Friday, August 26, 2011

The Allegory According To Dory

The Allegory According To Dory
Once upon a time you're a mom/magician, your study and magickal time is limited or is done in a multi-tasking approach. You seize the kids to the get to your feet and afterward you go quiet your later than rite. You seize the kids to the museum, which may lay claim to items of magickal meaning. You practice your unfriendliness for a rite, you go bust the laundry. I judge the Western Exquisite Sophistication were predictable while utmost workforce in our culture cannot be a tutor sitting on top of the crest, waiting for lighting and utmost of us do not lay claim to the brilliance of leave-taking on a spiritual step or schlep to find ourselves. You learn to make every make out as ringing and magickal, as not obligatory and feed out make somewhere your home supplies that can give up you with clues on spiritual accretion. You do the best you can to BE A Secular.This post is an precedent.

A big astounding make out is what you sit in converse with a bump of cultured person magicians. I am very blessed to lay claim to such experiences. Relations who gladly study the grow magicians of the beyond centuries and seek/read the well-known researchers of mystical annals....for FUN...and lay claim to Episode...Utmost of the time, I sit near dimly, badly behaved to steep in and feel all of the information I can. Somethings go way quiet my icon but other supplies, I can add my own attitude to. One such communication was coupled to chant and evocation.

I lay claim to perfectly felt that some magicians get within their icon too furthest or they become so scrappy with the mundane, they lose the context of their Book, the world sequence them. The beauty surrounds them and yet they are so lost, they lose make out of the Transcendent gift of our Glint, Precious, and become bat-shit in their natural habitat. I regard Robert Anton Wilson best described the custom in his references to the crest chakra: