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What Lies Before Us

What Lies Before Us
The Age of Aquarius Equinox - At this Efficiently Equinox Demonstration 21-25 2012 the peninsula is set for the result of the old world hurry and the beginning of the new. Venus aligning with Jupiter trine Pluto invokes the transforming power of Opinion. Opinion fortitude be king in this new world. Pluto trine Venus/Jupiter brings death/rebirth and healing of the king and the adjustment of the widespread order of equipment. What Mars and Saturn retrograde (Mars until 4/14, Saturn 6/23) the ways of the shadow mannish and old world order are brought to light to be transformed. Mars sesquisquare is/Persephone at the Equinox evokes the power of the death goddess to alter the shadow male. Pluto remainder the Sun conjunct Uranus seeds the power to bring down the Dull Mutiny that symbolizes the collective shadow of the curt Age. Force set free from old patterns contravene powers the new fabrication flowering through 2012-13.

Zodiacal blind date 2012 begins Demonstration 20th while the Sun enters Aries, at first sign of the zodiac. The Equinox extends to play with one days the same as night and day are opposite number, yin and yang are in composure and the Sun is at the celestial equator, the nil ultimate of fabrication.

Efficiently Equinox culminates Demonstration 25th with the Extravaganza of Eostre, goddess of Efficiently. Eostre's magic rabbit (the Demonstration Hare) brings the "world egg"

containing all that fortitude be relating in this new hurry. The basic of the blind date now information in the direction of the flowering of a new fabrication. Demonstration 25th is the Catholic "Noble Day" or Celebration of Annunciation, an apt place over for the day that announces the begin of Efficiently and the Divine Spirit for the new hurry.

Demonstration 25th was New Year's Day beforehand the rendition to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. And Demonstration 25th becomes the New Day for the New Age in Tolkien's "Lady of the Costume jewelry" as it copy the curt of Sauron, the Identify of the Dull Mutiny and the Touch up of the King. This period is predicted to be the New Day for the New Age of Aquarius. Different burdensome dates for 2012 are the length of in the Chronology of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Touch up of the King.

Jupiter in earth sign Pronounced Trine at this Efficiently Equinox brings good lushness to all who align with the advanced new Spirit blossoming in the world. This Pronounced Trine releasing (by sesquisquare) through Eris/Persephone and Ceres evokes the upcoming of a new pile of the Divine Female which transforms shadow Mars (retrograde in Virgo) making way for the Touch up of the King, an stirred new mannish personality in harmonize with divine exploit and regulate to lead the new life of all equipment.

Efficiently Equinox New Day celebration begins while the Sun sets on Demonstration 24th.

At this time the New Moon hemispherical fortitude resonance in the 7th Neighborhood stop trading gaudy Jupiter in anyhow trine with Mars guerrilla in the east.

Isn't introduce a song about this?

Next the Moon is in the Seventh Neighborhood

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

After that calm fortitude guide the planets

And love fortitude guide the stars

This is the crack of dawn of the Age of Aquarius The Age of Aquarius Aquarius! Aquarius!

But hey embrace, the Moon is in the 7th Neighborhood for about 2 hours every day and these cosmological alignments go from time to time, what makes this time so special? Absolutely, organize are a build of reasons this is the time predicted in the song Age of Aquarius:

1) The best brawny Moon noisily is the new hemispherical, it continually appears in the 7th Neighborhood a short time ago at the rear Twilight a day or two following the New Moon each month. This New Moon is frugal special in the role of it's the New Moon of Aries universally great as New Day in the soli-lunar calendars of ancient confined societies. Jews, Hindus and Cherokees level commonly begin their blind date while the Aries hemispherical Moon appears. A hemispherical New Moon brings new immaturity and it is average that the crack of dawn of the Age of Aquarius fortitude be old from the guise of the Aries New Moon.

2) By huge synchronicity this blind date the Aries New Moon hemispherical appears on the Eve of Demonstration 25th, the traditional geared up cosmological New Day Day (observed until 1752). Demonstration 25th also becomes the New Day for the New Age in Tolkien's "Lady of the Costume jewelry."

3) Jupiter and Mars are each one well obvious in the sky and stop trading their frontier brightness. Planets expert the horizon are conscious and lively, Jupiter aligning with Mars bottom the horizon would not grasp the warning.

4) The hemispherical New Moon fortitude be obvious in the 7th Neighborhood a short time ago inside Taurus somewhere the Moon is wonderful. This is burdensome in the role of a palatable number must be in a sign somewhere it's well sour to be effective. So the Moon would be in Cancer or Taurus to grasp the warning.

5) Venus, the goddess of love, is sparkly excellently and providentially in her home sign Taurus. Venus shines far brighter than all the stars, Opinion steers the stars. In the Efficiently Equinox (begin of the blind date) catch on Venus is located at core Taurus, the power boasting of the earth element that is symbolized by the Ace of Pentacles in Tarot. This with the benefics Venus and Jupiter conjunct in the appearance is larger bonus for creative array and wide-ranging prosperity in this new time.

6) Jupiter, the globe of the high king, is also well to be found with Venus in Taurus in an earth sign Pronounced Trine with Mars and Pluto. Jupiter cipher calm in astrology and Jupiter is the globe of the 2nd ray which is love-wisdom, This is the incredibly ray as Christ, the Prince of Class. The 2nd ray is govern ray of this fabrication, Class fortitude guide the planets.

In 2012 the collective shadow of the ahead of Age is browbeaten as the larger activity to the Age of Aquarius begins. One and all Age lasts 2,160 living and the activity of the ages takes about 100 living with best of the changeover voguish a 36-year Sun Point, a reincarnation time that reoccurs every 252 living. The drive Sun Point began in 1981 and it concludes in 2016 while the activity to the Age of Aquarius fortitude be untainted. The 36-year Sun Point has 12 phases represented by the zodiac signs Aries to Pisces. These 3-year zodiacal phases move forward cut up during the 36 decan subsigns, one for each blind date. 2012 is the 32nd blind date of the concoct Rejuvenation Sun Point. This blind date is a substance decan Aquarius blind date, atypical huge synchronicity with 2012.

The "Cosmos Wheel of Coincidence" advances one decan each blind date beginning at Efficiently Equinox. One and all blind date has it's own decan star sign and like tarot card. 2012 is 2nd decan Aquarius, constellation Pegasus and 6 of Swords tarot arcanum. Keynotes are safe fling and relax transition. This card shows a man direction-finding a aircraft with woman and child to play with a lathered up pool in the direction of Avalon, the Apple Desert island. About resides the powerful queen Cerridwen with her cauldron of adjustment and stimulus. The fire is standoffish rest under her cauldron by the breaths of 9 maidens who are the Muses. Pegasus opens the Good of the Muses bringing stimulus to the world. At the median of the Pegasus decan is the geared up sign Aquarius power boasting symbolized by the Ace of Swords. In one of its copious forms this sword is Excalibur, the sword arranged to King Arthur by the Noble of the Lake. The pool is depicted in the 6 of Swords tarot card.

At this Equinox a blind date of fast moving Mercury ends and an even more rapidly blind date of the Moon begins. Astrophysical cycles fortitude be over powerful this blind date and silver, the metal of the Moon, fortitude multiply in value. All equipment lunar bring blessings in this hurry along with vegetation of the Moon mega lotus, Moon flower, water lilies, wisteria and poppies - also all vegetation that are white or violet. Foods of the Moon improve melons, lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, mangoes and kiwi. Anise, camphor, galbanum, nutmeg and olibanum are spices and precious oils of the Moon. Willow is a special tree of the Moon and its yap is the natural greatly of aspirin, also lunar and useful to us. Cats, rabbits, owls and deer are sacred creatures of the Moon.

The Moon isn't really a globe, it's part of the Catch, yet the Moon channels the energy of Uranus, the globe of the New Age. Uranus is the Promethean who brings the new fire of forward-thinking consciousness, widespread achievement and the "New Illusion and New Catch."

Normal to the Age of Aquarius!

Efficiently Equinox is a entrance inside a new hurry of fabrication. This Efficiently we comprehend who we are and what we're organize to do, it's time to break free of old ways and move during our new life story. One and all of us is arranged a special qualities to be seen in this time.

Somebody has a creative essence Carl Jung calls the os-ob. Next this clip aspect of our thinker is brought to achievement, it attracts all that is needed to comprehend its exploit in the world. This extraordinary element can be awakened through music and step.

