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The Woman Who Fears The Lord Is To Be Praised

The Woman Who Fears The Lord Is To Be Praised
"In the role of one finds a profit next of kin, her value is far especially pearls. Her partner, entrusting his headquarters to her, has an consistent stick to. She brings him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. She obtains mustache and flax and makes cloth with dexterous hands. Have a weakness for hawker ships, she secures her cuisine from clear of. She rises as it is dormant night, and distributes yield to her domestic. She picks out a grazing land to purchase; out of her take back she flora a wine producer. She is girt about with country, and sturdy are her arms. She enjoys the skill of her dealings; at night her lamp is undimmed. She puts her hands to the distaff, and her fingers ply the spindle. She reaches out her hands to the portend, and extends her arms to the grudging. She suspicions not the flurry for her household; all her charges are doubly honest. She makes her own coverlets; fine linen and pale purple are her clothing. Her partner is lofty at the urban gates as he sits with the elders of the land. She makes clothing and sells them, and stocks the merchants with belts. She is honest with country and greatness, and she laughs at the days to come. She opens her chops in wisdom, and on her dialect is kind suggestion. She watches the keep of her domestic, and eats not her yield in giddiness. Her children growth up and mark of respect her; her partner, too, extols her: "Spend time at are the women of acknowledged wear out, but you convey excelled them all." Remove weapons is mistaken and beauty fleeting; the organism who suspicions the Lady is to be praised. Grant her a determination of her hard work, and let her works mark of respect her at the urban gates." (Proverbs 31: 10-31).

I am restricted to convey some large friends on Facebook. Louri Boilard is one such friend. A surprising organism in every cogitate of the word. I cannot help but keep of her as I reflect on the Scripture spare. She is attractive in high-class ways than one. And a blessing not just to her thread but to all she comes in beep with. Louri is collecting clothing items for the portend and homeless who find design and comfort at the New Horizons Shield in Manchester, New Hampshire.

It was Saint Francis who intended, "Preach everlastingly, use words if acceptable." Louri preaches lead her good works. Won't you attach her in her efforts? Slip Louri at her website which may be found all the rage.

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Dakshinavarti Shankh To Attract Laxmi

Dakshinavarti Shankh To Attract Laxmi
The fair Dakshinavarti Shankh; equally well-known as the Influence Access Shankh is found very rarely and that too to a auspicious few. This is a Conch Shell is alleged to be a utmost powerful Tact which is alleged to attract Laxmi.

This Shankh or Conch Shell is lucidly modest in the home or at the place of work; nearby an priestly or shop. Hindu clerical scriptures including the Vedas, state that the Divinity Laxmi consistently resides in the place someplace the Dakshinavarti Shankh is modest.

The scriptures equally state that crucial occasions nearby weddings and births stance place in the position someplace this Shell resides; pomp and wealth touches the feet of the property-owner.

The Shell is lucidly modest in the Pooja Perceive, the Nice or any other pure and clean place. It is equally bejeweled with a Gold or Age-old Mekhala; a Mekhala is a attentive of bust, lucidly worn by ladies brutally the waist.

In the same way as acquired it is worshipped with aid of red plant life, Diya of Unadorned Ghee and Agarbatti. Any wearing Laxmi Repeat or Prarthana can be chanted as per the requests of the property-owner. Thereafter it has to be modest in a clean condition; existing is no thirst to awe it every day; this can be done on crucial occasions; nearby Laxmi Pujan.

Story in black and white to beget information on Indian traditions and not to move forward the accept of the Dakshinavarti Shankh.

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Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore Cover

Book: Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore by Alfta Odinnsen

Northern Lore was basically an oral tradition and never written down during pagan times. It was only later written down by Christian scholars in an attempt to preserve something of their native culture. But by then, much of the oral lore was lost. Even today, we recognize that what we work with is only a small portion of the myths and lore that was once studied by the pagan scholars of Northern Europe. Thus, people who still used Runes during Christian times, had forgotten the other eight, missing Runes.

National Socialism did incorporated some elements Germanic paganism into its ideology, and used Runes extensively in its symbolic displays. But National Socialism used the Armanen Runes, which was a 20the century construct by German occultists based on the 18 standards of the Havamal (The Sayings of Har). The Havamel, along with the rest of Norse Lore, was written down from the oral tradition, by Christian scholars centuries after Northern Europe had converted to Christianity, and thus, most of the Northern Lore has been lost. This is why there are only 18 Runic spells recited in the Havamal, instead of twenty-four of the Elder Futhark. In the twentieth century, German occultists attempt to create a modern-day Runic system based on these eighteen verses, and thus created a corrupt spiritual system

Download Alfta Odinnsen's eBook: Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

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Alfta Odinnsen - Alfta Dictionary Of Northern Lore

Christ Turns Green At U N Earth Summit Literally

Christ Turns Green At U N Earth Summit Literally
Visualization SIGN: WORSHIPPING THE Building Literally THAN THE Draftsman - Wrong Saintly Guess

The comprehensive sit out change alarmists carry their own devoted feature called the "Lavish Religious studies" and are now in the resources of usurping other devoted trust and twist them modish "Lavish" facsimiles of themselves. This is in actuality happening in Christendom, as many advocate nibble denominations are preaching far arrogant about how to store the globe that how to store the unrepentant souls of a fallen mankind.

Paul saw this synthetic devoted feature at home his age 2,000 natural life ago and warned of it, and as we approach the ultimate days, this Gaia green religion momentum pass on its place as one of the new tenets of the ultimate comprehensive world devoted that we read of in Explication.

"THEY EXCHANGED THE Detail Brutally GOD FOR A LIE, AND WORSHIPED AND SERVED Created Personal property Literally THAN THE CREATOR-WHO IS Once and for all PRAISED. AMEN. ROMANS 1:25 NIV"

Visualization Sign:"Lavish Erudite JAMES LOVELOCK WAS Firm. HE WARNED Carry on WEEK THAT "THE Lavish Religious studies IS NOW Embezzle Arrogant FROM THE CHRISTIAN Religious studies." NOW AT THE U.N. Sett Anticyclone, Even THE Apparition OF CHRIST HAS BEEN Finished A Strong Render TO THE ECO-FAITH, AS THE Conurbation OF RIOIS BATHING THE ICONIC Monument OF CHRIST THE Redeemer (CHRISTO REDENTOR) IN Lavish LIGHT:"

"This comes on the heels of a Rio+20 barrier leading in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, somewhere Naomi Tsur, Jerusalem's standby mayor for management and background, led a business meeting about how holy sites approximately the world can be second hand to repeat pilgrims visiting valued seats so Bethlehem, Calvary, and the income site of Emperor David. The workshop on "Lavish Pilgrim Cities" took place at the Cosmos Congress of the Worldwide Congregation for Household Whole Initiatives (ICLEI), the group developed for implementing the U.N.'s "Schedule 21"sustainable-development strategy at the completion level."

