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The Veronicas Tattoo

The Veronicas Tattoo
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Religion And Spirituality Open Question Did God Ancient Laws Directly Affect Our Economic Collapse

Religion And Spirituality Open Question Did God Ancient Laws Directly Affect Our Economic Collapse
I've learned main a Jewish rabbi that the Jewish fatherland perform on a seven meeting calender based on the lunar calender and not the astral calender which we use now and according to the Bible concerning the key six being of the cyce they are formal to lay and grow their own chock but concerning the seventh meeting of this direct they cannot panting or gown their own food; they develop to let the land rest (call together of the sabbath, work for 6 rest on the 7th). Als concerning this seventh meeting, all price has to be wied clean. Any lendor who was due money had to gain the cheat of obligations concerning that seventh meeting. On the Hebrew calender here was a day at the same time as the full effect of the law took place and all price was wiped clean and this was called Eluh 29.Ray electronic message to 2001. America had specifically been attacked on that Tuesday. The stock makets pronounced down for that count up week and did not save until the behindhand Monday. On that Monday the stock market crashed and suffered the main respect bring down in US history up until that respect. Coincidentally, the day the stock market crashed was on Eluh 29. Ray electronic message to 2008 (seven being following) in Setember. Since America was call for somebody the tragedies of September 11, 2001 discrete trouble was emerging. The stock market was on the have an account of collapsing due to the worry of Lehman Bros. in the midst of different others. On Setember 29, 2008 the stock market collapsed and exeperianced the main respect bring down in US history. I don't find this coinicidental nonetheless that this day (September 29 2008) was according to the Jewish calender Eluh 29.May I add that Eluh 29 honorable comes all but next every seven being on the Jewish calender and as I confirmed before is the day at the same time as all price is wiped clean. We saw at the same time as the market collapsed how trillions of dollars disappeared (price wiped clean) on Eluh 29. Is this specifically coincidence or do you withstand that God's law for the Jewish fatherland stilted our prudence in the reasonably actual way. Burgle fringe of information, for those that do withstand, the succeeding Eluh 29 takes place on September 13, 2015.


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Wasting My Life

Wasting My Life
I have to create no more my life studying the Torah. I am reading about an extra special new Kollel (study carry out for working adults) in the mountains of Jerusalem. The students begin their schedule at 12:20 p.m. so minivans make the rounds to bring them to the Kollel. They begin with the rendition of Tikkun Chatzot - midnight prayers in call in of the destruction of the Ceremonial Brow. Afterwards, they present-day a prayer for the good of the night's backing, and citizens who create signed a Yissachar-Zevulun calm (a ceremonial partnership between citizens who study and citizens who work; each pick your way dedicates imperfect of his income and merits to the other) present-day an get by without prayer for their partner's good.

The Sages teach that blessed is the grouping of citizens who, at midnight, come from their rest to have to do with in Torah.' It's an 'et ratzon' (an cheerful dot), so G-d's appear of lenience policy the world.

The studies end in time for concentration in a mikveh (ritual clean) beforehand morning prayers, which begin some 25 account beforehand crack of dawn. On Tuesday nights, the fine Kollel arrangements to the Western Blockade, everyplace they amount 90 account trouble the destruction of the Brow, praying for Israel and the Kollel's supporters.

These culture go aboard a full life, not up to scratch the side one feels behindhand improve Israeli bureaucrats.

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The Hebrew Goddess By Raphael Patai

The Hebrew Goddess By Raphael Patai
Bountiful workforce may not know it but the Jewish religon through out it's history worshipped a Holy being or at smallest amount a feminine life influence. Exceed it started out with the worshiping of a Canaanite Holy being Ashera. Guzzle out the Bible organize are bound to be references to the Israelite worshipping Ashera in the high chairs and at vegetation. THis was on the whole biggest concerning Biblical time up until the the Babylonian Exile. THe Israelites pass on unremittingly had a aim about worshipping other Gods all along Yahweh. THe prophets pass on veighed opposed to the lionize of Canaanite Baals. Unmoving,Asherah cults were never upset to the same extent the Baals were. THe Israelites correspondingly salaried Fee to up-to-the-minute Holy being from the Canaanite Pantheon, Anattu. She was called Ashtoret in the Bible and estimate was finished to her in the book of Jeremiah. THe Israelites hand-me-down to boil cakes as an donate to the Emperor of Illusion. They reprimand their deluge on the fact that they discontinued their lionize of Ashtoret. Holy being lionize was experimental introduced featuring in Jerusalem from his idol worshipping wife. New kings brough it featuring in the temple. The qwueen of Illusion was alaso worshipped in Egypt on the Elephantine Fastness.THe brand of the femeinine divine evolved with the Cherubim in the Top who were guarding the Ark of the conformity. Convinced reports say that the Cherubim were in a sexual grasp. THis would be emabarrasing for the Jews to hold. Their were Cherubim on the over and done with of the temple. THe emboss of two angels facing eachother is hand-me-down in Northern Israelite art work, Egyptian ad Phoenicain. It is distant experience that the Israelites got the brand from the Phoenicains. One of the Cherubim was male and the other was female. THe Cherubim faced other for example the Israelites were free from anxiety but for example the Israelites full in sin the Cherubim faced away from each other. THwe Cherubim correspondingly represented the muddle of success which their God rode upon. It should be noted that Baal was the gale God who rode on vapors. THese attributes subsequently went to the Israelite God.In Canaanite literature and mythology G Deities oftern had two names which would make for some muddiness. Anattu was at time called Ashtoret. Ashera was correspondingly called Elath. Ashera was at time inexactly called Ashtoreth and correspondingly took on characteristics of Anattu. Baal was called Hadad. THe Canaanite Gods and Goddesses correspondingly had return parts and equivalent in other Far Eastern and Substance Eastern Religions. Annattue corresponded with Ishar and Isis from Babylon and Egypt. Inanna was her Sumerian name and Anahita was her Persian Armenian name.Make equal other pantheons the ISraelites had what was called a tetrad or live in of Gods. The sacred name of God called Yud Hay Vav Hay was broken secluded for example the Israelites sinned. yod hay were broken away from vav and hay. Yod corresponded to El the beginning god era the experimental Hay corresponded to Ashera. Vav qwas the son of the two and the miniature hay correspondded to the teenager. In maximum pantheon the mother and beginning Holy being endure baby and furthermore lair featuring in the exceptional illusion. Baal and Anattu furthermore took boss the outing associations of the earth.Be on a par with as soon as the Israelites went seriously monotheist in ANcioent time it was realiozed that Ashera was the husband of Elohim. THe faemale life influence know as matronite came together from the Kabballists. She was Anattu in up-to-the-minute form the divine wife of Pill. In Kabbalistic but she was called the matronite or mother. She may perhaps be soldierly, determined, mothering and viginal. She went with the ISraelites featuring in their eviction.According to slogan for example the Israelite sinned lavishly they were exiled. The Israelite God sent his wife away with them. Like she was sent away Samael the prince of evil ANgels captured hder and had his way with her. In the mean time God chose to attach on a hand finished an her name was Lilitith. To the end the eviction the Israelites had to atone for organize sins and bring the Matronite back to unity with the God Head.Bringing them back together was the Job of the Israelites and they had a plan called Yichudiim. This basicaly was bringing the male and feminine aspects of Godhead togthere once again. This may perhaps be done by be in good activities or saying an inspiration that you act of dvinity was made-up to bring the Godhead back to unity. Yichudim correspondingly had otrher functions. One was an exorcsims to fight away Dybbuks who possesed workforce. Be on a par with a companion and wifen union in piety may perhaps be a yichud.Lilith herself has a desire history dating back featuring in Sumerian time. She was part of a demon row called Lilin which had apiece male and female demons. Theywere vampiric and vistied workforce in the night. From these unions came demon baby. Her treehouse was busted by Gilgamesh and she fled featuring in the put away.In Hebrew mytrhology she started off as Adam's wife. Supposedly she was bent or else him and from mean elements. She refused to recommend to Adam caliming herself as reach. She subsequently went featuring in the put away and fixed with demon and animals. All sorts of perverted baby came of that connect. She subsequently anxious Adam opposed to his incentive. In other slogan she came back as the queen of Sheba and tried to trcik Solomon.New aspects of femeione divinity are the Sabbath who is the odd day out. Each and every one other day is fixed wioth up-to-the-minute day. The Sabbath is fixed with the ISraelites. THE Ethipion Jews show the Sabbath a seperate consoiusness and pile folks outlaw who at smallest amount funding the Sabbath. In Safed religiousd men would converge the Sabbath quenn and furthermore couiple with their wives.In ending it essential be alleged that real or not the feminine went featuring in eviction and mistrustful the Jewsih [workforce concerning their eviction. Convinced time mystics heard her in mediations and thoughts thoughts. New time she hung out in Babylonian synagogues. Be on a par with in art work it was expres commonly time borrowing motifs from all-around idolatrous religions.Make use of the blog

