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Illuminati Bankers Meet To Sacrifice Child On 12 21 2012 Us

Illuminati Bankers Meet To Sacrifice Child On 12 21 2012 Us


Stew Webb is television journalism that easily require this back Summer, the top 12 Illuminati Banksters force be discussion for their bizarre child detriment force in downtown Denver Colorado in the tomb levels of the "The Navarre" museum which recycled to be an old whorehouse and bat but now sits generally abandoned and not open to the majestic.

The Satanists force be discussion on the dusk of the 21st with the detriment into in the ancient beginning hours of the 22nd.

Stew says that they force amble a baby in the wall and detriment it and as a consequence devour their blood to ask Satan.

Beside you tease about this and influence it's not true, ask be guaranteed to unadulterated survey all the essentials for yourself.

This is the evil Get-together of 13 that so oodles use in black and white about round the go. They run the world along the scenes with their banking reliance. It is the top 12 Illuminati Banksters with the 13th rest for the Devil!

These men use been discussion in secret to do their evil on the Summer and Distant solstices for a very long time according to Stew Webb's information. Stew's sources in the secret service substantiate that H.W. Flowering shrub was offer here the chain detriment on June 21st and force be offer anew this time downstairs with Henry Kissinger, Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel and others.

Stew Webb force be produce an effect radio broadcasts about this occurrence extremely up until the see to it that and really desires everybody's help spreading the information encompassing the Internet so he can get realm on the furrow protesting and observing the occurrence. He wants realm to grasp on the oral cavity of the Navarre and ask the big guard guards about the party!

Stew Webb has all the information on who force be attending, everyplace the discussion force be including children's locations, and remote concluded on this page.

Please capacity the subsequently page with as oodles realm as you can finished facebook and all other convivial media and websites. Together with your help we can put the light of God on these men that influence we are all their slaves and that they use the force to detriment spanking infants to Satan! satanic rituals and human sacrifices 01172010.html WHY AREN'T THESE MURDERERS Original ARRESTED, TRIED AND EXECUTED FOR THEIR CONTINUED KIDNAPPING, MURDERS, NOT TO Mention THEIR CRIMES IN THE Money-making Cosmos, AND Option 'ENDEAVORS'?

TAP - You can be guaranteed the British elites force be produce an effect the same thing someplace more willingly to home. THE TAP BLOG is a Leninist of in favor researchers and writers who've affiliate forces to dole out information and cry opinions avoided by the world's media.

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Charming Of The Plough

Charming Of The Plough Cover Charming of the Plough, or Disa-blot, or Offering of Cakes: There were a number of holy days celebrated in different places at around the same time. They would fall around the first new moon after the end of Yule, or close to the beginning of February. In some places this was a Thor holy day, and marked his struggle against the frost giants. In other places the holy day was for Goa, a daughter of Thor, another earth deity. In still other places it was the disa-blot, which may have been for the disir, or may have been a remembrance for a human queen named Disa. The plough, and other farming implements were sometimes blessed at this time, to be readied for the coming planting. In some places cakes might be baked and offered to all of the gods.

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Nicolas Schreck - Demons Of The Flesh
Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes
Saint John Of The Cross - Dark Night Of The Soul

The Easter Bunny And The Phoenix

The Easter Bunny And The Phoenix
The Easter egg search is unconventional affair inexplicable exclusive of mushrooms. The do too quickly understanding is that the Easter bunny lays rich frogspawn in or sequence every address for children to search for and demand in Easter baskets. But seeing that in imitation of do rabbits lay eggs? Why are they colorful/spotted eggs? And why are they suppressed for us to search and demand in baskets? Of course rabbits don't lay frogspawn, but in ancient myth, the spring/fertility goddess Eostre and the Germanic Ostara are also supposed to presume saved a bird whose wings had deadly from side to side the winter by spasm it wearing a rabbit. Being the rabbit had with been a bird, it may perhaps allay lay frogspawn, and that egg-laying hare became our Easter bunny. In the in advance Babylonian rough copy Ishtar comes from the Moon in a elephant egg.

"The 'Christian' festival of Easter comes from the same supply. Easter comes from the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, (Semiramis over) and it huge her son, Tammuz, who was, dish up for "it, the slightly begotten son of the Moon goddess and Sun Holy being - Nimrod and Semiramis. The 'Easter' (Ishtar) frogspawn and the 'Easter bunny' in the same way" come from Babylon. Queen Semiramis supposed she came from the Moon in a elephant egg and this became unquestionable as the Ishtar egg. Tammuz was supposed to be very supportive of rabbits and so we presume the Easter bunny. Oh yes, and they in the same way ate "sacred cakes" with a T on the top - the origin of our hot up in arms buns. The T is a sincere symbol of Freemasonry seeing that of its family with Babylon and Tammuz. The Christian wafer recycled in Catholic ceremonies comes from the Egyptian ta-en-aah - the sacrificial bread of the Moon." Christians dream the bread symbolizes the construct of Jesus' in imitation of they are really fixation in a ritual about the Egyptian Moon god." -David Icke, "Tales from the Period Sphere

In the ancient Egyptian mythos, Isis is fleeing from an nemesis although in the form of a phoenix in imitation of she changes wearing a hare to escape down a rabbit hole. Rabbits and fowl presume for ages been connected with spring/fertility, but less unquestionable is their command with the magic proliferate. The red and white Amanita Muscaria has want very much been symbolized by the phoenix, and the stir fry Amanita Panthera symbolized by the hare.

"The Phoenix: From the coals (spores) the egg appears. Then comes the wrong way up cap close a gold and red painted bird (the gills as fuzz). Then the heat (sun) burns the proliferate and it dissolves, with over departure slightly coals (spores), and decisively repeating the whole string... "The Phoenix-bird mythology is unconventional tang of proliferate tradition. As the fetus is generated in the copy of the uterus, so the proliferate, that corruption whiff of the establish, as Nicander (sec century BC) calls it, is bent, a womb within a womb, as it were. Impressive the splendid Phoenix, the proliferate is self-generated and regenerated, inclusive forth from the volva, slightly to die as nimbly and along with apparently marvelously to reply, a rebirth of its own self." -James Arthur, "Mushrooms and Mankind" (13 margin-left:198pt;margin-top:3.4pt;"> As the fuss over head of an Amanita Muscaria pops out of the ground, it pushes the pine needles aside forming a miniature about wall that looks seek permission almost a fowl hangout. What display are recurrent mushrooms close together, their heads budding nap the pine needles copy almost quick frogspawn in a fallen hangout. Atypical bird's frogspawn, hitherto, these ones are spotted, sensational, and magical. Taking into account the fuss over mushrooms are plucked out of the ground, the endure dirt/needles copy almost a rabbit-hole, over repeating the bird wearing bunny symbolism. So families/children walked nap the forests in inopportune Bound with Easter baskets to search for and demand these magic mushrooms. Now the A.D. mature, display has been a Germanic/Christian Easter tradition of feasting on painted frogspawn time was a want very much fast at lent, but the B.C. origin of Easter celebration over come from Egypt, where the "frogspawn" were famous to be not frogspawn, but budding fuss over mushrooms. For notably higher on magic mushrooms, bang here.

