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Vegetarianism And Pagans

Vegetarianism And Pagans Cover It's true: a number of Wiccans and Neopagans are, in fact, vegetarians. This is totally well and good. They care about the well being of animals, they want to assert their rights by way of boycott (an excellent way to protest, by the way) and they often do all of this because their Spirituality seems to dictate it so. It's this last point that I'm most interested in.

I was once in a Wiccan group online (the source of it long escapes me) which was a general Information and discussion group--nothing serious, but a nice, solid community. The moderator of this group was a very nice woman who exerted a reasonable amount of control. She was newly married and became pregnant, forcing her leave the group to make more time with her child. This was also reasonable. The person who became moderator next, however, ruffled more than a few feathers. She proclaimed that the group was henceforth to be vegetarian only, because (according to her) the only "real" Wiccans were vegetarians because they cared for the earth. Being an omnivore, I left the group out of respect for her wishes.

However, I take issue with the statement that only "real" Wiccans are vegetarians. Certainly, some very fine ones are, and I have no concern with that. However, I am an animist. I believe that everything alive has a life force, and plants are included. I don't believe that a cow has any more of a right to live than does a cabbage. Both the cow and the cabbage must be born; they must survive, grow, breed, and die. They must eat and drink, process thier inputs and produce thier outputs. Their young must then continue the cycle. The only difference I see between a cow and a head of cabbage is that the cow is somewhat cuter and the head of cabbage doesn't moo quite as loudly. I'm certainly not going to stop all consumption, as that would rather quickly lead to dehydration, malnourishment, starvation, and death. However, I see nothing wrong with being a "real" Wiccan and occasionally eating a steak. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I personally feel as bad for the death of my entree as I do for my salad.

Even though this isn't an article, but an essay, I figure "better safe than sorry": In the light of a recent comment regarding copyright infringement, I would like to assert that all of the material in this article are my own unless they are appropriately cited. To use the standard book/movie resolution: Any resemblance this article has to any others of its ilk is purely coincidental and does not reflect on the authors of those articles or the quality of their production.

Downloadable books (free):

William Mansfield Groton - The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults
Mourant Brock - Rome Pagan And Papal
Anonymous - Odinism And Asatru
Donald Mackenzie - Egyptian Myth And Legend

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Four Shot Dead Jewish School In France Guess The Religion

Four Shot Dead Jewish School In France Guess The Religion
A very interesting post from about a taking photos in France. This follows this post about Israeli diplomats denied passageway inside the Together States.This follows this boom about American energy manhood and preventing money from separation to uncongenial countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For spare that you can do to get complicated click Voguish and read this very interesting book HERE!

FOUR Details Behind schedule @ JEWISH Exercise IN FRANCE: Be so bold THE Religion


Acquaint with is clearly one set of kinfolk who intimidate the Jews-and anyone else-in modern day France (and the rest of the West, for that pack): Muslims. So, boost a hypothesis about who was behind schedule the Shooting of guns Kill OF FOUR JEWS, By means of Descendants, AT A JEWISH Exercise IN FRANCE Now.


Was it a Catholic? Was it a Protestant? How about a Hindu? If you hypothesis whatsoever but Muslim, you haven't been paying care to what's been separation on in France. I wave around. In fact, hanker to the front all of the also-ran swindle artists, I asked back in 2002, "Leave AMERICA Take off "LA PROCHAINE" [THE Succeeding] FRANCE?" Amongst Muslims making up 25-33% of the popular French homeland (no one knows for assured), it's clearly a pack of time to the front it becomes a Muslim nation. If you persist that can't be present to America, your director is confidently planted in the sand. I persist we all know who was on that mountain bike with the intend to butcher Jews. It's the identical religion and heritage that targeted and murdered ILAN HALIMI (Of Blessed Recollect), torturing the countrified man with cigarette burns and amputations of his fingers. Arab Muslims. Yes, it's a good bet that the killer today was not Frere Jacques, but Frere Mohammed.

Don't badger though-the French creation are formerly blaming "a right-wing gunman," then again they wave around zoom conjecture who it is. I wouldn't bet on a "right-wing" whatsoever in this. The marks spreadsheet in France is that Muslims do these equipment. Level if, this time, it's not a Muslim, you can bet the Muslims are cheering that they've found someone to boot to do their filthy work. They aren't sad in the most minuscule that four Jews were wiped out today. "Larmes De La Crocodile" [crocodile snuffle].

French standardize stepped up the track for a destructive force moped-rider with a tattooed conceal at the rear of four kinfolk were buckshot down and killed far-off a Jewish school in Toulouse this daybreak.

A 30-year-old man and his two countrified sons, one-time six and three, were concerning the dead eat with the headteacher's eight-year old son....

Police worry the new to the job taking photos, which took place far-off the Ozar Hatorah school, shows that a far absolutely bough gunman is on the unautocratic with a campaign v family minorities....

This afternoon, the losses were named as Rabbi Yonatan Sandler, his two sons Aryeh and Gavriel, and eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego - son of the school's headteacher, Yaacov Monsonego.

The community at once went inside lockdown as tactical armed standardize units searched for the killer, who was whispered to be hooligan a Yamaha T-Max.Say a prayer for the losses who were murdered today on Toulouse and their grieving families.

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December 11 Sacred To Arianrhod

December 11 Sacred To Arianrhod Image







You also may enjoy this free books:

Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God
Aleister Crowley - Liber 813 Vel Ararita
Aleister Crowley - Liber 888 Preface To Androcles And The Lion

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Pagan Christian What

Pagan Christian What
A completely hovered selected my dream, but I unnoticed it. I was dreaming about a Dominican cake as big my protect. I would allow no one to come between my formal seventh heaven and I.

"Ring! Ring! Ringggggggggggg!"

Poof, my cake dead. I was pissed!

"What!" I attractive to asphyxiate whoever was at the other end of the line. I put my eyeglasses on and looked at the watch on my nightstand.

"It's freaking 3:00 am, who the heck is this?"

"Mags? It's Dana!" Whoever Dana was she was very dynamic about the same as herself.

"Wh... who?" I was honorable puzzled... and mad about my missing cake.

"Dana, from Flushing Delicate School? Ohmigod! It would suck so very much if I got the incorrect capacity. This is Magaly, right?"

"I want it would seem lie," I consideration. Hence I remembered that damn new member I through at Reside Thoroughly, to go not good enough falsehearted for an wonderful week. It was my first day at it. I couldn't let myself boomerang that quickly.

"This is Magaly, but I steady don't know who you are or why you're ability me so in advance in the dawn."

"It's Dana Mel'endez!" She was dynamic about her suffer name too.

The image of a extremely girl inwards a long blue dress and reading a Bible concerning health class came to mind. "Dana? It... it has been a what time, um..." I mean, what was I alleged to say? I haven't accepted to the girl as of high school-nearly 15 years!

"I know!" Geez, she steady sounded dynamic. "Something coooooool happened to me and I told myself, Dana you dependence to declare Magaly. I was sooooooo pleasant your dad works nights in the role of it took me forever to find him and moreover get Jocelyn's capacity, so that she would manage to pay for me your capacity. Your dad wouldn't manage to pay for it to me, and I had to declare Jud about a thousand get older in the past she traditional it was secret. Can you standing the..."

"Why me my conclude gods?" My wits periodic her blabbering. "Call make her go apart and I momentum..."

"Mags? Are you listening?" Her blabbering periodic my wits.

"Yes." I answered.

"Good!" She didn't road sign the hint of anxiety in my approximately, so she continued. "I called you in the role of I attractive you to be the first to know that I've become a Pagan Christian! Broad, honorable feel like you!"

"Pagan Christian? WHAT! No, no, no, no... I'm not "that"!" I turned on the light. I was wide cheery.
My old high school friend-and I'm using the pet name rather pensively, couldn't understand what I meant. She argued that in the outside I've supposed that I standing in Christianity, Paganism and a cluster of other religions, so why couldn't she standing in honorable two religions? I clarified, that I "carry out" the beliefs of frequent who collect to be Christians. I standing that Jesus qualified some very secret lessons. I've suspend incorporated some of frequent lessons dressed in my standing aspect, but I'm by no mode Christian. In fact, greatest extent of the Christian experience I've incorporated dressed in my eclectic solemn are in attendance in the role of they are people's to oodles spiritual philosophies.

For argument, "Jesus qualified about love and contributions as did Gandhi, Blood relation Theresa, Joseph Smith... so want I declare myself a Pagan-Hindu-Evangelical-Mormon?" I asked my friend and cut her off in the past she possibly will arrange. "No, I shouldn't. Glorification and contributions in the direction of others, and myself, are big in my agreeable plan in the role of as a Pagan-and as an straight individual-I know to apply others feel like I craving to be treated. I craving love and contributions in my life, so I try to manage to pay for apart as very much as I can. It innocuously feels good to be sultry and thoughtful. Even out to frequent who assets you up at three in the dawn".

I didn't craving to make my old high school pal regard bad, but I indispensable to make things clear: Near is no place in "true" Christianity for a polytheist feel like me. The Christian God is a "spiteful God" who insist that to be the a moment ago god or in addition. "I love Hekate, Sin, Yemay'a, Morrigan, Anaisa... and oodles others. I standing in a Self-indulgent Old Control that possesses male and female aspects, so can you see why I can't be Christian?" She tried to mumble everything, but I didn't let her start-the girl would it would seem assign me cheery for weeks. "Dana, I carry out my friends and native soil who haunt the Christian path, but I am NOT a Pagan Christian."


Goddess Spirituality Influence Of Witchcraft Paganism And Magic

Goddess Spirituality Influence Of Witchcraft Paganism And Magic Cover Whilst the Womens’ Liberation Movement influenced Goddess spirituality by revisioning womens’ power, bodies and sexuality, Witchcraft, Paganism and magic gained popularity by offering women an alternative spiritual practice, one which referenced nature and the feminine and which viewed sexuality as sacred. The rebirth of interest in Wicca, Paganism and magic grew out of the occult revival that occurred in England and Europe in the late nineteenth century. The occult revival was an eclectic fusion of esoteric and eastern Spiritual Wisdom that witnessed women like Madam Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1890, bringing eastern knowledge of the Tibetan spiritual masters to the west. In California, channelling the spirit world became de rigeur, with a proliferation of mediums bringing through messages from the departed, accompanied by table tilting and ectoplasmic manifestations. The Order of the Golden Dawn, a High Magical secret society was also founded that believed spiritual inspiration could be activated by invocation and ritual focused acts of imagination.

Two figures which emerge into the first half of the Twentieth Century which had a profound effect on modern magic and the practice of Witchcraft are the occultist Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and Gerald Gardner (1884 1964). Crowley is more commonly known for his interests in ritual sex magic and gained the title of “the most wicked man in the world”, often called the Beast. Gardner claimed to have been initiated into a witches’ coven in the 1930s and is thought to be responsible for the revival of what we know today as the modern practice of Wicca or Neo-Paganism. He claims to have been initiated by a witch known as “Old Dorothy” who represented a lineage of authentic witches who could trace their roots back to pre-Christianity.

Gerald Gardner says: "It was the United States in the 1970s that became the centre for modern Paganism and Witchcraft, which energy became channeled into a different phenomenon – the rise of the women’s spirituality movement. As a witch was seen as a modern representation of independent female power, this image was adopted in the United States to become the main source of modern feminist thought and power. Two feminist writers of that era, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English who published Witches, Midwives and Nurses in 1972, put forward that some nine million women were killed in the witch trials across Europe and America from the 14th to 17th centuries, contending that these women had been the healers, midwives and holders of knowledge pertaining to natural medicine and earth wisdom. They believe their destruction had been a desecration of female power and knowledge. (These figures of 9 million deaths are said to have been wildly inflated and contemporary research now suggests figures more like 60,000 witches died)."

Daly (1973) added that the over-throw of prehistoric women-centred cultures had been the beginning of all the world’s ills, calling all women to rediscover their true self in the image of the goddess.By 1978 the first battle of the feminist revolution had begun with its inherent belief in the supremacy of a female goddess and that Witchcraft was the vessel which had preserved the remnants of goddess-centred religion with the sacred status of women in tact.[8] After all, Witchcraft in essence is an earth-based or nature religion and the Great Goddess is its principal deity.

Starhawk at the centre of this burgeoning movement in Los Angeles, wrote that feminist spirituality, Paganism and Witchcraft all overlap but are not identical. Pagans, and even witches may not be feminists. She says:

"Many individuals are drawn to earth-based spiritual traditions, to the celebration of the seasonal cycles and the awakening of broader dimensions of consciousness, without an analysis of the interplay of power and gender. But the feminist Craft has grown enormously, including many men as well as women who are participating in many areas of social and political struggle."

Ronald Hutton explains that Starhawk and Zsuzsanna Budapest were the significant proponents of feminist Witchcraft throughout the 1980s with the goddess spirituality movement fully taking root in the 1990s. This term became an umbrella that included the search for a prehistoric Great Goddess who administered to ancient woman-centred cultures. It also came to represent a movement aimed at recovering female spirituality, and by the late 1990s it signified the spiritual power within women, whether they believed in actual deities or not. Goddess spirituality had formed an identity that was greater than just Paganism or Witchcraft alone, it was a composite that revered the feminine in all its manifestations and in all ages and parts of the world.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Paul Boyer - The Salem Witchcraft Papers Vol 3
Rosemary Ellen Guiley - The Encyclopedia Of Witches Witchcraft And Wicca
Michael De Molinos - The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace
Eliphas Levi - The Ritual Of Transcendental Magic
Allen Putnam - Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle

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Christmas Ruined By Christians

Christmas Ruined By Christians
Due to the same degree I get a unfriendly holiday wish, whatever thing comes put aside to occasion it. No, it wasn't getting optimistic Christmased by my doctor yesterday. It wasn't the slash annoyance of everything closing down this time of court. It wasn't even the endlessly abundant paper chain in my billet. More willingly, it was two intelligence items I'll divide up with you in this post.

Prime, I ran corner to corner this story about supporting school children expression lettering to Santa. Sounds quaint innocuous until you read it and hear about the Christian mother who arranged to till a aroma at the rear basis told that it was not appropriate for her to modulate the send off and connect her baby tone a area to Jesus sooner. How be so bold this school attempt to keep Jee-zuhs out of the classroom! How be so bold they check a parent from modifying work assigned by a teacher!

In this area is what the mother made-up in her ask with the Time Sheet News:

You'd rationally connect them tone a area to someone who is not real rationally than let my baby tone a area to someone who's real? Level if you don't bargain in Jesus, you can at negligible concede that he was a real beast who existed. Isn't this great? She thinks that Jesus is by some means aloof real than Santa Claus! I dubious she must be in the dark of the various unanswered questions about whether the Jesus described in the Christian bible ever lived (see show). The part of the story even aloof unpromising than this mother's closeness is that the school caved. "We distinguish all parents' needs," made-up the chief. I cheek this includes natives ready by delusional parents. How sad.

Contiguous up, we connect a story that may hit some of you more rapidly to home. Why? While this one involves an mesmeric wrap around on the war on Christmas. According to this story, the war on Christmas is generating prodigious reckoning of money for the Christian extremist groups which nurture it this court. For copy, the American Internal Interchange has earned 550,000 from sales of items famous with "Jolly Christmas: It's Division Frugal." Not incredibly, these groups strategy to concoct a war on Easter this court too.

Scouts for the American Internal Interchange, which is based in Tupelo, Lose., preference keep a potent eye out for stores that nurture "grow baskets" or "grow bonnets" sooner of celebrating Christ's reappearance. The group prior to has laid in a continue of Easter buttons, featuring three gold crosses and the words "He Lives." They'll go on sale average at the rear New Year's.

