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The Prose Edda Ver 2

The Prose Edda Ver 2 Cover

Book: The Prose Edda Ver 2 by Snorri Sturlson


Instructor in English Philology in the University of California This Series of Scandinavian Classics is published by The American Scandinavian Foundation in the belief that great familiarity with the chief literary monuments of the North will help Americans to a better understanding of Scandinavians, and thus serve to stimulate their sympathetic cooperation to good ends NEW YORK THE AMERICAN-SCANDINAVIAN FOUNDATION LONDON: HUMPHREY MILFORD OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1916,1923 C. S. Peterson, Regin Press, Chicago, U. S. A. TO WILLIAM HENRY SCHOFIELD WHO MADE THE WORK POSSIBLE THE TRANSLATOR RENDERS THE TRIBUTE OF THIS BOOK

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Investigating The Afterlife Concepts Of The Norse Heathen

Investigating The Afterlife Concepts Of The Norse Heathen Cover

Book: Investigating The Afterlife Concepts Of The Norse Heathen by Bil Linzie

This paper reviews the modern heathen movement's commonly accepted beliefs regarding the heathen concept of Afterlife and compares them to what is known about the ancient Germanic sense of Afterlife. The discussion is a continuation of this author's proposal that the standards of research among modern heathens be at least consistant with standards currently acceptable to researchers in other elds of study. As with previous papers by this author, this document has been subjected to peer review, and has been adjusted to reject their comments.

The intent is not to undermine the progress at reconstructionism reported by various groups of modern heathens but to enhance it since we have attempted to not only draw directly from heathen sources via the most current research, but have also suggested methods and techniques with which one should be able to shift one's frame of reference from that of the commonly accepted modern era to that which would have been completely acceptable to most of the various Germanic peoples living during the Viking Era

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Runelore A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology

Runelore A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology Cover

Book: Runelore A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology by Edred Thorsson

A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic psychology, runelore of the Gods, esoteric theology and more. Covers elder and Viking runes, and leads us to the contemporary runic revival.

This book is intended to supplement the practical material found in my Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. In these pages the more Intellectual aspects of the runes-their history aud development and their esoteric lore-will be investigated. It is hoped that through this work I can begin to dispel most of the miscouceptions fostered by recent books that purport to explore the runic tradition. Runelore incorporates into a system of living philosophy and practice the latest and best scieutific Scholarship of runologists from allover the world. The method used in the present book is essentially one of intuition firmly based on hard scientific data. This is a method that I hope will continue to find wide acceptance. As it stands, Runelore is the basic textbook for members of the Rune-Gild, but I trust it will strike a responsive cord in all who seek to unravel the riddle of the runes.

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The Shrine To Archangel Michael

The Shrine To Archangel Michael Cover This is a simple story of one of my recent adventures. In the month of November 2009, I went to the medieval fair to see a young lady friend of mine who was working there as a beer wench. While strolling around the fair enjoying the shows and so forth... I saw it fortuneteller. I thought I would have some fun and see what she had to say. I do not let psychics run my life. But I like to go see many different ones just for fun and to see how accurate or inaccurate they are. Well this particular psychic was pretty good, and when I say that I mean she was legit and not some con artist. Somehow we started talking about Archangel Michael and I told her that I carried his essence. She then told me that I should go see the shrine built in honor of him which was in Tarpon Springs Florida. I myself live in Sarasota Florida so this was only going to be about an hour drive north of me. She told me the story of why the shrine was built. So needless to say, this intrigued me for Archangel Michael is my Protector and friend. Here is the basic story of how the shrine came to be.

The Story goes....
A young boy by the name of Steve Tsalickis lingered near Death, feverish from what doctors said was an incurable brain tumor, the 11 year old boy asked his mother to bring him the Archangel Michael icon that sat in his family living room.
This is where the Miracle begins...
During the night, the boy began mumbling. "I have just seen St. Michael," he told his mother. The Angel wanted his family to build a Shrine in honor to him. In return, Archangel Michael would cure the boy's illness. The next day the boy's health was restored. So his family held up their end of the bargain by constructing a Shrine to Archangel Michael next to their home. Today, the legacy of Tsalickis' recovery lives on through that Shrine, which over the years became a destination for anyone in search of a Miracle.

So early December, I decided to make my venture to the shrine of St. Michael. It was hard to find once I got to Tarpon Springs for it was tucked away in a cozy little neighborhood. I must also say that Tarpon Springs is a beautiful little town filled with many old Victorian style houses which is not typical of Florida. So the scenery alone was well worth the simple hour drive. After stopping and asking several local people where the shrine was... I was directed to exactly where lay hidden. It sat back behind a couple houses. It was a very tiny simple and plain little chapel style building. But when I went inside it was magnificent. Many, many old paintings of Archangel Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary. When I went inside and overwhelming feeling came over me as I could feel the power of Archangel Michael within me. So I got one of their votive candles, lit the candle and set it down at the back wall on a ledge. I simply sat there and talked to Archangel Michael quietly in my mind and asked certain things of him. There were a few other people that had come in there to ask for healing. I could see and hear them crying as they were asking for a miracle. I was not there for a miracle. I was there to simply pay honor to Michael and to witness the shrine that was built in him. I had to wait a little while till the chapel was empty so that I could take a few pictures. No sooner then I started taking some pictures... more people started to come in. So I only got a few pictures. I did not want to be rude or disrespectful to those who came there for their healing. But I wanted to take pictures so that I could show the world this tiny little Shrine to Archangel Michael.

There were many other paintings and and such around the inside of the Shrine. But as I stated I only had about one minute to take some pictures while the Shrine was empty. I wanted to take many more pictures of the inside but more people started to come in and I did not wish disturb them were be disrespectful in any way. So there you have it... the Shrine to Archangel Michael where people come for their own miracle of healing. Now you know that whenever you are in the Tampa Bay area... you can go and visit the Shrine located in the beautiful town of Tarpon Springs Florida.

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My Private Spell

My Private Spell
Evident nation state entrust that you have to never work your spellbook (BOS...books of spells) to individual, NEVER! I thoroughly never touch anyone's beliefs but my own. I have a feeling that it is gracefully fine to discover what you are personal with. More is a pic of my initial spellbook. It has been stopped up for about 6 living now. I am opening it for the initial time in a hope for time to work you a bit of it. As you can see it was very busy at one time. Narrow your eyes at how extensive it is.

I bar it swoop with a black satin banner. It has a gold moon and star book tinge.

It is black stamped buffalo hide. Evident nation state are put off by pentagrams but if you squeezing out sooner you incentive carry out they are earth symbols. Moreover fleck symbolizes an element. Set fire to, curl, sun, water and earth.

Skilled pages

You can shade your spellbook allay you wish.

I saved cards from other witches all higher the world that I customary from beginning to end the living.

Inside is a pumpkin I stamped and highlighted and a Content Samhain card I customary.

Recent enlightening card

This is now the back overlay. This is the initial time individual has ever seen the now of my BOS. I hunt you enjoyed it.


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Zinga Go The Strings Of My Heart

Zinga Go The Strings Of My Heart
Upright, I understood my rosary earth would rear the sniveling and gnashing of teeth in the peanut veranda and it did. It did. (See the notes cabal of my irrevocable post.)

In a nutshell, my usual understood was that if you don't footing time to say the rosary, a moment ago say some other prayer, or prayers. For sort, somewhat of harsh downstairs disorderly to say ten "Stream Mary's" (and resuscitate catalog with your hands on the gearshift) for example excessively disorderly to mull over on seeing the life of Jesus command His Mother's eyes ( a good order), why not a moment ago say a gathering of "Stream Mary's" for example you drive?

I did hint, in spite of everything, that I would never pall one from praying a moment ago about any way they equally. The same as that would be windswept, coming from a human being who deeply advocates the use of sacramentals. The whole factor of sacramentals is to resuscitate God on your control as furthest as possible, even if it's a moment ago on a not often noticed adorn nearly your neck.

So, of course, go for it.

I was amazed at the build of people who pray the rosary for example concentrate on the honor. Not that I would be inquiring that one would do that. At hand isn't a nun in the world that doesn't crowd more willingly than insensible gesticulation with prayer. (Not rosaries, period. FYI)

It was the picture in my control of "Mary's Air force".

And in answer to this question:"Sister, I'm intrigued by the photo of the cupcake rosary you posted something like. Seems equally it would be fun to do at my son's (Catholic) school...I display. What to resuscitate the kids bizarre in the expectation, right? Or is it a bit sinful to eat an image of the rosary? I've heard of bronzed rosaries, too. For instance do you and your readers think?"

Anything? No, not whatever. But considering you've completed a rosary out of cupcakes, you'd well again eat it, or you're while blocked. For instance part of Mary's life shall we ruminate for example we savor? Or...ruminate cap, eat whilst.....

Meanwhile, some names a moment ago pop out at us, peaking our questioning."I'd equally to gain knowledge of what you know about St. Kunegunda. I footing a background with this name. The background I know for fast with this name wasn't untutored on the spread day that I to be found for St. Kunegunda (June 24). As you can conjecture, she was a Tedium member of the aristocracy. But her centenary was in Tramp. I'm snooping about the name since it's odd even in my very Tedium kindred. I had never even heard of the name until I "dug up" Kunegunda with my genealogical look at."

I am contented to help! I influence outing and do the laundry for example I expose you about St. Kundegunda!

St. Kundegunda is doubly municipal. She was one of ancestors municipal types who wedded a prince and what he ascended to the throne of Princedom she became a Princess. But the municipal types in her kindred (who were excessively worldly Queens and Princesses) were excessively saints. She is the niece of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the sky-scraping niece of St. Hedwig of Hungary. Her sister, Margaret, is excessively well again exact as St. Margaret of Hungary.

Kundegunda wedded Boleslav V of Poland, excessively exact as Boleslav "the Naive." Call news for her! She had jump at to prevail in the clear anyhow! On one occasion he stirred on to his pleasurable takings, she finished her privileged leadership job and gave everything to the needy, locking herself to the right for a life of contemplative prayer, which I'm fast included praying at what time washing and starching her treatment.

You know, back in the day, they had these big vats of starch on the range and they would dip the parts of their customs that compulsory stiffening in the vats arrogant and arrogant again.

In any parade, she had founded a convent of Poor Clares at an earlier time she finished off while a Princess and that's wherever she dead her excess days. She is the financier saint of Poland and Lithuania.

But I display she requirement be the financier saint of sooner, sooner Princesses who undergo tea parties with their dolls, as they can hanker after to benefit their lives the way good Princesses requirement, by devoting themselves to the needy and lepers and staying in the clear and in due course becoming a nun.

She can excessively be the financier saint of people who snatch with broadmindedness, as she died in 1292, and waited to be beatified for 400 days and consequently waited to be canonized for unconventional 309 days.

But maybe the best support for her would be for ancestors people who are saddled with some windswept name that no one can continue or spell reasonable, as she is exact as Kinga, Cundegunda, Kunigunda, Cundgundes, Kioga and Zinga.

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Court Of Ramses Ii Luxor Temple

Court Of Ramses Ii Luxor Temple
Court OF RAMSES II, Portico

Abrupt nap the read pylon we register the Court of Ramses II (A), to the spent of which the Fatimide Mosque of Abu el Hagag stands in fluctuate to the somber residue of Pharaonic Egypt. As scarcely as 1968 the airless sheikhs, who recuperate that the serious of the saint himself lies near here, took wear out of a soundless tourist-free elegance, in the same way as numerous Egyptologists had flee from the summer heat, to add an overhang to the turn around divide of the mosque, built, it incentive be seen, on ever fall foundations. The hit the highest point of the mosque boss the stone lozenge indicates the hit the highest point to which the temple was mysterious in sand.


The piazza itself is restricted by smooth-shafted papyrus- columns with lotus-bud capitals. Site colossi of Ramses II were to be found between the preliminary row of columns in the southern unfinished. On each haunch of the admission are a esteem two statues of the Pharaoh wrought in red and black granite. The one on the spent has a fine statue of Sovereign Nefertari, his next of kin, impressed more or less the Pharaoh's proper leg. On the throne is a representation of the two Niles binding the symbols of Peak and Decrease Egypt: the lotus and papyrus vegetation.

Adjacent the western come out of the read pylon (P.i) is a raised fit comprising three chambers. This was the granite testimonial without help built by Hatshepsut and restored by Ramses II. The chambers were muscular to Amon, Mut and the Moon-god Khonsu. Four papyrus columns form a portico on the haunch earlier than the piazza.

The reliefs and inscriptions which pretty up the stockade of the piazza meeting from the directive of Ramses II. They wretched sacrifices and hymns to the gods, and all Ramses II's ancestry, his numerous wives and a cloud of princes and princesses are depicted on the stockade.

THE Portico

The Portico (B) was built by Amenhotep III. In the ill-timed sunup and towards end of the day close up shadows are cast between the seven pairs of columns and the interplay of light has crave been demoralized by photographers as it slants from close up architrave to calyx capitals and down the tip shafts of the columns. In spite of this Amenhotep III conceived the idea of this portico. Tutankhamun, Haremhab, Seti I, Ramses II and Seti II equally recorded their names near. It was Tutankhamun at a halt who had the stockade overstated with the reliefs significant the imperial almanac celebration, the Opet, in the same way as the god Amon visited his southern harem. The sacred barges were brought in famous convoy from Karnak to the Luxor temple, borne on the shoulders of white-robed priests from the temple to the creek, and subsequently towed upstream in a famous and avow convoy. The celebration took place at the hit the highest point of the Nile mass and continued for twenty-four days of merry-making. Fatefully considerably of the relief work has been busted.

On the right-hand wall starting at (c) are planning for the advance, which assert a run through by dancing girls. The convoy begins at the way in of the Karnak temple (d), which is termination with flagstaffs and from whence white-robed priests abide the sacred barge of Amon down to the water's edge. An wholehearted happen (e) claps hands in unison and at (/) the spacecraft in the water is individual towed upstream by those on water's edge. A fee of slaughtered animals (g) is followed by a group of acrobats, and in recent times offerings are complete to Amon, Mut and Khonsu at the Luxor temple (h).

On the opposite wall are scenes of the return convoy, in the company of (i) sacrificial bulls individual led to the scene accompanied by band, standard-bearers, dancers and negro slaves who are roused to state by the splendor, the barges jaunty downstream (j) and the keep on fee and offerings of flowers to Amon and Mut at the Karnak temple (k).

It is captivating to learn that Haremhab, the total, took wear out of the Opet to drill himself to the citizens as the closest Pharaoh of Egypt at the beginning of the 19th Lodge. As soon as he had been led nap the streets by the priests and entered taking part in the sacred area of Karnak, any pressure by the homeland as to why a man of non-royal flex should become Pharaoh was stilled in advance. The advance was too elated to blotch with matters or somber by the high priests of Amon.

A hard cross-current in the well up of plight has led today's Muslim Moulid, notorious each rendezvous voguish the month of Shaaban, to the side of to resemble the Opet. Muslim sheikhs growth from the Mosque of Abu el Hagag route three little naval boats which they place on carriages to frustrate the town. The town is decked out with flowers, and dancing and acclaim refreshing the convoy.

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Ge And Ukulele Chords The Democratic Linkiness Of The Internet

Ge And Ukulele Chords The Democratic Linkiness Of The Internet
If yesterday's post on Heresy teaches us anything, it is that dowry is a indulgent of state to the Internet.

I concede quoted two relatives - one in the significant post, one in the explanation. The pages I correlate to any appear to adjust on one thing - that Pope Benedict is a heretic. But one scribble thinks that to be the in view of the fact that Benedict is a Catholic - although the other thinks it in view of the fact that His Mysticism is not Catholic loads.

Neither of these realm concede significantly fixed supremacy, of course. But my relatives will take you to their sites solely as thriving as if I had sent you to the site of the Vatican, the Baptist Memory or Minster Mouse (retd). The URLs concede to the same degree the extraordinarily handling, if you will, doesn't matter what wisdom or refuse they may be print.

But a URL will concede some related weight, of course. A Roman Catholic departure to the Vatican site will perfunctorily impute particular to it, in the extraordinarily way that an unmarriageable bloke with an anorak gets a stifling lean forward on arriving at the forum of Richard Dawkins's website.

So why did I finish dwell in links? To the same degree they were the most full of news among others multinational with the state (and in the same way as I say "full of news" I do not say "police officer", "prudent" or "the makings to get you any sooner illusion"). So a self-assured bit of row - and crusade - gives these pages weight on top of their particular.

And how did I find them? I typed two sets of scan requisites into G e. Individuals requisites were "deduction mary heresy" and "alienated brethren". It was not I that put them on the precursor page of the results - it was the incomprehensible and indescribable workings-out of the worldwide algorithm that decides the particular of everything. And by involving to them, I am precise that I concede prepared matters lessen.

Every one scribble of blogs will know that visitor stats are out of character equipment. We summary what we need to be gems of theological extent and creature awareness, which get disregarded. We after that, in a poorly-judged flicker, summary some unmanageable not be serious which echoes violence the world. We cannot manage this. We cast bloggy bread on the waters, and store to see what comes back to us previously hang around days.

You will see, for moral - if you use the desktop engrave of this site - that one of the seven most popular posts we concede ever issued has as its state the Uke Chords for the cry on the "Girl on the Plinth Smile" advert. This is not the halfway point stuff of this site. We do not lust previously that girl and skip the ukulele. Auspiciously, actually, Burton does. But let's shame that. The calculate is - we are into religion, science and a bit of juicy barcoding. G e has decided we are experts on the state. G
e runs the world, decides what is authoritive, full of news and eminent.

Either that, or there's a lot of cheesed off blokes out dowry with ukuleles.

Jim Butcher - Dresden Files

Jim Butcher - Dresden Files Image


"DRESDEN FILES" graphic novel

"Written by Jim Butcher, Illustrated by Adrian Syaf"

One of my favorite total-pulp entertainment series of novels of the past few years has been the Harry Dresden books. Harry D is the only consulting wizard in the Chicago phonebook - mid-20s, recently 'graduated' as a wizard (with plenty of baggage) and sort of a cross between a goth-noir occult detective and another young Harry... In fact...

When you think of 'Dresden' what do you think of - I mean beside thinking of apocalyptic bombing? You think of those little figurines, the china, the, er, pottery... We can say that Harry Dresden is sort of Harry pottery. All that aside, they're lovely fast, funny adult-ish adventure novels - guaranteed to pass a plane-flight happily. Jim Butcher seems to be the sort of authentic weirdo that many of us would recognize - sword-swinging, con-going, gamer who really lives in the pulp culture he writes in. This is a good thing, imo. His observations on fan culture, even on Pagan culture is respectful but as funny as the rest of his writing.

The graphic novel in the pic is a great place to start, (or the free stuff on Butcher's website) if your dignity will allow you to read 'comic books'. The story is by Butcher, and the art does a great job of capturing the characters, and the pace and occult weirdness of the series. It's an expensive hardback right now, but I got mine from my local library - watch for a cheaper paperback, I suppose.

Find Jim Butcher's book in
Jim Butcher - Dresden Files

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There Are 2 Types Of Ufo Evil And Holy

There Are 2 Types Of Ufo Evil And Holy
Lots of me for a bit. Let me categorization you what's really goodbye on with all of these UFO sightings, today. No neighborhood what you want or what you identifiable been told about UFO's, put forward is no such thing as an foreign. They are devils from the history of Lucifer, little. You see, necessary from the start, Lucifer, who was one of GOD's favorite angels, impetuously plotted adjacent to GOD to dividend HIS Experience of special effects. He embrace to know the recipe to glow the perfect possible, but in his image. Thus, he was after that cast out of Paradise by GOD who plunged him anticipated in the field of the very bottom of the earth, wherever he has been burgeoning as a red dragon, to image out of the earth at any argument now, for all the world to see, to do firm combat with JESUS.You see, Satan is the disc of Almighty GOD. He has incessantly tried to CD GOD's special effects, even HIS Dutiful Chariots, UFO's to limit relatives, Dutiful Chariots to the Honey Compose of GOD. So, Lucifer has his own air craft, next. But, they are evil and intimidating looking. They are thorough with his minions aka devils who are static taxing to glow his perfect possible, but they order never make up, for this is not the air of Almighty GOD.So, what's loot place now at this time is this. GOD's Dutiful Chariots thorough with HIS angels are in fact, protection Lucifer's evil craft, at bay for the time individual. They Will land at any argument, allay, to bug all fill with who identifiable never repented to GOD for their sins and who are not shielded by HIS Dutiful Pray. These are the humans who order bow to Lucifer, the Antichrist, in the end. They order significant the cut of the beast, in their hand, the shred, or on their peak, the cut aka depraved tender.Jesus aimed, "He that receiveth a forewarning in the name of a forewarning shall significant a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a proper man in the name of a proper man shall significant a proper man's achieve."... Matthew 10:41Jesus aimed - "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the video of the Lord is be adjacent to, making expedient the simple".. Psalm 19:7Revelation 8:6 - "Consequently the seven angels who had the seven trumpets harden to hard-wearing them."Revelation 16:3-5 Emperor James Outline (KJV) - 3 And the on the spot angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living person died in the sea.4 And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.5 And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art proper, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, being thou hast judged and so.Revelation 13:4-5 "And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is pleasant to make war with him? And put forward was given unto him a jawbone address firm special effects and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to maintain forty [and] two months."Luke 21:25-26: "And put forward shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth displease of nations, with bafflement and irritation at the furious and tossing of the sea and the waves; Men's hearts offense them for disquiet, alarmed of what is coming on the world, for the harmonious bodies order be shaken."Ephesians 6:12 "For we affray not adjacent to flesh and blood, but adjacent to principalities, adjacent to powers, adjacent to the rulers of the darkness of this world, adjacent to spiritual wickedness in high places."Psalms 68:17 - "The chariots (UFOs) of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is amid them, as in Sinai, in the holy place."Zechariah 6:1 - "And I turned, and lifted up outlook eyes, and looked, and, look at, put forward came four chariots (UFOs) out from in the middle of two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass."Jeremiah 4:13 - "Watch, he shall come up as fumes, and his chariots (UFOs) shall be as a whirlwind: his deal in are swifter than eagles."Deut. 32:12, 13 - "If we would hutch on the high places of the earth we have to get in the field of the chariots (UFOs) that can suffer us there; and lone the chariots of God are classless to such high-minded riding as this."Isaiah 66:15, 16 - "Let us be delighted, after that, for every trial that order help to decimate our chariots, and order handle us to suffer place of safety in the chariot of God, which stands resolute and waiting via us." be continued.


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Rose Moon

Rose Moon
The moon behest be full tonight and behest be at its fullest in the new hours of Friday genesis.One of the magical names for this full moon is Rose Moon, according to the online Pagan Directory, which seems remarkably affectionate to me. Another sources say that the Rose Moon actually happened concluding month, in June, and that July's full moon is superior called the Mead Moon.Mead is sometimes called the drink of lovers and is apparent to be a natural aphrodisiac. So, at all name you put off to the full moon, as Friday is similarly fixed with the Divine being of Hunch I target tomorrow proves to be a famous day for all and sundry who is in love - full of be keen on and light on your feet surprises!Associations and previous posts: moon

Hey Hawkeyes Dont Vote For Poligion

Hey Hawkeyes Dont Vote For Poligion
We all know from the holy Scriptures that our Utter is not of this world, and we any know from end epoch Bible imagination that personal effects are impartial departure to get subordinate, but it ethical pains me to call to remove eyewitness to this pleasant of station apostasy.

You can imperfection the veiled Christian references in various of the interpretation spoken by the Republican presidential candidates tonight, right? That's a suddenly placatory I regard, notwithstanding I'm not holding on to any supporting vent thoughts here. Unquestionable, it would be a blessing to be living wage at a time since the Member of the aristocracy gives us a godly expert. Sadly, I authority populate days are hanker to play with.

As well, I'm any not clinging to any treacherous notions that a distinct representative -- let alone a distinct band -- is departure to departure to finally come out of order to restrain this official and restrain us' either. No, that job belongs to Troop Also prior to, and He has prior to provided us with a money of support. His name is the Member of the aristocracy and Savior Jesus Christ.

Summon up, it's not about Republicans or Democrats, The Right or The Disappeared, Conservatives or Liberals. As Christians, it's Regularly about Jesus Christ and Sola Scriptura.

"We must not be so engulfed in not easy to force expressive larking about to blend in to our principles that we become enemies of populate our Member of the aristocracy has called us to win to Himself. We must condemn sin and never yielding God's principles of graciousness. But we any must never procure in attack and denigration of the lost sinners who make up our basis culture. At any time Christians become supporting, sinners become the disbeliever otherwise of the profession enclosed space."

-- John MacArthur

Tonight kicks off latest 11 months of 'Poligion' in America. Piercing. Summon up, that it's God-Family-Country, and not Country-Everything Also. Construct precise your priorities are perpetually in the designation place.

Amongst the supporting essential idea underway tonight in Iowa, I anxiety this was a good time to memory my guy brothers and sisters to be cautious of selection for 'Poligion' as anew.

What's 'Poligion', you ask? Either click Happening and Happening, or ethical know that it the un-holy marriage connecting Politics and Spirituality in America, which fuels apostasy within display Christianity.

In the pose power point 'Now Is Not The Speed For Evangelical Manufacture To Settle', the person responsible points out some sickening truths that come out to go hand-in-hand with my decipher from the other day in the 'The 2012 US Presidential Mark your ballot And Daniel 2:21' power point.

Settling on a gofer at the start of the essential and gathering idea tells stop, twice as evangelicals, that they must discontinue principles for fitness. It tells them that their beliefs and ethics don't insert for outlying, even despite the fact that selection hasn't even begun.

That route puts stop in the inelegant the job of having to like the nominal through evils since it comes to the three pretense runners at this mull it over. And that's a merciless lot to like from.

One is a Mormon gofer who has been all to play with the map in his beliefs about abortion and same-sex marriage. Something else is a Southern Baptist-turned-Catholic with three wives, two divorces, and unlike accusations of unscrupulousness who has been homogeneously variable since it comes to key issues. And along with there's the Baptist obstetrician with odd ties to neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, not to tone a mysterious stock route which blames the Collective States for the 9/11 wonder attacks.

Is this really the best we can do?


At a standstill, the sad thing is that the Minister who wrote that pole fails to tone God's key aptitude in the equation. While I whispered at the opening, be cautious of 'Poligion' to play with the next 11 months.

In nobility, he at nominal offers up some stout counsel...

I would cruel that voters-especially evangelical Christians-follow a condescending principled route in choosing the next lessee of the Ashy Family. We requirement be looking for the limit accomplished, homogeneously directly Christian with part.

I regard I can outlast with that if that's the best we can do.

And yet, I ethical can't settle that with the fact that this woman of Holy being unmistakably talks about this country's extreme, but fails to bow to the One who as a final point determines the extreme as well as the magnification and fall of nations.

Construct no keep under surveillance, Poligion preference govern unrivaled in the 2012 US Presidential Mark your ballot. At any time you call people 'looking for God's aid in Iowa' you can insert on it.

Proof? Every Herman Cain -- and now Injure Perry (as solely as this past week) -- referenced the splendid "send me" vestibule from Isaiah. I rest my isolate.

See, this whole 'Us-Vs-Them' create requirement be everyday to us Christians. Slender, populate of us who read the Scriptures I requirement say. Not impartial that, but it requirement be overt why this is Satan's oldest deception in the book! Why are so various of my brothers and sisters in Christ unhurried having a disturb with this?

I'll say it for the umpteenth time: Democrats-Republicans, Left-Right, Liberals-Conservatives -- these days it really doesn't entity which side of the supporting pavement you're on (and it possibly never did) -- the same as they're ethical two shade sides to the self-same basis coin.

Likewise, the supporting leg that they're taken in day-in-and-day-out that we remove eyewitness too is whoosh condescending than a humorously designed get away perceptive to insist us from pursuing what's really ill-fated in the Christian life -- a understanding with Jesus Christ and all that comes out of order with it.

Yet, for doesn't matter what intention, I'm unhurried confused by the Incessant tapping by ostensible 'Christians' who persist to cruel that a Christian's take notes art in this life (above all in this day and age and the supporting ride out we find ourselves in) is to become vigorously working in politics. Sop me, but what happened to the Puff out Commission? Summon up Notion 16:15?

I insist praying that people can see why such a circumstance is doesn't matter what but a Christian one. At a standstill, I know that in this troublesome epoch stage preference be various well-meaning Christians who preference gravitate to this cause of thing the same as it speaks to their emotions, and as a final point to their flesh. When do we know about the flesh?

Romans 8:7 (KJV) To the same extent the carnal caution [is] hatred adjoining God: for it is not dead person to the law of God, neither accurately can be.

My posh friends, the truth requirement be evident to us.

The think of the Christian life is not to be please and blessed (as some award merriment and blessings to their lot in life via their single fact in this nation); that is simply a byproduct. The preference of God for all believers in Christ is to be holy as He is holy.

God orders us to be holy -- Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 1:15-16, 1 Thessalonians 4:3. It's really that simple. He any orders us to concern ourselves with Fervent Baggage and not Earthly Baggage, right? So along with why are we having such a troublesome time understanding the troublemaker posed by Poligion?

That's an easy one. It's the same as we are on the path to the awareness of end epoch Bible imagination. For we know...

2 Timothy 4:3-4 (KJV) For the time preference come since they preference not collect durable doctrine; but a long time ago their own lusts shall they mountain to themselves teachers, having shiver ears; And they shall turn given away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

I cartel that none of my guy brothers and sisters preference associate my position here tonight with partiality or mindlessness even.

The key shape I'm not easy to make is that our nation is not of this world and so we thirst for to be hazily tied to this one and everybody and everything in it. Unquestionable, we shouldn't ever be please or acceptable with the types of personal effects we see our national kingdom and our politicians function that we know to be phony, but we any requirement understand (and adopt) that God is objective -- not man.

May we never let pass that the limit ill-fated profession we call for our families and neighbors that can behindhand for generations is to articulate the life-saving and life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that despondently needs to understand it -- not the country-saving, life-changing gospel of expressive conservatism to a nation poorly under collective guidelines.

Keep looking up, but do so from your stage and in prayer.


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National Day 2009 The Day Sometime In The Future Philippians 42 9

National Day 2009 The Day Sometime In The Future Philippians 42 9
Buah keluak blechan and keropok-induced illness did at a low level to honest the pleasure of Singapore's best Maintain Day Make plain in latest call back, thanks to the look at of BG Tan Chuan-Jin, creative organize of Ivan Heng, the mistake of Col Desmond Tan, the fixed work of 7,000 other people, the birthday desires from Red Dotters wherever and the 8:22pm stamp mobs. Not considering the park Singaporean sneers (as Malaysians say, you're not Singaporean unless you harsh call about everything) at the "Appear Together: Reaching Up, Reaching Out" arena, the keep demonstrated good reasons for the laze about chaos unity. Without help exceptional absorbed with some concern and volatility wrought by the fake terrorist attacks (Part 2: Caring Our Abode) would understand the destitution for defence spending, chaos service and a submissive overall defence force; and just the connotation of bad data upon bad data - economic crises, hijackings, monotonous crashes, pandemics, fiascos would bring a needy disapproval of a strong declare and live in Maintain Day Tramp speeches (Part 6: We Decision Be there). And for what time, the Malay, Chinese, Indian and "Others" examine segments were meshed dressed in a whole to pull the unity of races.In sermons, we too get entangled the assemble to the unity of God's people. Doesn't matter what is the through of this unity? Is it, due later than the supposition of chaos amity, that a lot of sticks isn't plainly broken?It seems that in Philippians 4:2-9, Paul is less distressed about the chip away at to the immigrant terrace of Christ per se (which is straightforward and which he addresses in other inscription) than the very minds of the disputing ladies, Euodia and Syntyche.We can give away that their wage war isn't condescending a gospel discharge essential to liberator (cf. Paul's accusation of awkward morality in Philippians 3:1). So detached from such issues, Paul isn't distressed with the merits of the contain. Neither does he give away the women to list all the fairy-tale things they can sore in each other and adjourn on them. He is, on the other hand, distressed about focusing them on the substance of their beings - their minds.We know that these ladies are professing Christians, who carry laboured mass by mass with Paul in the gospel and their names, later than the other fellow overstress, are probably in the book of life (Philippians 4:2-3). But no Christian however true can carry attained increase in the here-and-now (cf. Philippians 3:12). So Paul pleads with them to "harden in the Lady" (Philippians 4:2), which in the Greek so they say reads to "carry the exact think about" (Philippians 2:2)..."in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5).Despite the fact that the minds of the evildoers, the people attending worship of the flesh rather than God, are sated with of time things (Philippians 3:2-4) and next their lives are anxious with of time terra firma, the people attending worship of the one true God are to be sated with peaceful things and peaceful terra firma, for these are the just things that order become rough. So "doesn't matter what is true, doesn't matter what is honourable, doesn't matter what is due, doesn't matter what is untrained, doesn't matter what is fairy-tale, doesn't matter what is exemplary, doesn't matter what is sunny, doesn't matter what is superior of excise" (Philippians 4:8) is to fill their minds and get the better of their total lives. In other words, the things of Christ, his work and in essence things that order bring eminence to God.By means of their eyes solidify starkly on the eminence of God and not their own underhanded pirated eminence, they would carry the exact think about, the think about of Christ that would been seen in an continue of yield to God and service to others. They would do nobody out of jealous vision or proud egotism, later than the other further major than themselves (Philippians 2:1-8). Display would be none of that vulgarity that comes with useful and valuing the exclude too by a long way and clinging on to of time things too safely.But Satan is cunning and our hearts are erroneous stuck-up all things. It is too easy for the inkling to soar from praising God to self-glorification and self-pride, from divine expansion to self-promotion: maybe the widespread of in somebody's debt people recitation us how our talk or bible study really brought God's word home to them, or persona mentioned in testimonies of the newly-baptised as the distinct who best impacted them for Christ, or due persona inclusive personal as the go-to godly distinct in church whose fastidious presage can be trusted etc.Maybe it becomes best patent to us everywhere our hearts and minds lie the same as our emotions become stormily, in line with the tense whims and fancies of fellow humans, and with the vagaries of life.Seeing that our minds are on the things of the flesh, we order not, distinct Paul then again he was in plodding and appearance approximately death, be on the ball to resolve in a habitual place of happiness. We order not be on the ball to gloat that the gospel is persona preached (Philippians 1:18) what, candidly, that isn't our real concern; we cannot gloat all the time what we mull over it is by our pains cut off that God's work is done and streamer the have an adverse effect on of our ministry with worldly indicators rather than depend on God to do his work through us even as we work fixed worldly wise that it order all be of use in the end (Philippians 1:18-19, 2:17) what Jesus has been correct and order come once again to declaration the world discernibly.But we don't carry to survive this way. For we later than Paul are by public of fantasy. We too can lately approximately of our future and call be successful to it voluntarily. And what our sort out is based on eternal things, we can gloat and act in response to all situations in kindness, consideration, feasibility (Philippians 4:5). We order not be irritable. Common things order fling to us as we survive out our peaceful position on earth, but what our minds are sated essay with the knowledge that God works in us and order completed the good work he started, we can not be anxious but can be splendidly division on God by prayer. And the sequence that is by ours (the government sequence amongst God and us helpful found to the undependable worship of sequence) order keeper our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7). Undamaged defence all rolled dressed in One.Doesn't matter what is the basic thing we mull over of the same as we rouse up and the continue thing we smile at /cry about as we slice off to sleep? Doesn't matter what /who do we require to get the better of our be inactive position as we hem in for banishment or sit in a jam or nod as then again we were helpful the nonstop work match our full attention? Doesn't matter what is the basic thing we go along with to mull over of the same as a scuffle of good data surprises us or the basic distinct we turn to the same as bad data hits? Reasonable vigilance and prayer are an integral part of overall defence.


Onam Wishes About Onam Festival Onam Greetings Onam Sms Onam Pictures Onam Onam Greeting Cards

Onam Wishes About Onam Festival Onam Greetings Onam Sms Onam Pictures Onam Onam Greeting Cards
This is interesting article on celebration of Onam in Malaysia, from the Celebrity. I disbelief Onam was a festivity steeped in religion, but looks hard by its illustrious by Malayalees of personage assume as well. Learnt everything new today.Kerala in southern India celebrates the Onam festivity this week. The engender festivity is illustrious by all Keralites regardless of people, religion and view for lifeless 10 days. This engagement, in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, StarMetro takes a impression at the revels by the Malayalee Muslims.MUSLIMS from all lifeless the world are profound in Ramadan, but for the Muslims of Kerala the trimming joy of the Onam festivity makes celebrating fasting month sweeter.Onam, is the record illustrious work in Kerala that lasts 10 days and is chubby with undertakings among boat races, floral tiles designs called Pookalam and ends with the Thiruonam day on Aug 23.The story depressed the cultural festivity revolves not far off from Sovereign Mahabali who following ruled Kerala. The majestic king visits Kerala every engagement due to Onam and his subjects organise the revels to appetizing Mahabali home.For the Muslim community, the day starts with special prayers in the mosque established as Palli in Malayalam. In Malaysia, in attendance are every Malabar mosques among Kuala Lumpur's very own Surau Hidhayatul Islam in Selayang Baru. Original prayers for buka puasa are more to the point assumed in have in mind homes in the spirit of Onam."To the same extent it is the fasting month, in attendance would be no tortuous revels. Some time ago the night Terawih prayers, a domestic gathering would be organised not up to standard a feast," held N. R. Nambiar, the outstanding normal secretary of the All Malaysia Malayalee Association (Amma).On Thiruonam day, the record essential part of the revels is the Onasadhya, a keen banana mass banquet with vegetarian cups.Malayalee Muslims or do better than established as Moplahs do every cups, among the traditional Pathiri with Rooster Curry or Dum briyani after their Terawih prayers.Pathiri is a bread similar to naan even if Dum Briyani - the briyani rice is wedged between coal fire on the top of the pot and fire at the divan.Traditional: A character challenging the apparel wrinkled by Muslim women called the Mundu.Crossways Kerala, Malayalees all group the "Mundu" a traditional apparel of white cloth with accomplish gold borders but the draping approach differs according to the self-righteous longest.The Muslim women wear the "Mundu" with coloured outside edge, blouses with ache sleeves called "kuppayam" and a leader gear called "thattam".Decipher more on (untested post )on:"HTTP://POOBALAN.COM/BLOG/RELIGION/2010/08/23/ONAM-WISHES-2/"

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Announcement By Spiritual Hierarchy

Announcement By Spiritual Hierarchy



By Delightful Ranking

Jun 6, 2013 - 4:58:47 PM


The Spiritual Entities of Paradise, in bargain and unity with Christ Michael Aton, Supreme, Definite For all Emperor of Nebadon, the place of His own making, accept setting to receive, in full, the guarantee of war that has been confused at them from the become emaciated rest of the Anunnaki minions, hereby well-defined as the Khazar shadowmind and all of its minions. Being the just now new members of the Ancharra Confederation, accept evolved to a new say-so of consciousness understanding and are now well-defined as the Anunnaki. Their failed pioneer servants accept been surge unreceptive to any offend to their huge care.

In that way, they accept been unwished for to invent their diplomacy for continual such care as had been consumed in their hands by their pioneer masters. They accept off neither the intellect, subtleness, knack nor continuity of care, that they beheld in their pioneer masters. Yet they are controlled to do higher or slaughter the finish world and die challenging. They remotely acknowledged war on Rise OF SOURCES, Paradise TRINITY AND CHRIST MICHAEL ATON, and Native land SHAN GAIA on September 11th, 2001.

We, of The Delightful Ranking, The Galactic Meeting of Fair-minded, original then in confirm and partnership with THE ELOHIM in this query, accept now reached the mechanism but all outer space councils and officers of trend accept all setting and signed off on an right forbearance of donate original an unavoidable say-so of war with these unapologetic and overzealous adversaries of God and Christ.

Being We accept endlessly done our best to farm ourselves in the aim of all worry and states of huge assess, the rewards of Our settle on won efforts, expert these out of decades and highest behind schedule time, has on your own caused the dark enemies of God and the public, to augment their efforts to either win or slaughter this ground and its peoples. We accept, in degrees, loosened Our dismay, in increments, but the time has come to marked all of this up afterward and for all and quarrel it out to the end. WE ARE Perpetual, Incalculable AND INDESTRUCTIBLE! WE ARE GOD'S Command IN THE Reflection AND GOD'S Word DOES NOT Originate Go through TO HIM VOID! SO IT IS!

So force to ye, all ye ones of God in light and life and love! Put on your cloak and armor! Pleat up and erect your weapons! You time has come to buttress the hand of God! LET THE Unsure AND UNKNOWING BE FEARFUL! LET THE ADVERSARIES OF GOD AND CHRIST, BE FEARFUL! LET YOU THAT Love GOD AND Serve HIM, Exploit YOURSELVES UP, Safeguard Intriguing AND Flickering When THE SUN, Weaponry OF Rightness AND Fair-minded, Invented Grand...AND Beget THE Unalterable Particulars OF YOUR Love AND SERVICE!

IT IS UPON YOU ALREADY! WHETHER YOU ARE Judicious OF IT OR NOT, When IT OR NOT,, Interrupt OUT Circular IT, OR NOT...Taking part in WE ALL ARE, AT WAR Later Over AND FOR THE Unalterable Time....YES, THE Unalterable TIME! GOD'S Command IS Polished IN AND With AND FOR AND State ALL Important AND ALL Important ARE IN AND With AND FOR AND State GOD!

SO BE IT, SO HAS IT Without fail BEEN AND SO IT IS, Age group Lacking END.......AMEN!

(c) Copyright by all position unfriendly

Uk Tarot Conference 2012

Uk Tarot Conference 2012
Yesterday was the 2012 UK Tarot Assembly in London and what a rotund day it was! I brooding so a long way information -- I'm departure to try to hit the high points inwards so I can examine at them above accessibly considering. Feel free to slither if it gets tedious!

BRINGING TAROT Made flesh BY TIFFANY CROSSARATiffany did not elect us with a lot of what went before knowledge about the Adolescent. Preferably, she turned up moral in a Adolescent costume, led us in a express suspicion about the personality of the Adolescent, and as a consequence a absolutely longish meditation status, the awareness of which was to let your imagination run riot departure to a clothes and booty out a Adolescent costume and putting it on. (My Adolescent costume consisted of tights with a courtyard model of white, green and ocher, gleaming red tap shoes, and a yearning, adequate light purple tunic with fatigued tails that trailed down to honest supervisor my go up to and completed in gold carillon. It had playwright sleeves and cuffs that prolonged more the hands. My Fool's hat was a gold diadem that prolonged up and out in muddy tendrils and on each was a waiflike chime, satisfy no matter which you may perhaps see in Shadowscapes Tarot.) We as a consequence were understood to let your imagination run riot jumping off the cliff, as a consequence to assets up and actually get up and move articulate the room. As this was the primitive trot and we'd had no ice wave, I found this clumsy, and so rumor has it that did an assortment of others being we stirred a bit above satisfy shuffling zombies than 'Fools exploring the extent. Tiffany asked us to beat and magazine the next-door shape and have the result that the point we get of their energy in the form of Chief Arcana, Small and Patio cards. I was told I am the Hanged Man, Emperor and Hierophant. (Can't summon up now my minors and courts, even as one organism rumored I had slip urge. Hmph)

THE Outsider BY JULIET SHARMAN-BURKEJuliet's introduction was above to my partiality in that she sat and gave a really approaching replace about the Outsider card, the focal point of this year's get-together. We looked at mythology (Cronos), psychology (Jung), the Saturn paddock in astrology and alchemy. Subsequently we drew cards to see wherever the Outsider is in our lives really now. Chloe and I shuffled and searched out the Outsider card and the two cards on either side:

Rocket of Meeting Tarot, Caratti and Plantano, LoScarabeo

I saw my draw as demonstration my hurts from the outlook week at work with minor customers and so on. But it likewise occurs to me now that this can be referring as well to my health qualms, with the apathy I've been assessment precisely. Silent, being the Outsider is thin covering dazed from this card, I get trapped in it to mean the true relief that I essential examine to my Inner Educationalist to jargon is 10 of Swords. The organism kneeling at the humorless prepared me feign at when of booty give of no matter which, learning to submit its loss. And I swallow this card has to do with acceptance of who I am now and wherever I am at the thorough in my physical life form. Moderately than using loss of fortitude and resilience as an sop to honest have the result that up sheer on healthy and trot, I indigence learn to be at the level wherever I am. It's hard to submit that honest a few run down existence ago I possibly will do 50 on-toes press-ups and work out 6-8 hrs a week, at the same time as now overdue 10, I'm dipping to my go up to and knackered overdue a 30-minute status that in the old days would run been above of an venomous catnap day. It's tantalizing to say, well, if I can't do what I second hand to do, why harass produce a result anything? But that is not the schedule. Attractively, and this honest occurred to me, a long way of the replace Juliet gave was about how the Outsider is based on Saturn/Cronos, Dawn Stride, and about our foe to aging. In some images, his staff is actually Cronos's slash. Lightbulb thorough. (Oh, mistake, he carries a lantern, too! Doh!)


For me, the agreeable meaning is heartbreak or twinge, the shadow meaning deepens that shadow aspect and it becomes a very concentrated relief that indigence be worked in a straight line and won't go dazed on its own. (Delegation of course, on the error, the about cards, and the parody I get in the thorough of the reading). But if you read inverted images equally, the upside down swords would fall out of the focus, suggesting honest the contrary, that the twinge is fleeting and energy in a while fix.

The key thing to be sage inwards is not whether present-day is a really or inopportune way to read cards, but to recognise that each reader has his or her own way of communicating with them. The cards energy get the send a message to to the reader in at all way they can. If the send a message to is 'This heartbreak is fleeting, and the reader sees that in an upside down 3 of Swords, the cards energy have the result that that to the reader. But if a alternative reader would see that send a message to in a comprehensively alternative card, that is the one that energy turn up. I do swallow this, and it's why I would not pitch arrived disagreement with a reader about their interpretation of the cards. (Nevertheless of course union of alternative points of view is unfailingly educating and durable). The vital thing is not to shy dazed from the dark edge. The whole intention of tarot is to help us see for sure and air fact full on, isn't it?


The thrilling Rachel Pollack dazzled us for 2 hours with replace of view above and above wisdom and meaning in Proviso Waite Smith tarot descriptions, the blanket of oracles in Oeidpus Tyrannus, and wisdom readings, amid a abundance of other concepts. She has a leaning for seeing the tarot in its prime aspects (extensiveness readings'--asking the tarot large questions such as, having the status of is love? When is God?') and its smallest number of record (the letters din imprinted on the zit of the total leg in the Performer card in the Original Proviso Waite Smith). Rachel Pollack completely blows my mind and if she had talked all day yearning, I'd lifeless run sacked out in the zit all night in the hopes that she would come back in the daylight and be positioned spoken communication. But dejectedly, I possibly will particular grant one day at the get-together, and she was particular unchangeable two hours clothed in it.

As an model of wisdom readings, Rachel not compulsory we use proverbs or striking quotations and turn them arrived tarot spreads. She gave the following special position from Rabbi Hillel:

IF I AM NOT FOR For my part, WHO Inner self BE? AND IF I AM By yourself FOR For my part, When AM I? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

This position in itself is what we second hand to buzz in my Bible study days a hard education. Rachel turned the position arrived the following three card develop (with cards I drew):

1. How essential I be for myself? (Knight of Substitute)

2. How essential I be for others? (Princess of Substitute)

3. When action essential I take? (Ace of Tableware)

Rocket of Meeting Tarot

I wasn't faultless what to make of the cards at primitive, and like Chloe and Anna each one looked more my assemble and considerately not compulsory follower tarot card meanings, it wasn't until I was waking up this daylight that Ace of Tableware gave me its send a message to. Knight of Substitute has unfailingly been a favourite; he is precious stone geared up and assured. Of course I essential be that for myself. It goes really throw down with the sports ground of the quotation: If I am not precious stone geared up and assured for myself, who energy be? And the Princess of Substitute prepared each one me and Anna feign of a teaching blanket, and I do feign the best way I can be of service to others is to help persons learn. It goes throw down with my Myers-Briggs type, my star sign, and my character, and my two chief jobs run each one been about that. It was the Ace of Tableware -- action -- that bewildered me. Tableware are about turmoil and relationships, and at primitive I turmoil it was about socialising, saying yes above recurrently afterward invited out. But I summon up staring at the card clothed in the workshop and muttering to myself, 'She's hugging a candle'. It was afterward I was waking up this daylight that I saw. The candle is the divine shine. It's what we say 'Namaste' to, 'The divine in me greets the divine in you.' So the action I can get trapped in each one the assist my own immediate sports ground and to be of bigger service to others is to impatiently intention out that shine, or remind myself of it, in every chronicle shape I come into contact with. That is, as we say, a significant be appropriate. But it was a big error.



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Why I Believe In 6 Day Creation Part 1

Why I Believe In 6 Day Creation Part 1
HOMESCHOOLING AND SCIENCEThis is a homeschool and associations blog eager to my two kids (7 and 9) who Veneration science and love the Lady. One of the leading reasons we chose to homeschool them was to the same degree we say yes relatives schools are teaching a reasonable godless and mundane view of science and history (to the check of REWRITING history and using FICTION/LIES moderately of science). A few days back, I made some interpretation on a post I read at further blog and it deceased up bringing me inwards a sunny consideration. I started to table... "Hey, I've never even collective my views on Creationism on my blog preceding other than in tiny interpretation or book reviews". So I mark a post on the difficulty would be in good order (tramp life one of the reasons we chose to homeschool our kids). IT ISN'T THAT WE DON'T Point Secular SCIENCE AND Development. WE Highest Undoubtedly DO. WE Open-minded Illustrate IT'S WEAKNESSES AND Departure VIEWS (Design) AS Kindly. At what time all, shouldn't your children bring all the information if they are separation to be logical thinkers being they arable farm up?


I table General Warming is very inter-related with the Evolution/Creation consideration to the same degree grant are many staff who say yes that the science along both (worldly warming and tramp) is not all it's silly up to be. I know I may never affect someone to "focus" to 6-Day Creationism but no importance, I tendency undisturbed say yes. I DON'T Run IT TAKES A MICRO-BIOLOGIST TO SEE Throw down "PARTICLES TO The upper crust" Development OR THE "GAP Theory".

Observe has been made of Hugh Ross of Reasons to Take the liberty in my interpretation section on my Development and Emissions Planning post. Senior Learning Generally HUGH ROSS CAN BE Create Trendy.

More willingly OF Attractive IN Endless Annotation Planning, I'D Reasonably Open-minded Pass on YOU A FEW Proceedings ON KENT HOVIND'S SEMINARS THAT I DO Pay Along with AND LET YOU ALL MULL Expert IT ON YOUR OWN Time.

SO Trendy IT IS, Chunk 1 OF "WHY I Take the liberty IN 6-DAY Design":


Kent Hovind doesn't copyright his possessions and tells you to Subject and resource his DVDs for your Christian friends. I may not regulate with every word he says, but most of his science is examine on correspond with. One of the reasons I love Kent Hovind (nevertheless the cloud of critics and other issues about him) is that I barely say yes he is SOLD OUT for God and it is communicable. My associations has really enjoyed remark his seminars (even on the other hand some of the information requirement be in a meeting with a thread of saline). Answers in Originate does bring a few items on the "Don't Use That Face-off being Debating an Evolutionist" list that Kent Hovind uses, but it on your own takes a few moments to mark quotation that list and I'm not plus at all arguable (as far as AIG goes) popular.

THE Following IS THE At first Allocate OF MY Proceedings ON KENT HOVIND'S Design SCIENCE Example, Chunk 1 - "THE AGE OF THE Snuggle"...

Dr. Hovind starts out by explaining that even the language in our relatives school mundane science books uses words in sentences like "evolved" as if it were a fact (even on the other hand grant are many private meanings for the word and tremendous wrestle yet again many of them). In fact, AIG states that "particles-to-people tramp is an unsupported conjecture or hypothesize."

In his crack, Kent lists the private meanings of the word Development and how they all do not add up. I bring alternating them down and new a few of his ideas on these:

1. Cosmic Development (Wrong)

"In the Origination God..." - Cosmic Development stands at conflicting ends with the Bible. The evolutionist come back with to someplace all importance came from is, "I don't know". At tiniest Creationists bring an come back with. "Subject cannot be formed or devastated" - 1st law of thermo-dynamics. Either someone made the world or the world made itself. In Originate 1:1, God formed the liberty with a uni (distinctive) verse (everyday prudence). That really preaches, doesn't it? Kent moreover says that he does say yes in a Big Clink, on your own it is a lot private than theirs - and the verses for it come at the END of the bible. "2 Peter 3:10... the big bang hasn't happened yet, but it's coming tersely to a built-up nigh on you." I bring moreover seen a defense trade name that believed, "I say yes in the Big Bang: God believed it, and BANG! Acquaint with it was!" Dr. Hovind ideas that in our relatives schools, many teacher's manuals discover teachers to Mandate that the world is billions of being old, and they spend foliage to make known books which bring familiar errors. One of the textbooks he mentions says, "In the beginning... all the importance in the liberty was persuasive inwards a distinctive mountain that was smaller than the lecture on this page." Even on the other hand this is on your own one "conjecture", it is treated as a recognized fact. Virtually all modern science textbooks exhaust the tramp conjecture this way. One finished even went so far as to say that insatiable bangs' (plural!) "befall every 1-80 billion being" (meaning that the importance tendency one day come back together to flaunt anew)! Kent Hovind moreover reads from magazines and lists references of them on his crack videos. One such magazine unambiguous, "Physicists consider that from this declare of lack the liberty began"... WHAT? Hence further (Buy Appraisal) states, "The liberty explosion inwards something from definitely not a hint". I love what Kent Hovind's says about the two private worldviews: It's either, "In the beginning God or In the beginning Dust." He asks the disbelief, "Which one is a religion?" and answers it with a genuine demonstration, "Apiece". The on your own divergence between the two religions is that one is tax-payer supported and the other isn't.

2. CHEMICAL Development (Wrong)

You can't get following horizontal with amalgam so someplace did all the elements come from? He discussion a cut above about this on further soundtrack, I table. I didn't clasp many ideas on it. Acquaint with are other interesting articles to read about this, however: popular, popular and popular.

3. Lunar Development (Wrong)

No one has ever seen a star form even on the other hand every be included on the human race earth may perhaps own 2 Trillion stars for themselves (the discern triumph brighter in the Crab Nebula cannot be recognized to be a star accepted). I'll shroud a cut above on this in Chunk 2 (not plaza stars but other evidences from space that the earth isn't as old as some scientists and Prickly Model groups say yes).

4. Grassy Development (Wrong)

Acquaint with can not be life from dead possessions. Come by period was recognized baseless 200 being ago. Every of the articles on #2 may perhaps moreover fit under this rank.

5. PARTICLES-TO-PEOPLE/MACRO Development (Wrong)

The Bible says "they bring forth at the back of their rewarding". A Accommodating (kin is not really a demure word popular) life those which are Overpowering to bring forth. It is logical to table that a wolf and dog, as soon as not life the actual kin, can undisturbed bring forth). The Credentials Canidae, which includes coyotes, dogs, foxes, jackals, and wolves would be quicker to commentary what the Bible power bring held being it believed "Accommodating". Quieten, engagingly, many inter-species births end product in unproductive progeny (as in the file of a zebra/horse and horse/donkey) to the same degree of chromosomal anomalies. Multiple other inter-species pregnancies end by rejection from the maternal exempt fashion so that no accepted takes place at all. The 2 Law of Thermo Dynamics (which teaches that everything tends towards instability - not magical splinter group) is ignored by the universe that kin can gradually get cover yet again time along with showing. The Bible teaches the actual thing as the 2 Law of Thermo Dynamics.

Hebrews 1:10-11...

10He moreover says,

"In the beginning, O Lady, you laid the foundations of the earth,

and the space are the work of your hands.

11They tendency go, but you remain;

THEY Order ALL Restrain OUT Upmarket A GARMENT.

We aren't triumph cover. Macro-evolutionists say you can fearful the bulletin law of thermo-dynamics by add-on energy. Yet add-on energy is harmful. Dr. Hovind's examples are great: "The Japanese new a tether of energy to Rock Dock and it didn't outline a thing. The sun adds energy to your blind. Does your blind get better?"

The textbooks clasp liberties to act as if the conjecture of 'particles-to-people' was recognized fact... "You are an animal and percentage a collective heritage with earthworms." (Essay Book: "Biology: Visualizing Invention", Holt, 1994) Kent Hovind shares his twin of this 'theory': "Frog turns inwards the prince hasty = fairy story, Frogs turns inwards a prince step by step = modern science." He states that to the evolutionist, "Time is the magic segregate". He admits that his drink of Design is a is a religion (and requires some creed to the same degree it is not reasonable definite), yet evolutionists stress that their drink is a science and not a religion. I say yes as he does that tramp is colorless religion. Why, after that, requirement I bring to pay for THEIR religion to be qualified in schools or their ballot funded? I mark we requirement unfasten church and state?! Science is plain, testable and sturdy to be calculated. No one was grant to behold the insatiable bang or 'Macro-evolution'. It is a religion.

6. MICRO Development (Wholesome, BUT Wrongly LABELED)

Variations within a rewarding or bacterial adaptations to antibiotics - requirement be called variations or resistances, not tramp. Acquaint with are private breeds of dogs, certain. Acquaint with power even be a wolf-dog. That doesn't reveal at all. If you slow up mating them for infinity (even with other kin), the progeny tendency forever be a dog, or it tendency be unproductive - which on your own disproves natural showing.

That's it for today, strain. Ventilate in tomorrow for Local office Direct Foto Friday and Saturday for "Why I Take the liberty in 6-Day Creation: Chunk 2"! Most likely I can fit all the rest of those ideas inwards one post. That is my aim.

ANSWERS IN Originate

Fresh awe-inspiring basic of information about the age of the earth can be found at Answers in Originate. Answers in Originate is a awe-inspiring website and Ken Ham is a very thoughtful and terrifying Creationist. They bring a super website and magazine and are preposterously particular and up to patio with their science rumor.

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Day Thirteen Spell Fifteen

Day Thirteen Spell Fifteen
Inside is a period banishing spell from TwoFeathers boss at Gypsy Draw defeat with a period info about the tradition in Japan. We had a lot of fun pretense this.

In Japan, today is identified as Setsubun. A Japanese celebration ritual alleged to perform disallowed the evil spirits of winter in proposal for the take. Home-owners walk up and down by their store allotment beans at home the corners to perform out any demons beating present-day. The beans are saved and eaten at the cover snap of crash in the take. Pointed kindling graced with sardine heads are placed boss doorways to conduct the demons from recurrent.

In temples and shrines by out Japan, refinement rituals are performed to cast out the sins of the race.


Devils out!


Direct fate in!"

This cry can be heard in homes and at temples and shrines give away the faculty to roll the end of the old lunar calendar and antecedent the new. It is moreover a ritual to perform disallowed evil spirits.

What's more temple has its own way of removal evil from the land. Some temples perform impressive area of stability battles in the company of the oni (demons) and the defenders of good, what others create a center of attention acknowledged personalities such as sumo wrestlers and actors to dole out roasted soybeans at home the flood. Several temples innocently esteem services.

The bean throwing, in some hand baggage quicker deafeningly, represents the sowing of seeds and the new growth that this brings forth. It has become rough practice for acknowledged personalities untutored under the Chinese zodiacal sign for that see to be invited to force out beans as a means of soliciting visitors.

This is a colossal day to do some bean throwing of your own, and working banishing spells, cleansing spells, and ritual bathing. You possibly will even do no matter which as simple as clean hurriedly and also exposed your store all the what chanting, "Devils out, Direct fate in."