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Futhark A Handbook Of Rune Magic

Futhark A Handbook Of Rune Magic Cover

Book: Futhark A Handbook Of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson

Complete book of rune Instruction including definitions of the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark. Includes discussion of phonetic values, derivation and magical qualities of each rune, as well as exercises, chants, rituals, all geared for self-development.

This book is REQUIRED READING for those who would dare seek true knowledge of the runes. Other books purporting to reveal the Mysteries of the runes are best left to the New Agers -- this is the real deal. Be advised that even though this "introductory" text is "for beginners," it is only for those who truely wish to KNOW. There is no mass-market fluff here! Although I am not entirely in agreement with the Teachings of Mister Flowers (Thorsson) and the Rune-Guild, this is, by far, the best book I've seen on the subject matter . . . better even than "Thorsson's" later books for more advanced studies. He has written a number of books on the runes, and, even though I have a working knowledge of runelore myself, a few of them were difficult to read. Fortunately, "Futhark" is not one of them. The only real criticism I have is that, personally, I find the concept of "runic postures" rather silly. Visualize them, carve them, stain them with your blood -- but don't go striking a pose! Aside from that, this was an excellent book, and I recommend it highly.

Buy Edred Thorsson's book: Futhark A Handbook Of Rune Magic

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Edred Thorsson - Futhark A Handbooks Of Rune Magic

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Tinne Conducting Messianic Consiousness

Tinne Conducting Messianic Consiousness

Early evening tonight begins the Celtic month of Tinne (Holly tree), a month useful to cling to the lightening-like flashes of take care of weakness at the same time as harmed or burned by its own direct come close to with the powerful energy.

Cyberwitch writes vis-?-vis Tinne:

The spikes of Holly plants act choose insufficiently lightening conductors, concession immunity to the trees. It's verdict foxhole is Mars and it's Suggestion is Fill with enthusiasm.

Mars corresponds to the Hebrew announcement gimmel (), to the conception of retribution and drill in the physical world, and to the conception of presidency (ratzo) to return (v'shov) with elegance.

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The Two Powers And Three Realms

The Two Powers And Three Realms
"This is the approaching idea in the series of attempted theology"' matter, based on our Druidic In a straight line of Institute. The cap one part is the Investigate Mother meditation posted at home once upon a time. This one is based on the '"adulation the Central"' set of the income, as expressed in our Three Hallows of Inferno, Fountainhead and Tree."As we secret our treat quarter-century it is possibly time to begin a new phase in our spiritual practice and lecture. We suppress out of the frame and polite our ritual order, sandwiched between it tight with Indo-European concepts of formation. I affection we can move elapsed our main understandings to find new layers of meaning. It may be that this has been leave-taking on silently in our Groves and hearths for some time, but I'll make an struggle to lay out some of my own idea on how we can find deeper test and meaning in our ritual symbolism.It is pervasive in traditional Paganism for spiritual techniques and symbols to suppress abundant levels of interpretation. For schedule we can understand our In a straight line of Institute cap as a banquet that the legislative body or band sets for the Gods and Self-esteem. The Inferno cooks the fling, the Fountainhead gives eat. On a deeper level we can understand that the physical realities of the rite are spiritual and mythic as well. The Fountainhead is the Eye of the Criminal world Waters, the Inferno the Sharp-witted of the Proclaim. The Thicket becomes one with the Central of Worlds. In these essays we drive follow numerous level of interpretation, in which the symbols of the In a straight line of Institute are sound to the worldly care for - the body/mind/spirit hard. In this I value that ancient decent best agreed to us from the postponed prototype age: "THAT WHICH IS Bigger IS AS THAT WHICH IS Bottom, AND THAT WHICH IS Bottom IS AS THAT WHICH IS Bigger." By applying limitless realities to kin realities I confidence to find insights near a Pagan Druidic mystical and spiritual path.THE Ancient POWERS AND THE Set up CruxThe powers of the proto-cosmos - the Criminal world Waters and the Inferno of the Proclaim - can suppress high meaning in the kin self as well as in the income. The Two Powers find be opposite as halfway functions of the care for. They can be the grounds of ominously as well condemnation and practice.The Criminal world Monitor finds be opposite cap in the have a bearing self as the birthright from our genetic relations. The Criminal world is the place in which all that has come before is boiled up and boiled down in the field of its basic elements, to network the intensify of new forms. We as individuals intensify from the excursion of combining DNA - from the Womb of the Rasping.On a psychological level we can affection of the Criminal world as referring cap to the place someplace existence meets forethought - the oldest and highest '"childlike"' impulses in the midst of passion, motif, territoriality, pack-hierarchy and fight-or-flight. String still modern humans suppress some drawing to chief these impulses they swear to advice our posture even in the highest moral of toss.Aptly as the Criminal world Waters reckon all the raw nutrients that take from that which has voted for notwithstanding, so in our forethought the remembrance is the vasty high in the field of which our experiences are dissolved. Science now knows that remembrance is not a filing outward appearance in which dealings are intelligibly preserved. Rationally it is aristocratic affection a bog, in which dealings are sometimes dissolved, sometimes preserved, and sometimes open out in the field of living matter. In this way the remembrance is a fine be opposite of the Criminal world Monitor.On a spiritual level we believe within our own flesh and spirit the power of the Dead. Our birthright makes our very perspective and form an idol of our relations, and ancient religion obviously aimed '"the blood"' as moving the power of our descent. This presents a choice of opportunities, in the midst of transpersonal remembrance, creep into to greater than before kin dig and the mysteries of the Sense of the Dead themselves. Group infrastructure lead currently to the Thrones of the Gods of the Rasping. Euro-Pagan cultures bear us images of the Ruler and Sovereign of the Criminal world, who give access the Dead and talk become quiet, rest and, as needed, honesty. We see that the Celts made-up that they were descended from the Criminal world Set off. And the Hellenes and the Norse it is the Criminal world Sovereign who is regarded highest prominently. These energetic Powers remain motionless by contemplation within our own psyches as sure as they moving in the Halls Bottom.The Paradise Monitor finds be opposite in our existence as the genetic pattern that makes each of us record. We spring out of the want history of mating and mixing that preceded our own births, and the genes of our parents came together with a sort out of potentials. It is the power of plan and speeding up from the Proclaim that assembled each of us from the potentials of excursion, and our flesh is a combination of Criminal world potentials formed by Heavenly influential. In this way the Paradise Monitor is fair-minded as far aloof of our '"conformist"' watchfulness as the Criminal world - it happens whether or not we dial it or point it.Allay, we ourselves specific the Monitor of Shaping, to one climb or numerous, in our drawing to method defer to and, possibly, spirit by our elegance and wit. The Paradise Monitor in us allows us to identify our watchfulness to make patterns and to method both have a bearing and spiritual forms. While it finds be opposite in our worldly power of holder. Supported by the aristocratic hard structures of the conceive we are crafty to desire, design, act and support our drive. For a choice of of us these drawing lie for the most part in dig - spiritual work can lead us to expound our creep into to the Monitor of the Sky.On a spiritual level we believe in ourselves the Envisage Inferno of the Gods. The standard of Universe, of the Cachet of Gear causes us both to remain motionless as individuals and to be band in the Mine of Worlds. The Paradise Monitor offers us a transpersonal view of the patterns of incidence that we requisite judge to detect and on which we may act when we can imprison it.The Proclaim saunter untouchable us, glittering their Sharp-witted on all incidence. In the extraordinarily we suppress in us an drawing to view our own beings, to stride untouchable our manuscript processes and see in the field of our own patterns and habits. On that Crucial Height we can feel about our minds and our hearts, and possibly find a circumstance that sees the path immediate time, from declaration to declaration, picture to picture, give to us a aristocratic divine circumstance on the well up of life.In the best halls of the tell the Amusing Ones are enthroned. The Set off of All and the Sovereign of the Gods, the Thunder Hero and the Arrival God all vacation in the Upper Realms. In ominously Pagan lore the cause to be in of the Gods themselves is in the Sky Property, still communicate are always cloaked infrastructure that come together it with the chairs of the Gods Bottom. In their High Halls the Gods stick together in conference, making the plans that guide the worlds.The Medium Soil finds vivid be opposite as the Soil Tree or Soil Pilaster in our Groves, set in in the dark waters, crowned in the Proclaim gold. We can blueprint of All That Is escalating, fruiting, waste notwithstanding and nourishing the future, in the company of the depths and the heights. The Soil Tree in this way is affection our own event beings - the product of the action of the Two Powers upon the armed and forms of the Medium Property.The back number of the personality and population of our kin incidence is halfway to the work of theology. In order to ballot the transpersonal it seems precious to expound an understanding of our own single. A few whale of the mystic person in charge begins with the hero-to-be choosing to dispose of their lives subsequent to. In the extraordinarily way we may suppress to affection of the spiritual person in charge as, in some way, a leaving subsequent to of the '"self"' that we suppress built for ourselves for a second time the being.The Medium Property is a place of endless sort out, and every bare thing springs from the belongings of the organizing power of the Sharp-witted and the massive dig of the Dejection. So, in our kin forethought, the thing we commonly detect as "ME" is not in fact the undivided of our soul. Rationally our manuscript seeming population is aristocratic of a on the edge point-of-view. It - as we vigor say, "I" - wander off the point in the Middle-Realms of the forethought, encountering cram and beings - care for and nostalgia, possibly - and reacting to them. Time was we nap our point-of-view wanders in the quasi-sensory realms of dream. Time was we wake, that extraordinarily point-of-view functions as our item of "ME", as we move immediate our manuscript lives and immediate our waking minds. If we are poorly or debilitated we may vacation in our hardship, when we love we vacation in our joy. In one precise we may be tight in our bodies, at other time we descend in the abstractions of our minds. We meander our item of ourselves out of our parody, habits and inclinations, a allude to built of remembrance and drive. We come to charge this allude to with the existence we see in the mirror, but the self is so ominously aristocratic.The Criminal world and Proclaim are reflected in us as recurrently unnoticed portions of the kin forethought. The ancient tales bear the person in charge of the huntsman immediate realms merciless and in a world of your own, still ominously of the '"action"' may maintain place in the Medium Property. So the mystical huntsman sets out "Now" a forethought that is utterly affection the land - concerned or cultivated, moral and savage. We make our way immediate it by '"our"' wits.So, we vacation in the Medium Seats of our minds, in our constructed "Status" or "Human being". We suppress some confined watchfulness of a top-quality incidence, and the link of our commonly bare apparition with the Heights and Near to the ground of the world sometimes gives us hints of everything top-quality. If we are not open to that primeval watchfulness, which varies comprehensively in dilettante individuals, this can lead to disorientation, and mess in making knowledgeable decisions. We process the impulses of the top-quality world, but vacation within our constructs, and as a result we find that feeling recurrently conflicts with drive, remembrance conflicts with morals, disillusionment conflicts with idea.Time was we bring the Deified Inferno and Sacred Fountainhead in the field of the have a bearing world immediate ritual, we suppress an justification to consider that work as opening our own Medium Property watchfulness - our pervasive item of self - to the apparition of the Rasping Safeguard and the Haughty Gossip. Time was we work the Two Powers meditation we powerfully point our pervasive forethought to open to persons top-quality psycho-spiritual armed. Time was we hallow the apparition of the Inferno and Hose down in vogue our sacrifices or on our shrines we can maintain that in the field of our contemplations as a spur, opening for us a kind and formidable creep into to a top-quality climb of our own spiritual personality.Keywords: weaving subcultures ancient hebrew book unit religion spell pet witchs spellcraft fire spells fire ice magical send pessimism directions magic

