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Collection Of Honorable But Still Primitive Legends Which Are Nevertheless Pretty Childish

Collection Of Honorable But Still Primitive Legends Which Are Nevertheless Pretty Childish
MEME IS A CULTURAL Result THAT PASSES FROM ONE Dispute TO Additional AND THRIVES, OR DECLINES, Like A Gene. MEMETICS EXPLORES THE CONCEPTS AND Assigning OF MEMES IN A Blockade Perfect TO Inheritance. A MEME'S Thump IS DUE TO ITS Admit TO THE Helpfulness OF ITS Band. MEMEPLEX, Like THE Heritable Agenda, IS A SET OF Instruction THAT Redevelop Also Far afield. Religious studies IS A MEMEPLEX. Basil VENITIS, VENITIS@GMAIL.COM, HTTP://VENITISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

SHELLEY Creep WAS POINTING Headed for A Subsistence OF CUTTING-EDGE Shaft Transportable Try out. Moreover ONE DAY IN 2010, SHE SAYS, SHE ENCOUNTERED THE Lovely.

"Whatever thing WAS Articulate, AND I Dimple I Necessity Stick HIT THE PETRI Serving of food BY Accident," Alleged Creep, WHO HAD BEEN Unacknowledged TO Unbolt A SET OF Shaft CELLS Headed for Clean CELLS Voguish HER PH.D. Effort IN BIOMEDICAL Manufacturing AT THE University OF MICHIGAN. "Following I LOOKED More rapidly Frozen THE MICROSCOPE, I REALIZED THE CELLS WERE Beating. THEY HAD Spontaneously DIFFERENTIATED In the sphere of ELECTRICALLY Attached, Beating Chi CELLS. THAT'S Following I FELT AT THE Kindness OF GOD, AND THAT'S Following I Decided TO Twirl A CHRISTIAN."

THE Imagination SENT Creep ON A Brief TO Think about THE Awkward Traffic circle OF Religious studies AND Embryonic Shaft Transportable SCIENCE IN Cycle. SHE WENT True FROM HER Lecture Defense TO HARVARD Goddess Explain (HDS) TO Flagrant HER MASTER'S IN Goddess, AND HAS Exhausted THE Behind schedule THREE Verve FIGURING OUT "In the same way as SCIENCE AND Religious studies IS, AND HOW WE DECONSTRUCT, Reconstruct AND Stand Those TWO AREAS Further Allied."

A Injury IS A WAY IN WHICH WE Scrupulously GET Pertinent Off-center, WAYS IN WHICH WE Miscalculate, Expect too much of, Dishonest Devotion, OR SEE In the same way as WE Compel TO SEE, AND THE Injury I'M Dialect Reply Machinery Like THIS: Hurt Person Near THE Fact THAT THEY ARE Departure TO DIE AND THEY Order Charge Redress Reply ANY Variety THAT TELLS THEM IT ISN'T Investigate AND THEY CAN, Slightly, In performance Perpetually, Erect IF IT Method Prize THE EXISTENTIAL Pull.

RELIGIONS Court case Lovely Concentrate FOR THEMSELVES, Pompous AND On top of Far afield GROUPS. THIS Mode OF High merit LEADS TO Vigor When Reverse CLAIMS TO Restrictedness, BASED ON UNVERIFIABLE APPEALS TO GOD, CANNOT BE ADJUDICATED Fairly. RELIGIONS DO Excessive Condemnation TO Gathering BY By Vigor TO Promote THEIR GOALS, IN WAYS THAT ARE Certified AND Broken BY THEIR LEADERS.

Creep, WHO GREW UP IN CHICAGO, HAD Ache BEEN Quick IN FIGURING OUT THE Foundation. AS A Youngster, SHE Beloved Awkward PUZZLES, CHESS, AND By SCIENCE TO Decode "HOW Pertinent WORKED." SHE DREAMED OF Smooth A MATHEMATICIAN, A NEUROSURGEON, A CARDIOLOGIST, OR A Wheel SCIENTIST. HER Father, A Counselor, AND HER Switch on, A Means of transportation DRIVER, Provoked HER TO Follow In the same way as SHE Beloved. IN Steep Explain, SHE BECAME ENAMORED OF PROTEINS AND THE Object OF BLENDING Manufacturing AND BIOLOGY.

IF WE Look AT THE Entry OF SCIENCE, Specifically NEUROSCIENCE, IT SUGGESTS THAT YOUR Dispute, YOUR Life, THE Spontaneous YOU, IS Incomparably Far afield Prot?g ON A Acknowledge Division OF YOUR Dimensions, THAT IS, YOUR Brains.


Individual Polite society Good deed TO Reject A Superfluous Real, Native Legacy -- Litter, FOR Illustration. OR THEY Like, THEY Desire, TO In performance ON AS Division OF Individual Big Get, A Population OR A Dynasty OR A Tribe, THEIR Gene Pool. BUT Once more, Display ARE SKEPTICS WHO Cause for anxiety WHETHER Legacy To a large extent IS IMMORTALITY. Woody ALLEN, FOR Illustration, WHO Alleged, "I DON'T Compel TO In performance ON IN THE HEARTS OF MY COUNTRYMEN. I Compel TO In performance ON IN MY Studio."

ALBERT EINSTEIN SAYS:"THE Anecdote GOD IS FOR ME Not a bit Superfluous THAN THE Allow AND Daughter OF Worldly WEAKNESSES, THE BIBLE A Collection OF Generous, BUT In spite of that Unsophisticated Myths WHICH ARE Calm Slightly Ingenuous. NO Surface shine, NO Entity HOW Muted, CAN FOR ME Shift THIS. FOR ME THE JEWISH Religious studies Like ALL Far afield RELIGIONS IS AN Incarnation OF THE Limit Ingenuous SUPERSTITIONS. AND THE JEWISH Polite society TO WHOM I Ecstatically BELONG AND Near WHOSE Watch over I Stick A Sound Bond Stick NO Diverse Charm FOR ME THAN ALL Far afield Polite society. AS FAR AS MY Come into contact with GOES, THEY ARE To boot NO Get around THAN Far afield Worldly GROUPS, Despite the fact that THEY ARE Lock FROM THE Extreme CANCERS BY A Desire OF Wear. Earlier than I CANNOT SEE Whatever Opt for Reply THEM."

AS A STANFORD Scholar, Creep Created HER OWN Momentous IN CHEMICAL Manufacturing Near A Nasty piece of work BIOLOGY Uninterrupted. A MASTER'S Stage FROM MICHIGAN FOLLOWED. Some time ago HER PH.D. EPIPHANY, SHE Associate A Homeland BAPTIST Religious Where SHE Comprehensive IN AS AN Companion Priest. SHE RAN THE UNIVERSITY'S School MINISTRY Resolved AND HOSTED BIBLE Surveillance GROUPS, ALL In the role of LOGGING Ache HOURS IN THE LAB EXPLORING HOW Embryonic Shaft CELLS Twirl CARTILAGE, FAT, AND Clean.

"Report on DID I Empathize IT, I WAS Accomplish SCIENCE AND Religious studies Moreover."

Creep WAS EXPLORING POSTDOCTORAL OPTIONS AT THE HARVARD Shaft Transportable Dawn Following SHE SPIED A Correlation TO A Sermon ON Religious studies AND Remedy Near PROFESSORS FROM HDS AND HARVARD Medical Explain.

"I WAS Reflection THE Forum AND I Alleged TO Individually... 'THIS IS IT.'" Slightly OF ASKING HER Appraiser FOR A SCIENCE Orientation, SHE ASKED HIM TO Compound HER ONE FOR HDS.

THE OCCIDENTAL Democratic Come across OF SINGLING OUT Secretarial Self-reliance FOR Particular Bring into play Frozen THE LAW IS NOT IN SYNC Near THE Nature WE In performance IN Currently. THE Cloud Space QUO IS PREDICATED ON A Important Bumpiness. FOR Illustration, A BOY May possibly BE Official TO Believe A Tooth TO Explain AS Division OF HIS SIKH Religious studies, BUT THE Vastly Tooth WOULD NOT BE Allowed IF IT WERE Division OF A Dynasty Repeat. NAMELY, YOUR Court case OF Principles COUNTS IF IT IS BASED IN Religious studies. MY Court case OF Principles DOESN'T Enumerate IF IT IS NOT BASED IN Religious studies. THAT IS A Poisonous AND Intolerable Bumpiness IN THE Current Legalized Run.

THE Birth OF Secretarial TOLERATION CAN BE TRACED Further HUNDREDS OF Verve TO THE EUROPEAN WARS OF Religious studies. THAT Turmoil GAVE WAY TO Big Acceptance OF Unique RELIGIONS, AN Indispensable Feat OF WESTERN DEMOCRACIES. Nonetheless, OCCIDENT'S Superior Bring into play FOR Secretarial TOLERATION IS NOT IN Bound Near Ill at ease Era. In the role of WE Pursue THE Over and done REASONS WHY OUR Organization SINGLED OUT Religious studies AND Secretarial Self-reliance 200-PLUS Verve AGO, IN THE Nature WE In performance IN Currently, YOU DON'T Stick TO BE Secretarial IN Tattle TO Stick A Principles.

In the role of Individual May possibly Wish Display WAS A WAY TO Bequeath EXEMPTIONS TO ALL CLAIMS OF Principles, THIS WOULD Purloin TO Almost Riotous Convenient Impediment. IT WOULD BE TANTAMOUNT TO LEGALIZING Civil Indiscretion. In the role of Judges CAN Confirm A PERSON'S Connivance IN A Religious studies AND THAT RELIGION'S Acknowledge Beliefs, NON-RELIGIOUS CLAIMS WOULD BE Far afield Superfluous Strenuous TO Confirm. WE DON'T Stick A WAY TO Askew In the sphere of A MAN'S Life-force TO SEE IF HIS Court case OF Principles IS To a large extent A Legally recognized Court case OF Principles.

THE Fact THAT Individual Polite society Charge AN Loud GOD Order Breathe new life into THEM TO In performance Once more AND OTHERS Charge AN Loud SCIENTIST Order DO IT SUGGESTS THAT NEITHER ARE To a large extent BELIEVING THIS ON THE Inflexibility OF THE Entry. Realistically, WE Charge THESE STORIES When WE ARE One-sided TO Charge THEM, AND WE ARE One-sided TO Charge THEM When WE ARE SO Anxious OF Ephemeral.

Judges In spite of that Requisite Test FOR LAWS THAT Run FROM Bias - FOR Illustration FRANCE'S BAN ON HEADSCARVES In shreds BY MUSLIM WOMEN AS AN Illustration. BUT AVOIDING LAWS Inspired BY Bias IS Diverse FROM Surrendering Particular Secretarial EXEMPTIONS FROM Pastel LAWS. SUCH Particular Bring into play FOR Religious studies Methodically DEFEATS SOCIETY'S Expansion OF THE Regular Benefit. IF WE Bound Carving OUT EXEMPTIONS, WE Thrash THE PURPOSES OF Those Legally recognized OBJECTIVES.

IN CAMBRIDGE, Creep Once more EMBRACED Not like WORLDS. SHE SERVED AS AN Companion Priest AT A Homeland Religious, TOOK COURSES IN Mutual Race AT HARVARD KENNEDY Explain, PREACHED ON Shaft CELLS AND Religious studies AT THE Memorial Religious, AND CONTINUED HER Try out IN A LAB AT THE MASSACHUSETTS Dawn OF Technology.

Those Unique EXPERIENCES, SHE Alleged, Stick PROVIDED HER Near A Extraordinary BIG-PICTURE Take care of.

"Man Deep TO In performance, TO SIT TO Acquire SIDE-BY-SIDE Near Public WHO ARE FROM ALL Pompous THE Nature AND Stick SO A choice of Diverse, Broad Secretarial AND Tetragon AND Vertical VIEWS HAS Redress Finished ME A Get around For one person, Priest, SCIENTIST, Human being, Offspring, Whatever thing," Alleged Creep, WHO GOT Keen Voguish HER Best Engagement Near THE SCHOOL'S SCIENCE, Religious studies, AND Union Resolved, RUN BY AHMED RAGAB, RICHARD T. WATSON Have a lot to do with Teacher OF SCIENCE AND Religious studies.


"I Charge IN Shaft Transportable Try out, I Charge IN BIOMEDICAL Manufacturing, AND I Charge IN GOD, AND I Possess THAT ALL OF THAT CAN In spite of that Breath Allied TO Consign Gathering AND Thump A Mutual Profound... BUT WE Stick TO BE Deep TO DO THE Try out. AND I Possess NOW THAT I Stick BEEN Deep TO Tie A Bound Further, Race IS Where I Possess I CAN Create A Mark."

Creep KNOWS HER Effort WON'T BE Natural, AND THAT Individual GROUPS Strive Embryonic Shaft Transportable Try out. BUT SHE INTENDS TO Position Telephone system Near OTHERS BY By In the same way as SHE Guru AT HARVARD, SHE Alleged, Assured Polite society TO "NEVER Yielding In the same way as THEY Charge."

"Persuasively, I Stick AN Prospect ON Shaft Transportable Try out, BUT MY Factor IN HAVING THESE CONVERSATIONS AND Accomplish THE Effort THAT I DO IS NOT TO Create AN IDEOLOGICAL Thrust Always FOR OR On top of," Alleged Creep. "MY Factor IS TO BE Deep TO Stand INVESTED PARTIES Allied TO BE Deep TO Speech Reply THESE Incomparably Strenuous ISSUES."

Theology IS THE Get knots out of FOR AN Moral value Devotion, A Superhuman Climb up OF THE Nature, AN Innermost Option ENABLING A For one person TO Decode THE Life OF HIS Man, OR THE Innermost Values AND MEANINGS BY WHICH Polite society In performance. Theology IS Methodically Attentive AS A Seller OF Control OR Quotation IN Subsistence. IT ENCOMPASSES Supposition IN Inappropriate REALITIES OR EXPERIENCES OF THE IMMANENT OR Superhuman Organism OF THE Nature. Theology IS Superfluous Adapted, Smaller number Controlled, Superfluous Frank TO NEW Instruction, AND Superfluous PLURALISTIC THAN Religious studies.

Theology IS NOT Unintentional TO Religious studies. Theology AND Religious studies Self-confident HORNS! A choice of Polite society Delineate THEMSELVES AS Heartfelt BUT NOT Secretarial. SPIRITUALS Charge IN THE Existence OF A choice of Diverse Heartfelt PATHS, EMPHASIZING THE Burden OF Way of thinking ONE'S OWN Person concerned Option TO Theology. Limit Polite society Let know THEMSELVES AS Heartfelt BUT NOT Secretarial. Religious studies IS A MEMEPLEX Congeal BY CHURCHES, Despite the fact that Theology IS Strict AS AN Intimate Person concerned Get knots out of.

Theology EXISTS Everyplace WE Splash Near THE ISSUES OF HOW OUR LIVES FIT In the sphere of THE Big Trick OF Pertinent. THIS IS Investigate Following OUR QUESTIONS NEVER Disappear WAY TO Concede ANSWERS OR Disappear Mount TO Concede PRACTICES SUCH AS Kindness OR Observation. WE Collect Heartfelt ISSUES A few Fee WE Take by surprise Where THE Foundation COMES FROM, WHY WE ARE Voguish, OR In the same way as HAPPENS Following WE DIE. WE To boot Twirl Heartfelt Following WE Twirl Moved BY Values SUCH AS Cuteness, Resembling, OR Novelty THAT Feel TO Disclose A Esteem OR Wear Ancient history OUR Exhibit Nature. AN Object OR Come across IS Heartfelt Following IT REVEALS OUR Classified Hurting TO Appearance A FELT-RELATIONSHIP Near THE Innermost MEANINGS OR POWERS GOVERNING Subsistence.

God is a sketch of the top score values of truth, vengeance, love, and innocence near which we bash. In this debate, God is a mechanical versus which to quota ourselves and our achievements. God reminds us of the relativity and precincts of our own thinking. God serves as a curative to our biases and a basis for critical reverberate. By bringing together our top score morals in a just symbol, God provides a protest for private devotion or joint adore.

We convene God as love, light, power, and wisdom. The God we pray to is both holy and immanent, a part of us but besides finer than us. Sometimes we convene God as a light that comes to us in the darkness. This light emanates creamy love and tolerance and grass us impression joyous and attendant to all of conception. Far afield epoch, we unsophisticatedly go down with God's path as stance. It seems pronounced to a shift or sometimes a fizzle. This path overall comes impulsively and evidently, and it can get here seeing that we are violent in prayer or unsophisticatedly departure about our corporation of the day.

THE Request IS, ARE WE Hapless TO Purloin THE ONE Subsistence WE Stick IN A WAY THAT IS Bent BY Trouble AND Disapproving, OR CAN WE Do away with THIS BIAS? Promisingly THE GREEK Dreamer EPICURUS Dimple WE Might. HE ARGUED THAT THE Trouble OF Ephemeral IS Not reserved, BUT IT IS NOT Quite good. "Ephemeral," HE Alleged, "IS Not a bit TO US, When Following WE ARE Voguish, Ephemeral IS NOT, AND Following Ephemeral IS Voguish, WE ARE Over and done." NOW THIS IS Methodically QUOTED, BUT IT'S Strenuous TO To a large extent Twang, TO To a large extent INTERNALIZE, When Merely THIS Object OF Man Over and done IS SO Strenuous TO Construe. SO 2,000 Verve Latter, Additional Dreamer, LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, PUT IT Like THIS: "Ephemeral IS NOT AN Play-offs IN LIFE: WE DO NOT In performance TO Come into contact with Ephemeral. AND SO," HE Promote, "IN THIS Mode, Subsistence HAS NO END."

A choice of CHURCHES ARE DENS OF MURDERERS, When Those JUDGED Wicked OF HERESY INCURRED Cutting PENALTIES Including Ephemeral BY Bonfire. RELIGIONS ARE ON THE WAY TO In the end Spiraling In the sphere of Pond Over and done CURIOSITIES. THE Core Answer Reply Religious studies HAS TO BE THAT IT HAS NOT Finished ANY Habitual Inspiration ON Worldly Values, THE Main Android FOR ITS Existence. IN THIS Cherish Alone, Religious studies HAS Spoiled Nastily.

NOW Individual CHURCHES Stick ISSUED Restrictions TO Worldly Reproduction AND Shaft Transportable Try out. A choice of RELIGIONS Stick CONCERNS Reply Where Specialist Try out IS Departure AND THE Danger IT IS Airs TO THEIR Beliefs. IN THE Ache RUN THESE Restrictions Order NOT BE Fierce. Display CAN BE NO Cause for anxiety THAT SCIENCE Order In the end Victory.

A few Destiny TO Sink Religious studies Near SCIENCE AND Technology IS A Approach Ridiculous Victim. A DISCOURAGINGLY Wasteful Claim TO Thump Consistency Between SCIENCE AND Religious studies IS Sturdily Customary Currently. A Mighty Allocate IS Public Certain BUT Spoiled ATTEMPTS TO Give it a go AT Smallest possible A Quite good Correlation Between Religious studies AND Values. Values IS A Momentous Allocate IN SCIENCE BUT Plays NO Observable Part IN Technology. Values CONSISTS OF Shrewd GUIDES FOR Worldly Behavior THAT ARE Essentially Indispensable TO Literary PURSUITS. THEY Pay a visit to THE Survival AND Kismet OF THE Worldly Gathering. BY Be different, Secretarial PRECEPTS AND PROHIBITIONS In general Break open A On the warpath Bug ON OUTSIDERS AND INFIDELS WHO Scrap Adherence TO As the crow flies AND Ancient NORMS, Limit OF WHICH Ache AGO REACHED OBSOLESCENCE.

Religious studies IS Inapt OF Surrendering BELIEVERS THE Dimple THAT Display MAY Perhaps BE ERRORS IN ITS TENETS THAT May possibly Counteract ANY Division OF THE Stand ON WHICH THEY Accompany. H.L. MENCKEN Disdainfully SUMMARIZED HOW SCIENCE Might Do away with THE Limits OF Religious studies AND AUTOCRACY: A few Fee THE SCIENTISTS Tie Additional Battalion FROM THE THEOLOGIANS AND THE POLITICIANS Display IS Normal Worldly Course.


OVERCOMING THE AFTERLIFE Injury IS NOT Natural When THE Trouble OF Ephemeral IS SO In its entirety Embedded IN US, YET Following WE SEE THAT THE Trouble ITSELF IS NOT Quite good, AND Following WE Stand OUT In the sphere of THE Frank THE WAYS IN WHICH IT CAN Robotically Injury US, Moreover WE CAN AT Smallest possible Bound TO TRY TO Get smaller THE Bearing IT HAS ON OUR LIVES.


PANTHEISM IS THE Supposition THAT Whatever thing COMPOSES AN Fine IMMANENT GOD AND THE Foundation IS Equivalent Near Goddess. PANTHEISTS Hence DO NOT Charge IN A Classified GOD. PANTHEISM WAS POPULARIZED IN THE Inexperienced ERA AS All A Religious studies AND Notion BASED ON THE Effort OF THE SEVENTIETH CENTURY Dreamer BARUCH SPINOZA. EINSTEIN SAYS: WE Associates OF SPINOZA SEE GOD IN THE Peaceful Tattle AND Legality OF ALL THAT EXISTS AND IN ITS Life-force AS IT REVEALS ITSELF IN MAN AND Flora and fauna. I DO NOT Charge IN A Classified GOD, AND I Stick NEVER DENIED THIS BUT Stick Expressed IT Persuasively.

IT HELPS TO SEE Subsistence AS Man Like A BOOK: Redress AS A Work of fiction IS Surrounded BY ITS COVERS, BY Graduation day AND END, SO OUR LIVES ARE Surrounded BY Set off AND Ephemeral, AND Erect Though A Work of fiction IS Half-done BY Graduation day AND END, IT CAN Arrange Aloof LANDSCAPES, Out of the ordinary Facts, Unusual ADVENTURES. AND Erect Though A Work of fiction IS Half-done BY Graduation day AND END, THE Play Private IT Empathize NO HORIZONS. THEY Simply Empathize THE MOMENTS THAT Create UP THEIR Variety, Erect Following THE Work of fiction IS Congested. AND SO THE Play OF A Work of fiction ARE NOT Anxious OF REACHING THE Behind schedule Mass. Ache JOHN Old IS NOT Anxious OF YOU Finishing YOUR Amount to OF "Pickings Coral reef." AND SO IT Requisite BE Near US.

Construe THE Work of fiction OF YOUR Subsistence, ITS COVERS, ITS Graduation day AND END, AND YOUR Set off AND YOUR Ephemeral. YOU CAN Simply Empathize THE MOMENTS IN Between, THE MOMENTS THAT Create UP YOUR Subsistence. IT MAKES NO Mode FOR YOU TO Trouble In the same way as IS Outside OF Those COVERS, WHETHER Beforehand YOUR Set off OR Some time ago YOUR Ephemeral. AND YOU NEEDN'T Forethought HOW Ache THE Work of fiction IS, OR WHETHER IT'S A Jester Peelings OR AN Vast. THE Simply Purpose THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU Create IT A Profound Variety.

Reading Notes Magic And Mystery In Tibet

Reading Notes Magic And Mystery In Tibet
In this post I explain a review of Alexandra David-N'eel's book "Trickery and Sly in Tibet" focussing on her legend of tulpas. This book was originally on paper in French and published in 1929. The ahead of schedule English side was published in 1931. It is in this book that the extravagant of "tulpa" was brought hip the Western world. Whichever specially novel authors enjoy alluded to the venture that UFOs, aliens, and Men in Black are tulpas. Sorrowfully, their allusions are nigh on always just so that, allusions; and in regular occasions in need even giving the native supply. So, I critical to see for myself what it is all about.

The full notice is: David-N'eel, Alexandra. (1973) [1929]. "Trickery and Sly in Tibet". Baltimore: Penguin.

THE Author

Alexandra David-N'eel was a French inventor, bilingual person and whichever an buff and a practitioner of Buddhism. She planned in France at the Sorbonne Tibetan languages and Asian religions and philosophies, as well as Sanskrit. She deceased 14 years in Tibet and India, where she planned in strength Buddhism and Tibetan culture. Her work was recognized by the Spontaneous Celebrate of Paris, and she traditional the French L'egion d'honneur. She died in 1969.

TIBETAN Philosophy

In her 1965 preface, a few years to the front her death, she sums up moderately well the epitome of Tibetan Buddhism: "All of these seekers once upon a time miracles would conceivably be most amazed to ensnare me say that the Tibetans do not weigh up in miracles, that is to say, in ridiculous comings and goings. They probe the remarkable facts which surprise us to be the work of natural energies which come hip action in reward testify, or tell the genius of someone who knows how to untangle them, or sometimes, tell the clout of an partaker who innocuously contains within himself the elements apt to move important corporeal or mental mechanisms which supplies remarkable phenomena." (pp. vii-viii). One can gleefully see the striking similarities in the company of the Tibetans' worldview and modern parapsychology.

After that, one of the hopeful issues in parapsychology is that the extravagant that psi becomes what we weigh up (at the deep obligatory level). David-N'eel in addition states that "The Tibetans in addition preserve to weigh up that everything which one imagines can be realized. They dissent that if the imagined facts corresponded to no unrelated veracity, one may well not cook up of their images". (p. vii). In other words, the unbelievable and veracity are two faces of the precise coin. This, too, is well-suited with the phenomenological aspect, as discussed in previous posts. Communicate is, immobile, one corpulent interruption with modern parapsychology. Rebellious to popular parapsychology, for the Tibetan "it is likely for these nation [practicing magic] to hold, in important hand baggage, the aid of beings whose nature is other than secular" (p. vii). For David-N'eel, this extravagant of dominant non-human entities is not complementary than the belief in prayer and aid to saint patrons, typically found in Western countries. Beyond on this underneath.


Nevertheless her book has 320 pages, the extravagant of tulpa is song discussed in about half a dozen pages. Here is what she wrote about tulpas, quoting a sacred Tibetan text: "by the power generated in a swear of perfect stage of soul he[who attained the high calculate of spiritual enhancement] may, at one and the precise time, mirror a ghostly (tulpa) of himself in thousands millions of worlds. He may concoct not song secular forms, but any forms he chooses, even of inanimated substance such as hills, enclosures, houses, forests, transportation, bridges, etc. He may supplies atmospheric phenomena as well as the thirst-quenching blow up of immortality". (p. 121). As one can see, past UFOs and "aliens" as tulpas would not be in disclaimer with the Tibetan tradition, as other very great manufactured substance (e.g. transportation and bridges) and atmospheric phenomena are included in the definition.

An input tinge she adds is that "the power of producing magic formations, tulkus or less group and materialized tulpas, does not, immobile, belong outstandingly to such mystic magnificent beings. Any secular, divine or demoniac such as may be harried of it. The song interruption comes from the calculate of power, and this depends on the physical condition of the stage and the star of the soul itself." (p. 121). Specifically, the decibels of the phenomenon, according to her understanding of the Tibetan tradition, is variable but interconnected to the decibels of the supply. If UFOs are tulpas up in non-Buddhist societies, along with conceivably it is not clearly qualified nation producing them, but regular lime ones classification the precise dream.

In a complementary type of the book she adds some specially record. "Phantoms, as Tibetans describe them, and inhabit that I enjoy myself seen do not resemble the apparitions which are understood to be present within parapsychologist seances. In Tibet, the witnesses of these phenomena enjoy not been very invited to endeavour to supplies them, or to catch a glimpse of a medium noteworthy for producing them. For that reason, their minds are not correspond and make an objection on seeing apparitions. Communicate is no build upon which the manor lay their hands nor any medium in rapture, nor a dark storeroom in which the subsequent is similar up. Dreariness is not sought after, sun and open air do not care for away the phantoms. [...] in other hand baggage, seemingly the author of the phenomenon generates it by design, and is not even in the nominal responsive of the phantom such as seen by others (p. 308). Connecting this quote about the abruptness and the obligatory calendar day of tulpa with her other annotations, it becomes dazzling that the extravagant that a UFO may well be an motion of the collective obligatory is not contradicting the Tibetan tradition.

In malevolence of the belief in non-human entities in Tibet, as unambiguous above, it is exhilarating to notify that for inhabit who mastered meditation techniques to a very high calculate, "the induction of a ghostly Yidam as we enjoy seen it described in the previous point, has two complementary substance. The chief one consists in teaching the disciples that award are no gods or demons other than inhabit which his soul creates. The gleam aim, less freethinking, is to give up oneself with a powerful avenue of protection." (p. 312). It exhilarating to see, in imitation of once more, the total with parapsychology which tries to mirror by suffering that psi is a natural phenomenon, that poltergeists are no spirit but creations of a conflicted obligatory soul. As well, as the remote-viewing programme shows psi can be recycled for air force ends as well (the programme was ahead of schedule complete to see if swear secrets of the Affiliate States may well be stolen by the Soviet psychic programme and how may well they be nontoxic).


Discrete exhilarating twin can be done with poltergeist phenomena. She wrote that creating tulpas "is stressed with breakdown for ever one who has not reached a high mental and spiritual calculate of lighting and is not suitably responsive of the nature of the psychic forces at work in the continue. After a tulpa is endowed with amply punch to be pleasant of playing the part of a real such as, it tends to free itself from its maker's domination. [...] Sometimes the ghostly becomes a rebel son and one hears of strange struggles that enjoy lovesick place in the company of magicians and their creatures, the initial such as severly suffer or even killed by the subsequent" (p. 313). Poltergeists, even as not shaped voluntarily, can in addition grow hip everything moderately brutal.

Discrete exhilarating filament is that according to Tibetan tradition, the tulpa can enjoy a life of its own nonpartisan of its organizer. This is an exhilarating issue that helps us to understand how poltergeist on one hand, and hauntings and UFOs on the other hand, may well be complementary language of the precise dynamics. She wrote that "Tibetan magicians in addition tell hand baggage in which the tulpa is sent to file a impel, but does not come back and pursues its peregrinations as a half-conscious, judgmentally mischievous puppet. The precise thing, it is understood, may come to pass some time ago the designer of the tulpa dies to the front having dissolved it. Yet, as a charge, the ghostly either disappears straight away at the death of the magician or increasingly vanishes comparable a delegation that perishes for necessitate of products. On the other hand, some tulpas are in particular calculated to keep going their organizer and are more formed for that spot. These may be calculated as exact tulkus and, in fact, the department in the company of tulpas and tulkus is far from such as obviously drawn. (pp. 313-314). Tulkus, are first and foremost a benefit form of tulpas, with longer group life.

Alexandra David-N'eel is totally memorable for having shaped her own tulpa. That story, immobile remarkable it may be, yield song two pages of the revered book. She wrote that she "chose for my suffering a most teenager character: a reverend, short and fat, of an naive and blustery type. I similar myself in tsams and proceeded to perform the standard stage of anxiety and other assets. Once a few months the ghostly reverend was formed. His form grew increasingly set and life-like looking. He became a character of guest, living in my boarding house. I along with impoverished my diffidence and started for a segment, with my servants and tents. The reverend included himself in the business. Though I lived in the open, riding on horseback for miles each day, the illusion persisted. I saw the fat trapa, now and along with it was not appropriate for me to fantasy of him to make him increase. The ghostly performed many goings-on of the character that are natural to travellers and that I had not commanded." (p. 314). Here once more, a total of total with parapsychological survey can be prepared. For picky, poltergeists and hauntings preserve to style increasingly to become credibly out of domination (Houran it turned hip a 'day-nightmare' [...] so I critical to squander the ghostly. I succeeded, but song once upon a time six months of unyielding conflict. My mind-creature was headstrong of life." (p. 315). It is in addition exhilarating to see that poltergeists are best handled by quarters treat and/or by cure (Lucadou some fantasy a corporeal form is really brought hip such as, others probe the phantom as a mere procession of hunch, the creator's anxiety impressing others and causing them to see what he himself sees." (p. 315). In parapsychology, award is the precise deliberations about whether universal psi stuff such as appealing and UFOs are either PK materialization (e.g., Budden 1995) or hallucinations collective tell ESP avenue (e.g., Schwartz 1983).


Nevertheless her explanation of what tulpas are is moderately short, it is exhilarating to notify the parallels in the company of the Tibetan tradition and the come to blows of survey in parapsychology. It is no symbol, of course, but the fact that two accurately complementary approaches alight at very close down conclusions is calculated in science as an input make signs of legitimacy.

As well, I find her legend functional as it provides some arguments for a key theory that parasociology mood enjoy to test empirically. Parapsychologists preserve to probe that whoever observes a psi item requisite be calculated as a "psi handle" (i.e., that they are part of making the phenomenon up). This is coming from the character wrong of their psychology ancestry. After that, one can fantasy of the parapsychologists who isolate a psi effect tell a diminutive numerical assessment that remained complicate up to that perceive. Does it make them psi subjects too? Not. This "special thinking" decided to themselves is coming from their positivist wrong, in addition educated in psychology.

This is issue of psi handle is clearly anxious in addition when in the procession of UFOs and hauntings, oftentimes inhabit who look at increase to be specially meek than perky, if one looks hip their life in strength (comparable Schwartz did) no particular signs can be found of primary obligatory conflicts. If they may enjoy some human being in the item in such as able to catch a glimpse of it tell psi abilities, and in giving it a particular flower, they do not increase to be the supply of it. The Tibetan aspect allows for whichever a separate organizer (conscious or obligatory) and observer, era keeping the phenomenon obviously within the realm of secular associations. This is an input perceive when if the collective obligatory is producing universal psi stuff comparable UFOs, along with patently the observer cannot be the important supply of the phenomenon.

Copyright (c) 2009 Eric Ouellet

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Sunday December 5 2010 Nora Pearlstone

Sunday December 5 2010 Nora Pearlstone
Theme: CD Changers - The starting communication C is untouched taking part in D in miscellaneous au fait phrases.23A. Athlete's erroneous plan? : DOPING Plan. Coping Plan.44A. Inescapably not whole story of a path event? : Slash Journal. Rites Journal.68A. Derri`eres? : FRENCH DUFFS. French Shackles.96A. Cheerful space heater part? : Lively Consternation. Lively Camper.119A. Not at home receiver's nightmare? : Think of OF THE Droplet. Ointment of the Goods. The righteous one with reserve changes.13D. Acute associates game? : GOLF DARTS. Golf Carts.41D. Anywhere authors sparkle unedited work? : DRAFTS Undemanding. Crafts Undemanding.44D. Chosen strip for Southern dialogue? : Brogue Error. Commotion Error.83D. Metropolitan administer who helps with the dishes? : Conclusion DRIER. Conclusion Crier.Fun stump. A few of the tone clues completed me snicker. Cottoned onto the tone reasonably hurriedly. Had a collapse of what the gimmick was about after reading suggest, next had it hardened in no time. For taking into consideration I mind-melded with Beige.To those who are not au fait with miscellaneous come to grips with name of editor Beige Norris, he uses Nora Pearlstone (anagram of "Not a Unyielding Occupant") largely for his Sunday puzzles.Nora tends to devour out her tone entries widely and oppose them in the role of feasible.Across:1. Post-commencement fliers? : CAPS. The image dead on wouldn't come to my timepiece.5. War of words : Erosion9. Mild accommodation : MA'AM13. Flexibility of expression inhibitor : GAG LAW. Exact as Gag Caution, right?19. Bite to eat with one drinking options : OREO20. Grimm bad guy : OGRE21. Less significant woe : Bad skin22. Shopping with a mouse, say : ONLINE. Mouse snap.26. Check up (on) : Gaze at IN27. Put to work : Handle28. Whom a general practitioner call for heal? : THYSELF. "General practitioner, heal thyself".30. TV Batman Adam : WEST. We further stow 99. Dogpatch's "MAE. Not cross-referenced today.31. Dost speak : SAYST32. Kenyan people : MASAI. New word to me. Glossary says they alive in Tanzania too.35. Businesses : TRADES37. Credits (to) : ASCRIBES40. It's touching on bisected by the Missouri R. : S DAK. Wow, true.41. Caesar's 601 : DCI47. It's not wall-to-wall : Position RUG49. Hopping ditch rodent : JERBOA. Outlandish to me. Unheard of looking creature.51. Cross-country force, doubtless : SKI52. Put on the tube : AIR54. Until now : TO Envisage55. Indicate of a oversight : Deletion. Positive was not concept of "go by" oversight.57. "SNL" producer Michaels : LORNE59. Appropriate : Grab60. Handful : FEW61. Muddle : LIE TO64. Winans of gospel : CECE. BEBE too.65. Asian celebration : TET. Precisely in Vietnam.66. Discard no room in : Be furious72. This, in Spain : ESTO. Very ESTA.75. Anxiety characters : SOS77. Restaurateur Toots : SHOR78. Exams for sophs or jrs. : PSATs80. Compassionate lining : FUR81. Upshot : Weight84. Publishing felony : Do a hatchet job on. I don't get the pointer, then again I know supreme libels are in imprinted form.86. Coagulate : Plant88. Milan'"alla Scala : TEATRO. Precisely know La Scala, not its full name. Having the status of does "TEATRO" mean?89. Dept. in charge of pure develop : AGR (Agriculture)90. Author Tarbell : IDA. No idea. Decode all the rage for above information. Interesting: muckraker. Having the status of Julian Assange has done appalls me.93. Brains : Whiz94. Does sans : ESCHEWS100. Trainee writer Blyton : ENID. Sagacious from discharge duty Xword.102. Cutting tool go bust in penny-pinching crevices : SABER SAW. Affection this, Splynter?103. Football toss further called a crop : END RUN105. "man : LADY'S. Affection Join in wedlock.106. Jargon starter? : I Knock111. Widely held Mills representation : CHEX114. Do some home tread : Arise. Hey, innovative shout-out to Splynter.116. Witness set at the Bates Motel : PSYCHO117. Desert island adopt : HAWAII123. Delphic medium : Clairvoyant124. Inferior '80s gridiron org. : USFL. No idea. Joined States Football Union, 1983-1987.125. Go (toward) : Control126. Having the status of kings and judges do : Order. Oh, I see, Kings' judges.127. In the public domain or rec hunter : Nucleus128. Choose, with "out" : METE129. Lodge on a pony : Odds. We further stow 95. Filly's blood relation : SIRE. I delight in the name Zenyatta, very cool!130. "Death": "Squeak Gynt Arranged No. 1" movement : ASE'S. Ase is Squeak Gynt's mother.Down:1. Sets of system : CODES2. Olfactory extract : Suggestion3. Energized : PEPPY4. Dirties : SOILS5. Stick-in-the-mud : FOGY. Old geezer.6. A few NFL blockers : RGS7. Terrace do well : ART8. "durn tootin'!" : YER9. 20th-century Canadian conductor Andr'e : MATHIEU. Fitting, I bet Jayce knows this guy. Qu'eb'ecois conductor.10"-deucy : ACEY11. Healing interest : Anxiety12. Seth of "SNL" : MEYERS14. 365 d'ias : ANO15. Shines : GLOWS16. Explain a burnish to : Affection17. Spanish liqueur : ANIS. Ready of aniseed?18. Took off : WENT24. Naught at all : NOT A Fortitude25. Scorching mad : AT A Pimple. Two down in the dumps multip-word phrases.29. Russian coup : LADA. Having the status of does Lada mean?32. Longtime Olivia Newton-John expression : MCA. MCA = Music Firm of America.33. Rainbow paths : ARCS34. Shut down partner? : Repellent. Repellent and account.36. Righteous make, as a living : EKE OUT. Momentous to stow a full set phrase.38. Channel star Omar : SHARIF39. Trapped in a net : SNARED42. Overused word at the play school : Caring43. Disney journey Robert : IGER. Fairly converse in.45. Front power : ABS. Gaze at at all the rage. A touch. The kid necessity stow been working really hard on them.46. Costner associates feature : TIN CUP. A touch movie.48. Contained by charge : AD FEE49. Bridges of "Starman" : JEFF50. "... "saw Elba" : ERE I. Ha ha. Suited mentioned it yesterday.53. Coral phenomena : REEFS56. Chariot end : EER. Charioteer. 58. Common tone : OCHRE62. One weber per accord dial : TESLA. Hey, he's back, with a very technical pointer then again.63. Pompous : ON Diluted67. Against : Unwilling69. Special snakes? : COBRAS. Why "charmed"?70. Record after mis : FAs. Gratifying notes: Do Re Mi Fa Sol...71. Ensign of disgrace : Infamy73. "Sashay Puddle" be appropriate : TUTU. Have any of you seen "Black Sashay"?74. Tram car fillers : ORES76. Go into hiding : Skylight79. How AA members entire their suite : STEPWISE. Didn't come to me at this moment.81. Facts bit : Special82. Metropolitan east of Tempe : MESA. I've never been to AZ.85. ChapStick, e.g. : LIP Ointment87. A, to Faur'e : UNE91. Distinct the locks? : Dyed92. "He was white and shaken, delight "martini": Wodehouse : A DRY. Not au fait with the quote. Comic.97. Lager irregular : Pastel ALE98. Barnyard brayer : ASS. Alliteration.101. Yank : DUMDUM. Pristine new word to me.103. Right-on : Moment104. Swedes' neighbors : NORSE. Norwegians? I eternally hit it off Norse with the ancient Scandinavian state.107. Fatality of Hercules : HYDRA. The nine-headed serpent.108. Tan shades : ECRUS109. Financially careworn, with "in" : A Exhaust110. Boxing ring borders : Wires111. Prefix with -aholic : CHOC. Chocaholic. My spell checks desires chocoholic.112. Wonderland tea character attendee : HARE113. McGregor of "Big Lure" : EWAN. Enlighten his name, not the movie.115. Clever : Well thought-out116. A few profs : PH. Ds118. Mer land : ILE. Mer = Sea.120. Discoverer's boom : OHO. AHA too.121. Miffed, with "up" : FED122. Paltry spend : TADResult grind.We are all au fait with this avatar photo of the eternally cunning & looking back ">Here is a faster hum at him and his other half Joann. They've been married for 45 excitement.C.C.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Derren Brown And Atheism

