Monday, January 18, 2010

My Pagan God

My Pagan God Cover My Pagan God. Millinia ago the Primitive peoples that inhabited the Earth became to revere and worship the natural world that supplied for them. They were mistyfied in a woman's pregnancy and so they held her sacred and as the life-giver. Soon a vast pantheon of deities were fashioned from the minds of these people. These are my Gods.

To me there is no eternal source that gave birth to us. When we find our own Spirituality and are comfortable where we are we begin to take to take in the Greater Power that is worshipped. It begins as a concept, the possibility of the divine and then from there elevates itself through innate belief to a reality and forms as an energy form in our minds. This is my God. I gave my Gods life, or rather we embraced the existence of each other and found ourselves. God is equal to us. In a way we are God. We govern our fate with our choices, but we always resort to asking the divine first. I do as well and I hear the voice in my head answering me. I also pray and I am answered. This contradicts how I think of God then.

In all of our struggles on the Path we continually assess what the divine is and whether the divine is present and listening. I'd rather acknowledge that the divine is in us, that we run with divine blood and breathe divine air. The world is divine and is guided by us and that of the energies that exist on the planes. The Divine is ever-present and all you have to do is listen and feel for it.

Who is God? I honestly can not say, but I can tell that God is watching as I type this. That God is thinking what to tpye as my digits run over the keyboard. This is because God is me, I am God and God is not me. Rather God is that presence hanging over a shoulder, the irritating presence that constantly hassles us to listen to it. The true one that reads over our shoulders. The Higher Consciousness that is you. You are and aren't God.

"God why do you not comfort me when I weep
God why do you not pull me up when I fall
God why do you not carry me on your shoulders
Is it because I have to help myself first before I help you
God why don't I comfort myself first
God why don't I pull myself up first
God why don't I carry myself first
And then perhaps you will next time"
The Gods help those who help themselves.

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