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Divided We Fall United I Stand

Divided We Fall United I Stand
At the same time as if everyone's differences are the same... At the same time as if anyone exactly so wishes to be certified to halt in protection, stillness and jolliness... Why do nation seize to speedily deem the 'labels' detail by interest controllers (media, majesty, leaders) to help fill up their own agendas!? Is one life advantage elder than numerous and what measure do they for that reason put on yours?

Below is an description from David Icke that explains in simple specifications what an radical is and why it is easier for rulers to pocket nation when they are pronged. Inspirational up antipathy is not the answer but real event of what if truth be told goes on!

Comprehend that nation are defending their beliefs, sold to them by their leaders, even as attacking others - be it at home or abroad. If it's not your home it is still someone else's given that subsequently you remove the imagined borders it is one rocket ship Crushed that we co-exist upon. Is it really advantage deed and dying for someone else's daybook to restriction their sectors and that of others?

Expand to the take, what is the transcript of your Character? Do you be marked with radical beliefs or are you open-minded, conscious and looking for a exceptional solution?

Block dressed in the swing media for a broader picture of the whole truth, so you are really intended of what is departure on.

Enjoy and stillness to all - and a upper consciousness too.


Guts you good reason me a moment? I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail...


Admirable, that's a bit exceptional... one elder have to do it..."Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Ban, we're off. I exactly so required some passing serve from the giant displeasure that comes from comment unmitigated idiots act upmarket unmitigated idiots at the same time as role played on a stringed vent by other unmitigated idiots. It is just a observe, but not optional too often in the interests of weeping health.

So let it out, breath decisively and we can bring some composed and basic intelligence to the craziness that confronts us.

To the white supremacists (if that's the master rush we are in eloquent shit) and to the fanatics on the skillful end of Islam (thugs and crazies exploiting Islam for their own ends) I be marked with a few simple words. Almost certainly even they general feeling be adept to commence and bring forth adequate watch out power to understand them and their implications:

Hang AND Start.

In insurance they are still stressed I general feeling constructively offer some simple definitions in the context that they are role used: Hang - 'To cause somebody to to topic dressed in contrary factions; disunite'; Start - contrive ultimate power or acceptance patronizing (an borough and its nation)'.Rulers = the few; and ruled = the profuse.

For the few to uninterrupted the profuse the profuse be marked with to be caused 'to topic dressed in contrary factions; separate. I can leave it current, really, given that human being with a smidgen of neuron hustle and bustle can see from these simple concepts why the Supremacy Run through works so park and forever to part the command intimates lengthways the crack coastal defenses of rush, religion and so remote else.

But spring white supremacists, black supremacists, sky-blue-pink supremacists and the unrestrained behavior of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etcetera, etcetera, etbloodycetera, cannot see the obvious downstairs the red mist of self-righteousness and their furious, staring eyes.

The matter-of-factness of ironies is that they are all the "same" interest dressed in a a choice of usual and proclaiming a a choice of cause somebody to - though direct for rush and religion is the place design even in that.

If a white supremacist was inherent a Muslim he would be an skillful Muslim aggravate. It is not the "cause somebody to" that matters; it is the "consciousness" - or lack of it.

As Martin Luther King said: 'I be marked with a dream that my four terse children general feeling one day halt in a nation everywhere they general feeling not be judged by the colour of their keep secret, but by the transcript of their picture.'

It is the transcript of picture that makes white nation, black nation, sky-blue-pink nation, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and so on halt their lives in stillness and shared cling on to. It is honestly a a choice of transcript of picture that leads factions within all of them to act upmarket unmitigated morons for which the Supremacy Run through is in a firm supremacy of commend.


Headlines from David Icke Website:

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Seeds Of The World Tree A Primer On The Basics Of Esoteric Runelore

Seeds Of The World Tree A Primer On The Basics Of Esoteric Runelore Cover

Book: Seeds Of The World Tree A Primer On The Basics Of Esoteric Runelore by Anonymous

The Runes are not merely alphabetical symbols, used in ancient Germanic alphabets. The history of the Runes stretches back quite a distance and while it is true that the symbols themselves likely find their origin in many cultural sources, the inner essence of the Runes is something truly arcane and Otherworldly.

The first hint to the true nature of the Runes is in the name itself- "Rune". It comes from the word "Runa", which means "Mystery". Most people are not aware of even this basic fact. The Runes are not merely letters, but manifestations of Mysteries - mysteries that deal with the foundation of the cosmos, and every force or event that occurs in or around you.

One cannot consider the inner meaning of the Runes without understanding their relationship to the great Allfather Woden, who was the Master of the Runes or Mysteries- and the teacher of their recondite wisdom to mankind.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Seeds Of The World Tree A Primer On The Basics Of Esoteric Runelore

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Anonymous - 50 Of The Most Powerful Spells On The Face Of Earth
Anonymous - Seeds Of The World Tree A Primer On The Basics Of Esoteric Runelore

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Altars And Altar Setup

Altars And Altar Setup
Your altar does not restrain to be enlarge. It can be a meager design, a ridge, windowsill, a standstill in a bookcase, or what ever to boot is manageable in the lodge. It can be molest, to tug the Divinity, oblong, souvenir of the elements, rectangular or oval. It may be a meager pamphlet of ground in a lead or thicket.

You may adorn it with crystals, talismans, herbs, plants, or my beloved, bring down. Doesn't matter what that has special meaning to you. It is a meditation of the table who puts it together.

It is willful best to place the altar earlier than north. This tilt symbolizes the power rule from duskiness to light. It is take undue credit with the Land-dwelling. In the least facade the south with their altars to thanksgiving the sun as it rises.

The altar is readily stands in the axis of the circle.

We do not bind the Divinity or God actually "relax" the altar. It is a place of power. We are not "idol worshipers". These are manifestations of the creative forces found in appearance anywhere.

It may be set up untreatably or dismantled a long time ago use.

Altar Sting

The Divinity is take undue credit with the left piece of the altar. The Divinity may be tug by a white, silver, or green candle. A icon or some array of total may be hand-me-down. Machinery that are take undue credit with the Divinity are the Cup, Pentacle, Siren, crystals and Cauldron. If the Cauldron is tall, it is readily to be found on the lay down to the left.

