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A Pledge To Pagan Spirituality By Selena Fox

A Pledge To Pagan Spirituality By Selena Fox
This a line forfeit is found on dozens locations on the Internet (see some associates beneath). It has been official to "Soon," and other authors. Repeatedly, it is unfashionable defective attributing the work to being.

It seems to grip been on paper by Selena Fox of The populace Withdrawal in 1960. I find the impression that this was on paper 50 time ago acceptable fascinating! She describes her line Pagan spiritual path, along with the use of spiritual energy to help others, of tolerance, elusion of harm to others, Fate, the Three-fold Law, the Divinity and God within, etc.

A pledge:

I am a Pagan and I give out for my part to channeling the Heartfelt energy of my inner self to help and to heal others and for my part.

I know that I am part of the Ecologically aware of natural world. May I roller in understanding of the Harmony of all Oddball. May I continually refocus in quadrangle.

May I continually be attentive of the diversity of Oddball as well as its Harmony. May I continually be indulgent of those whose kill, mold, culture and ways swerve from my own.

May I use my psychic powers prudently and never use it for opposition or for ruthless purposes.

May I never use it to scratch the free general feeling of others.

May I continually give a lift to that I give my own exactness and that I grip the power within me to give positivity in my life.

May I continually pinch credibility for my actions be they conscious or unaware.

May I continually act in generous ways, interior no-nonsense with for my part and others, imprisonment my word whenever I grip of a nature it, nourishing all household tasks and commitments I grip undertaken to the best of my abilities.

May I continually give a lift to that at all is sent out income overblown to the sender. The services of Fate general feeling move momentary to recollect me of my spiritual commitments because I grip begun to dither from them. May I use this Karmic rejoinder to be positioned strong and spiritual to my Heartfelt ideals in the fascia of tribulation or glumness. May the stick of my inner Spirit confiscate all malevolence directed my way and fit it dressed in important light. May my inner light reflect so powerfully that malevolence can not even lettering my realm of life form.

May I continuously roller in wisdom and understanding. May I see every pain that I fascia, as an opportunity to learn and roller and to come into bud spiritually.

May I act out of love for other beings on this globe -- to other mortal, trees, animals, sandstone, elementals, spirits or other entities.

May I ever be attentive that the Divinity and God in all their forms breather within me and that this spirit is reflected floor my own Toward the inside Nucleus, my Pagan Spirit.

May I continually ring out love and light floor my interior. May my inner Spirit, reasonably than my Ego self, guide all my intellect, atmosphere and actions.

So Mote It Be.

Copyright (c) 1960 Selena Fox The populace Withdrawal P.O. Box 219 Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 USA.

Copies of the Forfeit to Pagan Piousness by Selena Fox may be downloaded, photocopied, and positioned on websites for line and group use as yearning as it includes the attribution and copyright info noted over. Pick up on paper acceptably obligation be obtained for reprinting in publications.

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