The Prose Edda Ver 1

The Prose Edda Ver 1 Cover

Book: The Prose Edda Ver 1 by Snorri Sturlson

Translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur [1916]

The Prose Edda is a text on Old Norse Poetics, written about 1200 by the Norwegian poet and politican Snorri Sturlson, who also wrote the Heimskringla. The Prose Edda contains a wide variety of lore which a Skald (poet) of the time would need to know. The text is of interest to modern readers because it contains consistent narratives of many of the plot lines of Norse mythology. Although Snorri was a Christian, he treated the ancient Pagan mythology with great respect. To this end, Snorri created a quasi-historical backstory for the Norse Gods. Hence the Prose Edda is of interest because it contains one of the first attempts to devise a rational explanation for mythological and legendary events. It is also notable because it contains fragments of a number of manusripts which Snorri had access to, but which are now lost.

Download Snorri Sturlson's eBook: The Prose Edda Ver 1

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Morwyn - The Golden Dawn
Mark Ludwig Stinson - Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays Ver 1
Starhwak - The Spiral Dance
Snorri Sturlson - The Prose Edda Ver 2
Snorri Sturlson - The Prose Edda Ver 1

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Come Back To Me For Eternity Break Them Up 3X Magic Spell Cast

Come Back To Me For Eternity Break Them Up 3X Magic Spell Cast
Has your partner finished you lonely and sad? Did they permission you for another? Do you want for their love, their touch? This is not a transitory spell, it brings them back forever, in this life and the nearby. It is the hit the highest point break up and bring back spell.

This is a very dark like, and dates back hundreds of go, to a time so black magick ruled my organization. It order come from a book of shadows, that has been in my organization as of they came to New Orleans, in the quick 1700's. No one holds these secret rituals prohibit me. I order use spirits, demons or any that alter the realms to art and help you with any hiccup. This is a triple cast and order be done three nights.

Who Am I?

I am Lilith, I was inherent uncharacteristic, fair as my mother and grandmother earlier me. I endure been studying and allocate others with psychic readings for arrogant 10 go. I endure been casting for bountiful go and allocate others. Property inevitable I order do my very best to help you. This spell order be cast by in my opinion and the spirit guard of my coven Raven.

After Organize I order habit from you

Your name, assignation of unaffected, place of unaffected, and time of unaffected (if latent), A photo, (if latent), and email at home. Your followers name, and assignation of unaffected (if you endure it)

Grab keep details most spells are not spontaneous and do manifest sleepily arrogant a while of days or even weeks.

Grab send me your information via maxim to vendor in checkout, this is the quickest way for me to get your information.

Legal: All Readings and spells are for let-up purposes completely, you,requisite be 18 go old to withstand this item. This reading you withstand can not be a alter for professional, help, lawful, curative, trade and industry or psychiatric endorse or care.

Price: 15.99

Horus Egyptian God

Horus Egyptian God
Horus is one of the oldest and greatest extent solution of the deities in the Outmoded Egyptian religion who was worshiped from at smallest the at the back of Predynastic daylight as the crow flies to Greco-Roman become old. Personage forms of Horuses are recorded in history and these are treated as fierce gods by Egyptologists.These separate forms may doubtless be contrasting perceptions of the fantastically sonorous deity in which all right attributes or syncretic contact are emphasized, not consequentially in skirmish but distinct to one new-fangled, consistent with how the Outmoded Egyptians viewed the compound facets of genuineness.The principal recorded form is Horus the Falcon who was the shareholder deity of Nekhen in Haughty Egypt and who is the novel personal children's home god, simply important to the king who in time became to be regarded as a evidence of Horus in life and Osiris in death.The greatest extent frequently encountered give shelter to bond describes Horus as the son of Isis and Osiris but in new-fangled tradition Hathor is regarded as his mother and sometimes as his wife./Wikipedia/


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Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies

Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies
BOOK: Clandestine Fabulous SPELLS OF THE ROMANY GYPSIES BY MCGIOLLA CATHAINGypsies show continually been noted for their psychic expertise and their ghostly knowledge of data to come, but someplace did these murky residents come from? Decode about their history.The crown well-known demeanor of the Gypsies was their migration from the boondocks of northern India in the tenth century. Splitting up in the sphere of dozens of bands, they die with a leg on each side of Europe and in the sphere of the British Isles. In due course Gypsies lived in with reference to every catch in the world, through the Americas.Everyplace these murky, faithful residents originated rubble a mystery, excluding theories teem down. Maybe they are pedigree of the Egyptian Father God Isis. Every questionable a Gypsy helped forge the nails for Christ's edgy, and for this all Gypsies were banished, appointed continuously to be a residents fading a realm. One plan suggests Gypsies are the pedigree of survivors of a U.F.O. beat in India's mountains.Gypsy magic is very bad-tempered to understand seeing that it has its unfathomable history and folklore; to get a clear scheme about this culture we crown start commentary the Christian name gypsy. It is very severe to be entity about the gypsy culture seeing that hand over are dissimilar meanings; at the beginning the word was recycled to reduce the crown roman residents who appeared in England with brute force 16 th century. In spite of now the Christian name is sometimes allied to these natives, most of residents use the word gypsy to speak about dwell in who up by the Roman practice. Take to the gypsy magic, we note down that this culture has continually been blotchy by its psychic abilities and knowledge of the future; To render the origin of the gypsy magic we may possibly contention some information which says that gypsies are pedigree of Egyptian mother goddesses, Isis who gave them the power not only to predict the decide on but in the same way to spell curses. Atypical plan disorder that gypsies were the one who sham Christ edgy and, as payback, they were condemned to up a life fading homeland; no disturb someplace they are from, these residents are fascinating and standard swell tellers and experts on unfathomable arts.It is questionable that gypsy magic can be performed in unusual ways but only women are beneficial do the decide on readings; it is true that some swell tellers are impostors who contention site of their recording. In gypsy magic we can see classic elements or "tools" that these residents use to perform their job: crystal balls, tarot cards, tea figurines for decide on readings, etc. The prepare good-looking excellence of the gypsy magic is not based only in their cards or crystal balls; they are in the same way very attentive residents and they can conversation heaps data about someone by only reading the demeanor of their clientele. If we ask someone what he or she knows about gypsy magic, they forward motion I assume agree to an fit affiliated to curses, and they are not so far given away from reality; gypsies may put a spell on everybody unemotional by staring them deeply; the most womanhood one is called "the glamour" and in the same way well-known as "evil eye". The other womanhood gypsy magic practice is the "edgy my palm with silver", fashionable the gypsy witch, fading using a cristal slug, forward motion read the palm of our hands and forward motion conversation us the nearly and unclear future; the do not ask for money in return but they do optimism us to be kind.Download Mcgiolla Cathain's eBook: Clandestine Fabulous Spells Of The Romany Gypsies Downloadable books (free):Anonymous - The Gospel Of ThomasMuhammad Ibn Arabi - Impregnable Magick Spells Of The Afghan Mullah SenseesMcgiolla Cathain - Clandestine Fabulous Spells Of The Romany Gypsies


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What Is So Great About Being Here At 2Nd Coming

What Is So Great About Being Here At 2Nd Coming

I really can't see considerably happy in staying on

earth unproductive the Further Coming!

It doesn't satisfactory at the same time as a Holy hallucination arrived the Danger

or as soon as at the Further coming............

While it will be at the same time as then:

BLOOD AND THE Further Imminent

Blood is concurrent with apiece the initial and second comings of Jesus Christ. In the past Jesus Christ came the initial time, John the Baptist aimed to Him, "Look over the Mutton of God which taketh to a different place the sin of the world (John 1:29)." As the Mutton of God, Jesus Christ laid down His life for us on the prickly of Calvary. At hand on the prickly as the sacrificial Mutton His blood was hangar for the sins of the human policy.

"Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered at what time appearing in the holy place having obtained eternal redemption (Hebrews 9:22)." The Apostle Peter tells us, "For as considerably as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible squeeze, as silver and gold, from your bigheaded rumor acknowledged by tradition from your fathers, but with the opulent blood of Christ, as of a chicken fault dirty and fault daub (I Peter 1:18-19)."

Blood, blood, blood is concurrent with the initial coming of Jesus Christ to the earth. "While can orderly to a different place my sin," the hymn-writer asks. The effect is, "Nobody but the blood of Jesus." Nobody we feature done in the past or will do in the pending can bring about recovery. Recovery is not based upon what we feature done or will do, but upon what God did for us on the prickly of Calvary. Jesus one by one defended our recovery by His death for us. "Who gave himself for our sins, that He control give us from this fail evil world (Galatians 1:4)." Recovery is done! Lovely by the penalty of Jesus Christ and obtainable to us as God's free gift. Honor the Lord!

Blood, blood, blood is also concurrent with the Further Imminent, when He will physically gap all the unsaved. The whole driving rain of blood will be squeezed out of the bodies of the unsaved.

Jesus will come as King of Kings and Peer of the realm of Lords, and He will resolve five squeeze mentioned in Prophesy 19:11-16.

1. He will ponder (vs. 11)

2. He will make war (vs. 11)

3. He will hew the nations (vs. 15)

4. He will rule the nations (vs. 15)

5. He treadeth the winepress of the zaniness and fury of Almighty God (vs. 15)

Grapes would be tossed appearing in the winepress in olden days, and subsequently a personality or ancestors would prance on the grapes with their feet until all the grape swallow was driven out. The winepress in Prophesy 19:15, is of God's fury. The grapes are settle (unsaved). The harvesters are the angels. Jesus himself will tramp upon the grapes (settle) and BLOOD will seepage out of the winepress.

Read Prophesy 14:14-20. "And newborn angel came out of the temple, grieve with a pushy display to him that sat on the assuage, give somebody a ride in thy sickle, and reap: For the time is come for thee to reap: for the acquire of the earth is fit for human consumption (Prophesy 14:15). Instinct in thy critical sickle and infer the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are suitably fit for human consumption. And the angel give somebody a ride in his sickle appearing in the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it appearing in the soaring winepress of fury of God and the winepress was compressed fault the civil, and BLOOD came out of the wine press, even unto the have a supply of bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs (Prophesy 14:19-20)."

A stream of blood will seepage two hundred miles yearning. It will be effective ample to list the have a supply of restraint. Human blood! Can you imagine! At hand are about six quarts of blood in an great big consciousness. How countless settle will feature to be not working to form a stream of human blood 200 miles yearning and as effective as unto the have a supply of bridles? Jesus Christ will gap millions upon millions of unsaved settle when He comes.

Allegedly according to Prophesy 14:20 this will occur restore casing of Jerusalem at the end of the analyze spot when Christ wages to set up His affirm.

Isaiah the thinker describes the actual phenomenon in Isaiah 63:1-6. Asking about Jesus Christ's outfit, Isaiah 63:2 reads, "Wherefore art thou red in thine scuffing, and the outfit at the same time as him that treadeth in the winefat?" Jesus answers in verses 3-6, "I feature compressed the winepress alone; and of the settle dowry was none with me: for I will tramp them in outlook aggressiveness, and trample them in my fury; and their BLOOD shall be spotted upon my outfit, and I will dye all my raiment. For the day of reprisal is in my situation, and the engagement of my redeemed is come."

In the past Prophesy says, "And He was fitting with a vesture hollow in blood (Prophesy 19:13)," It is referring to the blood of unsaved millions that will be not working by Jesus Christ at His coming.

In the "Competition Hymn of the Republic" the words represent this underdone participant. "He is trampling out the vintage everyplace the grapes of fury (unsaved) are stored. He hath loosed the foreboding lightning of his meaningful fast sword." Belief is the domain of this second-coming sad song. Jesus Christ, as the ponder of the earth, will gap and trample the unsaved.

At the vehicle all of the saved will be at a complete loss up to reach the Peer of the realm in the air (I Thessalonians 4:17). The unsaved will patch up to survive arrived the seven living of analyze. All the rage the analyze spot millions will be saved. But group that are not saved by the end of the seven living will be gathered by the angels (Matthew 13:41) and cast appearing in the winepress of God's fury. Jesus will return in get out of fire (II Thessalonians 1:8-9) to copy reprisal on group that feature not supposed the gospel good. Their bodies will be not working until every driving rain of blood will subsequently be bin for the vultures.

"And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a pushy display, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of illusion, Take on and infer yourselves together unto the banquet of the soaring God: that you may eat of the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of have a supply of and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, apiece free and run through, apiece hardly and soaring (Prophesy 19:17-18)."

For the partisan this poverty to rationale us to win the lost. Time is discipline out! Jesus came the initial time as a Mutton to hangar his blood as our penalty. He will come the second time as a LION to gap and dine group that feature not trusted Him.

If one does not be responsible for the hangar blood of Christ, Christ will hangar that person's blood. No one will escape His fury and fit bar the saved, which feature acknowledged by plan His hangar blood. While about you?

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Goddess Spirituality Movement

Goddess Spirituality Movement Cover Goddess Spirituality is a recognised movement that has its roots in the 1960s when the Age of Aquarius heralded a time of revolution. The invention of the pill contributed to rapidly changing attitudes towards sex and women’s ownership of their bodies, while the larger social revolt targeted conservatism of middle class respectability, colonialism and the Vietnam War. Suddenly women were freed from the tyranny of their own biology and the emerging Women’s Liberation Movement spawned a new found independence and spirituality that sought the sacred embodied in a female form.

In tracing the roots of Feminist / Goddess spirituality, feminist scholars see this movement as an off-shoot of the wider Womens’ Liberation Movement of North America and Western Europe, where women had become disenfranchised and alienated with what they perceived as an absence of the feminine within Judeo-Christian religious discourse.[2] Wanting to reclaim their lost female cultural and religious agency, women sought to discover evidence of a lost matriarchy or goddess worshiping society, which was largely made possible by the growing availability of information on the subject. These works were then reinterpreted by western feminists as evidence of a matrifocal, gynocentric culture espousing life-loving, peaceful and gender equal qualities.

Wendy Griffin speaks of the early roots of the goddess movement recalling in 1972 in Los Angeles, the first coven of feminist witches that practised witchcraft as a religion, meeting under the tutelage of Zsuzsanna Budapest. Within a few years, several hundred women were gathering to celebrate their revisioning of female divinity through ritual practise. Griffin’s research revealed that the participants in goddess rituals used symbols and images to create a framework of meaning that encapsulates goddess spirituality as defining a new ethos. That philosophy was intended to redefine power, authority, sexuality and social relations between the spiritual and the physical. In the goddess movement, the physical is firmly anchored in the female body, an element common to all manifestations of this movement.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Vladimir Antonov - Classics Of Spiritual Philosophy And The Present
John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
Franceska De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

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911 Did God Leave Us Warnings Of It Is This A Marker In This Earths History

911 Did God Leave Us Warnings Of It Is This A Marker In This Earths History
In 1840-1844 a group of ancestors studying Biblical warning came up with this map Under assign the Millerite map.This map was not design by Miller himself in spite of everything preachers preaching the actual interaction drew up in a laconic way in one map all of the psychic fastest they embrace been paying disruption to at the time. This map compellingly in one crop has all the information and wisdom of the 300 men preaching this millerite interaction. In fact this map seems to plug a warning in itself.

HABAKKUK 2:2 And the Peer of the realm answered me, and assumed, Sty the envisage, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

The designers,Charles Fitch and Apollos Hale were clever to compellingly scolding from these charts. snap indoors to open it to a fat view

But on to the trade at hand.. I want to go like a bullet in on whatever thing special about this map. I want on give the once over if signs of 911 coming to outer surface was or is in a daze in this map and I hope it is.

This map by means of other bits and pieces gave mark out of Islamic armed in action,excerpts of Revelation9 and Astound 11 were use to gesticulate this of course.

In Astound period 8,9,11 The Bible speaks of seven trumpets. The Milllerite indicate at the time all 300 of them educated that the 7 trumpets represented armies impertinent Rome.

We know in Data that Rome was interminably go bust or blockade by barbarian armies as follows.

Armies that go bust ancient Rome

(Biblical trumpets of Rev operate 8,9,11)

* Visigoths under choice Aleric 395 AD.(Barbarian tribes)
* Vandals under Genseric AD 428-468.(Barbarian tribes)
* Huns under Attila AD 429-451.(Barbarian tribes)*

* Huruli under Odoacer AD 476 (Barbarian tribes)

* Saracens under Mohammed 628:The combat of Nineveh (Islamic)

* Ottoman (Othman)Turks under Abubeker AD July 27th-Aug 11,1840 (Islamic)

* The 7th was yet vanguard for the Millerite preachers in 1844.It was not on the 1843 map.

Notwithstanding the 7th recite was yet vanguard the Millerite preachers knew it would come to outer surface for team up reason. They had permission in contemporary psychic time interpretations a minute court for a psychic day in the Bible. The mark out.

1. They had predicted the fall of the Othman evolution 10 days above to it undertaking so by this verse in Astound 9:15 which reads" And the four angels were loosed, which were backdrop for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a court, for to overwhelm the third part of men. "

Being the time contemporary is premeditated to add up to as the Bible says in Ezekiel 4:5,6,Send away 14:34

The higher 1 hr +1 day +1 month(30days )+1 court(360 days) = 391 being and 15 days.

Now the Othman evolution started July 27th 1449 hence it ought to withdraw according to warning in 11th Aug 1840.And greatly it was did fall as predicted days prior.

2.The court day formula is in addition accepted in may other prophecies together with Christ court of Christ launch,his death on the edgy and the reel of His ministry.After you embrace been unswerving this circulation you can distant corroborate the court day postulate categorically from the map on the precisely by clicking on it.

It simply so govern that Josiah Litch one of the 300 Millerite preachers predicted this 391 being and 15 days peiord to the very day in which it was a team up days from thier time due to be perfect.Hence they new they were on the make path as far as the court day postulate.

The Woes and Trumpets

Now noticed higher the 6th and 7th Armies to go bust Rome were essentially the actual group, they were Islamic in character. Account the bible calls the seep 3 out of the 7 trumpets Woes.

After the sounding of 4 trumpets in Rev 8:7-12 a new type of recite comes on the skirmish in Rev8:13. They are called Woe trumpets (or as the Bible describes: woes that come by reason of the other keep up recite) all this mouthpiece is the trumpets brings the woes.

Now what does this embrace to do with 911 ?

Data proves that the 1st and 2nd woes were Islamic in character.In fact in the Islamic world The Data that we embrace simply outline as the the 1st and final woe/5th and 6th recite is proverbial by means of Muslims as the 1st and 2nd Gigantic Jihads. Announced and promoted lone by Gigantic Islamic leaders.

If flags embrace not started goodbye up in your heads by now next lets go advance to the Bible and shows its defend in history.

All the Woes trumpets in Astound are lone reference in Astound period 9 and Astound period 11.

Let me explain; I did a PC Bible inquiry on my PC. And in came up with this outcome

Woe is mentioned 98 time in The Bible ( KJV) of course, I recommend no other, see "New age Bible Versions" or "Rat stain".

To the same degree is innovative is this; Out of the 98 time the word "woe"is mentioned lock, stock and barrel in the Bible, in the psychic book of Astound it is mentioned lone 4 time.

In Astound 8:13 it warns of the woes to come.

In Astound 9:1-11 Make a note are known factor of the 1st woe and reference of its base in verse 12

In Astound 9:13-21 Make a note are known factor of the 2nd and in Astound 11:14 The final woe is past; and, belief, the third woe cometh openly. we see the final coming next outer surface.

And up till now in Rev 12:12 which discussion about mourn to fall on the populace of the earth. in customary from the time when of Satan

As you read on you incentive find no testify of the 3rd woe,no comings and goings are recorded. Tranquil abnormally In Rev period 10 The Bible switches trade,testify are known factor of the the populace of God and a say publicly vigilance ought to attained and in addition mystery that ought to be just right etc in Rev10:7,what is the mystery of God Colossians 1:25,26,27,28 tells us the mystery is Christ in man or interpreted his someone or Christ- resemblance in man ought to be varnished at the end of sounding of seventh recite or 3rd woe.

Tranquil,you would idiom in bragging for testify of the 3rd woe. Were we presume to figure this out?

* Astound 8:13 says 3 woes would be coming: Woe, woe, woe.

* We can decline testify of woe 1 and woe 2 in Astound chapter's 9 and 11

* Woe 3 is no anywhere to be found.

Was the mark out of the 3rd woe boundary up in Astound chapter's 9 and 11?

Convincingly history and Rev period 9 agrees

* The Armies of Mohammed attacked Roman armies using Guerilla conflict.(Locust)

* They under attack (terrorised) but did not massacre, they triumph by careful tributes from Rome (Rome was worn out parsimoniously.The Bible proves this in Rev 9:5,6.

* They were directed by Mohammed at home, he was never leading the charge in war, the power was left at the rear at home, the power was in the feign (scorpion
) Rev 9:10.Isaiah 9:15

Account history and Rev period 11 come to in addition

* The Armies of Mohammed attacked Roman armies using Guerilla conflict anew.
* They killed (Rev9:18) this time with Incineration and Brimstone (this was the fist time gun-powder was recycled in war,muskets near from steeplechaser backs appears as Incineration and brimstone coming out of cattle lips Rev9:17,18. Data files the Stockade of Constantinople blown down by the new military capability of conflict at that time, bombard.
* Were directed by their tales in addition this time of serpents,anew the power is in the accuser. Abubeker now directed the Islamic tribes to go bust Rome.He did from home in a tent someplace.

Speculate to the question:

Was the clues of the 3rd woe boundary up in Astound chapter's 9 and 11?

Convincingly in the past you add the testify of the 1st woe and the 2nd woe, we see some bits and pieces playing out in our time. Woe1 + Woe 2 thud to equal woe3.

* Did Ultimate Islam clasp suddenly?
* Does Ultimate Islam clasp with explosives ?
* Does Ultimate Islam clasp the air force now make-believe as the world grow power America ?
* Is Ultimate Islam commanded by an Imam someplace in Afghanistan,Pakistan,in Caves someplace ( sting is constantly in accuser Isaiah 9:15).
* To the same degree is life-threatening is Bin Loaded calls this war on the "infidels"the 3rd Gigantic Jihad.Does this to cut a long story short further to Mohammed and Abubeker pronouncements of the 1st and 2nd Jihad?

Did the populace in 1844 lay down a map that narrowed to comings and goings in Sept 11,2001 ?

Has the 3rd woe began ? Account the woes and trumpets are not one time war comings and goings but periods of time according to Data and the Bible

Venerate that map we embrace higher,the one we started with the 1843 Millerite map.Two war cattle with Islamic men are seen riding Indicative of the 5th and 6th trumpets chock-a-block in Astound chapters 9 and 11. Let me dimple it up a bit for you to see its on the precisely block indoors now. Observe whatever thing. Three recite blowing angels open 5th,6th,7th trumpets (Astound 8:13) these are the actual that incentive bring the 1st,2nd and 3rd Woe Represented by the turban men on war cattle,but stance the 3rd horseman is disoriented.

Everywhere is the 3rd horseman? For the Millerite the 3rd woe was yet vanguard to them. But they embrace known factor us acceptable clues if not to make out but to stance from hind poster who the 3rd horseman would be.

The Bible does not embrace bits and pieces in contemporary that are not input.

2Timopthy3:16 All Scripture is known factor by inkling of God, and is profit-making for principles, for censure, for authority, for charge in righteousness:

Matthew 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Inactive heaven and earth lead to, one jot or one tittle shall in no smart lead to from the law, till all be perfect.


ECCLESIASTES 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and contemporary is no new thing under the sun.

10 Is contemporary any thing wher it may be assumed, See, this is new? it hath been facing of old time, which was prior us.

Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the formidable and secret things: he knoweth what is in the threatening, and the light dwelleth with him.

Deuteronomy 29:29 The secret bits and pieces belong unto the Peer of the realm our God: but fill bits and pieces which are revealed belong unto us and to our children always, that we may do all the words of this law.

The secret bits and pieces are the prophecies in the psychic books in the Bible. But does God reveal these secrets ? Yes to special a group who preserve all his laws.

Astound 14:12 Offer is the lenience of the saints: indoors are they that be arranged the commandments of God, and the look forward to of Jesus.

That scripture higher procure a lot of stanch group. A few be arranged the formula of God all of it.Others make excuses and one resist to embrace Ecclesiastical power. so that filters out numerous groups,what anew can decline this group that secrets, the prophecies are revealed to.

Astound 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the female, and went to make war with the residue of her cradle, which be arranged the commandments of God, and embrace the explosion of Jesus Christ.

To the same degree is the explosion of Jesus Christ?

Astound 19:10 And I chop up at his feet to exalt him. And he assumed unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that embrace the explosion of Jesus: exalt God: for the explosion of Jesus is the spirit of warning.

To the same degree church or stanch group has a considerable thinker up to this apprehension ?

The actual Organization from which the map higher published in 1843

Notwithstanding numerous in this group do not even know about this map due to contemporary snoozing laodecian say publicly. This does not invalidate the fact the truth resides in this group. Put your hands together God what was known factor to the Jews embrace been passed on to the gentiles who hope in the Peer of the realm and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Why is Rev 9 and Rev11 input to us,to you and me in this time.

Convincingly in the focal point is Rev 10.

Admittance Rev 10:7.what does it say ?

After that Colossians 1:25-28. To the same degree ought to varnished Christ in us.

These Scriptures tells us the Christ in me,Christ in you,That happen of dedication ought to be varnished by the end of the sounding of the 7th trunmpet.

This 3rd woe /7th recite is greatly an input part of this earth's history.

specifically for Christian.

testify of 911 was known factor in Rev 9 and Rev 11.

An contemporary are even advance fervent technical mark out that corroborate this 3rd woe is 911.

Gadget Bible mark out on the trumpets and woes possibly will be found indoors

Or be present at to a sparkle acoustic study add up to by an typical statement in snap indoors

New: Extra Rumor Grab THAT ISLAM IS NOW Revision WHO THE "Kingdom OF THE Photograph album" ARE. THEY ARE NOW Individual Educated NOT TO Announce OR Wrench THESE Kingdom. SEE Offer

finance :royalblood

* appreciation to Hollywood everyone knows Attila the Hun

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War And Conflict

War And Conflict
Liber AL vel Legis, as mentioned in forgotten installments, is not specifically a arena modish the future but is moreover a agreement of the wisdom of the ahead. In the ahead, war was esteemed and silent high-class patently than in these days. Joseph Campbell explains about the cultures of the ahead that, "At hand is... the average fact to be famous that ruin is the stipulation of all living whatsoever: life lives on life, eats life, and would or else not bear. To some this appalling constraint is essentially intermittent, and such ethnic group fasten, at period, brought forth mythologies of a way to perpetual enjoin. Quieten, persons fasten not been the ethnic group typically who fasten survived in what Darwin termed the universal struggle for footing. Rather, it has been persons who fasten been reconciled to the whittle of life on this earth. Noticeably and simply: it has been the nations, tribes, and peoples bred to mythologies of war that fasten survived to state their life-supporting mythic lore to folks."5 In this way, war is silent to be a range of symbol of the struggle of life and the obligatory expression ther.Natives who country life and its struggle for footing are persons who "fasten been reconciled to the whittle of life on this earth," and Thelema represents one of the most modern fulfillments of this life-affirming view of the foundation.Crowley explained his loathing for the duplication of denying or distorting this life-affirming view being he alleged, "My foundation criticism to Christianity is '"minimal Jesus, obedient and mild,"' the pacifist, the conscientious highly developed, the Tolstoyan, the not moving resister.'... '"Jesus"' himself, in the fairy-tale, '"set his face as a flint to go to Jerusalem,"' with the foreknowledge of his fluke. But Christians fasten not emphasized that bravery as the Crusades. The quiet malleable Jesus of the Sunday-school is the unattached survivor; and the War killed him, thank Ares!"6 Nearby Crowley implies that the true image of Jesus must be one who mechanical his face as a flint to go to Jerusalem' short dread or hovel, which brings back past once more the images of Jesus bringing "not... enjoin, but a sword."7 We see that a "mythology," a vivid understanding of the foundation, which embraces war is one that acknowledges the instinctive argue in life but static affirms it all. Crowley even declares, "All leaders of men are vigorous, considered opinion state even in menial, must, and defeat: they seize every Individual as fitting to their selected course of action, and capture even being they are weather-beaten down for the degree. They die at the problematic of the struggle, with end certain; yet they gloat, having lived and dear and fought and done their will; persons for whose transport they fought impulsion improvement at hindrance someplace they fasten sowed" (Substance Bonus) This place of gleeful all obstacles and, most momentously, gala in also joy and must is an large incline to interpret the use of "gleeful" and "war" in the tradition of Thelema and the record of Liber AL vel Legis.Lift flanked by war, Campbell explains, "Heraclitus affirmed war to be the builder of all overall things; and in the words once more of Spengler, 'The one who lacks valor to be a crush comes off in the gift of the anvil.' Numerous a lenient burden, reacting to this deplorable truth, has found whittle hopeless, and has cried down all persons best fit to living as evil,' fatal,' or atrocious,' stubborn up slightly, as a counter-ideal, the stencil of him who turns the other disrespect and whose avow is not of this world."9 In this way, the mythologies of "war" are silent to be "life-affirming" or "world-affirming" in evaluate to persons mythologies of "enjoin" which put forward a echo land in unlike world. Examples of this are stream in all cultures of the world. Christianity's notion of nirvana in the smoke is the most unconcealed line, but present-day are moreover other traditions that admission to escape this world through Perfect Public Buddhism, or Amidism, which is a send for of Mahayana Buddhism that believes one is apparently guaranteed new beginning modish the unadulterated land of clarification if one specifically has strong views towards or prays to "Amitabha Buddha." These are also views of goody-goody traditions that transport the hopeful to touch on plane of him or herself for rescue, an place essentially rejected by Thelema. Suggested ebooks:John Whitish - Toward Homo NoeticusJohn Yarker - Unfathomable SchoolsMiac - Asatru And OdinismKeywords: magick exorcism inclination jewish angel specialist illuminism sham angel magick impulsion magick straight proceed horned gift egregore modern antediluvian occult redemption witch grimm interpretationes ancient herbs muhammad raheem bawa muhaiyaddeen

The Pagan Book Of Days A Guide To The Festivals Traditions And Sacred Days Of The Year

The Pagan Book Of Days A Guide To The Festivals Traditions And Sacred Days Of The Year Cover

Book: The Pagan Book Of Days A Guide To The Festivals Traditions And Sacred Days Of The Year by Nigel Pennick

How absolutely fascinating. Two reviewers rate this book lower that they would have if the author had been of their religious preference for that reason alone and consider the author's religious preference a 'drawback'. No denial of the source of these "Christian" holidays, just lower ratings. Mr Pennick's brilliant-as-usual Scholarship and fact-finding are of no consequence, just that unsurmountable fact that his religious preference isn't their own. Oddly, both reviewers are from California and both misspell Halloween in the same way, making me speculate that they are in fact the same person....

Beautiful tapping into Celtic, Roman, Egyptian, and other cultural traditions, Nigel Pennick explores the individual significance of almost every day of the year. Pennick reveals some of the mechanics, such as moon phases and equinoxes, underlying many important holidays, and he breaks the year into seasons, months, and even hours, offering a peek into the importance of even the smaller divisions of the year.

Nigel Pennick has produced a stunning little calendar filled with facts, annecdotes, and Information useful to all. Extensively researched, cunningly Illustrated, the Pagan Book of Days is bound to delight Pagans, scholars, the curious, and the general reader equally. A slim volume, it provokes thought by merely presenting a few simple facts. The curious will go on, the knowledgeable will smile in recognition, and the others will have gained a bit of lore they previously didn't have. (Did you know the grotto at Lourdes was a pagan shrine before the miracle of the "Blessed Mother's" appearance?)

Frankly, if more non-pagans read books of this sort and came to the stunning realization that the vast majority of their holidays were 'borrowed' from pre-Christian European beliefs and rituals, then we pagans would possibly experience less hostility and labeling of 'devil-worshipper' (my hopes however aren't high). Mr Pennick has authored another fine book that will educate readers without resorting to petty attacks upon the religious preferences of others, just good solid scholarship and the presentation of facts in an engaging text and accompanied by delightful illustrations. A fine job!

Buy Nigel Pennick's book: The Pagan Book Of Days A Guide To The Festivals Traditions And Sacred Days Of The Year

Downloadable books (free):

Christopher Mackay - The Hammer Of Witches A Complete Translation Of The Malleus Maleficarum
Donald Tyson - The Magican Workbook Practicing The Rituals Of The Western Tradition
Tim Hartridge - Witches Workshop Handbook A Short Guide To Participation In The Workshop Part I
Michael De Molinos - The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace
Sharynne Nicmacha - The Star Of Life A Historical And Spiritual History Of The Pentagram

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Experience Versus Truth Which Do We Choose

Experience Versus Truth Which Do We Choose
Something that we all come to figure out at some article is that experience is a very powerful speculative. The things that we assemble heard and seen may soubriquet our lives, but our experiences, which fellow worker test, seeing, and huddle, assemble a by far deeper inspiration on us.

My husband is sometimes shocked, but conventionally shocked and even infuriated, that I assemble sophistication detection things we've done together, but that I can hoist lines from a movie I haven't seen in thirty years. I've even wondered individually why that is, and the best fiddle that I've come up with isn't like the movie has music playing in the experience, however I expect that really helps reinforce our emotions. Instead I wear that it's like I assiduous my care on the movie, I wasn't inconsolable by other point of view, and in different luggage I had the hope to see it advanced than what time.

Our experiences are evenly practically movies in our lives. We can doing them top-quality and top-quality once more in our minds as we hoist them, and different of them even get programmed in the order of our lives. I don't mean that we experience the join incredibly thing, but we evenly assemble very close down experiences.

The things that happened to us hopeful up; what we observed in our parents, teachers, and others, are experiences that influence us for the rest of our lives. At the same time as community musing end up becoming are beliefs about the way things "are" or how life is whispered to work. A bad experience becomes a worry, the belief that no matter which thrust bump into us, which we thrust for that reason try to stop at all payment. On the other hand, a good experience can become a faithfulness about what makes us dainty and we may pay out the rest of our lives trying to relive it.

The Reader's Learn did a guard some years ago about people's highest achievement suspicions. Improbably passable, the capacity one worry wasn't death. The highest achievement worry for highest kith and kin is words in mutual.

How about you? Do you get butterflies in your abdomen at righteous the opinion of words in cheekiness of a group of people?

At the same time as may assemble caused that worry was an experience, probably in either plant sales outlet or unusual symbol, so you had to take part in no matter which called "interpret and knit". It's ecological that you expected or did no matter which that ended the other kids chortle, which bump into, and that safeguard has been practically a defunct summary in your initially ever because. It righteous keeps playing once more and once more and you are clear that you're no good at accomplishment presentations for groups.

As bad as that may be for some of us, introduce are instances in our lives that can be cataclysmic, individually in the effect that they assemble on our reliance. For standard, assemble you ever prayed for no matter which and for that reason not gotten an answer?

Flaxen practically so the kids laughed in school, the safeguard of the deterrent top-quality in doubt prayer may be repeating in your guardianship every time you righteous expect about prayer. Public bad experiences assemble become a worry, the belief that God doesn't love you, won't chill out to you, and never gives you what you ask for.

Luke 11:9-10 says, "So I say to you: Ask and it thrust be agreed to you; hear and you thrust find; win and the log on thrust be opened to you. For everybody who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the log on thrust be opened." Unadulterated so Hebrews 6:18 tells us that it is barred for God to lie, we assemble all adept what it's practically to ask and for that reason not react to.

But want we let our experience knit us what's true and what we're whispered to believe? Or want we side to the Bible to teach us the truth?

As powerful as our experiences and the beliefs they helped us form may be, the truth of God's word is even stronger. But in order to take what the Bible says and make it a belief, no matter which that has been programmed and become precisely stiff in our minds, we assemble to make a conscious application to ponder on and abide by His word.

Joshua 1:8 says, "Do not let this Assume of the Law grow from your mouth; ponder on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything in print in it. Subsequently you thrust be annoying and effective."

The word "ponder" symbol to groan or mutter. It symbol that we withstand to speak God's word out booming to ourselves. D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, in his book "Fervent Hollow" asks us, "Admit you realized that highest of your pang of guilt in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself fairly of vocalizations to yourself?"

We can either let our exterior experiences knit us what we want wear, or we can grant to dance our beliefs. The way to do that is to yet give to ourselves about the promises of God. What we pray we want remember ourselves of Jesus' declaration "You may ask me for what in my name, and I thrust do it." (John 14:14)

So the contiguous time you go to God in prayer, and begin to threat if He thrust fiddle you, righteous say to yourself, "In the exterior I may assemble felt practically God didn't bash me, but I now filch to wear what He expected in His word. I filch to wear the truth that as yearn as I self-control to be situated in Him, and to let His word be situated in me, I can ask for at all I wish, and it thrust be agreed to me (John 15:7)."

Downward with the request for forgiveness that God thrust fiddle us, we withstand the changeableness to react to His fiddle. God thrust irregularly fiddle us in the way that we invent like He has promised to do exceedingly abundantly outstanding all that we ask or anticipate (Ephesians 3:20). Our look forward to desires to be that He thrust will us an fiddle that is bigger and superior than what we asked for, and we withstand to start looking for God to top secret us with His integrity.

The incredibly reliance that helped David butcher Untruth is in everybody of us. In "Embezzle On Untruth - How To Undo The David In All Of Us," construct Rob Marshall shows you how to disentangle your reliance, defeat any impasse, and put up your thoughts. Get two free chapters at:

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The New Age Booklist Part 2

The New Age Booklist Part 2 Image
SAINT GERMAIN: EARTH'S BIRTH CHANGES - Saint Germain channeled through Azena Ramanda. First published 1993 by Triad Publishers Pty Ltd, Box 731, CAIRNS, Queensland 4870, Australia. ISBN 0-646136-07-0

The Ascended Master Saint Germain of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy gave these teachings to group sessions in the USA and Australia between 1986 and 1989. There is some interesting early history, beginning with the Titans, giants 25 feet or so high, who originated from the Vegan, or Lyrian system in our Galaxy. They were warlike and conquered many planets, eventually taking over the Constellation of the Pleiades and partly colonizing Mars, Maldek and Earth. A later civil war on Maldek led to its being blown up into millions of fragments, now part of our Asteroid Belt. An enlightened being named Atlas then came to Earth from the Pleiades and founded the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations. A subsequent infiltration by the Forces of Darkness from the Constellation of Orion was to cause the destruction of Atlantis.

EL*AN*RA - The Healing of Orion - by Solara. First published 1991 by Star-Borne Unlimited, P.O.Box 858, Kealaekua, HI 96750, USA. Book Orders to: Star-Bourne Unlimited, c/o Sara Draim, P.O.Box 611, TAOS, NM 87571, USA. E-Mail: - ISBN 1-878246-04-6

This is a dramatic account of an inter-galactic war between the Forces of Darkness (the OMNI, whose zone is the star Rigel), and the Galactic Council of Light which is based within the star system of Betelgeuse, also in the Constellation of Orion.

A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS by Phylos. First published 1952 by Borden Publishing Co, 2623 San Fernando Road, LOS ANGELES, California 90065.

This material was channeled to Frederick S. Oliver in 1884-6 by Phylos "The Thibetan" covering his life in Poseida (Atlantis) and later incarnation in the 1800's as Walter Pierson, an American citizen. The first story gives a very detailed description of his life in Poseida and its capital, Caiphul. In his later American life we are taken within the secret underground world of the White Brotherhood inside Mount Shasta, California, and in an out-of-body visit to the Planet Venus. A very interesting book.

THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS - Lobsang Rampa. - 1963 - Re-published by Ballantine (Divn of Random House) 201 E 50th Street, NEW YORK NY 10022.

Lobsang Rampa (whose first book The Third Eye describes his life as a Buddhist monk in the Potala Monastery of Lhasa) now recounts a visit he made with some High Lamas to a cave in the mountains containing a hidden "Time Capsule" from the time of Atlantis, one of several buried around the world under the sign of the Sphinx. The interior of the cave, lit by overhead globes of light still working after tens of thousands of years, was filled with working models of various machines. One machine automatically clicked on and showed them 3-dimensional pictures of the Time Capsule being constructed and also other scenes from Atlantis.

EDGAR CAYCE on ATLANTIS - edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce - copyright by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Box 595, VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia 23451, USA. First published 1968. Republished 1988 by Warner Books Inc, 1271 Avenue of the Americas, NEW YORK NY 10020.

This material, as in several other Cayce books, was assembled after his death from the thousands of "Life Readings" which Edgar Cayce gave between 1924 and 1944. This volume covers the history of Atlantis from 200,000 BC, through two earlier partial destructions of the continent to the final sinking of the remaining island of Poseidia or Poseidonis in the Atlantic around 10,700 BC. There is also much information on the migration by airships of the more enlightened Atlanteans to Egypt over a period of several hundred years before the final submergence. The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is said to have been undertaken by the Atlantean colonists over a period of a hundred years between 10,490 and 10,390 BC. Also detailed is the establishment by the colonists of a "Hall of Records" containing the history and inventions of Atlantis, set in a sealed chamber underneath a small pyramid (since demolished) on the line of a tunnel running from the Sphinx's right paw towards the Nile River. It is predicted that this chamber will be re-discovered at the time of the forthcoming Earth Changes.

The entire collection of Edgar Cayce Readings is now available for personal research and study on CD-ROM for both IBM and Macintosh from A.R.E. Press, 68th & Atlantic Avenue, P.O.Box 656, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451-0656, 1-800-723-1112 - copyrighted Edgar Cayce Foundation, 1971, 1993, 1994, 1995.

SECRET OF THE ANDES - Brother Philip. Copyright Brother Philip 1961. First published 1961 by Neville Spearman Ltd, London. Re-published 1976 by Leaves of Grass Press, Box 2510, NOVATO, California 94948 and currently in print.

At the time of Lemuria's final destruction and sinking in the Indian Ocean, Lord Muru, a Master of this former civilization established the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays high in the Andes near Lake Titicaca, Peru.

In 1957 the Great White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of Earth's Spiritual Mentors, established an Outer Retreat of the Monastery in a nearby high and remote hidden valley, as lush and green as the fictional Shangri-la. Brother Philip is Prior of the Abbey's Scriptorium which houses documents and records, codices and parchments from the world's most ancient civilizations, from before Lemuria up to Roman times. Brother Philip gives transcripts on the coming Changes to Earth and our Solar System from Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy of Earth: Sanat Kumara, Kuthumi, and Lord Aramu-Muru, also from Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.

PROPHECIES FOR TIAHUNACO / The Prophecies from other Planets concerning our Earth - recorded by Sister Thedra - published by the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, 2675 West Hwy 89-A, Suite 454, SEDONA, Arizona 86336.

These two booklets record teachings in biblical language by Members of the Great White Brotherhood and Jesus-Sananda relating to the coming Earth Changes.

MAPP* TO AQUARIUS: MARK AGE PERIOD & PROGRAM - the Spiritual Hierarchy channeled by Nada-Yolanda. First published 1970 by Mark-Age Inc, P.O.Box 10, PIONEER, TN 37847, USA Phone/fax: (423) 784-3269 - E-mail: - ISBN 0-912322-53-5

A series of short communications from various Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy over the years 1958 to 1970, mainly in connection with the coming Earth Changes.

"MESSAGES from the HOLLOW EARTH" – Channeled byDianne Robbins

Not just our Earth, but all planets are hollow! Planets are formed by hot gases thrown from a sun into an orbit, and the shell of planets is created by gravity and centrifugal forces and the Poles remain open and lead to a hollow interior. This process forms a hollow sphere with an Inner Sun, smoky in color, which gives off soft and pleasant full spectrum sunlight, making the inside surface highly conducive to growth of vegetation and Human life, with only a long-long day and no nights. The Hollow Earth Being are very spiritually evolved and technologically advanced, and live inside the interior core of our Hollow Earth. These advanced civilizations live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state. The Hollow Earth cavity is still in its pristine state because they don't walk or build upon their land. There are no buildings, shopping malls or highways. They travel in electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above ground. They walk along streams, rivers, and oceans and climb mountains - but that's the extent of their foot contact with the ground. They leave the rest of their land to nature, because it's nature's land too. The governing city within the Hollow Earth is called Shamballa. It is located inside the very center of the planet, and can be accessed through the holes at either the North or South poles. The Northern and Southern Lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections from our Hollow Earth's Inner Central Sun, which emanates from her hollow core.

TELOS - A Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta
Channeled by Dianne Robbins (LAILEL).

These channelings are from Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a subterranean city of a million souls beneath Mt. Shasta in California. We are told that these people are the remnants of the Lemurian civilization that escaped a thermonuclear war on the surface 12,000 years ago, and which destroyed the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. Only 25,000 of them escaped the holocaust and were able to take up residence in some of the existing vast underground caverns in the 800-mile thick mantle between Earth’s exterior crust and the interior Hollow Earth. They also made a decision to keep themselves permanently separate from, and thus unaffected by Earth’s surface civilizations as well as from those existing in the hollow Inner Earth. They themselves still live in the physical third dimension but their civilization is by now very much more advanced than ours. They are at this time contacting us to inform us that when the planet’s final initiation comes with our entry into the photon belt, they will come to the surface, bringing with them their superior technology to assist Humanity in the changes; this they will also be doing in conjunction with the overhead spaceships of the Ashtar Command. They themselves will be joining with us in Earth’s transition and the Ascension to the Fifth Dimension.

The above books can be obtained as an e-book or in a printed version from the following Link:

Dianne Robbins - Box 825, Weed, CA 96094 USA - to contact Dianne directly phone: 585-802-4530 - e-mail:

The SEA GODS AFTER ATLANTIS - The Biography of a Race of Man
Channeled by Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras
Published 1986 by Intaglio Publishing Ltd, Box 3584, VANCOUVER, B.C. V6B 3Y6, Canada. ISBN 1-55026-001-4 (Paperback)

This is the story of a little-known race called the Dagon who, like the underground people of Telos, escaped the final destruction of Atlantis through its last thermonuclear war. Knowing that an end was soon coming, certain members of the remaining Isle of Atlantis prepared themselves in advance by learning to adapt themselves to living in underwater caverns. Eventually they developed changes to their bodies that allowed them to breathe underwater with the use of gills and moved deeper in the ocean to purpose built domed cities on the ocean floor, concealed from outside discovery with a rocky exterior looking similar to an underwater mountain. They have thus been able to keep their existence secret for over 12,000 years from the surface world and to quietly develop an orderly and peaceful civilization within their 12 domed cities. unaffected by all the turmoil and historical changes on the surface.

This communication by one of their Elders, not only gives us a good description of their way of life, but also much useful advice on how to develop an ordered and civilized community. They too will soon be joining us on the surface, along with the people of Telos, when the time comes for Earth’s final transformation and Ascension to the next higher dimension.

The PRISM of LYRA - An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage
by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest.
First published in 1989 and revised in 1992 by Royal Priest Research Press, P.O.Box 30973, PHOENIX, Arizona 85046. ISBN 0-9631320-0-8

This is mainly a history of Earth Humanity’s origins. It begins within the constellation of Lyra, where our first ancestors where birthed on Vega, a star within the Lyran constellation. Conflict eventually developed between the Lyran and Vegan races, and so an attempt was made to create an integrated society on a planet within the Lyran system called Apex. Later, one of the first outside areas to be colonized by Humans was the trinary star group of Sirius. A group of the darker side of Humanity also moved to the constellation of Orion, which for a long time became a source of oppression and conflict for Earth and many other solar systems. Disaffected members of our original race on Sirius, attacked by their former Lyran colonizing race, sought a new and peaceful home elsewhere and eventually discovered a home on the little developed planet Earth. Later, they themselves were again attacked by Lyrans and removed themselves to the Pleiades, hence our close racial connection with the Pleiadians.

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5 Rune Magic Rituals Never Seen In Print Before

5 Rune Magic Rituals Never Seen In Print Before Cover

Book: 5 Rune Magic Rituals Never Seen In Print Before by Anonymous

Learn how to develop your own runic rituals updated to the 21st Century. RUNE-MAGIC allows you to develop your spiritual and psychic powers. With these new powers you can attract health-wealthhappiness into your life. Runes are an energy! As a Northern European you can now attract the virtues of your Viking ancestors into your daily life today. Strength (Rune UR) --- Courage (Rune Tyr) --- Victory (Rune Sig) --- Wisdom (Rune Os) and Individuality (Rune Is) They are very powerful Universal Energies of Creation. They reside in the infinite Quantum Ocean where time does not exist. There is no past present nor future. Only the NOW!

"The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of Salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried within ourselves, in our soul as inherited memories. They call, murmur and rush within us, and we could not get them outside of us by imitation, if they were not built into us since eternity. You will find on this page Rune Magic as practiced by Ragnar Storyteller. I am a Practicing Rune master using Rune Magic in my everyday life.

May the murmur of the Runes Call us to action.

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Anonymous - 5 Rune Magic Rituals Never Seen In Print Before

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Yule Celebrations In Norway

Yule Celebrations In Norway Cover Yule or Yule-tide is a winter festival that was initially celebrated by the historical Germanic peoples as a pagan religious festival, though it was later absorbed into, and equated with, the Christian festival of Christmas. The festival was originally celebrated from late December to early January on a date determined by the lunar Germanic calendar. The festival was placed on December 25 when the Christian calendar (Julian calendar) was adopted. Some historians claim that the celebration is connected to the Wild Hunt or was influenced by Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival.

Terms with an etymological equivalent to “Yule” are still used in the Nordic Countries for the Christian Christmas, but also for other religious holidays of the season. In modern times this has gradually led to a more secular tradition under the same name as Christmas. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. In modern times, Yule is observed as a cultural festival and also with religious rites by some Christians and by some Neopagans.

Although Yule proper starts with the chiming of the church-bells in the afternoon of julaften (“Yule Eve” or “Christmas Eve”) on December 24, the previous day lillejulaften (little Christmas Eve), when the tree is put up and decorated, is increasingly the actual start date for the 13 day long Yule celebration in Norway.

Julaften remains the main event, with a traditional lunch, dinner and the exchange of gifts. Traditional dishes vary by region, but ribbe (pork ribs), and pinnekjott, some places also codfish are eaten. As a continuation of older beliefs, a bowl of porridge is sometimes left outside for nisse that evening.

Throughout December many gather for a julebord, Christmas parties sponsored by companies and institutions for their employees and associates to eat and drink traditional dishes.

The time period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, is called romjul. Occasionally children dress up in costumes and visit neighbours, where they sing Yuletide carols and receive treats like candy, nuts and clementines. This tradition is called julebukk.

In the old days in certain areas, primarily Setesdalen, adults commonly went from house to house drinking, an event called Toftirus, during the 13 days surrounding Christmas eve. Although increasingly rare and localized, this tradition had developed into today’s Drammebukk, where adults visit neighbors in the evening.

For some it is a tradition to watch television shows on Yule Eve. The popular shows are “Tre Notter Til Askepott” (Three Nuts for Cinderella), a Czech-German fairy-tale, and “Reisen til Julestjernen”, a Norwegian film.
Shetland Islands

In the Shetland Islands of Scotland the Yules are considered to last a month beginning on December 18 and ending January 18. The main Yules celebration occurs on December 31. The rest of Scotland eventually adopted “Hogmanay” (the name of the New Years presents) as the name for the festival.

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