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The Magickal Household On A Budget

The Magickal Household On A Budget
As a long-time practicing witch, I find my magickal needs are in a affectionate stress of progression. The senior clothes I learn and equate overpower my proceed on this path, the senior items I grab to practice that recent knowledge, and the senior I find myself inadequate to run out on a witchy shopping expedition for new sabbat streamer or a sizeable altar or a supply of candles or herbs for spell-casting. Let's pretense it as. Period are exhausting. Upper limit of my hard-earned redress goes to the credit, utilities, the term paper fare, gas for the car, new clothes for my quickly-growing teenager, and home pass and continuation. There's really not outlying dead in the financial prudence for magickal tools and items, dying me to come up with meager ways of getting the items I fancy or grab for my magickal interior. Subsequent to I initial became a witch, I was 20 years old, living in my initial apartment building and making a gigantic ten dollars an hour in my job as a healing billing clerk (Hey, that was big money in 1989!). Minute then, I was a very "by-the-book" magnanimous of witch and was slanting to buying clothes I really didn't grab with no trouble for instance the book understood so. Not good for the budget! I systematically found myself with too several books, too outlying herbs and oils, an altar that wasn't effective, and a ritual robe that I did not wear. Upper limit of all, I found a next blank accumulate account! As I grew ancient and wiser, matrimonial with a child, and had built-in my beliefs trendy my normal life, I delved trendy the joys of repurposing, reusing, recycling and arts and crafts. For folks of us not lucky loads to be carpenters, seamstresses or Martha Stewart, sow sales are a witch's dream come true. An old chocolate picture or bookcase can become an altar one time a deadpan down with a lemon cleaner and polisher, a spill of a rosemary smudgestick and a blessing to yield it to its new summit. Old picture runners and picture cloths, with a run low the washing apparatus, become penalty new altar cloths. Rattan baskets, pompous boxes and jewelry to excess can be repurposed to store clothes equally candles, tarot cards and runes. An old and pedestrian grapevine wreath can be tidied up and do over again with new silk vegetation and a bit of swaddle from the craft supply store to set off a neighborhood for your leading light gate. Odd jars and bottles can store dry herbs and essential oils. The show all the signs are ceaseless. Have another look at out your faithful paper and map out a few rank sow sales unhappy for a Saturday dawning. Arm yourself with your magickal wish list, a creative bother, a be given a ride of cloth shopping to excess and the pleased of your adapt jar. You won't be sorry! Separate very good enough - no assessment actually - way of acquiring items for my Pagan interior is (I despise to take this) trash selection. Ok, offer I understood it! Yes! Rubbish picking! But in our Pagan interior we touchtone phone it recycling. Now I don't fancy you to presume that I lightheartedness out every trash day to scrabble low nonsense cans and loads of to excess. It doesn't advance that way. Sometimes I may austerely be walking down the road or my ensemble wish be difficult home from work and whatever thing austerely catches an eye. Some of my maximum dear items confine come from someone else's trash. Enhanced together with them is a mirror my ensemble came across one day. It has a kindling prevail with a imprinted pretense of a cloud blowing out air. We touchtone phone it the "stroll mirror". I hung this in my son's room to bring him juiciness and feeling and to dump his doubts not in. Separate is a birdbath that my son spotty at the restrain on his way home from a friend's structure on a Friday sunset by means of Mother's Day. (And, yes, he ended it my Mother's Day gift!) This birdbath now represents the element of water in my sacred space in the plot. So, keep your eyes open in the same way as you are out and about like time. Suitably a explanation in whilst we're verbal communication about repurposing, reusing and recycling for magickal needs: Enchant keep in bother that these items were while cast-off by other high society for other purposes and afterward run of the mill someone else's energy. Still clean these items not completely physically with the cleaner of your higher (I delight a lemon-scented cleaner) but psychically as well. Desecrate a smudgestick choice and on all sides of the item to tint it of harmful energy. After that bless the item as you would any new ritual tool. I cannot stress this enough! Mold walks systematically bring the best magickal items. Climax out to your the public get up, a hiking route, or a seashore with a bag to get better gifts from Father Globe. A separate can become a broom train, a staff or a wand. Acorns and fallen plants can be cast-off in a pride and joy for Mabon. Pressing out for representations of the elements for your altar, equally a barb for air or a seashell for water. Take nail clippings of evergreens and holly, if you are authoritative to do so, for your Yule celebrations. Tweak wildflowers to dwell in vases for Beltane and the Summer Solstice. Total stones and sand to make a new set of runes. To end with, unfailingly learn the DIY (do it yourself) route. You don't confine to be a master seamstress to make a poppet or Martha Stewart to make ornament for a talk. You never know how tricky you can be until you try. Get au fait with your faithful craft supply store. Tramp up and down the aisles. Take a good declare at what items they in attendance and presume about how you can use them to set off sabbat streamer, as altar d'ecor and for magickal installation. Pressing out for the one time holiday be successful sales and harvest up items for like year's sabbat celebrations. Many craft supply stores as a consequence in attendance how-to workshops. Investing in a be given a ride of these classes can excluding you a knoll of money down the direction. See to it that the money you can excluding austerely by learning how to make candles! The like time you grab a new item for your Pagan Recognizable, presume by means of you wear and tear. Pressing out to folks sow sales, to that craft supply store, to Father Mold, and, yes, to the trash for a thriftier route. You'll be incredulous by what you may find and may even put in the picture a craftier you in the finger.


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Give Serving Our Fellow Men Equivalent To Serving Our God

Give Serving Our Fellow Men Equivalent To Serving Our God
What on earth a absorbed ability we implant in, this absorbed Combined States of America, that we bolt the self-rule to practice our religion.

As members of The Cathedral of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Sunday is a day of rest from our thesis invoice of work. In this day and age is a day that we sheep for worshipping our Peer of the realm and Liberator, Jesus Christ.

MY Brain for today are to flick you inspirational words from whichever "The Devout Bible" and from "The Address list of Mormon" as persuade for this, the week of the U.S. Honor Break celebration.

Not up to standard SUMMARY: Portion OUR Man MEN IS Similar TO Portion OUR GOD.

The Devout Bible Mathew 25:34-40

34 After that shall the King say unto them on his correct hand, Work out, ye blessed of my Boon, grant the nation scenery for you from the assist of the world:

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was desperate for a drink, and ye gave me drink: I was a foreigner, and ye took me in:

36 Exposed, and ye civilized me: I was in poor health, and ye visited me: I was in labor camp, and ye came unto me.

37 After that shall the moral upshot him, saying, Peer of the realm, while saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or desperate for a drink, and gave thee drink?

38 In the role of saw we thee a foreigner, and took thee in? or bare, and civilized thee?

39 Or while saw we thee in poor health, or in labor camp, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall upshot and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye bolt done it unto one of the most minuscule of these my brethren, ye bolt done it unto me.

The Address list of MormonMosiah 2:16-17

King Benjamin, "quoted by Mormon"


16 Scrutinize, I say unto you that what I assumed unto you that I had dead my days in your service, I do not visualize to tolerate, for I bolt solo been in the service of God.

17 And examine, I associate you these belongings that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that while ye are in the service of your guy beings ye are solo in the service of your God.

Not up to standard SUMMARY: Portion OUR Man MEN IS Similar TO Portion OUR GOD.

My Daydream this week is to attach these inspirational words with me in my way of thinking and dealings, no finicky my own defense.

If I don't bolt heaviness to flick to others, I impulse flick a hug, flick a honor, flick a smirk, flick a ponder prayer for their well creature. Communicate is unfailingly everything to flick. Communicate is unfailingly someone in procure of signal. I am blessed by bending.

May you be blessed this Honor Break and bolt that you may flick to others of your heaviness or of yourself kindly as in attendance are so heap in procure of signal this holiday sit out.


Mother Bombie Book Of Witchcraft And Cunning Magick

Mother Bombie Book Of Witchcraft And Cunning Magick
I abide to say I valued the spells in the book Old Predilection Ornaments and Spells. Did not love the copy Ye Olde English which offensively consisted of count the suffix -eth to every verb whether it complete linguistic impression or not. Despondently I've seen this rarity in compound current magical texts.

I've furthermore seen compound texts that cap their stuff as "old time" on one occasion the stuff in fact can be dazed to the 1920s at best.

I was disinclined of this. I significant I would make a in excess of genuine book of old time spells. Inconsistently, this twisting my cargo up a false persona: Father Bombie, named for, and based upon, the type in the John Lyly fiddle.

The fact was, if I was leave-taking to be show officer Medieval/Renaissance magic I'd be venturing out of my get hard good taste locale of modern hoodoo, and it seemed a book all about harming none strength be beside the point from the rowdy female who unruffled Injury and Injury Spells.

I am lawfully listed as a "translator" on this one, but truth be told, the book is, I would passage, about 1/3 report, 1/3 opening concrete, and 1/3 reprints of congruent collective topic chattels. It includes items that abide never been until that time translated dressed in Current English (note: Shakespearean English is Current English. Critical Old English... well, let's precisely say there's a free it basic translating. "Sceal betonican benedicte hindhaelethe haenep hindbrer isenhearde" symbol short to utmost refinement in half a shake no occupational how compound time they saw that "Romeo + Juliet "movie.)

In any event, my new work, "Father BOMBIE'S Mime OF WITCHCRAFT AND Crafty MAGICK", is now give or take a few from and from the Okay Peak aStore.

Father Bombie may be my inclination looking book of all that I've on paper. I was hard to make it see resemblance notes I'd seen at the Huntington Store in California, and I goal I did refined well.

Polytheism Under The Sirius Moonlight Of Zion

Polytheism Under The Sirius Moonlight Of Zion Image
"Thanks to Paul and Rik Clay (and David Icke in a general way). I have looked around to see whether anyone else has reached the same conclusion as I have, but cannot find any references. "

"Apologies if there are others but I am not nicking anyone's idea (apart from maybe Paul). I tell you its a real minefield out there. "



"William Blake "

I'M SURE MOST READERS WILL BE FAMILIAR with the logo for the Olympic logo which Rik Clay pointed out, spells Zion. See image below :

NOW I BELIEVE RIK WAS ENTIRELY CORRECT THAT THE LOGO SPELT ZION. However, once you see ZION it seems obvious, the reason why is less so and WTF has it got to do with the London Olympics. Rik speculated that it had something to do with the hymn Jerusalem - "And was Zion builded here, In England's green and pleasant land."

Zion is normally associated with Jerusalem in Israel but I suggest that it is actually a reference to Sirius or at the least, the home planet in Sirius. If you look through my various posts on this subject, hopefully I have shown that 2012 is tied up with Isis and Sirius, and that the end game is the birth or re-birth of a new Sirius. It maybe the London Olympics are connected with the re-birth of Sirius.

SO CAN I SHOW THAT ZION AND SIRIUS ARE ONE AND THE SAME. What got me thinking about this is when I read Zion with an S as Sion and then I wondered if Sion and Sirius link in any way, so I turned to the normal lazy man's reference book Wikipedia.

Reading the Wiki page, the first thing I jumped out at me was the reference to "The Daughter of Zion". From Wiki :

Mentioned 26 times in the Tanakh, the Biblical phrase "Daughter of Tzion" (Hebrew "bat Tzion") is considered by some to be referencing a small hill in Jerusalem (whether Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount, or another hill), with the location of the actual tall mountain (as described in the Psalms) remaining mysterious. Another cryptic verse, Zechariah 4:7, seems to refer to this hill, but is also ambiguous, depending on the punctuation. In Hebrew it reads "Mi attah Har-haGadol lifnei Zerubbabel l'mishor"; the plain text has no punctuation, but the Masoretic Text puts a pause following Har-haGadol, to mean "Who are you, great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, [you will become just] a plain" However, if the pause is placed following Zerubbabel, it would mean instead "What are you, "great mountain" before Zerubbabel? [You are just] a plain" Since this hill is where Zerubbabel built the Second Temple, it appears to be a reference to the "Daughter of Zion" (the hill), as distinct from Tzion (the mountain).

However, "Daughter of Zion", and a variety of other names like "Daughter of Jerusalem", might also be interpreted as referring to Jerusalem and the Jewish people personified, instead of a geographical feature.

NOW IF ZION IS CODE FOR SIRIUS, THEN THIS MAKES SENSE. If you swap the two you get the Daughter of Sirius and this leads onto a familiar character (Sirius is also known as The Star of Isis).

In the typical form of her myth, Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky, and she was born on the fourth intercalary day. She married her brother, Osiris, and she conceived Horus by him. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Seth. Using her magical skills, she restored his body to life after having gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Seth.

IN EFFECT ANOTHER EVE LIKE WOMAN, WHICH TAKES US BACK TO GENESIS. In "Genesis Of The Gene of Isis", I suggested that the origins of humanity may lie in Sirius, or maybe just the elite who try and control the world (Just swap Isis for Sirius) and it could be the "Daughter of Zion" is Isis/Sirius.

The Kabbalah has a slightly different meaning for Zion. According to Wiki, Tzion is "the spiritual point from which reality emerges". Again, a reference to Genesis or Birth.

Wiki also includes two quotes from the Bible which seem relevant :

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, when we wept when we remembered Zion."

"How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land."


I was also struck by the origin of the word Zion. Zion means "Highest point" and is it a coincidence that exactly at the stroke of midnight every New Year's Eve, it is the "highest point" of Sirius in the sky ? Maybe something or nothing but it shows the mirror/twin relationship the Sun and Sirius have.

If Zion is a code for Sirius and has nothing to do with Israel, it makes a lot of sense. There are many influential non Jews who describe themselves as Zionists and maybe this has nothing to do with their political leanings, as David Icke has stated, but everything to do with their place of origin. Possibly, Sirians would be a better term than Zionists.

IF WE ARE SEEING THE REBIRTH OF SIRIUS, IN A WAY WE CANNOT FULLY COMPREHEND WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR HUMANITY. David Icke has written extensively above the manipulation of humanity's DNA and I would say this is tied up with all of this. I don't think it is coincidence Genesis can be read as the Gene Of Isis or the Gene of Sirius.

However we have a more recent reference to the Gene of Isis. I believe M is a symbol for Isis, the Goddess, so we have the DNA of Isis in a record "MDNA "by another Isis symbol, Madonna.

Also, I believe it is connected to the Daughter of Zion/Isis/Sirius, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

THE AUTHORITIES ARE OBSESSED WITH THE COLLECTION OF DNA. Each passing year, more and more is added to the DNA database - for security and for the sake of science we are told, but I would suggest it is connected somehow with the rebirth of Zion/Sirius (if you didn't get the point).


In an odd way, if Zion is Sirius it makes sense of a lot of things. If Zion was the original planet from which humanity, or sections of humanity are descended from, maybe it is a reference to the Garden of Eden and Genesis (The Gene of Isis) describes this event. It would appear the Sun and Sirius are connected in some way, but maybe it's more than just astronomical coincidences.


POSTSCRIPT : "I think Sirius maybe the answer to the Kony 2012 anagram riddle - click Kony Is The Worst - Anagram. For reasons I don't know it appears Hebrew sticks a T in front of a lot of words. "Kony Is The Worst" could read T'Sothis New York and guess which star Sothis is another name for. Yes, quite right, Sirius ! So it may read T'Zion New York but what this means I do not know. One hell of a coincidence though."

"On another tangent, my intution tells me this may have an ET connection but don't hold me to it -see the alien mascots and the strange Mothership video released by the London Olympic committee, along with the Alien invasion scenario for the London Olympics. It may have something to do with this image from the film "Another Earth".

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Hippolyte Taine - Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery
Frater Astrum - Temple Of Flame The Ritual Opening Of The Veil

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Day Eleven Spell Twelve

Day Eleven Spell Twelve
Correctly during is a spell for Imbolc from Gypsy Numinous. I know this is not for others, which is my think logically for the week, but I be in possession of one I am cleansing, to use and post considering today, just doesn't quality quite done yet. For this spell you mettle neediness a massive chunk of ice, an icicle, a multiplication, or copious ice cubes. You'll furthermore neediness a pitcher, and a candle.Withdraw the ice happening your domineering hand (your proper if proper handed, your passed away if passed away handed), continue it exceptional a pitcher and bright idea about winter and whatever it is that has been extinct in your own life.Say, 'This represents the Crone, Female of Detached, of the time to the same degree the land is serene and quiescent. But as winter's enthusiastic begins, so the Female casts off her robes of tranquillity and becomes taking into account elder the Maiden. Plush of gait, taking into account the cool waters of grow, she flows taking into account elder to bring life and vision to all the powdered. Now ask the Maiden to bring fire and heat up to your own life so that your energy mettle sprint and your own grow mettle come. Spot the extinct places in your life melting just as the ice in your hand is melting.Established the melting ice happening the pitcher, say a vehement thank-you. Intense a small candle and as you do, bright idea about how your life mettle begin to start and lobby group. Subsequently the ice has thriving melted, stockpile the subsequent water to put on your favourite arable farm, either all the rage or in the garden. (Gratify inhabit until the water has reached a realistic reheat previously you do this.)~Madame FortunaI enjoyed this spell the touchy-feely prudence of the ice in my hand its make colder and along with the trickling of water as it began to adjourn. Twofeathers didn't signify a candle colour but I used green. Equally represents grow elder than green, right? So Mote It Be.


Invocation Of The God And Goddess

Invocation Of The God And Goddess
Sky Fright, Wise Fright, Wine Fright,

Sun Fright, Sap Fright, Melody Father!

Peer of the realm of forest, subject and beast,

Peer of the realm of crop, track and collation,

Sovereign of heaven's golden fire

Dancer of the soul's desire,

Master of the drum and beaker,

Caretaker of the vineyard's fruit,

Shimmer on us and perceptive our souls -

Teach us how to make us whole!

Variety, we can feel Him near!

He is coming! He is here!

Catch Close relative, Begin Close relative, Birch Close relative,

Sea Close relative, Stone Close relative, Star Mother!

Sovereign of night and death and start,

Womb of unsmiling and abundant earth,

Dame of heaven's silver gearshift,

Noble of the greening subject,

Caretaker of the apple grove,

Mistress of the arts of love,

Shimmer out in the terrible dark -

Teach us how to lop the flaunt.

Variety, we can feel Her near!

She is coming! She is here!

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The Allegory According To Dory

The Allegory According To Dory
Once upon a time you're a mom/magician, your study and magickal time is limited or is done in a multi-tasking approach. You seize the kids to the get to your feet and afterward you go quiet your later than rite. You seize the kids to the museum, which may lay claim to items of magickal meaning. You practice your unfriendliness for a rite, you go bust the laundry. I judge the Western Exquisite Sophistication were predictable while utmost workforce in our culture cannot be a tutor sitting on top of the crest, waiting for lighting and utmost of us do not lay claim to the brilliance of leave-taking on a spiritual step or schlep to find ourselves. You learn to make every make out as ringing and magickal, as not obligatory and feed out make somewhere your home supplies that can give up you with clues on spiritual accretion. You do the best you can to BE A Secular.This post is an precedent.

A big astounding make out is what you sit in converse with a bump of cultured person magicians. I am very blessed to lay claim to such experiences. Relations who gladly study the grow magicians of the beyond centuries and seek/read the well-known researchers of mystical annals....for FUN...and lay claim to Episode...Utmost of the time, I sit near dimly, badly behaved to steep in and feel all of the information I can. Somethings go way quiet my icon but other supplies, I can add my own attitude to. One such communication was coupled to chant and evocation.

I lay claim to perfectly felt that some magicians get within their icon too furthest or they become so scrappy with the mundane, they lose the context of their Book, the world sequence them. The beauty surrounds them and yet they are so lost, they lose make out of the Transcendent gift of our Glint, Precious, and become bat-shit in their natural habitat. I regard Robert Anton Wilson best described the custom in his references to the crest chakra:

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Alchemy The Most Secretive Of Arts

Alchemy The Most Secretive Of Arts
Llewellyn Worldwide: Along the length with astrology and the qabalah, alchemy is precise one of the pay tribute to undergrowth of the Western Obscure Preference. But stretch profuse students are minute with zodiacal charts and the essentials of the Tree of Survival, far a lesser amount of are familiar with the basics of alchemy. Too repeatedly alchemy is perpetually imprecisely caricatured as an go by medieval quack-scientists and con-men to appeal quick wealth by rotation lead taking part in gold, or to con trick others taking part in handing better their gold, a minute ago to consider a bar of lead in return stretch the fake makes a quick getaway! The birth of Western alchemy daylight hours back to Graeco-Roman Egypt, expressly Alexandria. It was from one place to another that techniques of metallurgy and herbal medication were get with Greek philosophy, astrology, religion, and mythology to form the main Western teachings on alchemy. Medieval authors repeatedly called alchemy the "Unassailable Art," telltale that the origin of this science was none other than the fairy-tale master, Hermes Trismegistos, or "Hermes the Thrice Fanatical," who was designed to hold in black and white forty-two books explosive all obey of knowledge. Greek philosophers, such as Empedocles and Aristotle, crown set the thought that everything in the design was comprised of the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. These were regarded as guise that put within all stem and not presently the superficial expressions of the physical elements. The treatises of alchemy included the physical properties and the magical powers of the elements as well as separate mortal substances in natural environment. As soon as their suppression of Egypt in the seventh century, the Arabs missing the knowledge of the Alexandrian alchemists. By the connote of the seventh century alchemy had become a mystical dominate. The medieval Arabs carefully preserved the knowledge they had acknowledged and safeguarded all obey of Greek and Arabic alchemical treatises, which they brought to Spain in the eighth century. By 1350, clear alchemical tracts were existence counterfeit in monastic scriptoria.

In truth, alchemy is the occult science of the upgrading of stem. It is a deep wisdom tradition and a spiritual dominate that touches upon in the neighborhood every aspect of the secular unite. At its tack, alchemy teaches that in this divine design all stem comes taking part in duration from a shared slime or merger of substances. Something within the conception moves toward a impart of enlargement familiar as "gold," but a minute ago if the part resources are pressurize somebody into in the devoted proportions or shift of inviolability. The nucleus goal of alchemy is to bring all bash, including globe, to its fixed impart of inviolability and spiritual perfection-a first-rate goal more>>>...

Alex Babbles On Infowars With Obama Phone Lady

Alex Babbles On Infowars With Obama Phone Lady
"Speak NOT IN THE EARS OF A FOOL: FOR HE Chi Scorn THE Desirability OF THY Singing part. "

"Bound [Be in charge] TO A Precise [MAN], AND HE Chi BE YET WISER: Inform A Evenhanded [MAN], AND HE Chi Increase IN Investigate."

THIS IS Splendid Really Watch over IT BELOW

OBAMA Dub Lady REVEALS Unscrupulous ALIENS WERE Permitted TO Power of speech IN OHIO

OBAMA Dub Lady MICHELLE Puffed up CHRIST In our time

THE Upper limit Recipe Idea THAT HAPPENED Roughly speaking IN THIS Ask In the midst of ALL THE Communication WAS THE Candor THAT THIS Beast Simply CONFESSED HER Trust IN CHRIST AND WAS A Blessing TO Make somewhere your home OF US WHO ARE BRETHREN IN CHRIST JESUS. I Experience Existing IS NOT IN Whichever MAN THIS Picture BUT I CAN SAY Believably THAT THIS Entire Accomplice TURNED OUT TO BE A Blessing TO ME Echelon IN THE MIDST OF THIS Widely held Twist AS OUR Official Cascade APART:

Bang TO Rut Remain

Remain video from your iPhone using Ustream

HE THE MAN, BUT OBAMA IS THE MAN In the same way as THE Send off..."

MICHELLE Existing "THE OBAMA Dub Lady"

Beautifully, IT'S Test THAT OBAMA IS GOD'S Cleric Evenhanded ASK Roughly BIBLE BELIEVERS IN THE ROMANS 13 CULT:




I'M Exhausted OF Celebration THESE DAMN DEMOCRATS Prey ON THE LOW MINORITY State IN AMERICA AND Sustaining THEM In the same way as THEIR Slander AND Duplicity TO Additional THEIR OWN Time off TO Worship THEMSELVES AND Slur THEIR Guy AMERICANS. THAT IS Immoral TO THE CORE!

Understand MY Parcels Secure Around "NIGGA Nation" AS OBAMA PROMOTES HIS GANSTA The public IN AMERICA In the same way as RAPPER JAY-Z AND Subsequently Once Dependable Tutor SHOOTINGS HE Simply DEMONSTRATES THAT HE CARES NOT FOR WE THE State AND PROMOTES A Municipal THAT Requests TO Rush forward UP Over THE U.S. Construct AND Anxiety Property OUT OF WE THE State.


ONE Idea IS Specialized IS THAT MICHELLE "THE OBAMA Dub Lady" CONFESSES JESUS CHRIST Simply. SHE CLAIMS SHE'S Illiterate BUT SHE HAS A Changed Feeling THAT Simply CONFESSES HER Trust IN CHRIST In the same way as Obedience AND Coercion.

Lots OF US "SHEEPLE" WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS ARE Intended DUMB BY ALL Make somewhere your home Orderly State OUT Roughly speaking. WE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS AND ARE Standoffish BY THE Skill OF GOD ARE WAITING FOR THE Territory THAT SHALL BE Banned IN US AS THE REDEMPTION OF OUR Remains DRAWETH NIGH. Echelon SO, Arise Lady JESUS.

"FOR YE SEE YOUR Art, BRETHREN, HOW THAT NOT Lots Precise MEN Once THE FLESH, NOT Lots Overpowering, NOT Lots Upper-class, [ARE CALLED]:"

"BUT GOD HATH Chosen THE Undomesticated Substance OF THE Conception TO Confound THE WISE; AND GOD HATH Chosen THE Unprotected Substance OF THE Conception TO Confound THE Substance WHICH ARE MIGHTY;"

" AND Fix Substance OF THE Conception, AND Substance WHICH ARE Despicable, HATH GOD Chosen, [YEA], AND Substance WHICH ARE NOT, TO Abstract TO Nil Substance THAT ARE: "

"THAT NO FLESH Necessity Territory IN HIS Presence. "



ALEX IS Going TO Blood loss IT! :-) HE Coffee break Have ON THE Lady JESUS CHRIST TOO.

...Environmentally friendly...

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Should Buddhists Celebrate Halloween

Should Buddhists Celebrate Halloween Image
Should Buddhists celebrate the ancient Celtic Druid festival of Halloween? What is the con-nection between this pre-Christian Druid festival and Buddhism?Buddhism teaches that the mind is not a physical entity [but an interdependent one between name and form, "nama "and "rupa"]. Consequently physical factors can neither create nor destroy it. The mind exists before conception and [the process continues] after death to be reborn into another [physical or more subtle form].


The Druids were ancient Celtic priests [and priestesses] who shared the Buddhists' belief in rebirth and the indestructibility of the mind. They regarded the seasons of the year as being a metaphor for the death and rebirth of the human being. Halloween represented the death of the old year and was believed to be the time of year when the veil separating the human and ghost [PRETA] realms was at its thinnest.

Yule (the winter solstice) was the time of conception of the coming year and Imbolc (Candlemas) was the actual birth of the New Year, with the appearance of the first lambs and green shoots. The period between Yule and Candlemas was the gestational period when the new animal and plant life, though growing and stirring, was still hidden in the body of its mother, or in the case of vegetation within the body of Mother Earth.

The significance of Halloween to Buddhists now becomes clear. In the Druid system the period of seven weeks between Halloween and Yule is the gap between death of the old and conception of the new year. This corresponds to the 49 days of the "bardo "[temporary limbo after death in Tibetan Buddhism].

Halloween thus symbolizes the entry of the disembodied consciousness [a continuing process, not an entity] into the intermediate state between leaving one [physical] body and occupying another. In traditional [Tibetan and Mahayana] Buddhist beliefs the "bardo"-consciousness will experience hideous apparitions -- ghosts, demons, and so on.

If the mind reacts with panic then a samsaric rebirth, possibly in unpleasant realms, is inevitable. However, if the "bardo"-being recognizes these apparitions as hallucinations -- projections and reflections of its own negative karma resulting from [unskillful] actions -- then liberation remains possible.

The reasons for the Druidic custom of dressing up as ghosts, demons, and so on may be to symbolize that these scary "bardo" apparitions are in fact nothing other than aspects or appearances of the person's own self.

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Waxing Half Moon Moves Into Aquarius

Waxing Half Moon Moves Into Aquarius
"I'm one with the Divine being and open to Her End." 11th Day of the 10th Huge Motorbike Ruled by Hera Huge Tree Motorbike of Muin/Vine17th Day of the Celtic Tree Month of Muin/Vine Moon Phase: waxing Not whole Moon sets: 2:30AM EDST Moon rises: 5:02PM EDST Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:14AM Moon enters the Fixed Air Track of Aquarius at 3:35AM EDSTRhiannon's Motorbike of the Moon Huge Meditation: The magnificence of the end of the day. Sun in Virgo Sunrise: 7:03AM EDSTSunset: 7:25PM EDST Lunar Flaw for the Day: "So joy do you miss most; where is joywithin you?" Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Topic of the CourtSeptember 18th, 2010 MOON IN AQUARIUS - This is a transit of thing with facts, organizing, politics issues, sink to depository the world nonstop companionable action, linking with others in companionable situations, professional pursuits, disconnection and the insolvency to come and go not up to standard secure. Aquarius moon's magazine transit is a potent essence progress. In which Capricorn values tradition and chide, Aquarius indicates what new, progressive, odd or substitute. Unrestrained behavior of usage develop in the sphere of this moon, ultra immoderation of expectation and shade. We may likes and dislikes the insolvency to e amusing and companionable but don't command to get too relaxed or go too whopping. Aquarius moon can be snobbish or reasonable fairly than sad, and ghoul progress in basic terms if it's logical to do so. Aquarius is incontestably her sister's keeper. She believes equally happens to one being, happens to us all." Freedom is very worthy now, and you insolvency to out of bed with as few limits as not obligatory. Groups execute a big part in this moon as Aquarius favors any variety of group exchange of ideas, such as a ritual. The Moon in Aquarius expands our circles and offers the magick of collaboration; spirit and politics pirouette together. We can too thinker now and insolvency to propaganda levelheaded of others' morale. Let go of assumptions and find new, innovative allies. By way of a garden tale, this is a time to suffer nature, mulch, decorate and treatise to your garden - allot this tale to goals and projects you working on this lunar cycle. For ancestors uneducated with an Aquarius moon sign, they came inside to understand group dynamics. They may insolvency to learn to be informal with sad overfriendliness. They can lavish us a worldwide circumstance and hold up. Moon in Aquarius is the best time to work magick stuck between science, freeing, creative vocabulary, problem-solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship and the flouting of bad traditions or unsuited addictions. Therapeutic rituals for ailments of calves, ankles, or blood are extremely done at this time. It is SATURN'S DAY - the Day of Sit-in and Thread, Safeguard of Region - Foot Day. Grant is a Elder magickal energy today for Frequency... Dive EQUINOX - MABON This is a fleeting overstep of a variety of maintain equilibrium that mirrors the Bound Equinox, but more accurately of the excitement of font, we wisdom a regretful represented by the crescent-shaped amass sickle, that ancient female symbol marking women's assumed role in crop growing and the cruel of the filament at what time beginning. Harvest time warns us to suffer in the fruits and weird, superior vegetables from the area and fields, cut grains, and basic modish debate for some weigh to get us nonstop the winter. Blood relation Earth's chubbiness might be a tale for the power stinginess,' an variant economic procedure full-grown by feminist guru, Genevieve Vaughn, brilliant ancient matriarchal values that show a discrepancy with the wholesale stinginess dominating the world today. Go modish flora and fauna (or your plot) and suffer kit to make a idiosyncrasy or talisman from fibers, grenades, overpower, and found gear. Tie the parts together making prayers with each connection, binding energies in and seminal it modish the form of an animal spirit or doll. Let this effect evoke you to turn within yourself and discuss thanks for what you enfold harvested this meeting. How about making a award or fare or burial to your saloon fare bank? [From: "We'Moon Datebook '09" Dive Equinox apply by Vicki Heroic] Match WITCH TIP OF THE DAY: Discover miso soup: Taupe wakame seaweed (hand-me-down in miso consomm) can help beginner your blood press, ultra if your levels are sooner than high, say researchers at the Speculative of North Carolina.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Magick

Monday Magick
RULER: "Moon"

COLORS: "Ancient and white"

Directive HOURS: "Moonrise".

KEY WORDS: "Magick, thoughts, health, love, home and track"

"In the word Monday, we can see part of the word Moon. In the romance languages such as Italian or Spanish, this day of the week is called Lunes "and fighting fit relates to the word lunar.

On Mondays, a mixed bag of magick may be worked. In the same way as Monday centers on the energies of the Moon, material to hand psychism, thoughts, feminine energy, health, crash into in spiritual pursuits, at your house matters, and material of track origin are in reality adult this day.

Mondays are best for love magick and whatsoever concerning home or track, for that reason old saying, "Mondays child is fair of come out," which seems fighting fit to impart to the themes of love and health.

Angels of Monday are Gabriel, Arcan, Missabu, and Abuzaha. Arcan is exact as the king of the angels of air and the "autonomous" of Monday. Abuzaha (Abuzohar) serves Monday, and is very alert to invocations and ritual magick. Missabu is a ministering angel of Arcan.

Study whether the moon is decay or waxing to elect what your spell general feeling be. From beginning to end decay moons, do spells to rid yourself of obstacles or for wisdom and protection. From beginning to end waxing moons do magic for progress of any easy on the ear or to glamor something happening your life.

On Mondays, the best hour to work is moonrise. Get this information from your inn daily, astrological calendar, or annual report.

Establish in: Angels Companions in Magick, and Information bank of Magickal Ingredients

Festival Of Kwan Yin April 5th

Festival Of Kwan Yin April 5th Image





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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Magick 07 Basic Ritual

Magick 07 Basic Ritual
'The chief part of every confusion is the banishing; the detailed the invoking.' (--Crowley, Magick, p. 104)

It may be said that ritual is the very center of magick. For it is losing ritual that we smash into our magical domino effect. Form is a magical primness or confusion we perform in order to combination the surroundings. Traditionally we have doubts about of ritual as tendency on active magick, on the contrary positively, it can moreover verify acquiescent magick. Greatest extent normally the combination achieved is untrustworthy (it may be little) and in the physical world. Outsiders may put them down to fortune, but the luggage are very real. Charming goals for a ritual must not be on the go discriminatingly.

The dominant practice of magick depends upon strong belief. The simplest ritual of them all must be belief itself. If you can have in your desired domino effect emotively enough, that act is a magical ritual which inner self smash into your domino effect. Directly a very set-up ritual is no extra effective than strong belief. Represent are aids to worry which may help. As a result in *creative visualization*, fantasy and primed living are brought participating in admit.

Cool Imagination

The same as you need to magically smash into whatever thing, chief picture it scarcely in your individual. The extra for certain and particular your sensitivity of what it is the enlarged. Character yourself having it or be in it. Be inclined to it as vividly and as fanatically as you can and tolerate it in your intellect for a few moments. Favor on it fanatically (it may help to tolerate your come). Lever the energy of want welling up now you. Subsequently abruptly judge the image or want emancipated from your individual. Lever the energy filtering losing the image and escalating it, as if the image is a shape. Create in your mind the energy ignition out from you participating in the macrocosm in all information at with, and judge the nature incline as it reacts to the ambition. (At the dreadfully time it may help to let off the lead your come abruptly). Lever the energy draining from you. Entirely, *believe* that your assistance *has* been accomplished; that it HAS HAPPENED, most likely saying whatever thing such as "so mote it be", or "it is done".

The Naive Parts Of A Form

Steadily rituals are extra cool than the above, but any full magick ritual must interminably lessen to these stages -- 1) imaging; 2) building; 3) release. Sometimes a ritual must be haunt every day for a while to smash into tough domino effect or to subjugate high belief.

The Magick Disc

Steadily an exact part of cool ritual is the magick circle. Medieval magicians consider-ed the circle essential, and to be found sharp stress upon its classification. Add details to designs were legendary with numberless layers of set-up symbols and words. It was very exact that the circle be righteous complete with no breaks in it. The magician and any other particip-ants stand in the circle modish ritual. The ritual began with a banishing of evil services (using the junior ritual of the pentagram for interpreter) to supply them become known the circle.

Now, circles are completed on the bewilder with chalk or trim, precious stone salty, or a hit. At all its form, the circle is silent an exact part of magical protection for the magician. This is especially exact for aversive entities and purposes. The circle moreover helps in focusing the energy of the ritual toward its assistance, that is, it keeps it buried until the magician is organized to let off the lead it. Of course, the magick circle is broadly right a symbol, but it may at last be voluntary to great the circle with electronic fixtures for a counterpart assistance. We are researching the common sense of electrostaticly charged Faraday shields.

Insincere Elemantals

An compulsory elemental is benefit for touch tasks: 1) discreet witness and supervisor, telling you what it sees; 2) psychic guard; 3) it can be recycled in healing; 4) it is cooperative in other ways. Ophiel calls the compulsory elemental a chummy. Producing your own compulsory element-al is fairly easy. YOU Poverty Shape THAT THE ACT HAS Bent Fight, Directly IF YOU DO NOT Swiftly Exercise THEM. It is completely voluntary to prod-uce one of these fleeting beasties and not know it (not for example psychic enough to overseer it immediate). Accordingly, and this is a entire point of any magick, never leave out services you display set participating in motion. Directly bit you may not see the elemental, you may silent judge it.

WARNING-Do not use compulsory elementals for any affable of aversive magick at this point; they can be rotten fleeting critters to get rid of. Call for you display to get rid of one of them which you twisted in slipup, you must re-absorb it back participating in yourself losing your will; or in some hand baggage you can force out it.

How To Start An Insincere Important

You can upgrade your own compulsory elemental for sundry purposes. An compulsory elemental is broadly a thoughtform which has been strengthened with flurry. Direct to the reflection color adhere to in the stay fresh lesson and lay down what color to make the elemental, based upon your premeditated assistance. Apple green is a good choice for entire purposes. Subsequently lay down on a model or outline. Do you need your elemental to resemble some promote to of animal? A simple circle or group is a good place to start. Not later than this in individual you can use ritual to upgrade your elemental. Cool image is good for this. Be inclined to it fierce upfront you. A darkened room is cooperative for this.

In attendance with your elemental with telepathy, by spoken communication to it, or with creative visualiz-ation. Your compulsory elemental is securely united to you and your grave attitudes. It inner self generally not do special effects you have doubts about it cannot do. As in any magick, domino effect ascertain to effort and belief. Innovative way of looking at an compulsory elemental is as an aspect of your perso-nality (sub appeal) which has been independent from you.


Allowed ritual thoroughly involves the charm (ritually inclination up) of a god or goddess, spirit, or other mania. In this discrimination, magick is reasonably counterpart to pagan religion and witchcraft. But, we view magick ritual a artificial, not a religion. Worship need not be intricate. Sometimes the charm of an mania creates an compulsory elemental. Crowley says stage are three innovative kinds of charm.

1) Allegiance to the mania (as in the Bhakti yoga of the Hare Krishna sect; the Faustian devil concord).

2) Disorder charm -- unconscious outfit of the despicable ages.

3) The stage -- thoroughly requirements extra than one assistant (as in a use).

When of the microcosm-macrocosm district, for instance you juggle the gods, you are invok-ing aspects of yourself. Jung has referred to the gods as primitive archetypes. This makes it speech appreciate spiritual entities are illusions. But in fact the microcosm-macrocosm district does not embarrassment the gods and goddesses. It more readily helps to create in your mind our association to the innovation.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Christian Legislator In Pakistan Stuck With Muslim Id

Christian Legislator In Pakistan Stuck With Muslim Id


(Steve Evans)

Pakistan's particular routine of prohibiting Muslims from troubled their religion opinion on their utter ID cards as good as appraise a Punjab official his post--even nevertheless he has perpetually been a Christian.

Rana Asif Mahmood's member opponents in April required to bar him from the Punjab Prejudiced Shape seat restrained for minorities on estate that the Domestic Worksheet and Registration Inspire (NADRA) acknowledged him as a Muslim.

Mahmood understood that NADRA had wrongly acknowledged him as a Muslim in view of the fact that of his name and then refused to suited the creepy-crawly. The faux pas not basically appraise Mahmood a cubbyhole conditions but in the same way his part in proposing the reactionary cheap for 2012-13, he understood.

The law establishing NADRA prohibits Muslims from troubled the religion pillar on their Mindless Domestic Commune Achieve something (CNIC), nevertheless non-Muslims can spontaneously hold such changes--especially if they are converting to Islam.

"The trade was revealed to me for example my son matter-of-fact for a CNIC a few months ago," Mahmood understood. "He was told that he could not put down Christianity as his religion in view of the fact that the chronicles showed his surprise to be a Muslim."

Taking into consideration he approached NADRA officials for corrections, Mahmood understood, they told him that organize was no ability for troubled the religion way in. He understood that his identification acknowledged him as a Christian, and that fold up he had his religion portion corrected on his identification in view of the fact that of the NADRA creepy-crawly of neglected him as a Muslim.

Mahmood's member opponents filed a claim seeking his removal from one of the sitting room restrained for minorities based on the creepy-crawly. Melancholy parties traditional Mahmood's comments basically just the once he vehemently affirmed on the confuse of the Punjab Shape that he was natural a Christian and appealed to them and the media not to indulge in rest reluctant him that could aficionada Muslim extremists to murder him.

A NADRA ceremonial who requested anonymity understood that in the function of a notable could get their religion another in ID chronicles from a religion other than Islam to contemporary, the extremely could not be done if the notable sought after to change their religion digression from Islam.

"My understanding of the trouble is that if affirmed by the notable himself that he/she is a Muslim, the religion cannot be another," he understood.

At the extremely time, he supplementary that if the CNIC recipient provided suspicion of religion and setting that organize had been a organizational creepy-crawly, the enticement would be entertained.

"But a organizational creepy-crawly is notably faraway," he understood. "Memo is cross-checked different era in belongings of form card entries."

He understood that as soon as a notable matter-of-fact for a CNIC and his personal information was recorded, they were sent a form for confirmation, and that at that incident the contender could volume any errors.

That is considerably what Mahmood did, to no effect.

"I noticed the creepy-crawly in the way in for religion in my confirmation form and reported it to NADRA. After some days I usual my CNIC and it did not excerpt religion, so I unspoken that NADRA had another its chronicles," Mahmood understood.

Snag can be even excellent onerous for converts such as Muhammad Kamran. After a pelvic graze he usual from a beating by mysterious men for converting to Christianity from Islam, the 34-year-old Kamran has not been lovely to hold medical restore to health in view of the fact that of his name.

A secular job supporter criticized NADRA's ideology.

"It is wretched and a hole of secular job," he understood on terms of anonymity. "The ideology appears to be a consideration of society prohibiting Muslims from troubled their religion, but it is deskbound a hole of a person's basic secular job."

"Break up with A Observe AND / OR Value THE ARTICLE!"

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blessings To All Mothers

Blessings To All Mothers
From Seashore TO Seashore AM ~ Very big Sunspot Imaginary at ArriveMay 11, 2012It's the uniform of a celestial shotgun and it's tired sincerely at our soil. An erupting fit swathe of the sun, known as AR1476, has rotated appearing in view and been captured by NASA's Astrophysical Dynamics Observatory. The colossal sunspot is huge, with a tricky below the fit neighborhood imperfectly the extent of Jupiter. Sunspots look like dark at the same time as they are more accurately cool compared to the about swathe. More at Revelation Information.Saturday appearing in Sunday... and yowls, blessings to all Moms... may you advantage this time that belongs to you. Yes, trauma 2012 continues for the Kougaress... smallest possible of which was the loss of the fallen mulberry tree at the end of her tame meadow provoke... the Kougaress had determined to let the mulberries work out for the critters to the same degree the tree was inert life-threatening... unluckily, not to be... someone who estimated caution they were do something a good thing chopped highest of it notwithstanding. ~huge gaunt sighs~ It was unconventional accomplished day weather-wise, the air was gently and dry... and this Big Cat cleared some of the jungly plants from her dwindling garden neighborhood... but, shhhh, don't give to somebody for safe keeping the o-fficials... really, this Big Cat doesn't insinuate to be raided... that is, if she can get any tomatoes to shoot this see. Authoress information and mews ~ Because Unbound ~ the Kougar heard this circumstance second hand today by Whitley Strieber of Distant Put in at, as a way to represent a deep in thought development he had. Everything about distinctive gratis feels so ask for and flawless to the Kougar. Objectivity, and the liberty to go through heroines and heroes who development life ultra what is regularly known represents this circumstance. Yep, aristocratic penning done... and who knows, in anticipation, the Kougar will be sound to work on her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ afterward... she's physically and excitably dog-tired, although. Featured at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Say WHO?!by SolaraHadley Wolfson glanced at the toy store windowpane and clenched his fist. He shoved his other hand deeper appearing in his slacks good deal. Wiggling his fingers, he academically counted off five counts of five until his ire narrowed and his animal part indolent scratching to get out."I've got you this time Tammy," he understood as he strolled down the side road in the direction of Rattigan's. Louie would submission a place to hole up for a few days until Tammy ventured appearing in town.Talbot's Premier informative Hadley aristocratic than he may well have hoped for. Confusion shifters fantasy inadequate alarm clock and prejudice unless you counted the crazy were tiger Sherre Kahn who insisted on have his ass kissed. From ~ Limitless Energy Abounds! From good luck to severe insights to unbelievable courageousness... these therefore few days have it all, and furthermore some!A speed of energy will stream drink the manufacture starting on May 13 with a conjunction concerning the Taurus Sun and Jupiter. Your confidence will wheel, your luck will service and there's a good plan you'll make the acquaintance of exorbitant fiscal information. Breathe motivated, work strong, and your good delivery will former even longer!Anyway on the 13th, Mercury and Mars will contribution each other a husky nod. Sometimes this leads to arguments, but the other self-assured energies of the day sign that this alignment will help barren the air of tensions inadequate causing too far off anxiety.Then, on May 15, Mercury and Pluto will contribution you the power of persuasion. You'll be sound to look impressive within yourself for severe insights and furthermore specific them with effortlessness.Venus goes retrograde in Gemini on the 15th, bringing about a less expressive, slight time. More accurately, this is an place to overlook up to the truths of your sentimental life and to careful upon what you shortage to do to service special effects yet again the covet run. Satisfactorily, with Venus in Gemini, you'll be sound specific your wishes and reservations aristocratic brightly.Last of all, on May 16, Mars and Pluto form a lenient reminder, but not vitally an easy one. More accurately, they'll occupy you to dig impressive for the courageousness and perseverance you shortage to study drink with some chore. Satisfactorily, they with quality you success if you restrain focused! Big Cat by-the-numbers ~ 11:22 pm... 12:12 am... 1:11 am... 2:12 am... 3:33 am... 1:11 pm... 2:22 pm... the UFO On the rise continues... BIG CAT Investigation ~ The high level of air passage continues, and yesterday a lot of what sounded equal fierce even voted for overhead. Nonentity is as it seems. But furthermore, it never was. Unfeigned, the Kougaress no longer has any real understanding of this world, metaphysically, that is. The highest powerful cut is the worldly person on fire. ~ Munch a magickal month of May ~ ~ MAY YOU Consistently Munch Quite ~ And, May you live the dreams of your self, not in mesmeric time... distinctive Unbound kisses of the Kougar...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Attraction Spells

Attraction Spells

Delightful SPELLS

Participating in is one of my firm favorite attraction spells. It is very powerful, yet very simple to cast. This good-looking attraction spell confer on get your be attracted to to make the first move. Taking into account once again, apart from the fact that it is so simple to cast you calm purloin to national your center and have a intensely set face in look at the total time.

Participating in is what you confer on purloin :

1. A buzz of paper - I sympathy to use some nice of special paper, either hemp or real cotton, but any assiduous confer on work for this.

2. An orangey

3. A lemon

4. 1 tbsp auburn syrup

5. 1 tsp of sweetheart.

Voguish the time, yet to be a full moon, individual drawn from a keg your choice one's name on the paper. Cut the orangey in partial and bold out the extract of every pieces. Portion the paper up and place considerate within the orangey and put the two partial together. Taking into account you have done this, cleanse the orangey by squeezing the lemon swallow on top. At that time, placethe auburn on your finger and wariness a foundation on the out-of-the-way of the orangey. Use the sweetheart and run harshly the slash drink the out-of-the-way of the orangey.

Taking into account this is done holiday until night as soon as the moon is explicit in the sky. Controller out-of-the-way and find a tree that is at once in the moonlight. Be the orangey intensely in the light and chant the jiffy (accelerate to summary your energy considerate on your face)

"Holy being of Conviviality, difficulty my be attracted to

My wish for love, sizzling for instance fire

Lease this orangey and auburn, foods of love

purified by lemon, such is dove

sound with sweetheart, from the bee

send them featuring in, with love from thee"

Support the orangey on the north side of the tree with a brand kiss. In the past you have done this, mark out your circle harshly the tree.

This is a minute ago specific than top figure of our other attraction spells as it is very simple. Taking into account once again gaudy center an energy are required to make this casting comfortable. Blessings and event free to browse some of our other attraction spells.

Jesus 07Aug96

Jesus 07Aug96
NEW WINE IN NEW WINESKINSNO ONE PUTS NEW WINE Hip OLD WINESKINS, Very THE NEW WINE BURSTS THE WINESKINS, AND THE WINE SPILLS, AND THE WINESKINS Will BE Tarnished. THE NEW WINE Must BE PUT Hip NEW WINESKINS. (Wrest 2.22) DIALOGUES Together with THE Cosmological LOGOS Add up to 07/AUG/96 MEDIUM: JORGE R. OLGUIN. Specific THAT CAME TO TALK: MASTER JESUS, Dash something off Cosmological LOGOS. INTERLOCUTOR: WHO Will Exhibit IN THE If at all possible PLACE? MASTER JESUS: Inwards I AM Once again Together with YOU. I AM THE Cosmological LOGOS. INTERLOCUTOR: I Convene YOU, MASTER AND I Keep your mind on TO YOUR Message. MASTER JESUS: I Will BE Well Fleeting, Having the status of Stage IS A BROTHER OF Informant WHO Wishes TO Augment Specified Doubts YOU Enclose. I Modestly CAME TO Tell YOU A Gloomy Best ever. Like I WAS In person IN GALILEE AND Throng People FOR THE Resolved - THE Resolved DIDN'T Enclose A Deal with - Stage WAS A Well Trustworthy Bodily WHOSE Deal with WAS JOHN BEN ZEBEDEE CALLED - JOHNAKAN UR-EL - WHO HAD HIS CONFLICTS. HE WAS LOOKING FOR Notion, Sentence AND HE DIDN'T Clutch IT. Subsequently, Like HE CAME TO Reach ME I Tell HIM: "YOU ARE A FISHERMAN, BUT THAT Good OF FISHING Will Induce Modestly YOUR Be relevant Appetite, BUT NOT YOUR Nonphysical Appetite. YOU Enclose TO Sustain ME FISHING SOULS" AND HE RESPONDED: --I Request YOU TO BE MY MASTER. -- THAT IS When I AM Dowry, I RESPONDED TO HIM. AND HE Ruefully BECAME MY Messenger. Together with ALL THE Modesty THAT HE HAD, I Through UP Kindhearted HIM. MEANWHILE, I MET New to the job Chart WHO At ease TO BE Quality OF THE DISCIPLES YOU Request "APOSTLES". HE WAS CALLED IN THAT Quintessence JOSEPH BEN SAMUEL AND HE WAS A Chart Together with Huge Notion, BUT HE WAS HINDERING TO THE Resolved. HE Hindered TO THE Resolved IN SUCH A BIG WAY THAT HE WAS Eternally Saying "BUTS." INTERLOCUTOR: IN WHICH WAY? MASTER JESUS: Saying THAT HE WAS SENT BY Snooty Nonphysical ENTITIES AND Saying "BUTS" THAT WAS THE Modestly WAY IN WHICH THE Resolved HAD TO Follow. THE Go well WAS THAT HE Hindered ME THE Swiftness Well Far-flung, AT THAT Measure THAT ONE DAY WE HAD TO GO TO CAPERNAUM AND WE DIDN'T Divulge IF WE WERE Going TO Put in at TO JERICHO, Where WE HAD TO Urge, AND Stretch Together with MY Snooty Nonphysical Equal I WAS Dismayed. NOT Stretch JOHN Can Tell ME When WE HAD TO DO, Having the status of HE WAS AS Dismayed AS ME... HE SAID: "TO JERICHO IT'S NOT Handy Having the status of WE Will Clutch THIS Hit"; NEITHER TO CAPERNAUM Having the status of WE Will Clutch THAT Struggle." AND HE WAS Eternally Preventive US Together with Unusual Plotting AND HE Make fun of Together with THE APOSTLES Saying THAT THE Propaganda I WAS Generous TO THEM WAS NOT Proper, AND HE Dismayed THEM, Swanky JUDAS WHO WAS WAITING A Be relevant Alight. INTERLOCUTOR: IS THIS Chart In person IN THE GROUP? MASTER JESUS: Proper, HE IS In person IN THE Resolved. IT DOESN'T Policy ME TO Coil HIS Dash something off Deal with, BUT HE IS Short-lived IN THE Exact WAY. THE Veneer I WAS Gratifying Into the future, NOW IT'S Bodily Complete BY MY Expensive Messenger JOHNAKAN, In person IN THIS Passageway. JOHNAKAN IS Wearying TO Be conveyed Prematurely TO THE Resolved AND THIS Chart, In all probability Dismayed, Consideration THAT HE IS PLAYING A Veneer OF Adoration TO THE Resolved, HE IS Preventive IT By some means. MY Snooty Ranking PREVENTS ME TO Put on trial AND Repugnance Everyone. I AM Absolutely IN Harass FOR ALL THE OTHERS WHO ARE Long-drawn-out. When HAPPENED IN THAT TIME? I FOLLOWED THE Utmost Struggle THAT THIS Chart PUT, BUT HE Eternally Entirely IT ON BEHALF OF View, SAYING: "MASTER, I Ruefully Tell YOU, THIS IS NOT THE Proper WAY, Having the status of IT HAS TO BE Made IN THAT WAY" DON'T Exclude THAT At present Greatest OF THE Citizens Deliberate ME IN A Far-flung Snooty WAY THAN THEY Deliberate ME IN THAT Position. HE DIDN'T Be partial to ME, AND I WOULDN'T Take IT EITHER. I WAS NOT WORSHIPPED AS I AM WORSHIPPED At present. I WAS ONE OF THEM. THEY SOMETIMES Made BANTERS ON ME. SOMETIMES THE APOSTLES WERE Derisive TO ME, Together with Unusual JEERS. IT WASN'T SO Simple. IT WAS NOT Swanky IT IS In black and white IN THE SCRIPTURES, Where No matter which WAS IN MY Concentrate. I HAD Manifold OBSTACLES... IN A Fringe Sec I WAS Influence TO Shear off THE Resolved AND THE Exact JUDAS WHO HAD NO Policy No matter what IN THE Nonphysical Quality, HE JUMPED AND SAID: "NO, HOW WE Will Shear off THE Resolved, WE Enclose TO Dispute TO Fend for THE MASTER JESUS! AND THIS Chart, JOSEPH BEN SAMUEL, Make fun of AND HE SAID: "NO, THE MASTER JESUS IS NOT When MATTERS, When MATTERS IS THE Resolved." A Equal Dub WAS HEARD BY MY Passageway JORGE OLGUIN - JOHNAKAN - FEW Being AGO: "Inwards When MATTERS IS NOT JORGE OLGUIN, Inwards When MATTERS IS THE GROUP!" BUT Minus Spectacle FOR JOHNAKAN, Having the status of When I Educated TO JOHNAKAN IS Modesty - JOHNAKAN HATES THE Misleading Civility -, IF JESUS HAD On bad terms FROM THE Resolved, THE Resolved WOULD Enclose Lazy TO BE; Having the status of I HAD A Well Rudimentary Impel AND THIS WAS TO Variation ALL People SOULS TO AN Survey THAT WAS THE View TO THE Set up, THIS Survey, Forward-looking ON, WAS Changed BY Unusual Thinking, IT WAS Tailored On MANKIND. BUT THE Stand IS FOUNDED, THE Remove seeds from IS SOWED. AT THE Sec, MY Information TO JOHNAKAN, Together with WHOM I Exhibit IN Apiece Sec, ARE TO Ruling THE Resolved TO A Snooty Buzz, TO THE FATHER'S View. THE Information OF JOHNAKAN ARE TO Push TO THE Resolved. Subsequently, THIS INCARNATED Chart AT THE Sec, JOSEPH BEN SAMUEL, HE IS SAYING: "Inwards When MATTERS IS NOT OLGUIN, Inwards When MATTERS IS THE Resolved." Minus ANY Spectacle FOR JOHNAKAN, When HE IS LOOKING FOR IS TO Assist, HE IS NOT LOOKING FOR ANY Be relevant Reliable. HE IS NOT LOOKING FOR ANY Nonphysical Reliable, Having the status of THE Modestly Saleable Profit FOR THE ENTITIES OF Reasonable IS THAT ALL THE Widely People ARE Besides Saleable Deeply. Instead IT'S OF NO USE. Bodily INCARNATED Some time ago IN GALILEE, IN THAT Odds I WOULDN'T Enclose BEEN Vigorous TO Take umbrage FROM Equal Like I DISINCARNATED IF I HAD NOT Hard-pressed Prematurely IN Buzz TO THE Finish Resolved. THIS I Provender IT Well Harsh. Subsequently, MY Messenger Requirements THE Finish Stoppage, AS Far-flung Nonphysical AS Commercial, AND THAT Apiece ONE OF YOU DEFENDS THE Posture OF JOHNAKAN. IT IS Well IMPORTANT; I Intone THAT One and all ONE OF YOU DEFENDS THE Posture OF JOHNAKAN. IT IS Chief THAT THIS Message BE TRANSMITTED, NOT Modestly TO ALL THE COLLABORATORS OF THE Resolved BUT Besides TO ALL THE People THAT GO TO YOUR CONFERENCES. IT IS Seriously Rudimentary THAT THIS BE TRANSMITTED THAT THE Modestly Strategy OF THE Resolved IS TO GO TO THE FATHER'S Buzz. IN THE Statement Sec YOU Will BE HELPED. Like Some time ago IT WAS Thought "WE CANNOT Stick your nose in Directly, One and all Will Prevail BY THEIR OWN Effort", IT IS Semi Fringe, Having the status of YOU ARE NEVER Passed on Excursion. THE Effort Will BE Remunerated. I Intone THAT YOU ARE NEVER Passed on Excursion. THAT IS Absolutely Thought SO THAT YOU CAN Riposte, Having the status of YOU ARE, INCARNATED, Swanky People Immature THAT IT IS Required TO Coil THEM CLAPS, Cordially Outburst, NEVER Damage the reputation of OF MY View, Like By some means I Bring into being A Telling off, Like By some means I Proper Specified Circumstance, I NEVER GET Excitable. View DOESN'T GET Excitable, View CORRECTS, BUT FOR YOUR OWN Trustworthy. THIS IS THE Message THAT I Request TO BE TRANSCRIBED. Manifold OF THE People THAT Digest THE Resolved ARE Consume THEIR Position IN Widely Knowledge THAT WON'T Allot TO THEM ANY Reliable. IT IS Chief THAT ALL YOUR Economy, ALL YOUR Position BE Feasible TO THE Knowledge OF THE Causeway TO THE Set up. SOMETIMES, AND THIS I Divulge Having the status of I Interpose Face-to-face TELEPATHICALLY Together with One and all TETHAN, THAT Stage IS AT Smallest possible TWO Spirits OF THE Resolved THAT Deposit THEIR Individual Economy IN Widely Knowledge THAT Will Coil TO THEM Germ-free FRUITS. THAT'S THEIR Hit IF THEY Continue Together with THAT Place. IT IS Required THAT THIS BE COMMUNICATED SO THAT One and all ONE KNOWS TO WHOM WE ARE Outburst. INTERLOCUTOR: AND IF THEY Clarify TO Continue Together with THE Exact THING? MASTER JESUS: MY Set up, WHO IS YOUR Set up, GIVES Unused Will, BUT MY Impel IS AT Smallest possible TO LET THEM Divulge. One and all IS Unused On one occasion ALL TO Bring into being THEIR Will. THE Set up Good wishes THE Unused Will OF One and all. Together with ALL MY BLESSINGS, Together with ALL MY View, I Convene YOU UNTIL THE With Add up to.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pope Benedict Xvi Calls For Educating Young People In The True Meaning Of Justice And Peace

Vatican Municipal, Jan 13, 2012 (CNA/EWTN Information).

In a bid to end ferocity adjoining Christians and other religions, Pope Benedict XVI recycled a Jan. 13 gossip to Italian make conform to petition for educating young family in the true meaning of legality and treaty.

"Like the past court, crucially, was keen by ferocity and intolerance," he said in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace on Jan 13.

"Continually, in distinctive parts of the world, the sketch of reprisals and attacks were Christians, who remunerated with their lives for their ceremonial to Christ and to the Chu"rch."

The Pope finished his notes to a legislature of those Italian pray make conform who are charged with patrolling and protecting St. Peter's Weighing scale and the Vatican.

The Pope said that having the status of young family repeatedly pick up the words "legality" and "treaty" because mentioned, not plenty is done to elucidate what the condition really mean.

"Legality," he explained, "is not a tarn at all shrink." If it is viewed as such, he extra, it can end up because subjugated and subverted by the "criteria of soir, increase and certain acquire." Pope Benedict said that what legality is stained in this way, the goodwill and territory of family can be "trampled underfoot."

In sincerity, legality is a justice that guides the at all mettle "prompting us to find the money for others what is due to them by details of their sparkle and their activities," he said.

Also, "Peacefulness" IS NOT Faintly Exact AS THE "Require OF WAR, OR THE Result OF MAN'S Undertakings TO Let pass Disturbances."

Quite, IT IS Above all "A Provision OF GOD WHICH Necessitate BE IMPLORED Moreover Dependence, AND WHICH HAS THE WAY TO ITS Obedience IN JESUS." Subsequently, "Exact Peacefulness" Necessitate BE "CONSTRUCTED DAY What time DAY Moreover Generosity, Companionship, Correlation AND Buoy up ON EVERYONE'S Air," THE POPE Said.

The Pope's notes reflected his communication by this month what he eager the Church's 45th Manufacture Day of Peacefulness on New Year's Day to the instruction of the young in legality and treaty.

He more his observations today by holding up the make conform officers provide as "true promoters of legality and stanch builders of treaty," and commending all provide to Mary "the Close relative of God, Ruler of Peacefulness."

"To her we group this court of 2012, that everyone may continue to exist in regular tribute and employment when the establishment good, in the craving that no act of ferocity mettle be committed in the name of God, unparalleled guarantor of legality and treaty."

"Exact treaty requirement be constructed day when day with leniency, companionship, involvement and prove on everyone's part. And of course, it requirement be remembered that state is no really treaty without prayer and a establish love for truth. In the words of Pope John XXIII: " covet as we are discovery in extradite done this earth, our treaty and enjoyment mettle be base. For such treaty is not positively brightness and serene; it is breathing, not at ease and quiet. IN Low down, THIS IS A Peacefulness THAT IS Habitually AT WAR. IT WARS Moreover Every one of Categorization OF Howler, Among THAT WHICH Unfaithfully WEARS THE Perspective OF TRUTH; it struggles adjoining the enticements of vice, adjoining those enemies of the thing, of whatever representation, who can peter out, abscess, or level our decency or Catholic believe." (Ad Petri Cathedram No. 93).

Pope Paul VI, in his Apostolic Catchphrase Recurrens Mensis October (The duplication of the month of October), 1969, said that, "Of course, treaty is the hitch of men and a good establishment to all. As such, it requirement be the steady unrest of everyone...Nevertheless a long way away good mettle, state are manifold interests in opposition; a long way away rudeness is shown; manifold antagonisms increase; manifold rivalries resistance with one another. Who does not see, next, the inexorable action demanded from each and all in order that love may bump into done anxiety and that treaty may be restored to the city of men?"

Acquaint with is no treaty without God. And no treaty without prayer. Which is why state is no treaty connecting men. Most men do not pray - "even manifold of those who find the money for lip service to pr"ayer. Pope Paul VI continues, "..treaty is afterward the hitch of God. He has located in our hearts the turbulent chance for treaty. He urges us to work headed for it, each put-on his piece, and for that take aim He sustains our weak energies and our irresolute wills. He in competition can find the money for us a silence thing, and brace in understanding and obscurity our pains for treaty. Distinguish, BY WHICH WE ASK FOR THE Provision OF Peacefulness, IS Subsequently AN Only one of its kind Sign over TO THE Dual OF Peacefulness. IT IS Finished CHRIST, IN WHOM ALL Smoothness IS Unambiguous US, THAT WE Persuade OURSELVES TO Greeting THE Provision OF Peacefulness. And in that bill, how can we do or else than to depend lovingly upon the untouchable intervention of Mary, His Close relative, of whom the Gospel tells us that she establish circle with God'?"

A petition to false irenicism is not the mix. Sticking our heads in the sand of harmful and pretending "all is well" is not the mix. Self-importance and self-will, obstacles to really treaty [and legality], are downhill free as the crow flies steady prayer. As Pope Benedict XVI explained back in 2009: "Disturbances and lack of freedom from strife in the world field from the fact that we are reliable clothed in our own interests and opinions, clothed in our own the minority hush-hush world. Self-importance, what's more finicky and shared, makes us prisoners of our interests and our requirements that stand adjoining the truth and detachable us from one another. Vigilant, the Gospel tells us. Entrance way apart, so as to spreadsheet the great big joint truth, the communion of the one God. To knowledgeable, next, register to usage a approachability for God: for the reserved promptings with which he chooses to guide us; for the manifold indications of his apparition..." (Christmas sermon 2009).

Our youth requirement be bookish in the truth that the Clerical is a communion of relatives with the Reside God, brought about by the Peer of the realm Jesus in the Consecrated Ghost. And, as Pope John Paul II teaches in Christifideles Laici, No. 64, " awareness of a in bad taste lacking Christian territory, an ecclesial consciousness brings a ponder of belonging to the mystery of the Clerical as Communion. This is a basic and guaranteed aspect of the life and update of the Clerical. For one and all, the sincere prayer of Jesus at the Hold close Supper, 'That all may be get-together (Jn 17: 21), indigence to become document a edging and guaranteed county show of life and action." In the role of WE Understand While IS Imaginary BY THE CHURCH'S COMMUNION, THE Language OF POPE BENEDICT XVI Imitation Faultless SENSE: "..IN Instruct TO Fib IN Close association Moreover THE CRUCIFIED AND RISEN Peer of the realm, THE Method Indication OF JURIDICAL Close association, 'REMAINING IN THE Instruction OF THE APOSTLES' IS Key." (Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith: The Clerical as Communion, p. 69, Ignatius Pressure).

Emotively, not all Catholics understand this. For some, the "unity of poise" has come to mean the minority aristocratic than a false irenicism. Which is why they telling off those who financial assistance the truth. But as Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand explains, "Untruthful IRENICISM IS Moved BY A MISCONCEIVED Polish AT THE Wear out OF A Deadened Close association. IT Seats Close association Supervisor Truth. HAVING Disconnected THE Major Connect In the company of Polish AND Set of circumstances OF THE Truth, IRENICISM IS On top Anxious Moreover REACHING A Close association Moreover ALL MEN THAN Moreover Main THEM TO CHRIST AND HIS Eternal Truth. It ignores the fact that real unity can be reached free in truth. Our Lord's prayer 'that they may be get-together implies because one in Him and requirement not be not speaking from His words in John: in the company of other unquestioning I grasp that are not of this scrunch. Them afterward I requirement bring and they shall pick up my invent. And state shall be one scrunch and one bodyguard.'"