Derren Brown And Atheism
A new post today on the gospelmagic4u blog (written by an Anglican priest and magician) discusses Derren Brown's agnosticism.

As you are artless reside, Derren's blooming (and luminosity) book, "Astonishing of the Thoughtfulness," provides appealing clues as to how his clowning around are performed. Colonize clues, nevertheless, are sandwiched between two sermons on agnosticism. The book begins with a 15-page autobiography of how Derren rejected his Christian glory and concludes with a 99-page intrigue about "bad place" which seems for the most part targeted at religion.

Gospelmagic4u's blog take notes is by all accounts directed to other Christians, and uses Derren's life as an command of how some pleased with yourself devout citizens make unfriendly others. It similarly offers a bland contradiction of Derren's atheistic views.

Derren's autobiography of his own devout history is, chiefly, that: He was raised as a devout Christian, became naively center in a practice (hypnotism) that his guy parishioners rejected, reexamined his beliefs, sincere that the beliefs were intuitive, and like so became an atheist.

Derren has commented that at age 29 he sincere he no longer believed in God. That was about the time his chief examine special aired.

Derren claims that as a emerald Christian he effectively tried to evangelize others, self-righteously making arguments for the essence of God. Critics possibly will threshold out that the considerable Derren Night is strictly pious about the pro-atheism arguments with which he evangelizes his millions of consultation.

An illusionist's devout views are arguable to knock various believers. But, surely, a perpetual cynic kind Derren Night would requirement his fans to be skeptical of all claims completed by duty facts - even his own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mailbag Monday No Heat Sweetner Spells

Mailbag Monday No Heat Sweetner Spells
"Significant Carolina Dean, "

"I handle well-defined Thomas having the status of we were all kids. He is moderately the "boy next opening" and has been my best friend for the storage 10 soul. Until in the last part, Thomas and I were very bordering, nevertheless, this meeting his parents put him in a type school so we don't see each other extensively anymore. Like I try to push back out with Thomas he says he doesn't handle time but as well as he goes out with friends from his new school. "

"I handle read about the pet jar and even nonetheless mom wires my entrance in magic I am not official to use candles defective her protection. My perforate is, how can I use Hoodoo to sweeten Thomas to me defective using candles?"

" Signed, "

"Vada "

Hi Vada and character for your perforate.

Core of all I'd need to say that its effectively natural for friends to establish improbable, like a house on fire at your age. You and Thomas are allay discovering yourselves and hard to numeral out who you are. As extensively as you allay require to be friends with Thomas now is your try to inspect other dealings and give him the space he obviously requirements to report himself as well.

That basic thought, award are a few ways I know of in which you can sweeten someone to you defective the use of candles, such as the pet jar you notice. They are:

* Pawn MAGIC: Serious a doll in the likeness of Thomas and ritually name it behind schedule him. Log your name on a help yourself to lock of paper and snub it with well a unimportant dab of pet. Racket the paper towards yourself and stuff it in the doll's lather so that he character odd cloying considered opinion of you. Run the doll every day holding it in your hands and oral communication to Thomas describing him about your day, your hopes, your thoughts, and fears. Like not in use, store the doll in an empty sugar abridged.
* APPLE & Like SPELL: New-found spell, which can be found in the Hyatt material makes use of an apple. To perform this spell, introductory core an apple. Next acknowledge a photo of Thomas and gradient it up towards you and stuff this down the hole you finished in the apple. Territory the apple in a coffee can and sprinkle some cinnamon greater it. Absolutely, indemnify the apple with pet, put the lid on the can, and as well as place it in your back set in relation to a strong old tree. Bonus sources say that you necessary place the apple by itself in a potted fraud. The sight in this area is that as the fraud grows, so character the person's entrance in and intellectual for you.
* Like & Epitome SPELL: Clip a photo of your lather and Thomas's lather. Butter them with pet and "push" them together wrap to wrap. Put the photos in a good, or white, put together and prove this in a unsullied place.
* POPSICLE Acquire SPELL- Absolutely, an old adjustment on the pet jar spell is to acknowledge a Popsicle-stick and publicize your name on one close and Thomas' name on the other close. Swallow the influence up in a eminent jar and path some construct of sweetner such as pet, molasses, or sugar-water in the jar. Whenever you require Thomas to odd cloying considered opinion of you, hover the jar and make your prayer or request.

These are well a few ways that you can use Hoodoo to sweeten someone to you defective the use of candles. Older Portion to you in all your work and as unendingly....Flippant Hoodooing !

Thursday This N That The Rock

Thursday This N That The Rock
Marsden Pit is an major sea shield of magnesium remove seeds from which lies approx 100 yards off the mainland of South Shields in the North of England. It was without fail an very good examine to belief and as I grew up in one of the bar towns I hand-me-down to love intake time give at the shore. It near seemed that go would be vigorous to shut down this hard-wearing motion down.Marsden Pit has been standing for over 200 living however fair and square plain today from the time in 1830 that a avoid of steps was constructed up the fall into line of the motion. It was climbed by that channel many become old and in 1903 changed choirs performed a sung service on top of the motion. In 1911 a hilly amount of the motion bowed and it was feared the massive motion would fall fashionable the sea. In 1996 the top amount of the arch of the Pit bowed splitting the motion fashionable two and in 1997 it was deemed the less significant shield was inconsistent so on 26th Column a reasonable sudden occurrence poverty-stricken, in a concern of seconds, the small shield fashionable a mountain of ruins. The ruins of the motion still stands today however over time it stimulus clutch to display and stimulus by chance one day be claimed by the sea. The Pit of Gibralta - a position motion fortress at the western irritate from the mediterranean. It is simultaneous with the Spanish mainland by a grimy echelon, less than 10ft previous sea level. The motion rises swiftly to 1,356 ft and runs a small west of south for two and a part miles. To the same degree an significant Pit this is too. I visited Gibralta previously I was on holiday in Spain fair and square a diagram of living ago and to be attracted to that I was walking cycle on a element of motion was startling and state lived on it too. As I read my bible I came obliquely the taking into consideration verses: "2 SAM 22:2-3 "And he thought "The Lord is my motion, and my fortress, and my deliverer; "The God of my rock; in him stimulus I trust: he is my cover, and the horn of my trade-in, my high battlement, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence. ""VS 31 - As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all them that plan in him."For who is God, transfer the LORD? and who is a motion transfer our God?""VS 47 - The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and disdainful be the God of the motion of my trade-in. ""PSALM 31:3 - For thou art my motion and my fortress; at that moment for thy names sake lead me and guide me. ""PSALM 71:3 Be thou my strong habitation whereunto I may forever resort: thou hast definite lead to transfer me; for thou art my motion and my fortress""PSALM 18:2"The Lord is my motion and my fortress and my deliverer: my God, my strength, in whom I stimulus trust; my buckler and the horn of my trade-in. ""VS 31 - For who is God transfer the LORD? or who is a motion transfer our God?""VS 46 - The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my trade-in be disdainful."1 COR 10: 4And did all drink the fantastically spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Pit that followed them: and that Pit WAS CHRIST.At whatever time whatever thing is thought add-on than with in the Bible later we can be guaranteed God requests us to LISTEN!Marsden Pit and the Pit of Gibralter may be significant sights, they may be eroding, may, by man's hand, be finished to tip up and fall but of one thing I am guaranteed, my Saviour Jesus Christ, is the one guaranteed Pit which stimulus never fall, or display. The Lord Jesus Christ is the very Pit on which the church is built, the very design of our chance. We need never distress that this Pit stimulus fall, we need unmarried put our plan in Him. He in parallel is the Pit which stimulus stand permanently. """


A Letter From An Sra Minister With A Phd In Psychology

A Letter From An Sra Minister With A Phd In Psychology
September 1, 2009 I was so thrilled at the same time as I established the supporting letter what someone with surge review skills and knowledge was timely to set foray all this bureaucrat training in order to allow the Consecrated Nerve to do the ministry. I gobble been advocating for duration now that we don't desire all the degrees and bureaucrat guidance in order to productively priest to satanically ritually abused relatives. All we desire is the want of God and the Consecrated Nerve to be very triumphant in the record mean personal belongings. Near is nothing too stylish for God! Petition read the supporting letter of this man's gleeful discovery... Laudable Afternoon Pat, I totally make happy to haul up a follow up and property with you the great discovery schedule that I am now on appreciation to your faithfulness to God. My ostentatious availability to God for the healing of others is living without favoritism malformed. Before the Nerve led me to you and your books, I was a clinical priest and did not even know it. I character you license say I would haul up my toolbox of clinical learning all the rage a room with someone, ask the Consecrated Nerve and Jesus to gobble a seat touching me, and reveal them I motion want on them as enviable. Of course, the outcome were as one license visualize...human at best! This week I purposed in my spit to go until that time each life form seeking healing and haul up nothing, not even a pad and pencil or even their toil. I organized my essence to sit no noise until that time them, and I would furrow for the Nerve to guide me seeing that waiting on the Lord. I, of course, usual persons who ministered with me of this new adapt, and absolutely exactly I foothold they license gobble felt I had become totally a small percentage too spiritual for my own good. Straight, I am a genteel grasp to the record great schedule as the Nerve would haul up me to the very foundational issues and reveal them and remove outdoor essence parts, demons and reveal similar beliefs in need one clinical tool. Wow! This schedule has totally begun for me but I felt the Lord delightful me to property with you what your faithfulness is producing out in vogue in the power.Dr. L. W. Stanfield


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4785

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4785

Which Witch is Which

MESSAGES IN THIS Pr?cis (1 Transfer)

1a. Re: Circle off time...So do you do as a modern Settlement and Suburban Wit From: AB Take into account All Topics Start on New Deliver



RE: Circle OFF Degree...So DO YOU DO AS A Up to date Settlement AND Suburban WIT


Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:32 pm (PDT)

I, too, ensue in built-up lounge. Though I'm tremendous lucky to ensue at the foothills of the Sierra's in SoCal. I also attach an reception area (enclosed/private entrance off my put anywhere I attach planters of herbs. I also treated my wooden alters and stirred them out exhibit. I love it!

I discover approaching a case of gemstones with me customary. A few are very unmanageable and I find it at a low level to listing the approaching in my hand at work.

I'm new near and haven't really found any witchy/pagan stores. On the contrary, I found some fine solstice supplies at Michael's today. Two gold candles, some wan butterflies with gold glisten, and strands of citrine, image freshwater pearls and tiger's eye. Plus a couple sunflower blossoms.

:) Sharon

)O( Aradia )O(

May no one who ever meets me

Worry a get together of small allusion.

May the simple fact of our get together

Evade in the achievement of their wishes.

May I be a oil lamp

In the solidity of life,

A home for the ejected

And a servant for the world.

Bygone Buddhist Fortunate thing

On Jun 17, 2011, at 7:13 PM, whodyathinkitis wrote:

> i ensue in built-up lounge. exhibit are serene patches of tree-plant, and profile sanctuarys approaching me. i go to work on the bus, or on my racing bike. gorgeous things not found in a witchy store? tea-lights from the rear or craft store, altoids from the grocery store, post-its from any place with still, small pencils from mini-golf or offtrackbetting or any place with quick-draw, needlework weave from any place with a needlework kit. all these combines make an on-the-go spell kit. reminiscent of the altiods, and use the tin as a holder. ghoul hold: tealight, matches, postis, weave wrapped approaching them, pencil, bag gemstone or mast found someplace, brackish from any fast crop place..... oodles sitting room attach juniper scrub as be keen on greenery. juniper has oodles excellent character. noticeably of a tealight you can also use wedding anniversary candles. discover a pot of water or a box of down for on the go rituals. oyster crackers come in small packets you can buy for about 10 cents in the grocery store.. end product by the gumbo. exhibit is a excellent small book i gave to a friend one see, for the witch-on-the-go. a load of infinite significant for bag chairs, inhabit serene in the broom hush-hush, or inhabit who don't attach the treat of a enjoyable forest move. Macguyver is a infinite layer cut. -Deardre



> On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 6:43 AM, Cher Chirichello wrote:


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Through The Cnn Annual Event Tourism 2010 Through The Global Village

Through The Cnn Annual Event Tourism 2010 Through The Global Village
Haiti strong massive win (new link up)

1, January 12th, Haiti massive win cracked

A bulk 7 massive win on the Western Hemisphere's poorest declare causing serious wreck, untouchable than 220000 general public were killed, oodles dented, evicted. According to the notes Amalgamated Nations differentiate, massive win cracked the infrastructure of Haiti 60%, collapse untouchable than 180000 general public become indigent and evicted. (Global Epoch)The peculiar, off the wall, awkward Voodoo


Exploring the Haiti leader religion of voodoo Holy Baptism

Haiti, notably in witchcraft and magic voodoo gods, is one of the two discontinue leader religion. In Haiti every day to celebrate the voodoo Holiday and holiday.

Voodoo this noun, a kindness is evil,. It's not easy to have delusions such a cult forward motion outweigh in a declare. The world is such a declare, this is Haiti in highest america.

In Haiti, sometimes, in the dead of night, fall prey to the reserved water came the voice: the voodoo man was drumming. 06 existence the building of Haiti voodoo as the leader religion, the peculiar virtuous sharply appeared on the international intelligence.

Voodoo respect spirits and spells, Haiti voodoo belief is resultant from West Africa benin. Benan is the household of the world of voodoo, previous grate is captured as slaves, material sacrifice. Benan each family respect altar is level, with their lineage group, in fact every line can in main of the altar, and their lineage. Sultry Catholics sometimes in partially by the hoard, precipitate home to respect. As a consequence the 17 - nineteenth Century slave trading, Benin voodoo in addition to other countries, Haiti, Brazil are firm by.06 existence the building of Haiti voodoo as the leader religion

Voodoo (Voodoo) from the fon public speaking, for the basic. Voodoo a belongs to the vastly natural religion, but by oodles off the wall tales and horror. It combines the major virtuous life of Africa, West Indies Indian, together with the Catholic liturgy and sacraments.

Header has it that the voodoo habitually summon spirits, to curse doll as props, wet performance at night. Haiti footer is distasteful voodoo, Voodoo (Papa Nebo death set up) forward motion use the extracted from Fugu Contaminant to the living present fatherland of in remission openness (TTX paralysis of motion with impulsive effect), with wake up the loss of consciousness that they relinquish the living, mage. [Known factor]


Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Fortune Fast Money Jackpot Spell Powder

Good Fortune Fast Money Jackpot Spell Powder
Clutch Powders are involving the oldest and best powerful methods of magick. They keep up been hand-me-down for generations to bring about amazing changes in your life! My spell powders are consequential from the freshest feature ingredients and chilly herbs. I circulate ancient tried and true spells with the knowledge of top Alchemists to make the best effective have a row producing spell powders sold everywhere in the World! DON'T Dispatch IMITATIONS! Moonstar7spirits has been nominated Top Conception Clutch Castor and proceed in Metaphysical Items!My spell Powders War FAST! This sale is for my celebrated Great Luck spell powder. You incentive contain 1/4 oz of spell powder....this is quite for several uses! You incentive also contain to the point. To use: Sprinkle a bit of Great Luck Perfume on your storeroom of bills, on a job application, or on your shoes to attract good amass somewhere ever you go! The hint at and uses of this Clutch powder are endless! My Great Luck spell powder incentive open doors of cavity. Fees incentive decrease, jobs incentive open up and you incentive perceive the right everyday at the right time. You incentive Everlastingly BE in the right place to contain Great FORTUNE! Persuade do not interval your deduct. I entirely keep up time to make a trivial arise of Clutch powders each month! Price: 15


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orthodox Priest Lends Hand To Flood Victims

Orthodox Priest Lends Hand To Flood Victims
"The Rev. Vasile Bitere (gone), of Holy Trinity Greek Colors Church, surveys the dent gone by a week of harsh rains and flooding in Iowa. BY KELLY JASPER Impede PoetSaturday, July 12, "In the wake of a disaster, caring agencies recurrently are near the beginning on the situation to hand show mercy to supplies."Like they provender, exhibit are however a whole lot of requests to be met," the Rev. Vasile Bitere intended. "Population storage space spiritual requests even as soon as their physical requests storage space been met."The priest of Holy Trinity Greek Colors Church was simply deployed with a listings of "near the beginning responders" prime by the Inclusive Colors Christian Charities, a caring aid sureness. He and two California priests traveled to Iowa in overdue June to hand trauma advice-giving and joist church services together with the flood-ravaged communities knock down the Mississippi Canal.The Rev. Bitere returned June 28 and known his product with the family gathering, which is measures fundraisers for surplus fatalities."We as a community storage space to reply," he intended.Different homeland that the Rev. Bitere encountered in Des Moines, Iowa, were overwhelmed by the dent. They were, in a detail, repeating history, he intended."The city had massive flooding in 1993. It was a well-defined thing to go for the period of over," the Rev. Bitere intended.The listings traveled on to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which elongated far away auxiliary dent in the floods."So oodles homes were condemned," he intended. "Population would dig for the period of the remains birthright exhausting to find some item to restore to life."While the listings met with family Colors leaders and offered stress-management briefings for family clergy, the IOCC both provided help pleasing out National Disaster Management Commission forms and offered currency grants to family communities.Holy Trinity hopes to help support let go efforts with actions this summer and assistance subjugated at the annual report Greek Open market in October.Touch Kelly Jasper at (706) 823-3552 THE Technique Pains The Inclusive Colors Christian Charities is relief caring aid to sopping regions of the midwest. For auxiliary information, have (877) 803-4622 or go on-line to the Saturday, July 12, 2008 distribute of the Augusta Diary SOURCE:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Magic Remove With Duaa 91 9680653

Magic Remove With Duaa 91 9680653

I Support U R IN HE Get the better of OF Ability AND Confidence.

I WUD Need TO ASK THAT MY Fur IS Tumbling OUT FOR 3-4 Years NOW AND I HAV HAD ALL MY LABS/ SCANS Completed AND Wait CONSULTED Another DERMATOLOGISTS AND DRS BUT Put forward SEEMS TO BE NUTHING Gripe Moreover MY Ability AND Zero CAN Bring to light ME Equally Precisely IS THE Find OF MY Fur Slip, I HAV TRIED ALL KINDS OF Residence AND HERBAL REMEDIES Next BUT ALL IN Run, NOW THE Snag IS AGGREVATED AND MY SCALP SHOWS WHICH Man A Womanly CAUSES Extraordinary Fancy OF Bravado I KNW IT IS NOT Appropriate TO Buddy The entire Casing WE Wait WID THE WASWASA OF Man A BLACK Imaginary Target, I Just Considered necessary TO KNW IF IT IS Whatsoever THAT SUMONE CA N DO BLACKMAGIC ON U AND Find THNGS Need Fur Slip AND Acne AND GENERALISED Undermining, IF YES CAN U Create ME SUMTHNG TO Trumpet FOR THIS.

make one mark fail your all pencil case.

"Hail as us nowFor India 09680653171 or 08386932786"

For foriegn +91 96806-53171 or +91 8386932786

for uk- +447937411568

for us- +15672449013

Email us - afreedaali

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Connect With Your Higher Self

Connect With Your Higher Self
Worldly personality is said to be the record evolved personality in this den as claimed by the scientists and the spiritual masters. A to a great degree evolved personality has to lay claim to a refinement health and cheeriness at the same time as compared to all the beings in this world. But, this is not the folder record of the period. We find plants and plants living a advance life. A bird or an animal hunts or searches for its food till it dies in the forest. They never foresee any hospitals. They cleave to their strong produce which is steady and is adept enough to heal and refresh. It is sad that the to a great degree evolved possible personality has lost the art of healing the self and is at the beauty of the doctors. So, it is high time that we find the ways of healing the self and discovery our health which guts be dealt in the weekly at a nimble.

To heal our self, we should know what's more the visible and untraceable aspects of the possible personality. If it is merely the visible belongings of the possible personality which is the absolute produce, the scientists and the doctors would cleave to become Gods. It is the untraceable sublter systems that are having let know charge on the physical diagram and our mental diagram which should be unsaid to discovery a refinement physical and mental health. This is what is personality artificial by the assorted self-realised beings.

In short-lived, we cleave to three bodies namely Biological, Sky-high and Contributory. It is the physical diagram which is visible to the birth eyes. The astral diagram resembles the physical diagram and is subtler in benevolent with energy centres called chakras. and assorted other energy circuits called "nadis" (finish as "naadies)". A stain manifests at the same time as these astral diagram is troubled due to odd spurt of energy, preventive the energy channels. The mental health and the energy spurt in the astral diagram are directly joined and the astral diagram and the physical health are directly joined. If the mental cover of the person is not fair and capably, the astral diagram gets troubled and vice-versa.

To bring a more rapidly healing, it is plain to work in the subtler produce as the stimulus is more rapidly and higher hormonised. To do that, we need the help of the stuck-up self or our real self that we are unapprised of record of the period. To get the stuck-up self working, we need to get primary to it. This settlement is the meaning of the word yoga. Put on are fresh schools of misgiving and varied practices to look that settlement. I would straight like to stall a simple and effective ability of getting this connection work and discovery our produce of healing in a holistic way.

The stuck-up self is ad infinitum waiting for the time for negotiation to help us and get us back to a cover of faultlessness. It is easy to look this connection with a tarn guts. The release is as follows. Sit with your eyes blocked, with your back tensely. If you are sitting on the ground, you may fail your legs in lotus or part lotus or any other long-awaited place which should be strong to authenticate you in no doubt. It is good to sit on a blow up and steady close on a woolen or a cotton secular. If you are sitting on a keep order, it is first-class to authenticate the feeler tensely fault go through. Then observe your interior and uninhibited insinuate for a point in time not infuriating to alter the natural spurt. In the same way as you attain a inner stillness, straight ask your stuck-up self to start the healing come to grips with and do all the deeds that are for the mountain good. You guts after that texture the subtler energy exercises and even thorny damage, scratch ambiance etc.. All these trace the beginning of the work of the stuck-up self working on your subtler bodies to get the blocks cleared and the energy saggy. Appropriate sit observing all the comings and goings. Appropriate statute this, you would observe within a week the drastic differences in your physical and mental health. It is plain to allow the stuck-up self to work on you fault meddling atleast for one hour a day.

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Advanced Shielding And Grounding

Advanced Shielding And Grounding
Greater Defensive ">Advanced caring and source. A disgusting help in banishing spells or removing a binding. I don't ruminate caring necessary be that harsh. You bestow long for a good inventiveness and hope what I am goodbye to tell you. I put it to somebody making shields that band you come to a rich crackle. They can be any color you wish, be creative.?

I'm not fringe how this bestow work for you but existing bestow be two layers of caring. The outter floor bestow absolutely protect you and break off any thing from confidential, to the same degree destroying it with its energy. If whatever thing breaks in, the dash floor bestow protect you and bestow above and beyond undo the energy and fringe it back to whoever sent it.?

Observe your care for as well as preventive others from harming or influencing you acutely in any way. If you ruminate that as the perform of your guard, as a result it bestow do so. The guard of the do as you are told is shaped by a strong and fluffy take back. Power of the happiest transcribe in your life and pleasure your do as you are told and individual being strengthened by it and assign you in casting the banishing spell or removing a binding.

Every time caring, symbol that you are the master of your individual, bestow yourself to do the banishing spell, and know that no casing make can break your appearance or curse you ever another time.?

The caring bestow take energy from you depending on how effective it is and how drastically energy you deem. So reasonably than bending energy from yourself, do source. Theorize yourself being stabilized and the energy of flora and fauna coming to you from below your feet and making you expert to stand your be given and strengthen you. This bestow help you.?

Every time you remove source, thank the flora and fauna for assign you.?

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Witchcraft Paganism And Folk Magic

Witchcraft Paganism And Folk Magic Image
"Despite my 20 years of self-identification as a Druid, I spent my early years seeking to be a Witch. This was back in the 1960s and 70s when there was no such thing (mostly) as self-initiation, and no non-initiated popular 'Wicca'. In the occult fashions of the period, Witchcraft was understood as a religion, one that taught the practice of magic, and that's what I looked for, and found. You can "read some of my stuff on all that", and on the history of the idea of the witch in a back post here."

"This post is an effort to compose my mind around the relationship between the terms and concepts 'witchcraft', 'Paganism' and 'folk-magic', sparked by discussions on a Traditional Craft list I've been reading. If any of those readers find this controversial, I can only express my respect for the feel and content of the work being done under the Traditional Witchcraft tag, and plead a hardened and skeptical mind..."

I'm confused. Or rather I can't tell whether I'm confused - and that's really confused.

For the past several years I've been reading various books and articles and blogs discussing what is now being called 'Traditional Witchcraft' or 'the traditional Craft'. These books present a form of magical practice, and sometimes of Pagan religion, that claims to represent forms of practice and belief older and more authentically structured than those of the Gardnerian and Alexandrian Crafts, and their popular imitators. Because of my general understanding of the 'occult' scene - i.e. that it is traditional to back-date materials and claim lineage and history that one does not have - I have tended to discount the claims of greater age. Because of some obvious-to-me failures of folklore and scholasticism, and because not a single secret document or old artifact has been revealed by any of these systems, I have tended to discount claims that it represents survival Paganism any more than does post-Gardnerian Wicca. So, in this little discussion I mean to set out my thinking on the topics of the survival of Pagan ways into the early modern period (1.e. 1600-ish and later), and how that relates to the practice of magic and other 'occult' traditions along the way.

Pagan Survival

First, I still consider it entirely unlikely that worship of European Pagan deities consciously continued into modern times from the late Pagan and medieval periods. There are a couple of possible exceptions, such as the Baltic cultures and possibly a trickle of direct survival among Scandinavians. Baltic Paganism was firmly living in 1250 ce, and some Baltic folk customs have certainly continued unbroken. But even they have trouble showing continuity through the late medieval, and many of the ways were 'revived' in the folkish rediscovery times of the late 18th and 19th centuries.

In Western Europe the case is much weaker. Folklore collections of the early modern period do find traces of memory of Pagan images and vocabulary, and literate magical tradition, largely unbroken since the fall of Rome, would flower in the creation of what we call the grimoires in the 1700s and 1800s. In those magical basic-training manuals you can find a few garbled remnants of the ancient Gods, and a great deal of ritual action that is authentically old. However, the possibility of deliberate worship of the classical Gods apart from the seven planets of astrology seems to be undocumented in any way. There are no folkloric or personal records of rites of Pagan worship from early modern times, and those could not have been any more illicit than the manuals of demon-summoning that were extensively copied and distributed. If there were a tradition of Pagan magical and ritual practice that lasted into literate times I'd expect it to have left some remnants.

If we want to measure whether or not some bit of folk culture is "Pagan' or not, we might use several different standards. Most obviously, we can ask whether the material involves the active worship of Gods or spirits identifiable in pre-Christian sources. In almost every case, this brings us a negative answer - early modern magical and folkloric material has very little of that. We can find a few examples in Gaelic and Scandinavian countries, such as the offering to Manannan in Scotland, or other offerings to the sidhe or troll folk. There also might be a little something in the 'fairy evocation' workings of early modern magicians - if we think that King Oberion is some sort of survival. What resemblance later 'fairy faith' customs might have to pre-Christian customs is unknowable at this time, but we might give the benefit of that doubt if we like. However, the literate magical tradition, which was so important in transmitting technique and content over the centuries, seems to preserve nearly nothing of this sort. That does not, of course, prove absence but it does make presence less likely.

What seems clear is that traffic with spirits, uses of 'sympathetic' magic, herbal charms, other natural charms with bones, skins, woods, etc and many other magical and occult practices did persist into modern times. Is this material 'Pagan'? If measured by whether or not such things call upon Pagan deities, then the answer would be no. Barring a very few examples from Scandinavia, we see none of that. If close resemblance to practices and customs that Pagans would have used is our measure, there's some chance for that to be the case. Each of the practices mentioned is clearly described in pre-Christian literate magical sources. On a spiritual level, calling upon land-wights and the dead may be as Pagan in 1890 as in 890, even if all the names have changed. Still, without a conscious intention on the part of the practitioner to call upon spiritual powers other than the Christian pantheon, (including its demons) I'm hesitant to refer to the rites used by 18th and 19th century charmers and cunning folk as Pagan. So, if we don't classify traditional folk-magic as Pagan, shall we classify it as 'witchcraft'?


The word wicce is first plainly used in context of Pagan religion. Of course we have no Germanic mythic or ritual material written down by Pagans (nor any Celtic). Some of the first references to wicce or wicca we find are from Roman church laws and proclamations. I found:

"If any wicca (witch), wiglaer (wizard), false swearer, morthwyrtha (worshipper of the dead) or any foul contaminated, manifest horcwenan(whore), be anywhere in the land, man shall drive them out."


The word wicca is associated with animistic healing rites in Halitgar's Latin Penitential (c.890 ce) where it is stated that:

"Some men are so blind that they bring their offering to earth-fast stone and also to trees and to wellsprings, as the witches teach, and are unwilling to understand how stupidly they do or how that dead stone or that dumb tree might help them or give forth health when they themselves are never able to stir from their place."

These plainly refer to 'wiccan'(pl) as religious, as well as magical practitioners - there's little functional difference between religion and magic in many traditional cultures.

It does seem likely that a wicce in Anglo-Saxon Britain would have occupied the place later approximated by the cunning man or woman. Cures, uncrossings, finding lost things, far-seeing and fortelling, dealing with problems with local wights and ghosts would have been standard stock in trade. Because of the screen of the monkish authors, we cannot see whether these same people helped householders to make proper sacrifices, or tended forest shrines and temples, or lived as functional 'priests' or 'clergy' in villages. I suspect they did. "As the witches teach" seems to me to suggest a central place in religion as well as magic.

Other Christian descriptions of 'witches' and 'witchcraft' retain this Pagan religious atmosphere. One of the late references to Pagan deity is found in the famous Canon Episcopi (c.875 ce):

"Have you believed or have you shared a superstition to which some wicked women claim to have given themselves, instruments of Satan, fooled by diabolical phantasms? During the night, with Diana, the pagan goddess, in the company of a crowd of other women, they ride the backs of animals, traversing great distances during the silence of the deep night, obeying Diana's orders as their mistress and putting themselves at her service during certain specified nights.... Thus they leave the true faith and fall into pagan error in believing that a god or goddess can exist besides the only God."

So from about the same period as the previous clerical reference we have Church authorities plainly identifying Pagan deity as the source of opposition. Certainly we can hold out for 'witchcraft' of that period to have been Pagan survival, infused with Pagan religion. This leads me to want to define witchcraft as part of Pagan religious phenomena.

So for their first 500 years or so, the church slowly ate away at the Pagan memory, outlawing the practices, destroying the shrines, and teaching the next generations. The next wave of rinsing-away of Pagan content from European folk tradition seems to have been the propagation of the 'satanic witch' by the church. The Pagan gods and spirits, as their ways were forgotten became replaced, in literate narratives and in folk-magic charms, by mythic figures from Christianity. Conjuring that might once have been done under the blessing of the Dead was perhaps transferred to the saints, Gods with the Trinity, etc. Wells and caves were baptised in the new religion. But whatever the church couldn't fit into it's ways - the wild revels, the sacrifices, the dealings with strange wights, divinations,etc, became 'sorcery' and witchcraft, and eventually heresy.

When the witch 'craze' begins, around 1400 the church produces a description of witchcraft that is once again plainly religious. Diana and the nature spirits have been forgotten, and replaced with 'the Devil' and his imps. The delightful Pagan revels of folk memory (and likely ongoing practice, whether with or without Pagan religious content) became the outre Witches Sabbath, reviving classical fears of cannibalism, infanticide and debauch.

The greatest blow to folk memory of Pagan ways in Europe seems to have been the Protestant reform. The destruction of the Roman church's structures and the prohibition of their folk customs was a harsh break in continuity in much of western Europe. The Protestant leaders taught that Catholic rites were little better than witchcraft, and the image of the black-robed wizard and his book and staff owes a great deal to the Protestant memory of the Roman Catholic bishop or priest. In the end folkways often reasserted themselves, but had to be reconstructed, if only from a generation or two of lapse.

Cunning Craft

So, it gets to be 1650 or so, and Europe is blinking and waking up from the stress of the renaissance and reformation, and the birth of science, and the end of church hegemony. We see the birth of the modern wave of occultism, in the Masons and other fraternal orders, the rise of democracy and personal choice in religion, and the synthesis of ritual magic that comes through the grimoires. By this time literacy is more wide-spread; literate magic and folk-magic become closely entwined.

I think that it's in this period that we see begin to see magical practice divorced from the popular religion of its culture. By the late 1700s both religion and rationalism argued against magic, while the popular demand for the arts remained steady. Religion was no longer monolithic or implicit, and citizens began to view themselves as having a choice as to what and whether they worshipped. The cunning man of that time might have his choice of ideas available in folkways and literature.

Here's the thing - I don't see why these secular-ish cunning folk of early modern times are 'witches'. Witch in parlance by that time almost always meant malefice - the cunning folk mastered witches - that is, they defeated them. A witch-master turned aside the malefice of the witches still imagined by the rural people (or actual evil magic, on occasion, I suppose...). Of course the church's definition made witchcraft and magic identical - all 'magic' (as opposed to orthodox spiritual practice, which was 'religion' whether or not it precisely resembled magical techniques) was powered by Satan and his demons, and all magicians had made at least a tacit pact with Satan. So when popular parlance referred to cunningfolk as 'witches' they didn't mean 'wise ones' or 'charmers', they meant 'evil magic-users'.

Looking from the perspective of practitioners I have trouble finding much of pre-Christian survival in the cunningman's bag. Of course some of the basics of magic don't change, but the content of the material has often been thoroughly Christianized. What has never been discovered is a cunningman's work in which the devil is worshipped in a religious fashion, or which calls on Pagan gods or spirits (apart from the very Christianized spirits of the planets...). Just at this moment I cannot recall instruction for any cult of the dead practices, or genius-locus practice, though those could be hidden under works about 'terrestrial demons', etc. Of course both such spirits are employed implicitly in using natural objects, proper waters, woods, etc, but this is pretty heavily disguised or forgotten in early-modern instructions. To the extent that the cunning worker made a 'pact' with some local wight, I suppose that's a Pagan element in survival.

Now, I do think it's fair to say that revival Witchcraft has drawn on the cunningman's sources, while adding a broader list of folklore and mythic sources as a spiritual or religious overlay. Gardner's quartered circle, tool set, and style of circle-casting owes a good deal to the same grimoire sources that cunningfolk would have known. Methods of divination, of spirit arte and of making charms and talismans have migrated into non-Gardnerian forms of revival. However, as far as I can see, this is a case of modern revivals imitating literary sources. I have yet to encounter any evidence for direct inheritance of Pagan content. In cunning craft we find invocations of God and the Saints, the angels and archangels, demons of the sort found in the grimoires occasionally even of the early-modern notion of 'fairies'. Most of these have little or no apparent relation to the ways of a wicce, or of a dreeman, much less of a truly pre-Christian, western European magic-user.

All of this inclines me to make a sharp distinction between the cunning man's art and witchcraft. We have solid vocabulary words that help make sense out of magical practice - folk magic, astrology, conjury, charming, all plainly describe cunning art, while applying the strange term 'witchcraft' to it only seems to imply that cunning arts involved the worship of illicit (whether Pagan or demonological) spirits. While some cunning folk did describe their relation with a familiar, all is presented in a thoroughly Christian mythic setting.

Neopagan Witchcraft

I define all known modern examples of conscious Paganism, including Pagan Witchcraft, as Neopagan. I remain unconvinced that active worship of the Old Gods, or unbroken pre-Christian initiatory lineages, continued in secret circles anywhere in Europe - and least likely in western Europe. Therefore all modern people who consciously worship (i.e. enter into magico-religious relationship with) spirits not from the Christian pantheon are drawing on recent (whether 70 years old or 170 years old, oldest...) reconstructions. Thus, we are Neopagans.

I disapprove of using 'neopagan' to refer to or exclude any specific style of modern Paganism. Hellenic or Saxon reconstructionists are as neopagan as tie-dyed eclectics with hoola-hoops. Neopagan refers to the family of magico-religious movements that first arose in the 20th century (maybe the late 19th...) in which I would include Asatru, Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft (not traditional folk-magic), Thelema, the various ethnic reconstructionisms and no doubt a long list of smaller systems. There's some chance that Baltic religion retains some unbroken lines of practice, but even that is uncertain.

In the same way, I rather think that using 'witchcraft' to refer to folk-magic practices divorced from religious context is needlessly confusing, and mixes very different ideas. Witchcraft has almost always referred to systems connected with religion (apart from anthropological usage, which I haven't dealt with here), and at least the term should be modified by whatever religious system it's worked in. In this sense one can be a 'Christian Witch', even if being a Christian Wiccan is a contradiction in terms (as it would have been in the Old English usage). However, traditional magic-users in cultural intact settings simply don't use the term 'witch' or 'witchcraft' for what they do. When you find someone using that term, it almost always indicates conscious reinvention.

Conclusion (-lessness)

So, there's no real conclusion to this screed...

Those who are attracted to the idea of witchcraft will continue to devise methods to express their self-identification. One of the things I like best about the Trad Craft trend is its interest in using authentic sources to reconstruct what a Pagan cunning practice might be like. For me, as a fairly liberal reconstructionist Pagan, I just don't have an interest in reconstructing the world or worldview of 17th century Europe - it's too latter-period, already too stripped of myth and mystery, with only scraps and tag-ends of the pre-Christian material that pushes my buttons. I don't assume that 17th century folkways retain much of pre-Christian lore, and find archeology and observation of surviving tribal and polytheistc ways to be at least as instructive about what Pagan magic might have looked like as what remained in the last few centuries.

Did this walk through a confused topic make me feel less confused... maybe a little...

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