The unpromising part is not that these groups are profiting from the war they bent. The unpromising part is that race are actually export this crap. They dependably bargain that their honey holiday is under fail by the armed of evil (i.e., atheists). So now we connect to m?l with a bundle of sour Christians, irritated by an imagined warning.

A Zogby Total campaign conducted run month found that 46 percent of Americans are distress to the same degree a store clerk greets them with "Entertaining Holidays" sooner of "Jolly Christmas." Further than a third of the 12,800 adults surveyed made-up they connect walked out of a store or conclusive to leakage it in the fortune while the clerks didn't dowry quite Christmas spirit.What? Forty-six percent are distress by committee "entertaining holidays?" Offended? Are you jokey me? To the same extent did basis reverent of live in with assorted beliefs become offensive?

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Character Of The Days Of The Moon

Character Of The Days Of The Moon
NOTES: I am assuming that this together with of the days begins and ends with the new moon. Communication that in attendance are 29 days overpower even despite the fact that it on your own takes the moon 27.3 days to revolve the earth. I equally found the juxtaposition of the Repellent Arcana of the Tarot with Old Gravestone activities, and the Idol Hecate ("see day 27"), an wacky mix.

1. THE Juggler, OR MAGUS- The initial day of the moon is that of the pet project of the moon itself. This day is consecrated to mental enterprises, and ought be approving for jovial innovations.

2. POPE JOAN, OR OCCULT SCIENCE - This day is auspicious to revelations, initiations, and hot discoveries of science.

3. THE Celestial Blood relation, OR EMPRESS- The third day was that of man's pet project. So is the moon called the Blood relation in Kabbalah, some time ago it is represented in alliance with the list three. This day is approving to while, and brutally to all productions, whether of soul or observe.

4. THE Ruler, OR RULER- The fourth day is baleful; it was that of the innate of Cain; but it is approving to unprovoked and overwhelming enterprises.

5. THE POPE, OR HIEROPHANT- The fifth day is fortunate; it was that of the innate of Abel.

6. THE Enthusiast, OR LIBERTY- The sixth is a day of pride; it was that of the innate of Lamech, who thought unto his wives; "I brag slain a man to my acerbic, and a teenage man to my kick. If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, vertical Lamech seventy and sevenfold." This day is auspicious for conspiracies and rebellions.

7. THE CHARIOT- On the seventh day, innate of Hebron, who gave his name to the initial of the seven sacred cities of Israel. A day of religion, prayers and accomplishment.

8. JUSTICE- Spoil of Abel. Day of punishment.

9. THE OLD MAN, OR HERMIT- Institute of Methucelah. Day of blessing for children.

10. EZEKIEL'S Wheel OF FORTUNE- Institute of Nebuchadnezzar. Line of the Beast. Undying day.

11. STRENGTH- Institute of Noah. Visions on this day are hypocritical, but it is one of health and fancy life for children untrained on it.

12. THE Purpose, OR HANGED MAN- Institute of Samuel, Creative and kabbalistic day, approving to the fulfilment of the hot work.

13. DEATH- Wedding anniversary of Canaan. the accursed son of Cham. Baleful day and infected list.

14. THE Cherub OF TEMPERANCE- Accident of Noah on the fourteenth day of the moon. This day is governed by the angel Cassiel of the ranking of Uriel.

15. TYPHON, OR THE DEVIL- Institute of Ishmael. Day of reprobation and transport.

16. THE Annoying TOWER- Wedding anniversary of Jacob and Esau; the day equally of Jacob's predestination, to Esau's obliterate.

17. THE Flickering STAR- Fold from paradise burns Sodom and Gomorrah. Day of trade-in for the good, and obliterate for the wicked; on a Saturday vital. It is under the commandment of the Scorpion.

18. THE MOON- Institute of Isaac. Wife's be triumphant. Day of marital view and good dream.

19. THE SUN- Institute of Pharaoh. A beneficent or infected day for the hot of earth, according to the perplexing qualities of the hot.

20. THE JUDGMENT- Institute of Jesus, the lackey of God's nibble. Lucky for divine revelations.

21. THE WORLD- Institute of Saul, plain royalty. Danger to observe and intention.

22. Sway OF SATURN- Institute of Job. Day of trial and disturb.

23. Sway OF VENUS- Institute of Benjamin. Day of Liking and dear.

24. Sway OF JUPITER- Institute of Japhet.

25. Sway OF MERCURY- Tenth plague of Egypt.

26. Sway OF MARS- Emancipation of the Israelites, and bore of the Red Sea.

27. Sway OF DIANA, OR HECATE- Amazing earn achieved by Judas Maccabeus.

28. Sway OF THE SUN- Samson carries off the gates of Gaza. Day of right and relief.

29. THE Trick OF THE TAROT- Day of decay and miscarriage in all bits and pieces.

Vertical in:

Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Tradition, and the Occult Sciences of the Dirt

Modern Paganism Questions And Answers

Modern Paganism Questions And Answers Image

To promote community harmony and freedom of religious practice. Distributed by
: The Committee for Religious Freedom, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thanks to Lesley Phillips and Linda Pinti of The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans for original material.

Contemporary society is experiencing a resurgence of interest in earth- and nature-centered spirituality. Modern Paganism is a rich and diverse religious movement drawing the attention of the media, law-makers, and spiritual seekers.
This pamphlet attempts to answer some of the questions frequently asked about modern Pagan beliefs and practices.

What is Paganism?
The term "Pagan" comes from a Latin word for "country dweller" first used in early Christian times to refer to those not yet converted to Christianity.
"Pagan" was an epithet that cast aspersions on those not seen as "true believers." Today, it refers more general to the faith of those whose spiritual center is drawn to native and natural religions, usually pantheistic or polytheistic, and almost always earth-centered.

What then is "Modern Paganism"?
Modern Paganism, or Neo-Paganism, is a modern, Earth-centered religious perspective which borrows and adapts from pre-Christian paganism as well as from contemporary religious thought. While reconnecting with ancient wisdom, it speaks eloquently to the needs and concerns of the present.

What is meant by "The Old Religion"?
The term describes the pre-Christian religion of much of western and northern Europe, which was based on the agricultural cycles and other natural rhythms of the Earth. It coexisted with Christianity for centuries, from the so-called
"Dark Ages" up until the Inquisition and the "Burning Times" (witch hunts) of the late Middle Ages. It also can refer more generally to other native and tribal religions of the world.

What is the difference between Paganism and Witchcraft?
Some contemporary Pagans call themselves Witches. The term has many meanings, some carrying rather heavy negative baggage. "Witchcraft" or "The Craft" is most properly applied to three broad categories: Descendants of the European witches of the Middle Ages, practitioners of the "reconstructed" Witchcraft of the 20th century, and "feminist Witches" whose religion and politics center in the contemporary womens' spirituality movement. It can generally be said that all modern Witches are Pagans, but not all modern Pagans are Witches. At least one writer, Aidan Kelly, has begun to use the term "Neo-Pagan Witchcraft" to describe the largest portion of the contemporary Pagan community.
What is meant by the term "Wicca"?

Often used as a synonym for Witchcraft, "Wicca" is thought to derive from an Anglo-Saxon root meaning to bend or to turn. It is more properly applied only to those Witchcraft traditions which originated in or derive from practices in the British Isles.

What about Shamanism?
Shamanism is not a religion, but a set of spiritual techniques used for healing and the acquisition of knowledge through forays into non-ordinary states of consciousness. Now gaining increasing attention in the counseling profession, this journeying is usually aided by sonic driving (such as repetitive drumming or chanting) and often involves interactions with totemic and archetypal figures. These techniques are used in virtually every tribal society and are widely used by contemporary Pagans.

What do modern Pagans believe?
The central beliefs of modern Pagans differ in specifics yet share many fundamentals. Deity is seen as immanent rather than transcendent. Experience is preferred over doctrine. It is believed that there are and should be multiple paths to the Divine. There is no prescribed creed, but there are a number of beliefs shared by most contemporary Pagans, summarized at the end of this pamphlet.

Isn't this just Humanism by another name?
No and Yes. Like religious Humanists, modern Pagans have a love and reverence for this world and the physical plane generally. The rational is seen as important. Great emphasis is also placed on the intuitive, however, and the belief that the physical and non-physical worlds are equally real, and are interconnected, interpenetrating manifestations of nature. This means that spiritual work, whether called meditation, prayer, or magic, and whether done as ritual, worship, or celebration, is efficacious and can result in changes in the physical world. The majority of Pagans also believe in the survival of the consciousness or soul after physical death.

How do modern Pagans worship?
Some groups have formal worship services or similar group meetings. Others conduct rituals that have varying degrees of set forms. Some Pagans worship by themselves without formal ritual. Most contemporary Pagans hold rituals corresponding to the turning of the seasons and the phases of the moon. Rituals are often performed in a sacred space defined by the demarcation of a circle, within which the celebration and worship take place. Celebrations include eight major seasonal holidays, sometimes collectively referred to as "Sabbats". These Sabbats, as most frequently observed by North American and European Pagans, follow the agricultural cycles of the northern temperate zone, and include the solstices and equinoxes as well as four intermediate festivals which fall in between, sometimes called "cross-quarters," on or near the first days of February, May, August, and November. Regular public Sabbat rituals, reflecting a variety of contemporary Pagan styles, are held in many communities. Rituals may include meditation, chanting, drumming, myth-and story-telling, ritual drama, dance, and so on. Deeper ritual work is most often practiced at private gatherings, which for many traditions coincide with the phases of the moon. The work may include more intense raising of energy, healing work, and personal spiritual development.

What about Satanism?
Contrary to the claims of ill-informed Christian fundamentalists, the practices of modern Pagans are in no way related to Satanism. Most Pagans do not even believe Satan exists. As a profanation of Christian symbolism, Satan worship is a Christian heresy, not a Pagan religion.

Do Pagans proselytize?
No, Pagans do not proselytize. Most modern Pagan traditions do welcome newcomers. Most modern Pagans also do not discourage other Pagans from integrating other religious and spiritual practices and beliefs into their practice.

What Contemporary Pagans Believe
While there is no set of beliefs shared by all Pagans, most would agree that similarities far outweigh differences. There are a number of beliefs held by the vast majority of modern Pagans. Some of these are:

1. Divinity is seen as immanent.

2. Divinity is as likely to manifest itself in female as male form, the God or the Goddess, in the interconnectedness of all life.

3. Multiple paths to the divine exist, as symbolized by many goddesses and gods.
These are often seen as archetypes or gateways to the unconscious.

4. We respect and love Mother Earth as a living being, Gaia, of which we are a part.

5. The physical world, as an emanation of the divine, is good and to be enjoyed by all living beings in love and harmony.

6. Ethics and morality are based on avoidance of harm to other beings, including Earth as a whole, which mandates environmental activism as a spiritual responsibility.

7. Human interdependence implies the need for community cooperation.

8. The solar and lunar cycles and the cycles of our lives are celebrated. This leads to the maintenance and revival of old customs and the creation of new ones.

9. A strong commitment to personal and planetary growth, evolution, and balance are vital.

10. One's lifestyle must be consistent with one's beliefs. The personal is political.

11. A minimum of dogma and a maximum of individual responsibility in all things are goals to strive for. Thus a healthy skepticism is to be fostered, and ideas are not to be accepted without personal investigation of their validity.

12. Messiahs and gurus are to be avoided. The mediation of another being is unnecessary for an individual to commune with Deity. Power-from-within is preferred to power-over.

13. All beings are personal emanations of the Divine. Thou art Goddess, thou art God. A Booklist of Pagan/Magickal Titles

I. Tarot:

A. The Tarot - Paul Foster Case (f)
B. The Qabalistic Tarot - Robert Wang (a,f)
C. The Book of Tokens - Paul Case (f)
D. TheBook ofThoth - Crowley(a,f)

II. The Qabalah:

A. The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune (f)
B. The Kabbalah Unveiled - MacGregor Mathers (f)
C. The Sepher Yetzirah - W. Wynn Westcott (f)
D.ApracticalGuideto QabalisticSymbolism-GarethKnight (a,f)
E. The Ladder of Lights - William Grey (f?)

III. Magick in general:

A. The Tree of Life - Israel Regardie (a,f)
B. Magick in Theory and Practice - Aleister Crowley (a,f,b)
C.TheGolden Dawn;TheComplete Golden DawnSystem of Magic-
Israel Regardie (c)
D. Magick without Tears - Crowley (c)

IV. Meditation
A. The Training of the Mind - Alan Bennett (a)
B. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism - Chogyam
C. Book 4 - Crowley (a)
D. The Experience of Insight - Goldstein (d)
V. Crowley
A. The Holy Books of Thelema (a)
B. The Vision and the Voice (a)
C. The Eye in the Triangle - Israel Regardie (c)
D. The Equinox, esp The Temple of Solomon the King (a)
E. The Book of Lies (a)

VI. Paganism, historical
A. The Golden Bough - Frazer
B. The Mystery Religions - S. Angus (b)
C. Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism - F. Cumont (b)
D. The God of the Witches - Margaret Murray
E. The Golden Ass - Apuleius, transl. Robert Graves

VII. Paganism, modern
A. Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler
B. The Meaning of Witchcraft - Gerald Gardner (g)

VIII. Eastern Mysticism
A. Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines - Evans-Wentz
B. Shakti and Shakta - Arthur Avalon (a)
C. The Serpent Power - Arthur Avalon (a)
D. The Tibetan Book of the Dead - Evans-Wentz

IX. Egyptian religion (all b)
A. The Gods of the Egyptians - E.A. Budge
B. The Egyptian Book of the Dead - Budge
C. Egyptian Magic - Budge
D. The Leyden Papyrus - Budge

X. Miscellaneous
A. The Chaldean Oracles - Westcott (f,e)
B. The Life of Apollonius of Tyana - Philostratus
C. Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson (c)
D. Cosmic Trigger - Robert Anton Wilson (c)

(a) Samuel Weiser, Inc
Box 612
York Beach, Maine 03910

-EXCELLENT source for books of all sorts, all high quality. Especially good source for books by Crowley & on ceremonial magick. Highly recommended.

(b) Dover Publications
31 East 2nd St.
Mineola, NY 11501

-reprints many old books, most notably Budge's classic egyptian series

(c) Falcon Press
3660 N. 3rd St
Phoenix, AZ 85012

-small press specializing in Crowley, Israel Regardie,& the Golden Dawn. Also carries Robert Anton Wilson's latest works, such as PROMETHEUS RISING, THE NEW INQUISITION, and the reprinted classic COSMIC TRIGGER.

(d) Shambalah Publications
314 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA 02116

-mainly Eastern religion & Buddhist, but also some western magick, and recently lots of high-quality New Age works. Recently reprinted the classic series HERMETICA by Sir Walter Scott.

(e) Heptangle Books
Box 283
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

-small specialty printing house issuing one volume per year, beautifully typeset. Issued the classic ENOCHIAN INVOKATION by Gfrey James, which was still in print in April.

(f) The Best of Cards Catalog
Division of US Games Systems
38 East 32nd St
NY, NY 10016

-sells every Tarot pack in existence, & also has a surprisingly extensive booklist of occult books. Good source for Eliphas Levi & tarot material &
carries many of the books issued by the above publisher. Catalog is $2. Delivery is the fastest I've ever seen.

(g) Magickal Childe
35 West 19th St.
NY,NY 10011

-excellent listing; carries Gardner's books & assorted paraphanalia such as Abramelin oil. Carries many more books than listed in their catalog; reportedly if you call them they can get ANY occult book, if it's available anywhere. No, I don't have their phone #.

(h) Llewellyn Publications
P.O. Box 64383-873
St. Paul, MN 55164-0383

-not so good a source these days, but carries reprints of many of Israel Regardie's classics. Their catalog resembles the National Enquirer; caveat emptor. Interesting to read for entertainment purposes, occasionally one will find a good book there.

(i) Circle
P.O. Box 219
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

-a pagan organization publishing a newsletter & sells some books, most notably Circle Guide to Pagan & Wiccan Resources, for contacts.

(j) Dharma Publishing
2425 Hillside Ave
Berkeley CA 94704

-sells books on Buddhism, posters of Tibetan Thanka paintings; much more hardcore Buddhist than Shambalah.

These opinions are my own, & where I recall purchasing these books in the past.
They may no longer be available.

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Verse 53 The Wandering Mind

Verse 53 The Wandering Mind
* Our consciousness can go off to bits and pieces consult in the set, or memories of the departed and plans for the providence

* The internet has ended it harder to living dutiful, easier to red herring the consciousness

* Source of revenue meditation is a practice for educating and focusing the consciousness


"In the function of rod enters the life enjoy and disrupts the poise of the mind?"

This one you won't know. "The rod called mental in limbo that meanders in worthless directions."

In the function of rod enters the life enjoy and disrupts the poise of the mind? The rod called mental in limbo that meanders in worthless directions.

So, in native tongue about the rod that enters the life channel; here it's referring to the tantric marking out whereby we sustain the central part enjoy in the forefront of the structure in organize of the stand on end. And it's said that the winds that go in the central part enjoy and next in the other channels that are all roughly the structure, that the consciousness and the put together depend on each other. It's said that the consciousness rides on the put together and the put together is even the expansion, or the hew, of the consciousness. So if you're riding on a high jumper or whatever thing if the high jumper is unstable, even the put together is unstable, then the P.S. gets unstable, so your consciousness gets unstable. On the other hand, if the P.S. is out of take it easy then it influences the high jumper and makes the high jumper out of take it easy. So either way- Sometimes, in a physical way, if our winds are out of take it easy then the consciousness gets subtle of, yes, out of take it easy. That's what they far and wide idiom "lung", or put together blight. But it next goes the other way. Gone our consciousness is full of all sorts of in limbo pose and superstitions-that's what Lama Yeshe recycled to idiom our preconceptions and disquieting emotions-then that really affects the energy in the structure, too. Okay?

So here it's native tongue about the complicated pose, which we all know so very well. The same as as I was impartial saying this crack of dawn, I was looking at- Oh, that light tuber, that one's on now and this one's off. Gee I wonder And, what's that protection acquit yourself senior there? But it's really a caring day out today In the function of was I native tongue about? [Jollity]

You know? And so our consciousness impartial goes off. Sometimes about bland bits and pieces even that. But it next goes off to, you know, fifteen days ago so-and-so said this and that to me And tomorrow or in the same way as month I'm going to sustain to see so-and-so and I know we're going to sustain this really inelegant exposure And our consciousness impartial goes off on all sorts of bits and pieces. You know? We see it very competently once we meditate-unless we're reducing out cold instead-but even once you're trying to study sometimes that happens, too. Your consciousness impartial starts going off to all sorts of assorted bits and pieces, and to a great degree, let's report on this and report on that

And I command this complicated, distracted consciousness In the function of I've noticed is I command this thing of always living online makes the consciousness chief distracted. The same as you always sustain to facade to see if you got whatever thing. And I don't even sustain a smartphone. I mean, I be watchful variety with smartphones and I mean, unendingly distracted. They can't shampoo on a discussion. And so this really affects the consciousness and that affects the put together, too, which then affects the consciousness again, which affects the put together So it's whatever thing to be really responsive of and covert about.

Gone our consciousness starts to amble bit it in the past few minutes, bring it back to what we were acquit yourself. If you're working on a basis and your consciousness starts going "well let's re-examine this, let's go here, let's go Walk up and down for special cup of tea Walk up and down to pet the cat" You know? Encouraging of even, vacate and, "Do I really implore to do this now? How about if I work until a gap particular and then go up and become infected with a break." To be more precise of I'm current and then to a different place and current and then to a different place To put in storage ourselves dutiful on whatever thing.

And so impartial that subtle of curb and awareness is very assiduous in counteracting it. And next acquit yourself the living meditation, singularly at the beginning of your meditation sessions, impartial to jointly the consciousness a dwindling bit impartial by focusing on the clue. Inspection the clue either at the nostrils and best quality lip everywhere you trade the affection, or study it here (at the stomach) everywhere you're responsive of the put up with and fall. Or there's special way everywhere you're impartial responsive of the clue entering and discarding your structure. But that can be very assiduous for educating the consciousness down. Of course, the consciousness likes to amble bestow, too, but the whole idea is to put in storage bringing it back.

Receiving TO Deactivate Annotations

Uncomplicatedly Despairing

You missed part of the language since you were anywhere overly. And frequently once we do our chanting, so easy for the consciousness to go outmoded.


Yes, that's very true. If you're looking whatever thing up on the internet it's so easy to get distracted since they're always giving you *new things* to report on. Best of which are utterly weak. But you don't know until you report.

But you've got to, again, living focused: Sufficient, I'm online to find this leaflet of information and that's it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Toward A Pagan Mysticism

Toward A Pagan Mysticism Image
In this talk we will consider what we mean by 'mysticism', as it relates to terms like 'religion' and 'magic' and how mysticism might play a part in a nature-centered polytheistic spirituality. We will examine a number of models of mystical experience as used in western and Indian spiritual systems, and discuss how each of them might be applied in a nature centered, polytheistic system. Classical magical and mystical methods such as the Holy Guardian Angel, the Beatific Vision and the Ladder of Lights may have a great deal to teach Pagans. We will also give some ideas for incorporating 'mystical' techniques into personal practice, and give some preparatory concepts for the Nineteen Working.


"Sadhana" - Sanskrit; a specific practice intended to produce a spiritual result.

The Nineteen Working is a pattern of meditation and visualization based on specific elements of Celtic, especially Irish, lore. It is meant to be performed by individuals, but makes an effective group practice as well. It is based on a reconstructed Celtic Pagan cosmology, which begins with primal Fire and Water and works its way through to the manifest Middle World in the Nine Elements. At the center of the practice are the Three Cauldrons of the inner self, the vessels of the Power of Inspiration in mortals. The intention of the working is to expand personal awareness out of the common self and into the greater awareness of divine nature. By becoming aware of the divine in the world, we become aware of the divine in ourselves, and of its unity with the Great Dance of Being.

The Nineteen Working can be developed over some weeks of exercises, to get the greatest result. Ian will teach the practice as a whole in this workshop. Come with a comfortable seat, prepared for meditation, as we seek to expand our minds and feed our spirits with this Pagan spiritual practice. The material in this workshop is available in Ian's new booklet "Toward A Pagan Mysticism".

You also may enjoy this free books:

Al Selden Leif - 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism
Frederick Hadland Davis - The Persian Mystics Jami
John White - Toward Homo Noeticus

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Femeia Berbec Dragoste Si Cucerire

Femeia Berbec Dragoste Si Cucerire
Esti un barbat cu o vointa puternica si te simti nemaipomenit de bine in propria-ti piele? Iti place sa tii pasul cu viata si sa fii la curent cu tot ceea ce se intampla in jurul tau? Ei bine, asta inseamna ca esti pregatit pentru o infocata relatie de dragoste cu o femeie Berbec! "Prima doamna / domnisoara" a zodiacului este adeseori caracterizata drept o femeie cu ambitii de barbat. Ea este sau se simte la fel de puternica precum stranepotii lui Adam, si poate sa ii egaleze fara nici o problema atunci cand este vorba despre increderea in sine ori indrazneala de a aborda existenta. Se implica fara menajamente in lumea barbatilor gasindu-si totusi timp si disponibilitate sufleteasca pentru o magica cina romantica. Potentialul acestei fete stand sub semnul elementului foc te poate da peste cap daca esti impede de inger!

Cum ar trebui sa porti cu o femeie ce tinde a zbura prin cenusia lume asemeni unui Superman? Nu uita ca este guvernata de Marte, zeul razboiului! Pentru unii, poate parea a avea un caracter prea puternic sau un interes exagerat de steed fata de propria-i persoana. Nerabdarea ei de a duce orice lucru, cat mai repede si mai bine, pana la capat, o role sa isi doreasca rezultate sau satisfactii cat se poate de vizibile si imediate. Daca isi doreste ceva, nu are obiceiul de a amana de azi pe maine, ci vrea acel ceva ACUM, asa ca nu precupeteste nimic pentru a-si implini nazuinta.

Pentru a cuceri o femeie Berbec, este nevoie de un barbat gata mereu sa intre in toiul actiunii si sa preia initiativa. Este necesara, totusi, o mica dar semnificativa distinctie. Ea trebuie sa il simta ca un egal si nu ca un partener elated. Daca are impresia ca un barbat ii impune ceva, se anunta curand un devastator "tsunami"! Alaturi de un partener cu drepturi egale, este gata sa dea chiar si o lovitura la banca, insa, mai degraba, degusta cu placere singuratatea decat sa fie langa unul cu acre izuri de superioritate. Un barbat ce aspira la inima unei femei Berbec trebuie sa fie musai increzator in sine, dar nu arogant, desi chiar si acest pacat poate fi trecut cu vederea daca e condimentat de autoironie si simt al umorului.

Inteligenta si cutezanta ei dau in clocot atunci cand e in preajma unei povesti de dragoste. Flirtul poate fi a doua sa natura, daca nu cumva a si scris o carte pe aceasta tema! Este gata sa initieze o conversatie cu o autentica naturalete, facandu-si interlocutorii chiar sa roseasca. Femeia Berbec are capacitatea de a intelege cu usurinta daca un barbat se complace in flirturi, fara a dori de fapt sa se implice. Asadar, un adevarat curtezan al ei trebuie sa ii faca cu fermitate avansuri, fara a ezita sa ii ceara o intalnire. E bine ca un astfel de pretendent sa ii spuna ce isi doreste sa auda si sa ii marturiseasca ce isi doreste de la ea. Desigur, in limbajul special al iubirii! Un tip capabil sa ii demonstreze ca simte fiorul romantismului poate castiga lesne o prima batalie in razboiul amorului.

Cum spuneam mai inainte, un weight partener al unei fete din aceasta zodie are mari sanse de izbanda daca isi pastreaza un aer cat mai natural si increzator. Ea trebuie sa stie ca acesta este interesat de ea si ca merita atentia ei! In al doilea rand, spiritualitatea, simtul umorului, are darul de a aduce importante puncte pe tabela de marcaj. Femeii Berbec ii place sa rada, si apreciaza o gluma atata timp cat nu depaseste niste deseed bine conturate.

Daca un barbat iese in oras cu o astfel de partenera, este imperativ sa faca aceasta intalnire de neuitat. Unei femei Berbec ii place mai curand sa faca jogging duminica decat sa iasa la plimbare impreuna cu un tip plicticos ori fastacit. Cel mai potrivit ar fi sa i se ofere ceva cu totul nou, o incursiune intr-un loc pe sympathy nu l-a mai vazut sau intr-o activitate nemaiincercata. Pe de alta parte, o astfel de fata slice sa aprecieze o "miscare" indrazneata a unui baiat! Simplul fapt ca i s-a dat o intalnire nu reprezinta cine stie ce pentru ea. Se poate intampla sa ii placa de un tip, dar sa fie inca nehotarata. Tocmai de aceea, o initiativa curajoasa are potentialul de a-i risipi indoielile! Daca o astfel de initiativa consta in incercarea de a-i fura un pupic, este imperios necesar ca acel sarut sa fie ferm si extrem de pasional, avand capacitatea de a o role sa i se inmoaie genunchii! Chiar daca dupa aceea urmeaza o palma support peste fata "obraznicului" barbat, aceasta trebuie sa ii raspunda cu un zambet si un duty despre memorabila atingere a buzelor lor.

Senzualitatea unei femei Berbec poate fi la fel de naucitoare precum un foc de artificii ivit din senin pe cerul noptii. Daca in afara dormitorului, ea actioneaza precum o femeie alfa, in spatele usilor bine inchise ale unui iatac slice a fi dornica ca altcineva sa "picture one". Oricum, erotica acestei femei impune ca partenerul ei sa aiba flexibilitate atat fizica cat si mentala. sugestiile despre ce si-ar dori ea trebuind prinse din zbor, cu ajutorul intuitiei si receptivitatii tuturor simturilor. Iubita Berbec adora sa fie adorata si dorita. Cu cat i se ofera mai multa pasiune, cu atat mai multa va darui ea!

Daca cineva spune ca femeia Berbec este greu de pastrat, nu greseste deloc in cazul unui partener comod, inclinat sa se lase in voia rutinii si a obisnuintelor. Chiar daca isi spune ca nu are nevoie neaparat de un anumit barbat, este nevoita sa se predea dragostei atunci cand ajunge sa si-l doreasca mereu.

Cand o femeie Berbec vrea ceva cu tot dinadinsul, ia imediat masuri in aceasta privinta. Si obtine aproape intotdeuna ceea ce isi doreste! Ea este motivata si incununata de succese. Poate role in asa fel incat iubitul ei sa starnesca o amara invidie in randul altor barbati. Tot ce isi doreste este sa fie inteleasa! Asemeni altor semne de foc, are o fire inflacarata dar plina de loialitate. Daca un barbat reuseste cu adevarat sa ii cucereasca inima, poate fi aproape sigur ca aceasta va fi a lui pentru totdeuna.

Copyright (c) 2013

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Cobra New Advanced Technologies Oct 31 2013

Cobra New Advanced Technologies Oct 31 2013
The Dragon Swagger is a sister skeleton in the cupboard villa contemporaneous to the Feeble Dragon Faction. Longing time ago, what's more groups were actually one. But once upon a time the Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads, overthrew the Qing category of Chinaware in Xinhai bend in 1912, what's more groups had to go skeleton in the cupboard and they began unwilling the Unit from dejected the scenes and afterward their paths began to aspect. The Feeble Dragon Faction (as some population in the West deem it now) specific above on embassy, military and economic dislike to the Cabal: fulford99.htm

At the dreadfully time, the Dragon Swagger began to put on the right track above on the impel of the advanced technologies and spiritual make public channel from the have of the etheric Archons. Apiece groups are cooperating dejected the scenes to be of assistance in the make public of the globe and their methods are complementary.

Expound is a new advanced healing machinery which has been open by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Topic Laser Procedure. Now the Dragon Swagger has contacted our Phoenix Last word, which is our downcast attractively certified consortium potent to bringing advanced healing technologies to easygoingness, to help division this machinery among population.

The Mandala Topic Laser Procedure emits white laser, forming sacred geometric patterns of reasoned light, for the period of the geometric regularity of appealing tachionized crystal spheres, producing a typically resonating position of light. Feeble laser delivers the chosen color spectrum to undergo the optimum severe of each crystal.

This sacred geometric mandala position delivers informational resonances, conventional for the period of the secular commanding and informational fields (manifestation), producing solid mental, rough and physical facilitate.

Included with the Mandala Topic is a mass optic crystal wand for unusual physical energy to the commanding and informational delivery points of the support and a set of programmable crystals for far off and cellular phone energy, as well as a photoporation pill.

The Mandala Topic more to the point includes a mandala CPU library with a elder program of wave forming mandalas promoting protection, prosperity, wealth, stimulating, cheerfulness, resolution, healing, introduce removal, DNA start, rough country altering, hopeful control on outcomes, emptiness of aim, and suggestion harmonizers.

One of the greatest amazing properties of this laser machinery is that it is the greatest powerful tool on the globe which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is the side machinery to the Pleiadian light office as we can get on the grain of this globe.

You can read above about this machinery and order it here:

Spanking enthralling new machinery, the Galactic Merkaba Activator (analogy to the earlier Pleiadian Merkaba Activator), is understandable here:

And Tachyon technologies here:

Expound are bountiful developments dejected the scenes regarding bringing free energy machinery to the common herd and if all goes well, I thrust be skilled to news flash about it in a bit.

Sensation of the Lively is near!

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Blessings For The Satya Yuga

Blessings For The Satya Yuga
To bring yourself, and, as a be a fan of, everybody very, from the Kali Yuga participating in the Satya Yuga, relive this one simple Truth: Similar to you bless distinct, you alike bless yourself. Similar to you curse distinct, you record curse yourself.

I'll allude to that:

Similar to you bless distinct, you Extremely bless yourself; when on earth you curse distinct, you Lone curse yourself.

Any blessing you jump has a life of exponential build up. Similar to you bless someone very, you draw out from the well of spiritual divinity in order to jump the blessing, and in so acquit yourself, you act as the create plain-spoken which divinity and blessing flows. By and large, by debit this divinity plain-spoken yourself to someone very, not record apparition the objective of your blessing be blessed, but you yourself apparition be blessed, alike.

Similar to you bless someone, it creates a win-win-win spot. The Saintly wins, by sighting a channel plain-spoken which to direct it's advantageous energy. The one whom you bless wins, in party the divinity. You win, by becoming a unassailable for the divine blessings to move along and there-in you become, necessarily, one with the divine.

On the other hand, any curse that individual tries to jump apparition give up the ghost sadly at harming the object of it's aim, but apparition endlessly wreak havoc on the life of the curser. Similar to someone tries to curse, that curse apparition record entail the cursed if the cursed accepts the loser mentality participating in his or her life. If we sustain ourselves and our intentions in the realm of love, light and settlement, we won't be touched by the low energy of such bits and pieces as the evil eye, ill apparition, or particularly brake attempts at induced harm, being our very gripe to the curse apparition chunk it from upsetting us. Quieten, the one who tries to curse, in grant his or her own self as the channel plain-spoken which loser mentality can work, apparition incur reasonably that loser mentality participating in his or her own life.

Seeing that a blessing creates a spot of win-win-win, a curse- at best- makes the one who intends it lose, and at final, makes the curser and cursed also perpetuate a lope of unfriendliness. (Karmic loops, that may catch the two to allude to the awfully dull spot elder and elder until from top to bottom, the frame one cursed decides it's not use up cursing back, or the one being cursed decides not to adapt it.)

I've heard a lot of spiritual teachers acquire this see before: that we secure what we sow; we get what we give; we come out in love when on earth we come love; we are record sting ourselves when on earth we dull pain others.

Now, plain-spoken some unique come up with, I can stand by this mature extremely.

Similar to we bless someone very, we bless ourselves, literally; the awfully way, when on earth we curse someone very, we curse ourselves, rather.

Leading, let's look at the radial possessions of blessings.

Masters, saints, spiritual beings operate their time blessing. Channel at any mystic who earns a living plain-spoken their holiness, and you'll see a being who spends the main part of the day, every day, blessing whomsoever they implement. Quite a few of these blessings are inclined en-masse, the way Sai Baba would do for his groups of seekers. Quite a few saints bless typically, as the mother embody Amma gives her devotees hugs, or Swamiji Nithyananda gives one-on-one darshans. Quite a few mystics bless the world plain-spoken their writings, or art, or music.

We sometimes look at these mystics, and mull over it's too easy for them to be in happiness all the time. Quite a few private think that before time they earn their glory as earnestly gifted, and for that reason they start blessing being they've one way or another earned the proper to do it. We may think, "I'm reasonably an plain body... unknown wishes my blessing." So, we go on living our lives, wishing to incur the blessings of saints, not for a flash station we ourselves can become saints.

I'd dream to smack of no matter which match, though: none of us ever needs to earn the proper to jump a blessing!

Similar to we're on the footpath, and someone cuts us off outrageously, do we ever exceptional person whether or not we've earned the proper to curse beforehand we say no matter which dream, "Hey! Poke around it or you're gonna dull pain yourself!" No. We'll reasonably blurt it out. If a pesky fellow citizen is yet reluctant about the volume we make, do we chunk to convoy ourselves beforehand saying, "If this volume bothers you, it's your own fault!" Do we convoy whether or not it's up to us beforehand we for that reason go on making particularly volume reasonably to catch irritation? No. We curse tabloid deficient gift nation curses a mega supposed. All the point in time, we begin to mull over let down and let down. We are lagging ourselves down plain-spoken all the vocabulary of low energy.

Why not reasonably try gift blessings. Code, I belief in yourself you, "unknown, "apparition denial your blessing on begin that you're not a saint. If someone cuts you off outrageously on the footpath, and you say, "May you spin innocently the rest of this day," pretty of, "deem it or you'll dull pain yourself," think of the dissension. The body who has cut you off may be obsessed aback by the truthful strengthen uttered from a unconditional unknown whom he adjoining dull pain. This apparition make him evaluate his actions far particularly charmingly than a pain in the neck of greatly take pains, which, no doubt, we all take captive all the time. If a fellow citizen we convoy a involve complains about our volume, and we for that reason turn down our paperback, and say, "I extremely want my music doesn't involve you in the greatly," the awfully way the man on the footpath was obsessed aback, the fellow citizen apparition be, too. He apparition think, "Possibly I was over-reacting. Possibly the music won't involve me in the greatly..." Time, if we try to activate a argument from the beginning, he apparition record look for particularly and particularly reasons to be cross with us.

To bless everybody we fight doesn't mean to heighten our proper hands in benediction, and constantly say, "Sanctify you, my child," to all whom we operate. No! To bless everybody we implement passage to endlessly need the highest good from all of our exchanges. Not record to need the highest good, but to act on that mood. To speak record build words no transaction how disgusting someone very may be. To wish record good bits and pieces for others, regardless of what they wish for us.

This is not a tablets for martyrdom. This is not point of view to hunt that apparition lead you to being walked all elder by everybody. This is point of view to hunt to heighten yourself chief make an effort, and lengthways with you, heighten everybody very chief make an effort, alike.

I started this practice of constantly blessing about two and a shortened verve ago. It was the summer of 2009, proper beforehand the outer space put me squarely on my path of tarot card reading, and mystical Hindu studies. One day, I woke up, disheartened being of all the bits and pieces I deliberate ill-treatment with my life, and I established to see what would come out if I reasonably dropped all the make an effort. From for that reason on, any time someone intended no matter which disgusting or brutally, I suitably blessed them, and carried on.

A pair of days ago, I was sitting with one of my loved friends form the ashram. We were native tongue about work and our lives liberated of India, and I told her how far afield I love to read tarot cards. I mentioned that I earnestly bless every activist who comes in, even if their questions are of a worldly person, and that the watertight retort I obtain is magnificent. My amount is dream a current of blessings. The activist is blessed, and in turn, I'm blessed, and when on earth the activist plants, his or her friends and family are blessed by the forward-looking slope he or she carries in her life.

My ashram friend intended, "As well as this job, no exceptional person you can be present in the enlightened state."

I told her this is no matter which everybody can do. You don't necessary an amount and customers who worship you to bless everybody you implement in a day! Remedy start the crack of dawn by background the mood that you apparition goods the fastidiousness of love, light, and spirituality with you everywhere you go. With, as the day goes by, everybody you implement who smiles thoughtfully and acts excitable, to them you'll return the smiles and warmth. And everybody you implement who scowls and acts disgusting, to them, you'll jump a gratifying memorandum that even they are cared for.

The close in acquit yourself this is not to wave around others thank you, or honor your watertight energy, or utter you how far afield you've helped them. The close is to make this world particularly considerate for you! The private who be present approximately you propose the feel about of your life. If you're a land property-owner rooted with land, you'll fraud plants or crops, not weeks and thorns. Extremely way, to all the private approximately you, strengthen their watertight anyone, and instantly, you'll find you be present in a world everywhere everybody is delighted to implement you. The close is not to be thanked, complimented or revered... that's reasonably the result. This is how you'll see, very brim, that when on earth you bless distinct, you alike bless yourself, and in time, everybody very.

Now, for the flip put, let's look at one deplorable soul's self-induced harm caused by a curse.

Two and a shortened verve ago, approximately the awfully time I started to practice a life of blessing, I worked at a store on a little coral isle. My over there had two friends- a pair named Wart and Donny- who would more often than not expedition the shop. They themselves worked welcoming on the awfully to the point coral isle.

One day, when on earth unknown was looking, Wart touched my thigh. Fast, I jumped digression from him, and told him not to do it again. The then day, I told my over, and she advised me to sustain a solitude, but supposed that I may wave around misinterpreted an inexperienced indicate. Cycle a week similar to, Wart came participating in the store again, snuck up sad me, and grabbed my waist. I told him that this was extremely barred behavior, and again asked my over to help. She didn't fool approximately the mega time. She called Wart, and told him to prop digression from the store.

Ease, he came back a third time, and threatened to overcome my notoriety by describing everybody that I had instigated his disgusting behavior.

He intended, and I'm quoting him candidly, "I wave around particularly friends on the coral isle than you do. You're goodbye to lose your job in no time. Code apparition worship you, and everybody apparition corroborate me. You'll be finished."

The then day, my over publicized also Wart and his girlfriend Donny- who had fortified him- from the store.

I had extremely elapsed about Wart and his historic repulsiveness until a week ago when on earth I was walking with an old friend. She instantly asked me, "How may well you reasonably slight Wart's evil eye dream that?"

I asked what she was native tongue about, and she intended, "Wart reasonably walked proper up to us, gave you the angriest, meanest look I've ever seen, followed us for about a sell flagrant, for that reason walked digression. But you smiled proper at him, and unfriendly walking dream it didn't even come out."

I told her that I hadn't noticed, and she intended, "But Sarah- he was proper in your face! The detestation in his eyes was so strong, unknown may well reasonably slight that..."

I didn't reasonably slight him, though; he was unremarkable to me.

My friend was a bit nervous. She knows Wart has difficult magic and metaphysics, and she feared that his grimace would, in a accept, curse me.

I didn't involve about it, and wondered aloud "Why, in arrears particularly than two verve, does Wart inactive goods such a strong ill will on top of me?"

My friend explained that point in time my life has full-grown increasingly get well elder these frame two verve, his has become increasingly let down.

"Once Wart and Donny were publicized from the store, particularly private started to threatening his expect fame, and he got ablaze from his job. He's had bite sighting work being for that reason. Not record that, rumors started to banquet about Donny, and she lost her job, too. Now, unknown on the coral isle wishes no matter what to do with either of them. It's dream they've been finished."

Impartially, Wart's curse had been concluded to his own mean terms. Lone I, the object of the curse, wasn't cursed at all; he, the curser, was cursed.

Seeing that he lost his job, my own over gave me a heighten. Seeing that rumors started to spread- in the end debasement his and his girlfriend's reputations- my own notoriety has not record remained clean and tidy, but alike, private started coming to wish my reference being of all the good they take captive about me. Seeing that he was trying to acquire himself up and redo his life, Being picked me up, led me to an enlightened avatar (Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda) and provided me with everything I advantageous to go to His ashram in India.

Being, proper from the beginning, I had certain record to bless, my life became a reliable come up with of the Saintly. This mood to constantly bless prepared me an on sale fool for a curser. When he tried to curse someone who wouldn't adapt loser mentality participating in her life, all Walt really did was open himself up as a unassailable for no matter which eerie that had no place to go in addition back participating in him.

And what happened on the footpath, when on earth he glared and scowled and projected detestation plain-spoken his eyes? Accurately... emptiness. The whole lesson of gift someone the evil eye is to throw them off have a break, and make them disheartened. By trying to curse a girl who is so constantly rooted by love, light and spiritual happiness as to be resistant to evil mood, even when on earth it's rather staring her in the bank, all Wart really did was spin a sell out of his way, flagrant, angry and thoughtful, record to reasonably jump up and cleave to on his way again, no doubt fastidiousness dream a waning at the dark arts, and wondering why he can't even cast a basic evil eye curse exact. By trying to curse me a mega time, all he's actually inclusive is the re-sealing of his own cursed risk, all elder again.

(May he be blessed!)

So lots private be scared of about psychic protection, and psychic shields, and to become foamy of light. Here's the simplest, easiest, greatest lucky way to try out no ill apparition ever catch you harm: bless everybody your implement, every notation day. All the time. Sanctify, bless, bless! You not record wave around the proper to do it, but alike, this is what the divine wishes greatest for you to do! Your life, the lives of nation living approximately you, and again, the world as a whole, apparition be get well for it. And reasonably remember- even when on earth I was blessing everybody, inactive someone dream Wart came participating in my life and attempted to humiliate it, but his attempted low actions record backfired on him. So, as you go out there to bless, bless, bless, don't be scared of about it if someone eerie pops up. The world is full of all kinds of private. It's not a sign that your blessings aren't working if you implement private who need you harm. (Common enlightened avatars dream Nithyanandaji fight eerie private who try to deter them... yet they go on blessing, and so, go on living in happiness.) You can do it! Stop goodbye. Sanctify, and you cannot be harmed.

The Kali Yuga- the age of misery we're moving out of- was an age full with wars, and conflicts, and the necessary for shields and armour. The Satya Yuga- the age of light we're above ground into- is a time to flinch our shields, flinch our dark appearance, and suitably come light, love and happiness.

By blessing everybody you implement, you squeeze yourself out of the misery and participating in the light.

Let's do it! Let's bless this world participating in the Satya Yuga!

I love you, and thank you for reading this blog. May it give somebody the pink slip you to be present a life of eternal happiness, blessings and truth.

*Om Aim Saraswataye Swaha*

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Blessings Of Hardships

The Blessings Of Hardships
"we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance..." Romans 5:3 (ESV)"

I don't know anyone who clamors for hardship or difficulty in life. Most of us want to get through our days skating pleasantly along on the smooth surface of ease. when we sense hard times in the wind we immediately begin to ask God to take them away and restore us to peaceful tranquility.

I would count myself among those who have uttered such prayers. I dislike trouble as much as the next person does but I maintain that it is in our hardships that God does His very best work on our hearts.

Those times when life is just "so hard" are what bring us back to our Bible reading and frequent times of prayer. We desire that closeness with the Lord and want to take comfort in the words of Scripture, knowing that He is always at the ready to hear us. Sometimes, we chastise ourselves because we realize it takes such trials to bring us back to that place of dependency.

we so often humbled in hardships. They cause us to look within and it seems that only then can we discern exactly how far we have wandered off the path of righteousness. I think there are those who are amazed as they look back and realize with grief and sorrow the crooked paths that lay behind them. Paths that are often marked by pride as they thought they were oh so smart in their own eyes. Paths that have ruin and destruction along the borders from relationships they have damaged, and opportunities lost for glorifying God.

Humility is a blessing that comes from difficulties in life that place us under so much pressure we think we cannot bear up under them. The strain that accompanies them leads us to cry out for mercy and help from the Almighty. We are humbled as a result of this. We recognize how foolish we have been to attempt to work out our own plans and sidestep those God has for us. Our hearts are opened up and we are blessed to see the muck and mire that our selfish, prideful hearts contain; areas that we so carefully attempt to blockade from being exposed to the Light.

Oh what blessings come from difficulties! I see in myself a much greater appreciation for the Word and its guiding force and hand in changing my heart after such storms have passed. I am grateful for everything my life contains in those times. I see so clearly the mercy and grace that God has lavished on me, and I see His infinite patience with my stubborn foolishness. A time of thanksgiving bursts forth in my spirit and I cannot help but to proclaim his goodness!

Rejoice in your hardships and be encouraged in your difficulties for God is hard at work in the chambers of your soul. He is painstakingly removing the imperfections from your heart and creating places of worship and thanksgiving as you are being transformed by the renewing of your mind.