Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Shrine To Archangel Michael

The Shrine To Archangel Michael Cover This is a simple story of one of my recent adventures. In the month of November 2009, I went to the medieval fair to see a young lady friend of mine who was working there as a beer wench. While strolling around the fair enjoying the shows and so forth... I saw it fortuneteller. I thought I would have some fun and see what she had to say. I do not let psychics run my life. But I like to go see many different ones just for fun and to see how accurate or inaccurate they are. Well this particular psychic was pretty good, and when I say that I mean she was legit and not some con artist. Somehow we started talking about Archangel Michael and I told her that I carried his essence. She then told me that I should go see the shrine built in honor of him which was in Tarpon Springs Florida. I myself live in Sarasota Florida so this was only going to be about an hour drive north of me. She told me the story of why the shrine was built. So needless to say, this intrigued me for Archangel Michael is my Protector and friend. Here is the basic story of how the shrine came to be.

The Story goes....
A young boy by the name of Steve Tsalickis lingered near Death, feverish from what doctors said was an incurable brain tumor, the 11 year old boy asked his mother to bring him the Archangel Michael icon that sat in his family living room.
This is where the Miracle begins...
During the night, the boy began mumbling. "I have just seen St. Michael," he told his mother. The Angel wanted his family to build a Shrine in honor to him. In return, Archangel Michael would cure the boy's illness. The next day the boy's health was restored. So his family held up their end of the bargain by constructing a Shrine to Archangel Michael next to their home. Today, the legacy of Tsalickis' recovery lives on through that Shrine, which over the years became a destination for anyone in search of a Miracle.

So early December, I decided to make my venture to the shrine of St. Michael. It was hard to find once I got to Tarpon Springs for it was tucked away in a cozy little neighborhood. I must also say that Tarpon Springs is a beautiful little town filled with many old Victorian style houses which is not typical of Florida. So the scenery alone was well worth the simple hour drive. After stopping and asking several local people where the shrine was... I was directed to exactly where lay hidden. It sat back behind a couple houses. It was a very tiny simple and plain little chapel style building. But when I went inside it was magnificent. Many, many old paintings of Archangel Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary. When I went inside and overwhelming feeling came over me as I could feel the power of Archangel Michael within me. So I got one of their votive candles, lit the candle and set it down at the back wall on a ledge. I simply sat there and talked to Archangel Michael quietly in my mind and asked certain things of him. There were a few other people that had come in there to ask for healing. I could see and hear them crying as they were asking for a miracle. I was not there for a miracle. I was there to simply pay honor to Michael and to witness the shrine that was built in him. I had to wait a little while till the chapel was empty so that I could take a few pictures. No sooner then I started taking some pictures... more people started to come in. So I only got a few pictures. I did not want to be rude or disrespectful to those who came there for their healing. But I wanted to take pictures so that I could show the world this tiny little Shrine to Archangel Michael.

There were many other paintings and and such around the inside of the Shrine. But as I stated I only had about one minute to take some pictures while the Shrine was empty. I wanted to take many more pictures of the inside but more people started to come in and I did not wish disturb them were be disrespectful in any way. So there you have it... the Shrine to Archangel Michael where people come for their own miracle of healing. Now you know that whenever you are in the Tampa Bay area... you can go and visit the Shrine located in the beautiful town of Tarpon Springs Florida.

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