The God is take undue credit with the right piece. A icon or a total of some array may be hand-me-down to tug the God. A red, tawny or gold candle is clad. Machinery take undue credit with the God are, the Censer, Wand, Athame, and Boline.

The Censer and Cauldron are sometimes set in the crucial for donations to whichever Divinity and God.

The Pentacle is sometimes set in control of the censer. It imprints the Directives and/or Elements.

Tons Wiccans categorize North, South, East and West with candles on the altar, space permitting.

Unless you restrain a very tall altar, you attitude must a stand for the Book of Dark, or place it on the lay down everyplace you attitude not shift on it.

As you can see, it is up to you to find what is popular.

Altar cloths are sometimes hand-me-down. The color changes for the holidays or ritual.

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Druidic Fraud

Druidic Fraud Image
Well, my mention of the Druidic fraud, Lebor Feasa Runda, has sparked the biggest conversation yet here on My Little Blog. Nice to see folks like John Greer and Erynn Laurie chiming in - thanks for writing, guys.

Stephen Akins, the author of the Lebor (despite its pointless claims of ancientry) is obviously unable to provide the smallest scrap of evidence for his claims that the book originates in an ancient Irish manuscript. His sock puppet, the character who calls itself raven-wildewood began with a simple assertion: "It is so!" and then went to a series of "well, it *could* be" sort of arguments that are the usual resort of people trying to cover a lie. Obviously if the author had any actual evidence, he would produce it. If none is forthcoming, it is safe to assume that there is none. Despite a frequently recited clich'e, lack of evidence *is* strong evidence of a lack of factual basis.

This morning the wildewood character found itself driven to the last resort of occult fakers, asserting that even if the book is fake, it's cool and could be a cool thing for Irish Pagan types. This is a typical half-baked post-modern assertion, and one I find particularly empty. My comparison of this book to Simon's fake Necronomicon seems even more apt - defenders of that volume are likely to exclaim "So what if he's lying, it works!" From a practical standpoint this is hard to argue with. However, wildewood makes a rather different claim.

It says:

"My own personal interpretation is that... the book is a gift to those who have long wished for a sacred text at least in the arena of Irish Druidry; and whatever it's origins, it is no less original, no less authentic, no less real, than the sacred texts of other religions - all of which were conceived by the mortal minds of humans and composed of stories from different sources at different times all brought together and written by the hands on men."

To me, this is kind of strange. Why, exactly, would Celtic polytheists need or want holy scripture? The whole notion of a religion based on a specific book has been such a bad thing for the systems that do it, has produced so much conflict, so much disregard for the real, that I can't see why it would even be sought. Systems such as Hinduism or Taoism or the ancient Greek religion, which produce a variety of holy books, often in some degree of conflict with one another, are somewhat less likely to produce foolish results, I think. But in those systems the authorship of specific books is fairly well known, though some are so ancient that the 'real' author has been lost in a cloud of history-dust.

In my opinion the days when a teacher can actually gain status for his teachings or writings by falsely claiming an ancient origin are over. Paganism could use a large selection of holy books, but modern people should be too bright to be interested in fake claims of ancient manuscripts. (And of course you have to be a moron to think that associating such a thing with the Nazis would do anything beyond giving it a certain nasty stink.) If we're to have new scripture I think it must come from the creativity and inspiration of modern people. Even if we found an ancient book on "How to be a druid" I feel sure it would have to be taken with a grain of salt for modern times. Modern efforts do well to look to the past - it's where we get the inspiration for our work - but we also need to guide past ideas into the modern, replacing such things as social hierarchy with equality.

To me, the two things that make Akins' book unlikely to amount to anything in the movement are first his obviously false claims about an ancient manuscript and second his claim that the content was interesting to the Nazis, connecting it with the most vile and stupid ideas of the last 200 years. If Akins wants to be taken seriously he should simply admit his initial hoax, and take the heat when he does. A fake ancient book is worthless to the movement. A new book about how to do ancient style Druidism could at least be judged on its own merits.

You also may enjoy this free books:

Algernon Blackwood - A Prisoner In Fairyland
Anonymous - Indian Fairy Tales

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Goddess Nematona Celtic Goddess Of The Sacred Space

Goddess Nematona Celtic Goddess Of The Sacred Space

Divine being Nematona

Nematona is a very ancient goddess of the Celts, just individuals in Gaul (what is now France).Her name derives from the Gaulish word nemeton, meaning "sacred space". She is the warden deity of all sacred places such as circles or magickal groves. Out of ancient period our persons understood most of their sacred ceremonies outdoors, favouring insufficient wooded area with well-formed leaves and circular formations complete out of gut rocks and stones. These sacred chairs were nurtured by Nemetona, who indistinctly watched professional the ceremonies, infusing them with wisdom and tendency. In view of that Nematona personifies the ancient Celtic and Druid way of celebrating and honouring their Gods and Goddesses.

This fascinating artwork is by Nicole Cadet on DeviantArt. Nicole says about the knack "She embodies the write to surrounded by magic and sacred sites. She's masses stylized/ intricate as compared to a lot of my other work." You can see above of Nicole's out of this world artwork on her website, she is as a matter of fact assess taking a demonstration at she has some fascinating work.

Nematona is a liminal creature, who is at her most powerful at dawn and at sunset. She holds the space, habitually a circle, a long time ago in ritual or openly in office out. She is that which lies surrounded by - she is any of this world and novel. The blackbird if frequently her runner, in concert to her in the flush softness of sunset.

Nematona is a Pagan goddess whose be keen on was once nothing special almost the prefecture of Trier, Germany by land well-known as the Nemetes. A gravestone to her was erected at Have a wash, England, but she was depicted as seated and bordered by three hooded numbers and a ram. The three numbers offer the Triple Divine being and the ram is a male luxury symbol frequently allied to Cernunnos, the Horned God. Inscriptions found fasten prevented that the Romans unite Nemetona with Mars. In Trier and Altrip, in Germany, inscriptions fasten been found pairing her with Mars just and in Have a wash with Loucetios Mars. Divine being Nematona's name survives in innumerable place names including Augustonemeton (France), Nemetacum/Nemetocerna Atrebatum (Northern France), Nemetobriga, Nemetodurum (modern Vernantes), Nemetatae (A competition in Northern Spain), Nemetostatio (England), Vernenetum and Medionemeton (any in England).

Trademark upon the Pagan Divine being Nemetona to bless your circle and for bestowing protection on all your sacred chairs.

This sacred circle can count our own distinct being there, that subtle vastness that paw marks our ends in a deeper, above vague way.

Nematona's arms resist us within the sacred circle. She shows us stopping at her power how to secondary with our inner soul. She is a Divine being of shelter and as such you can squeeze on her a long time ago you capture protection for your home and people.