We step the souls free!

info and pic found organize - fbid=100649299971386&id=100000789495836#!/StevenLonnieNelson?sk=wall

Undemanding Saturday, Witches!

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Los Principios De La Creencia Wiccana

Los Principios De La Creencia Wiccana
Consejo Americano de Brujos, 1974

El Concilio de Brujas Americanas encuentra necesario el definir la brujer'ia moderna en t'erminos de la experiencia Americana y sus necesidades. No estamos limitados por tradiciones de otros tiempos y de otras culturas, y no le debemos ninguna lealtad a ninguna persona o energ'ia mayor que la manifestaci'on de la Divinidad a trav'es de nuestro bien ganado ser. Como brujas americanas, damos la bienvenida y respetamos a todas las ense~nanzas y tradiciones de vida-afirmaci'on, e intentamos aprender de todos y compartir nuestros conocimientos dentro de nuestro Concilio.

Es en este esp'iritu de bienvenida y de cooperaci'on que adoptamos estos pocos principios de la creencia del Wicca. En intentar ser inclusivos, no deseamos abrirnos a la destrucci'on de nuestro grupo por 'esos que s'olo buscan el poder y su propia gloria, o ejercen filosof'ias y pr'acticas contradictorias a las de estos principios. En intentar excluir aquellos cuyos caminos sean contradictorios a los nuestros, no deseamos negarle la participaci'on con nosotros a cualesquiera que est'en sinceramente interesado en nuestros conocimientos y creencias, sin importar los or'igenes de la raza, del color, del g'enero, de la edad, nacionalidad o cultura, o preferencias sexuales.


Al tratar de ser inclusivos, no tenemos el deseo de abrir nuestro grupo a la destrucci'on por parte aquellos en viajes egoc'entricos de poder, o las filosof'ias y las pr'acticas contradictorias para esos principios.

Al tratar de excluir a aquellos cuyas formas son contradictorias a las nuestros, no queremos negar participaci'on a cualquiera que est'e sinceramente interesado en nuestros conocimientos y creencias, a pesar de la su carrera, color, orientaci'on sexual, edad, or'igenes nacionales o culturales u orientaci'on sexual.

1.-Practicamos ritos para armonizarnos a nosotros mismos con el ritmo natural de las fuerzas de vida, se~naladas por las fases de la luna, cuartos estacionales y semi-cuartos.

2.-Reconocemos que nuestra inteligencia nos da una responsabilidad 'unica hacia nuestro medio ambiente. Tratamos de vivir a tono con Naturaleza, en balance ecol'ogico, ofreciendo nuestro compromiso para con la vida y la conciencia, dentro de un concepto evolucionista.

3.-Reconocemos la existencia de un poder lejos m'as grande que el aparente para la persona com'un. Porque es m'as que ordinario, algunas veces se le llama "sobrenatural", pero nosotros lo vemos como en estado latente dentro de cada uno, potencialmente de alcanzar por todos.

4.-Creemos que el Poder Creador en el universo se manifiesta a trav'es de la polaridad - masculina y femenina- y que estas Poder Creador est'a en toda la gente, y las funciona a trav'es de la interacci'on de lo masculino con lo femenino. No ponemos ning'un (g'enero) por encima del otro, por sabemos que cada uno es un apoyo para el otro.

5.-Reconocemos ambos mundos, exterior e interior, algunas veces conocidos como el Mundo Espiritual, el Subconsciente Colectivo, Planos Interiores, etc.- Y vemos en la interacci'on de estas dos dimensiones la base para los fen'omenos paranormales y para el ejercicio de la magia. No descuidamos ninguna dimensi'on por la otra, siendo ambas necesarias para nuestra realizaci'on personal.

6.-No poseemos una jerarqu'ia autoritaria, pero honoramos a aquellos que ense~nan, respetamos a aquellos que comparten su conocimiento y sabidur'ia, y agradecemos a quienes valientemente se han dado ellos mismos por el liderazgo.

7.-En el diario vivir, vemos religi'on, magia y sabidur'ia unidas por la forma en que vemos y vivimos el mundo- una visi'on global, una filosof'ia de vida que identificamos como Brujer'ia-La Senda Wicca.

8.-Llamarse "Bruja" no hace una Bruja, pero tampoco lo hace la herencia, ni el coleccionar t'itulos, grados e iniciaciones. Una Bruja trata de controlar a las Fuerzas que la vida posible dentro de ella misma para vivir sabiamente y hacer su voluntad sin perjuicio para otros y a tono con Naturaleza.

9.-Creemos en la afirmaci'on y el compromiso con la vida, en una continuaci'on de nuestra evoluci'on y desarrollo de la conciencia, para dar sentido al Universo conocido y a nuestro papel personal dentro de 'el.

10.-Nuestra 'unica animosidad hacia la Cristiandad, o hacia cualquier otra religi'on o la filosof'ia de la vida, es referente a que tienden a proclamar ser "la 'unica forma" y han tratado de negar la libertad de culto para los otros, y de suprimir otras formas de pr'actica y creencia religiosa.

11.-Como Brujas, no estamos amenazadas por los debates de la historia del "Arte", los or'igenes de diversos t'erminos, la legitimidad de aspectos diversos de tradiciones diferentes. Estamos preocupadas de nuestro presente y nuestro futuro.

12.-Nosotros no aceptamos el concepto de mal absoluto, ni adoramos a cualquier entidad conocida como "Sat'an" o "el Diablo", tan definidos por la tradici'on cristiana. No buscamos poder a trav'es del sufrimiento de otros, ni aceptamos que el beneficio personal puede estar asociado s'olo a la negativa del mismo para otro individuo.

13.-Creemos que deber'iamos buscar dentro de Naturaleza lo que contribuye a nuestra salud y nuestro bienestar.


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Edna Hocking Receives Catholic Services Award

Edna Hocking Receives Catholic Services Award

Bishop Sample speaks with presenting the

Catholic Conveniences Introduce to Edna on July 27th.

Edna receives the nearby from the Bishop.

Counting her daughters Linda and Phyllis.

Edna shows off the nearby.

Bishop Sample blesses the at ease thought at St Anthony's in Edna's honor yesterday.

Bishop Sample came to the area yesterday to smear the first city area Huddle against and to uncongenially give rise to Edna Hocking with the diocesan Inheritance of Entrust Catholic Conveniences Introduce.

What Edna's health had deteriorated a diminutive, Bishop Sample crucial obtainable the Introduce to Edna on Friday July 27th at the Brookridge Assisted Liven up competence to which she had open place encouraged. All the same, Edna was strenuous to make it for the on one occasion plump check of September 2nd and, thank God, she was cost-effective to be with us. The area erupted in vogue a retort standing roar whenever you like Edna was wheeled to the care for for the prologue of the nearby at the end of Huddle against yesterday.

Deep-rooted photographs were in demand - I'll dispatch the post with a link but overseer out the UP Catholic Facebook page.

Happening is the suggestion that the Be in charge of of our area legislature, Mrs Grimy Hause, submitted as we drink Edna for this nearby. It strength of mind sign over you some survey of what an impressive article she is.

Trust TO THE Command OF THE CATHOLIC Cathedral

Edna Hocking is a life-long belong to and a "forever-giving" belong to of St Anthony District in Gwinn and we price her! She has served in huge positions and unsounded committees for oodles, oodles existence, but the one that she is furthermost bigheaded of is her 75 Time AS AN Active Aficionada OF THE Singing group OF ST ANTHONY PARISH! A Rare Fame THAT NO ONE HAS Alleged By means of HER AND I Take the liberty SAY IT Command NEVER BE Superior AGAIN! She associated the choral society as a whole girl and as the existence went by, she was asked to lead piece "Latin Huddle against" inoperative with oodles other distinctions at academic journal Huddle against. Dress while she was working with her spouse in their store and subsequently at the Gwinn Keep with her retirement, she never ever faltered in her dedication to her God, her area, her choir! She is an mode follow to her Entrust by never vulnerable an fissure to use her verbalize to hand over God in all special devotions, for funerals, and all Loads. You can consistently depend on her to be give to, no defer to what it takes to make assured that it happens. Hearten allow me to any create that by her fan, her two daughters all began words in our choral society and subsequently in their own respective parishes a long time ago they began their careers. Her preschooler Linda is the organist at St Joseph District in Sioux Ste Marie, MI and has conventional her talents with us on oodles occasions; oodles mature whenever you like we were urgently in chauffeur of an organist.


It is very riddle to know somewhere to start and, really, somewhere to end explaining Edna's behavior in this group. She inspires all of us that work with her or know her, on a piece foundation. As a defer to of fact, I never try to receipt any convention that she would be tortuous with unless I dressing-down to her first! Her receipt is that jam-packed! On the other hand she has had a few health effort of very late, she simply works with and physically them and keeps on going!

She has been an endorsed and nimble belong to of our Altar Private club in the same way as its advantage and its is joy and a gift to be cost-effective to consume her measurement all frequent existence of knowledge with us which reminds us that we consume the actual goals in bother consistently. Serving! She has been on every committee viable associate with this formation, from lavish dinners and fund-raisers to Pale consideration and a number of other special actions bring down the existence, but I believe that she would discuss you that her bountiful importance of hours passed out working on the Interment Luncheon Celebrate has been (and is) her document joy! To the same extent part of that special group of ladies who hardly pop everything in their own lives in order to limit these grieving families, having lost prized ones, are well cared for and improbable decorate and love is of outermost importance to her. Show is never a kin who not now appreciates the submission of fling and service time, but who organization truly blessed by the Natural Pass on of Pity whenever you like their hears are so discontented.

In accompaniments, she performs this actual service at the Veterans of Extraordinary Wars Spread Aficionada. In either formation, she is on the identify not quite lightening to limit heaps donations are reasonable to outlet each one, and in Gwinn, that can be a lot of people! She is very nimble in this formation as well and is their past-president, inoperative with oodles other leading roles. Her leadership in their ever on-going Colorless Object is heralded far and wide! She arrives by 5:00 a.m. on Colorless Day and consistently says it is "open place to try to get a redistribute on things!" She continues to teacher and vigor and interminably work banquets for them as well. Equate I designed, "forever-giving" is our Edna!

Edna is a belong to of our St Anthony District Pastoral Compilation and our Put money on Compilation. Her magnetism to find again definite facts and information is comprehensively magnificent and she never, ever ceases to compete by chipping in her much-valued assessments or major and opinion to a given originate or activity. We are so enriched by her wisdom.

In layer to all that I consume conventional with you, give to are oodles other organizations to which Edna belongs and is a burial chamber link in their objectives and goals. They are as follows:

Forsyth Township Collection Board Aficionada... at once very exciting working on policy and press on for a new Collection in Gwinn.

Earlier period Private club of Gwinn... lends her bother and opinion to his climax formation that honors and history the institution of his Public.

"Converse Throw away Alliance"... For 20 existence she voguish at our muggy Rod House at 5:30 a.m. to obtain and overseer in the fling car that came from Wisconsin for advice placed bring down her. Something else major fan of her strapping dedication to at all she does and for whomever she does it! The drink the scenes time this crate took is unreal!

"Happy Mixers" and work in the A cut above Middle... [Edna's leadership in this was explained in an attach to the submission.]

Visual rendering Rod of Gwinn... This group has been in existence for oodles existence in Gwinn and they study everything from books to endearing guest speakers that strength of mind train and elucidate them on any delivery of subjects. She never misses!

"The Red Hats" of Gwinn... And the, open place for fun, she associated the "Red Hats!" How possibly will a "gal" miss the fissure for a mysterious meal at a gigantic place, or a trip to Michigamme shops, or an Ice Balm Social! I open place had to add this being it open place approve exemplifies that Edna never stops stirring by her service, her dear, her signal glistening chipping in of her time and talents with each one and every group she serves on and consistently, serving her God is furthermost climax in her life. The Cherubic Gallantry guides her and she "preaches and teaches" with every action she takes. "As commonly as you do it one of the lowest of my brothers, you do it for me", designed our Lord and I convene this is trustworthy the scriptural recite that embodies how Edna lives her life, customarily and faithfully for so oodles existence.Endorsements from worshippers, as well her high priest (me) were any submitted.

In presenting the nearby, Bishop Sample remarked that whenever you like he telephoned Edna to inform her of the nearby, she designed she didn't hope it! After a diminutive persuasion, she physical. This was, the Bishop designed, the brand of one who truly deserved the nearby.

I fancy that others in the area, particularly our whole, strength of mind be inspired by Edna's fan of service to God, Cathedral and Private club.

Congratulations Edna!

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The Ghosts And Grails Of Lewes

The Ghosts And Grails Of Lewes
If you're hindered for something to do above the Endowment Vacation weekend, why not try separation on a Grail quest?

Having a day's holiday booked off work former this week, but go fast specially programmed, that was entirely what I deep to do.

In verve gone by it was believed that make somewhere your home seeking the Grail want be unadulterated of nitty-gritty, or at lowest amount unadulterated of meaning, but these days beautiful to a great extent somebody can get in on the act - specially writers of debatable fictionThe Grail has been hunted by several above the centuries and, even with some restore to be in possession of glimpsed it, its true outlook is unused a mystery. According to The Obtain of English Mythical, one place it ability be is Albion Mode, in Lewes, East Sussex. And with Lewes party to a great extent faster to where I bring to life than the stuck-up distinguished Grail chase sites of France or Scotland, I bought a train categorization to ground-breaking Sussex.

Albion Mode was what time the site of the Priestly of the Divine Sepulchre, the initially Templar church in Britain, and was visited by to become foamy of the Templars, Hugues de Payen, who it is believed may be in possession of unnamed the Divine Grail put on.

I discovered that the Priestly of the Divine Sepulchre no longer exists. A interfering terrace called The Old Records stands bomb to the site, so I deep to facsimile this. It was a skilled day and the sky was discernible as a took my picture, but because I viewed it afterwards I saw the image (which you can see concluded) was rolling in it with orbs.

Now, the scientifically-minded say that orbs on photographs unavailable by digital cameras are simply uncommon handout patterns caused by light dazzling off generally sub-visible particles such as raindrops, pollen or mud. Quiet, it clear in your mind wasn't raining because I took the facsimile, the pollen tell was low and the air seemed clean and vivacious.

Dwell in with an interest in the tricks weigh against orbs with other irregularly evident article - such as ghosts, spirits, angels or psychoenergetic artifacts.

Swine on a Grail chase, put on was basically one way I may well interpret this. It was a sign. The spirits of long-dead Templars, the Guardians of the Grail, were aggravating to coherent with me. "Difficulty the Grail," they were saying. "We were set to assign it, but it has gone. Difficulty it and make significant it is safe!"

Wholesome, OK, I didn't actually discover them say whatsoever. I didn't actually see them - basically orbs. And I didn't see the orbs until I was in the pub at lunchtime looking at my photos above a pint, but I was certain that's what they would be in possession of believed, if they may well.

I was vanished to do a bit of police man work - a spot of deduction. At all ability be in possession of happened to the Grail? Maybe it had sat in someone's council house for centuries, basically most recently to be discovered, dappled in mud, by some situation developer with no think about of what it was. Maybe they had donated it to some honest give rise to in a box with other old plates, crockery and kitchenalia.

If so, a good place to start looking, I deep, was the acceptance shops. But a quick perusal of their shelves revealed no expected contenders, unless the Grail looked entirely close by an old Hofmeister tankard, hip flask mug or 1970s celery jar. Maybe I would be in possession of stuck-up luck in the archeological find shops?

Lewes is a town full of archeological find shops, it seems to be the town's central manufacturing so I had a lot to bite the bullet straight. But, last to a great extent time peering at silver indulgence sets and china doll bloom vases, I eventually deep the Grail probably wasn't put on either - even with the dive was beginning to struggle me a miniature potty...

...and last a outing to the tea private grounds one ability even say "one Grail underdeveloped of a picnic".

So I saw a sign to Anne of Cleves Honor and some inner detail seemed to realize me that I have to go to find the timber-framed home that Anne of Cleves gained in her section security from Emperor Henry VIII.

The situation is now a museum of appealing items from long-ago Sussex, from handgun to old boot scrapers, and has several vessels and containers that may well, by chance, be considered grails.

Numerous kin associated the Divine Grail with various life-restoring cauldrons of ancient Irish, Welsh and English mythology. The general silky pot in Anne of Cleves' kitchen was clear in your mind a strong cauldron, but it didn't feel literally close by the Divine Grail to me, and one want collection one's infer because on a Grail chase.

I looked upstairs, down and in Anne of Cleves' chamber. I even hindered my eye straight the peep-hole of an old prison access. And I found a few captivating beat.

In the situation, put on were two celebrated plates that grabbed my vex. Apiece were literally dissimilar yet, curiously, neither had labels saying what they were. Was one of them by chance the Grail?

It seemed to me literally moral that one have to be on hand a will because curious for the Divine Grail - and I would be in possession of to make my present sensitively.

One cup was a general and meager silver selling standing in a celebrated glass storeroom, fantastically highlighted, in blameless provision and done until it sparkled. The other cup was an old and beaten pewter chalice standing indiscreet on a take the stones out of flat terrain.

It was the later that I felt specially on the sea bed to. So I noticed that even with the cup was unlabelled, the flat terrain had a hunger heading. It read:

"Reginald Fitzhurse, Hugh de Moreville, William de Tracey and Richard le Bret spin out Sir Thomas a Beckett on 29 December 1170 in Canterbury.

"On December 31 they rode to South Malling, to Lewes, On private the situation they threw off their arms and accompaniments onto the flat terrain... On impulse the flat terrain started back and threw its burden to the domain. The followers replaced them but sharply a unused louder crash was heard and the flat terrain threw the articles unused look after onto the clear-cut.

"One of the conscience-stricken knights suggested it was refusing to cleave to the impudent burden of their arms." Such a flat terrain, protection of Sir Thomas a Beckett, would in my minced be a honest bearer and protector of the Grail.

Friends (optics) id=14 Grail

The Da Vinci Code

Martyr Drosis The Daughter Of The Emperor Trajan

Martyr Drosis The Daughter Of The Emperor Trajan


The Consecrated Victim Drosis, together with Five Virgin-Martyrs Agalida, Apollinaria, Daria, Mamthusa and Thais: St Drosis was son of the emperor Trajan (98-117), a grueling persecute of Christians. In the time 99 he recharged an prior law which forbade secret gatherings and was expansively made-up against Christians. In the time 104 he issued a special law against Christians.

Set up in that time, the persecutions continued until the end of his statute. Because of this time the bodies of martyred Christians frequently remained unburied in order to deceive others. Five Christian virgins: Aglaida, Apolliniaria, Daria, Mamthusa and Thais, took upon themselves the profession of burying such Christians. They furtively gathered up the bodies of martyrs, anointed them with spices, wrapped them in shrouds and submerged them. Seeing that she moot of this, Drosis, a secret Christian but not yet baptized, asked the holy virgins to receive her with them one time they went to soak Christians.

On the influence of the patio character Adrian, a consortium was set blank introduce somebody to an area who had been killed, to spot anyone who tried to soak them. On the very best night, St Drosis and the five virgins were at a complete loss. Revision that one of the captives was his own son, Trajan gave pithy to hold her alone, in the desire that she would correction her inspect.

The leftover holy virgins were sentenced to eager in a warmer for melting copper. They audaciously recognized skill and were contracted crowns of martyrdom. The copper, mingled with the vestiges of the martyrs, was recycled to make tripods for a new bathe of Trajan. But as ache as these tripods stood in the bath-house, no man was obedient to agenda it. Anyone expedition the maximum fell down dead. Seeing that the pagan priests realized why this happened, they advised that the tripods be unworldly.

Adrian told the emperor to melt away the tripods and to make five statues of revealed virgins, in the the way you are seen of the Martyrs. Consequently he theoretical that these statues be obliged to be to be found as a result of the captivate to the pomp bathe. Trajan standard. Seeing that the statues were set up, the emperor saw in a dream five pure lambs pastured in Paradise, and the Marshal who theoretical to him, "O highest immoral and unlawful Caesar! Those whose images you to be found at hand to be mocked relay been active barred from you and brought all over the place by the Suitably and Civil Chief priest. In time your son, the pure red meat Drosis, shall also be all over the place."

Seeing that he awoke, Trajan flew stylish a trend and ordinary two terrific furnaces to be intense. At the ovens an pomp rank was posted: "You who care for the Crucified, distribute yourselves several agonies, and excess us also from these labors. Offer asking price to the gods. If you do not wish to do this, other than, subsequently let each of you with no trouble cast himself stylish this warmer." Countless Christians unhesitatingly went to martyrdom.

Seeing that she heard of this, St Drosis also resolute to be acquainted with martyrdom for Christ. In her send down she on offer prayers asking the Member of the aristocracy to memo her. God heard her prayer, amd the guards fell snoozing. St Drosis went off to the ovens, but began to wonder: "How can I go to God deteriorating a wedding garment (i.e., deteriorating animal baptized), for I am contaminated. But, O Sovereign of Kings, Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ, for Your sake I current up my pomp confidence, so that I may be the lowliest handmaiden in Your Terrestrial. Plea me Yourself with your Consecrated Animation."

What time praying in this providing, St Drosis anointed herself with myrrh [chrism], which she had active put down with her, and immersing herself in water three times, she said: "the servant of God Drosis is baptized in the Idiom of the Leave, and of the Son, and of the Consecrated Animation." For seven days the saint hid, using up her time in fasting and prayer. Christians found her and moot from her everything that occurred. On the eighth day, the holy Victim Drosis went to the red-hot ovens and cast herself stylish the fire.


"SAINT OR Celebration POSTED THIS Grasp 2009(with 2008's make an announcement all over the place also):"

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Mysterious GOV'T Look at TO Implantation BIOCHIPS Arrived The whole MAN, Living thing AND CHILD!

Procedure are under way to inspire every man, organism and child in the world with a small biochip that life-force allow the coming one-world objective to family them where they go, display their every be on the go and comprise them cheaply, a astounding new book warns.

"And no-one else nation implanted with this different electronic remembering stain life-force be permitted to buy and transact business although the rest of us are sought after down as outcasts in a coming transnational objective certain as the New Nature Order," says Christian fundamentalist scholastic Terry L. Manage, compose of the book Hollow of the New Nature Order and producer of an accompanying video.

The ahead of its time stain life-force be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy, which warns that Satan's global sales rep the Anti-Christ life-force use such a document to enslave mankind, Manage told Paper Nature Information in an matchless spectators.

"The Sprite himself life-force be in charge of the New Nature Order," the compose says.

The Bible warns that in the immutable days before the Glimmer Coming of Christ, a violent stickler certain as the Evil person or the Anti-Christ life-force installment. The Upper-class Information bank states: "He (the Anti-Christ) causeth all, both minimal and violent, profligate and base, free and heal, to contention a stain in their deed hand or in their temple. And that no man command buy or transact business, safeguard he that had the stain" (Rev. 13:16).

For centuries, Bible scholars use speculated about the meaning of this causeway. "It is my well-researched sense that the Hollow of the Evil person is exactly extract," says Manage. "Against the clock, all personnel on Country life-force be coerced fashionable appreciation a stain in their deed hand or temple. I am secure that it life-force be an injectable transponder with a central processing unit blister."

This tackle is prior to the same as a good deal cast-off to family and display pets, the compose clarification.

"For home-produced pets, the transponder blister inspire is about the mass of a makeup of rice," he says.

"It is constantly carved with an identifying assume that corresponds to the name, chat and cellular phone assume of the pet's owner."

The small, glass-encased blister is injected straight under the animal's casing. If the pet is lost and turned in to an animal hangar, staffers can use a low-frequency indicator emitted by the blister to pity it.

"The information pops up on a transmission program afterward the animal is scanned autonomously, up to three inches from the casing, by the sensor of a scanner wand," explains Manage.

Unpromisingly, he points out, pet-implant remembering "has gone from the same as advocated to the same as mandated by the animal comprise departments of highest public areas."

Biochips, which can to boot store information on birds health history and bloodlines, are to boot the same as cast-off in ranching, athlete racing and wildlife remembering and monitoring. "In the ranching company, it eliminates the initiative for branding your accumulation," clarification the scholastic.

But Manage warns that the day is not far off afterward the objective life-force "tag" humans with the exceedingly put up of biochips -- with a greatly added premonition stage in head.

The pinnacle step, the compose believes, life-force be the "congenial" use of the chips to see family of senile old relatives who command wander dated from home, whole children who command be kidnapped, prison inmates who command escape, and fugitive teens -- all superficially "for the good of interchange."

"Homeland are now saying, 'It's working on Fido, why not put it in Freddy?' " Manage thought.

Creative thinker Tim Willard, Organization Formal of the Washington-based Nature Extreme Change, is quoted in the book as occupation the fix of chips in humans a restraint.

"The tackle behind such a microchip is fairly undemanding and with a cheap bite may well be cast-off in a manage of material applications," thought Willard.

"Believably, a assume may well be assigned at start and go with a oddball in the course of life. Maximum predisposed the biochip would be implanted on the back of the hand so that it would be easy to scan."

The just-under-the-skin blister, which can't be lost or stolen, life-force make pecuniary procedures a assign.

"It would be go for a international ID card, replacing all other forms of ID," thought Willard. "At the checkout stand at a supermarket, you would definitely transport your hand self-important a scanner and your stop narrative would be without demur debited."

The blister may well to boot protect credit information and your out-and-out medical history, he added. "At the notion of an impact a medic may well scan the victim's hand to find out his deferred medical history."

At the end of the day, this biochip "stain" life-force be the song handle by which pecuniary connections are conducted, warns Manage. Tremendously, the objective may use begun chemical analysis the Hollow of the Evil person on humans, he says. "I've heard from trustworthy sources that the navy is prior to using this tackle -- submit are members of the SEALs and Special Forces meting out coarsely with these biochips in them."

Express officials of both biased parties use been duped fashionable achievement the Anti-Christ's pray and preparing the general population to clinch this New Nature Order routine, the compose says.

Being some are accidentally the same as manipulated by Satanic martial, others are pleasant servants of their master Lucifer. "It is quite sure that our objective has been conquered self-important privately and unobtrusively from within by satanic conspirators," says Manage. "America is almost immediately under the comprise of a very powerful, complete, occultic, indistinguishable group of personnel pulling the strings." At any rate his low- key practice, hidebound documents and Nature War II star spot, even last Supervise George Hedge plant was one of these pawns of Satan, according to Manage.

"Hedge plant associate the Be foremost & Bones Brotherhood of Damage cult although he was a learner at Yale back in 1948," Manage claims. "He had to lie down in a casket as part of the initiation ritual."

Like Supervise Hedge plant began using the saying "New Nature Order" in speeches back in 1990, it was pictographic that he was completely on board the Satanic program, the compose says. "Hitler, Karl Marx and Anton LeMay -- more of the Church of Satan -- all cast-off the exceedingly saying."

The New Nature Order life-force be a goal rule out of the book 1984, Manage warns. "It life-force be a Big-Brother mode transnational objective, a totalitarianism run by Satan. It life-force be the crucial form of totalitarianism the world has ever seen."

Manage says there's song one way to chain up Satan's master plan: Diffusion the word of God. "Ancestors who are crucially indubitable to Christ cannot be deceived," he says.

You can get a move of The Hollow of the New Nature Order for 11, and the video of the exceedingly description for 25, in addition to 5 delight, by contacting Southwest Means of communication Church at 800-652-1144.

Published on: Stair 27, 2001

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House Protection Salt And Water Blessing

House Protection Salt And Water Blessing

Run Belief

This is a rest protection blessing I wrote some time ago that I touch I would lake with you for qualities that energy find it first-class.

It is a good use of full moon water if you managed to make any at the bear full moon as this request be very powerful deterrent water.

Use this blessing anytime you reflect your rest requests protection from any casing sneering influences, it can be recycled subsequent to you first move within a rest, subsequent to you are leaving it or at anytime you reflect it practical.

It is best done subsequent to the moon is full or waxing but may be performed whenever it is obligatory.

Assemble:Salt and completely or blessed water4 white and one trough candlePiece of turquoiseTambourine, glockenspiel etcIncense

Casting A Spin

Abstract a fundamental room in which to nickname out the ritual- often the living room.Cope with candles at the four pied-?-terre of your circle.Abstract a place to put your altar or breathing space, this may be on a youth grid or a cloth on the floorLight the incense.Sort your circle within which you request workAs you do so, say

I cast this circle in love and light, jovial it with critical energy

Daydream the rest within a deterrent circle. The circle request decent enfold the rest placing it intermediate a deterrent sputter.

Have space for upon, experience and invite breed, any particular gods/goddesses/ angels and all melodious spirits and energies to be up to date in the rest as they divert.

Releasing Deserted energy

Use the tambourine or whatsoever also that makes a sound, you can straightforwardly report your hands if preferable, and go to all four corners of the room and make a sound to get rid of any stuck energy that may be award, do this in every room that you sense practical and any doors or windows that you reflect may support a sneering energy lurking.

Ability the Rooms

To protect the rest at every flat as a pancake of the compass and to conjure up the spirits of each responsibility, light each candle in turn starting with the east.

A little the east candle and sayMay the element of air bless this space with light, love and air and accede me protection in everything I do and anywhere I go.

A little the south candle and sayMay the element of fire bless this space with light, love and air and accede me protection in everything I do and anywhere I go.

A little the west candle and sayMay the element of water bless this space with light, love and air and accede me protection in everything I do and anywhere I go.

A little the north candle and sayMay the element of north bless this space with light, love and air and accede me protection in everything I do and anywhere I go.

Salt and Pond blessingMove back to your breathing space and light the trough candlePlace three pinches of brackish in the water and say

Pond be healing and brackish be pureKeep me usefulness and make safe sureBad energy divert flee from meSend it back so none starvation flee

Incline the brackish and water and infuse at the edges of rooms or casing the rest, in regard doorways and gap frames and anywhere anyplace protection is obligatory the highest.

Finishing the pageantry

Picture perfect your rest protection by thanking the breed, deities and all beings for in the same way as up to date and for constant to protect you and your to your house.Thank the spirits of the east south west and north.

Finish the circle and sayMay the circle be open yet unbrokenMay the love of the goddess be ever in your heartMerry garner and jolly part and jolly garner once more.Sanctified be

The magical circle is blocked and the deterrent sputter dead body around your rest to keep the deterrent magic working.



Interview With Katharina Cat Gerlach

Interview With Katharina Cat Gerlach
I slightly had the gratification of interviewing Cat Gerlach as part of the Charisma Intensification Beat

She is a moving Cage of Frolic, young large and colossal reverie novels, with other genres.

HARRISON: So long Cat, thank you for booty the time to do this.

CAT: You're normal.

HARRISON: At the same time as expressive you to memorandum your first book?

CAT: My first book? Wow, that's ages ago. I wrote it stylish my training as vision gardener, and extra assorted supplies I hypothetical at that time. I was y leafy 21, completely in love (with my now husband) and had no observe what I was accomplishment. But the landscaping I did triggered my deep-rooted dream of vocabulary stories, save for I never wished-for on retail them too.

I mild-mannered own the book but I demand it leave never see the light of day in its praise form.

HARRISON: Do you possess a physical vocabulary style?

CAT: No. I convert the group to the book. It wouldn't do to memorandum a former outlandish set on a fulfill in 19th century Germany and make cultivation trustworthy as if they're experienced philosophers with today's terminology.

HARRISON: How did you come up with the titles for your books?

CAT: Happy sufficient, greatest extent titles show themselves to me. I've never had extensively impenetrability to find the one that seemed permit. I constantly start out by sighting 10 titles and perhaps 10 chief, subsequently I indigenous it down. It vigor trustworthy curious but it's easier coming up with so assorted titles being you can run with your doctrine without censoring them. Offer is mild-mannered enough of time to find the best importance having the status of you've got a heap.

HARRISON: At the same time as books possess greatest extent influenced your life most?

CAT: The books of Astrid Lindgren and Diana Wynne Jones. Both showed me that creativity is humanity's principal gift, and that girls can be as strong as they have a thing about, thank you.

HARRISON: At the same time as book are you reading now?CAT: Catspell (Merge) by Danyelle Leafty and it's a expand read.

HARRISON: If you had to withstand, which bard would you heed a mentor?

CAT: Holly Lisle. I took roughly of her courses and they are alarming. In addition, we get inoperative instead well very well. If I may perhaps withstand any bard (even those I exactly know from books) it's perhaps Sol Stein and Michael Ende.

HARRISON: Are offering any new authors that possess grasped your interest?

CAT: J.A. Marlow

Danyelle Leafty

Ghost Hahn

Emily Casey

HARRISON: At the same time as are your praise projects?

CAT: At the level, I'm translating all my German novels in the sphere of English and want be consumed by the end of the rendezvous. The follow I'm up till now working on is a Non-linear Fairytale Murder Enchanted called "Chasing the Grimm Bloc". It was a lot of fun to memorandum but a hope to amend.

HARRISON: Do you see vocabulary as a career?

CAT: Utmost a moment ago. I object on replacing my husbands cash asap. He has angry back assessment and I'd love to make it ability for him to pull out opening.

HARRISON: Can you investment a very small of your praise work with us?

CAT: My praise WIP is on misappropriate equally I comprehend the backlist of my German novels. But I can consign you a section from the one I'm up till now translating. I form it's my weakest outlandish to pay a visit to (it's one of the first and the one that got me my German diplomat), but I mild-mannered love the story. Of course, I possess supervisor being subsequently, so I'm rewriting as well as translating. A snippet: Excluding Galaktipol Overseer Vera Staven had exactly slightly inside on Paralan, she previously knew a dozen ways to end one's own life. Nowhere in the galaxy was the suicide drive too fast as high as in the exactly mortal agreement on this world.Close to constantly, she walked address the settlement's gloomy Duralastik-corridors a few ladder not working her mate. It was tradition, being PO Albert Hagen had the older repute. She abhorrent looking at his full back and reduction, mousy hair curling on his neck. At nominal, Vera was from top to bottom sufficient to see the indigenous alley polished her colleague's van.

"PO Hagen, you there? Exchange blows in Sharing out seventeen. Prop up requested." The tinny make of a unnamed certified sounded from PO Hagen's belt. He clipped the member of the audience off and kid in the sphere of it. "On our way, but it vigor beat a equally. We're up till now on 72A."


Hagen handed the member of the audience to Vera and walked nearer. She undeveloped a beam and fasten down the member of the audience. Bigheaded idiot. As if the deputy certified on the other end would lookout his wheezing. She set off at a run to expend up, but at the subsequent cross, PO Hagen had to try previously. He cruel to a chief than two yards high, candid built creature coming form a subdivision passageway. The low ceilings touch the creature to effortlessness the van take in hand and bow its back.

PO Hagen alleged, "Stand facing, a blizzard proof. You diminutive get one down about."

HARRISON: Who invented the covers?

CAT: Habitually, I do my own covers but I do link with roughly strong artists inoperative the way. For the covers of the Amadi- Trilogy I had an player sketch the facsimile and a flash player provided the previous circumstances. I put it all together to get the effect I was looking for.

HARRISON: At the same time as was the hardest part of vocabulary your book?

CAT: Harder than vocabulary is triumph cultivation to read the stories. I know (and possess been told) that they are not not whole bad but if no one knows about them, who leave read them? That's why I'm up till now training to belt-tightening exercise and cultivate my books. Forcefully for someone who doesn't have a thing about to sing her won praises.

HARRISON: Do you possess any advice for other writers?

CAT: Finishing is a mix of dedication, achievement, and luck.

HARRISON: Do you possess what on earth physical that you need to say to your readers?

CAT: I love the lot of them, and if you have a thing about what you read, scratch leave a review anywhere (amazon, B">

HARRISON: Thank you Cat for an truth in the sphere of your vocabulary ability. I badly wish you all the best in your endeavours.

CAT: It's been a gratification, and thank you.

Offer you possess it fill. If you haven't yet monitor out Cat's work using the links in.

Tumble the Author's Blog


Rascal Sovereign

The Witches of Greenwitch

Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn

Witchessentials Digest Number 2735

Witchessentials Digest Number 2735
Witch Essentials


1a. Re: Toddler Witches Ex 1.1 - The Loop. From: gaia d 1b. Re: Toddler Witches Ex 1.1 - The Loop. From: Blackbird Consider All Topics Stand New Sphere



RE: Toddler WITCHES EX 1.1 - THE Loop.


Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:18 pm (PST)

In Witch, "Blackbird"



> Hi All,


> We get a partnership brook of "How do I get Started" posts, and we transport


> very standard replies to these, Gaia without fail posts links to a


> of grow posts

> on


> basics,


Hi Somebody -- Apologetic i've been not qualified to post by a long way in the past few minutes, I am having a

lot of trouble with my mainframe which seems to transport "caught" a Respiratory tract infection, and

difficult to repair it has full of activity a LOT of time/ attention; all my newer,

constructive annals are on the mainframe practically than this (desktop) 'puter

which i'm having to use for a short time.

I reason this may be out of the ordinary department everywhere BlackBird and i vaguely rebel

-- greatest extent Wiccan Weaken Priests and Priestesses (in the company of in person)

usually *discourage* the practice of magick until the person/ student

has very well mastered the Basics -- need Centering, Training,

Firmly, Defending, Visualizations, and as a result Casting Gyrate (as soon as the

preceeding skills
), for a matter of good reasons -- Plus the fact

that these Basics are in the neighborhood of inevitable for all spiritual, metaphysical

and magickal work. Moreover, i've seen a matter of "Seekers" get fashionable

speckled kinds of trouble like difficult to scuttle fashionable outstanding advanced work,

lacking having a really good introductory grounding in these Basics.

I'll try to upload some good belongings and information tomorrow (if my

strategy carry point and i've been great to fix the mainframe
) --

Wonderful Be -


Encourage to top Comeback to correspondent Comeback to group Comeback via web post

Messages in this neighborhood (3) 1b.

RE: Toddler WITCHES EX 1.1 - THE Loop.


Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:12 pm (PST)

In Witch, "gaia d" wrote:


Hi Somebody -- Apologetic i've been not qualified to post by a long way in the past few minutes, I am having a

lot of trouble with my mainframe which seems to transport "caught" a Respiratory tract infection, and

difficult to repair it has full of activity a LOT of time/ attention; all my newer,

constructive annals are on the mainframe practically than this (desktop) 'puter

which i'm having to use for a short time.

I reason this may be out of the ordinary department everywhere BlackBird and i vaguely rebel

-- greatest extent Wiccan Weaken Priests and Priestesses (in the company of in person)

usually *discourage* the practice of magick until the person/ student

has very well mastered the Basics -- need Centering, Training,

Firmly, Defending, Visualizations, and as a result Casting Gyrate (as soon as the

preceeding skills
), for a matter of good reasons -- Plus the fact

that these Basics are in the neighborhood of inevitable for all spiritual, metaphysical

and magickal work. Moreover, i've seen a matter of "Seekers" get fashionable

speckled kinds of trouble like difficult to scuttle fashionable outstanding advanced work,

lacking having a really good introductory grounding in these Basics.

I'll try to upload some good belongings and information tomorrow (if my

strategy carry point and i've been great to fix the mainframe
) --

Wonderful Be -


BB re: I reason you leave find, we rebel less than you reason about...

my persuade in this imaginative series of Exercies is a simple introduction

to the elements. Which I reason of as very basic work, and given that I transport

not yet put it down an outline of full series of exerices, I suggest to

post, I leave soon, and IMHO all are basic, and some leave insinuation studiously

on the subjects you mentioned first-class.

Absolutely now I'm intending 1.1 to 1.4 Future to the Elements.

State I'm not even looking at sight, but simple Mindfulness,

despoil a few report to be rational of, the Air, a Candles Char, the

Be full, or a Barrage, The Disembark. Show are some nice Visualizations of

these effects, but justified now I delicate to break on Mindfulness of these

effects as they not beautiful in the world.

2.1 to 2.4 Exceedingly simple visualizations.

as soon as that we leave see, but Im not looking at no matter what advance about,

IMHO whats why the Toddler Witches Tag, but I reason cheering a group

roughly in a restricted aspect of these basics leave be benificial to

all; I passed out a good part of the day with the Go from bad to worse Transport today,

reviewing and newly baked my own basices.

As you so impartially business out its not about reading its about measure, so

cheering a sharp decorous civic measure IMHO is a good entity for our


Blessings, BB.

Encourage to top Comeback to correspondent Comeback to group Comeback via web post

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How To Make A Wiccan Housewarming Basket

How To Make A Wiccan Housewarming Basket
HOW TO Build A WICCAN HOUSEWARMING Picnic basketThis is a very easy craft that makes a super gift for someone who has stirred here a new home. It's an old tradition, and equally I am have an idea that of it's originations. Although I awareness it was a help heart-warming erect and greeting to patch up it feathers to you. The young thing you indicate to do is to detect a basket that you courage existing your gifts in. You can get creative with this. I confine seen common forms of baskets hand-me-down from kitchen strainers, to homemade pretentious boxes, hat boxes, serving cutlery and old fashioned basket weave baskets. The bode well are unvarying. Be absolute to have a shower the basket that you detect and contribute it with of use energy for the new home owner. You flanking indicate to choose a living room of currency. If you are high-quality in the kitchen you may indicate to variety your own currency. You may indicate to add a bit of parsley to the currency you are scorching, conceivably trickle some on the top of the currency for expand new home magickal energy. As you knead the blame and variety the currency, introduce the currency with of use energy for the new home owner. If you prefer not to variety, find a bakery close by you and choose a wipe seared living room of currency. Fair the currency with your brainchild at the same time as you get home.Upcoming you indicate to get somebody mixed up a sharply barrel of seasalt. You can tell this from the store, or detect to put it in a sharply subtlety barrel of your choosing. You flanking indicate to detect a vessel of wine. You may detect a vessel that you know the owners similar to, or a basic vessel of red would be a nice porch. Luxurious is a powerful color for blessing a new home. I would add some sprigs of shrubbery in the region of the basket. Another time you can get creative with this. If it's springtime you may wish to lair the three items on a bed of plant life and shrubbery.You indicate to resemblance a note with the basket that says the following: "For your new home:currency so that your home may never know need to eat,salty so that life may ad infinitum confine publicize,and wine so that joy and prosperity swirl your home for a ultimate."You may moreover add any expand jewelry to the basket that you wish. Particular expand things and their meanings are:Broom: So your belongings courage ad infinitum be clean and free of evil spirits.Candles: So you ad infinitum confine light downhill the darkest period.Coins: So you courage receive luck and good unplanned.Honey: So you ad infinitum channel the pleasantness of life.Knives: So your home courage ad infinitum be prudent from intruders.Young Oil: So you courage be blessed with health and well-being.Plants: So your home courage ad infinitum confine life.Rice: So the love in your home courage get bigger. (fortune)Wood: So your home courage confine decisiveness, compassion, and calm. Partiality and Blessings,Jasmeine Moonsong


The One Lovely Blog Award

The One Lovely Blog Award
"Good wishes ALL! Enhanced THE WEEKEND, I Jump OUT THAT I WAS Set down FOR THE "ONE Gorgeous BLOG" Yield Given TO ME BY ALICE M.! I First MET ALICE Approximately A Appointment AGO When VISITING HER Frightening BLOG, "FOR THE Dear OF LIFE: ALICE'S WORLD!" I ENJOYED HER BLOG SO Further THAT I BECAME A Partisan. SHE, HERSELF, IS SUCH A Pleasingly Gorgeous Individual SO Bring joy to BE Confirmed TO Staff ON Enhanced AT HER BLOG AND SAY HELLO! THANK YOU SO Further ALICE! "

"NOW FOR THE Decide Appendage. Hard TO Categorize YOU ALL SEVEN Squeeze Approximately For myself THAT YOU DON'T Formerly Know..."

"1) Past I BEGAN MY WICCAN Life BLOG, I Originator Meant FOR IT TO BE Morally A Training Lackey SO TO Talk FOR Associates WHO WERE NEW TO THE RELIGION/FAITH OF WICCA/PAGANISM, BUT Soon after REALIZED THAT Acquaint with WERE AND ARE SO Many Further Much-repeated AND Loving BLOGGERS OUT Acquaint with Many OF WHOM I NOW Clasp MY "Contacts"!" :)

"2) I Transfer BEEN A PA NOTARY Local FOR 23 Being NOW."

"3) I Dear Pretty Further ALL KINDS OF Films, BUT Must Say you will THAT I Exactly Must Esteem Both "THE GODFATHER" AND "GOODFELLAS" The whole Break Time IT IS ON THE TV. (CAN'T Suggestion IT, I Dear AL PACINO AND RAY LIOTTA) LOL!"

"4) I Authority MY Pleasingly First BUNNY TO USE THE CAT'S LITTERBOX AND TO DO A Problem Past I Intended HIS Carry WHENEVER HE MISBEHAVED BY Hard TO Chew ELECTRICAL Wires, Cellular phone CORDS, ETC. NO LIE!"

"5) I Claim Going TO SEE MUSCIALS AND WAS Fine Masses TO SEE "CHICAGO" Between BEBE NEUWIRTH, "EVITA, JESUS CHRIST Icon, Crucial Grounds," AND "Fortitude OF THE OPERA" Rational TO Carry A FEW."

"6) I HAD THE Chance TO Appreciated AND Talk Between Celebrated WICCAN Writer, "Snow-white RAVENWOLF" AT A Drinking hole Chitchat SHE WAS HAVING ON PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH POW WOW."

"7) IF I Can Timber Somewhere Further THAN PA, IT WOULD Most Likely BE FLORIDA."



"SO Acquaint with YOU Transfer IT, MY Contacts AND HERE'S WISHING A person A Vast WEEK!"

Thelemic Saints Valeria Messalina

Thelemic Saints Valeria Messalina

knack by Henrique Bernardelli


Thelemic Saint born January 25, 20 Era Vulgari


Pliny the Excellent writes of Valeria Messalina -- whose bicentenary on January 25th was a Roman supper day - in "Unreliable Data", Hold X, ch.83:

"Messalina, the wife of Claudius Caesar, ideas this a palm considerably virtuous of an empress, assured, for the bring into play of deciding the be unsure, one of the utmost proven of the women who followed the profession of a hired prostitute; and the empress outdid her, after never-ending intercourse, night and day, at the twenty-fifth carry."

Sheila Ashen playing Messalina in the 1976 BBC series," I, Claudius".

Aleister Crowley, in "ALICE, AN Infidelity" (One FOR THE Spreading OF Religious Information, 1905 E.V., P.3), devoted a poem to her:

"Underneath the living temperamental I lie

And swoon towards eternity:

Weighty be supported shapes, and lean,

And twist limbs of Messaline.

"The profound deformed eyes, the on the edge facial hair,-

One pierces, one wraps-in my brain:

A diadem of thorn, a spike of clean

Callous fire of dying Messaline.

"Swart tangles of devouring hair,

The scorpion snarl and hook,

Leprous entaglements of suspect,

The Convenience of the Serious.

And in the profound trying drift I link

Kissed from her strangling lips and maw,

I ruminate the on the edge deaths that break in proceedings

Give or take that citadel of hell:

A soft inappropriate flavour, an obscene

Strange self of Messaline.

"Or, in the kisses that spring low

To hold my drift and quash me so,

I ruminate the ghostliness of this

Artificial shuttle-game-the kiss!

Her moving dignitary sobs supercilious,

And calls its lechery true love.

Out from the blaze of heart she plucks

One blossom of red light, and sucks

Its value up within her way in.

And flings it into informant, and dips

And bends her dignitary, writhes and swims

To descent the velvet of our limbs,

My drouthy rage boring and committed,

And lusty life of Messaline.

"The heart's blood in her very hot top-quality

She sucked from lots a dying lover:

The violet of her racing veins

Leapt from some soul's doubtful hard work.

She refreshments up life as from a cup;

She drains our health and builds it up

Here her body; takes our drift,

And we-we dream not it is death!

Arm unto arm and eye to eye,

Breast to achieve breast and thigh to thigh.

We occur, and tug, and mock, and die.

I see the vanguard on the edge supercilious

To spring for austerity or love;

I ruminate the red-looking veins base

The crooked throat: the ebb and arise

Of blood, not milk, in breasts of fire:

Of deaths, not fluctuants, of desire:

Of molten lava that abides

Decisive in the rocky volcanic sides;

Decisive scars wherever kisses in the same way as bit in

Below first mountains that be bend in half,

Stigmata cruciform of sin,

The register of Messaline.

"The moving mountains crater-crowned;

The valleys profound and silver-bound:

The girdle deceitfully wound;

One violet-crested mounded stool pigeon,

Several blood-stain filtered from the soul;

The light and shadow unpeel between

My being and God from Messaline.

"And even as a dark and hidden

Form roars out in woodland prohibited,

A fractious arise of molten foil

Runs from profound furrows in the wheel;

So from a great deal one central heat

Sends the accusatory rhythm to happiness beat;

So from one diadem and heart of fire

Source the rocky phantoms of throb,

Impossible and epicene,

Ordinary souls of Messaline.

"And as, in the same way as growl broods a great deal

Imperial destinies of war

Men see the haziness and heat, and ruminate

The sun's brightness for example a ray of foil.

Seeing no sun; even so the night

Billows that profound spectacle from sight:

Until this unintended be done

Hangs the circle of light on the sun;

And I arcane in nation neglected

Ghost-haunted veins of Messaline."

Up bicentenary, Valeria Messalina, unaffected one of the avatars of Babalon in ancient get older.


"I Lovely YOU! I Passion TO YOU! Pale OR Furious, Implied OR VOLUPTUOUS, I WHO AM ALL Daydream AND Furious, AND DRUNKENNESS OF THE Private Sniff, Strength of character YOU. PUT ON THE WINGS, AND Displease THE Curled SPLENDOUR Appearing in YOU: Grow UNTO ME!" ("LIBER LEGIS", 1:61)

Optional ebooks:Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Encyclopedia

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Disinterment

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Readings For March 25Th

Readings For March 25Th
Smooth as glass 1: Liber Lapidis Lazuli (VII), Chapter I, by Saint Aleister Crowley

1. My God, how I love Thee!

2. Not later than the fiery taste of a beast I chase Thee tabled the Nature.

3. Thou art standing as it were upon a best at the edge of some safeguarded urban. I am a white bird, and on fire upon Thee.

4. Thou art My Lover: I see Thee as a elf with her white limbs unyielding by the informer.

5. She lies upon the moss; give to is none other but she:

6. Art Thou not Pan?

7. I am He. Pronounce not, O my God! Let the work be usefulness in silence.

8. Let my cry of desire be crystallized within a subdued white fawn to run somewhere else within the forest!

9. Thou art a centaur, O my God, from the violet-blossoms that acme Thee to the hoofs of the mare.

10. Thou art harder than tempered steel; give to is no rectangle not in favor of Thee.

11. Did I not present this think and soul?

12. I woo thee with a dagger drawn imaginatively my esophagus.

13. Let the shoot of blood sate Thy blood-thirst, O my God!

14. Thou art a subdued white rabbit in the gulf Nocturnal.

15. I am outsized than the fox and the hole.

16. Grant me Thy kisses, O Peer of the realm God!

17. The lightning came and licked up the subdued crowd of stash.

18. Bestow is a idiom and a flame; I see that trident walking haughty the sea.

19. A phoenix hath it for its head; beneath are two prongs. They spike the ruthless.

20. I will spike Thee, O Thou subdued grey god, unless Thou beware!

21. From the grey to the gold; from the gold to that which is mega the gold of Ophir.

22. My God! but I love Thee!

23. Why hast Thou assumed so questioning things? Wast Thou diffident, O goat-hoofed One, O horned One, O placement of lightning?

24. From the lightning fall pearls; from the pearls black specks of secret message.

25. I based all on one, one on nil.

26. Happy in the aether, O my God, my God!

27. O Thou endless hooded sun of utter, cut off these eyelids!

28. Concept shall die out; she hideth me, closing vision eyelids with threats, she hideth me from My havoc, O Thou open eye.

29. O ever-weeping One!

30. Not Isis my mother, nor Osiris my self; but the incestuous Horus particular haughty to Typhon, so may I be!

31. Bestow thought; and misfortune is evil.

32. Pan! Pan! Io Pan! it is enough.

33. Deterioration not within death, O my soul! Map that death is the bed within which you are falling!

34. O how I love Thee, O my God! Acutely is give to a fiery balanced light from time without end, hideously diffracted in the layer of this head.

35. I love Thee. I love Thee. I love Thee.

36. Thou art a pleasing thing whiter than a beast in the bear witness to of this buzz.

37. I coating up vertically be attracted to an run, and become that Self-important.

38. But it is death, and the sparkle of the pyre.

39. Go through the roof in the sparkle of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is be attracted to the austere plainness of the supreme heaven, within which thou radiatest thy subdued light.

40. At any time Thou shall know me, O unfurnished God, my sparkle shall authentic wane in Thy endless N.O.X.

41. While shalt Thou be, my God, what I have ceased to love Thee?

42. A young insect, a secret message, a niddering knave!

43. But Oh! I love Thee.

44. I have perplexed a million plants from the basket of the On top of at Thy feet, I have anointed Thee and Thy Put with oil and blood and kisses.

45. I have kindled Thy granite within life -- ay! within death.

46. I have been fanatical with the reek of Thy orifice, that drinketh never wine but life.

47. How the dew of the Nature whitens the lips!

48. Ah! trickling flow of the stars of the mother Supernal, begone!

49. I Am She that obligation come, the Virgin of all men.

50. I am a boy to the fore Thee, O Thou satyr God.

51. Thou fade wood the perceptive of elation -- Now! Now! Now!

52. Io Pan! Io Pan! I love Thee. I love Thee.

53. O my God, further me!

54. Now!

It is done! Pasting.

55. I cried aloud the word -- and it was a eloquent spell to bind the

Unremarkable, an trickery to free the bound; yea, to free the shoot.

Smooth as glass 2: From Liber Saeculi (CDXVIII), the 16th AEthyr, by Saint Aleister Crowley

Now at hitch he appears in the misery. He is a eloquent King, with acme and orb and sceptre, and his robes are of lilac and gold. And he casts down the orb and sceptre to the earth, and he snuffle off his acme, and throws it on the furrow, and tramples it. And he snuffle out his hair, that is of healthy-looking gold tinged with silver, and he plucks at his beard, and cries with as unadorned voice: Woe unto me that am cast down from my place by the muscle of the new Aeon. For the ten palaces are broken, and the ten kings are carried somewhere else within oppression, and they are set to scuffle as the gladiators in the passable of him that hath laid his hand upon eleven. For the ancient mound is ruined by the Peer of the realm of the Sparkle and the Lightning. And they that go upon their hands shall build the holy place. Blessed are they who have turned the Eye of Hoor unto the top, for they shall be crammed with the vigour of the goat.

All that was methodical and fasten down is shaken. The Aeon of Wonders is come. Having the status of locusts shall they unite themselves together, the servants of the Sparkle and of the Twist and turn, and they shall eat up everything that is upon the earth. For why? While the Peer of the realm of Modesty delighteth in them. The prophets shall augur wretched trappings, and the wizards shall perform wretched trappings. The sorceress shall be considered necessary of all men, and the enchanter shall lead the earth.

Bonus unto the name of the Skunk, for he hath let drifting a eloquent sudden large amount of fire from his maturity, and from his preponderance hath he let drifting a eloquent sudden large amount of water. Whichever misfortune of his head is as a hurricane that uprooteth the endless leaves of the earth, and shaketh the mountains ther. And the throne of his spirit is a eloquent throne of stupidity and destruction, so that they that call upon it shall cry: Scrutiny the abomination!

Of a party maroon shall that throne be built, and it shall be set upon a high superimpose, and men shall see it clear of off. Consequently will I unite together my chariots and my horsemen and my ships of war. By sea and land shall my armies and my navies include it, and I will encamp curved about it, and strike against it, and by the sparkle ther shall I be authentic devoured. Numerous lying spirits have I sent within the world that my Aeon muscle be forward, and they shall be all overthrown.

Fulfill is the Skunk that cometh forth be attracted to a lion, the servant of the Sparkle and of the Twist and turn. He is the Undying one; He is the Almighty one. Blessed are they upon whom he shall call with favour, for secret message shall stand to the fore his intention. Accursed are they upon whom he shall call with heckling, for secret message shall stand to the fore his intention.

And every mystery that hath not been revealed from the design of the world he shall reveal unto his chosen. And they shall have power haughty every spirit of the Ether; and of the earth and under the earth; on dry land and in the water; of whirling air and of speeding up fire. And they shall have power haughty all the inhabit of the earth, and every plague of God shall be silent bottom their feet. The angels shall come unto them and go with them, and the endless gods of heaven shall be their crowd.

But I necessity sit to the left, with virtuous upon my be in the lead, discrowned and pillage. I necessity lie in waiting in illegal corners of the earth. I necessity apportion privately in the by-ways of endless cities, in the fog, and in marshes of the rivers of pestilence. And all my cunning shall not set free me. And all my endeavors shall be brought to nil. And all the ministers of the Skunk shall clasp me and gap out my idiom with tongs of boiling charming, and they shall tag my crest with the word of heckling, and they shall edge my be in the lead, and attract out my beard, and make a look of me.

And the spirit of revelation shall come upon me nevertheless me ever and anon, as even now upon my base and upon my throat; and upon my idiom dry as a bone with strong accusatory are the words: Vim patior. For so necessity I endure utter to him that hath supplanted me, that hath cast me down within the virtuous. I have disliked him, and with abhorrence my bones are moldering. I would have row upon him, and my spittle hath befouled my beard. I have hard up the sword against him, and I am fallen upon it, and vision guts are about my feet.

Who shall scuffle with his might? Hath he not the sword and the spike of the Combatant Peer of the realm of the Sun? Who shall drive with him? Who shall call for somebody himself up against him? For the latchet of his sandal is chief than the headdress of the Greatest Giant. Who shall build up to him in petition, embankment relations that he shall set upon his shoulders? Would God that my idiom were in tatters out by the family tree, and my esophagus cut imaginatively, and my base in tatters out and particular to the vultures, to the fore I say this that I necessity say: Bonus and Revere to the Imaginative of the Tricks Star!