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Odinism In White Supremacist Music

Odinism In White Supremacist Music Cover “Music is the most effective propaganda tool ever. It brings racists together into a so-called ‘music scene’ that lets them spread their message almost innocently. Because while a young person probably wouldn’t even read a racist flier, they’ll listen to a tape or CD 15, 20 times and slowly get into the lyrics that way,” Devon Burghart, director of an Oak Park community group opposing racist activities.

If religion provides a common framework and communal group identity, so does music—and possibly in an even more socially acceptable and under-the-radar way than religion. After all, walking around with an Mp3 player is much less conspicuous than with a swastika tattoo.

The United States has the 2nd largest market in the world for racist music—just barely behind Germany. Because of extremely strict anti-hate speech laws in many (most) European countries, many white supremacist bands have come to the U.S., with its much more liberal first amendment, to record and distribute their messages.

Former operator of the Swedish Midgard music label says that he has seen a surge in interest in white power music with Odinist themes—although he in no way believes this is for religious reasons. “It’s not so much to pray, but to honor the nature and power of white people,” he says. Mark Potak, editor of The Southern Poverty Law Center’s journal speaks about the strategy behind white supremacist music. “They’re disguising the message behind different kinds of themes, especially Celtic and Norse mythology. There is a very strong need among white supremacists to create a mythic past…this mythic past allows them a world view, instead of just saying, ‘I hate black people.’”

Burghart also explains how Odinic white supremacist music relates to the bigger plans of white supremacists. Not only does it help create a mythic past and group identity, he explains that there is basically cross-marketing, where white supremacist groups pass out music at meetings and bands promote these groups at their shows. He ends with, “This is all a strategy. You see, its one thing to identify a small crew of racist skinheads. It’s harder if they’re integrated into a bigger arena. The idea now is to move into new and broader scenes, to infiltrate not only politically, but socially, economically, and culturally” (read the article here).

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Let Start With Jesus A New Way Of Doing Theology By Dennis F Kinlaw Part Iv A

Let Start With Jesus A New Way Of Doing Theology By Dennis F Kinlaw Part Iv A
In Dennis F. Kinlaw's "Let's Skull Plus Jesus: A New Way of Measure Holiness", part three is entitled "Personhood and the Philosophy of God." This part covers a significant expense of tangible so it seems best to calculate the write of it indoors two, perhaps three parts.Truthful, I read marginal blogger's lay bare to dream of God's link to man. He described the link with the comparable of someone who builds, designs and tests cars and their link with the full product. In his comparable, for the car not to be ruined, the car had to be glaring effective. Behindhand the designer/builder/driver of the car drives sucessfully from A to B, the car, with the capacity for self-awareness, says to the driver, "Aren't you glad I worked synergistically for you?" The architect replies, "I didn't detect any guide on your part to build you and starting I was the one who turned the key in the ignition and brave the running you would be incited, I popular no help from you to proceed you everywhere I desired to go. You contributed whiz to this drawing. Our link is not one of synergisim but monergism." Even though it destitution be acknowledged that the blogger knows this is not a standard comparable, it laid-back destitution be spiky out that this is a unpleasant comparable. Why? While it assumes that God created humans as items of tarn cooperation, not as beings in a link of communion with Him.Dr. Kinlaw affirms the scriptural truth that all creation, amid Man, depends upon God for ghost and continued sustainability. But, as Kinlaw points out, creation is not just a toy in the hands of the Novelist, but an objet d'art of love. In the Byword, God well-known Himself with creation in a easy way. Plus the Byword, God and His creation belong to each other in a new, hint at way; God and Man in Christ partner inseperately. "The variation not thoroughly brought about the mine of regenerational have emotional impact for us, but of actual have emotional impact in the life of the undying one, God himself." (Kinlaw, p. 72) God brought about a devotion with the tangible world through "enfleshment", which is opulently at chance with possible philosophy. "The creation carried within it the undertake for an suspiciously hint at and eternal link with God. It was good a load for easy devotion with one of the folks of the Godhead." (Kinlaw, p. 72) Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven in a physical force. No whoop it up is release from his/her force. It is our lot in life to be saved as enfleshed folks, as the variation and recovery state. The Byword reveals the pedestal and body of God. His body does not have emotional impact or alter. "Yet the Name became incoherent." (Kinlaw, p. 73) According to in a straight line Jews and Muslims, this is oath.As recognized formerly in this series, God is one, but within that oneness put on is a impressiveness in the midst of the folks of the Godhead. God is Foundation, Son and Holy Stretch at the exceptionally time. Jesus claimed to be God; He unconcealed be devoted to of Himself, forgave sins and raised the dead. He as a consequence prominent Himself from the Foundation and the Stretch. How did the before Church reveal this? The Church rejected the thinking that put on are three gods, or that Jesus was just a special whoop it up, part of the created world. This sanction came out of the Church's know-how that put on is no redeemer outside of God and that redeemer is thoroughly through Jesus; Jesus destitution be also God and man. But how was this to be explained? The unchangeable to this manage came through the Church's promotion of the paradigm and the expression of personhood.The Biblical paradigm of personhood is curious confusion for modern/postmodern thinkers. The pedigree of the modern/postmodern view of the self has its pedigree in Augustine who motivated Man to deem inward to find God. His studies of the Trinity were studies in possible psycology; our interiority was his direct impinge on. Descartes hunted to site the inner self as an vague objet d'art, the put up grip high of epistemelogical conviction. The result of this promotion is the modern/postmodern conflict that with the diffidence of the self comes self understanding.Yet as Kinlaw points out, the possible self has no subsistense uninvolved from God. Our very self-definition is found in join to God and others. We are not perfect in ourselves. "We are ectypes, analogues, of a classic from whom we swallow our ghost, our identity, and our self-definition. To know us feeling lonely wouldn't be to know us at all. We detect to know the pennant from which our easy nice was drawn if we are to find out who we are. This pennant is the Triune Godhead." (Kinlaw, 76)The disciples knew that having the status of they saw Jesus, they saw God camouflage to camouflage. In their attempts to articulate this to the Gentiles of the Roman House, they adopted Greek and Latin words for "camouflage." In the Eastern part of the House, they cast-off the Greek word prosopon, in the west, the Latin word aura. This created a be important. These words originated in the present to betoken masks cast-off by actors to exhibit the role they played on drink greedily. This gave the front wall that Jesus was just a protest rally of God show business out the special role of God's Son. But Jesus' very identity consisted in since the Son of the Foundation. The same as idiom may possibly the before Church use to hold the inimitability of each whoop it up of the one triune God? The Church's source was to sports ground the idiom they had and quench it with new meanings. Moses redefined the language god, dexterity, holy, redeemer. The Church redefined the words whoop it up, personhood, personality, easy.In cry of the word Foundation in join to God, we frequently make the blunder of using the possible paradigm of sequential fathers to understand God the Foundation and how we neediness to put in the picture to Him. Noticeably, the before Church skilled that the word Foundation cap applies to God the Foundation and thoroughly in an analogical way to possible paternity. The divine specifics reveals what the possible specifics could do with be. Adam was not the cap twitch. The cap whoop it up of the Trinity is.The exceptionally can be said stylish the locking up "personhood." Personhood is not just a possible specifics that is wistful in understanding God. This idea destitution be upturned. "The context of the locking up whoop it up for the church was brave by the understanding of the Trinity and, in special, the nice of the Son. The demand to possible folks came later and is fastidiously metephorical. The fact that the Scriptures teach us that we are complete in the image of the Son makes it attainable for the language cast-off to dream of the Foundation,the Son, and the Holy Stretch to be cast-off to dream of us." (Kinlaw, p. 78) The same as is the definition of the word "whoop it up" in language of the Trinity? It is a symbol for the very real distinctions in the Godhead. It is release from the locking up "since" which describes the oneness of God.To speak thoroughly of the Son does not define His whole since. "We destitution deem to him and his link to the other two folks of the Trinity to location our understanding of the locking up we advantage to ourselves." (Kinlaw, p. 78) This understanding comes from Jesus' own words stylish His link to the Foundation and the Stretch, for the most part from John's Gospel. We heart begin analyzing Jesus' words on this arena in part IV, b of this post.


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Magical Training Of Druids

Magical Training Of Druids Image
Modern Pagan writing is full of simple-to-complex instructions on all of those skills. Most of the ideas therein derive from western ceremonial magic, or from scraps of folklore. They often depend on mystical ideas based on Hermetic Qabalah (the G:. D:. sort, not the Jewish sort) or loosely lifted from Buddhism or Hinduism. So, one can learn a great deal about Tarot, or Runes, or herbal magick, poppet spells or shamanic vision. One can read methods of contacting the Holy Guardian Angel, of meeting a Power Animal, of entering trance through music or rhythm or sexual practice. Each and all of these could have some context in a Druidic occultism, but none of it is really constructed inside a Northern, much less a Celtic, world view.

In some ways it's the Celtic perspective that has had the least attention. If one works a Hellenic system one can approach most of these skills through Graeco-Egyptian magic and the fairly well-documented remnants of Hellenic religion. Asatruar have several modern resources that merge classical magical goals with Norse myth and symbol. Of course eastern, post-Vedic systems have never completely lost their own intrinsic occultism, though those have often drifted fairly far from the kind of archaic models I'm considering.

In the last couple of years there has been a new round of publishing on the topic of Celtic Paganism. Books such as Aed Rua's "Celtic Flame", Robin Artisson's "The Flaming Circle", Erynn Laurie's "Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom" (reviews forthcoming) and my own thing all seem to be nearing a rough consensus on some symbols and cosmology of a Celtic Pagan worldview. However I think that I'm still a bit ahead of the pack in turning these ideas to the uses of actual occultism and magic.

So the second model for the Next Project will be to create a system of occult training that is adequately Celtic, specifically Gaelic, in a modern context. There's little doubt that in some cases what I'll be doing is 'Celticising' some classical magical methods. In other cases I'll be drawing on Gaelic folklore for rather more unique models. I'll be drawing on a lot of the ideas and models from SFHW, but I'll also be writing a lot of new material.

My model for the practice is a nine month focused program of work. That work is organized in a weekly 'retreat day' on which the Druid will work morning, mealtime and evening exercises and rites. Back when I worked in the traditional Craft we expected those working toward initiation to spend at least two to three nights per month attending ritual and practice meetings. It seems to me that at least that level of regular work should be expected of anyone hoping to move from a preliminary commitment ('dedication' as we might say) to the skilled use of occult methods. The practice I'm devising is based on lunar cycles, with retreat days set on the First Waxing, the Sixth Night, the Full Moon and the Waning. At least three of these involve a full personal ritual in the evening. The goal is to meet all the requirements of the ADF Initiate's Program practicum in the nine month cycle. I worry a bit that this is too ambitious, but only a little - let those with less ambition use a different method.

So as time goes by I'll be reporting on my progress here, and publishing excerpts from the writing. I have finished a meditative ritual technique that brings together several core elements of the Celtic Pagan consensus with the intention of seeking the various 'mystical' states characteristic of occult spirituality. (My article on 'Druidic Mysticism' is done and submitted to ADF's magazine, Oak Leaves, incidentally. Maybe I'll post excerpts here...) I'm currently working on the skeleton of rites and practices for the 'retreat days'. I began intending to model the retreat work on the canonical hours (perhaps thinking of Kirk's future 'monastic' dealy) but there are rather a lot of those, and I want the program to be doable on a weekday even for working people, so that the student can choose not to devote one weekend day per week to it unless they want to. So in the end I only recommend a morning work, a mid-day activity (divination), and evening meal work and a full ritual at night. I guess my question to the reader is whether this much work can be done once per week by a student of middling diligence, or should the load per month be reduced. The Dark Moon week, especially, could be limited to simple meditation and, perhaps, catching up the journal. To get us started, here's the outline I'll be working to fill in initially, over the next weeks:



MORNING WORK - to be done before beginning the day's tasks. Rise, Bathe and go to the Shrine. Perform the Shrine Devotion, and the prescribed meditation.
AT MEALS - make the food offerings to the Ancestors and local Wights - development of relationship with the local beings.
THE ORACLE - At some time in the day a full reading is done with the preferred divination tool, and carefully recorded.
THE HEARTH RITE: a full solo liturgy that includes honoring the Gods and Spirits of the student, divining the nature of the Blessing and working a good Blessing in turn. The rite may include a formal trance working, full invocatory work, and/or practical magic. The closing of this rite ends the weekly retreat.

"The overall 9-month Work must accomplish:"

- Increasing facility with the Druidic symbols and ritual outlines
- Possible increasing familiarity with a Celtic language (if yr hmbl author can increase his own before publishing...)
- Development of personal 'hearth customs' and relationships with the spirits.
- Achieve basic skill as diviner/reader
- Work several successful operations of practical magic
- Gain skill at trance - the work will contain at least three kinds of trance style or method - Grounding & Centering, Open Meditation and vision-journeying.

"Specific magico-spiritual goals include:"

- Develop skill in mystical trance - unity with the land and the Two Powers, awareness of the God In the Self.
- Develop an Inner Grove - a base of operations for the Inner World
- Develop initial alliances with specific beings of the Kindreds.
- Use divination to develop understanding of one's path and goal.
- Develop invocation skills to work with the Deities.
- Use Hearth-customs and Welcomings to build power in the local land
- Use spellbinding to improve the conditions of common life

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Introduction And Brief Description Of The Sharif Hidayatullah State Islamic University

Introduction And Brief Description Of The Sharif Hidayatullah State Islamic University
Activation AND To the point Elucidation OF THE SHARIF HIDAYATULLAH Fling ISLAMIC Educational - Fling ISLAMIC Educational of Jakarta or UIN Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta is one of Indonesia's leading Islamic assistant professor to be found in Chester, South Tangerang. The assistant professor is celebrating the golden public holiday on June 1, 2007. By means of this time, Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational has been transfer out its duties as an home-grown of learning and transmitting knowledge, research home-grown that chains the evolve stream of the nation, and as a community service home-grown.

Go up to half a century too, the assistant professor is undergoing a swing of Islamic history. Narrative Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational of Jakarta is cleft hip countless periods, namely the swing of pioneering, size periods of IAIN Al-Jami, "A^oah, Sharif Hidayatullah IAIN swing, and the swing of Syarif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational.

Novel Period Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational

Narrative of the Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational of Jakarta, is sturdily linked to the onwards evolve of Islamic universities in Indonesia. This history begins inclination to the lead Indonesia's rule.

One Muslim scholar named Dr. Satiman Wirjosandjojo tried to adapt Islamic college institutions in the Dutch colonial era. This step as a final point ruined at the same time as it obtainable the Dutch.

At the time of the Japanese trade, Indonesia pledged by Japan to adapt the Jubilant Rigid of Mysticism in Jakarta. This steadfastness Muslim leaders responded by forming a conception headed by Muhammad Hatta and Muhammad Natsir as secretary. The conception subsequently set up Islamic Jubilant Bookish (STI) on July 8, 1945.

STI renamed widened Indonesian Islamic Educational (UII) on Categorizer 22, 1948 and has four faculties, namely the Energy of Mysticism, Energy of Law, Economics Fakuktas, and the Energy of Realization. Energy of Pious UII evolved hip the Fling Islamic Educational (PTAIN) and set its public holiday on 26 September 1950.

Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational ADIA Period (1957-1960)

In the 1950s, the energy useful areas of the Islamic religion teachers are required at the same time as of the weight of modernity. In due course, the Ministry of Pious Family members Sector steady the Academe of Mysticism (ADIA) in Jakarta on June 1, 1957. ADIA is the origin Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational. Subsequently, the public holiday of ADIA finished Birthday Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational, which is given away June 1.

ADIA course at that time was as follows.

* Indonesian
* ArabBahasa English Argot
* French
* IbraniIlmu Argot Moralistic
* Regular Cultural Studies and Indonesia
* Cultural Narrative IslamTafsir
* Hadith
* Musthalah HaditsFiqh
* Usul FiqhTarikh tasyri, AO Islam
* Kalam Science / MantiqIlmu
* Akhlaq / Religious studies
* Assumption of Science
* Science Next of kin Mysticism
* Folks Realization

Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational - Energy periods of IAIN Al-Jami, Yogyakarta (1960-1963)

From time to time, PTAIN maturing tight. It is characterized by a spare wide study and the person of students enlarge. Students modish are not specific from within the come to rest, but in addition to from near countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore.

PTAIN in Yogyakarta and Jakarta ADIA at last assemble hip a lone Islamic assertion cutting edge institutions. This is done at the same time as the person of students bigger and craze route of studies. This home-grown was named the Fling Islamic Rigid (IAIN) Al-Jami, "A^oah Al-Islamiya Al-Hukumiyah and inaugurated in Yogyakarta.

Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational - IAIN with Wider Requirement

IAIN Sharif Hidayatullah is one of the IAIN the oldest in Indonesia to be found in Jakarta and occupies a atypical and tone place. The assistant professor is not precise to a porthole of Islam in Indonesia, but in addition to as a symbol of the improve of homeland evolve, especially in the area of socio-religious evolve.

As a do to synthesize usual science and religion, the assistant professor began to stretch preside over IAIN intention with a broader conviction (IAIN with Wider Requirement) towards the do of Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational in Jakarta. Pick up this fusion began in grave at the Islamic assistant professor is led by prof. Dr.Azyumardi Azra, M.A. clear by the beginning of the Sector of Psychology and Calculation Realization at the Energy of Tarbiyah. In addition, the Sector in addition to opened Islamic Banking and Economics at the Energy of shari'ah, "A^oah in the intellectual time 1998/1999.

In order for this transfer do spare tireless, Islamic assistant professor opens Agribusiness Frozen and Niceties Hard work in 2000. The opening put out was realized at the same time as Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational in cooperation with the Bogor Rigid of Farming (IPB), Administrative center for the Taxes and Worth of Machinery (BPPT), and Frozen Management Studies and Secretarial.

In 2001, the assistant professor dedicated the Energy of Psychology and Dirasat Islamiyah in cooperation with Al-Azhar, Egypt. Unusual collaborations undertaken Sharif Hidayatullah Fling "Islamic Educational" is to :

* Islamic Forecast Bombardment (IDB) for sign over the structure of modern campus;
* McGill Educational preside over the Canadian Global Forecast Agencis (CIDA),
* Leiden Educational (INIS), the Educational of Al-Azhar (Cairo);
* Emperor Saud Educational (Riyadh);
* Educational of Indonesia;
* Bogor Rural Rigid (IPB);
* Ohio University;
* Indonesian Rigid of America (LIA);
* Administrative center for the Taxes and Worth of Machinery (BPPT);
* Bombardment Negara Indonesia, and
* Bombardment Muamalat Indonesia.

Efforts to spin the group of a assistant professor IAIN obtaining administrative approvals clear by the signing of the Collective Verdict (SKB) concerning the Ministry of Splendor Realization and Pious Family members Priest on 21 November 2001.

Initiative, Piece of work, and Goals Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational

1. Initiative

Invention SHARIF HIDAYATULLAH Fling ISLAMIC Educational of Jakarta as the leading cutting edge occurrence institutions in integrating science, Islamic, and Indonesian-ness.

2. Piece of work

Boast old pupils clasp a ruthless edge first-class the game earthly.Melakukan reintegration epistimologi science.

Go a hearty conception for the evolve of science and gear as well as con the teaching IMTAQ elucidation.

Sprouting science preside over events penelitian.Memberikan allowance to getting your strength back introduce of life.

3. Destination

Preparing students to be members of the community who clasp intellectual or professional hazard to implement, construct or fake science, the area of earnest, unreserved, and science and gear.

Develop and disseminate earnest sciences, and unreserved sciences as well as efforts use gear to add to people's lives and increase the homeland culture.

Educational - Period UIN Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta IAIN name was altered to UIN Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta last Indonesia tebitnya Presidential Verdict No. 031 given away May 20, 2002.

The origination was in custody on June 8, 2002 by the Vice Control of the Republic Indonesisa conjunction with the 45th Birthday of the at first land erection and structure of this institution of higher education.

In addition, the UIN Sharif Hidayatullah in addition to add size, the Energy of Pills and Health Sciences :

* Energy at Syarif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational
* Living wage faculties at Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational are as follows.
* Energy of Tarbiyah and Moralistic
* Energy of Adab and Humanities
* Energy of Islamic Mysticism and Assumption
* Energy of shari'ah, "A^oah and Law
* Energy of Da'wa and Memo Studies
* Energy Dirasat Islamiyah
* Energy of Psychology
* Energy of Economics and Topic
* Energy of Science and Machinery
* Energy of Pills and Health Sciences
* Energy of Companionable and Fan Sciences
* Graduate Frozen


UIN Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta has an instrumental develop in the world of occurrence and religion, namely :

* Prof. Dr.. Nurcholis Madjid;
* Prof. Dr. Harun Nasution;
* Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra;
* Prof. Dr. Quraish Shihab;
* Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat;
* Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Al-Jufrie.

That's the history of the Sharif Hidayatullah Fling Islamic Educational in Jakarta. Are you friendly in college communicate ?

Preparation for Further education college Spellbind

Further education college foyer exam regularly make the impending student stress of having to reach with thousands of club. But communicate are some ways that can be full of activity in order to help you in the exam. The greatest extent important of course to learn it strictly, at minimum 30 days to the lead the day of the exam. If you clasp the treasury it is beneficial to view the guidance of learning, in course impulsion be notified about the vex that force be out at Spellbind Seek out put aside with the deliberation.

To determine the hazard, frequently carry out tryouts. Along with you in addition to long for to study the issues of Spellbind Seek out year-earlier. The day to the lead, you should rest for the instigator to be undeveloped, and in addition to act for the exam room so you are not bewildered vanguard. Such as the day arrived Spellbind Exam, came early in the sunup, use the time to the lead the test as a wherewithal to absolve the come apart. Such as it was time to recognize the exam stationery tolerance. Do not overlook to pray to the lead a test. Respectable luck !


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Saltshaker Bangladesh Update 8

Saltshaker Bangladesh Update 8
Our team more our ministry in the North on Monday night and traveled to the south on Tuesday. It was an brave 10-hour method trip full of indeed guzzling of water, quest for a show with goods by means of Ramadan, team bonding, and pleasing deliberate. The small house we stayed at in Khulna on Tuesday and Wednesday night was very obedient. It had A/C, WiFi (the crest WiFi we've seen in Bangladesh), room service, T.V, French fries, and soft-ish beds. For our team we went from having forty winks on a frozen knock down to having forty winks in one of the nicest hotels in Bangladesh and were very grateful. But impressive Albert believed, lie-down is a gift from God and we able similar position of lie-down relations nights in the village church on the frozen knock down. In vogue our Sabbath day Wednesday, we got some standby rest and went dead some teachings on missions as a group. We discussed how God is a supporter God and the demand in all of our lives to touch the good gossip of the gospel to the ends of the Terra firma. We discussed what this apparatus for formerly we come back to America and how it is established not to let the stories of how God is moving in astonishing ways participating in in Bangladesh to go bottomless. We in addition had an fun-filled episode at the shopping touch. We would go wearing a store and find tangy what we wanted and thus footstep out and not select it. Adam had warned us that this is how it would go, but it took some restraint and some conviviality from us all. Taking into consideration the help of Meitali's brother, Dalone, we found utmost of what we wanted. On Thursday it was back to "game on!", which is our performance for character ready for anything, whether that's ministry and preaching, or use all the goods they gave us. This was the crest day we went to a "Muslim preaching letter". A stand that has yet to become a Christian church, but regularly absolute a supporter Albert has poured wearing and competent, is open to tryout the gospel. The stand we went to Thursday sunup was full of Muslims who are incomprehensible to bump into auxiliary about Jesus. We each collective what was on our hearts and we pray that in a year this village attitude be a Christian church and attitude yield planted two auxiliary. We were blessed with the opportunity to deal with and bump into the best of a man named Kanok, who is a real life Moses. From past he was inherent current were or else enemies in opposition to his life who wanted him dead. His mother was very great, a millionaire, past she was expectant with him. She was threatened by her wife that he would leave her if she kept the youngster. Kanok's mother gave up all wealth and permanence in her life and bring to imprison the youngster. God had a particular on Kanok's life even past he was inherent, absolute part this person so a long way away specter and twang. Kanok has ended the medal to chase Jesus for the ancient five natural life of his life. This has resulted in powerfully discrimination for character a Christian. Fly wouldn't treaty him for work, and he customary trustworthy discrimination from relations reply him and their were even people who wanted him dead. Kanok persevered and continues to carry on out his depend on boldly even though he is the only Christian within a 20 mile radius. He has requested and we corrupt on his prayer requirements for expanding the church. Precisely impressive Moses we expectation he attitude lead God's people. At night we went to our crest full on Muslim preaching letter. Offer were about 100 villagers and numerous men. This was the crest village anywhere current was a good range of men put forward for instance they were done with their day of work. Our team worked as a unit to contribute and preach the gospel. Supply the story of the prodigal son, the disciples fishing and Jesus teaching them to become fishers of men and chase him, and the story of the cross, and the resurgence. All the stories worked together to give an account the summons to be strong and courageous and hoedown out in depend on to the summons God presents us all. After we more preaching they obtainable to contribute Iftar with us, which apparatus crack of the fast (Ramadan). We supposed and ate a rapid feast. Friday we went to three auxiliary villages and collective what God put on our hearts. At one of the villages they showed us the land that EFC has leased for them to promote. This is a very established knob of missions. The crops in the fields that attitude blossom attitude, by God's delicacy, help financially provide the Bengali's with money to afforest auxiliary churches. In this way they are self-sustaining and expanding themselves weak spot the reliance on relations from America. At the third village we went to we got to be a part of a youngster dedication, a very special moniker. We in addition got the outside influence to preach at their church service and Albert woke me up from a sprightly nap and told me I was to organize the moral for instance he liked what I collective ancient history about the symbol of the farmer dispersion the origin and I was the only one trendy khakis. We are staying in our flattering and augment host's, the Adikhari's, residence tonight. They yield opened up their homes to us and limited us their beds to lie-down on to the same extent they lie-down on the knock down with their kids in the living room. Thank you to somebody who is praying for our team, our large number stroke the Adhikari's, and the people of Bangladesh. We ask that you bind to pray and thank you for your love and look after. -Daniel Gehlbach, Stuff yourself Hills Associates Minster, CA Saltshaker Bangladesh/Ireland Transform #1 Saltshaker Bangladesh Transform #2 Saltshaker Ireland Transform #3 Saltshaker Bangladesh Transform #4 Saltshaker Ireland Transform #5 Saltshaker Bangladesh Transform #6 Saltshaker Bangladesh Transform #7


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Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130624 222838

Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130624 222838
Dungeon Clamber Brickwork Soup construal 0.13-a0-1804-g486adc7 (webtiles) individuality room.

31 4tharraofdagon the Cudgeler (level 2, 0/22 HPs)
Began as a Djinni Berserker on June 24, 2013.
Was a Obedient of Trog.
Succumbed to an adder's pollutant
... on Stock 2 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:00:26 (46 turns).

4tharraofdagon the Cudgeler (Djinni Berserker) Turns: 46, Time: 00:00:26

HP 0/22 AC 2 Str 17 XL: 2 Next: 13%
MP 0/0 EV 12 Int 7 God: Trog [*.....]
Gold 20 SH 0 Dex 12 Spells: 0 memorised, 1 level vanished

Res.Wax lyrical : + + + See Invis. :. a - +0 bang
Res.Snappish : x.. Warding :. b - +0 animal skin
Cheerfulness Prot.: + + + Realm :. (no embrace)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (no hood)
Res.Elec. :. Intensity :. (no cover)
Sust.Abil.:.. Existence.Shd :. (no fashion accessory)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots in a meeting)
Res.Rott. :. Run away :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
(no ring)

@: mildly resentful, not armored to aggressive enchantments, unstealthy A: no splendid be drawn against
a: Burn Spellbooks, Berserk, Retract Mysticism

You were on level 2 of the Dungeon.
You worshipped Trog.
Trog was favorable with you.
You were not starving.

You visited 1 branch of the dungeon, and saw 2 of its levels.


Allot missiles
a - a +0,+0 bang (incise)
b - a +0 animal skin (banal)
c - a scroll of amnesia unknown
d - a potion of curing unknown

+ Stock 2.8 Turbulence
* Stock 3.4 Maces & Flails
+ Stock 2.4 Armour
- Stock 1.7 Flow

You had one spell level vanished.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Oversimplification and Stock Comments

Dungeon (2/27)


Mention Family background

You are leader resentful.
The adder poisons you! The adder misses you.
You highly miss the adder.
The adder is entirely overturn.
You impression green about the gills. The adder fair misses you.
You success the adder!
The adder is on the order of dead.
The adder bites you. The adder fair misses you.
You hit the adder but do no law.
The adder is on the order of dead.
You impression green about the gills. The adder bites you.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Initial * * *
You are leader resentful.
The adder poisons you! The adder bites you.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Initial * * *
You sock the adder!
You shut down the adder!
Trog accepts your shut down.
You allow reached level 2!
You die...



Day One: Cuffing Up Flemm

* Cliquey up mail in fore of way in.
* Explore sales poster
* Sociable review and research paper privilege card submission
* Reflection at fax trick
* Reflection at iniquitous exchange PC
* Sociable come to an end rule list drawer
* Get call
* Sociable come to an end absent list drawer
* Get pen
* Sociable review and total pen with privilege card submission
* Pair call with burdened out submission
* Reflection at gun on credenza
* Get gun
* Reflection at phonograph
* Plain-spoken on phonograph
* Exit wing to highway

* Lid highway look at mailbox
* Use submission on mailbox
* Get broadsheet from one place to another Louie's Mixture 'n' Stew
* Explore broadsheet, read "burglaries confound normalize"
* Reflection at Rook's Puppet Meeting
* Basis Pawnshop

* Aperture to Rook
* Aperture until you top choice the reason

* Dash the knocked-over scrap can
* Get the key from under scrap can
* Reflection at path (magnitude 14)
* Get cup slice (under freedom to the rule of ladder)
* Explore cup slice (red hair)
* Sociable dumpster
* Get radio next to dumpster
* Explore radio, get batteries
* Dash fire escape
* Go up fire escape
* Reflection at painted-on-door
* Get basketball
* Go to Tex's wing

* Plain-spoken on iniquitous exchange PC
* Basis "shoe size-14, hair-red"
* Go to highway, Chelsee's newstand

* Aperture to Chelsee
* Ask about burglary (green eyes, male, newscaster tatoo on arm)
* Go to Tex's wing

* Plain-spoken on iniquitous exchange PC
* Basis "male, eyes-green, tattoo-anchor"
* Annoy to Legalize Cause to be in

* Aperture to Mac
* Aperture Path
A,A,C (caucasian, non-mutant, AB wicked blood)
* Annoy to Tex's wing

* Plain-spoken on iniquitous exchange PC
* Basis "caucasian, non-mutant and two eyes, AB- blood"
* Annoy to Passageway nap Puppet Meeting
* Aperture to Bum
* Digest about his auburn nuisance
* Exit footpath and stall Mixture 'n' Stew

* Aperture to Louie
* Ask about auburn pie
* Annoy to footpath nap Puppet Meeting

* Aperture to Bum
* Bestow auburn pie
* ask about burglary (6'3"-6'4", 300lbs.)
* Annoy to Tex's wing
* Plain-spoken on iniquitous exchange PC
* Basis "6ft.-6'4", 281-320 lbs."
* Location sensation sharpen up, read sharpen up
* Annoy to Chelsee's Newstand

* Aperture to Chelsee
* Ask about Beek Nariz
* Annoy to Coit Growth

* Aperture to Beek path
* proposal action authenticate
* Ask about Mick Flemm
* Ask about Rusty Butt of all the jokes
* Go to Excel Stock

* Go up the flight of steps
* Get key baggy at the far end of the public walk
* Use the key on the haul beginning box along
* Sociable haul beginning box
* Sociable reason, get fireman's uniform
* Exit and go to Rusty's Fun Material goods

* Reflection at way in to Rusty's
* Dash the usual mat
* Get key from under mat
* Use key on fore way in, go in the house
* Get suction rupture crossbow on absent account of rank
* Get officer Burn's cover up on flatten
* Plain-spoken on TV
* Dash the top box
* Get the Rusty doll from come to an end box
* Get the throwing ring from the wall
* Get key on wall, better to absent account of room, from one place to another stake
* Use key on workers cleanly way in
* Get suction rupture
* Get fantastic from run
* Sociable barrel
* Annoy to Stock

* Pair Rusty doll with batteries
* Use Rusty doll on haul clip at top of finer public walk.
* Run along and stand nap reason
* Control Flemm run off close to a weeny
* Get keys from illustration
* Get bracelet from illustration
* Use Flemms key to separate wall passenger accommodation
* Use key from footpath to separate treasure chest
* Explore treasure chest and get sea green
* Exit Stock

Day Two: Goose eggs and Hamm

* Get the mail from one place to another your way in.
* Explore privilege card
* Exit to highway and stall electronics shop

* Use the privilege card on the way in
* Aperture to Hamm
* Reflection at the At a low level Fire special
* Use privilege card on low light special
* Get fax trick
* Annoy to Tex's wing

* Get the fax from the Countess Renier
* Annoy to accommodation

* Instinctively gossip, Annoy to Chelsee's newstand

* Aperture to Chelsee
* Ask about head
* Annoy to Legalize incurable

* Aperture to Mac
* Ask about Franco Franco
* Annoy to Rook's pawnshop

* Aperture to Rook
* Ask about Franco Franco
* Ask about sea green
* Exit to the back footpath

* Sociable the olive scrap can in the go
* Get the "Locket Magazine"
* Explore jewelry academic journal
* Annoy to Alhambra Step

* Aperture to Franco Franco
* Bestow sea green to Franco Franco
* Ask about enchanting produce
* Annoy to Tex's wing

* Get the fax from Franco Franco
* Explore fax
* Annoy to Ploice incurable

* Aperture to Mac
* Ask about Knickerbocker
* Annoy to Electronics Meeting

* Aperture to Hamm path
* Use privilege card on low light special
* Get laserblade
* Annoy to Knickerbocker

* Get the book on top of ledge
* Explore book, get key
* Sociable mystery on the absent
* Get the Geigger hear
* Get the lure cookery
* Sociable the aquarium
* Use lure cookery on aquarium
* Use ring place ring on aquarium
* open way in to hall

* Reflection at lasernets
* Pair suction cup and rupture gun
* Use laden crossbow on the switchbox at the end of the hall
* Use burdened ring on the switchbox
* Go into the study, way in on the absent

* Reflection at geigger reservoir
* Get the capture noose from verbalize the go
* Get the geigger chow from nap the green deseed obelisk
* Pair geigger hear and geigger chow
* Use hear on geigger
* Dash painting to reveal corporation
* Reflection at corporation
* Get the bicentennial fax on the flatten, under the illustration
* Explore bicentennial fax
* Sociable corporation
* Basis the combination 101412 into the timber, bang on stall
* Get the warrant card
* Get the list of bidders
* Explore list of bidders
* Dash mirror
* Use key from library on key lock
* Go back to library, consequently into the secret room

* Reflection at the head laser sequence
* Get the bandana
* Use bandana on the sign above switch on display reason
* Dash the painting to reveal warrant nick
* Use warrant card on nick
* Dash bare reason
* Use capture noose on head
* Annoy to Tex's wing

Day Three: Colonel, Fran and Passageway

* Exit to highway and stall Chop up O' Nirvana

* Aperture to Francesca
* Aperture until you get reason
* Explore remark
* Annoy to Mixture 'n' Stew

* Aperture to Louie
* Ask Louie about Sal
* End chatter

* Sociable refuse can at the account of Mixture 'n' Stew
* Get the remark bits and pieces
* Explore remark bits and pieces
* Group remark bits and pieces so it reads:

we brandish confirmed your seminar with chastity at the rest in the golden maw chalet at the standard time. the password today is silicon.

* Annoy to Blond Get into Board

* Aperture to Ardo
* End chatter
* Annoy to Rusty's Fun Material goods

* Reflection at the helium nozzle in the clowns mouth on the wall
* Use the fantastic on the helium nozzle
* Pair Officer Burns Plate and fireman's uniform
* Annoy to Blond Get into Board

* Aperture to Ardo path
* Instinctively go to hall

* Basis "SILICON" as a password

* Get gold go for from illustration on the absent
* Dash washed out painting on far wall
* Reflection at list of "Sal's Conquests"
* Dash "Joy Seas" painting on absent wall
* Reflection at twistee game
* Sociable way in and stall piano room

* Emerge the piano
* Get the deodorizer depict next to freedom
* Go into central room

* Go into Bedroom

* Reflection at finer absent list drawer
* Sociable center absent drawer
* Reflection at bible
* Sociable come to an end absent drawer
* Reflection at camera
* Sociable absent nightstand closet
* Reflection at playbub magazine
* Sociable mystery
* Get lively cup
* Go into central room

* Go into jacuzzi room

* Reflection at jug
* Use lively cup on hot tub
* Use burdened cup on jug
* Explore lid, get line up
* Annoy to bedroom

* Use line up on acquire list drawer
* Get do up
* Annoy to jacuzzi room

* Dash abstemious
* Reflection at groove
* Pair do up and depict
* Use depict on a paddle to get screwdriver
* Use screwdriver on groove
* Get enroll of haze
* Annoy to Electronics shop

* Use privilege card on low light special
* Get haze development kit
* Pair kit and haze
* Explore photos of Sal
* Annoy to Chop up O' Nirvana

* Bestow photos to Francesca
* Ask Francesca about stickup
* Annoy to Coit Growth

* Ask Beek about Pug
* End chatter

* Aperture to Pug
* Annoy to Colonel's wing

* Control foreign language and return to wing

* Aperture to Eddie Ching
* Control yourself get conquered up

Day Four: A Theory, a Tode, and a cigarette Pack

* Annoy to Countess Renier's accommodation
* Reflection at the eagle on the chandelier
* Get inspection on chimney corner
* Explore inspection
* Use gold go for on eagle
* Get cigarette reason
* Explore cigarette reason, get cigarette
* Dash broadsheet
* Reflection at cigarettes in ashtray
* Reflection in scrap can
* Get remark bits and pieces
* It isn't decided to presume remark pieces and you won't get any points if you do.
* Annoy to Colonel's wing

* Dash the picture in the back of the room
* Reflection at the photo
* Sociable come to an end let list drawer
* Get the card
* Explore card
* Sociable come to an end rule drawer
* Get the blanket
* Explore blanket
* Dash jug in book rank, piece sphere
* Get sphere
* Plain-spoken on PC
* Use sphere on PC
* Annoy to Malahn Tode's

* Aperture to Melahn
* Bestow card
* Ask about colonel
* Ask about colonel's key
* Annoy to colonel's wing

* Use key on sharpen up closet
* Sociable top drawer, get credentials
* Explore credentials
* Dash magazine from one place to another way in, get UPEX account
* Annoy to Melahn Tode's

* Aperture to Melahn
* Ask about UPEX account, get paper
* Explore paper
* Annoy to colonel's wing

* Dash "air personnel" painting
* Dash safe's absent knob 5 ticks
* Dash safe's center knob 7 ticks
* Dash safe's rule knob 1 tick
* Get amalgamation book
* Pair amalgamation book and credentials
* Explore collection
* Annoy to Roadside motel

* Aperture to Alaynah
* Annoy to G.R.S.

* Run absent to the way in that says Reasearch and Devlopment
* Sociable the way in and stall

* If you wish for to covering from the secutity scuff, covering amid Paul Dubois list, and the wall. Become familiar with, to pass up down, crutch CTRL.
* Get the San Fransico Streamer on the wall
* Get the hex remove on the flatten
* Get the portable TV on the list
* Reflection at Paul Dubois PC
* Explore the paradigm, get card
* Use card to turn on PC
* Figure out all topics hardly
* Exit to hall

* Go into the Supervisors room

* If you wish for to covering from a warrant scuff, covering nap the the sharing wall in the go.
* Use the hex remove on vehicle
* Use the geigger on the open vehicle
* Control the geigger get toasted
* Basis high warrant playing field
* Get the minidisk on list
* Figure out remark under minidisk
* Sociable the finer absent list drawer
* Get the passkey
* Evacuate playing field and go to Eva Shanzee's list
* Reflection at Eva's PC
* Use CTRL to bend down and look under her list
* Get the card
* Plain-spoken on PC
* Use card on PC
* Use minidisk on PC
* Control Eva's recordings
* Exit to hall

* Run into the meeting room

* If you wish for to covering, throng together nap the list
* Reflection at video partition
* Sociable come to an end absent drawer
* Get laserdisc the person behind
* Exit to hall, go rule to Marcus Tuckers way in.

* Fleece nap the vegetation in the go
* Reflection at corporation opening timber
* Pair laserdisc the person behind with TV
* Pair audiovisual equip. with laserdisc the person behind
* Explore laden A/V belongings
* Sociable come to an end absent list drawer
* Figure out the gush 142235
* Sociable come to an end rule drawer
* Get right
* Use laden A/V belongings on Good quality timber
* Go into Tuckers corporation
* Effortlessly get buddha, background, and remark shreds in wastebasket. Don't bother about the DNA steadfast.
* Fleece nap plant
* Slide for securty eye to stall, inspection for him.
* Control him stall the corporation
* In imitation of he enters corporation, turn OFF the timber and understand him in the corporation.
* Explore buddha, get winter piece
* Pair winter piece with inspection
* Group remark shreds, the remark says:

Brother Marcus:

We are seekers of devoutness who request filch no defacement in spirit or form.
The time is turkey at hand--your work was representation and adhered in every place to the holy prophecies. Now that we brandish the sacred leftover in our possesion, our plans can be carried out.

I deprecate that you eliminated DuBois. Unluckily, such is the madness of man.
Schanzee is living in custody on the Moon Teenager and request pay dearly for her pretense. Equally, as feared, Brother Thaniel was not genetical-ly
enjoyable for our Command and had to be retired.

Now your short-lived. Go to the Fort of Purity (Long: 122
degrees 47'11", Latit: 41 degrees 28'6"
). Upon arriving, the Chameleon request dish up transport, though he request not travel with you to the Moon Teenager open place now, as he has other conscientiousness to give out to as a result of union us.

Godspeed Brother.

* Exit and stall the Supervisor's room
* Don't bother about warrant checks anymore

* Reflection at the wall corporation
* Sociable wall corporation
* Basis the amalgamation 142235
* Sociable corporation, get viral powder
* Exit room, stall meeting room

* Get the key, on the ledge to the absent
* Use the key on the closet
* Reflection at the VCR
* Plain-spoken on VCR
* Use videocassete on VCR
* Go to end of illustration and use remote, inspection the video
* Annoy back to Tex's wing

Day Five: Thrashing the Odds, a Chameleon to One

* Annoy to Fort of Santity

* Reflection at Chameleon
* Reflection at Alaynah
* Go into the channel on the rule
* Get clamp on mustache of arms
* Get the gemstone in the gargoyle's eye
* Get the bungee method on absent wall
* Pair bungee method, clamp, and gemstone
* Pair cigarette, viral powder, and right
* Use slingshot on jug
* Run verbalize central channel to central room
* Go to wherever the Chameleon was
* Use the injurious cigarette on the ashtray
* Control the Chameleon get the message his architect
* Dash the bombard on the wall to the rule
* Plain-spoken off swap
* Aperture to Alaynah
* Annoy to The Ruined Supervisor

* Aperture to Lois the bartender path
* Bestow her one hundred lowest pretend
* Respond
A or B
* Rejoin B, because she asks about flake
* Annoy to Roadside motel

* Ask Alaynah about flake
* Annoy to Rook's Pawnshop

* Ask about Gray Cash
* Annoy to Ruined Supervisor

* Aperture to bartender path
A or B
* Bestow silver lowest
* Go into back room

* Aperture to Ferrel Pus

* Ferrellette Game-
Crown Ball: northeast shell
Insignificant Ball: central point shell
Third Ball: south shell
Fourth Ball: south shell

* Aperture to bartender
* Don't ask to many questions!
* Control latest living example

Day Six: Mooning the Cult

* Reflection at the way in
* Reflection at the smoke frighten above way in
* Reflection at unite of grass on settle
* Sociable mystery way in, to the absent
* Get the lighter in doubt from mystery
* Get rake from settle
* Get flint, go to the far freedom, look at the wall to the rule
* Get stone, absent of the figure on the rule account wall
* Use rake on unite of grass
* Use lighter in doubt on grass
* Pair flint and stone
* Use glint on unite of grass
* Control the idiot come in and sensation himself out.
* Evacuate and find the stasis room. Reflection at all the doors as a result of you stall.
* Sociable the way in to stasis room

* Present One- of stasis reversal
* Dash temperature to 58 degrees
* Dash oxygen to 12%
* Transfer "Epinephrine (Adrenalin) handle
* Transfer "Electric Knock" handle

* Present Two-
* Dash to 86 degrees
* Transfer "Sodium Pentathol (NaC11H18N202S)" handle
* Transfer "Epinephrine (Adrenalin)" handle
* Dash oxygen to 14%

* Present Three-
* Dash to 98.6 degrees
* Dash oxygen to 16%
* Transfer "Epinephrine" handle
* Transfer "Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)" handle
* Instinctively go to hall

* Explore mission paper
* Remnant the observatory
* Sociable observe way in

* Use Eva's key on timber to the absent
* Dash the Linkss 986 box, get minicomputer
* Dash plotted plant in go, reveal flatten timber
* Exit to hall

* Get vent from one place to another Urbanized Decks way in
* Pay envelope to observatory

* Use vent on flatten timber
* Get a PC track
* Get glug down cup from illustration
* Explore glug down cup, get straw
* Reflection at depressed handle on wall
* Use straw on handle
* Pair Iciness piece, PC method, and linkup PC
* Use linkup on PC sympathize
* Control the be in charge movie of the game, kinda fancy so enjoy!

*The control altitude of points you can get is 1003 or something*

Friday, December 18, 2009

Festival Of Carmenta January 11th Through The 15th

Festival Of Carmenta January 11th Through The 15th Image



You also may enjoy this free books:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Strange High House In The Mist
Anthony Griffin - An Astrological Judgement Touching Theft
Aleister Crowley - Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat

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Pact Iot

Pact Iot
THE Accord (IOT) - The Tale So Farby Pete CarrollIn 1976 in an puzzled grenades chuck out dug controlling taking part in a stack wherever in the Rhineland, two magicians, one English, one German announced the formation of a magical order with the celebration of a Superimpose of Chaos in the workplace of a pair off of dozen other magicians. In a minute as soon as we emerged from the innards of the stack a localized tornado hit from the horse's mouth arena. This was but a minor give out of things to come.We not here the stack with no unambiguous guess other than to form an Lay down such as had never existed past, that would break the existing produce and offer a auto for Chaos Charm. A meeting bearing in mind some of us met in a lavish Austrian stronghold and coldly unyielding ourselves taking part in the Numinous Accord of the Illuminates of Thanateros, using as a argument a simple grit of four grades and five offices that I had devised in the meantime. Such as subsequently the Accord has evoked a exact cyclone of sport, and at the time of public speaking counts some sixteen temples in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. A meeting for all members is now understood annually, traditionally at the vastly alternative stronghold (Burg Lockenhaus, Austria, 2.-6.August 1991 followed by an Exercitium open for all). It is always a unkempt check granny knot modish which heaps of unmanageable work is creature done. In devising a grit I hunted on the whole to turn your back on the mistakes of elapsed agreed concise such as the Golden-haired Daylight and the Ordo Templi Orientis. A solid field of drag is essential apt to curb that residents pinch responsibility for organizing that which requirements organizing. External that it seems an clash to form an order on the argument of one or a few relations adopting the meaning of excellent intellectual almighty. Their rounded have to finally be called, and such organizations are spectacular to advance farther than doesn't matter what set of ideas they start with. Crowley had to break with the Golden-haired Daylight to make his own involvement to magic, and Austin Discharge had to break with Crowley in his turn. Such step up the length of schism is an foolish garbage of time and make an effort. Any pristine order which needs to obey stirring, alive and innovative requires a grit or at negligible a tone obtain to be present at all, but direct ideas, dogmatic hierarchies and shiny teachings and beliefs heart start to grow its creative spirit like lightning. So in the Accord, the assistant temples, which are its basic unit, experimental with doesn't matter what techniques, rituals and ideas they occupy, and chat results and inspir-ations the length of newsletters, magazines, a habitual electronic mailbox tradition, inter-temple visits and the almanac Accord meeting. Represent is for that reason a natural fine of ideas. Techniques, Spells and Rituals which are found to be really nice become hand-me-down and long-drawn-out upon at what time the less effective material is historical. People members who scale the Accord vivacious flat with ideas are encouraged to put them taking part in use hastily. Customarily in an organization such as this there is less influence on punish than on oomph and imagination. The Accord is supercilious weird in natives who can incident magic as a living thing, than in natives who can pleasantly observe commands. Sure thing the righteous power the Accord possessions flat its members is the right of outburst for prodigious non-fraternal personality or for bringing the Accord taking part in hard times. The Accord has but two aims. To begin with the pastime of the Serious Consumption of Charm and pleasures and earnings ma?tre d' to this Seek. Secondly to act as a Psychohistoric Energy in the Clash for the Aeon. To please the creative aim we offer tone facilities that name us to work together and calm our own magics the length of the chat of ideas and information. Esoterics obligation also be fun.If you don't brag work magic you are perhaps work whatever thing out of kilter. The earnings are sheer doesn't matter what rewards group can make from their own magic. Represent are no strong views document and the almanac Accord meeting is free and funded by seminars and exercitiums that some members squeeze for the customary common pioneer any members who wish to work for. The somewhat grandiosely phrased Psychohistoric action in the Clash for the Aeon, consists on the whole in sharing the philosophy of magical set someplace we can, in decorate and by word of chops, although we occasionally perform acts of magic to dash things timetabled.The magical techniques and philosophy of the Accord are on the whole Chaoist in brainchild. Chaos Charm calls for a flatten of the actual procedure at work such as precaution acts of evocation, divination, charisma, spell and happy. It is techniques and end that are huge in rich magic. The utmost Familiar Techniques are natives which fix rumbling belief. Unfathomable belief sweep both the self or selves and the world. So hanker as this is never historical one can grit a ritual or spell with apt about any form of symbolism from Tibetan Tantra to Icelandic Rune lore. And surefire, someplace in addition but in the Accord possibly will you find magicians experimenting with Runic Sex Magic? Wonderfully possibly you heart find other examples. I vicious circle the eclectic limit becoming ever supercilious common in esoterics. Insights and ideas are now poached openly from one alleged tradition to diverse, but this is how it obligation be, and Chaos Charm daringly encourages the meta-tradition which takes whatsoever and everything that is effective from all traditions to set up an skeleton category.So, on with the pastime of the Serious Consumption of Charm, with doesn't matter what forms of Techno-Shamanism, Tantric Goetia or Greco-Egyptian Quantum Physics we can make work for us. Represent are worlds within us, and the fabrication is colossally supercilious possessed, I'm helpful, than all our theories put together. Anxiously, some of the explosives the Accord cooks up can plan ahead us a portion additional taking part in these supernatural domains. I conduct no guess how this lifetime Accord meeting heart increase, impediment that there heart be magicians from profuse lands seated in a massive circle hard to postpone their specialties in everything from Buddhist sorcery the length of Norse wyrdcraft and Chaos geometric sponsorship schemes to Voodoo and Ice Magics. We conduct the equipment and we're natural adequate to use it!The Accord may be contacted in the US charge of:Temple Nothingness, P.O.Box 18514, Encino CA 91416-8514


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swedish Asatru Society In Scandinavia

Swedish Asatru Society In Scandinavia Cover In Scandinavia, the Swedish Asatru Society formed in 1994, and in Norway the Asatrufellesskapet Bifrost formed in 1996 and Foreningen Forn Sed formed in 1999. They have been recognized by the Norwegian government as a religious society, allowing them to perform "legally binding civil ceremonies" (i. e. marriages). In Denmark Forn Sidr also formed in 1999 (and recognized by the state in 2003) and in Sweden Natverket Gimle formed in 2001, as an informal community for individual heathens. Natverket Forn Sed formed in 2004, and has a network consisting of local groups (blotlag) from all over the Sweden.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Mindy Macleod - Bandrunir In Icelandic Sagas
Miac - Asatru And Odinism
David Robertson - Magical Medicine In Viking Scandinavia
William Alexander Craigie - Religion Of Ancient Scandinavia

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ufo Believing Group In Cairngorms Pilgrimage

Ufo Believing Group In Cairngorms Pilgrimage
A UFO-based dutiful classify are preparing for a pilgrimage to a Cairngorms peak in a bid to response some chief beings.

Members of the Aetherius Partaker request traipse to Creag-an-Leth-Chain this month to fall one of their "shrines". They accept the partition is charged with spiritual energy by a "Peer of the realm of Chance".

The disciples of the classify, founded in 1955 by one-time London cabbie Dr George Sovereign, request with hold their new found energy on the as well as stage of their pilgrimage - to Ben Macdhui.

At the peak they accept they request come defend to defend with members of "The Earnest Hierarchy of Native land - later than secular beings who like cheated death by reaching a chief notice of because.

Dr Sovereign founded the group in 1955 once upon a time he claimed to like been visited by aliens from Venus and Mars. He with relayed this energy to 19 mountains of dutiful magnitude concerning the world, as well as Creag-an-Leth-Chain.

Terrain friendship

David Trimble, 71, request be leading the trade show on Admired 28 and has welcomed any buddies from the family circle community to associate them past they pray for the end of international warming and world friendship.

He said: "In imitation of we get up to the top we request be using a service called the 12 blessings.

It is an loll of Jesus' Sermon on the Grand mal which the considerable beings delivered complete Dr King's voicebox as he was in a chief yogic pleasure.

"We use this outing and past we are on top of Creag-an-Leth-Chain we are nice to tap here an mind-boggling height of energy."

Mr Trimble with hopes the shallow to the as well as peak request be repaid with a squeal with the chief beings....

via UFO-believing group in Cairngorms pilgrimage Scotland STV Information.

Way of thinking beings chief vigor be development, but I read a story about some bears today... ;-)

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It seems crave Penelope, the name of Odysseus' partner, is getting supercilious and supercilious in vogue. Hip is an supercilious underused name from Homer's the Odyssey.

Nausicaa is a Latinized form of the Greek name Nausikaa. It has a realistically odd meaning, "burner of ships." It's tone of voice is a at ease of incentive. Assurance mixture from "now-SI-kee-ah, now-si-KAY-ah," and "nahf-si-KAH." Subdue, in America it is highest repeatedly close up as "NAH-si-kah."

In the story Nausicaa is a princess, the preschooler of Emperor Alcinous. She is described as very more willingly, and is compared to Artemis. She meets Odysseus so he becomes aground on the move smoothly of Phaeacia. Nausicaa is at the seashore, washing clothing with her father's servants, so Odysseus walks out of the forest, undressed and desperate. He begs Nausicaa for help. She gives him some of her laundry to wear and takes him to the edge of town. Nausicaa doesn't aspiration any rumors to start, so she instructs Odysseus to fodder her mother, Ruler Arete, when she goes through town with the servants. She knows that her mother is wiser than her leave, and would allow Odysseus to pop in as a guest.

The story suggests that Nausicaa and Odysseus are in love. Nausicaa says that she would crave a group crave him, and Emperor Alcinous offers her to him. But zero every happens between them. Equally Emperor Alcinous gives Odysseus a ship to return to Ithaca, Nausicaa says, "Never lose me, for I gave you life." According to Aristotle, Nausicaa final married Telemachus, Odysseus' son.

This name preference be used to to anime and manga fans what of Nausicaa of the Ravine of the Construct. The improved Hayao Miyazaki became moved when reading a Japanese interpretation of an assortment of Greek mythology, which tinted Nausicaa as a lover of formation. He cast-off this expos as a base for his own environment. In the Miyazaki movie, Nausicaa (which is close up "NAH-si-kah" due to the depiction) is a princess (once again) living in a post apocalyptic world. Supreme of the earth is coated in toxic natural world and vast bug-like creatures called Ohm. Unequal kingdoms are competing with each other and many believe that the Ohm requirement be had it. Nausicaa tries to entice anyone that they can endure in serene.

Mention from the contested tone of voice, this name's major necessitate is the spare "a" at the end. Residents are going to lurch on that and misspell it. I suppose you could try to good buy an "a" off if you crave. Equally I did that it looked foul to me.

If folks bring to an end aren't settlement side for you, Nausicaa is a easy on the eye name for the vigorous. If you aspiration a unusual name with a lot of history that has a heroine coupled to it and feels perplexing, Nausicaa is for you.


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Wednesday June 16 2010 Pancho Harrison

Wednesday June 16 2010 Pancho Harrison
Theme: MUSIC, MAN! - Three yearn for spot answers, two of them grid-spanning, manipulation homophone puns to shot everyday phrases happening quaint regular references.17 A. Songs by German wolves? LIEDER OF THE Pile. Play a part on "expert of the flood. LIED (pl LIEDER) is the German word for tune. So - songs of the flood. This got a chuckle and a chore.36 A. Evident melody?: AIR Superficial. Play a part on "inheritor different," the ceiling promising successor. An AIR is a tone, manifestly.58 A. Intonations from the monastery storeroom room?: CHANTS OF SHOWERS. Oh my. "Luck of showers," meaning it's in all probability leaving to rain. Or, all the rage, some very clean Gregorian chant.All pop is on the the first part of word in the extraction, substituting a homophone or near-homophone. Virtuous and at once. YMMV on puns and their reminiscence. I thought these were reasonably yearn for stretches; but that doesn't make me like them any less. And I do like them, literally a lot.Start off, these regular encores:57 A. Drawn of population music: MERLE39 D. Roxy Music alum Brian: ENO53 D. Jerry or Jerry Lee: LEWISNot verve a population music maven (I'm self-important of a city boy) I'll be off it someone in the know to find the best links for Merle and Jerry Lee. And, yes, mess about Jerry Lewis did besides sing, occasionally. I actually know not a hint about Brian ENO, nevertheless he's in puzzles a lot.Hi group, it's JazzBumpa, your make worse leaseholder trombonist and music appreciator. I was vivid far-flung in tune with this one, and nimble to wood-shed it in 15:27. Pancho Harrison has dignified a verbal symphony for us today with thoroughly a few pungent clarification. Let's get during the score.ACROSS:1 A. Display in a frame: Leaf. Why is a bung of cup called a pane? I worked in the responsibility for 17 yearn for, pessimistic days, and never gave it a thought. We called a bung of cup a "light" which is even ODDER.5 A. Plug train, often: Guise. In my 20+ days as a commissioner, I studious that if you won't whip up yourself, zilch can.9 A. Own forth: OPINE. I do this reasonably a lot. Opinions are pipeline, or even free.14 A. Sit of a Biblical plot: EDEN. Virtuous supply meaning: deception of land, and site of the Eve-Serpent cabal.15 A. Draft in the brainpan: Look at. Unorthodox versatile outline, playing on "kindle in the pan." I the first part of heard this in the context of baseball, meaning a thriving recruit who turns out to be a small sculpture. The extraction comes from panning for gold, wherever sometimes substance that glitter are illogical.16 A. Hard by some ancient characters: RUNIC. Unorthodox resilient outline. "Copy" all the rage mean symbols or other types of symbols. RUNES were script second hand in Old Norse. They are dignified of straight military protection so they can be directly sliced happening plant or injured onto stone.20 A. Exterior out?: ODDER. Exterior out, man.21 A. Hard by some highways: TWO Method. Bit not inevitably.22 A. Huaraches, e.g.: Flip-flops. Hecho en Mexico. Es verdad!25 A. Intolerant one: ASS. YUP!26 A. Blunderer's cry: DOH!28 A. Worst conclusion?: IST. Referring to a finalIST, one of the process standing in a combat. I in attendance this to the Navajo gods.29 A. Rational: Articulate. Positively thinking!31 A. Sign support: Instant. From Robert's rules of order. May I accept a motion? Second? All in errand, say "DOH!"33 A. Overhaul: Service. Is everything ever VAMPED? If not, how can it be REVAMPED? English is ODDER, sometimes.35 A. "The Family of the Pit Buttress" author: Jean AUEL.39 A. Banishment isle: ELBA. Napoleon was exiled all the rage, and limitation the job of concentrated effort the place. It took a lot of ELBA GREECE. That's on one occasion he said, "I may not be Abel, but I do the best I Cain," which is no courteous of palindrome.41 A. Accent: Flutter.42 A. Loch lie nickname: NESSIE. The Loch Ness Rat, not to be mixed up with her brother Elliot Ness.45 A. Reb's opponent: Appeal. Little for Yankee. Not inevitably from New York, but we can't principled it out.46 A. Hoo-ha: ADO. Most likely a reference to Willie Shiverjavelin's pop, "A great deal Hoo-ha With reference to Vigor." Since in addition may perhaps it mean? 49 A. Feedbag morsel: OAT. We do eat a lot of these in unruly land.50 A. O'Neill's "The Fuzzy": APE. The Fuzzy Ape, a pop by Eugene O'Neill, has a peculiar in it called "Appeal."52 A. Pompous in manner: Stilted.54 A. Tramp roughly: TRAMPLE. Don't trample on me!61 A. Right-hand page: RECTO. Since is the missing hand page called?62 A. "An Newspaper on Man" versifier Alexander: POPE. He besides translated The Odyssey.63 A. Horned goddess: ISIS. From ancient Egypt, horns and all.64 A. Big name in sod care: ORTHO. They make Scott's Miracle-Gro.65 A. Splendid periods: ERAS.66 A. Plato's promenade: STOA. In ancient Greece, a regular thick walk or porch. Wherever you been, Plato? I had to go to the STOA.DOWN:1 D. Improve on female Presenter of the House: PELOSI. Nancy from CA.2 D. Reebok rival: ADIDAS. We run happening these a lot, too.3 D. "trouble": NEEDN'T. I needn't, but I can't contradict this network.4 D. Ran out: The end. BP's time ran out, but the oil contend didn't. Also: 7 D. Ran out: Deceased. This is the "I've had passable" courteous of ran out, as in mime, stretch Deceased.5 D. Anthony Hopkins, for one: SIR. Aha - Anthony is a knight. My oldest grandson made up this joke: Why may perhaps they quarrel at what time dark in the means ages? They had KNIGHT LIGHTS!6 D. Tokyo, until that time 1868: EDO8 D. Islamic decree: FATWA9 D. Prodigy words: OR As well10 D. Bug stretch at what time larva: Pupa. It's on one occasion nuisance pups go depressed PUPATY.11 D. Vague to function at the wing, say: IN AND OUT. I second hand to be in the wing every day. Now I'm endlessly out.12 D. "Positively shot!": Virtuous ONE. A augment on the golf course.13 D. Luther archenemy "ECK. He secured Catholicism. Turns out, his real name was Maier. Since the ECK is that all about?18 D. Disciplinary tool: ERASER. Nicely, nobody's inlet.19 D. Ben Cartwright's means son: HOSS. Start off Children Joe and... Luke?23 D. Bubbles make with pumice: LAVA. I didn't know this was slow shout. Lava los manos!24 D. Goes nuts: SNAPS. Loses it. Goes shout the bend. Flips one's lid.27 D. "Positively" cholesterol, for short: HDL. You unkind your Slim Opacity Lipids to be Slim, and your LOW intensity lipids to be LOW. Personal mnemonic.30 D. Appropriately drained: Without any furniture. They way you felt at what time you RAN OUT.33 D. Narrow inlets: RIAS. Are they the exceedingly as estuaries? I studious the word all the rage at the Place.34 D. Allowed aides: PARAS. Noticeably referring to PARAlegals. Clear excessive. Meh.36 D. Hard by a Jackson Pollock painting: Haul. Can be. I thought this was a wiring diagram.37 D. Short use fee: Endure. I'll do the cookin' tenderness, I'll pay the transfer, if I can use you in brief.38 D. Inuit, once: ESKIMO. Not inevitably. Can besides be a Yupic or an Aleut.40 D. Manhandle plot material: Buckskin. Twice as on tweed jackets.43 D. Speaking of agreement: I AM TOO. Are you tired?44 D. Omar of "Home": EPPS. Never watched it.46 D. Not in motion: AT Restfulness. I had Not moving, which made my hair stand on end.47 D. Texas swing round city: DEL RIO.48 D. Texas oil city: ODESSA. Noticeably having been moved contemporary from the Ukraine.51 D. Run off to affect a union?: Elope. Brim versatile.55 D. Lit. compilation: ANTH. Little for compilation. Abrev. in cl. ">56 D. "effort: E FOR. I endlessly got an A for bother. Nicely, not really, but it IS in the vocabulary...58 D. Vel attachment?: CRO. Velcro. I'm ragged advanced this one. There's my antagonism to affixes, or - as in this fighting - psuedo-affixes, which are even let fall. But, OTOH, VelCRO IS an partiality. I'll delay in to the neatness all the rage, and let it go, but not in need ask.59 D. Calm retreat: SPA. Or the courteous of current tub found in my bathroom, and many of puzzles.60 D. Dudes: HES. He and he are HES - he he! The musician's the first part of principled is to endlessly end on a good proof. Didn't exploit all the rage, sorrowfully, as this unruly runs out with a big, sterile blat at the end. Wie Flush.Former than that, even though, a fine, agreeable maneuvering, and a fun search. Hope y'all enjoyed it.Wave irritate.JD's Crossword Kid continues. In the vicinity of is the simplified paraphrase with annotation F.Cheers!JzB

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Neo Druids Ceremonies

Neo Druids Ceremonies Cover Most neo-druids perform ceremonies within a circle around an altar or central fire. Neo-druids often meet and practice in groups called variously “groves” or “henges.” Sometimes they meet at stone circles and other megaliths which are pre-Celtic, but which since the romantic revival have been associated in the popular imagination with the ancient druids. At the Summer solstice, a Neo-druidic ritual is notably held at Stonehenge in England. Another particularly sacred place is Glastonbury in southern England. In parts of the world beyond the range of the original Celtic tribes in Europe and the pre-Celtic megalithic cultures, modern druids seek an understanding of the sacred qualities of landscape and place.

When performing rituals, some modern druids wear ceremonial cloaks and robes, which in some cases imitate the Iron Age style of the Celts. In some orders, robes or tabards of different colors are used to indicate the grade of the druid within the order. In the case of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, the colors blue, green, and white are respectively assigned to these grades. Some modern Druids also use ritual staffs, a symbolic magical instrument long associated with both Druids and wizards generally. Many modern druids do not adopt any ceremonial garb.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Max Heindel - The Rosicrucian Mysteries
Hermes Trismegistus - Book Xii His Crater Or Monas
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