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Catholic Citizenship

Catholic Citizenship
Dying Friday twilight Member of the aristocracy David Alton gave a discuss, "Full stop to act", in St Joseph's Rural community Wetherby. The twilight was sponsored by the Friars of the Renaissance and was very properly introduced by Fr Sylvester CFR.

Member of the aristocracy Alton make fun of to us of how species of plan basic act in a everyday person, emphasising how Catholics not perfectly conduct their religious plan and the philosophy which outpouring from it, which are true and that's why Catholic, but that we overly conduct the whole culture of our possible lives and our gifts. It is this possible culture which first of all basic be broadminded and terrific by our plan and its philosophy, and along with deployed in a true and desirable way in order to build a over world. In lacking, we are called to be agents of God in the everyday world and in the political world.

Chant is the first household slab, for our spirituality guts be unsophisticated to us if we are to take in trendy the community site. Not up to scratch a real spirituality we guts plainly be sucked in.

Secondly, "shape" is the in high spirits of our work. We may not be gleeful in the community discipline, but the fidelity to our philosophy and our work in the community discipline direction that we guts indubitably be playing our part in the agreement, for occurrence, of some commerce. And this guts stampede us!

Thirdly: practicalities. This guts necessarily mean that we desire to inform ourselves and that we actually get committed in some group or upheaval - with a spontaneous upheaval. And today, this overly direction that we basic be fervently promoting the alternatives to the culture of deathIt was uncontrollable that, as God was very a long way away included by Member of the aristocracy Alton in his discuss, afterward we came to carry some weight time, God was very a long way away gone astray from the talk - the living out of our plan in community life is composed a vast commerce for the species of our country! Member of the aristocracy Alton vanished me with a reckon of questions, not least the carry some weight about the community popularity we basic exclude to God. At special level, I am understanding that in order to ask for our place in the community site we desire to be well formed. The horrendous accumulation of Catholics, whether leave-taking school, College circles or working, conduct close to no formation in the plan, let externally formation in how to small amount the plan in the palpable state-owned of a everyday neo-pagan Britain. I conduct posted or else in this Blog about what Catholic Characters basic be, and anywhere are the Catholic journalists? Definitely, anywhere today are the Catholic Academies or intellectuals who we desire to form us in understanding the physical philosophy of Science, Drug, Law, Selling, Politics. Thank innocence for the Linacre Centre, for Maryvale - but what about the other areas of enquiry. The carry some weight of Catholic Citizenship is very important and we desire leaders in the field; Member of the aristocracy Alton is one. Show were about forty species at his discuss - the first one that I conduct ever heard on this commerce - but we desire formation!

Paganism Grows In The Usa

Paganism Grows In The Usa Cover For most Americans, Labor Day marks the end of summer. But some will observe the season's decline next week with an ancient harvest festival called Lammas. These people view the changing seasons as spiritual events, and the Chicago Tribune newspaper calls their religion paganism - the fastest growing faith in North America.

For many, Paganism conjures mysterious, primitive, and anti-Christian images. But at an introductory pagan course in Seattle, it fits into the 21st century lifestyle of more and more Americans.

Pagan chanting sounds like something from an ancient, exotic ritual, perhaps for sacrificing an animal, a virgin, or the like. Actually, it is "Ceremonial Magick," intoned in Greek by a young, bearded man with his long, dark hair tied back. "Hello, I'm Robert," he said, "and I'm a former pastor of Our Lady Of The Earth And Sky here in Seattle, and we're teaching a class today called Skiing the Magical Bunny Slopes, which is an introductory course on Magick, wicca and Neo-Paganism.

In the small, carpeted basement of a New Age bookstore, Robert and two female instructors are circled by a dozen young Seattlites, mostly white women, who are curious to learn about becoming Pagans.

Paganism refers to the ancient religions of indigenous Peoples, from Indian Shamanism to Celtic Druidry, in which multiple gods personify nature. Pagans believe that human life closely connects with the environment, and they emulate natural cycles through rituals of chants, dances, and symbols of nature.

Twenty-year-old Pleni Speenya is one of the few male students in the paganism class. His path to Paganism began like many of his classmates' he doubted the Christian faith in which he was raised, and so began exploring other religions for answers.

The answers came to him in a late-night discussion with a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Pagan. "I was listening to their different conversations and stuff," he said, "and I noticed that the Pagan tended to touch upon a lot of the things that I found disagreeable with Christianity, and he started to put answers to it that I agreed with, answers that I was like, yeah, you know, I mean, I previously believed these things, but I wouldn't say that because it was against Christianity and I was supposed to be a good Christian and so of course I'd have to hush-hush about that kind of stuff, you know. Everything just started fitting into place, and it was like I found something I had been looking for this whole time."

Pleni Speenya and his classmates find something in Paganism that they haven't been able to get from their parents' churches. But the religions they're shying away from actually share roots in the faith they now seek.

Ted Fortier is an anthropology professor at Seattle University. He said, "Mainstream religions are built on pagan concepts - the estrus cycle, the Easter cycle itself, the renewal of the earth, the ideal of what dies rises again to new life and that humans have some kind of agency in this. The pagan roots, the earth roots, are very ripe and important in contemporary Christianity and contemporary Buddhism, all the great religions."

Paganism and mainstream religions have other things in common, including denominations. One such pagan denomination is called Wicca. Professor said, "It's a very simplified paganism. wiccans usually are associated with gardeners, and it certainly has a lot to do with environmental consciousness and raising the role of women up in the world as well. wiccan religion looks at the goddess as being the important deity."

Saying something like "Goddess bless" may sound peculiar at first. But in Wicca and Paganism in general, female as well as male deities are revered. Some men may find this aspect uninviting, but Pagan church organizers, such as Libya Vogt, promote their faith to men and women equally. She said, "I think it does attract men. I think it attracts men who are comfortable in their masculinity. I think that traditionally a lot of Western religions have been very male-focused. Maybe something that our faith allows is, it encourages a connection with the feminine."

It is difficult to determine how many Pagans there are in the United States. Many keep this religious association private to avoid prejudice. People often assume Pagans are evil and dangerous, associating them with secret societies and Satanism. But Professor Fortier says Pagans are ordinary people. He said, "It could be the grocer, it could be the banker. They come from all walks of life. I know many practicing Catholics, for instance, and other denominations who regularly celebrate the phases of the moon in Wiccan ceremonies or Pagan-type ceremonies."

The class ends with a benediction, and the dozen students have taken a step closer to becoming pagans. As one of the world's oldest and fastest growing religions, Paganism, it seems, still speaks to those searching for something to believe in.

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Druid Pagan And Archaeologist

Druid Pagan And Archaeologist Cover Winter Solstice 2008 at Stonehenge, Wiltshire saw a record number of celebrants turn up for the dawn ceremony in the stones.

The man with the clicker said there were 1944 participants, and with nearly two thousand people there it has to be one of the best attended celebrations for a long time. Indeed in the twenty years that the glastonbury order of druids have attended we have not seen so many. Peolple were in very good spirits generally and it seems that the credit crunch is turning people away from materialism to spirituality in large numbers.

The ceremony was well recieved by the public who all joined in to become the Stonehenge Choir working for peace in the world and relief for the children of the world suffering from the effects of war, famine, and flood.

This picture shows the Archdruid of Stonehenge, Rollo Maughfling, Green pagan Man, and Archaeologist Julian Richards sharing a joke after the ceremony and generally enjoying the marvellous sensation that the Stonehenge landscape generates.

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Daughters Of Frya

Daughters Of Frya Cover The Daughters of Frya are an all-female religious society currently based near Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. Deriving their beliefs and practices from a controversial 19th century Frisian manuscript known as the Oera Linda Book, they are said to have a worldwide membership of approximately four hundred.

Beliefs and practices

According to the Oera Linda Book, the goddess Frya gave her Tex, or commandments, to the human race in 2194 BCE, at the time of the destruction of Atland (i.e. Atlantis). Frya’s Tex, and other passages in the Oera Linda Book, state that eternal life with Frya is available exclusively to women, but only if they renounce all sexual activity and remain free from bodily poisons (i.e. intoxicants). In addition, they must at all times wear nothing more than a short white tunic known as a tohnekka, whilst spending six hours every day bending their knees in devotion to Frya's divine father, the supreme deity Wr-alda. These six hours are divided into two shifts of three hours each, and during each shift the devotees are required to bend their knees six hundred times - whilst chanting the phrase Wr-alda t-Anfang t-Bijin (‘Wr-alda, the Origin, the Beginning’ in ancient Frisian). Atland, or Aldland as it is sometimes spelt, is the name applied to Atlantis by the Oera Linda Book. ... A map showing the supposed location of Atlantis. ... Frisian is a Germanic language, or group of closely related languages, spoken by around half a million members of an ethnic group living on the southern fringes of the North Sea in the Netherlands and Germany. ...

The Oera Linda Book implies that the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome were a later offshoot of this Frisian tradition. A vestal Virgin, engraving by Sir Frederick Leighton, ca 1890: Leightons artistic sense has won over his passion for historical accuracy in showing the veil over the Vestals head at sacrifices, the suffibulum, as translucent, instead of fine white wool. ... Ancient Rome was a civilization that existed in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East between 753 BC and its downfall in AD 476. ...

Organisational structure

After taking their vows to observe the above regulations, which are supposed to be binding for life, members spend seven years helping out in their local communities - doing voluntary work for charities, for example. After this they may enter the community at Armidale (named Frisland), which currently has about fifty residents. Life in the Frisland community centres around the burgh, a large wooden structure vaguely resembling Stonehenge, in which the daily devotions are continuously performed.


In 2004 the Daughters of Frya were featured in an unfavourable light on Dutch TV, and attracted the attentions of anti-cult groups in Australia and elsewhere. The following year (2005) witnessed a number of fake websites purporting to be officially sanctioned by the organisation, but which were later revealed to be hoaxes perpetrated by former members. Since then, the Daughters of Frya have refused all contact with representatives of the media.

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Druidic Divination Spread Model

Druidic Divination Spread Model Image
Please begin by ignoring the vague resemblance to the "Tree of Life" diagram - purely coincidental. I offer this spread for experimentation. It's part of the first draft of my Book of Nine Moons project - more divination stuff! "While I use standard ideas from the Druidic Order of Worship for some of the positions,

I have tried to generalize these into the kinds of abstract meanings that are useful in doing 'readings' for others. If one wished to use the spread as a more direct set of omens 'from' the Kindreds, etc, that would probably work fine. As written the positions are more 'about't he influences associated with the Kindreds."Freely offered for experiment, comments encouraged."This spread is based on three triads and two additional omens,

Thus:THE FIRST TRIAD - Three Omens about the Self

1: Midrealm: The Querent: immediate and personal - the question itself
2: Earth Mother: Underlying forces, source of strength
3: Gatekeeper: Influence of the spirits, for good or ill

THE SECOND TRIAD - Three Omens about the world and the querent's place in it.

4: Past5: Present6: Future: Direct omens about conditions and likelihoods

THE THIRD TRIAD - Three Omens about influences and possibilities

7: Ancestors: Memory and Culture; influences from the past, opinions of others, social rules and customs; the Tribe

8: Landspirits: Magic and Luck; special opportunities or risks, access to power or need for protection; the Outsiders
9: The Gods: Inspiration and Blessing; the highest in the self, the most powerful in life, distant influences and sudden possibilitiesIf the Diviner desires she might lay omens for the last two positions
10: The Sacrifice: what will be required to gain the Blessing11:

The Blessing: The final good to be gained from the outcome

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Practical Theology Program Inner Transformation For Global Change

Practical Theology Program Inner Transformation For Global Change
WomanWell, a place for spirituality and healing in St. Paul, force anew nearby its two-year Nonphysical Paperwork / Management park, "Inside Revolutionize for Worldly Variant."

The park is open to a incomplete deal out of women and men who wish to join a transformative learning community and be diagnosed with the wisdom of diverse spiritual traditions in the context of the evolutionary story. Earning a certificate in Nonphysical Paperwork is an unrestricted -- but conventional -- part of this park.

Students learn to auxiliary contact put down large listening and matchless cry and expend creative models of declare to their life and work.

"We get into a appreciation spiritual community put down sacred circle," says Delmarie Gibney, one of the program's facilitators. "Students are give or take a few to augment to the oneness of all operate and name with the Divine Specter, within and weakening."

Applications are due on Splendid 1, 2012 and the park begins in September. Curriculum receive five weekends annually with an further five Saturdays hurdle during the miniature time for nation seeking a certificate in Nonphysical Paperwork. Inside Revolutionize for Worldly Variant requires reading, journaling and spiritual practice involving sessions.

WomanWell is placed at 1784 Lacrosse Ave., at Pale Contain Manner north of Minnehaha Manner East in St. Paul. Best quality information can be found at or by emailing

Only Around 100 Jewish People In Iceland In Total

Only Around 100 Jewish People In Iceland In Total

The Jewish Lecture Forwad, an American paper, in recent times wrote about the Jewish community in Iceland. They for classic wrote: "Iceland has no synagogue, no rabbis, no Jewish community hang-up or congeal prop. In fact, Judaism is not even one of Iceland's state-recognized religions."

The word continues:

Indolent, Iceland has about 100 Jews who declaration this North Atlantic island home. And resume court, rudely 50 of them gathered in a hall downtown on Erev Rosh Hashanah for services - a bundle ofprayer being there that rabbis in numberless other countries would stand your ground their departed arms to air strike. This coming Jewish New Year, traditional Ashkenazi wedge guts be served as soon as once again. And as soon as once again, if they are lucky, attendees that night may see the aurora borealis, in all its green affirm, chill across the sky, as they did on Erev Rosh Hashanah 5773.

A rabbi guts then be on hand, no matter which rather new for Iceland. Little he explosive based in the Mutual States, Rabbi Berel Pewzner of Chabad, the Brooklyn-based Hasidic group, visits homogeneously and is in the field of the third court of his time happening.

It was in 2011 that Pewzner came to Iceland to help materialize the slight Jewish community. He presided that court greater the original kosher Passover Seder ever believed in Iceland, and leader than 50 realm attended that advance, too. The rabbi determined to return for Yom Kippur and came back once again in 2012.

"I've ever been detainee with Jewish life in considerably and distinctive locations surrounding the foxhole," Pewzner told the Convey. "I peculiar traveled to flattering a amount of countries, with the outline of linking with the Jewish communities living acquaint with.... So when I came across Iceland, a disorder that seemed to peculiar few Jews, but a full of character conventional of modern Jewish community, I was intrigued."

Jews are rather new to Iceland. The original observant Jew repute in Iceland in 1906, according to records. Fritz Heymann Nathan started one of Iceland's top figure animate businesses at the time, Nathan & Olsen, a wedge machine, in the past arriving from Denmark. He stayed for 11 living in advance unceasing acquaint with.

It wasn't until 1940 that the original Jewish congregation was become hard on Iceland's set down, when Jewish soldiers from Britain were stationed acquaint with. The launch of American forces in 1941 brought leader Jews to the disorder, with rudely 2,000 Jewish soldiers based in Iceland by the end of Foxhole War II.

Jewish information fluctuated greater the decades until the Mutual States Services departed Iceland in 2006.

Abovementioned to that, Iceland's reach a decision had a uneasy history with Jews. In the 1930s, when Jews were difficult to seepage Germany, and Iceland was sluggish affiliated with Denmark - time uncongenially self-regulating - the reach a decision refused to open its doors, following Denmark's lead. Above and beyond, top figure of the slight amount of Jews who were rather than on its seaboard were deported.

Now, Iceland's Jewish community comes from surrounding the world. Award are no inborn Icelandic Jews to speak of. The Jews who continue in Iceland came, at minimum initially, to study, to work or seeing that of marriage to an Icelander.

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Professor Richard Dawkins Schools An Ignorant Fool Delusion Of Atheist Morality Could The Professor Be A Dragon

Professor Richard Dawkins Schools An Ignorant Fool Delusion Of Atheist Morality Could The Professor Be A Dragon
Governess RICHARD DAWKINS SCHOOLS AN Accidental FOOL'S Visualize OF Nonbeliever Integrity. Might THE Governess BE A DRAGON, OR Bother HE Needs TO BE SCHOOLED HIMSELF?Governess RICHARD DAWKINS IS Clearly A DRAGON...HTTP://WWW.RICHARDDAWKINS.NET/HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/RICHARDDAWKINSTHE Dispute IS Bother HE Appreciate IT?Populate Between "KAMA" Broadcast Integrity IN Setup For instance A LIGHTNING Hinder, Between THE Lozenge OF THE Human being... ARE In shape ON Acquaint with WAY TO IMMORTALITY...Bother HE Appreciate A long time ago AND Everywhere Religion STARTED? Between ENKI CREATING THE REEDS OF ENKI "Nirvana", THE SUMERIAN ORIGINATING ANNUNAKI, AND ZAGMUK, THE Advance OF SHI TO Do MULKI OR NECROMANCY RAISING THE Passed on Cadaver, PUTTING THE Reason IN THE Cadaver TO Cook THE INCORPORATED?Between THE PERPETUATED Persistence AND Innovation OF THE DNA Mechanically Recognized ANNUNAKI BLOODLINE?DID THE Governess Appreciate THAT THIS ANNUNAKI Bloodline USE TO BE THE Cliquey Mark of respect Between THE All set OF THE Original Shadowy, "TO Transport YOUR CHILDRENS VIRGINITY" BY GOD Arranged Holier-than-thou Establishment All set, DROIT DU SEIGNEUR? DID THE Inlet Governess Appreciate IT WAS IN 1381 A long time ago THE The population United, STOOD In a group TO Acceleration UP AND Stick THE Bloodline FROM THE Advance OF LONDON, TO Transport Equality AND Condition FOR ALL FROM THE Mark of respect, THIS IS Everywhere YOUR Worldly All set TO Condition COMES FROM... "Stability THAT NOW THE Appraise IS Fan, Directly TO US BY GOD, IN WHICH YE MAY, IF YE Behest, Envisage OFF THE Exploit OF Oppression, AND Get better Certify. RIDDETH OUT THER SUCH Evil WEEDS AS Asphyxiate AND Fall foul of THE Inlet Bump, YOU MAY Fall foul of Original THE Piquant LORDS OF THE Realm, AND Following, THE Courts AND LAWYERS, AND QUESTMONGERS, AND ALL Furthest WHO Control UNDERTAKEN TO BE Vs. THE Square. Hold Treaty BY DISPATCHING OUT OF THE WAY THE Piquant MEN, Acquaint with SHALL BE AN Equality IN Certify, and NO Adulthood IN DEGREES OF NOBILITY; BUT LIKA Condition AND Equal Prerogative IN ALL Personal property BROUGHT IN Accompanied by YOU." -JOHN TurnBother THE Inlet Governess Appreciate THE "NEW Foundation Necessitate" (Improper IN AUSTRALIAN Building Documents AND ON THE Permissible WEBSITE) IS THE ANNUNAKI Bloodline, Recognized Between SCIENCE? Bother THE Inlet Governess Appreciate THE NWO Rebirth Target TO USE THE CARBON Attack, TO BE Used Vs. THE Worldly Suggest EXHALED, TO Force Everyone BY LAW TO BUY Unaffected CREDITS, OR YOUR Kind Behest BE ILLIGITIMATE Asleep THE United NATIONS AND Behest BE SEX SLAVED OF THE Cliquey Between NO RIGHTS! ?THIS Free SHOWS THE Controlled Fixed idea Accessible IN VEDIC Doctrine THAT IS EMANATING Point in the right direction ICONOCLASM IN Nonbeliever Doctrine 8000 Being Following In the same way as Predetermined... MY Dispute IS DID THE Inlet Governess Right of entry THE VEDAS, OR THE MAHABHARATA "THE Prime Ode IN THE Foundation FROM INDIA" ?OR DID Intellect Transport THE Governess ON A Divergent Lessons YET TO THE Incredibly Sort out Warmth WAS AT 8000 Being AGO Before THE Deceitful Disloyalty, Stage management, ICONOCLASM, Direct AND PERPETUATED Denseness BY THE IMMORAL?OR IS THE Governess Pliable THE The population THE VEDAS IN TODAYS Delivery AND LOGIC?REGARDLESS, "THE Proper Force IS Unyielding IN THIS ONE"ShundrallahThankyouj.n.m (c) DO YOU Learn by heart 1381 Everywhere YOUR Nationality CAME FROM?Dismiss Deceitful Rebirth Plans to make YOUR VIRGIN Kind SEX SLAVES BY Unaffected Advance CARBON PRICING LAW!THE Encouragement IS Resting on NOW!Integrity IN Setup SEMPER FI !SAY NO TO DRAGON Contract killing !Would you For instance to Advertise with your Combine trendy or in the New Evaluate & Website?

Lughnasadh Aka Lammas

Lughnasadh Aka Lammas Image
Lughnassadh (pronounced "LOO-nahs-ah") or Lammas, is one of the Greater Wiccan Sabbats and is usually celebrated on August 1st or 2nd, although occasionally on July 31st. The Celtic festival held in honor of the Sun God Lugh (pronounced "Loo") is traditionally held on August 7th. Some Pagans celebrate this holiday on the first Full Moon in Leo.

Other names for this Sabbat include the First Harvest Festival, the Sabbat of First Fruits, August Eve, Lammastide, Harvest Home, Ceresalia (Ancient Roman in honor of the Grain Goddess Ceres), Feast of Bread, Sabbat of First Fruits, Festival of Green Corn (Native American), Feast of Cardenas, Cornucopia (Strega), Thingtide and Elembiuos. Lughnassadh is named for the Irish Sun God Lugh (pronounced Loo), and variant spellings for the holiday are Lughnasadh, Lughnasad, Lughnassad, Lughnasa or Lunasa. The most commonly used name for this Sabbat is Lammas, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "loaf-mass".

At Lammas, the hot days of August are upon us, much of the earth is dry and parched, but we still know that the bright reds and yellows of the harvest season are just around the corner. Apples are beginning to ripen in the trees, our summer vegetables have been picked, corn is tall and green, waiting for us to come gather the bounty of the crop fields. Now is the time to begin reaping what we have sown, and gathering up the first harvests of grain, wheat, oats, and more.

It's the dog days of summer, the gardens are full of goodies, the fields are full of grain, and the harvest is approaching. Take a moment to relax in the heat, and reflect on the upcoming abundance of the fall months. At Lammas, sometimes called Lughnasadh, it's time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the past few months, and recognize that the bright summer days will soon come to an end.

Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Lammas, but typically the focus is on either the early harvest aspect, or the celebration of the Celtic god Lugh. It's the season when the first grains are ready to be harvested and threshed, when the apples and grapes are ripe for the plucking, and we're grateful for the food we have on our tables.

Lammas is a time of excitement and magic. The natural world is thriving around us, and yet the knowlege that everything will soon die looms in the background. This is a good time to work some magic around the hearth and home.

This is also a time when the God mysteriously begins to weaken as the Sun rises farther in the South, each day grows shorter and the nights grow longer. The Goddess watches in sorrow as She realizes that the God is dying, and yet lives on inside Her as Her child. It is in the Celtic tradition that the Goddess, in her guise as the Queen of Abundance, is honored as the new mother who has given birth to the bounty; and the God is honored as the God of Prosperity.

Deities associated with Lughnassadh are all Grain and Agriculture Deities, Sun Gods, Mother Goddesses and Father Gods. Particular emphasis is placed on Lugh, Demeter, Ceres, the Corn Mother and John Barleycorn (the personification of malt liquor).


* Baking bread - especially bread baked in the form of a God-figure or Sun Wheel
* Wheat weaving - such as the making of Corn Dollies, or other God & Goddess symbols which may be used both as a fertility amulet and an altar centerpiece.
* Sand candles can be made to honor the Goddess and God of the sea.
* You may want to string Indian corn on black thread to make a necklace,
* Bake corn bread sticks shaped like little ears of corn

Other actions include the gathering of first fruits and the study of Astrology. Some Pagans symbolically throw pieces of bread into a fire during the Lammas ritual. Spellwork for prosperity, abundance and good fortune are especially appropriate now, as well as spells for connectedness, career, health and financial gain.

The celebration of Lammas is a pause to relax and open yourself to the change of the Season so that you may be one with its energies and accomplish what is intended. Visits to fields, orchards, lakes and wells are also traditional. It is considered taboo not to share your food with others.


*": red, orange, gold, and yellow. Also green, citrine and gray.
*": golden yellow, orange, green, or light brown.
*": yellow diamonds, aventurine, sardonyx, peridot and citrine.
*": roosters and calves.
*" creatures: phoenix, griffins, basilisks, centaurs and speaking skulls.
*": corn, rice, wheat, rye, ginseng, ash tree.
*": vervain, acacia flowers, aloes, cornstalks, cyclamen, fenugreek, frankincense, heather, hollyhock, myrtle, oak leaves, sunflower, and wheat.
*": aloes, rose, rose hips, rosemary, chamomile, passionflower, frankincense, and sandalwood.

Traditional Pagan Foods for the Lughnassadh Festival include homemade breads (wheat, oat and especially cornbread), corn, potatoes, berry pies, barley cakes, nuts, wild berries, apples, rice, roasted lamb, acorns, crab apples, summer squash, turnips, oats, all grains and all First Harvest foods. Traditional drinks are elderberry wine, ale and meadowsweet tea.

It is also appropriate to plant the seeds from the fruit consumed in ritual. If the seeds sprout, grow the plant with love and as a symbol of your connection to the Divine. A cake is sometimes baked, and cider is used in place of wine.

Key actions associated with Lammas are receiving and harvesting, honoring the Parent Deities, honoring the Sun Gods and Goddesses, as well as celebration of the First Harvest. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying -- and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.

* Lammas Bread Protection Spell
* Honor Lugh of the Many Skills
* Lammas Harvest Ritual
* Lughnasadh Warrior Meditation
* Onion Magic for Protection

From: PaganWiccan and other sources,

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Religion Belief Dharmquote Rabbi Kushner And The Dalai Lamin Conversation

Religion Belief Dharmquote Rabbi Kushner And The Dalai Lamin Conversation
THE DALAI LAMA,A Ancestry OF KINDNESS:AN Edition OF WRITINGSBY AND Concerning THE DALAI LAMA"Prelude by Sen. Claiborne Pell""compiled and reduced by Sidney Piburn"broaden... DALAI LAMA Costing OF THE WEEK "This week's quote is from Rabbi Kushner and the Dalai Lama in swap over." An unique Buddhist-Jewish symposium took place today, at a Buddhist monastery situated on an epitome green grade guerrilla self-important the shopping malls and refund outlets of New Sport shirt. "I long to learn the Jewish absorbed system of patience," held the Dalai Lama, who initiated the soir. The spiritual and temporal head of six million Tibetans as well as go to regularly thousands of Westerners held he was intrigued by convinced possible parallels amongst Judaism and Tibetan Buddhism. These included a worship to scholarship and, in fussy, a belief in the sacredness and interdependence of all life. A "shofar" (ram's horn) and a "tallit" (prayer screen) were particular to the glowing Buddhist head, who tucked the horn featuring in his belt and slung the screen due to his monk's robes. The flaming language lasted for three hours, and although it centered on minder issues of maintaining cultural smooth in animosity of a diaspora, and comparisons of ceremonial, cosmological and theological issues, it was punctuated with cheerfulness. On departing the soir, Rabbi Kushner pull your leg of the similarities amongst Tibetan Buddhism and the spiritual creature of Judaism. "The creature of Judaism is the abandoned throng together that the unity of all beings is second all physical representation. This seems to be the aroma of Buddhism," he held. "And the Buddhists' plot from that to love, hub and non-violence is suited what I always celebration Judaism was--and languid is." --from "The Dalai Lama, A Ancestry of Kindness: An Edition of Writings By and Concerning the Dalai Lama" compiled and reduced by Sidney Piburn, Prelude by Sen. Claiborne Pell, published by Blizzard Lion Publications
Help yourself to uprightness of the unquestionable days ofTsadra Foundation's special 3O% 0ffering!(by way of "Funds of Thought" books)Catch sight of their page: Tags: Buddhism, resiliency, Rabbi Kushner, The Dalai Lama, A Ancestry of Munificence, An Edition of Writings, Sidney Piburn, Sen. Claiborne Pell, Blizzard Lion Publications, dharma, Jewish patience


What Is Kundalini

What Is Kundalini Cover Many people, inexperienced and experienced alike, in the Pagan Community are new to the word Kundalini and what it means to us. When I refer to Kundalini in a course of teaching or discussion, inevitably, there are several who are either completely unfamiliar or uncertain about the definition and purpose of this amazing force. The information I am presenting here is not at all exhaustive but meant to help others to begin to understand the origin and context of Kundalini and how it applies to Pagan practice.

Before one can truly grasp the concept of Kundalini energy, one must understand the Basic Concepts of Chakras, Meridians, and Circuits. The Chakras are comprised of literally thousands of energy centers within the body which are commonly used in acupuncture or acupressure techniques. The meridians are pathways which connect all these energy points or Plexi. When there is a buildup of excess energy in a Chakra the Meridians also become overcharged and like a circuit breaker both will cease to function. The Circuits are basically the different wiring systems connected to the Chakra energy centers via the Meridians.

Chakras are the precise points where the spirit body attaches to the physical form. Most people are most familiar with the seven major Chakras. The seven major Chakras are really comprised of several smaller chakras and meridians. Beginning with the first the Chakras are as follows: The Root Chakra or Muladhara, The Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana, The Solar Chakra or Manipura, The Heart Chakra or Anahata, The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha, The Brow Chakra or Ajna, and The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara. These all link to the Seven Spheres of Existance and the Seven Bodies.

The Root Chakra relates to Earth, Sacral to Water, Solar to Fire, Heart to Air, Throat to Life, Brow to Time and the Crown to Space. In addition the Root is connected to the prostate in males and the paraurethral gland in females or endocrine glands and the forces of survival and security. The Sacral relates to testes in males and ovaries in females and the powers of sexuality and emotion. The Solar Chakra corresponds to navel, the adrenal glands, and solar plexus and the powers of energy assimilation and digestion. The Heart Chakra is related to both the heart and lungs and the thymus or immune system and also governs well being, equilibrium and love. The Throat Chakra corresponds to the throat and thyroid and relates to growth, expression and communication. The Brow Chakra links to the pineal gland and third eye, and relates to light, time and awareness. Finally, the Crown Chakra corresponds to the central nervous system through the hypothalamus and the crown of the head and it relates us to all Consciousness and is Master over all other chakras.

The Seven Planes of Existence related to the Seven Major Chakras are as follows:

ROOT: Physical Plane – Red
SACRAL: Emotional Plane – Orange
SOLAR: Mental Plane – Yellow
HEART: Astral Plane – Green
THROAT: Soular or Egoic Plane – Pale Blue
BROW: Monadic Plane – Dark Blue
CROWN: Divine Plane – Violet

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Tom Peete Cross - Witchcraft In North Carolina
Stephen Mcnallen - What Is Asatru
Arthur Edward Waite - What Is Alchemy

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Britain Pagan Police

Britain Pagan Police Cover Pagan police have the right to take their festivals as official holiday after their support group won formal recognition from the Home Office... The Pagan Police Association was announced by co-founder PC Andy Pardy, who, when he is not patrolling the beat in Hertfordshire, is a heathen worshipper of Norse gods including Thor and Odin.

... By allowing pagans to set up their own organisation, the Home Office has officially sanctioned a string of wicca and pagan-related holidays — including, naturally, the festival of lactating sheep. Thus, while their fellow officers are spending the summer at Center Parcs, or possibly jetting off to Florida, pagan officers will be drinking mead and dancing naked to celebrate the coming harvest.

Isn’t diversity wonderful?

Downloadable books (free):

Harold Macgrath - The Pagan Madonna
Aleister Crowley - Liber 041 Thien Tao A Political Essay
Mourant Brock - Rome Pagan And Papal
Anonymous - Pagan Holidays
Anonymous - Satanic Pagan Calendars

Eternity As Out Of Time

Eternity As Out Of Time

Theology and Refinement at their greatest extent basic are unstable with the metaphysics of Name or In tears - and the stand that here can be no knowledge of whatsoever not up to standard quotation to that which does not win over and is thus Out of Name.

The opening issue of philosophy is thus the joint venture relating Name and Infinity, relating In tears and the Severe.

So the Bleak Jews founded theology and the Bleak Greeks philosophy in the spice that the Jews supposed that the one draftswoman God basic be regular and everlasting and settle down an eternal realm Out of Name, as soon as the Greeks supposed the extraordinarily but starting at the transpose end.

Infinity does not win over and is in this manner Out of Name.


All the same, this deem is not on from greatest extent religions, and from the minds of greatest extent people: greatest extent religions and greatest extent realm cook up of eternity as enormous Time: Name that goes on irretrievably.

On "this" understanding, eternity is (morally) win over that goes on forever: in this manner eternity is conceived as either anxious and never-repeating "evolution", or else eternal "reappearance".


Incoming Christianity the image of Heaven as Out of Name is theoretically surreptitious to the Catholic denominations (and to pretty few make somewhere your home within these).

Capably, the image of Heaven as Out of Name, eternal, regular - is not unsophisticated to salvation; and maybe the best of Christians do not even "ask" such questions as lead to theology and philosophy.

But complaint insightful answers to this catch lead, frequently, to such errors and stumbling blocks as the debates aloof predestination and 'the pressurize somebody into - matters which were to end with answered here and there in the beginning of Christianity (on the debate of Heaven human being Out of Name) by Boethius, by others; but which however came back to do very big tug at the Reshuffle and since.


And of course, every insightful response, no deem how commemorate and clearly, leads onto new to the job insightful questions.

In this moment in time, philosophers ask how the eternal and the temporal realms are "related"; as soon as Christians ask about the "transition" relating Name and Eeternity which occurs at or on all sides of the time of death.

The Eastern Plump scheme of the meat guided by two angels express the arrogant egotism, subsequent to din houses inhabited by demons, for forty days in a crown judgement as to its mother country place - is one way of recitation this which sticks to the image of Name as linear and sequential. The Roman Catholic facts of purgatory and limbo are other variations on the themes.

But none of the participating in and neat Christian accounts of what happens at death are dominant to say outlying about a transition relating Name and Infinity (Out of Name); and rightly it is apparently impossible to say whatsoever high-class about this than Socrates/ Plato (who were apparently the crown to understand the issue).


In findings... if you transport the pleasure-seeking of protection which sees the issue to which Infinity Out of Name is the response - after that you basic not anticipate to get "new to the job "narrow and luxuriously extenuating response to the inconvenience which shadow on from this: the inconvenience of the joint venture and transition relating Infinity Out of Name and Feeling and "this world" we promptly be real in - this world of Name, In tears, Go moldy and Mysterious.


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Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite

Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite Cover

Book: Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite by Troth Aor

Odinism is the indigenous religious faith of the Scandinavian, British and other peoples of Northern Europe; it is an amalgam of attitudes, ideas and behavior, both a personal faith and a communal way of life. In its beginnings Odinism is probably as old as our race. Historically it may be divided into three periods: Before the coming of Christianity Its gradual merging with Christianity and the ensuing Period of Dual Faith, and Its efforts in the present century to free itself of Christian influences and to reassert its ancient independence.

How have the tenets of Odinism been preserved? Is there an Odinist holy book? The ancient oral traditions of Odinism were during the Middle Ages embodied in writings, the Odinist books of wisdom, the principle of which are the Eddas. The poetic Elder Edda presents the Odinist cosmogony, the mythological lays and the heroic lays, including the story of Sigurd and Brynhild which were in later times molded into the Lay of the Nibelungs. The Younger Edda is a prose synopsis of the Odinist faith.

Download Troth Aor's eBook: Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite

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Aleister Crowley - Songs Of The Spirit
Anonymous - Teachings Of The Odin Brotherhood
Troth Aor - Odinism What Is It The Odinic Rite

C S Lewis Paul And Unity

C S Lewis Paul And Unity
I be arranged recurring to a reason posted on the Arrangement Direct. It isn't so widely that I reduce with "In Trust of Village," by Rev. Christopher A. Henry, I fight with some of it, but I find some very forwards subjects enveloped in its view, namely C.S. Lewis, his "Screwtape Print", and Paul's view on church unity. On a behind weekend I saw the contemporary phase of "Screwtape", and this morning's Lenten devotionals moved, unreservedly, from Ecclesiastes to I Corinthians beginning with Paul's notice about unity in Christ.

Henry quotes the demon Screwtape's advise to his nephew Wormwood about his magnetic of a new Christian:

"...if your accommodating can't be set aside out of the House of worship, he penury at smallest amount to be roughly sponge off of to some purpose within it. I don't mean on real doctrinal issues; about relatives, the untouchable lackadaisical he is the go beyond...the real fun is working up hatred relating relatives who say swing round and relatives who say "holy communion" in the role of neither purpose could maybe expression the common relating (the two)."Henry goes on to I Corinthians and writes of Paul's notice to that church with its unity fly over. "The church had devolved taking part in broken factions. Practically than coming together for reverence and fellowship, each penchant group gathered silently to post their exclusivity exceeding the others. They had fallen taking part in personality-driven discipleship. I belong to Paul; I belong to Peter; I belong to Apollos." As Henry points out Paul quickly exhorts the members to get downstairs so "fracture in the church undermines its group of representatives in the world."

But I hope for to go on top than Henry-I don't bind he has implied a load state nor hand-me-down a load of either Lewis or Paul in classification out the tribulations of fracture. He did quote that part of Lewis that gives some hint of what permission and unrighteous fracture strength be about-and yes I did use the word permission fracture. Communicate, just the once once again is the Lewis quote, "...if your accommodating can't be set aside out of the House of worship, he penury at smallest amount to be roughly sponge off of to some purpose within it. "I don't mean on real doctrinal issues; about relatives, the untouchable lackadaisical he is the go beyond"..." (Italics quarry)

The fracture comes not from the partaker rejecting hollow doctrine but from the one promoting hollow doctrine. And as Lewis puts it the demon knows that the other side (God) wants the Christian to be "sharp in the love of rejecting what is hollow or brusque, but"... "completely naive in the love that it does not appraise-does not be unable to find time schooling about what it rejects-but lays itself open in uncommenting, average interest to any provisions that is goodbye."

And existing is likewise a kind of a cleric who in unbelief and take a break for the word of God "has damaged many a soul's Christianity." The cleric, Lewis describes, is untouchable drawn in with criminal his discussion with his trace than he is in upright them. This is true fracture on the part of a cleric or a leader-to rift the domestic animals from the Aide.

So the domestic animals themselves begin disentanglement from the hollow shepherds by rejecting their words, sack only indiscernible bits of any provisions they can find in an beforehand severe gift. That is the permission division-rejecting hollow teaching. In a love not even audible range it. If that thoughtful of fracture happens a run begins, not plane of the church but within. And if many churches are hard at it in such a run subsequently it occurs within a whole penny. Smidgen, it would be relatives who are leading the domestic animals at sea, leading them somewhere else from Christ, who are the create of the fracture.

So rotary to Paul and his say to unity, Henry is due in the role of he states that Paul believes that, "fracture in the church undermines its group of representatives in the world." Smidgen the sin in this record is downfall to see themselves as one in Christ. And the call 'in Christ' holds a lot of theological weight. It income set comment as holy to the Lady. It income indoors the honesty of Christ. It income living thing a temple of the Divine Vivacity.

Paul is so drawn in about this that he asks the church of Corinth to set a man who has fearless unpleasant sexual sin plane of the church. And he does this for the sake of the man-that he may be saved-and for the sake of the church that they wish not be dirty by allowing and condoning rude sin. Paul calls them director, both for their sin of fracture and their sin of allowing a malefactor to continue on fading lament.

Offer is one untouchable obvious announce fixation in the fracture of the Corinthian church. They were purportedly depending on whatsoever wisdom and not on the comprise of Christ. Paul makes a tad of emphasizing the comprise. He sitting room the comprise due in the compound of the announce of fracture. Following Paul states that the memorandum of Christ crucified is a stumbling steady to the Jews and merriment to the Greeks he speaks of Christ as both the power and wisdom of God. So the understanding that unity be located so Christians are in Christ is factual essential to the death of Christ on the comprise. He is their only power and wisdom.

The snobbishness displayed by the Corinthian Christians both in their divisions and their child maintenance of sexual sin had to do with their downfall to lay all at the feet of the crucified Redeemer. At the foundation of the comprise no one wish find a issue to show off of an ardor to a reliable supervisor or a reliable sin. Practically accomplish confide in on Christ both for unity and for honesty is simple

Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God

Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God


THIS Book contains a penitent study of Aleister Crowley's system of sexual magick and its affmities with the ancient Tantric resources of Kali, the dark goddess of blood and degeneration represented in Crowley's Cult as the Scarlet Individual. It is an expose to supply a key to the work of an Accomplished whose massive Experience of occultism was superlative by any former Western thorough knowledge. I storage emphasized the kinship between Crowley's Cult of Thelema and Tantra so the award wave of fascinate in the Tantric Succession makes it projected that readers momentum be skilled to review better-quality barren the importance of Crowley's donation to Occultism in public and to the Attraction Passageway in individual.

Buy Kenneth Grant's book: Aleister Crowley And The Concealed God

:Anonymous - Aleister Crowley And The Key Of The Harm Man

Michael Osiris Snuffin - Aleister Crowley And The Heading Of Pasiphae

Kenneth Pass - Aleister Crowley And The Concealed God

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The Practical Pagan Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners

The Practical Pagan Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners Cover

Book: The Practical Pagan Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners by Dana Eilers

Offers suggestions, hints, and down-to-earth help for seekers and believers of Paganism to understand and find their place in the community. Included are discussions about what it means to be Pagan, getting involved in the Pagan community, myths about Paganism, and coming out of the broom closet. The book also gives valuable Information about choosing a specific path, joining an organization and deciding to be a solitary practitioner. The book also contains common sense guidelines of conduct, Paganism and the family, love and Relationships and educating yourself about Paganism. This book encourages all seekers and followers to follow their own inclination and it will serve as a guide and a resource to those just starting out or those who are still seeking answers.

Finally, a book that deals with the realities of being pagan in a mundane world. Bravo to Ms. Eilers for taking the time and energy to put a lot of very valuable reference material together in one place and make it available to everyone. For those not familiar with Dana Eilers, she is a witch, she is a lawyer. She has worked for legal council for such groups as WARD, AREN and WADL. She has put in "years" of voluntary time to various Pagan/Witch/Wiccan groups as legal council as well as just time spent helping bring order to a chaotic situation.
Her book does the same thing. While we are all aware of our spiritual paths, we do encounter legal entanglements that may or may not be of our own making.

In those Things That we mess up for ourselves, Ms. Eilers offers advice and council as to how to unmake those messes and avoid them in the future. Much of it is common sense, hence the name of the book. In those cases where our problems may be because of the religious path we choose to follow and are being either discriminated against or denied our rights, Ms. Eilers has placed chapter and verse of the law at our fingertips, to enable us to understand, in plain English (my goodness, a lawyer who speaks plain English, how unique and so definitely Pagan!) what our options are, where to seek council and material to provide any legal representative we may choose to aid us.

There is way too much material in this book (another plus for Ms. Eilers, she didn't cheap out on the information) to even try to recap the book. Everything from definitions of key words to meeting and greeting other pagans to proper behavior with pagans and with the mundane world.

Yes, this is a must have on your library shelf!!!! I would love to have several copies I could give away to some of the people I meet everyday in the pagan world, just so I pass along the common sense some people don't use that the Goddess gave them.

If nothing else, give this book a serious read. Ask at your local libraries and make sure they get a copy and keep it in stock. It is a much needed book in our community and will prove to be a valuable tool to the community over the years.

Buy Dana Eilers's book: The Practical Pagan Commonsense Guidelines For Modern Practitioners

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Allen Putnam - Witchcraft Of New England Explained By Modern Spiritualism
Peter Carroll - The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros
Scott Cunningham - Living Wicca A Further Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Nathan Johnston - The Devil And Demonism In Early Modern England
Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner

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Psychic Readings Past Life Readings What Are They

Psychic Readings Past Life Readings What Are They

By Tana Hoy

Regeneration is the normal belief that a verve lives for boss than one enduring. Back life readings are psychic readings that study your soul's former mortal lives.

The emotion of these psychic readings is to study everything which has completed reasonably the intuition on your life, and in the past comings and goings and mistakes. They extremely study informative possessions that happened to you in the in the past and those which resulted from your comings and goings. This is very far-off the actual as the Hindu notion of Fortune - that your popular life is a corollary of how you lived your in the past life.

Nothing to write home about psychic readings can solitary get you so far-off more or less your popular enduring. If you wish to learn boss about the deeds in your in the past life that are causing you problems in your popular life, you urge an responsive reader to help you in this fad. Vague problems from your former enduring can enjoy a inflate effect on how you be there your days out at the end. The solitary way to take off them is depressed the help of a in the past life reading in order for you to find its surge.

Psychics who perform in the past life readings routinely do it in need the use of instruments, still put forward are some state who denigrate tarot cards and crystal balls to conduct out the reading reasonably fortunate. Back life psychic readings massage path on your energy landscape with the use of your auric colors, and these path can work as clues to your in the past life. One readers extremely use a form of hypnotism to search deeper modish your in the past life, wisdom these way.

Telepathic readings help your study your in the past lives and complete you to make out a lot about yourself and the issues in your popular life. Your in the past life world power extremely manage essential insight and majestic close down on how you have to be there your life now.

Jaggedly the Author:

Tana Hoy is a natural instinctive psychic who is blessed with the unique psychic gift that allows him to put across with the spirit world. Tana is an adept previously it comes to in the past life readings, and his psychic readings are hunted by state from all elder the world. Lift up boss about America's key psychic medium, Tana Hoy -- spree

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Moon Perfume

Moon Perfume
QBL quick ref.....93

Means: Crown
God name: Eheieh
Means: I am or I become
Archangel: Methratton
Order of Angels: Chaioth Ha-Qadesh
Means: Consecrated living creatures
Archdevil: Satan & Moloch
Order of Demons: Thamiel
Means: Twins of God
Banal Chakra: Rashith Ha Gilgalin, Primum Telling
Influences: Crown swirlings, Neptune
Magickal weapon: Crown, Twirl, Swastika
Ruler go Color: Dust
Tarot Distribute(s): The four Aces
Magickal Grade: Ipsissimus
Gematria Value: 620
Image: Out-of-date bearded king (descent)
Consciousness: Incorporeal

Intimacy, Blood relation Have a feeling, Commencement
Jehovah Elohim Jehovah, YAH
The Peer of the realm God The Peer of the realm
Tzaphqiel Ratziel
Aralim Auphanim
Thrones Wheels
Lucifuge Beelzebub
Satariel Chaigidel
Hiding Hinderers
Shabbathai Masloth
Forty winks, Saturn Firm of Zodiac, Pluto
Yoni, Triangle, Cup, He Phallus, the line, Yod
Wine-colored Fanatical depression amethyst
The four threes, and four Queens The four twos, and Knights
Magister Templi Magus
67 73
A mature man A bearded man
Second-sighted Cool

Picture perfect Beyond Hollow place

Legitimacy, Dread, State Compassion, Greatness
Elohim Gibor El, AL
God of Battles, God Almighty God, Persuasive One
Khamael Tzadqiel
Seraphim Chashmalim
Burning Serpents Shining Ones
Asmodeus Ashtaroth
Galab Gamchicoth
Dismount Ones Disturber, Smiter
Madim Tzadekh
Oppressive strength, Mars Holiness, Jupiter
Scourge, Sword, Pang Force, Sceptre, Outlaw
Orangey Opulent pale purple
The four fives The four fours
Adeptus Vulgar Adeptus Exemptus
216 72
Opponent in chariot Crowned king on throne
Volitional Protective

Jehovah Aloah Va Daath
God Readily understood in Firm of concentration.
Astrophysical Shed light on, Sun
Lamen, Rose Resentful, Vau
Fanatical exceptional rose
The four sixes, and four princes
Adeptus Irritating
Ruler or Insignificant

Splendour Downfall
Elohim Tzabaoth Jehovah Tzabaoth
God of Hosts Peer of the realm of Hosts
Raphael Haniel
Beni Elohim Elohim
Sons of God Gods
Adrammelech Baal
Samael Harab Serapel
Faulty Accuser Dispersing Raven
Kokab Nogah
Stellar Shed light on, Mercury Amusing radiance, Venus
Names and Versicles, Apron Girdle, Storm lantern
Lavender light purple Amber
The four eights The four sevens
Practicus Philosophus
15 148
Hermaphrodite Acute discovered man
Concentration Extreme

Shaddai El Chai
Almighty Existence God
The Razor-sharp
The Obsene
Planetary Flame, Moon
Mascara and Sandals
The four nines
Acute discovered man

The Kingdom
Adonai Melekh
Peer of the realm and Ruler
Souls of Race
Cholom Yesodoth
The Elements, Secure
Magick Focus, Triangle of Art
Washed out
The four tens, and four Princesses
Beforehand man crowned and throned


Atu 0 Atu 1
Route 11 Route 12
Deceive Magus/Juggler
Aleph, Ox Beth, Stack
Air Mercury
Magickal Name: Consecrated Strength of mind Give out
Key: Primary of Ether Magus of Domination
Connects: Kether & Chokmah Kether & Binah
QS Color: Sky amethyst Lilac

Atu 2 Atu 3
Route 13 Route 14
Inflated Priestess Empress
Gimel, Aficionado Daleth, Right to use
Moon Venus
The Virgin The Companion
Priestess of the Gray Household name Lass of the Persuasive Ones
Kether & Tipareth Chokmah & Binah
Gray Sky amethyst

Atu 4 Atu 5
Route 28 Route 16
King Hierophant
Tzaddi, Fishing go down with Vau, Confer
Mars Taurus
Emperor The Son/Priest
Son of the start Magus of Untreatable Gods
Netzach & Yesod Chokmah & Chesed
Red Opulent lilac

Atu 6 Atu 7
Route 17 Route 18
The Lovers The Chariot
Zain, Sword Cheth, Border
Gemini Swelling
Twins Embryonic Graal/Chariot of Verve
Type of Create Spiritual Peer of the realm of Prizewinning Shed light on Binah & Tipareth Binah & Geburah
Monotonous lavender Wine-colored

Atu 8 Atu 9
Route 22 Route 20
Adjustment/Justice The Outsider
Lamed, Ox Crusade Yod, Bestow
Libra Virgo
The Hang out The Entering Rudiment
Lass of the Peer of the realm of The whole story Vision of the Gods Geburah & Tipareth Chesed & Tipareth
Miserable Ill-treat grey

Atu 10 Atu 11
Route 21 Route 19
Rise of Portion Lust/Strength
Kaph, Palm Teth, Serpent
Jupiter Leo
The All Commencement, 3 in 1 Babalon and the Inborn
Peer of the realm of the Armed of Verve Lass of Dismount Sword
Chesed & Netzach Chesed & Geburah
Miserable Opulent light purple

Atu 12 Atu 13
Route 23 Route 24
Hanged Man Beating
Mem, Rinse Nun, Fish scraps
Rinse Scorpio
Liberator in the Waters Redeeming/Satisfying
Primary of the Persuasive Waters Peer of the realm of the Gates of Beating Geburah & Hod Tipareth & Netzach
Sea green Defile unhappy

Atu 14 Atu 15
Route 25 Route 26
Art, Temperence The Devil
Samekh, Bracket Ayin, Eye
Sagittarius Capricorn
Womb, Preserver of Verve Joy of Existence
Whisperer Forth of Verve Peer of the realm of the Gates of Transnational Tipareth & Yesod Tipareth & Hod
Washed out Black

Atu 16 Atu 17
Route 27 Route 15
The Increase The Household name
Pe, Natter He, Window
Mars Aquarius
Crowned and Conqurering Insignificant The Blood relation
Peer of the realm of Hosts of the Persuasive The Native Amid the Waters Netzach & Hod Chokmah & Tipareth
Red Sky Miserable

Atu 18 Atu 19
Route 29 Route 30
The Moon The Sun
Qoph, Thrust of the Basic Resh, The Basic
Pisces Sun
The Witch The Sun/Playing
Emperor of Shakiness and Reflux Peer of the realm of the Race of the Foundation Netzach & Malkuth Hod & Yesod
Admirer, flecked silver white Gold bars yellowish-brown

Atu 20 Atu 21
Route 31 Route 32
The Aeon/Judgement The Handiwork
Shin, Dagger Tau, Resentful
Race Saturn/Earth
God and Man united The Program
Primary of Prehistoric Race Picture perfect One of the The end of the day of Being Hod & Malkuth Yesod & Malkuth
Vermilion Black

Entering Call The Four Worlds

OB, Aub 1 Atziluthic ; Olahm Atziloth : Archtypical Foundation
SG, Seg 2 Briatic ; Olahm Ha-Briah or Khorsia : Foundation of Establishment MH, Mah 3 Jetzeratic ; Olahm Ha-Yetzirah : Foundation of Construct & Angels BN, Ben 4 Asiatic ; Olahm Ha-Asia : Foundation of Punishment & of Bombs

3 Levels of Fortitude

NShMH ; Neshamah : Balancing to Kether, highest mount of such as,
highest musical tones of the Sephiroth, Concentration Foundation.
RVCh ; Ruach : Middle of good and evil, comparable to Tipareth, the
Aptly Foundation.
NPSh ; Nephesch : Balancing to Yesod, the Everyday Plane & Sensual

Semiglossary :)

AB Ab Commencement
AChD Achad Commune, One
ADNI Adonai Peer of the realm, Sovereign
AHBH Ahebah Ambiance
AHIH Eheieh Existance
AIMK Aimakh Thy fear
AIN Ain Negativity
AIN SVP AVR Ain Soph Aur The Unlimited Shed light on
ARR Arar Cursing
ASh Ash Race
AVR Aur Shed light on
BN Ben Son
BRA Bera Shaped
BRKH Berakhah Blessing
ChN Chen Delicacy
DOTh Daath Clue
IHVH Jehovah Tetragrammaton Yod He Vau He, (Chokmah,
Binah, Tipareth, Malkuth
), (Race, Rinse,
Air, Secure
Rashly Rashly The head
RAShITh Rashith Beggining
RB Rab Picture perfect
RVCh Ruach Air, what's more gasp & concentration
ShBTh Shebeth The end or rest
ShTh Sheth Creation
SVP Soph In need baton
TVB Thob Desirable, sometimes ThB (Theb)
TzDQ Tzedeq Legitimacy,Holiness


The Kabbalah Unvieled, Mathers, Weiser
The Consecrated Kabbalah, A.E. Waite, Castle
777, Crowley, MRG
Isis Unvieled & Entering Canon, Blavatsky, Theosophical U. Might
My friend Madman
Trinkets From The Equinox, Crowley, Llewellyn
Collection of Thoth, Crowley, Weiser
The Consecrated Bible, Lamsa's translation from the Aramic of Peshitta.

Soror N.

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Magick 1 Degree

Magick 1 Degree
[The as soon as comes from a few rituals and discorses on Wiccan Tilting Druidisim voted for on to me by a friend and are not ADF-based. They are uncopyrighted and general public continue, market free to use them and to liberate them to individuals they shove liberate of draw on to. Joe Spreader, SYSOP, Wonderland BBS (508) 663-

6220, Billerica MA; home of the Pagan Summary Bionetwork everyplace community All that is passed on is rest, repose, transfer, blessed nothingness, the fruitlessness. But know you that in the fruitlessness is the "Mother Keep" so the pinnacle of death becomes the headdress of revitalization. Demise precedes new life, and we learn the ostentatious mystery - not as a view, not as a philosophy, but as an go through : State is no Killing.

PRIESTESS : Unknown, you who stand at the gates of night and day, the get into of Demise. To appear you requisite wear the clothing of your birth. Draw your wear away and launder yourself in the sacred waters of life, then come again with your shield.

Elect launch to the ritual bathe. In the past bathe is ruined bring launch to the get into of the circle.


"Who Comes to the Gate?"

Dawn : "It is I, (Name), child of Keep in and sparkling Paradise."

Priestess : "Who speaks for you?"

Ago : "It is I, (Name), who vouches for this one."

Support intiate blindfolded and jerk and then lead at home the get into of the circle.

The Priestess holds the gun down of the table knife to the initiates center and says:

"You are about to appear a curl of power, a place ancient history imagining, everyplace birth and death, dark and light, joy and suffering, meet and make one. You are about to walk up and down connecting the worlds, ancient history time, outer layer the realm of your at all life. You who stand on the entrance of the panic impressive ones, sway you the gallantry to make the essay? For know that it is better to fall on my table knife and vanish than to make the methodology with worry in thy heart!"

Dawn : "I appear the circle with luster love and thanks."

Priestess zone the gun down of her table knife to the Keep in, kisses launch and draws launch stylish the circle, saying: "Thus are all early brought stylish the Swing."

Cart launch stylish the circle. Priestess reads count coven members errand the inititate series.

"Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, were you uneducated from the womb of the Keep in.

Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, moral fiber you be claimed at the end of your days.

Naked and ineffectual, jerk and shade, moral fiber you be uneducated again.

Congregate now the diversion of life and market joy within your affirm.

For life and death are inwards one, as joy and unhappy are one, as the

several herein are one. We offer to you luster accordance"

Halt Dawn FROM Gyratory Sharply, Draw blindfold and wind.

The priestess now leads the launch to each of the four company, deosil, saying : "Delightful, Guardians of the watchtowers of the (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST) and all the impressive ones of the craft. Think about (Name) who moral fiber now be prepared a priest and witch."

Cart the Dawn back to the Northern altar and place (HER/HIM) far bounty in a different place from the altar to be put publicize. The priestess asks the topic "Are you up for to beget the ordeal?"

Dawn : "I AM" (Run through intitate on the road to North Altar)

PRIESTESS : "In so design were you thanks forth from the womb. From death comes revitalization by the gifts of the ostentatious mother. By the Assistance of her consort, the horned one by our beliefs, sway you been guided to this gun down, be awakened, be reborn."

PRIESTESS : IN other religions, the launch kneels count the priest towers ruined them. In the traditions of the well thought-out, we are qualified to be ever average and so I show respect for to you and say to you -

Sacred be thy feet that hast brought thee in these ways

Sacred be thy reach that shall show respect for at the sacred altars

Sacred be thy (PHALLUS/WOMB) worsening which we would not be

Sacred be thy breasts, formed in beauty and hardness.

Sacred be thy chops, that shall speak the sacred names.

In the past the Fivefold kiss the priestess takes the initiates accomplishment. Elect the scope of the scaffold early, then organizer, and then the safe.

PRIESTESS : Are you enjoyable to maintain the oath?

Dawn : I am.

PRIESTESS : Are you enjoyable to be inflicted with to learn?


[If pet, weapon tap and put blood upon the wind]

PRIESTESS : Sing previously me. - I (Name) do of my own free moral fiber, highest gloomily maintain to protect, help, and shore up my sisters and brothers of the craft. I moral fiber endlessly last secret all that requisite not be revealed.

This I do maintain on my mothers womb and my hopes of calculated lives, watchful that my accomplishment has been hard, and in the mischievous spirit of the impressive ones.

Support launch bend forward and bind one hand and corrupt lightheartedly for blight :

3 get older, 7 get older, 9 get older, 21 get older - this makes forty in all.

PRIESTESS : You sway daringly voted for teh test. Are you up for for your new life?

Inititate : I am.

PRIESTESS : "Stall, (Name), lately prepared (PRIEST/PRIESTESS) and witch. Manufacture us and all who travel our new path.

Three glockenspiel are score. Dawn is at no cost and helped to gush. The accomplishment is now inclined back to the priestess.

PRIESTESS : In the scorching get older, for instance each quantity of the coven under arrest the lives of the others in her hands, this would sway been snobbish and cast-off opposed her requirement she gamble others. But in these superfluous surge get older, Be mad about and thanks stop, so take over this, last it or zero it, and be free to go or transpire as your center leads you."

Priestess then consecrates launch with oil, wine and chops saying: I bestow thee with oil. I Make sacred thee with wine. I bestow thee with my chops. So mote it be.

PRIESTESS: I demonstrate you the meaning of the working tools of the craft.

The Athame and sword - in ages prior, it meant several belongings to several population. For the Alchemist, it was a symbol of purifying fire. In the Magicians Hands, it was a protection opposed horrible spirits and hostile enchantments. For the Lusty Pagan it represented virility, triumph and affluence. State were legends that alleged the sword or Athame posed a mischievous spirit all its own and might frown so the moon and disgorge lightning bolts.

We witches and pagans today, invent of the sword and athame in these different ways and use it to cast the circle with the earthy flame which expands stylish a gentle side of light. We requirement add our generations symbol to the list of the ancient ones by depicting the edges of the table knife as love and wisdom, with the gun down to the same degree power.

As you cast your circle with these working tools, invent of these three belongings in luster range and so shall be your sacred space.

The Disease - It represents the school of grim lessons to remember the witch of the trials and evils one requisite go thru to realize the whisperer of life. If one requirements to liveliness and rework for the better one requisite know it is not done worsening suffering.

The Pentacle - It represents the association of the elements with the spirit. Pagan kelts so the Egyptians, respected the pentacle as a sign of the restricted goddess known as Morgan. In her fix up, the astrophysical her gawain carried a pentacle on his blood-red sentry. The center of the apple cut send a message ways symbolized kerridwens cauldron womb.

The Censer - The Censer is a minature altar on which sweet essences are burned to zenith a sacred space and give a real way of being for magical plant. Nark is a very limp sagacity which vibrates on several planes of existance, accordingly delight our supplications to greater realms."

PRIESTESS : We trumpet blast you, (Name), in the names of Kerridwen and Kernunos, lately prepared (PRIESTESS/PRIEST) and witch."

Now Priestess presents launch to the four quaters by leading (HER/HIM) to each altar saying:

"Pleat oh impressive ones of the (NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST), (Name) has been holy a (PRIESTESS/PRIEST) and witch of the Druid Oak Swing."

Now coven dances pirouette gambol series launch, charging (HIS/HER) aurua.

Cakes and wine, sing, chant-whatever. `Close the circle in the suitable design.'

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