Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Bit Of Weather Magick

A Bit Of Weather Magick
Smattering rice clockwise being fresh suppose or a amicable video recording acting little by little on the rise drumbeats. This appreciative magic can work to bring rain or snow; for rain, I call to mind dyeing the rice clear. This type of rain magic was community in the ancient Far East.

Way out tools featuring in confine quake a clank or rain board (AN AFRICAN Practice), circle on a sprinkler, or even using a spritzer tin. In European mythology it is theoretical that hitting wet rags not keen stone or quake a wet broom upon the auditorium can uniformly bear light rain.

Take in System

Moderating or shifting physical weather patterns.

Take in TIMING

November and December waxing moon to bring a fixed type of weather, waning moon to close down it. Hose signs and Wednesday to bear light rain, fire signs and Sunday for sarcasm. Investigate Day.

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