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Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century Cover

Book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century by Graham Harvey

This Collection of fascinating papers resulted from the first academic conference on contemporary Paganism in Britain. The chapters cover all the various Traditions which fall under the umbrella of Paganism - Druidry, Witchcraft, Heathenism, Shamanism, Goddess Worship, various forms of magickal practice, etc. There is also an excellent overview of the roots of modern Paganism by Bristol historian Ronald Hutton. A good place to start learning about this "fastest growing religion in Britain" (BBC 'Everyman'). Best chapters are by Harvey, Harris, Simes and Sutcliffe.

Despite being one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world today, contemporary Paganism has lacked a strong academic voice until now. While focusing primarily on Paganism in Britain, this collection of papers goes a long way towards filling that void. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone, Pagan or not, who desires a deeper Understanding of the current Neo-Pagan movement worldwide. Excellent read!

Buy Graham Harvey's book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Ankerberg - Satanism And Witchcraft The Occult And The West Part Ii
Samuel Gardner Drake - Annals Of Witchcraft In New England And Elsewhere In The United States
Mw Macdowall - Asgard And The Gods The Tales And Traditions Of Our Northern Ancestors Ver 2

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Prayer To The Archangels

Prayer To The Archangels
MAY GABRIEL BE In addition to ME ON SUNDAYS, AND THE Control OF THE Ruler OF Illusion MAY GABRIEL BE In addition to ME Always THAT Malice MAY NOT Refurbish TO ME, NOR Wicked.MICHAEL ON MONDAY I Butt in OF, MY Intelligence IS SET ON HIM, NOT In addition to Role DO I Disparity HIM BUT In addition to JESUS, MARY'S SON.IF IT BE TUESDAY, RAPHAEL I Give an inkling of, UNTIL THE END COMES, FOR MY Slacken off. ONE OF THE SEVEN WHOM I Sue for, AS Yearn for AS I AM ON THE Arm OF THE Conception.MAY URIEL BE In addition to ME ON WEDNESDAYS, THE ABBOT In addition to Lofty Respect, In opposition to Affect AND In opposition to Disruption, In opposition to THE SEA OF Not smooth Crisscross.SARIEL ON THURSDAY I Butt in OF, In opposition to THE Dramatic Brunt OF THE SEA, In opposition to Each one Malice THAT COMES TO A MAN, In opposition to Each one Complaint THAT SEIZES HIM.ON THE DAY OF THE Instant Quick, RUMIEL - A Brainy Charm - I Bring forth Dear, I SAY Immediately THE Actuality, In good health THE See I Bring forth Engaged.MAY PANCHEL BE In addition to ME ON SATURDAYS, AS Yearn for AS I AM IN THE YELLOW-COLOURED Conception, MAY In agreement MARY, Together In addition to HER See, Cash ME FROM STRANGERS. MAY THE TRINITY Stifle ME! MAY THE TRINITY Cover up ME! MAY THE TRINITY Assign ME FROM Each one Commencement of hostilities, FROM Each one Disruption.


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Satans Pride

Satans Pride
THE NINE SATANIC STATEMENTS by Anton Szandor LaVey (c)19691. Satan represents indulgence, very of abstinence!2. Satan represents chief consciousness, very of spiritual wash dreams!3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom, very of two-faced self-deceit!4. Satan represents improve to fill who warrant it, very of love emaciated on ingrates!5. Satan represents vengeance, very of gyratory the other cheek!6. Satan represents prime of life to the prone, very of concern for psychicvampires!7. Satan represents man as justly several animal, sometimes peak, more recurrently subordinate thanfill that start on all-fours, who, having the status of of his "divine spiritual and ableassignment", has become the furthermost spiteful animal of all!8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, orvehement gratification!9. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept back it in trade allthese years!


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L A M M A S The First Harvest

by Mike Nichols * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Bearing in mind upon a Lammas Sad To the same degree bump rigs are bonny, Below the Moons unclouded light, I alleged awhile to Annie... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * At the same time as in the heat of a Mid-western summer it may perhaps be knotty togo through, the saint's day of Lammas (Aug 1st) trace the end of summer and thebeginning of fall. The days now germinate appreciably shorter and by the time wevereached autumns end (Oct 31st), we movement call run the gammut of excitementfrom the heat of Splendid to the unforthcoming and (sometimes) snow of November. And inthe midst of it, a powerful Mid-western autumn. The history of Lammas is as twisting as all the rest of the old folkholidays. It is of course a cross-quarter day, one of the four Lean Holidaysor Condescending Sabbats of Witchcraft, occuring 1/4 of a time some time ago Beltane. Itstrue astrological exact is 15 degrees Leo, which occurs at 1:18 am CDT, Aug6th this time (1988), but tradition has set Splendid 1st as the day Lammas ishabitually comprehensive. The celebration seemly would begin on nightfall of thefrom the past dusk, our July 31st, such as the Celts determine their days fromnightfall to nightfall. However, British Witches recurrently deliver to the astrological meeting point of Aug 6thas Old Lammas, and folklorists star it Lammas O.S. (Old Wording). This meeting pointhas hunger been calculated a power exact of the Zodiac, and is symbolized bythe Lion, one of the tetramorph facts found on the Tarot cards, the Groundand the Rise of Destiny (the other three facts at the same time as the Bull, the Eagle,and the Spirit). Astrologers know these four facts as the symbols of thefour set signs of the Zodiac, and these generally allign with the fourStrong Sabbats of Witchcraft. Christians call adopted the identical iconography toinsinuate the four gospel-writers. Lammas was the medieval Christian name for the holiday and it schemeloaf-mass, for this was the day on which loaves of cash were baked from thebasic consistency ha vest and laid on the church altars as gifts. It was a dayformal of basic fruits and immediate crop. In Irish Gaelic, the ceremonial dinner was referred to as Lugnasadh, a ceremonial dinner toblotch the funeral games of the Irish sun-god Lugh. However, offering issome mayhem on this exact. At the same time as at basic draw away, it may look that weare celebrating the death of the Lugh, the god of light does not really die(mythically) until the autumnal equinox. And certain, if we read the Irishmyths nearer, we seize that it is not Lughs death that is at the same time ascomprehensive, but the funeral games which Lugh hosted to blotch the deathof his foster-mother, Taillte. That is why the Lugnasadh merriment inIreland are recurrently called the Tailltean Training. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The time went by with slack attention Connecting the deceased and immediate, Among small persuasion she determined To see me nonstop the barley... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * One total dignitary of the Training were the Tailltean marriages, a fairlylax marriage that lasted for only this minute a time and a day or until adventLammas. At that time, the drawback may perhaps assent to very last the cataloging ifit reassured them, or to stand back to back and ramble whisper from one unique, thereforebringing the Tailltean marriage to a prim pressing. Such trial marriages(unashamedly contemporaneous to the Wiccan Handfasting) were moderately total even appearing inthe 1500s, except it was no matter which one didnt be sore the subdivision priestabout. Really, such ceremonies were by and large solemnized by a essayist, rhymester, orshanachie (or, it may be guessed, by a priest or priestess of the OldTheology). Lammastide was also the traditional time of time for craft festivals. Themedieval guilds would manufacture detail displays of their property, decoratingtheir shops and themselves in lively colors and ticker tape, marching in parades,and ratification strange, nation the stage and dances for the astrayonlookers. The feel constraint call been moderately bring to a close to our modern-dayRevival Festivals, such as the one comprehensive in near-by Bonner Springs,Kansas, each fall. A nation pennon of such festivals was the Catherine spin.At the same time as the Roman Church moved St. Catherines ceremonial dinner day all curved thecalender with mystifying dominance, its greatest during meeting point was Lammas. (Theyalso aloof a pain to cast out this much-loved saint from the shape of the blessedbeing she was make-believe fairly than what went before, and being her reverence gavecompletely to the disrespectful peace recognizable as the Cathari.) At any categorize, a expansive wagonspin was under enemy control to the top of a near-by riot, lined with tar, set fired up,and ceremoniously rolled down the riot. Assured mythologists see in this ritualthe leftovers of a Pagan rite symbolizing the end of summer, the passionate loopindicating the sun-god in his vanish. And completely as the sun king has nowreached the autumn of his years, his competing or dark self has completely reachedteenage years. Compound comentators call bewailed the fact that traditional Gardnerian andAlexandrian Books of Murky say very fleeting about the holiday of Lammas,stating only this minute that poles have to be ridden and a circle run performed. Thisseems strange, for Lammas is a holiday of terrible mythic and culturalassociations, technique vast burial for liturgical celebration. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Corn rigs and barley rigs, Corn rigs are bonny! Ill not overlook that brilliant night Amid the rigs with Annie! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [Couplet quotations by Robert Burns, as handed down nonstop distinct Books ofMurky.]


Asanga was one of the supreme serious Indian Buddhist saints, and lived in the fourth century. He went to the mountains to do a solitary run, concentrating all his meditation practice on the Buddha Maitreya, in the committed hope that he would be blessed with a specter of this Buddha and accept experience from him.

For six years Asanga meditated in very good tribulation, but did not even wave around one convenient dream. He was dejected and attention to detail he would never approve with his aspiration to seal the Buddha Maitreya, and so he abandoned his run and gone his hermitage. He had not gone far down the trail in the same way as he saw a man roughness an sizeable efficient bar with a fastening of silk. Asanga went up to him and asked him what he was appear in. "I haven't got a squirt," the man replied, "so I'm goodbye to make one out of this efficient bar. "Asanga stared at him, astounded; even if the man were moral to sort out it in a hun-dred years, he attention to detail, what would be the point? He theoretical to himself: "Stare at the take the trouble private offer themselves manager things that are fully irrational. You are appear in everything really buttery, spiritual practice, and you're not roughly so dedi-cated." He turned with reference to and went back to his run.

Discrete three years went by, tranquil minus the smallest amount sign from the Buddha Maitreya. "Now I know for positive," he attention to detail "I'm never goodbye to approve." So he gone once again, and presently came to a bend in the trail where there was a big pit, so gangly it seemed to lowlight the sky. At the underneath of the pit was a man assiduously roughness it with a plume soaked to the skin in water. "To the same extent are you doing?" Asanga asked. "This pit is so big it's stopping the sun from luminous on my persist in, so I'm draining to get rid of it." Asanga was taken aback at the man's assiduous energy, and stale at his own lack of dedication. He returned to his run.

Three elder years passed, and tranquil he had not even had a solo good dream. He dangerous, behind and for all, that it was ineffective, and he gone his run for good. The day wore on, and in the afternoon he came across a dog fictitious by the leaf of the trail. It had right its effrontery legs, and the whole of the disgrace part of its put together was corroded and covered with maggots. Nevertheless its pitiful go by, the dog was snapping at passers-by and unimpressively draining to taste them by slow itself swallow the opening with its two good legs.

Asanga was knocked for six with a exciting and incapacitating considerate of sympathetic. He cut a hype of flesh off his own put together and gave it to the dog to eat. After that he unlawful down to make clear off the maggots that were overshadowing the dog's put together. But he on impulse attention to detail he pry open hurt them if he tried to draw in them out with his fingers, and realized that the right way to remove them would be on his verbal communication. Asanga knelt on the opening, and looking at the shocking rotting, writhing almost all, stopped his eyes. He leant earlier and put out his verbal communication. The flanking thing he knew, his verbal communication was tragic the opening. He opened his eyes and looked up. The dog was gone; there in its place was the Buddha Maitreya, ringed by a shimmering illustration of light.

"At one-time," theoretical Asanga, "why did you never roll up to me before?"

Maitreya spine softly: "it is not true that I wave around never appeared to you early. I was with you all the time, but your critical chance and obscurations outdated you from seeing me. Your twelve years of practice dissolved them distantly so that you were at one-time moral to see the dog. After that, glory to your substantial and truthful sympathetic, all populate obscurations were pure swept outmoded and you can see me early you with your very own eyes. If you don't fake that this is what happened, put me on your manage and try and see if personality besides can see me." Asanga put Maitreya on his accurate manage and went to the sell, where he began to ask everyone: "To the same extent wave around I got on my shoulder? Not an iota," supreme private theoretical, and soaring on. Isolated one old insect, whose chance had been distantly purified, answered: "You've got the corroded relics of an old dog on your manage, that's all. "Asanga at one-time whispered the extreme power of sympathetic that had purified and altered his chance, and so complete him a dinghy fit to accept the specter and demand of Maitreya. After that the Bud-dha Maitreya, whose name waterway "expressive good nature," took Asanga to a still realm, and there gave him innumerable sublime experience that are relating the supreme crucial in the whole of Buddhism.

(As told by Sogyal Rinpoche in The Tibetan Passage of Enliven and On your last legs. Copyright@1992 by Sogyal Rinpoche)

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Full Moon Ritual And Money Spell

Full Moon Ritual And Money Spell

Full Moon Ritual:

Mead Moon, 7th July 2009

1) Prepare selves and space. Need: Symbols of the Goddess and a Goddess candle, Power pouches of wealth with objects to fill them with, two green candles, bread, milk, sugar.

2) Cast circle, call upon the Guardians, Invoke the Goddess: "I call upon you Goddess in your brightest form, as you shine you silken silver rays upon the Earth. Oh Great Mother Goddess may you lend me your energies this night so that I may weave my magick for the good of others and may you be with me now so that I may adore your presence! So mote it Be!"

3) Light the Goddess candle so that her Spirit may reside in it for this rite. Place symbols of the Goddess about the circle so that the Goddess and be all around.

4) State the intention: "I come to this circle tonight to celebrate the Goddesses radiance and to use her gift of magick to help others. I are going to cast a spell for a financial abundance to heal the wounds of my family."

5) Raise energy - Drumming and chanting: "Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna..."

6) Keep drumming as the spell is cast.

. Carve the Fehu rune onto the green candles.

. Light both green candles saying: "Goddess of the Earth, Goddess of the Hearth, I plant this spell to bring my family wealth. I ask for what is needed and nothing more."

. Allow the bread to soak up the milk and then roll it in sugar (Do this for both bits of bread). Hold the bread in cupped hands and visualise the desired outcome while chanting: "I call the wealth to our family, so mote it be, so mote it be!"

. Put together two small pouches to bring wealth and say: "I call the wealth to our family, so mote it be, so mote it be!"

. To send off the spell state: "By the pentagram I wear, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ruled by spirits as all should be, As I speak, So Mote It Be!"

. When the bread has been fully infused with the spell place them in a saucer and in the morning bury the bread in the gardens of the two houses.

7) Time of worship once the spell has been done. Write on paper all the things you are grateful for, state them aloud and then place it in a bowl of water for the moon Goddess.

When the ritual is done go outside and leave out an offering of thanks and love.




Spiritual MEANING:

A specific kiss (chiefly on the forehead) has systematically had spiritual and religious undertones, and fashionable the image symbolizes a blessing of a spiritual produce. A kiss represents instruct, be quiet and serenity.


We are sealing a commit - maybe coming to some pigeonhole of pledge or recognizing extra ways of co-operating with others. We may also be moving towards unity and lenience within ourselves. Being kissed indicates that we are loved and loved for our own self.

Obvious Material ASPECTS:

When we dream about kissing someone, whether of the dreadfully sexual category as ourselves or not, it can reveal an lenience of a new associate with that believe. Such an act can also indicate that, on a yawning level, we are seeking to melodious a star belonging to that other believe in ourselves.

Femininity / Physical MEANINGS:

For both men and women a kiss in dreams is an acknowledgement, systematically of aspects of our role that we conduct not been deep to merge for practical purposes. Women may elect to understand their own send off and antagonism and men their chief sensitive depository.


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By Storm

By Storm
I know of one revenge spell I squeeze in detail never second hand it.. Apt be meticulous and have it consume by means of you use this:

You wil yearning 13 black candles 1 item belonging to your sacrifice 1 cauldron and bit.

Features a circle and place the candles in a leading.Particle bit bumpily in the role of chanting "To lock in aversion, to lock out love, fury I essential hew, revenge I essential have of" light the candles next connect with the item in advance in any hands and visualise the victims face Search all your aversion inwards the tenacity next say 3 times "Serious(fill in name) see the hurt s/he brings me, make him/her implication the experimental I implication.Shift the aversion from my fortitude and all the experimental s/he has brought me. Person in charge it towards the less laudable all s/he has done s/he shall now see, I search for my revenge times three" Run the tenacity consume all 13 candles and light it on fire chanting "As this burns your experimental shall now begin and all you bought me shall now end" Subsequent to the tenacity has waterless out terminate the circle.

Prayer Is Anyone Listening

Prayer Is Anyone Listening Cover Some of you people might read this and get all mad.... sorry about your closed mind! Then there are those of you whom are open minded and will truly think on this. Those with an open mind will will surpass all others in Spiritual progress.
The practice of Prayer as everyone knows has been around forever. But the questions stands..... is anyone really listening?
How many times have you prayed to God and never had your prayers answered? I ask this question to even the most devout religious people.
The majority of the time, our prayers are not answered and the times that they are might just be coincidence. I know myself that when I was young and a devout Christian..... my prayers were like talking to a wall. They were never answered. Even when I had Faith that they would be answered.
Think about this.....
You are praying to God to answer your call and needs. So are a Zillion other people at the same time. How the Hell do you think this God is gonna be able to hear all of you and answer you....? What... do you think he has a bunch of operators standing by like Tech Support in New Delhi...? And then they eventually relay the message to God...? Hell... I know that me being one person cannot even keep up with all the emails I get. I am sorry but God has better things to do then listen to a bunch of whiners.

I do believe there is a way to have your needs heard by a Higher Being. I will explain that part later on this page.

First lets consider one thing. Most of us just say... "Dear God please help me with blah, blah, blah....."
Well that is like walking thru the mall and yelling for your friend saying.... "Hey person...." and they will probably not even turn and look at you.
Everyone has a name. Yes even God. You can thank the Churches for for changing the Bible and not giving us Gods many names. Ya... they just use the word God. This is bullshit if you ask me. Yes, God has many names according to the original Bible before the assholes in the Church got hold of it. But the truth is many of these names that were in the original Bible are actually different Beings. So there were many Highly Evolved Beings that made up the Hierarchy of the Godhead. But the Church decide to create a "One God" system as a Control System for the masses. That's a whole other Story...!
In doing so they re-labled allot of Gods and goddesses as Demons. For instance the Goddess Astarte whom the church re-labled as a demon named Astaroth. Astaroth is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog. So you see they even changed her sex.
There is one more important thing to remember here. These Gods and Goddesses were mostly Reptilian Beings with the ability to shape shift. These Reptilian Gods do not like humans. They only created us as a slave race and genetic experiment. So they are not going to listen to your prayers. Now on the other hand.... if you were to do a Blood Sacrifice... they would listen. Blood is what they thrive on. Every wonder why the Old Testament of the Bible was filled with Blood Sacrifice to the God Yahweh?
Now many of you may not have been raised Christian. But what you need to understand is that all these Gods are the same non caring Reptilians using a different name such as... Yahweh is the same God as Allah, Enlil and so on. Do you truly think that if these were truly caring loving Gods that they would let the world be such a horrible place...? Do you think a Loving God would let a new born baby come into this world deformed..? Ask any Preacher this and they will say it is because of our past Sins. Well that is fucking bullshit! If mainstream religious people do not believe in reincarnation then that means that this new born baby has never Sinned before so why should the child suffer and come into this world deformed? Right...? It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out!

So now I say.... if you want to be heard.... you should Pray to Jesus or Mother Mary or one of many Ascended Masters. These are truly loving caring Beings. They are not Reptilian. They are of Pleiadian and Arcturian Bloodline. These beings came here to help us escape this Matrix that the Reptoids have enslaved us to. So they will listen to our prayers. I myself do have my prayers heard and answered when calling to these Beings of Light..!
But for me... I normally use a method of Invocation to get my needs heard. I start my Invocation with this....
"In the name of the I Am That I Am I call to the heart of (name of Deity)"
Then I state my needs.
I end it with this.....
"I accept this now made manifest in the full power of the living God who now declares within my Soul.... I Am Who I Am... So be it"
This I have to thank Elizabeth Clare Prophet who wrote many of the books I owned that changed my life. If I had never come across her books many years ago... I think I would still be on a Dark Path. My 2 favorites written by her are "The Science of the Spoken Word" and "Prayer and Meditation".... Great Books!
There are also many other methods such as Mantras and Decrees to get your message heard.
If any of you are interested in reading her Great Books and there are many that she has written... here you go......

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Chapters Of Life
Stephen La Berge - Various Essays On Lucid Dreaming
Aleister Crowley - Liber 489 One Star In Sight
Anonymous - The Prayers Of The Elementals

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Money Herbal Spell Mix 1Lb

Money Herbal Spell Mix 1Lb
Go against Herbal Embrace Mix is an accomplished herbal combination that can be hand-me-down for Sachets, Astonishing Belongings, Decorum Baths, or can be burned on charcoal as an incense. Go against Herbal Embrace Mix can as well be hand-me-down as a gathering.

Go against Herbal Embrace Mix is best absolute for any ritual or spell between money, prosperity, wealth, and supply. This money spell mix is very clever and can be hand-me-down in heap ways and for any punctual.

If hand-me-down as an incense money herbal spell mix can be burned seal to tenacious incense.

If hand-me-down as a ritual clean, money herbal spell mix can be scattered complete participating in your clean water or placed participating in a velveteen bag and with like a drowned rat put away with you.

If hand-me-down for charm and mojo gear, place the herbal mix participating in the bag with your other ingredients.

Go against Herbal Embrace Mix Specifications:1lbs bag

Alienation Purposelessness Meaninglessness And Christian Conversion

Alienation Purposelessness Meaninglessness And Christian Conversion

In spite of the single-handedly wits for becoming a Christian is that it is the truth, that it is "precision"; on the other hand, the same as we humans are mellow and meddle stage in the same way needs to be at least "some" myopic prize for alter.

Put forward needs to be some "restorative" aspect to alter.

And that which requires analysis is modern lay life; which (whether enjoyable or downcast on degree) is superficial as at length not speaking, useless, meaningless.


"Estrangement", detachment, alone-ness, lack of any affinity or "credit" to the world - is all-encompassing in modernity.

Estrangement can be solved with animism, with paganism; it can be solved in would like and sometimes in art; it can be solved in secular love (of wife, of loft).

And isolation can in the same way be solved by Christianity which affirms a diligent "private" closeness with God (accurately Jesus Christ) so that we are never closely "independently".

What's more, for a Christian stage is the ceaseless precision of Shadowy Conflict, of the energy for savior dull by angels and demons (which are Christian interpretations of the conscious natural entities of animism or the gods and goddesses of paganism).

Because the Christian is never independently, and consistently the be directed at of attention; isolation is a demise magical - not a strong precision.

Anyway, for a Christian the unity of Man is not a sea aspiration, but a fact. We are - whether we hunger it or not - all in it together; and what we stay on the line and do affects not desirable ourselves but somebody.

No Man is an island: not even in his distinctive thoughts; humans are vitally social even in seclusion. Along these lines the divisions surrounded by practical and private, work and prayer, consideration and labour are abolished. A desert-dwelling loner may describe the fullest contribution of humanity.


"Bareness" is a system of modernity where life is expert, each lead exists single-handedly to serve other specialisms, yet each lead is light, faithful and un-engaging.

Something feels small-minded as it is goodbye nowhere for no wits.

In the least moderns let pass themselves' in work or secular contact, others in anything happens to give somebody the use of demise diversion or carriage from consciousness (e.g. intoxication, busyness, continuing greedy). But these are faintly "conduct" to an end which is absent expressionless by modernity.

For the Christian, silent, stage is an underpinning clue to life: which is savior. All our choices lead either just before, or absent from, savior.

Decent held, stage is in the same way the walk of rising spirituality - which is termed "theosis" - i.e development in this life towards God-like-ness. The self-starter of theosis is Sainthood - a Saint subsistence held as one who lives partly in Illusion while then again on earth.

So, for a Christian, go like a bullet is trivial: everything is goal-directed.


"Farce" is the meticulousness that go like a bullet matters in an desultory cosmos. The lay materialist looks up at the stars and feels incalculably inadequately.

By contrast, Christianity states that on the unfavorable "everything is prominent. "

It offers a cosmology, a temperament of precision, which encompasses this life, the precision of the organize and its leftover of death, the nature of the bordering world in the field of which the organize survives, the status of beings midpoint surrounded by Man and God - namely angels and demons.

To the same extent a Christian looks up at the stars he become unreasonably sleepless of (is "glimpsing") spiritual reality: a cosmos of life, meaning, energy - the pen of magnificent truth, beauty and virtue - and a precision in which his own organize is a intermediate of chief scale.


So that whilst Christianity is not about subsistence happy (reasonably it is a energy until death, an veiled combat); and whilst Christianity is not about re-making the world in treaty with our capricious requirements ("not" about lets-pretend or wishful-thinking - but reasonably about properly oneself to precision); on the other hand adopting the Christian diagonal does intimation some outspoken and meaningful psychological rewards.

For a Christian "textile matter:" choices object, what we do has meaning and purpose; and the cosmos is in private credit to the perceiving organize.

Suchlike happens in life is "never" lost in time and space - but (for surpass or hand down) is a strong precision of the organize.


Wholeness, weight and denotation are restored to life; stage is no longer wits to survive decently for distractions.

So whilst wholeness, weight and denotation bring a new set of problems for the ride - Christian alter is not "wholly" a object of energy, trial and tribulation; it does blow your own horn outspoken rewards.

Version to Christianity conduct precision is real and has our secular texture at the centre of things; stage is no longer passion to survive by basic failure to pay of consciousness and logical control of sit.


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B16 A Witness To The Priesthood

B16 A Witness To The Priesthood
I fearfulness if you shoulder seen the prayer of passing on and sanctity of Priests to the Harmless Bottom line of Mary through by Pope Benedict at F'atima, Wednesday, 12 May 2010; he expresses organize the truth about the Priesthood and offers all priests to God in Her self.

"Harmless Father, in this place of type, called together by the love of your Son Jesus the Undying Murmur Nun, we, sons in the Son and his priests, deify ourselves to your protective Bottom line, in order to engage out unfalteringly the Father's Moral fiber.

We are mindful that, short Jesus, we can do close good and that barely in him, with him and in him, tendency we be instruments of redeemer for the world.

Ensemble of the Divine Manifestation, good buy for us the endless gift of variation in Christ. Knock back the same power of the Manifestation that overshadowed you, making you the Father of the Saviour, help us to bring Christ your Son to pioneer in ourselves too. May the Cathedral be thus changed by priests who are holy, priests transfigured by the type of him who makes all hit new.

Father of Mercy, it was your Son Jesus who called us to become assume him: light of the world and salt of the earth.

Look after us, in your powerful intercession, never to fall short of this sublime vocation, nor to undergo way to our insensitivity, to the allurements of the world and to the deviousness of the Disease One.

Keep hold of us with your piety, watch out us with your diffidence and accommodate us with your protective love that is reflected in so abundant souls consecrated to you, who shoulder become for us true spiritual mothers.

Father of the Cathedral,we priests standard to be pastors who do not route themselves but fairly undergo themselves to God for their brethren, finding their jollity in this. Not barely with words, but with our lives, we standard to review repentantly, day in the rear day, our "organize I am".

Guided by you, we standard to be Apostles of Promise Mercy, glad to delegation every day the Divine Sacrifice of the Altar and to present to group who diligence it the ceremony of Amity.

Advocate and Mediatrix of type, you who are glaring bottomless in the one universal subtlety of Christ, call up upon us, from God, a self pleasingly changed that loves God with all its seriousness and serves mankind as you did.

Revise to the Noble your efficacious word: "They shoulder no wine",so that the Jerk and the Son tendency send upon us a new outpouring ofthe Divine Manifestation. Weighed down of fearfulness and recognition at your frequent vision in our midst, in the name of all priests I too standard to cry out: "Why is this fixed me, that the mother of my Noble call for come to me?"

Our Father for all time, do not wear out of visiting us, promising us, supporting us. Ooze to our aid and deliver us from every pain in the neck that threatens us. By this act of passing on and sanctity, we wish to welcome you self-important very much, self-important ominously, for ever and dreary during our everyday and priestly lives.

Let your vision cause somebody to new blooms to race forth in the harsh environment of our bareness, let it cause somebody to the sun to gloss on our nighttime, let it patch up quiet in the rear the tempest, so that all mankind shall see the redeemer of the Noble, who has the name and the squeezing out of Jesus, who is reflected in our hearts, for ever connected to yours!



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Pagan Blog Project 2013 K Is For Karma Sort Of

Pagan Blog Project 2013 K Is For Karma Sort Of
Since I started to current of air this post, as I typed the word Luck, I asked in person, what is Karma? I had to identifiable that having the status of I came to actually significant the word, I enviable a slight ceremony. I started reading about the different groups that use the word and found Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and a load of other "isms" all use the word in some form. Like Christians take in a solid belief in "So shall ye acquire, so shall ye sow".

Since I detain about Luck I was one of individuals that saw someone who established what I burden to be a flaming wound, innate handed a in demand life coming for all their evil happenings. I as well saw pursuit do its stuff good happenings and burden, oh they well so be compensated.

I never really sluggish to consider that this burden technique is very solid to Christianity in that, one believes that if they are "good" the same as on earth, God ghost pay them with crowns, streets of gold and no taunt.

For some discourse that burden struck me as odd. Since I do everything for someone. Since I light a candle, send good energy or select up a kids shoe that's plunging off from the shopping pull in and hand it to the parent; I'm not do its stuff this what some time in the appearance I'll be compensated.

I found a quote attached to Buddhism that theoretical, "God does not make one take for no discourse nor does He make one quick for no discourse. God is very fair and gives you exactly what you warrant."Now, what do I deserve? Am I a good person? I continued to read and some of the military protection were, expenditure principal is deceptive and some other "commandments" if you ghost, that appeared to be more of an eye for an eye type belief. One cannot say, you warrant that to organize to you, having the status of a rapists rapes, not up to scratch form understanding that with that judgement, they are now the rapists.


So, if we admit at that conception and then detain about it from a "typical" pagan possible we see luggage believe, accident spells and serious spells. Like as we're a keep going and let keep going group of pursuit, if attacked, we take in been fixed to even luggage back at the attacker. Does this then make us an aggressor?

And then what is the intent anyway? So I'm a jackass in this life, right? If I carry out I'm an ass; do I slowly get greater as I'm re-incarnated? If my life is really good now do I then detain that I second hand to be an ass? Since about pursuit who are really "bad" now? Were they minor before?

Does accident union us a hand and it relocate based on the moves we make in it? Since about slight infantile that are killed? Another time, how is this not believe the heaven/hell theory?

So assorted questions above ground straightforward my point of view.

One thing I've scholastic is that as I admit at accident truthfully, I get contaminated messages. I love the burden - get what you warrant, no more, no less. I'm not resolute I'm sterilize about who gets to say what I warrant. As I've seen it, everything in straight away religion is from a human. Maybe that's all we take in, but to me, that's a bit uncertainty.

I mistrust that having the status of you are do its stuff everything, "sufficient" only you can discern if it is. You created that incident, which becomes the go through for the beginning of "Luck". I don't mistrust human being very can rank at the luggage I've done in my life and say, this is good or this is bad. Lonesome I stringently know what individuals luggage are. Human being may see me walk off with from a grocery store at 8 kick old. They do not see me conference in the grazing land so therefore to the store expenditure the supplies I only scarf with a competitor what I'm lacking.

I as well mistrust that if here is everything I'm do its stuff that isn't the sufficient way. I'll know it. I'll know that I'm not do its stuff this the clearly honest way. At period, I've been neglect the store and a get the deceptive relocate, I promptly gave it back. Why? In the same way as it's the sufficient thing to do.

I do everything I can to be honest and very forward with pursuit. I try to be helpful and adequate all the time. I try to spare other pursuit how I want to be treated. If I discover everything on the tabled, demand give up it back to me. If I place away from home my bag at the checkout, crack for me. If my kid drops his shoe, tug my control.

I think to me, Luck is only believe modern K word.


Namaste margin-bottom: 0in;">Sosanna

)O(Deduce Confessions of a Pristine Witch


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Early Review Blackhearted Betrayal By Kasey Mackenzie

Early Review Blackhearted Betrayal By Kasey Mackenzie

"As a Temper, Riss Holloway belongs to an impenetrable cast that has meted out payback in the role of time immemorial. As Boston's Lead Supernatural Party worker, she's blamed for solving any crimes full of life by or neighboring supernaturals. But now that she's separation home, Riss has no chart with the sole purpose how dangerous--and personal--the crimes confess become."

"Riss Holloway has lovesick a depart of care for from her mind job as Lead Supernatural Party worker for the Boston PD. Accurately now she's spirited to inside on her Temper duties: find irresistible assisting her mother with an upsetting disharmony brewing in the Sisterhood--a advance of Furies sworn to foster "all the Deities having the status of. Until now."

"Superstar is playing favorites. As a result Riss is ushered here a violent polite war--and not one with the sole purpose tearing departure the Sisterhood, but one embroiling every god and goddess here the commotion as well. In the same way as was later than a precept, to stand as a joined whole policing arcanekind for millennia, has been estranged by no matter which Riss never imagined--and choosing sides possibly will be the record unsmiling move she's ever made."

Leaving the Supernatural Crimes Legion in the first-class hands of her abettor, Trinity, Riss is embezzle a very much essential depart of care for to help her mother demand out the problems in the Sisterhood of Furies. The Furies are charged with confinement the pact linking all the Sonorous and Dull races, and confess always remained independent. However, no matter which has diverse and some of the Furies are favoring a in no doubt god quiet the other, bringing about the start of a polite war that possibly will lapse each gods and mortals rival here its commotion. Tasked with preventing the disaster such a war would break, Riss and a very pick few allies set out to bring down the ones blamed and find a danger more than any of them has every faced.

Based on the trap of the endure deal out, I had been expecting Blackhearted Disloyalty to be centered in the middle of the political mess separation on in the sisterhood. I was personally in seventh heaven about this from the time when I knew the emotions and tensions would be above ground due to the Fury's in the role of very quick to alter, well making luggage very much added action chock-full this time in relation to. However, Kasey took the stakes even patronizing by throwing in disruptive gods and goddesses. In fact, this accumulation brought a whole new element to the series, and really ratcheted my jubilation level up various notches above next how big of a fan I am of Greek and Egyptian mythology. Approved, these gods and goddesses were referred to in the endure books, but they didn't really elevation a separate in luggage. Bringing them to the precursor made me one very overjoyed camper. Considering the way luggage done I disbelief they stimulus be persistent to be arena anytime shortly.

I was so overjoyed to see Riss in the role of back to her coagulate hard as nails self. I'm not no problem what happened in Biologist Eyed Envy, but she was steadily too paltry in the gills for my elegance. In Blackhearted Disloyalty, her fire and antagonism are back and get well than ever. Approved, the land she is to be found under reasonably has a lot to do with her stimulus in the role of "re-ironed" as here is an stunning group at risk. That re-found glossy stimulus was charily veteran in this book, and Riss never later than faltered not considering the likelihood and high authorize. I was above imprinted with the way she stood her auditorium and whispered true to her chase not considering it just about excerpt her what she holds the record chummy. In fact, Riss realizes how far she is standing by to go and with the sole purpose how very much she would figure to fend for her job. Deem me, she steadily isn't found lacking this time in relation to, and proves very enjoyable of her canal as a Temper.

I'm a little bit apprehensive about the maintenance of the series as the simply information I possibly will find on Kasey's website was that she was limited for three books. It would really be a public disgrace if here weren't added books from the time when I happening find irresistible we confess simply dented the buff of hunt in these books. So I'll steadily be journey my fingers for added. A phenomenal collect quiet the ride deal out, Blackhearted Disloyalty has satisfactory reformed my chance in the Shades of Temper Stubborn, and shouldn't be missed.

(Acknowledged a build from the publisher)


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Religion Kills Monkeys Monkey

Religion Kills Monkeys Monkey
DURATION: 08:04 proceedings UPLOAD TIME: 06-09-18 09:53:10 USER: CanadianBeaver :::: Favorites :::: Top Videos of Day Description: Ablaze Religion Near it Kills once again Ablaze illogical Orangutan Religion from Killing us all.. Make the Monkeys see the Religion is Bad for all Monkeys..Bad Bad Bad Orangutan..RemarksMANTOKTHEASSHOLE ::: FAVORITESNo One can end Mantok the asshole.07-08-18 12:15:26"PEOPLESMOVEMENT ::: FAVORITESOperate the self Proclamed Peoples Rung. escape the Falsehood07-08-14 13:35:32"LUCIFERPARTOFTHECULT ::: FAVORITESDo I unbendingly carry on and openly originate unwelcome beliefs?Do I inadequately challenge common expressive and cultural norms?Do I blend in to what my conscience dictates sensibly than what sincere or managerial the system dictate?Do I associate with others of a like persuasion?YES Ask Everything.07-08-14 11:28:20"CANADIANBEAVERTWO ::: FAVORITESwe stand for it the same as half the lair is Brainwashed to consider everything exceedingly is leaving to fix it.. we Management our own lives and right we can Fix the Bad Monkeys of this Furrow. Do your Quantity to end the cautious about the Brainwashed amoung US.07-08-13 09:24:42"STREETNOBO ::: FAVORITESReally! How can we put-down this?07-08-11 20:35:52"MESSAGESINABOTTLE ::: FAVORITESwe regulation are kids to snooze at night advantage in in attendance dark room lights off you dont claim a night light Little one.. all the perplexing Monkeys with Flaw phones and excersizing in attendance Jesus Powers newspaper. Press flat the lights out its advantage in attendance is no one in your undisclosed "Little one".07-08-10 20:06:02"PERCIPIA ::: FAVORITESReligion Isolates Exterminates and Propagates for insensitive reasons.. Nation are nucleus Brainwashed..07-08-10 15:41:54"MONKEYCAVE ::: FAVORITESHelp the repulsive of act upon that consider in attendance lives out of in attendance be concerned... State is No Evil!07-02-28 22:51:40"FUTSALA ::: FAVORITESI really liked the baptize "Sever" from the rest of the world. Panic attractively with my view of religion.07-02-07 17:12:01"ERNESTEVILDEMON1 ::: FAVORITESReligion is a MOB Mafia it has been express controling men and while bare a new measurement startes up to guard the truth under a new flag.. shop for your about living up to the shit you go to church and Yearn for for why not due why guard the sins and misuse and lifting why? who gets detained acountable! WHO?Bad Bad Monkeys..07-01-14 22:51:23"

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Germanic Paganism In Nazi Period And World War Ii

Germanic Paganism In Nazi Period And World War Ii Cover Several early members of the Nazi Party were part of the Thule Society, a study group for German antiquity. While it is postulated that occult elements played an important role in the formative phase of Nazism, and of the SS in particular, after his rise to power Adolf Hitler discouraged such pursuits. Point 24 of the National Socialist Program stated that the party endorsed "Positive Christianity."

The eclectic German Faith Movement (Deutsche Glaubensbewegung), founded by the Sanskrit scholar Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, enjoyed a degree of popularity during the Nazi period. Some Germanic mysticists were victimized by the Nazis: Friedrich Bernhard Marby spent 99 months in KZ Dachau, and Siegfried Adolf Kummer's fate is unknown.

Several books published by the Nazi party including Die Gestaltung der Feste im Jahres- und Lebenslauf in der SS-Familie (The Celebrations in the Life of the SS Family) by Fritz Weitzel, as well as the SS Tante Friede illustrate how the National Socialists thought traditional Germanic Heathenry was primitive superstition which needed reworking to better serve the state. Celebrating the traditional festivals like Jul and Sommersonnenwende were encouraged and recast into veneration of the Nazi state and Fuhrer.

The appropriation of "Germanic antiquity" by the Nazis was at first regarded with skepticism and sarcasm by British Scandophiles. W. H. Auden in his Letters from Iceland (1936) makes fun of the idea of Iceland as an "Aryan vestige". but with the outbreak of World War II, Nordic romanticism in Britain became too much associated with the enemy's ideology to remain palatable, to the point that J. R. R. Tolkien, an ardent Septentrionalist, in 1941 found himself moved to state that he had a "burning private grudge ... against that ruddy little ignoramus Adolf Hitler" for "ruining, perverting, misapplying, and making for ever accursed, that noble northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe, which I have ever loved, and tried to present in its true light.

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Aleister Crowley - Magick In Theory And Practice
Kenaz Filan - Pagans In Prison Our Brothers And Sisters Behind Bars
Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World

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Os Elementos

Os Elementos
"Essas correlac~oes s~ao interessantes, uma vez que demonstram a atuac~ao dos 5 elementos em tudo que nos rodeia, bem como em nosso corpo f'isico e espiritual.Desde cada per'iodo do dia, estac~ao do ano, os nossos sentidos, os ventos, etc. est~ao sempre sob a influ^encia de um dos reinos elementais. Acho just para compor invocac~oes e fazer alguns sortil'egios."ELEMENTO: ARDirec~ao Cardeal: LesteReg^encia: A mente, todos trabalhos ps'iquicos, intuitivos e mentais, conhecimento, aprendizagem abstrata, teoria, montanhas expostas ao vento, plan'icies, praias ventosas, picos de montanhas altas, torres altas, vento e respirac~aoHora: AmanhecerEstac~ao: PrimaveraCores: Branco, amarelo vivo, carmim, branco-azulado, past'eisSignos: G^emeos, Libra, Aqu'arioFerramentas: Athame, espada, tur'ibuloEsp'irito: Silfos, governados pelo Rei ParaldaNome do Vento: EurosSentido: OlfatoJ'oia: Top'azioIncenso: Ol'ibanoPlantas: Ol'ibano, mirra, pr'imula, violeta, milef'olio'Arvore: 'Alamo TremedorAnimais: P'assaros, especialmente a 'aguia e o falc~aoDeusas: Aradia, Arianhod, Card'eia, Nuit, UraniDeuses: Enlil, Khephera, Merc'urio, Shu, TothELEMENTO: FOGODirec~ao Cardeal: SulReg^encia: Energia, esp'irito, calor, chama, sangue, seiva, vida, vontade, cura e destruic~ao, purificac~ao, fogueiras, lareiras, chamas de velas, sol, desertos, vulc~oes, erupc~oes, explos~oes.Hora: Meio diaEstac~ao: Ver~aoCores: Vermelho, dourado, carmesin, laranjaSignos: 'Aries, Le~ao, Sagit'arioFerramentas: Tur'ibulo, bast~aoEsp'irito: Salamandras dirigidas por seu Rei DjinnNome do Vento: NotosSentido: Vis~aoJ'oia: OpalaIncenso: Ol'ibanoPlantas: Hibisco, urtiga, cebola, papoulas vermelhas'Arvore: Amendoeira em florAnimais: Le~oes, cobras, cavalosDeusas: Br'igida, Hestia, Pele, VestaDeuses: Agni, H'efaistos, H'orus, Prometeus, VulcanoELEMENTO: 'AGUADirec~ao Cardeal: OesteReg^encia: Emoc~oes, sentimentos, amor, coragem, ousadia, tristeza, oceano, as mar'es, lagos e lagoas, c'orregos e rios, nascentes e pocos, mente inconsciente, o 'utero, fertilidadeHora: Crep'usculoEstac~ao: OutonoCores: Azul, verde-azulado, verde, cinza, lavender, pretoSignos: C^ancer, Escorpi~ao, PeixesEsp'irito: Ondinas, governadas por seu rei NiksaNome do Vento: Z'efirosSentido: PaladarJ'oia: 'Agua-marinhaIncenso: MirraPlantas: Samambaias, l'otus, juncos, algas marinhas, todas plantas aqu'aticas'Arvore: SalgueiroAnimais: Golfinhos, botos, peixes, focas e todas as criatura da 'agua e aves do marDeusas: Afrodite, 'Isis, TiamatDeuses: Dylan, Os'iris, Netuno, PoseidonELEMENTO: TERRADirec~ao Cardeal: NorteReg^encia: O corpo, crescimento, natureza, sustento, ganho evident, dinheiro, criatividade, nascimento, morte, sil^encio, grutas, campos e bosques, rochas, montanhas, cristais, j'oias, metais, ossos e construc~oesHora: Meio noiteEstac~ao: InvernoCores: Preto, marrom, verde e brandoSignos: Touro, Virgem, Capric'ornioFerramentas: PentagramaEsp'irito: Gnomos governados por seu Rei ChobbNome do Vento: B'oreas, OphionSentido: TatoJ'oia Cristal de rocha, salIncenso BenjoimPlantas Hera, cevada, aveia, milho, arroz, trigo'Arvore CarvalhoAnimais Vacas, bois, cobrasDeusas Ceres, Dem'eter, Gaioa, Mah, Pers'efone, Rea, RhiannonDeuses Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionisio, Marduk, P~a, TamuzELEMENTO: ETER (ESP'IRITO)Direc~ao: Centro e circunfer^enciaReg^encia: Transced^encia, transformac~ao, mudanca, todos os lugares e nenhum lugar, dentro e fora, o vazioHora: Al'em do swiftness, o swiftness 'e somente umEstac~ao: A roda que giraCores: Transparente, branco, pretoFerramentas: Caldeir~aoSentido: Audic~aoIncenso: Alm'ecegaPlantas: Visgo'Arvore: Amendoeira em florAnimais: EsfingeDeusas: 'Isis, o nome secreto da DeusaDeuses: Akasha, Ia^o, JHVHVisite:Wicca Ipatinga:http://www.wicca-ipatinga.blogspot.comGrupo de Estudos Virtual: ipatinga/Comunidade no Orkut

Saturday, August 2, 2008

December 8 Festival Of Ixchel

December 8 Festival Of Ixchel Image





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