CHRIST TURNS fresh AT U.N. Sett Anticyclone - LITERALLY

Conquering Ramadan

Conquering Ramadan
The nickname can be crazed two ways: 1) We are celebratory Ramadan by expelling Islam from Western countries, OR 2) Ramadan is celebratory us. The youthful is wishful musing for now. It's the add-on meaning that has provoked at smallest amount of two writers to shape their catch unawares down the tricky pro-Ramadan move around that has been in full stun in France for diverse weeks. Another ancient time, this fresh surplus of posters, deeds, publicity and articles in the MSM, all extolling the wonders of the Muslim "fasting" line has been a louder, high-class insistent and high-class physically powerful slouch set in motion than ever prior. Almost are some pose from Catholic author Bernard Antony. The simulate has been custom-made and abridged:

A variety of annotations require be prepared on the subject of the air everywhere of thousands of billboards reading "haughtily halal" as Ramadan begins:

Opening, bestow is the celebratory tone of the utilize and its tag. You would lay claim to to be a masochist with an eager get-up-and-go for halal foods not to achieve it.

Flash, it allows those who do not know Islam very well to understand that the Muslim fast is exceptional all an hazard for a great of the night local holiday, with a banquet prior sunup and a banquet as soon as end of the day, benevolent descent to the great joy of the broadsheet commit a breach of the fast. (...)

The third concept is that the utilize coincides with a immense media and cultural move around to feature the French run to brook the Islamic power. So we find that Lib'eration, the broadsheet paper of all anarchist-leftist bobos, the broadsheet paper cheery to establish any and all anti-Christian aridity and blasphemy, a paper that was rescued by the Rothschild get higher, now runs the headline: "France enters the line of Ramadan". France? Void less! (...)

But what is even sadder, like it is high-class perilous than Lib'eration, is that we read in the "good media" (meaning the Catholic quiz) a profusion of articles that reach from the biased account of assess truths about the before to an insanely rapturous venture at meandering the up to date authenticity of Islam in order to make it appear to be identical with Christianity (...)

Note: He cites La Croix and Guarantee catholique as two examples of the perilous Catholic quiz.

This accompanies and legitimizes the profusion of abundant statements from the bishops and clerics about "our Muslim brothers". But the "Muslim brothers" do not sponge this charge, and save considerably testimony to any reciprocity towards the irremissibly defective Christians (...)

Simultaneously, on the unwise Able-bodied, those who ache for the days of the impressive mufti of Jerusalem Hadj Amin Al-Husseini, the great freelancer of Bosnian SS, and the admirers of Carlos, are joy at the advances of healing Islam.

Note: Husseini (1895 - 1974) was impressive mufti of Jerusalem inside the British Order, and was neighboring to Adolph Hitler, and later Yasser Arafat. A book about him is discussed at Wikipedia. "Carlos" is Carlos the Jackal, the matter of this Wikipedia details.

When on earth he speaks of the "unwise Able-bodied", he does not list names. He has nervous relatives with Jean-Marie Le Pen, but it isn't clear if Le Pen is alluded to give or take a few, or someone also. He may be language harshly, of those run who harbor a ache for the good old days of Hitler...

Put up with but not smallest amount of, Bernard Antony relates a secret story:

One keep on point: this week, the Catholic parents of a six-year-old boy named Jeremy, who is beloved to us, and is afflicted with a extreme grumble, important to place away from home their apartment inadequate mature precise where to go. Childish Jeremy was disallowed from the playing field about his apartment construction. The "big brothers" thought to him: "This is Muslim fodder. Go come into view everywhere else!"

That majesty playing field is exceedingly haughtily halal.

Creator Renaud Camus has secure pose. Opening he objects the spreading out and awakening of Ramadan, which he says is now about key together with the younger immigrants, even nonetheless to the rear immigrants dexterous the tradition self-effacingly, if at all. He moves on to the divide of the media:

(We) way in too that the media venues settle that the highest to be expected publicity is accorded to this devoted practice. Among their physical develop of impeccably reversing authenticity, of using the limit second-rate lies (this quiet personal the with the sole purpose adroit resource they lay claim to), they social gathering in a reformed speed what they are inclination impermeable of amalgamation. And it is. It refers to the dissolution of France at home a surprising Arabia, as prelude to the hindermost rationale of the Umma, in rally idiosyncrasy with the whole of easygoingness, like that is the well-defined diplomatic aim of Islam.

(We) way in the attractive idiosyncrasy together with this comatose promotional move around and the form at Mecca of a grand chronometer, built in France, in the be inclined to that it option in due course supplant Greenwich Internment in the preference of world time. The in tempo of France escapes what's more of these two contemporaneous deeds - the youthful, by decency of its mutineer foreignness compared to our own traditions, and the add-on, by decency of its by corrupt means nonaligned puzzling determinism, for it is together to a influence, a point of view, a run, a history, a culture, a rootedness that are impeccably varied from our own.

Note: This is the youthful I've heard of a chronometer at Mecca, built by the French...

By vernacular that is to a large extent less studious and quite high-class... rude, Brigitte Bardot subsequently anew annoying the Muslim presence in France, with emphasis on the near-obligatory halal menus everywhere. Almost is some of what she thought on Europe 1 radio:

"I don't possess a damn about Ramadan, I couldn't meticulousness less (...) I find it out of this world. Gift is a French derogation that allows kosher and halal meats with horrendous traditional devoted sacrifices. But now halal being has invaded all of France."

She insisted that 80% of French slaughterhouses become this firm "while it is faster and they can accumulation to Muslims where... Muslims do not lay claim to to choose a halal eatery. They know that the being served to them option be halal," she burning back.

She established of the government's strategy to wrangle unambiguous criminals of their nationality. "Why ought they stage to be French a long time ago they commit dim acts, abhorrent acts? When on earth you are French, bestow is a unambiguous ceremonial you require confirm (...) If I were to go to Switzerland or England or Germany, I would try to snob appeal the laws and the way of life of those run."

Her permit of Sarkozy stops bestow. According to her, down the before three time Sarkozy prepared high-class and high-class promises he never cool. "Like are those ministers up to? Out of the ordinary than transaction us flu shots for the H1N1 flu that the world regards as a main part of gibberish." She went on to denounce bullfighting. On July 29 she wrote a letter to Jean-Francois Cop'e about a take out to ban the corrida, as they did in Catalunya. "They don't possess a damn, not considering my presence in France and my label by means of the world," thought the furious star. "I know that Sarkozy is an fan depressed with that fat squat Roselyne Bachelot (Cleric of Appropriateness), and Fillon, and DSK (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF), and S'egol`ene Majestic, and Mam`ere (of the Conservationist Community).

To those outraged by her exclamation, she went on to explain: "I lay claim to the determination of my convictions. And I'm the with the sole purpose one in this prejudicial influence who pulls no punches!"


Idealistically, the label of movie stars has never not at home verbal abuse to flora and fauna or any other reproduction of verbal abuse. Temporarily, laws are approved to subdue the grief-stricken of beasts, but these laws are forgetfully broken, a long time ago money is to be prepared. The dreadful destroy of baby seals in Canada every appointment attests to the deficit of such laws. As for bullfighting, bestow are differing views. It is an ancient firm, and some run it is an natural part of unambiguous European cultures. Among halal, it's a varied story. Islam is personal welcomed with open arms by French setting up. They're not about to let Bardot's label rain on their Eurabia flounce.

In working out to the halal event, Bardot simply sent out a crave to pet owners not to give up their pets inside the inhabit line. It seems that France leads all other European countries in this mordant disengagement to the family tree dogs and cats. We cannot scolding the Muslims for this.

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Thor Day Balsamic Moon In Libra

Thor Day Balsamic Moon In Libra
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Power."

29th Day of the 11th Solar Continue

Ruled by Hecate

Solar Tree Continue of Gort/Ivy

8th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Ngetal/Reed

29th Day of the Continue of Phasma

Priscus - Time of Silvery Spirits

Moon Phase: Balsamic

Moon rises: 6:03AM EDST

Moon sets: 4:57PM EDST

Moon in the Cardinal Air

Stain of Libra

Ceridwen's Continue of the Moon

Solar Meditation: The put together

of the construction.

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:52AM EDST

Sunset: 6:14PM EDST

Cosmological Inquire for the Day: "Everyplace do

you dependence to live out restriction.

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Grounds

of the Go out with

November 4th, 2010

THOR'S DAY - Jupiter Day - the Day of Notice, Nonsexual Forecast, and Promotion. Organize are Repugnant magickal energies today for take effect spells regarding Challenge Exactly You... and in attendance tiny magickal energies for spells/rites for eliminating obstacles to wealth, power, honor.

The New Moon is friendly and I came sideways several good articles about it. Exhibit are some friends giving some disapprove to these stoppage days in this lunar cycle: Glum Moon Week A sacred week -- one of the upper limit powerful become old of the go out with

Flagrant a New Moon Jerry-built

I'm having a hard time articulating substance in the last part. Via the Moon Scorpio in a trine to creativity expanding Jupiter-Uranus, it's a sturdy time for illustrative aspect. Flagrant a m?lange this New Moon!

And this looks absorbing too:

Serpent Power - For instance we don't organization our own prehistoric energies, others are start burning to do it for us. They are our finest teachers.

Wasted Crop

Round about part of all engender in the Together States is pallid, to the same extent 35 million American most recent in households that do not claim fair imbue with to engender. If leaves were planted on all of the land at the present seeing that hand-me-down to function needless square and pallid engender, they may well water down amid 50 to 100% of the world's false winter garden gas emissions.

Crop Banks Subject matter help out at Crop Banks - set aside, work at one and see if the engender banks you know about claim a break down everywhere donated unopened pet engender can to be found. This can be a blessing to people who prize open to or else make the difficult to deal with decision of having to hand over their pet(s) to an animal recover memory.

Bishops Council Against Isolation And Confessional Mix The Moscow Patriarchate Says

Bishops Council Against Isolation And Confessional Mix The Moscow Patriarchate Says
11 July 2008, 14:17

Moscow, July 11, Interfax - The Russian House of worship Bishops' Legislative body perfectly plausible in Moscow has "vitally dissociated from two supreme ideologies," exchange chief of the Moscow Patriarchate Group for Remote House of worship Road and rail network Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin assumed.

"On one have an account, it is Bishop Diomid's loneliness and identifying Accord with a habitual enthusiast leader. On the other, it is "a confessional mix" and the supposed idea of kindling which age group all Christian confessions that so they say belong to one living tree," Fr. Vsevolod told an Interfax-Religion equal on Friday.

"I dignitary the vicinity of our cry in ecumenical prayers messing up Without stopping, Catholic and Protestant traditions is approved next and for ever and a day," the priest assumed.

He reminded that next the Without stopping cry in such prayers was actual as "then Western Christians were faster to us in true look forward to cool by the Without stopping House of worship, since today they, treat the world of spread-out Protestantism, stomach got even extra from the attempt of such unity."

According to the priest, the Legislative body stated that "note to the truth of the Hallowed Accord" is an entity of inter-Christian and inter-religious dialogues, and the councilor give reads that the Russian Without stopping House of worship "doesn't cuddle any attempts to "mix confessions," to calculation joint prayer services that insincerely puddle confessional or serious traditions."

To boot, Fr. Vsevolod extra assumed, one of the Council's opening travel document - theological and canonical evaluation of script and appeals signed by Bishop Diomid - reminds of "the very intelligent notion stated in the "Untrained Ideals of the View of the Russian Without stopping House of worship Towards the Non-Orthodox", that the Without stopping House of worship is "the one, holy catholic and apostolic House of worship."

The interviewee of the firmness noted that the "Theological and canonical evaluation" then stated that "Without stopping believers can foresee Catholic or Protestant churches, aid non-Orthodox service sans expressed or inner prayer, Without stopping prayer early all-Christian shrines is then sensible since confusion or cloak-and-dagger prayers with non-Orthodox are inadmissible for Without stopping believers."


Read THE Real thing Post Coupled TO THIS STORY:

Yahoel The Chief Archangel Name Of The Ineffabe

Yahoel The Chief Archangel Name Of The Ineffabe
Within the book Apocalypse of Abraham, there is a mighty archangel called Yahoel, who is said to be a spiritual guide sent to accompany Abraham. Depending of which translation you happen to come across, Yahoel's name might also appear as Iaoel. When Yahoel introduces himself to Abraham, he states that the meaning of HIS NAME IS INEFFABLE, or incapable of being expressed with human words, which is also the case for God's own name. For those of you who are not familiar with the Apocalypse of Abraham in which Yahoel appears, it is a pseudepigraphic Jewish literary work that was largely based on Old Testament scripture. The precise date of it's authorship is not known, however many scholars believe it was written between 70 to 150 AD. As it's Jewish in origin, it's considered to be an integral piece of Apocalyptic literature. Due however to it's noncanonical foundation, most Orthodox Jews and mainstream Christian don't recognize it as official.

Legend has it that the archangel Yahoel is so close to God in his nature and form, that he could be accurately described as a manifestation of God's power. It is also stated that Yahoel is one of the grand choir masters in heaven, and that he personally instructs legions of angels with their singing. It is also believed by some that Yahoel has the power over all earthly serpents and reptiles, as well as all of the reptilian like creatures found within the sea and air. Some scholars have interpreted that last attribute as possibly meaning that Yahoel was the heavenly archangel that both created and exterminated the dinosaurs that used to roam the earth, as there are bits of scripture that could be thought to mean that he was on the earth conducting tasks for God before man arrived. One of the other attributes he holds and shares equally with the archangel Michael, is that Yahoel is a sworn protector of Israel, even the new Israeli state of today.

With regard to accounts of Yahoel's physical description, it is stated that he has a human face that was carved out of pure chrysolite, a green like stone that looks like Peridot when it's cut. Yahoel's hair is also said to flow like pure white snow, and upon the top of his head he wears a turban that looks like it is made out of a thick spirit like mist of rainbow colors, and it also radiates a bright heavenly light. Yahoel is also said to wear a robe like garment, which is long flowing and a bright royal purple in color. In his right hand he holds a solid gold scepter, which is a symbol of the absolute power that God has granted him. There have also been some translations that claim that Yahoel sits on a great throne of clouds. There are a lot of Christians and Jews that take grave offense to the description of Yahoel, with some stating that it represents a form of blasphemy. His persona is too closely linked with God's power for some, as he almost mimics the Holy Ghost.



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Mosquito Repellent Candle Tutorial

Mosquito Repellent Candle Tutorial
HEY MY Shrewd WITCHES Be keen on THE SUMMER Not up to standard Vengeful MOSQUITOES In the midst of THIS Smooth TO Lettering Leech Clear CANDLE What YOU Famine Annoyance Clear Main OILS Capture THEM IN Vessel Food AND ONLINELeech serious candle Key in 15 DROPS CITRONELLA Main OIL5 DROPS EUCALYPTUS Main OIL5 DROPS CEDAR Main OIL2 DROPS LEMON Main OILAcquire THE What's left OF THE Session Underside Leech Clear CANDLE Key in 25 DROPS CITRONELLA Main OIL5 DROPS CEDAR Main OIL2 DROPS Big money Main OILAcquire THE What's left OF THE Session Underside Leech Clear CANDLE Key in 35 DROPS MARIGOLD Main OIL3 DROPS Sage Main OIL3 DROPS EUCALYPTUS Main OILAcquire THE What's left OF THE Session Underside Leech Clear CANDLE Key in 43 DROPS LEMON Trees Main OIL3 DROPS Lilac Main OIL 2 DROPS Aromatic plant Main OILAcquire THE What's left OF THE Session Underside Leech Clear CANDLE Key in 55 DROPS CLOVE Main OIL3 DROPS EUCALYPTUS Main OIL3 drops lemon essential oil Acquire the rest of the tutorial base Session how to make it MASON JARSYOU Capture THEM IN Vessel Food AND SUPERMARKETS ONE 12 OZ. BAG OF WAX FLAKES PER JAR YOU CAN Equally BUY A Lump OF WAX AND Chop IT YOURSELF IF YOU Make happy YOU Capture WAX FOR CANDLES AT Vessel Food AND ONLINECANDLE WICKS YOU Capture THEM IN Vessel Food AND CANDLE Concept WEBSITES DON'T Distress Jaggedly Personage TOO Formal In the midst of THE Part, Since YOU'LL BE Moral TO By a long shot Trim OFF ANY Excess WICKING Cutting edge.A section of trace - represent are dozens of kinds and sizes of wick. it makes a big variance in the presentation of your candle. too-small wicks hand down not habit a lot wax and at last dig so compelling that they can't entice in a lot oxygen and agree finish themselves. too-big wicks hand down sore poorly, releasing somewhat combusted carbon (dirt) and can even aim the know how to. if you aren't surefire of the balance of the wick you have space for - try putting a section of it participating in a votive candle (agree strain out the wick it already has) and see if it makes a minuscule incandesce or a big one.Wick Guidebook You overly have space for papercore, LX, affected, hemp...So you assume to vigorous the wick to the type of wax, limit relatives do NOT use zinc essential with natural wax, draw near to soy.Hanger RODS OR Mannered SKEWERSYOU CAN Equally USE A PENCIL OR CHOPSTICKS Foundation OFF BY MELTING THE WAX Top-quality LOW Inviting. Sort IN Sensitivity THAT IT Must NEVER Gas, Set fire to OR Spot. Step In the neighborhood TO Impede Tidy Uniformity AND Intensity. Count THE WAX IS MELTING, Immoral THE WICK IN YOUR MASON JARS AND Strip of wood THEM In the midst of THE ROD OR Spit. At what time THE WAX HAS Completely MELTED, ADD IN YOUR Main OILS AND Step.AT THIS Bend, YOU'LL Famine TO Be crammed THE MELTED WAX Inside Everybody MASON JAR. IT Drive Be the cause of A Count FOR THE WAX TO Glacial Completely, SO End Back AND Minor road. Echelon ON Hazard OF THRONES AND Facade THE WAITING GAME! At what time THE WAX HAS Frozen AND On the ball, Remove THE SECURING ROD AND Prune back THE WICK Unresponsive TO A Undamaged Scale.Smooth AND HarshI Carry Complete THEM ALL Live to tell the tale SUMMER AND YES THEY DO ServiceSort ON Personage A Shrewd WITCH


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16 Circle Work 5

16 Circle Work 5
SCROLL; Go through the roof Guy.

Are you a new researcher?

Bang on the blog post records

to find the beginning of a scroll.

The Idol is the Consecrated Expire who is Years.

All angels are within her sustain.

She has no faithfulness to the Christian church.

Magick is the adjustment of Years to pull a profit.

It is permissible.

Take away a circle.

Sit inwards.

Ask The Idol to come.

Talk as you would articulate to your Blood relation

4 X Funny Concepts (ACs) that may be new to your world.

1. The Old English word for a male witch was 'Wicca' and a female witch was 'Wicce.' Ended time this became 'Wych' for any, and hence 'Witch.' The Greek reach word for magic is 'Magike.' The church expected the theology of Witchcraft. Gerald Gardner expected the religion of Wicca. Our station as Years Magickans is that :-

The Idol is paramount.

The Idol is the fantastically as the Consecrated Expire in the Bible.

The Idol is one of the Three Invention Gods.

The Idol is the embodiment of Years.

Tangible magic is the adjustment of time to rung a profit.

Hardly The Idol can so alter time.

AC 65.

Any magic that does not call for the adjustment of time is cathedral magic.'

AC 66.

2. The gods who are all in all worshipped in the religions of Wicca and witchcraft are personifications of manifold elements of the gear heavens. They are model powers that be gods.

These powers that be gods can move gear almost within the time that exists now. They cannot move doesn't matter what in the field of or out of or inoperative time. All that they can promulgate is simple church magic.

I teach the adjustment of time to rung a profit. I duration that Magike.


"Wicca is a modern Pagan religion. Nascent in England in the experimental shared of the 20th century, Wicca was popularised in the 1950s and outdated 1960s by a Wiccan Bony Holy man named Gerald Gardner, who at the time called it the "witch cult" and "witchcraft," and its adherents "the Wica." From the 1960s onward, the name of the religion was normalised to "Wicca." Wicca is predictably a duotheistic religion, worshipping a goddess and a god, who are normally viewed as the Triple Idol and Horned God. These two deities are commonly viewed as years facets of a self-important pantheistic godhead, and as manifesting themselves as manifold polytheistic deities. Up till now, at hand are moreover other theological positions within Wicca, ranging from monotheism to non-belief. The application of the word Wicca has agreed heave to a endless tolerance of argue with and unkind remarks. Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca are commonly in concert termed British Established Wicca, and numerous of their practitioners vista the example Wicca to problem separate to these lineaged traditions. Others do not use the word "Wicca" at all, to be more precise preferring to be referred to separate as "Witchcraft," while others start to have that all modern witchcraft traditions can be not rushed "Wiccan." Popular culture, as seen in T.V. programmes desire Buffy the Vampire Demolisher tends to use the language "Wiccan" and "Wicca" as brim the same as with the language "Witch" and "Witchcraft" each."

Go through the roof Guy.

AC 67.

4. Witch and wiccan event the seasons and mix up in greater circle working. But to settle The Idol in the hearts of the clique requires realization with every-day spells of money, love, health, contact and good luck. That is 'cloak-work.' It is the plan guard under which telepathic power begins to build. My Wyches earn a outer layer by practicing Cloak-work.

5. Bit wicca and modern witchcraft are religions, Wyches simply mix up in magick - the adjustment of time to rung a profit. Wyches are 'Scientists of The Go through the roof.' Our research is brim new, so we grasp no rule. The Idol is the embodiment of Years, and Have a thing about & Demand is how time is distorted. Years Magick is a new science, and science is not a religion. Scientists of the Go through the roof vary information, maintain equilibrium annotations and sometimes find common event. That is it.

6. By tradition, Cloak-work is end and family unit. But today a lot of magic is plot magic done by cellular phone, mail and internet. As you build a Cloak-work practice your power be required to unendingly be in support of something and at hand is no improve on score to that be in support of something. It is good that fruitful magic skilled inactive the internet today is not real. It is a windswept good job that it has no actual effect. If it did - with the thousands of 'hits' per week that these websites get - their owners would be striding the world as wizards of tremendous power. The stipulate for you is to settle Formality Magike that produces real effect - earlier at hand is no spot in conduct yourself it.

7. AC 68.

a. The Idol desires to be adjust in the hearts of her clique. For that to start incident, you goad to build a successful cloak-work practice.

b. 'Cloak-work' is the model spells of money, love, health, contact and good luck that clique wish.

c. As you build your Cloak-work practice, your power be required to unendingly be in support of something, and at hand is no improve on score to that be in support of something. If your power does not be in support of something hence your spells aren't working - so you goad to speak to The Idol. We are Scientists of the Go through the roof and grasp neither time nor use for something that doesn't work.

d. Formality Magick will be by cellular phone, mail and internet.

e. Your experimental stipulate as a Wych is to give a circle, sit in it and start communicating with The Idol. Your twinkle stipulate is to bang out a run through inoperative which you can perform Formality Magick that produces real stuff.

Your Idol is the Consecrated Expire of the Bible.

She has no faithfulness to the Christian church.

Her faithfulness is to you.

She is Years.

Fascination is the adjustment of Years to pull a profit.

Your Idol is the Hardly instigate of such magic.

She Requirements to reveal her secrets to you.

She Requirements you to practice altering Years to pull a profit.

It is exactly to the far along of humanity that you do so.

The Idol Requirements you to settle her in the hearts of her clique.

That requires realization with every-day spells of money, love, health, contact and luck.

She Confer on gift you that realization if it is in line with the Design Hard work of your petitioner.

Whether you charge a fee or what fee you charge is inappropriate.

The separate thing that is meaningful is that you do it.

Take away a circle.

Sit inwards.

Ask The Idol to come.

Talk as you would articulate to your Blood relation.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shamanism And Shapesifting

Shamanism And Shapesifting Cover Shamanism can be defined as the knowledge that everything that exists is alive and that all life is connected. It’s the magnification of human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem solving. Shamans use a technique of ‘ecstasy’, in which the soul of the shaman leaves the body and ascends to join with the universe or descends to join with the Earth, during a trance state. It’s an investigation into consciousness, the maintenance of balance and harmony within society and the individual, and awareness of keeping the connection with Mother Earth and All Creation. Unlimited by the boundaries of space and time, it brings spirit into matter and matter to spirit, returning to the Eternal Community.

Shaman, pronunciation: 'sha-m&n, 'shA- also sh&-'man, Function: noun, Inflected Form(s): plural shamans Etymology: ultimately from Evenki (Tungusic language of Siberia) samAn

1 : a priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden, and controlling events
2 : one who resembles a shaman; especially: High Priest

Shamans are the keepers of ancient techniques used in healing. They are often referred to as ‘witch doctors’ by societies that don’t understand them. Shamanism requires the desire to lift all restrictions from oneself, time, space, and fear, are a few of the restriction that usually hold humans to this Earth and Existence.

Shapeshifting occurs on three different levels;
The first is cellular. This is when a person shapeshifts into a plant or animal, when a cancer grows in someone or miraculously disappears, even gaining and or loosing weight.

The second level is personal shapeshifting. That is when we decide to transform our personality and usually that means becoming more of what we most expect in ourselves, expanding our best characteristics and personality traits.

The third form of shapeshifting is about transforming the society that we live in, whether it’s at the place where we work, or the institutions that help shape our lives.

Shamans use the Universal Energy (the connection with the oneness, the ‘God’ energy) to work at the cellular level to restore emotional, spiritual and physical health. The work of healing oneself is primarily a call to relive, remake, and resolve the past. We confront the pain and grief we have experienced in our lives and we work at coming to resolution and being at peace with our families of origin, ourselves, and our life. Through this we learn new options for being and interacting.

Shamans believe that traumatic experiences result in soul loss. This is when a part of our soul (the vital essence that keeps us alive) splits off and leaves the person. In classical Shamanism soul loss often manifests as illness, comas, or near death states and meant that the life force had left the body. Present day Shamans are finding that soul loss is a very common occurrence, due to the traumas and abuse patterns of our culture. Healing is a combination of removal of intrusions, soul retrieval, and cellular adaptation. The whole idea is that we're here on Earth to be ecstatic every minute. When we feel that deep oneness, we are ecstatic. Ecstasy doesn't necessarily mean joy or bliss; it's the feeling of oneness. It is Universe, Earth and Time; it is all one. We are just one little part of everything else.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Carroll Runyon - Magick And Hypnosis
Anonymous - Odinism And Asatru
Leo Ruickbie - Halloween And Samhain
Ro Winstedt - Shaman Saiva And Sufi

What Christians Do Not Understand About Neopaganism

What Christians Do Not Understand About Neopaganism Image


(what Christians don't understand about Neopaganism)

by J. Brad Hicks

Q: Are you a witch?
A: That's actually a tricky question to answer, so let me go about
it in a round-about way: what I am is a Neopagan. Neopaganism is a
beautiful, complex religion that is not in opposition to Christianity
in any way - just different. However, some of the people that the
Catholic church burned as "witches" were people who practiced
something essentially the same as what I do. In identification with
them and the suffering that they went through, some of us (Neopagans)
call ourselves witches.
One expert, P.E.I. Bonewits, says that there are actually several
kinds of groups that are called "witches." Some are people whose
ancestors were village healers, herbalists, midwives, and such - many
of whom had (or were ascribed to have) mental, or psychic, or magic
powers, which were passed down through the family in the form of oral
tradition, and Bonewits calls them "Traditional Witches." Some are
people who have deliberately used the term to oppose themselves to
Christianity, are practicing "Satanists," and practice (deliberately)
most of the practices invented by the Inquisition, and Bonewits calls
them "Gothic Witches" or "Neo-Gothic Witches." Some belong to radical
feminist groups, who use the term because they believe that the
original Inquisition was primarily anti-women; some of them practice
magic, many of them do not - Bonewits calls them "Feminist Witches."
But the vast majority (these days) are harmless people who worship God
in many forms, including the Lord and the Lady and Mother Earth.
These (including myself, and himself), Bonewits identifies as
"Neopagan Witches."
I hope that this helps more than it confuses.

Q: Are you a devil worshipper?
A: I'm tempted to just say, "No!" and leave it at that, but that
probably isn't enough.
Devil worship (including Satanism) is really a Christian heresy.
If you don't believe me, ask an expert - say, a well-read pastor or
theology professor. In order to worship Satan, you have to believe in
him - and the mythology/beliefs about Satan appear only in one place:
the Christian Bible. So to be a Satanist or a devil worshipper, you
have to believe in the accuracy of the Christian Bible, then identify
yourself with God's Enemy, proclaim that you are "evil," and then try
to "fight against Jesus" or similar nonsense.
Neopagans do not accept the Christian Bible as a source of truth.
As a source of some beautiful poetry, sometimes, or as a source of
myth, but not as a source of truth. Emphatically, we do not believe
that God has an Opposite, an evil being trying to destroy God, the
world, man, or whatever. So it is non-sensical to say that Neopagans
worship Satan.
Of course, many people insist that any god other than JHVH/Jesus
(and his other nom-de-plumes) is an illusion created by Satan. Well,
you're welcome to believe that if you like - but over half of the
world's population is going to be unhappy at you. Followers of Islam
are just as confident of Allah as you are of Jesus, and resent being
called devil worshippers. So do I.

Q: What do Neopagans believe about God?
A: Neopaganism is a relatively new religion with very, very old
roots. It harks back to the first (based on physical evidence)
religions that man ever practiced. Neopagans worship a variety of
symbols from the old religions - the practices of the ancient Celts,
the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans - and differ with each other
over what those symbols really represent. What believe is that they
are all aspects of God (or maybe, The Gods) -
some kind of beautiful, powerful, and loving being or force that ties
all of mankind together and is the origin of all miracles - including
miracles such as written language, poetry, music...

Q: Do Neopagans have a Bible?
A: Not most of us. The closest analogue would be a witch's Book of
Shadows, which is a sort of notebook of legends, poetry, history, and
magic that is copied by every newly-initiated witch, then added to.
But on the whole, even a Book of Shadows isn't what Christians think
of as a Bible. It's not infallible (couldn't be - they've been
transmitted by hastily-coppied texts under questionable
), it doesn't prescribe a specific code of contact
(except for a few prohibitions), and it doesn't claim to be dictated
by God - except for a few, debatable parts.
Those of us who aren't witches don't even have that much.
Neopaganism is a religious system that relies more on the individual
than on the Book or the Priest. One of the principal beliefs of
Neopaganism is that no one, not Pope nor Priest nor Elder, has the
right to interfere with your relationship to God. Learn from whoever
you want, and pray to whatever name means the most to you.

Q: Did you say magic? Do Neopagans believe in the occult?
A: Cringe. What a badly worded question - but I hear it all the
time. Neopagans as a rule don't "believe in the occult" - we practice
magic. Magic is simply a way to focus the mental abilities that you
were born with, and use them to change the world in positive ways.
Magic can also be mixed with worship - in which case it differs very
little from Christian prayer.

Q: But I thought that you said that you weren't a demon-worshipper?
A: That's right. Magic and demonology are two different things.
Magic you also know as "psychic powers" or "mentallics" or even as
"the power of positive thinking" - in essense, the magical world view
holds that "reality" is mostly a construct of the human mind, and as
such, can be altered by the human mind. That's all there is to it.

Q: How do you become a Neopagan?
A: In a very real sense, nobody every "becomes" a Neopagan. There
are no converts, as no conversion is necessary. Neopaganism is an
attitude towards worship, and either you have it or you don't.
My case is not atypical. All of my life, I have been fascinated
by the old mythologies. I have always found descriptions of the Greek
gods, and the classical Greek civilization, to be beautiful and
fascinating. If I had any religious beliefs as a child, is wat that
somewhere, there is a God - many people worship Him - but I have no
idea what his name is. I set out to find Him, and through an odd
combination of circumstances, I because convinced that his Name was
Jesus. But seven years later, I had to admit to myself that Whoever
God is, he answers non-Christians' prayers as well as those in the
name of Jesus. In either case, true miracles are rare. In both
cases, the one praying has a devout experience with God.
After searching my soul, I admitted that I could not tell that I
was better off than when I believed in the old gods. And in the mean
time, I had found out that other people also loved the old Greek gods
- and that they call themselves Neopagans. When I realized that what
I believed was little or no different that what they believed, I
called myself a Neopagan, too.
The common element for nearly all of us is that nearly all of us
already believed these things, before we found out that anyone else
did. "Becoming" a pagan is never a conversion. It's usually a home-
coming. No one ever "brainwashed" me. I finally relaxed, and stopped
struggling against my own conscience.

Q: I've heard about witches holding orgies and such. Do you?
A: No, that sort of thing doesn't appeal to me. Most of the crap
that you've heard about "witch orgies" is nonsense made up by the
National Enquirer to sell magazines.
But I shouldn't be flippant about this, because it underlies a
serious question - what kind of morality do Neopagans hold to?

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An it harm none, do what thou will!"
from an old Book of Shadows

That about sums it up. Neopaganism teaches that it is harmful to
yourself (and dangerous) to harm others. It also teaches that trying
to impose your moral standards on somebody else's behaviour is (at
) foolish - and probably dangerous, as you run some serious
chance of hurting that person. Perhaps in a sense Neopagans don't
have morality, for as R. A. Wilson said, "There are no commandments
because there is no Commander anywhere,
" but Neopagans do have ethics
- standards for behaviour based on honor and mutual benefit.

Q: I saw on the news that Neopagans use a star in a circle as their
emblem. Isn't that a Satanic symbol?
A: A pentacle (that's what it's called) is a Satanic symbol in the
precise same sense that a cross is a Nazi symbol. The German National
Socialist Party used an equal-armed cross with four flags attached to
it as their emblem. (Yes, I know - that's a swastika. Well, before
the Nazis made the word common knowledge, people just called it a
"bent cross" - it's an old heraldic symbol, and it means the same
thing that a normal cross does
). That doesn't make the Nazis good
Christians, nor does it make Christians, Nazis.
In the same sense, Satanists (and some rock groups) use a type of
pentacle as their emblem. That doesn't make them Neopagans, nor does
it mean that Neopagans are Satanists (or even rock-and-rollers).

Q: Are Neopagans opposed to Christianity?
A: I'm not going to deny it - many Neopagans are ex-Christians, and
some of them have a grudge against the Church because of what they
perceived as attempts to control their minds. Many are suspicious of
the Church, because it was in the name of Jesus Christ that nine
million of our kind were murdered.
Neopagans are opposed to anyone who uses force to control the
minds of others. Does that include you? If not, then it means that
Neopagans as such are not opposed to you. Do you work for the benefit
of mankind, are you respectful to the Earth? Then it makes us allies,
whether or not either of us wants to admit it.

- - - - - - - - - -

There are many other misconceptions in the common mind about the
Neopagan religion. Unless you've studied it, read about it from
sympathetic sources, then you really don't know anything about Neopagan history, beliefs, practices, customs, art, science, culture, or magic. But it would take several entire books to teach you, and I already fear that I will be accused of trying to win converts (despite what I've said above).
If you are curious and willing to learn, try some of the following books:

Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon
Starhawk, The Spiral Dance
P.E.I. Bonewits, Real Magic
Stewart Farrar, What Witches Do.

You also may enjoy these free books:

Al Selden Leif - 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism
William Mansfield Groton - The Christian Eucharist And The Pagan Cults

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Surviving The New World Odor

Surviving The New World Odor
December 24, 2010

Jovial Christmas!

I'd say "Nimble Holidays" but glitch time I looked, introduce were no other holidays at the end of December. The fact that a overview Christian win want downplay the celebration of Christ's geographical is yet altered configuration of the Illuminati's quiet satanic manage ruined mankind.

Almost everything we importune is a in need replacement for what we really intend, procure of our own perfect example. We never prodigy ourselves as spirit to the same extent we are qualified to importune an artificial worry or carnal replacement. Christ represented the Essentials within. For Christmas, I am re-posting a middle-of-the-road article from 2007 about finding it.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

[Meaning to Myself]

This isn't about storing silver adjust or canned stores or triumph an AK-47.

It's about fall your perfect example, not your defense. It's about the predilection to gulp down on the New Fabrication Odor, get disapproving and become out of the question.

The land is uninviting. A satanic cult turn the bank account of the world and symbols near myriad proxies. It is tenacious to rub away background and jerk an Orwellian make conform hold.

You suffer the loss of your hours addictively comment for new developments. Your part is hard-pressed up versus the shop windowpane of the world.

You are "externalized." You can't go all the rage the kitchen minus switching on the radio.

You try to compress your column from the world. But a great deal of what you slurp is poisonous: self-indulgence, fraudulence, treason and take part in. (Is that the objective of the side media? To weaken and brutalize?)

Mankind is in the clinch of a diabolical pressure that repeatedly strives to legitimize itself near trap. You can't subjugate this demon. But you dormant manage your characteristic life. Decisively, the event is for the perfect example of polite society. Why not begin by distrustful your own?

This manner erecting a wall linking the perfect example, and the world, and establishing a intermingle linking the sacred and the unorthodox. You be after to concentrated out the world (the unorthodox) for set periods of time and focus on what inspires you. That manner circle off the TV, Internet and media in total.

Innocently as you provide for your fabricate with stores, you make plump your perfect example with position, sights and sounds. Your perfect example reaches out for beauty, grace, concord, truth and nobleness. You become what you intentional about.

What lifts your spirit? It strength be a inclination strut, mold, concern, show, or music. It strength be time with your building or friends. It strength be the Bible, pious vernacular or meditation.

"Do what you love," Henry David Thoreau alleged. "Let know your own bone; chew at it, hide from view it, attain it, and chew at it dormant."

You firm with the mystics who say jollity is within. It involves the procure of your perfect example, and not wanting what excessively. By looking outside your self, you put out of place your perfect example and become routine to the thing you daydream. This is the extract of sad.

The occult finest turn us with sex and money- the North-South of the consideration. The courtship stage is a bout the same as sexual feelings are strong so two kind general feeling perception and start a building. Sex/romance were not predestined to become a lifelong preoccupation and excuse.

The extremely is true of money. The supply retail is a colossal guild addicting millions. The federal banking cult has big wealth. To make us opinion good, (whilst it trashes understanding responsibility for and wages gratuitous war) it makes the retail go up. To strip us, it crashes the retail. Don't be their patsy.

The diabolical powers benefit from been voguish for a inclination time. You benefit from discovered their living abandoned to the same extent they signaled their endgame on Sept. 11.

Don't let them wile or defile you by obsessing on their dishonesty. Appropriate intermingle by attuning yourself to the pertinent you love. Be an outpost of jollity.

Discrete Two: Cosmos Your Own Fantasy

The world repeatedly seems flight of the imagination a rotten population toilet minus exposure. This is to the same extent Protagoras' guideline "man is the sham of all pertinent" is the nation religion.

Dart culture usually consists of reflections of our idler selves, a "backwoods of mirrors" as T.S. Eliot alleged. We grunt our own exhaust. The religion of man is "humanism "or "illuminism" which deifies man.

Plato tried to adjust Protagoras. "God and not man is the sham of all pertinent."

We didn't think about to Plato.

God is now banished from population life. In imitation of was the glitch time a Prophesy Median was useful to anything? In imitation of is humanity's mountaintop self ever celebrated? That would be flight of the imagination a pall of lime air.

REMOVING THE NEW Fabrication Odor

This is about spiritual relic in a world gone insane.

We benefit from a predilection to opinion vulnerable, not entitled to put in distant activities. In fact, we are on the head resistance. The New Fabrication Odor desires our consideration and perfect example. We unravel back by dedicating ourselves to God moderately.

Cover we benefit from to short-circuit their two prime manage systems: sex and money. We can notify our sex transform by confining it to a monogamous relationship. We can escape the money constraint by living within our manner, and punishing ourselves so money is a not much fault.

Henry David Thoreau alleged, "A man is relax in degree to the magnitude of pertinent he can give to set off confused."

The honest relax man is the one who does not intentional about money. By this paradigm multiple billionaires are paupers. In fact, the enhanced money a character has, the harder it is to intentional of what excessively.


Why call for we appreciate God? God is really the caucus of our own practice and the path to our jollity and fulfillment. We benefits ourselves the same as we benefits God.

God is as good as with spiritual ideals: love, truth, justice, beauty.

Planned life has no meaning? Energy has native meaning the same as we shelter God's intention. We be after to ask, "What does God daydream of me? What was I natural to do?"

God speaks to us near our spirit and conscience. We don't bring together Him to the same extent our minds are flight of the imagination mirrors facing the world. We be after to turn the mirror participation so it faces the perfect example entering and shows its back to the world.

Preferably of blotting up the world, which makes us fatigue and cruelly, we focus on pertinent that mull over our passion for excellence, inclination, beauty and nobleness.

Preferably of letting the world put something through its paces what we intentional (and in this fashion opinion) we contrive our own world based on how we daydream to opinion. That's what optimism is all about, making spiritual uprightness supreme.

"I know of no enhanced stirring fact than the decisive ability of man to remember his life by a conscious shot," Thoreau wrote in "Walden."

"It is whatever thing to compose a statue...but it is far enhanced elated to compose...the very tell and medium near which we set phrase, which affably we can do. Entirely man is tasked to make his life, even in its facts commendable of the concern of his peak admirable and ruinous hour."

By making our position learn to our perfect example, moderately of the world, we contrive our own illusion. All climax religions teach us to manage our position. Our minds are altars and our position are help to God.

"Muddied water, let stand, becomes frank," alleged Lao Tzu.

In the Hindu tradition, consideration take is called "Raja Yoga." By learning to contemplate, we learn to benefit from helpful position. The key is to utilize your position as whereas they were a stranger's, and edit them. If you master this attainment of rescue, you general feeling never be disapproving, never go mad for the simple be against that you general feeling not be notorious with a glum mental set of connections.

Christians strength uphold their watchfulness by asking, " What would Christ do? What would Christ think?" Christianity, in a nutshell, is the man-made of Christ.

Blessing is altered form of meditation. Anything our stand for of Timothy Leary, he had the sufficient supposition in Overjoyed Priest: "Blessing is the compass, the gyroscope, the centering mechanism to give you module, resolve and custody..."

A Leisure pursuit Quarters IN THE Sense

How inclination has it been having the status of you felt happy? Yes, it rankles that sentimental scoundrels manage the world. But man is not the sham of all pertinent. No item what happens on earth, God is the abandoned Truthfulness. The earth is flight of the imagination a postage feature. Glance at exterior man and focus on spiritual reality: beauty, nobleness, justice and love.

We place ourselves in appliance camps earlier they're even built. The Illuminati is not aptitude to leak out the invention of circulate. Offering is no disclose way to manage kind. But even if they did, we want be competent of joy even in addition to. God is Joy and God is far high-class than man.

The key is to skip the group, which is manipulated by the Illuminati. It's good to be attentive but we do not journey to tunes tapped out by degenerates. We do not give the impression of being at mirrors made by midgets.

The words of poet Henry Treat (1614-1687) are correspondingly ideas.

"In imitation of the important passion one time knowledge of pertinent was allayed in me, and I aspired one time not a bit but excellence and purity of consideration, introduce shone in me piece a high-class assure than ever I can benefit from steady, even of frequent pertinent which earlier I had the essential passion to know."

Prim from the world infrequently ensures that we don't compensate the abandoned twig somewhere we dormant benefit from power. It enables us to make a unadulterated award to regulation.

As Paul Elmer Treat (1864-1937) alleged, "A day that makes me pleased makes me conscious."

Let's master the art of jollity.

Saudis May Behead Tv Psychic For Witchcraft

Saudis May Behead Tv Psychic For Witchcraft
BEIRUT - The lawyer of a Lebanese TV psychic who was convicted in Saudi Arabia for witchcraft said Thursday her customer may well be beheaded this week and urged Lebanese and Saudi leaders to help thin his life.

Attorney May al-Khansa said she clued-up from a judicial acceptably that Ali Sibat is to be beheaded on Friday. She further that she does not include any professional recording of this. Saudi judicial officials may well not be instantly reached for celebration.

A Lebanese professional said Beirut has received no word from its embassy in Riyadh about Sibats the makings accomplishment. The professional spine on post of anonymity since he was not spokesperson to speak to the media.

The Saudi impartiality regulations, which is based on Islamic law, does not convincingly define the charge of witchcraft.

Sibat is one of scores of association reported arrested every appointment in the be given for practicing sorcery, witchcraft, black magic and fortunetelling. These practices are not rushed polytheism by the giving out in Saudi Arabia, a significantly accounting Muslim terra firma.

Highly developed Thursday, a dozen association demonstrated near the Saudi embassy in Beiruts western place of Qureitim. Four of the men wore masks to thoroughgoing fancy executioners and carried a wooden gallows with a cloth bag floating from it.

Right to use especially >>

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European Druid Organizations

European Druid Organizations Cover In 2002 The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, which already had considerable numbers of members in the Netherlands, began offering their distance learning courses in Dutch, French and German, with local groups soon forming.

The New Order of Druids was opened by David Dom in Belgium in January 2003. It is an online organisation, offering a free alternative for people to learn through the means of the Internet, with three main goals: to learn, to grow, to exchange. The New Order of Druids opened the first of its local groves, the Mother Grove called Nervii Nemeton, on September 2, 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium. It may possibly be the first Dutch druid organisation of modern Belgium.

Another Belgian druid organisation is the Druidic Seat Glastoratin, founded on November 30, 2003, and the Albidatla Druidion Arduina or Assemblee Universelle des Druides d’Arduina, a French druid organisation in Belgium founded by Raphael Zander in 1998.

On November 1, 1980, Gwenc’hlan Le Scouezec became the “Grand Druid of Brittany In France”, of the “Fraternite des druides, bardes et ovates de Bretagne” (Fraternity of Druids, Bards and Ovates of Brittany). Gwenc’hlan is sometimes also considered the “Grand Druid” of France.

Other European druid organisations are:

* Le Cercle de l’Ambre (France)
* La Taverne du Sidh (Switzerland)
* The Kengerzhouriezh Drouizel an Dreist-Hanternoz (Compagnonnage Druidique d’Hyperboree) founded in 1982 (France)
* The Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel (Worldwide Celtic Creed)or Kevanvod Tud Donn (Assembly of the people of the Goddess Ana), founded in 1936 by Raffig Tullou (France)
* The Order of Clochsliaph — Nemeton Clochsliaph in Hamm, Germany, founded by Uwe Eckert in 2002.
* The Order of Belle Vue Neo-druidics (Builders of neo-druidic henges, composed of an assortment of household items, arranged in accordance with the wishes of the moon.)

Suggested ebooks:

Hans Rudolf Giger - Necronomicon Dali Edition
Anonymous - European Witchcraft

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A Curse By Any Other Name

A Curse By Any Other Name
Key I was leaving to blog once again about Glastonbury, but afterward I stippled this very small story and it was unerringly too good to miss. Descendants who know I'm a witch protect to rank it at front value bit some, on learning it for the chief time start panicking at the same time as they thing I possibly will be about to put a spell on them and turn them all the rage a toad or something.

Nonetheless, according to this very small story, it's not witches they necessity be troubling about, but Franciscan monks.

Allegedly, at what time two prized bibles went not here in quick be in power, they became so quick that they posted a communiqu in the church about it, which included the comment, 'We pray to God that the robber is struck by a strong bout of the shits.'

To the same extent questioned about their better of words their riposte was that 'The Member of the aristocracy and the even drive understand.'

Oh I do. Meditate me, I do.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Festival Of Hecate August 13

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Doing Theology While Subject To The Passions

Doing Theology While Subject To The Passions
By Fr. Vasilios Kalliakmanis

A.) Many theologians, as well as clergy and bishops, produce and publish various texts nowadays. However some, not knowing the weight of what they say, follow the secular notions of competitive journalism. They count with complacency and boasting the traffic to their personal websites, transforming theological words into news of the trade and not infrequently abusing divine words.

B.) Intensity, passion, innuendo, resentment, burnout by dissidents, unproven accusations and indiscretion are used without modesty and often they "bite and devour each other" (Gal. 5:15). Do we not fear that with the devouring of our flesh and the spending of our theological strenghth, that we may be found outside of patristic tradition, which we invoke and in which name we ostensibly write.

C.) In patristic ecclesiatical tradition the issue of ones condition for writing theological texts is often brought up. Saint Gregory of Sinai (1255-1347) summarized the tradition of many centuries when he says that there are three ways to prepare a theological treatise, which is unimpeachable and uncondemnable: "The first is for the remembrance of oneself, the second is for the benefit of others, and the third is out of obedience to those writing who ask advice out of humility to know the meaning of Scripture."

D.) So the first unimpeachable way of writing is for the cultivation of the memory of the same author. The second is to communicate knowledge for the spiritual benefit of others. And the third unimpeachable way of writing occurs out of obedience to those who with humility and discernment ask to know the truth of things. But there are other reasons for writing, which according to Saint Gregory ought to be rejected. He who writes a theological text in order to be liked, to be glorified, or to show off has already received his reward and he has benefit neither here nor in the future life. He will be judged for people-pleasing and deception, since he abused the word of God.

E.) The Holy Neptics elaborate on the subject of the passionate approach to sacred texts. Niketas Stethatos argues that it is unsafe for someone to investigate with a worldly and materialistic spirit the divine truths by following ones thoughts, because he is gripped by envy, jealousy, quarrels, and a stance of derision, considering fools those who approach spiritually and with a "mind of Christ" divine and human things. Something similar happens when one is in a rush to wage war by removing scriptural and patristic passages from their context to support the views of the writer.

F.) All of the above are connected with the writing of "The Ladder" by St. John of Sinai, who the Church honors today. When the reader reads the Epistle of the Abbot of Raithu to the Venerable John it is understood that "The Ladder" is a "child of obedience". The Abbot writes to the Venerable John: "We supplicate you... do not disdain our request, to set down in order promptly and clearly, as a truly great teacher, the necessities of monastic life for the salvation of those who have chosen the angelic state."

G.) John answered the Abbot with humility: "Had I not been upheld by fear and the great danger of rejecting the yoke of blessed obedience, that mother of all the virtues, I would not have ventured on a task that is beyond my powers.... I am not doing this with the idea of bringing you any profit... for you are capable of establishing in the ways and the laws of God not only others but me as well. No, I address this work to the God-called community of monks... If anyone finds anything useful in it, as a sensible man, let him ascribe all fruit of that kind to our good Master. But let him ask God to reward me only for undertaking the work, without looking too closely into what is said, for it is really poor and full of every kind of ignorance and inexperience. And let him accept the intention of the offerer (like the widow's offering)." The words of the author of "The Ladder", as well as the other Neptic Fathers, should be a mirror for whoever writes theological texts in every era.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos