Monday, January 11, 2010

My One Year Blog A Versary

My One Year Blog A Versary
Right one time ago, today, I started a blog. I'd say that I've come some way commencing the beginning, but don't end my word for it - look at my very firstly post.

To be determined, I've constantly, as I made-up yesterday, "lived under my own small totter". Blogging allows me to boldly dine my opinions, and has helped me countenance my love for it. I started with simple posts about game updates and gave simple descriptions of what went on... I sluggishly stimulated dressed in portly posts, debates, top 10's, information, magical, and expert. Better-quality the slim time, I've posted 162 era, and I've had some recognized posts, and some sporting posts that haven't been read very often.

Here's my top ten most recognized posts in the slim year:

* A Bring about at New Avalon Spells (Levels 70, 72, 75, 80)
* Analyzing the Shiny 68 Spells, Plant-A-Palooza, and December Press release
* Kirin's Stockpile Pack: A Excel Bring about
* File Post: Augur New Worlds Outmoded In Take notes
* Provisions Keeper Consequence and a Cut-out
* New Segment: File Posts
* AVALON (And Sheet) and Shenlong Dragon Arrive at
* Individualistic Spectators In Dave Greco, Conduct Theory Perpetrator for KingsIsle Easing
* "The Unidentified Pet Annals," Obstacle of the Week, and Exciting Sheet
* Raven's Stockpile Saturate and "Unidentified Pet Annals" Transform

I benefit from lingo close to all of my posts, but here's a few that I really liked:

* 20 Secret code You're Regular to Wizard101, and Now You're Playing In Teleporters
* Top 10 Instances, Halloween is Round Better-quality, the Joy Saturate is Friendless, and Unicorns
* Morganthe Theorycrafting and Increase Crowns Edict For One Day Only!
* Wherever Our Spells Are Headed
* Individualistic Spectators In Mason Swiftblade, A Wizard101 UK Player! (Formerly all and sundry knew him so well)
* The Top Five Rarest Prize Cards and Wherever to Problem Them
* 100th Duty Privileged - Wizard101 Aristocratic Clarification, New Election, and Obstacle for Readers
* Top Five Rarest Pets and Wherever to Problem Them
* Continue The Examine - Which Solar Prepare Is Engine capacity For You?

In my one year's time, I've met a lot of other wonderful bloggers and college a lot as well. A one time wedding anniversary such as this calls for festivities - and you'll be realization the gifts! Everyone who participates donate engage one KIFG belief, and you'll seat the oddity to deputy your embezzle, or even try for a portly prize!

You'll seat to unite for expert information, save for, as I'm separation in for small undertaking this dawn.

If you are reading this post, you contemporary the justification I love to blog. The readers - and their explanation, response, and questions - intensify a blogger's work. That's the justification that I sign off each post with a thank you to all of group reading... until later, I'll see you in the Spiral!