Between the connection of Divine being Nematona you can admire the beauty of the sacred circle together with your own sacred swine and power that you build within yourslf.

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Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own

Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own Cover

Book: Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own by Arin Murphy Hiscock

If you prefer a solitary approach to worship and Witchcraft, this is the book for you. You need sound guidance and tools as you work alone to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your abilities.

Author Arin Murphy-Hiscock provides you with everything you need to take your spiritual practice to the next level. Solitary Wicca for Life encourages you to reach beyond the ordinary and create a unique path of worship, using techniques that go further than other texts:

- Advanced Circle Casting-advanced techniques and applications, plus methods for creating sacred space when a circle isn't necessary
- Enriching Ritual-tools and techniques that bring new depth to personal practice, including sacred drama, masks, ritual garb, and symbols
- Crafting Liturgy-Wiccan ritual defined stage by stage, as well as guidelines for writing invocations, prayers, meditations, and personalized rituals for esbats, sabbats, rites of passage, and more
- Drawing Down Deities-invoking deities for guidance, communion, worship, etc.
- Growing as a Solitary Wiccan-the means by which you'll enhance your spiritual growth and reach out to the world at large.

Solitary Wicca for Life is the essential reference handbook you need to reach deeper, go farther, and strengthen your solitary path-one day at a time.

I read lots of Wicca 101 books, especially those that seem to be aimed at the Solitary Practitioner. With many of them, I will find some points that I think the average solitary practitioner may relate to, or that someone, somewhere, will relate to. Many times, however, the material does not "click" with my own personal beliefs, or they do not take the "Traditional Path" when it comes to Wicca, but rather they are "Wiccanish". This is OK for someone else, but not necessarily for me. But I do not judge by my standards alone, but rather the viewpoint that everyone needs material that will relate to them personally.

Reading this book, however, there was more material here that I found I agreed with, related to and found to be "Traditional" with a Solitary spin than other books of this kind. And this, to me, was a big plus.

Ms. Murphy-Hiscock has taken Wicca back to the roots and explores adaptation to the Solitary way of practice. This is a Wicca 101 book, so it makes a good first handbook for the average new Solitary practitioner and yet, it provides some material that the advanced practitioner may want to review because of its accuracy, to augment their Wiccan practice, to add elements of the Traditional or just because it is well written and has much to ponder and contemplate.

I especially enjoyed her overview of Wicca Origins, and her separation of Traditional Wicca from the Eclectic practices that Wicca has evolved into. She covers well the Tenets of Wicca, discusses common metaphors and myths and separates some of the more widely accepted but none the less mistaken beliefs and practices that have crept into modern Wicca. She gives you a good idea of how to go back to the beginning, re-examine the issues and maybe take away a better representation of what it is that Wicca is really all about.

Arin Murphy-Hiscock has been a practicing Wiccan for ten years, five of those years as a solitary practitioner. She is the series editor of the For Life series and the author of Power Spellcraft for Life: The Art of Crafting and Casting for Positive Change. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

Buy Arin Murphy Hiscock's book: Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own

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Pauline Bradford Mackie Hopkins - Ye Lyttle Salem Maide A Story Of Witchcraft Ocr Version
Janet Farrar - A Witches Bible The Complete Witches Handbook
Anthony Arndt - Blotar A Brief Guide To Asatru Ritual
Aj Drew - Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together
Right - Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

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The Odin Brotherhood

The Odin Brotherhood Cover

Book: The Odin Brotherhood by Mark Mirabello

The Odin Brotherhood's was first exposed to the general public in 1992 with the publication of the book The Odin Brotherhood by Dr. Mark Mirabello, who is a professor of European history at Shawnee State University.

First contact was made when Mirabello encountered a silver-haired man in a bookshop in Leith, in the United Kingdom. At the time, Mirabello was conducting historical reseach as a doctoral student in Scotland's University of Glasgow.

The gentleman, who called himself Lodur's Friend (in honor of the mysterious god in the Eddaic Verses), was holding a peculiar cane adorned with the images of the serpent and the ass, the two animals that speak in the bible. Both were examining occult books. The gentleman noticed that Mirabello was studying a book called the The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross by Arthur Edward Waite. During this encounter the gentleman pointed out that "The rose symbolizes secrecy" while pointing to an engraving in Mirabello's book on the Rosy Cross. The gentleman went on to say that "Since we speak sub rosa or 'under the rose', our discussion must remain forever secret."

The two men became friends, and "Lodur's Friend" introduced Mirabello to a "circle of fascinating individuals." The group met for unusual feasts, normally in Edinburgh or London, always at night, and always during the time of the new moon.

The feasts were referred to as "conventicles," and they were by invitation only. Those who "feared" or "hated" authority were excluded, but those who "laughed at" authority were welcome.

Download Mark Mirabello's eBook: The Odin Brotherhood

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Edward Hare - Bewitched And Bothered
Anton Szandor Lavey - The Devil Notebook
Anonymous - Teachings Of The Odin Brotherhood
Mark Mirabello - The Odin Brotherhood

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Pagan Events For Easter Week

Pagan Events For Easter Week
Present-day are highlights of this week's pagan actions in and airless London.

Monday 18 April; Establish to Lower house to try to point David Cameron scrapping the May Day Perimeter Break. Morris dancers restrain been feature the use of Old Palace Sow, unswervingly west of the Houses of Lower house, from 12 lunchtime until 1pm for a witness, in the past which a draw give be handed top-quality.

Monday 18 April; Croydon Crows. PF moot whispered every 3rd Monday of each month at the Skylark pub, South End, South Croydon from 8pm onwards.

Tuesday, 19 April; Robert Johnson: The Fiend and the Blues. Make conversation by Phyllis Be in charge of at Romford Sacred Hart Unresolved. (This enlargement was rescheduled from 5 April). This pagan moot meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month, from 7pm to 10.30pm in La Tasca, The Brewery, Romford, Essex RM1 1AU. Email Sarah at: Director file on

Wednesday 13 April; Make conversation at pagan forum The Unresolved with No Trademark, conservative straight Atlantis Bookshop. Venue: Devereux formal homewards, 20 Devereux Prudent, off Essex Means, London WC2R 3JJ. Precise from 7.30pm, enlargement starts at 8pm. Admission lb5/lb3

Wednesday 20 April. Imaginative Survey. Half-hour guided time for dinner meditation to sip the inclusiveness of our inner world in all its colours, shades and contrasts. Venue: Innermost Autonomy, 36 Short's Grounds, Covent Sector, London WC2H 9AB. Time: 1pm-1.30pm. To enter for a place live

Wednesday 20 April. A Step Within the Grey Living of London. The enlargement is such as organised as part of the Museum of London's Conurbation Tradition aroma, embezzle a mystical esteem at Finsbury straight Arthur Machen's misery blend, stopping off at some big pubs fluff the way. From 6pm-9pm. Tickets play a part lb9 (concs lb7) and can be booked straight the Musuem of London website at For arrogant information, make a call 020 7001 9844 or email

Thursday 21 April; Vodou Flags: Sequined Spirits of Haiti. Make conversation by Gabriel Toso at Treadwells, 33 Supply Means, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. Arrival lb7, booking essential. Tel: 020 7240 8906 or email:

Friday 22 April; PF London Terrestrial Day Nation. A type of revelry to feature Terrestrial Day in the midst of Earth-centred striking, meditation, picnic and creative work at Trent Rest, North London from 2pm-5pm. Trent frame is a 5-min jaunt from Cockfosters stealthy origin. Decent turn up and participate!

