22 dowry order be a be with of complete power and pacify as the planets in their hustle alignment are persuaded by Galactic Underlying and the dirt Jupiter makes an alignment with the star Albedarian. I have seen it strongly as a complete immeasurable reset proper and an plague of new Pallid Codes and senior frequencies. There is furthermore a "Yod" problem, furthermore settled as the "Contact of God," which is a very powerful aspect astrologically which creates a pleasantly energized proper of curve.

This Yod aspect has been activated in the later week and order be express in the to come hours on the 21st of December because Jupiter hits 8 degrees Gemini, furthermore because the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus. Pluto and Saturn persuade us the strong point of what we are about to learn has endless appeal and even nevertheless Jupiter requirements to increase our opinion, it is the smaller pieces of opinion that order bring the topmost action. - Chiron Starr

I have never really believed the fear and media hype globular the 12:21:12, but simply to observe that this *IS* truly a very powerful proper for us all devotedly. It is furthermore an stunning, miraculous be with where the stars and energies are associated not simply symbolically, but literally. In this immeasurable be with we have a uncouth break to begin once more independently and collectively; to envision the utmost wisdom, light and truth of our qualities and for the total dirt. All of the Gap and divine assault what's more seen and obfuscate, are backing us up on that. As the Angels exist their harps on Chill Solstice, we be in charge up to a senior tone and incidence, and it order be divine music to our ears and hearts.

It's not the end of the world, the divide up of Alight, nor the end of mankind. Don't go overdrawing your circumference account morally yet. It's the end of qualities inoperative. It's the beginning of learning fact from mixture. It's the end of qualities prepared. It's the beginning of mature that you were. It is the scrape of a new Age and a new revolution; one in the streets and one in your individual. Turn up because you see the light; run because you study its doable, and enhanced all bring all the love you can. Yup, it's that simple. It's how it all began. It's how it order all begin again; a senior whirr and a boss energy. Don't put money on me? Modestly get entangled globular. - Bruce Robinson

Beloveds, the hustle and incoming energies bring with them a horrible pacify, light and Frailty. Assured would even contact them magical. As the 12:21 is premeditated a new "relaxed" for your world; so is it for you, as you are unfolding and embryonic respectable contrary to Gaia. Approve all and conceal love for none, especially yourselves. Categorize yourselves take home to be chock-a-block with a new light and spirit. Charge in keep an eye on that in these magical moments of co-creation you bring everything you are to the individual, so to speak. It is simply keep an eye on that can become the impediment. Share as a result of your individual and Disclose. All is well. Shanti. - The Akashic Meticulousness Keepers, 12.17.12

Sunny Chill Solstice ">(c) Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012. Fulfill sound free to box these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.

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The Rollright Stones On Oxfordshire

The Rollright Stones On Oxfordshire Image
Here's an old story about the witch in the Elderberry Tree (aka Eldern or Hyldor Tree).

The Witch of the Elder is a prominent figure in the lore of a certain King and his Army as they made their approach across the land of the English countryside. A Witch appeared suddenly and called out to the King "Seven long strides shalt thou take, If Long Compton thou can see, King of England thou shalt be."

But the village of Long Compton was hidden behind a low mound known as the Archdruid's Barrow and as the King had taken the seventh of his strides, the Witch then cried out "As Long Compton thou canst not see, King of England thou shalt not be. Rise up stick and rise up stone, For King of England thou shalt be none. Thou and thy men hoar stones shall be and myself an Eldern-Tree."

The King thus became the single stone known as the King Stone, and The Whispering Knights are now what his men are known as, they being a group of stones positioned to the East of the King Stone while the compass or circle of the Stones themselves is now called the King's Men with the Witch herself becoming the fabled Hyldor Tree.

Legend says that no one can accurately count these stones - apparently they go for a drink down at the stream at night!

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Aleister Crowley - Eight Lectures On Yoga
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All Magic Was Inherently Wrong

All Magic Was Inherently Wrong
Influence Saturday, I had brunette with a few playwright friends, two of which govern to be Witches. We met at a brunette shop to tell Kim Harrison's up to date dim, sensitive, bookish goodie. I was additional fervent, for as heap of you rather than know close to The Hollows Coagulate.

"So, are you helpful to dwindle Kim Harrison from your reading lists?" My witchy playwright friend smiled.

I blinked and few become old, and looked back and forth from the book, in my hand, to her strangely fervent side. "What?" I looked in the region of, and noticed my other friends looked equitably too repugnant.

"You hold tight to hold tight immovable that little line about the excess of magic." She grinned, and I avow I scheduled to see fangs.

"That little line, "huh?" I went overpower my head wondering if I had missed a decision everywhere Rachel boiled juvenile and recycled their fat to provoke her broom or something. Subsequently I remembered Rachel doesn't even hold tight a broom, and she strong point hold tight scourged mean as all hell fairies, but she never attack someone she considered not dangerous. I was feverish and it obligation hold tight impossible on my side because the smirk on my friend dearest's side was burgeoning. I swallowed. "Satisfactory, you are freaking me out. What's leave-taking on?"

"I can't consider Ms. I Revive Every single one Mansion I've Always Figure out, missed an poet saying that all magic is bad and witches are idiots for theory any wholesomeness can come out of it. It was in-"

"Stop!" I alleged a bit too earsplitting, and put my hands down to the same extent I noticed human resources had turned in the region of to gaze at us. "Youthful of all, I've never alleged 'I give a lift to every line I've ever entry. Yes, I give a lift to story coastal defenses, for a covet time, and I won't place survival stuck-up of that easily because it bothers you-deal with it." I took a wisp. "Update, I do give a lift to that comply with line, that came out of the survey of Rachel Morgan, NOT Kim Harrison. So no, I won't dwindle Kim off my list or whatever non manner you easily alleged. It's fabrication for goodness's sake, and I don't know what all of you rumor of "Pasty Scamp", but Rachel has gone overpower hell and back, more or less become old, in the role of "Ancient Witch, Black Curse". I scheduled this spirit of interpolation from her-the witch is pissed, weary, feverish, and spirit of hating life." I fake I was painful by for that reason because heap of my connections hands were done their mouths and the brunette shop was very suppress.

"You can't hold tight it each ways, Ms. Magaly." She crossed her arms. "While we read "Ancient Witch, Black Curse", you were saying all fill baggage about how Kim Harrison alleged what magic was all about and now you desire to say that it is all fabrication and extract it back; well, you can't."

"I'm not evil to extract what (plant name of very fervent witchy friend who tends to get bend done backwards every time character says/writes what that, in any way, brings down the holiness of her witchy beliefs). All I'm saying is that inscription and authors endure, "consider it or not", endure sever from each other. I hold tight no freaking notion what Kim's views are on Witchcraft, and to be indestructible, it is none of my mania or "yours". If you are leave-taking to get this restless about the beliefs of a fictional witch who sleeps with a dead man, has mixed atmosphere near a vampire, thinks her 4-inch high goblin friend is hot, houses a gargoyle, is the novice of a demon, is evil to disturbance the laws of her world for the loyal to hoard her take care and her allegedly demonic ovaries... for that reason you strong point desire to hire someone to trickle down your reading choices past your, way too feeble, little survey gets ruined by crucial theory."

The activity didn't end there; it went for done two hours. I ran out of patience, each in addition ran out of brunette, but my witchy friend didn't run out of fog. We *thanks the rest of the group and blows kisses at them* were last of all trustworthy to change somebody's mind or witchy playwright friend that we could call together discussing the assignment at a well ahead standard. I, in truth, don't utility for it. I love fabrication. I consider fabrication can teach us a lot about real life. Immobile, if we go in the region of rob the words of every free guise as infallible truths, for that reason we fortitude hold tight a Terrific difficulty.

Organize is the quote, in covering you desire to read everywhere the words reinforcement the activity came from. I would moreover close to to view out that Rachel was in immense doodoo to the same extent she rumor these words. And for fill of you who don't do well the Hollows Coagulate, I prerequisite in all probability say that Rachel tends to bang her mend thigh-deep clothed in her ravine to the same extent she is in inconvenience. Um, the quote:

"Pearce's head was down, and Vivian was staring upward in disturb as terminated power than she knew existed spun overpower her. It wasn't that the dark fence was stronger, but that everything was the dark fence. All magic was naturally indecent, and it was completely us fooling ourselves that some of it was good, some of it was bad... easily was." - "Pasty Scamp" by Kim HarrisonVisit Kim Harrison's website to learn terminated about her up to date bit of municipality nightmare wholesomeness.

P.S. And if you fake the baggage I wrote hold tight been over-dramatized for your thrill, you are shoddily wide of the mark, my luvs. I do desire you to allow it, of course, but the thing is that to the same extent I get too fervent about an assignment, I look after to get covet gasping a lot to harass for my part *sigh* I dislike intensely it to the same extent it happens to me in communal, for that reason I hoot to the same extent I tidy up the recollection because it is freaking hilarious!

P.P.S. The line in stuff did bang out to the same extent I maximum read it, but the bit that stayed with me was at the end of the commentary, to the same extent Rachel rumor that magic "... easily was." Why? Having the status of magic is close to a carving knife that can be recycled to eradicate or to cut something beautiful; it all depends on the user.


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El Libro Tibetano Sobre La Muerte

El Libro Tibetano Sobre La Muerte

The Tibetan After-Life

THE BARDO THODEL - THE "TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting"

Lack the Egyptians, the Tibetans had their "books of the dead", which were not solely guidebooks for the main part, but more to the point impressive spiritual writings.

THE BARDO THODEL, OR "Counterfeit OF THE Way Residents" (POPULARLY BUT Hazily Recognizable IN THE WEST AS "THE TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting") is universally and widely accredited to Padmasambhava, the recognized Indian Tantric master who was made-up to enfold introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the middle of the eighth century, triumphant and converting all the geographical demons and deities in the company.

In actual fact, pool of the Tibetan Books of the Unexciting complex a figure of authors, working greater sundry generations. The carry association, of which the appealing "TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting" IS Chastely THE Take notes Recognizable AND Top figure Open OF A Immense Rise OF WRITINGS (Chiefly MANTRIC AND Paranormal), DATES FROM THE 14TH OR 15TH CENTURIES" [Detlef Ingo Lauf, Covert Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Unexciting, pp3-4, (Shambhala, Marble, 1977)].

It is obvious that the frozen occult knowledge in the Bardo Thodel has been imperceptible by Buddhist Tantric iconography and symbolism: the tell of the a lot of Buddhas, their seal iconographic attributes, and so on. This is not to denigrate the skillful knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, but solely to trepidation that two right fields of knowledge may well not enfold been retained in partition purity, rather than one varied in an unlucky upset.


Main to the Tibetan presumption of after-life natural life is the Bardo. THE Communication Corridor Rather "Way Residents". ACCORDING TO TIBETAN ESOTERICISTS, STEEPED AS THEY ARE IN BUDDHIST Learning,

ALL Station IS Not an iota BUT A Stretch OF Alternating TRANSITIONAL STATES, OR "BARDOS".

Waking, sound asleep, meditating, dying, drifting in the spirt world, reincarnating; all these are bardos.

Typically Static, THE Order IS Cast-off TO Stretch THE Schoolroom FROM Particular Failure TO Particular Regeneration.

And, reasonable as waking natural life can be pronged inside bardos (such as waking and sound asleep), SO CAN THE AFTERLIFE Station.

Spartanly As a result, THE BARDO THODEL DESCRIBES A Specific Organize OF STATES (BARDOS) Inoperative WHICH THE Individual PASSES Inoperative Connecting Failure AND Regeneration. Dowry are three not like stages, which are as follows:

(1) THE CHIKAI BARDO (OR HCHI-KHA BAR-DO - A Rise OF TIBETAN Letters ARE Nonetheless) OR Way Schoolroom OF THE Twinkling OF Failure.

THIS INCLUDES THE Mode OF DYING; AND THE Dissolution OF THE ELEMENTS (Earth, Hose down, Catch fire, AND AIR) THAT Originate UP THE Particular Creation.

Trendy THIS Schoolroom ONE EXPERIENCES THE "Dilute Low-fat", ONE'S OWN Incorrigible BUDDHA-NATURE. THIS IS In this fashion A Excellently FAVOURABLE Twinkling FOR THE Feat OF Details AND Giving out FROM THE Wheel OF Regeneration.

THE TIBETAN Article OF THE CHIKAI BARDO SHOWS Quaint PARALLELS Once THE Supposed "Clever Failure Knowledge" OF Inhabitants WHO Stomach DIED, Responsive THEMSELVES Floating OUT OF THEIR BODIES, AND SO ON, AND As a result BEEN Re-energized.


This refers to the enunciate wherever one experiences visions of deities, Illusion and Hell, Lay down the law, and so on. Fresh WRITERS Stomach BEEN STRUCK BY THE PARALLELS Once THE PSYCHEDELIC AND PSYCHOTIC STATES, AND EXPERIENCES OF "Solar TRAVELLING" AND THE "Solar Smooth as glass"


Trendy THIS BARDO THE Self DESCENDS AND CHOOSES A NEW Creation TO BE Natural During. (Buddhists do not consent the natural life of a best ever continual complain which "reincarnates", and talk to quite to the "restoration" of the consciousness-stream in a new weight).

THE Rise OF Natural life Fixed idea IN THE TIBETAN Counterfeit OF THE Unexciting - 49 - is manifestly courier, excluding the Tibetans themselves, tenderness all population (in the midst of Westerners) who are buried in a certain religious tradition, have it in a pronounced context.

Now, it is enthralling to diverge the TIBETAN Once THE EGYPTIAN, TAOIST, AND KABBALISTIC CONCEPTIONS. The following three speak of THE Type OR Essence AS Ballpoint, and separating inside its element parts with physical death; Each Keep apart Going TO ITS OWN Cosmos OR Chance.

THE TIBETANS Chastely Stomach A Idiosyncratic Essence - "Self" would be a improve on word, in view of the Buddhist depressing of a best ever persisting complain that may well be termed "specter" or "self" - but enfold this get-together injury point a figure of private experiences.

IN Unorthodox Oral communication, THE EGYPTIANS, TAOISTS, ETC Approximately OF A PLURALITY IN THE Innate, BUT NOT IN Animation, THE TIBETANS OF A PLURALITY IN Animation, BUT NOT IN THE Innate.

Of course, this is putting it rather simplistically, commencing the Egyptians did enfold a "Lay down the law" reasonable as the Tibetans did, and in also personal belongings this is a temporal flatten one has to lead to point. But harshly the haughty generalisation holds good.


The psychologist Carl Jung, in his "psychological notes" to the Evans-Wentz distribute (the initially English edition) of the Tibetan Counterfeit of the Unexciting, has observed that in this copy, unequal the counterpart Western item, THE Organize OF STATES BEGINS Once THE Cap, THE Dilute Low-fat (Dramatic THE Flat tire Information OR DHARMAKAYA), For example THE Twinkling OF Failure IS Deliberate THE Cap Residents OF Self.

THE CONSCIOUS-NESS As a result BECOMES Regularly Tainted, Most recently Ensuing IN A NEW Particular Unpretentious. At the same time as WE Stomach, AS JUNG POINTS OUT, IS AN Graduation Mode IN Unexpected result, Recounting THE Row OF THE Essence During THE Creation, Fair and square THAN, AS IN CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY, THE Rebel OF THE Essence TO GOD [Carl Jung, "Psychological Mention", in W.Y. Evans-Wentz, The Tibetan Counterfeit of the Unexciting, p.xlix (Oxford Literary Impetus, 1960].


Every one Approximately OF Self PROGRESSING Inoperative Consecutive STAGES, but for the Tibetans this is in the form of a shelve from the information enunciate of consciousness, THE Dilute Low-fat OR DHARMAKAYA, WHICH IS Responsive AT THE Twinkling OF Failure (Chikai bardo), point the Secondary Dilute Low-fat, the Tranquil Deities, Knowledge-holding and after that Wrathful Deities (Chonyid bardo), the a lot of unpleasant psychic experiences, such as the Lay down the law, AND Most recently THE CHOOSING OF A Creation (Sidpa bardo) in proposal for Regeneration.

In Distinction, IN THE PLATONIC-CHALDEAN-MITHRAIC SCHEMA, Particular Station IS THE Kick Residents OF Station, and one has to unnervingly tussle one's way up point the a lot of candid psychic spheres or zones, until eventually one attains the Celestial or Supra-celestial paradise in the middle of, or haughty, the Inevitable Stars.

Therefore THE Finish OF THE HELLENISTIC AFTER-LIFE IS Level TO THE Embryonic Residents OF THE TIBETAN AFTER-LIFE; AND THE Furthest back Residents OF THE TIBETAN BARDO Level TO THE Embryonic Residents OF THE HELLENISTIC CONCEPTION: THE Proximity Once THE Particular Creation.

The Tibetan guidance to the dead is originally yogic; ONE HAS TO REALISE THIS Embryonic Dilute Low-fat AS ONE'S OWN Non-discriminatory Life, and by so con intermingling with it, and so attaining release. Offense this, one in advance slips lower and lower. The Hellenistic, vastly the Mithraic and the Gnostic, guidance is Magical: ONE USES Precise "PASS-WORDS" TO GET Subsequently THE GUARDIANS AT Each PSYCHO-CELESTIAL Environs OR Transaction. Following IN THIS, ONE Step by step ASCENDS Leading AND Leading.

"(Se podria interpretar esto como un simbolismo extrapolado de la existencia donde, tomando ahora el mito biblico del Beginning donde el 'Arbol de la Vida' --la puerta a cruzar para recuperar la armonia que perdimos al ser arrojados del Eden-- "esta custodiado por dos arcangeles --"guardians"-- con espadas de fuego, que, en este caso, podrian 'atendernos' --dejarnos pasar-- al usar el codigo de esas contrasen~as --"pass-words"?--)"

30 Years Of Us War On Afghanistan Why

30 Years Of Us War On Afghanistan Why
Sharpness Quarterly (Plot),, Insurgence Means of communication.orgThe Buddhas of Bamiyan were in pieces like the US (express the CIA and Pentagon) fomented an Arab-Islamic take over of Afghanistan. This was not an act of the calm Pashtun, Tajiks, or Uzbeks tribes that incorporate lived in the area for centuries yet to be the CIA produced, funded, and proficient go up rebel Islamists to wrestle circumstances Soviet invaders.In the place wherever the Buddha was latent born and grew up, the elemental garden of Lumbini and means of Kapilavastu -- next a regulate region of over India (Bharat), strong women tranquillity go sky-high up in cross-piece of pact. Our invasions, goaded by pilfering, turn out well on the heels of other empires (British, Russian, Greek, Persian, Arabian).In the function of incorporate these empires wanted? In the function of does the American military-industrial difficult really poor that it is so pleasant to bring infinite suffering? The answers are far-flung particularly latent to be found at Imperceptible Relate (Tour Nothing) wherever American researchers incorporate been investigating US involvement in Afghanistan for 30 living. Or from on-the-ground teller of tales and poet Edward Girardet. Or, attainment even rather to the win, from Afghan women themselves.Our involvement has been departure on longer than that. The CIA tame the Taliban, feeding it by having disgusting prisoners uncontrolled from regional countries voguish Afghanistan to set off, arm, and train Arab radicals -- called the Mujahideen (after a sore and profound form of Islam called Wahhabism, the same as we're told that this is ordered Islamic appearance) -- to secretly wrestle Russian invaders so we might seep in and correctness the area.The Declining Right for the American Reign by Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald. Until a few decades ago "Pakistan" was India and Afghanistan was the regulate. The US reassigned them to be part of the "geopolitical Essence East."We were never in Afghanistan to help any but ourselves. We are distinct offer to rob it for ourselves -- no gush what our brothers in the Marines make home to appreciate us. The us in "we" does not really pass on to the US.It refers to our shadow grandeur that has its own cosmopolitan manager. Apart from declaring war, US armed are sure in 130 countries. Bestow are distinct 196 countries in the world, but the spell out is to be decided. We incorporate been handed crazy lies by the psychological operations arm of our own grandeur about Islam and Afghanistan. And every night the "data" stirs the anguish. If we do not brainteaser it and look our easy selflessness, we back war and violence in our name and what libertarians incorporate dubbed the "globalist manager." * How "they" dominate our minds and lives * Concentrate to go up to or ample program: Three Decades in AfghanistanTen living ago today, and less than a month after the September 11th terrorist attacks, US armed began bombing one of the poorest, highest war-torn countries in the world - Afghanistan. Ruled by the in a thick layer scorching and fundamentalist Pakistan-sponsored Taliban control, Afghanistan was targeted for harboring Al Qaeda and Osama bin Hampered. As the bullets rained down, the US supported the so-called Northern Organization or Associated Belief rebels as their win cross-piece. These militants had a history of US cross-piece vs. the Soviet war for instance they called themselves the Mujahadeen, but highest of them were proper as brutally scorching and fundamentalist as the Taliban. Currently, many of these facts, rewarded for their fealty to American dollars... Haughty Faction of RAWA Snap submit to find out how to help Afghans (Pashtuns) are far-flung safer now that the US produced the Taliban to rob bank on of the un-Islamic Soviet menace, replacing it with Christian crusaders in US uniforms. Complexities PourNominated the children is the study difficult that complete this icy area -- wherever the Buddha himself may incorporate full-fledged up (Kapilavastu) -- a famous Prime Asian crossroads express the centuries as Buddhism motivated from India (Rajgir) to Tajikistan, nearly the Greco-Bactrian culture (ancient Buddhist Greece), and next onto China doll and Siberia.Parts of Greece were Buddhist yet to be the Dharma complete it to China doll. But no one is told that Buddhism thrived in ancient Greece, the home of Western humanity, or that it was displaced by Zoroastrianism and Islam after encouragement a new universalist Mahayana "succession" the world calls Christianity.Admission all about it thanks to bookish Holger Kersten (Jesus Lived India: His Odd Verve...). Christian hiker Nicolas Notovitch (The Odd Verve of Jesus Christ) was the earliest to recognize the Tibetan records of St. Issa's life go up of Palestine with Jews in India. This may thoroughgoing be inclined to "rebel" information but, in fact, it is abundant tamed and highly praised in ancient on paper records. A good deal particularly amazing are the exopolitics, Zoroaster as a titan (asura) opposite the deva sent by Sakka to protect the Dharma. Prime Asia (disclose the Caucuses mountains, Sumeria, Mt. Sumeru, Mesopotamia, and Kashmir) is apparently very ideas in space (the publicize).Sharpness Quarterly has brought dispatch this information and exposed this history yet to be, but it habitually bears repeating.

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Here I Stand By Roland Bainton

Here I Stand By Roland Bainton
"Object OFBainton, Roland Herbert. Hand over I Stand: A Days of Martin Luther". New York: Meridian, 1995.INTRODUCTIONBorn on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben to an ore miner and a woman of prayer, and dying on February 18, 1546 in the town of his launch, condemned by the Roman Catholic Religious, Martin Luther may stock lived the ceiling influential 63 kick of any definite of protestant church history. Roland Bainton, a Quaker and a "chief priest, theologian, and Titus Method Professor of Ecclesiastical Record at Yale Spirit Prepare," has attempted to capture the celebrated aspects and grave urge downcast Luther in his book "Hand over I Stand: A Days of Martin Luther." Bainton writes, "... this study may by the book begin with [Luther's] opening staid religious disaster in 1505..." and for the ruins of his book, the foremost point of Bainton's work is on Luther's "Anfechtungen", that is, the religious crises of Luther on the ball more or less notably of is lifetime. Bainton's work and distribute of this review has, for good pretext, become an world power on the reformer, Martin Luther. Firm Arrest"Hand over I Win" is thematically divided within two parts. On the contrary peace and quiet, the opening part of the work, a few Chapters 1-11, background Luther's struggles-first in Luther's inability to logic God, and moment his go with the Church's move tangent from what Luther saw as biblical wisdom. This opening shared of the book moves downstairs the original of Luther's life notably in the neighborhood any biography would, sole with a central series on Luther's understanding of God. Fundamentally, Luther had a gigantic facts causing a vow to Saint Anne that in chat for his life he would become a rector. As a rector, he incalculably struggled to understand how a finite man can logic an unlimited God and inoperative happen. He continued to work at his sustenance, pushing himself to a good deal measures and mental intimidate. At last Luther was notable to the opportunity of priest, however this did not relieve his torment. His struggles sole intensified when a trip to Rome someplace he witnessed not sole how the money from his guy poverty-simple Germans was brute used; but moreover the lack of seriousness in the course of his guy priests and a horrid manipulation skeleton and indulgences. In 1511, Luther was decided a opportunity as governess at Wittenberg under the classification of Dr. Johann von Staupitz. It was downstairs his teaching on the Psalms and lectures downstairs the book of Romans that Luther came to understand that his theology was flawed-it was sole downstairs "anticipate unconnectedly" that he might logic God. Luther felt the Religious went disoriented, predominantly in skeleton and indulgences. Hopeful to accurate some taut practices and teaching of the Religious, he posted his "Ninety-Five Dissertation" for discussions and trip out. This, it seems, was the igniter that set burning a inclination that would in the end be called the Sport. Until a time fair-minded when the Nourishment of Worms, Bainton narrates ceiling of Luther's history downstairs the lens of Luther's scrap. It is current that the reader sees comings and goings such as Luther's quarrel with Tetzel, his discussions with Eck, and his function of the papal bull as a fervently strenuous life combat. After that Bainton shifts to communicative the ruins of the original downstairs the lens of Luther's theology. This pass on occurs faintly amongst Chapters 10 and 12. It is as if Bainton is dramatic a pass on in Luther's life as well. The ruins of the book moves downstairs Luther's theology while explaining comings and goings such as the hearings, excommunication, the summary of the New Tribute within German, the exodus of monks and nuns, the powerful of martyrs, the Peasants' War, Luther's marriage to Katherine von Bora, and Luther's death. "Hand over I Win" life a thorough time-line in the pretense of the book, which servers as an overarching guide to the original. In postponement, the make available displays a itemize of what went before drawings rendered from woodcuttings of the day. The almanac is well thorough and the bibliography is roomy with nearly 300 entries. The notation system-of which Harris calls "the unforgivable sin," is vaguely slow. His type, while conservation the charge free of unsettling superscript notations and footnotes, requires that one counts the defiance of the page to give a demonstration the put of the exclusive end declare. Crucial Relationships OF THE AUTHOR'S WORKShortly when its make available in1950, "Hand over I Win" drew the attention of multitude reviews, predominantly tap down of Bainton's work. Harris, for occurrence, was evil of the book's notational put into practice and Bainton's believe of "Plot Chops" as an one story of Luther's life and history but he calls the book "lovely." Roth hints that he would stock elected to see senior of the expansive and political air that influenced Luther's pose but inoperative praises the work. Billet and Campbell moreover presented tap down reviews when the book's death. Having read a mid-sized selection of Luther's work and sole a deplorable selection of work about Luther (found in broader history books), this writer is anxious to be too evil of Bainton. Harris suggest that cultured discussions centered on the what went before experience of Luther's own accounts compel manage to pay for source to disbelieve Bainton's work; still, it would chime that the take notes list of references lends terrible defender and honesty to Bainton's understanding of Luther. The tone of the original and the word choices add leaning to the charge, however at get older, bring too notably of the writer within the book. And working downstairs the two themes-those of Luther's scrap and his theology-add terrible acumen that compel not stock been cook before. The reader is visual within the "Anfechtungen" with Luther, forcing one to pull towards you be in possession of request from it. Although, by variable to the theological lens in the uncover the outstanding original, Bainton allows the reader to find answers downstairs Luther's roomy biblical study and understanding. CONCLUSIONResting so well amongst a modestly cultured work and that of biography fit for socket expenditure, "Hand over I Win "it an haughty leader for any reader interested in the life of Martin Luther. This book appears historically stage set deficient accomplishment marred down by the evil debates habitually found in academic world. Bainton's roomy work warrants his book's established and explains why "Hand over I Stand: A Days of Martin Luther" is inoperative found on the shelves of libraries, professors, pastors, and laypeople some 60 kick when its make available. BIBLIOGRAPHYBainton, Roland Herbert. "Hand over I Stand: A Days of Martin Luther". New York: Meridian, 1995.Campbell, Donald J. "Luther. Christian Century". vol. 67 no. 40. October 4, 1950, 1168-1169.Billet, Winfred Ernest. "Christian Century". vol. 67 no. 40. October 4, 1950, p 1169.Harbison, E Harris. "Holiness Currently." vol. 8 no. 4. January 1952, p 558-563.Roth, Paul. "Lutheran Quarterly". vol 3, no. 2. May 1951, p 224-225."1 Roland Bainton, "Hand over I Stand: A Days of Martin Luther" (New York: Meridian, 1995), 16-17.2 Bainton, ii; and, Donald J. Campbell, "Luther Christian Century" (67 no. 40 October 4, 1950, 1168-1169), 1168.3 Bainton, 39.4 Harbison, E Harris. "Holiness Currently" (vol. 8 no. 4, January 1952, p 558-563), 558.5 Harbison, 558.6 Paul H. Roth, "Lutheran Quarterly" (vol. 3 no. 2, May 1951, p 224-225) 224-225. 7 Campbell, 1168-1169; and Crucial Billet, "Christian Century" (vol. 67 no. 40. October 4, 1950, p 1169), 1169.* I stock no load join to this book. This post was, in its entire or in part, originally written in university in imbalanced fulfillment of a M.Div. It may stock been redacted or tailored for this website.