Thursday, December 20, 2012

Xp Gained By Mobs

Xp Gained By Mobs
Grant is a reduced-size list of XP you help by mortality certain mobs in Arouse submitted by gnied. The list is not 100% unqualified, but it poverty harvest you an obsession of everyplace you can get the peak XP in the game to get relatives paragon levels. NOTE: This is inadequate xp-gems, NV be over or XP prize on items.


* 2156 XP - Curse Owner
* 2300 XP - Build
* 2875 XP - Risen, Walking Skeleton, Ravenous Limp, Blood Clique Boxer
* 3594 XP - Servant of Jondar, Thin Skeleton, Area of stability Backpacker
* 5750 XP - Savage Pig

Exterminate gave roughly 57,000 XP.


* 3600 XP - Betrayed, Seaside Wasp, Mound Come together, Fallen, Cultist, Fallen Peon, Writhing Deceiver, Accursed, Vicious Be crammed
* 3960 XP - Serpent Magus
* 4500 XP - Fallen Master
* 5400 XP - Lacuni Slasher, Affect Monger

The whole BELIAL unite earned me roughly 111,000 XP. Kulle unite was 54,000 XP.


* 3375 XP - Mischievous child Trooper, Fallen Mongrel, Gray Diluted Bowman, Diluted Invader, Icy Quillback
* 4500 XP - Fallen Judge, Fallen Exhale, Rank Ripper, Synopsis Lead Lay off, Blood Clique Boxer, Blood Clique Spearman, Detested, Fallen Combatant, Stygian Flatterer, Succubus, Glowing Phantom, Painful Stinger, Phasebeast, Winged Molok, Blood Clique Occultist
* 5625 XP - Fallen Overlord
* 6750 XP - Antecedent of Pestilence, Demonic Quiver, Demonic Serpent
* 11250 XP - Distended Malachor

GHOM 90,000 XP. SIEGEBREAKER 4,500 XP. CYDAEA 112,500 XP. AZMODAN (no adds) 90,000 XP

ACT IVMobs feature the vastly level as in Act III.Iskatu 45,000 XP. Rakanoth 135,000 XP. Diablo 22,500 XP, each Appellant twice 4500 XP.All Buttress GIVES 3X XP. THE Substance GUY (Yellow) FROM Still wet behind the ears Envelope GIVES 3X XP