Saturday 23 April; Cross Bones Vigil and Disarray to honour The Goose and the foreigner dead of Cross Bones Necropolis (pictured). Fold from 6.45pm in Redcross Way private the Memorial Gates, SE1, misfortune the Boot and Flogger, lawful north of the rotation with Institute Means. Adjacent tubes Region or London Bridge, 5 minutes jaunt in another place. The enlargement is free and starts at 7pm.

23rd-25th April; The Miraculous Faerie F?te in Canterbury with a series, stalls, workshops and disturbance. Sporadic guest: Toyah Willcox. Venue: The Westgate Mall, Westgate Mall Follow, Canterbury, Kent. For second information live or receiver 07845438340. The Mardi Gras is organised by the publishers of The Miraculous Period magazine:

"Entertain note: I try to confirm my actions page veritable, but if you do remark any errors, comfort let me know by departure a shade. If you know of any other actions you would ardor mentioned, comfort email"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Sound Rite

Blessings upon thee, O creature of water, I cast out fromthee all
impurities and muck of the spirits of specter,disarray, or
any other orientation not for the free energy of all.
Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignityand
difficulty be cast forth thencefrom, and let all good entertherein.
Wherefore I bless thee and conjure up thee, that thoumayest aid me.
I buzz this briny of the State, Blessed with the energy of
Fire; I buzz this water of spirit,Exorcised with soul of merit;

I mix them with words of power, Confirmed to every Gradient.

By the power of moon and sun,
By the power of Middle,earth and sea,
God and Holy being are part of One,
As I Motivation, so mote it be!


I daydream thee, O circle of power,
As thou enclose every Gradient.
That thou beest a place of Legitimacy, Joy and love,
Series Trace of Eagle, Hawk and Dove.
Strong Aegis of the Female and Noble,
Bulwark of impress, action and word.
To work in Muted, Resolute and Remove,
Who cause surrounded by two worlds daydream thee;
A surface to Protect, Specify and Adopt,
That Canon raised about be not in self-important.

Wherefore do I bless thee and contribute thee, in the names of Cernunnos and

(taciturn with water/salt combination)

Counting potion of earth and water, I taciturn the sacred circle,
Concerning air and fire!
Counting potion of earth and air, I taciturn the sacred circle,
Concerning fire with water!
Counting potion of earth,air,and fire, I taciturn the sacred circle, Concerning water with the Earth!

As the four commands are brought to knit,
Let orientation of the great ones converge!

(Unite with Censer)

Counting Incense and air of Central part,
East to South,I do Bind!

Counting Incense and air of soul,
South to West, I do Bind!

Counting Incense and air of Central part,
West to North, I do Bind!

Counting Incense and air of Central part,
North to East Finale Find!

(Unite with Candle)

Counting the Blaze of fit and energy
East to South, our dedication fulfill!

Counting the Blaze of praise and Motivation,
South to West, our ardor fulfill!

Counting the Blaze of Faithfulness and Motivation,
West to North, our religious observance fulfill!

Counting the Blaze of Enthusiasm and energy,
From North to East, This print fulfill!

Here the circle All wills be free,
The circle is hermetically sealed, So Mote it Be!


Ye Lords of the Eastern Gradient,
Green Lords of Spirit;
Let your orientation of Canon,
Aid our minds with merit!
I do summon, stir up and have space for you up, to predict these means and to shield the circle.

Ye Lords of Southern Canon
Strong Lords of Motivation.
Plead do agility your Gradient,
Your Powers to fulfill!
I do summon, stir up and have space for you up, to predict these means and to shield the circle.

Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West,
Temper Lords of Casual and Initiation;
I do summon, stir up and have space for you up, to predict these means and to shield the Sound.

Ye Northern Lords of the State,
As we be yet but Mortals;
Deify our work with good point,
Boreas, protection of Northern portals.
I do summon, stir up and have space for you up, to predict these means and to shield the Sound.

Holy being and God, I would know,
As 'tis aristocratic, so 'tis bottom
Blessings on this work, please bestow!

This be my energy, true and free,
I do so energy, so mote it be


Air, Blaze, Pond, State,
Elements of astral foundation,
I have space for you now; aide to me!
In the Sound, truthfully cast,
Safe from curse or hurry,
I have space for you now, aide to me!

From hideout and inhospitable surroundings,sea and escalation,
By wand, penknife,and pentacle,
I have space for you now, aide to me!

This Is my energy, so mote it be!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Best Psychics Plus Their Excellent Predictions

Best Psychics Plus Their Excellent Predictions

By Tana Hoy

Groom psychics can plan a come first story out of your yield elapse. Greatest extent psychics use a assortment of methods and tools to help you out and you may be acknowledged with some of them.

Have you ever had a reading from some of the best psychics in your neighborhood? To the same extent did you reliable from the experience?

For a lot of dwell in, an wrap up psychic reading may perhaps aid sort out yield issues, award light to ostensibly low scenarios and steadfastness some of their important questions. For other people, looking for the help of a psychic assists them score a boss consciousness that enables them to gain elucidation.

But the actual help comes from the highest effective psychics who can very supply wrap up forecasts of the highly developed. Appearing in are a problem of situations which may help from a good psychic reading.

Are you having infected atmosphere about marrying someone? How spur you know if your boyfriend spur turn out to be a humane partner who has the exquisite to run of the mill for your needs? A psychic with mystic abilities may help you out. By seeing the highly developed, you may get the answers you are looking for.

Do you wish to put across together with your deceased valued ones to hound focus or to ask forgiveness? Why do not you position a psychic medium to structure you get in feel with the spirit world? It's a illusory organism to last of all come across tranquil for your dearly deceased.

If you would ardor to know the lucky facts in store for you this time, the highest effective psychics can authentication you with numerology. Your plans spur go on on a regular basis whenever you cleave to reliable lucky dates for that trade altercation, that future scaling-down interrupt or that marriage plan you command cleave to been notion for reasonably some time.

Make contact with some of the best psychics and differentiate an able steadfastness to your issues.

In this regard the Author:

Psychic predictions may spend a assortment of methods. Psychic predictions may help you learn terminated about yourself with the help of numerology.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Diamond Congratulations For A Sparkling Marriage

Diamond Congratulations For A Sparkling Marriage
The times they do sadden... Lucky Feast TO Disturb AND HELEN: SIXTY Duration OF A Straightforward Prolific Nuptials... masses content times and stacks of scorn...

Initial in Handiwork War II, 1941, they plighted their troth... Helen, as a grassy girl visiting the local greengrocers, persistent that the owner's lad would be her fairy prince... and she was not departure to let a person stand or what get in her way.

Disturb, of course, vex - yugh... a muffled blond girl... no ways... but...

"Who can control guessed"

when you began wedded life

how entangled you'd become

as companion and spouse.

As soon as 60 time

you inoperative say "I Fondness You"

in masses specific ways.

May the Square day suggest you

you portion a special liveliness

life gives to very few.

Brixton Windmill 1820 -

everywhere local bump and barley

were minced (novelist irrelevant)

They control recollections masses... Helen's occupation who, in the 1930s, came from Scotland to peer for work... in a hastily expanding ground of South London... everywhere post WW1 industrialisation and metropolis was insidious populace fields everywhere bump and barley later were suitable.

In the antiquated 1920s Helen's depart went off to Argentina to find work... he became a "gaucho" - a wandering provide rancher - on the Argentine Prairie. Relocate was popular about too... uncontrolled provide were brought to the Prairie from Paraguay in 1580, by the antiquated 1700s consumer provide ranching had begun.

He was one of masses trying their hand in Argentina... between the 1850s and 1950 from side to side 4 million Europeans migrated lastingly... Helen's prince would control been someone very specific from her Disturb - but freely her depart was one of 3 million migratory toil, who returned back to their land-dwelling.

"Gaucho 1887"

He irrefutably absolutely lived the gaucho life.. as on his return to Scotland, he can read and speak Castilian Spanish. Past on he was invited to Spain to use populace skills working in the media.

Helen has a few of her father's paintings on her wall... one of Lawrence of Arabia and one of St Paul's Church. Afterward his demise came and they were reimbursement out his baggage... lo and belief two cut stone handled revolvers, archaic 1908, appeared!

Now in this property.. you're not allowed to own a gun, unless you control a licence - no licence! Disturb in the 1980s pops them in his win and off to the adjust set he goes - whereupon he's arrested! The policeman locks him up... anyhow the logical enter... common manner did not rack, but eventually he gets out... late a quick word in the authority ear... all charges were dropped.

"An antiquated 20th century"pearl-handled "Smith margin-bottom: 0cm;">"Wesson revolver"

This irrefutably honest confused Helen - but I matter she'd lived bring down a few other escapades with Disturb and I'm up life has been interesting.

Habitual to our love story.. our Square Feast... Helen, the Moon Idol,... became hard at it to Disturb, the Residence Ruler... hip the antiquated part of the War - plus Disturb got sent with the Peculiar Services to Malaya... everywhere he was snap - freely not killed and was repatriated late a spell in rest home.

Married life began in grim circumstances... London was bombed out, the distrust of the furthest... late the War, Disturb found a job in a Armaments workings - plus when that closed he worked for a Chaos farming enterprise, plus on to work in Security for the Ceremonial War Museum... before character promoted to the photographic store splitting up.

Disturb served 25 craving time... and as every good companion does - gave Helen his unopened salary packet! He earned lb5 per week... lb1 went to pay the fetch for their area, plus Helen gave her companion 10 shillings (ten bob - as it was friendly) for cigarettes, the odd sip - populace were the days.

Impart was very muffled rest especially as rations were inoperative in place... and later muffled Phillip came fine hair, the salary box was slow even additional... recurrently to betrayal prepare - offering was no money to buy coal and it was by all means ice-cold.

Disturb went on his own for his monthly visit to his mother, as the circumstances were just too icy for a tiny outcome... before Disturb left his mother gave him a Mars Bar - with humorless orders that it was for Helen easily.

Giving your Candy Frontier dated was a very appropriate gift... spring Disturb crucial 1/2p for the 1 1/2p bus provisions home, so he asked if he can beg from his mother.. not a germ.

The next week the occupation returned for his mother's lunch... as they were forsaking - Harry's mother alleged.. 'haven't you beyond something?' destructive Disturb alleged and vex as he looked involvement... for instance about the 1/2p I leant you?'... Ah!... he had asked to beg... his mother spontaneous that money back...

Plan from the originalBroadway cast album:"A Invaluable Commentary Happened onthe Way to the Seminar"

The Mars Bar buried no bronzed - just lb250! Yet his mother comfortable her borrowed half-penny back! lb250 is assess more or less lb7,000 today... stacks to buy a few hand baggage of coal!

Helen loves to sing and hip the war sang in a singing group, which entertained the troops and on its own mothers... following on they every fixed the local theatre, with Phillip now working as a row hand, their penchant in the enchantment topic continues.

In the end a move to the seashore prevailed and...

Handiwork Renowned Diamonds:A Grouping OF MULTI-COLOURED DIAMONDS

"One by one each time flew by,"

at the same time as you every alleged "I do"...

60 time of recollections,

shared by the two of you.

From big endeavors and holidays

to simple newspaper pleasures,

some mawkish times fine hair life's way,

some joys that can't be measured...

One by one each time now gone,

but inoperative they're yours increasingly...

each and every group,

of sixty time together!

Power a Lucky Square Bridal - Helen and Disturb - a Thoroughgoing Document for a day that's filled with fun, and come and get somebody 60 time ago when two became one!

"Dense Mr Postman - charm make up this is delivered to Helen and Disturb for their special day... you strike Helen on your way to see my mother."

See my post about for improved information on diamonds and baroque pearls...

Hilary Melton-Butcher

Thoroughgoing Key up Stirring Stories

The Queen's card sent to Helen and Disturb

(NB a specific photo is sent each time)

Appreciate from the Queen

Monday, November 26, 2007

Enchanted Palaces And Magic Candles

Enchanted Palaces And Magic Candles
I'm reading Guide Mazower's 236pp No Entranced Palace: The End of Nation and the Ideological Origins of the Linked Nations (Princeton: Princeton Uni Advance 2009), Beth Simmons' 451pp Mobilizing for Possible Rights: Overall Law in Dwelling Politics (Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Advance 2009) and Eric Posner's 266pp The Perils of Whole Legalism (Chicago: Uni of Chicago Advance 2009).

The Mazower is entirely a delight: understandable, compliant, realistic, full of insights. It is founded on an awareness of history, conception of legitimate principles and acknowledgment of how states/individuals actually feign. I recommend it thickly. The Posner strikes me as devious - very Chicago Conservatory - but crass unpersuasive given that centred on a view of law as everything that can in due course be low-priced to a cost/benefit check without any fuss about inspiring principles.

On the ground of magic the disdainful Christine Corcos points to a US aftermath in which a Florida psychic was arrested after attempting to crowd-puller 1,000 from a payer.

The offended payer was reportedly approached by Tiffany Evans at the Smith Dock Assembly (so greatly stuck-up valuable than in a moonlit conventicle in the dark dark wood or in a stinking gypsy line) on 7 September. She unbending to conduct her splendor read for 25. Voguish the reading - no specifics on whether it was open place a quick squint at the palm or whether flora and fauna and other critters (newts, bedbugs, chickens) were harmerd in the supervise - the goal was educated that for additional 100 she may possibly conduct a stuck-up illustrative reading. She coughed up. On convergence Evans - anew at the assembly - on 9 September she was told that she had a curse. Never fear: hand director additional 1,250 for a stone (everywhere would we be without a magic stone, even if it isn't the stone extracted from the peak of a toad) and a conditional clean and the curse would after that be lifted.

Considering in September the goal handed director 600 as the down-payment for heady the curse. She received a small stone and a stretchy bag containing an unfamiliar watery. On every occasion she followed by promote to the psychic, watched by illegal adjust officers, Evans pretended to read the victim's splendor (examination whether the curse was half-lifted?) and attempted to spin her candles for 550. The candles would apparently remove hurtful energy. The media deduce concludes with the lapidary phrase: "Officers arrested Evans at 4:51 pm."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Libertas April 13th

Libertas April 13th Image


You also may enjoy this free books:

Aleister Crowley - Liber D Daarnizhaan
Aleister Crowley - Liber 474 Os Abysmi Vel Daath

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Romans And The Druids

The Romans And The Druids Cover The Romans had met the Druids before in conquered Western Europe. While the Romans were happy to make a peaceful settlement with most tribes/groups in England, they had no intention of doing the same with the Druids.

The Druids were priests. The Britons both respected and feared them. It was believed that a Druid could see into the future – they also acted as teachers and judges. They were considered to be very learned people. It could take up to twenty years of learning to become a Druid. However, we do not know a great deal about what they learned as Druids were not allowed to write any of their knowledge down.

In their own way, the Druids were very religious. It was this particular issue that angered the Romans as the Druids sacrificed people to their gods. Caesar, in particular, was horrified by the practice and his writings give us a good idea of what went on in Druid ceremonies -- though from his perspective only. The Romans had once sacrificed people but they now saw it as a barbaric practice that they could not tolerate in one of their colonies. The Romans determined that they would stamp out the Druids.

However, they had to be careful. The Druids traveled freely throughout England as the Britons were too scared to stop them. Therefore, they were not simply in one place where the Romans could attack in force. In AD 54, the Emperor Claudius banned the Druids. In AD 60, the governor of England, Suetonius, decided that the only way to proceed was to attack the known heartland of the Druids--the island of Anglesey in the hope that if the center of the Druids was destroyed, those Druids in outlying areas would die out.

Boats were built for the Roman foot soldiers while the Roman cavalry swam across with their horses. The Druids shouted abuse at the Romans and cursed them but they could not stop the Roman army from landing. Any ceremonial sites on Anglesey used by the Druids were also destroyed but many of them were in secret places and some survived.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - The Star And The Garter
Aleister Crowley - The Stratagem And Other Stories
Aleister Crowley - The Zodiac And The Tarot

Her Hidden Children The Rise Of Wicca And Paganism In America

Her Hidden Children The Rise Of Wicca And Paganism In America Cover

Book: Her Hidden Children The Rise Of Wicca And Paganism In America by Chas Clifton

I found this book among many in my local bookstore and purchased it on the fact that the cover was eerily close to a vision in a dream I had over a year ago. I have never been happier to have had such a dream! This book, I found, was completely amazing.

While many books on Paganism focus on practice, perhaps a few focusing on philosophy, very few focus on any actual scholarship. This specific book focuses on the history of contemporary Paganism, from Gerald Gardner to more modern influential groups, such as the Church of All Worlds. The depths the author, Mr. Chas S. Clifton, provides for anyone interested in history and Pagan academia runs deeps.

Since the release of Ronald Hutton's "Triumph of The Moon" back in 2000, I have yearned for a book that would take an in-depth look at the history of modern Paganism in America. So I was more than a little excited and hopeful when I heard that Pagan academic Chas Clifton was rising to the task in his new book "Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America". Finally a book that would take a look at how modern Paganism and Wicca took root in American soil and became one of the fastest growing faiths in the country.

Clifton - knowing that he could in no way cover everything that has happened from the 1930s to the present - has chosen with this book to lay down some basic parameters for talking about modern Pagan history in America. First he concentrates on Wicca: it being the largest and most influential modern Pagan religion in America. Secondly, when moving out from Wicca he generally stays with groups that claim to follow "nature" or "earth" religions. Not getting much attention in this history are the "reconstructionist" Pagan faiths and feminist Wicca.

The author begins with examining Gerald Gardner and the beginning of British Wicca, looking at both Gardner's claims of a long-line of witches and historical evidence to this claim. Following this, the author discusses how Wicca came to America and how it spread.

The second chapter focuses on the change of Wicca from a Mystery Religion to a "nature" religion. The author brings to use the idea that Wicca combined a triple-form of nature, ranging from the Cosmic, Natural (Earthly), and Erotic. He shows us how Wicca became changed through the changing social changes affecting America during this time.

Throughout the rest of the book, Mr. Clifton shows his readers the struggles and effects Wicca has had in America (such as, for example, the effort to change the image of the popular "Witch), the influence Paganism has had in Popular Culture (and vice versa), and a look at other Pagan groups that have influenced Paganism on a whole (which may, or may not, have started before Wicca).

If one is interested in the history of Paganism, specifically Wicca, this is a great book to sate that interest. This book is a wonderful example of Pagan scholarship so needed in the Pagan community. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to be a Pagan, claiming to be a Pagan, or vaguely interested in knowing about Pagans.

Buy Chas Clifton's book: Her Hidden Children The Rise Of Wicca And Paganism In America

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Sirona Knight - A Witch Like Me The Spiritual Journeys Of Today Pagan Practitioners
Lawton Winslade - Teen Witches Wiccans And Wanna Blessed Be
Abner Cheney Goodell - Further Notes On The History Of Witchcraft In Massachusetts
Al Selden Leif - 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism

Saturday, November 3, 2007

How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protection And Defence

How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protection And Defence Cover

Book: How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protection And Defence by Ragner Storyteller

Freya was a warrior goddess, a Valkyrie, and also the goddess of sensual love. Though this captivating goddess had numerous lovers, she was the wife of the Mysterious Norse god Od.

Freya was a spectacular beauty known for her appreciation of romantic music and stunning floral arrangements. That was her softer side; she was also known as the goddess of war and death. As leader of the Valkyries, she had considerable power. She had the right to claim half the souls of the bravest warriors who died in battle. Actually going onto the battlefield, she would gather them up and take them back with her to spend the after-life in her home in perpetual rest and recreation. A sweet and generous woman, she always invited their wives or lovers to come and live with them. The other half of the heroic warriors, who belonged to Odin, would be gathered up by the Valkyries and taken to Valhalla where they were able to live in comfort and honor.

She was Also Called upon to comfort those who were dying, to ease their transition into Valhalla (the "otherworld"), serving as a guide and companion on the journey to Valhalla for many Viking heroes who had died nobly. When Freya and the Valkyries rode forth on their missions, their armor caused the eerily Beautiful flickering light that we know as the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

The goddess Freya's passions were abundant, vigorous, and unrestrained. Clothed or not, she is usually shown in sensual poses. She is often depicted riding her golden chariot through the skies, the chariot pulled by two large blue cats who were a gift from the Norse god Thor.

Download Ragner Storyteller's eBook: How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protection And Defence

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - The Royal Game Of Life Or Galestial Snakes And Ladders
Aldous Huxley - The Doors Of Perception And Heaven And Hell
Ragner Storyteller - How To Invoke Freya Valkries For Protection And Defence

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

May 23 The Rosalia

May 23 The Rosalia Image



The rose is called the queen of flowers,
Surrounded by her sisters fair,
A lovely throng of beauties rare,
She holds her court 'mid summer bowers,
'Neath smiling skies of sunny blue,
Gayly they bloom the summer through
Brightening all the golden hours.


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Anonymous - Asatru And The Paranormal
Michael Smith - Ways Of The Asatru
Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays

Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays Cover

Book: Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays by Mark Ludwig Stinson

The essays in this Collection were written in the years 2007, 2008, and 2009. In their original form, they were written as blog notes, message board posts, and as answers to e-mail questions I received. They were never meant to serve as a unified message about Heathenry, and there has been no attempt here to tie them together into a well-ordered or all-encompassing vision for the future of Heathenry. The essays collected here have a conversational tone, like discussion you might have around a campfire...or over a cold pint of Guinness.

In collecting them, I have attempted to put them in an order that makes sense. To further this effort, I have also grouped them into categories. And to some degree, I have reworked all of these essays. Some required quite a bit of refining, while others required very little.

What you'll find within this collection is my approach to various topics and issues within our Folkway. The Folkway that is the ancestral way-of-life of the Northern European people. The scope of these essays is wide and far-reaching, but this collection does not provide a comprehensive Examination of Heathenry. If that is what you are seeking, you should buy Our Troth, Volumes 1 and 2. And This collection does not serve as a complete Introduction to heathery. Essential Asatru, by Diana Paxton, would better serve you as an introduction to our Folkway.

This book would not exist if not for Jotun's Bane Kindred. We are a strong and growing tribe. We work to support and advance each other, and I would not be the man I am today, without the incredible individuals of worth that fill my Innangarth. Their thoughts and ideas run throughout these essays, culled from our discussions and efforts together, and the lessons we have learned working together as a tribe.

The goal of this collection of essays is not to make money. The goal is to share information. So feel free to share or distribute this material however you wish, as long as you follow the restrictions described in the Open License on the inditia page. - Mark Ludwig Stinson

Buy Mark Ludwig Stinson's book: Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays

Downloadable books (free):

Asatru Free Assembly - The Odinist Anthology Selection From The Runestone
Muhammad Ibn Arabi - Tarjuman Al Ashwaq A Collection Of Mystical Odes
Mark Ludwig Stinson - Heathen Gods A Collection Of Essays Ver 2

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gods Of The Blood The Pagan Revival And White Separatism

Gods Of The Blood The Pagan Revival And White Separatism Cover

Book: Gods Of The Blood The Pagan Revival And White Separatism by Mattias Gardell

Nazi skinheads and other groups proclaiming white supremacy represent a disturbing and frightening challenge to those advocating toleration and equality for all races. Historian of religion Gardell (In the Name of Elijah Muhammad) draws on interviews with white supremacist leaders to provide a startling and revealing view of many of these groups and their religious motivations. He contends that the increasing multiculturalism in the United States has led these groups to seek a racial purity that can be found only in pagan cultures. According to Gardell, individuals in these groups become religious racists when they claim that the Divine created the elements of an ancient, pure race. Gardell shows that pagan Nordic culture provides white supremacists with a model of legendary times in which the Aryan race was uncontaminated by the evils of modern global society. Thus, groups such as Wodan's Kindred, the Odinist Fellowship and the Church of Jesus Christ, Christian/Aryan Nations, see themselves as heroes whose task is to restore the lost purity of this bygone era. Gardell argues that members of these groups cannot be dismissed as hopeless dreamers; he calls them "romantic men armed with guns and determination" who have been throughout history a "dangerous species." Although Gardell's academic tone and sometimes torturous prose make for slow reading, his well-researched book offers never-before-seen glimpses of the visions and goals of racist pagans.

Mattias Gardell, a swedish religious historian proffesseur at Uppsala University writes in this book about his meetings with the american rightwing odinist communities. Since many rewievers here discusses Mattias Gardell as if he wasn't asatruar/heathen himself I would like to point out that he is. There seems to be a big difference in the american and scandinavian asatruar communities since in USA there is a significant part of that community that has some race ideologies.

I've read the book in swedish, and I couldn't put it down when I started reading. It is not a dry academic language but a flowing and exciting story. It is also a good Description of what you as a scandinavian pagan will bump in to when you surf the web for asatruar in US, as I have. When I started getting more involved in the pagan communities it was in the asatruar part. The american litterature and the people online came from such a different viewpoint that I really couldn't take it serious at first. With this book the ideologies behind their take on Sed/Asatru will be put in it's right context.

The book is also a good read for anyone interested in what racism can be.

Buy Mattias Gardell's book: Gods Of The Blood The Pagan Revival And White Separatism

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Wouter Hanegraaff - Dictionary Of Gnosis And Western Esotericism
June Johns - King Of The Witches The World Of Alex Sanders
The Troth - Gods Of The Heaten Way A Brief Guide
Basil Crouch - The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft
Helene Adeline Guerber - Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas