Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magic Spells On The Corpse

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Some times magic spells are cast on the corpse. This can be done only by an expert magician.

When a person dies the magicians place an amulet in his mouth. This casts a powerful spell for making the victim fall sick or in killing him.

When such a corpse gets buried the magic spell gets activated and it strangles the victim literally. He becomes sick and all he can think of is death. In some other instances the magic is done on the grave itself in which a new corpse has been buried. If some one is suffering from this kind of magic then this amal is suitable for the victim. However please go through my above mentioned posts regarding spell reversal.

The amal is as follows:

Read Durud shareef 11 times before and after reading the verse no.36 of Surah Al Anaam.


Those who listen (in truth), be sure, will accept: as to the dead, Allah will raise them up; then will they be turned unto Him.

The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.

After finishing the amal, one should pray to Allah help in to reversing the spell towards the magician.

The symptoms of successful spell reversal are as follows:

The victim may feel better.

The face shall get back its radiance.

The fear of death shall come to an end.

The victim may stop seeing graveyards in his dreams.

The victim may stop seeing corpses in his dreams

Remember me in your prayers,

Amel Soname

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