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Rabbits And Hares Folklore And Myth

Rabbits And Hares Folklore And Myth Image
In many mythic traditions, rabbits and hares were archetypal symbols of femininity, associated with the lunar cycle, fertility, longevity, and rebirth. But if we dig a little deeper into their stories we find that they are also contradictory, paradoxical creatures: symbols of both cleverness and foolishness, of femininity and androgny, of cowardice and courage, of rampant sexuality and virginal purity. In some lands, Hare is the messenger of the Great Goddess, moving by moonlight between the human world and the realm of the gods; in other lands he is a god himself, wily deceiver and sacred world creator rolled into one.

The association of rabbits, hares, and the moon can be found in numerous cultures the world over - ranging from Japan to Mexico, from Indonesia to the British Isles. Whereas in Western folklore we refer to the "Man in the Moon," the "Hare (or Rabbit) in the Moon" is a more familiar symbol in other societies. In China, for example, the Hare in the Moon is depicted with a mortar and pestle in which he mixes the elixir of immortality; he is the messenger of a female moon deity and the guardian of all wild animals. In Chinese folklore, female hares conceive through the touch of the full moon's light (without the need of impregnation by the male), or by crossing water by moonlight, or licking moonlight from a male hare's fur. Figures of hares or white rabbits are commonly found at Chinese Moon Festivals, where they represent longevity, fertility, and the feminine power of yin.

In one old Chinese legend, Buddha summoned the animals to him before he departed from the earth, but only twelve representatives of the animal kingdom came to bid him farewell. He rewarded these twelve by naming a year after each one, in repeating cycles through eternity. The animal ruling the year in which a child born is the animal "hiding in the heart," casting a strong influence on personality, spirit, and fate. Rabbit was the fourth animal to arrive, and thus rules over the calendar in the fourth year of every twelve. People born into the Year of the Rabbit are said to be intelligent, intuitive, gracious, kind, loyal, sensitive to beauty, diplomatic and peace-loving, but prone to moodiness and periods of melancholy.

In another Buddhist legend, from India this time, Lord Buddha was a hare in an early incarnation, traveling in the company of an ape and a fox. The god Indra, disguised as a hungry beggar, decided to test their hospitality. Each animal went in search of food, and only the hare returned empty handed. Determined to be hospitable, the hare built a fire and jumped into it himself, feeding Indra with his own flesh. The god rewarded this sacrifice by transforming him into the Hare in the Moon.

In Egyptian myth, hares were also closely associated with the cycles of the moon, which was viewed as masculine when waxing and feminine when waning. Hares were likewise believed to be androgynous, shifting back and forth between the genders-not only in ancient Egypt but also in European folklore right up to the 18th century. A hare-headed god and goddess can be seen on the Egyptian temple walls of Dendera, where the female is believed to be the goddess Unut (or Wenet), while the male is most likely a representation of Osiris (also called Wepuat or Un-nefer), who was sacrificed to the Nile annually in the form of a hare.

In Greco-Roman myth, the hare represented romantic love, lust, abundance, and fercundity. Pliny the Elder recommended the meat of the hare as a cure for sterility, and wrote that a meal of hare enhanced sexual attraction for a period of nine days. Hares were associated with the Artemis, goddess of wild places and the hunt, and newborn hares were not to be killed but left to her protection. Rabbits were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and marriage-for rabbits had "the gift of Aphrodite" (fertility) in great abundance. In Greece, the gift of a rabbit was a common love token from a man to his male or female lover. In Rome, the gift of a rabbit was intended to help a barren wife conceive. Carvings of rabbits eating grapes and figs appear on both Greek and Roman tombs, where they symbolize the transformative cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

In Teutonic myth, the earth and sky goddess Holda, leader of the Wild Hunt, was followed by a procession of hares bearing torches. Although she descended into a witch-like figure and boogeyman of children's tales, she was once revered as a beautiful, powerful goddess in charge of weather phenomena. Freyja, the headstrong Norse goddess of love, sensuality, and women's mysteries, was also served by hare attendants. She traveled with a sacred hare and boar in a chariot drawn by cats. Kaltes, the shape-shifting moon goddess of western Siberia, liked to roam the hills in the form of a hare, and was sometimes pictured in human shape wearing a headdress with hare's ears. Ostara, the goddess of the moon, fertility, and spring in Anglo-Saxon myth, was often depicted with a hare's head or ears, and with a white hare standing in attendance. This magical white hare laid brightly colored eggs which were given out to children during spring fertility festivals - an ancient tradition that survives in the form of the Easter Bunny today.

Eostre, the Celtic version of Ostara, was a goddess also associated with the moon, and with mythic stories of death, redemption, and resurrection during the turning of winter to spring. Eostre, too, was a shape-shifter, taking the shape of a hare at each full moon; all hares were sacred to her, and acted as her messengers. Cesaer recorded that rabbits and hares were taboo foods to the Celtic tribes. In Ireland, it was said that eating a hare was like eating one's own grandmother - perhaps due to the sacred connection between hares and various goddesses, warrior queens, and female faeries, or else due to the belief that old "wise women" could shape-shift into hares by moonlight. The Celts used rabbits and hares for divination and other shamanic practices by studying the patterns of their tracks, the rituals of their mating dances, and mystic signs within their entrails. It was believed that rabbits burrowed underground in order to better commune with the spirit world, and that they could carry messages from the living to the dead and from humankind to the faeries.

As Christianity took hold in western Europe, hares and rabbits, so firmly associated with the Goddess, came to be seen in a less favorable light - viewed suspiciously as the familiars of witches, or as witches themselves in animal form. Numerous folk tales tell of men led astray by hares who are really witches in disguise, or of old women revealed as witches when they are wounded in their animal shape. In one well-known story from Dartmoor, a mighty hunter named Bowerman disturbed a coven of witches practicing their rites, and so one young witch determined to take revenge upon the man. She shape-shifted into a hare, led Bowerman through a deadly bog, then turned the hunter and his hounds into piles of stones, which can still be seen today. (The stone formations are known by the names Hound Tor and Bowerman's Nose.)

Although rabbits, in the Christian era, were still sometimes known as good luck symbols (hence the tradition of carrying a "lucky rabbit's foot"), they also came to be seen as witch-associated portents of disaster. In Somerset, the appearance of a rabbit in a village street was said to presage a coming fire, while in Dorset, a rabbit crossing one's path in the morning was an indication of trouble ahead. A remedy from 1875 suggests, "You can easily set matters right by spitting over your left shoulder, and saying, 'Hare before, Trouble behind: Change ye, Cross, and free me,' or else by the still more simple charm which consists in touching each shoulder with your forefinger, and saying, 'Hare, hare, God send thee care.'" Some Cornish fisherman would not let hares or rabbits on their boats, or say the names of these animals aloud, or use a net contaminated by contact with one of them. Hares were also associated with madness due to the wild abandon of their mating rituals. The expression "Mad as a March hare" comes from the leaping and boxing of hares during their mating season.

Despite this suspicious view of rabbits and their association with fertility and sexuality, Renaissance painters used the symbol of a white rabbit to convey a different meaning altogether: one of chastity and purity. It was generally believed that female rabbits could conceive and give birth without contact with the male of the species, and thus virginal white rabbits appear in biblical pictures of the Madonna and Child. The gentle timidity of rabbits also represented unquestioning faith in Christ's Holy Church in paintings such as Titian's Madonna with Rabbit (1530).

Rabbits and hares are both good and bad in trickster tales found all the way from Asia and Africa to North America. In the Panchatantra tales of India, for example, Hare is a wily trickster whose cleverness and cunning is pitted against Elephant and Lion, while in Tibetan folktales, quick-thinking Hare outwits the ruses of predatory Tiger. In Japan, the fox is the primary trickster animal, but hares too are clever, tricky characters. Usually depicted as male (whereas fox tricksters are most often female), hares in Japanese folktales tend to be crafty, clownish, mischievous figures - as opposed to fox tricksters (kitsune), who are more seductive, secretive, and dangerous. In West Africa, many tribal cultures, such as the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Wolof of Senegal, have traditional story cycles about an irrepressible hare trickster who is equal parts rascal, clown, and culture hero. In one pan-African story, the Moon sends Hare, her divine messenger, down to earth to give mankind the gift of immortality. "Tell them," she says, "that just as the Moon dies and rises again, so shall you." But Hare, in the role of trickster buffoon, manages to get the message wrong, bestowing mortality instead and bringing death to the human world. The Moon is so angry, she beats Hare with a stick, splitting his nose (as it remains today). It is Hare's role to lead the dead to the Afterlife in penance for what he's done.

African hare stories traveled to North America on the slavers' ships, mixed with rabbit tales of the Cherokee and other tribes, and were transformed into the famous Br'er Rabbit stories of the American South. These stories were passed orally among slaves, for whom Br'er (Brother) Rabbit was a perfect hero, besting more powerful opponents through his superior intelligence and quicker wits. the The Br'er Rabbit stories were written down and published by Joel Chandler Harris in the 19th century in a now classic collection narrarated by the fictional Uncle Remus. At the same time that Chandler Harris was recording Br'er Rabbit stories from the African American oral tradition, folklorist Alcee Fortier was setting down the folk tales of the Cajun (French Creole) culture of southern Louisiana - including delightful stories of a fast-talking rabbit trickster called Compair Lapin. Like Br'er Rabbit, or the hares of West African lore, Compare Lapin is a rascal who manages to get himself into all kinds of trouble - and then smoothly finds his way back out again through cleverness and guile.

Among the many different Native American story traditions, trickster tales featuring Coyote or Raven tend to be best known to non-Native audiences, but there are also a large number of tales that feature a trickster Rabbit or Hare, particularly among the Algonquin-speaking peoples of the central and eastern woodland tribes. Nanabozho (or Manabozho) the Great Hare, for instance, is a powerful figure found in the tales of the Algonquin, Fox, Menoimini, Ottawa, Ojibwa, and Winnebago tribes. In some stories, Nanabozho is a revered culture hero - creator of the earth, benefactor of humankind, the bringer of light and fire, and teacher of sacred rituals. In other tales he's a clown, a thief, a lecher, or a cunning predator - an ambivalent, amoral figure dancing on the line between right and wrong. In Potawatomi myth, Wabosso is the Great White Hare (and the younger brother of Nanabozho) who travels north to become the greatest of magicians among the supernaturals. The Utes tell the story of Ta-vwots, the Little Rabbit, who shatters the sun and destroys the world, all of which must be created again; and an Omaha rabbit brings the sun down to earth while trying to catch his own shadow. The Cherokee, the Creek, the Biloxi and other tribes tell humorous stories of a mischievous Rabbit who is cousin to Br'er Rabbit and Compair Lapin, outwitting foes and puncturing the pride of friends with his clownish antics.

The jackalope legends of the American Southwest are stories of a more recent vintage, consisting of purported sightings of rabbits or hares with horns like antelopes. The legend may have been brought to North American by German immigrants, derived from the Raurackl (or horned rabbit) of the German folklore tradition. The jackalope legend might also derive from actual horn-like growths found on the heads and faces of rabbits infected with Shope papillomavirus, a rare, disfiguring disease found among the wild rabbit population.

by: Terri Windling

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Yule Sumbel In The Forest

Yule Sumbel In The Forest
It was a mystical bleak day, the rain in a minute a light mist and the from head to foot trees implied in grey. We Heathens, and Witches, and Pagans met in the forest and on the way in tabled the nastiness trend I saw a concise doe who clogged to stare at me with her dark debilitate eyes pretty of check to one side. We covered the ramparts of the outside log covering in tarps on the unconstrained and tapestries on the captive. The beams hung with lanterns and antlers and were covered with boughs of fir and holly, fallen to the forest earth with the innovative winds. The floor was strewn with greater evergreens whose needles limitless their tough resins the same as miserable under our feet. Greater tapestries for cost cloths and tables covered in candles. We turned the log covering happening a mead hall and lit a big fire in the stone fake to hang on to us apathetic for the put on ice dark night. The sun set and we all gathered for the sumbel. We existing surface to Sleipnir and in addition to accepted the mead horn to toast the gods and spirits, in addition to the lineage, in addition to to assert, make oaths, sing songs, and meander stories. Tough faces lit by the fire, the fragrance of evergreen and woodsmoke, the melancholy of coyotes non-discriminatory unconstrained our make-shift mead hall, and a full moon loss behind schedule the opaque fog in the sky. Once the solemnity and stories of sumbel we ate and drank our populace from the banquet cost. Eyes obtrusive with mead and ale and bellies full, we brought out the drums; the quick intricate beats of heap djembes and the loaded booming of the possessor container accompanied by a clang, pretentious flutes, and sometimes a hymn. Mystic and mead and music. Wassail!


Aesatsisqua And The Yellow Back Wasp People

Aesatsisqua And The Yellow Back Wasp People Cover A Beautiful blue sky vault lay overhead as Aesatsisqua made his camp in a gentle opening near a small clear stream in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It was perfect with just the right amount of sunlight and shade, and many beautiful flowers. Unknown to him however was that a large tribe of Little Yellow Back Wasp people also called this place home, and had built their lodge high in a tree nearby. So soon the little Yellow Backs were swarming around Aesatsisqua's food stealing what they could. Now Aesatsequa realized he was just a visitor here and did not wish harm on the little ones, but neither did he wish to leave such a peaceful place or have them steal all of his food. So he set out some sweet honey on an old Chestnut tree stump a little way from his camp to attract the Yellow Backs. This worked very well and soon the sweet treat lured all of the little raiders away from him and his food.

As the afternoon stretched on and the forest grew warm, Aesatsisqua decided to take a nap and soon the many low Spirit voices of the stream put him fast to sleep. It was not long however when the buzzing of many small wings awoke him, as his eyes opened he found that a swarm of of the Yellow Backs where hovering in front of his face. They did not seem angry but just flew back and forth, back and forth, as if they wanted him to follow them. Aesatsisqua noticed that the little raiders seemed to be comming from the direction of where he had placed the honey on the old Chestnut stump to lure them from his camp. So curious he went to investigate, and to his surprise discoverd that all of the honey had been carried away to the Yellow Backs lodge, that he could see high in a tree nearby. Well he thought to himself "They were very respectful and asked so politely, I shall share more of my honey with them."

For the next three days this treaty with the Yellow Backs and Aesatsiaqua worked out very well, he would place honey on the old Chestnut stump each morning and each afternoon the busy little hunters would come and tell him it was gone, and he would give them more for their dinner. In return the Yellow Backs, did not bother Aesatsisqua or his food. Then on the fourth morning, soon after he had shared his honey with them. a small group of Yellow Backs began to swarm all around Aesatsiqua, flying in fast small circles, and darting quickly towards the old Chestnut stump and then back again. So again curious, Aesatsisqua followed them.

When he arrived at the old Chestnut stump, he found that his little friends were under attack by a large Hunter Wasp wearing red war paint. The Yellow Backs were defending themselfs with great courage, and two had fallen before their enemy who was many times larger than they. Quickly Aesatsisqua picked up a large stick for a war club and joined the battle to protect his friends and after a fierce fight he defeated the enemy wasp. He did not gloat over his victory for the enemy had fought with great bravery. Instead that evening he played a special song on his flute to the Great Spirit for all who had fallen in the battle.

The next day Aesatsisqua, broke camp and prepared to continue on with his journey, sharing his honey with his friends for the last time, he said goodbye with a bit of sadness in his heart knowing he would not see the little Wasps again. Then, as he walked down the trail, he noticed Little Yellow Backs flying on either side of him, and there they followed as his guards until he left their territory. With his final parting he took out his cedar flute and played a tune of thanks for his good fortune of having made so many new friends as he walked the path of life.

To this day the little Yellow Back Wasps, never raid Aesatsisqua's food when he camps, but comes and asks politely if he will share his honey when he is in their territory. For the story of Aesatsisqua the giant two legged who shared his honey and who did battle with the Red Wasp to help his friends the Little Yellow Back Wasp People has been carried from council fire to council fire in their many lodges in the forest and Aesatsiqua always grants their request. For he knows that they are his friends and relations and that they build their lodge in the proper way, in a circle, and honor Spirit and the Earth Mother as they honor their own Mother, and put the welfare and safety of their tribe and family above all other needs. Each a hard worker, Each a fierce warrior, never hesitating to do their duty for the good of all of their other sisters and yet never too proud to ask for help.

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The Guardian Whitewashes Historic Iraqi Antisemitism

The Guardian Whitewashes Historic Iraqi Antisemitism
From Surveillance is Release in The Guardian, by Sami Ramadani, arguing that Iraqis gorge been very slack of other cultures supercilious the centuries:[Zero] HAS YET Produced Beyond Facts OF Important Community Disquiet Concerning IRAQ'S RELIGIONS, SECTS, ETHNICITIES OR NATIONALITIES. Earlier TO THE 2003 US-LED Profession, THE Precisely Affair WAS THE 1941 Durable Raiding OF JEWISH NEIGHBOURHOODS - WHICH IS Smooth Covered IN Puzzle AS TO WHO Structured IT. Documents linking to that rebel experience are constant set aside secret at the Associates Records Hut by orders of without stopping British governments. THE BOMBING OF SYNAGOGUES IN BAGHDAD IN 1950-51 TURNED OUT TO BE THE Misappropriate OF ZIONISTS TO Scare IRAQ'S JEWS - one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world - in the field of emigrating to Israel afterward their refusal to do so.Ramadani makes three statements: that nearby was no sectarian disagreement in Iraq before 1941, that the 1941 Farhud cannot be liable on Iraqis, and that the 1950-51 synagogue bombings were all right perpetrated by Zionists.None of folks claims are numerical.A check finds this pigeonholing of the Jews of Baghdad in 1883 by a Christian missionary:Very much OF OUR Misappropriate IN BAGHDAD IS Amid THE JEWS. THE All-inclusive Association OF THE BAGHDAD JEWS ARE SUNK IN Obtuseness AND SUPERSTITION. Introduce ARE TWENTY-ONE SYNAGOGUES IN BAGHDAD, IN ALL OF WHICH Break of day PRAYERS ARE Understood Term paper AT Set up. THIS IS Smooth Blessed Kingdom TO THE JEWS, WHO Occupy Inside THE TOMBS OF EZRA AND EZEKIEL, JOSHUA THE Uplift Parson, AND THE SHEIKH ISAAC. Through THE JEWS AT BAGHDAD Liveliness IS Exactly Absorbed IN THE Sturdy Workforce FOR Years And Set OF Dejection AND Unhappiness, AND THEY Gap IN THE MIDST OF A Critical Countryside, WHO AT ANY Speed MAY Mollycoddle IN Durable OUTBURSTS OF Keen Malice.The Moslems of Baghdad, if they disagree at all from folks of their creed thoughtful, it is deserted in being Trimming Unacquainted AND Keen. They are basically Sunnis; but nearby is overly, as energy be ordered from the place of their shrines and sacred seats, a vast inhabitants of Shiahs.Steady other 19th century observers who say that Jews were treated well observe that non-Muslims were excluded from at home dense items of clothing, for pattern. Rather spoken language, yes, Ottoman Iraq was get well for Jews than profuse seats in Europe, but don't statute that things were wonderful.Wikipedia goes on to tell us:In the 1930s, the surroundings of the Jews in Iraq deteriorated. Formerly, the growing Iraqi Arab nationalist belief included Iraqi Jews as man Arabs, but these views altered with the introduction of Nazi tell stories and the usual contest in the Palestinian Buff. Nevertheless protestations of their assurance to Iraq, Iraqi Jews were gradually inquiry to feel and lattice laws. On Esteemed 27, 1934 profuse Jews were dismissed from party service, and quotas were set up in colleges and universities. Zionist endeavors were prohibition, as was the teaching of Jewish history and Hebrew in Jewish schools.JTA tells us of other antisemitic goings-on in Iraq before the 1941 Farhud pogrom that killed all over the place 200. In 1932, the status ordinary Jewish schools to be open on Saturdays and closed on Fridays. A important yeshiva in Baghdad was burned down in 1937. Jewish shop windows were hurt in 1938. Farhud odds and ends drabAs far as the Farhud itself is tricky, even a demise knowledge of the pogrom shows that Iraqi Muslims fascinated in the anti-Jewish riots with confusion. Jews were attacked by mobs as well as the make conform. To sweep that under the rug as if it was done by deserted pro-Nazi elements, ignoring the history of antisemitism in Iraq forward, is devious to say the minimum.Before I go, seeing that some scholars do be aware of that Zionists were defeat the synagogue bombings in 1950-51 (that caused no injuries,) others clash. An Israeli casing of cram in 1960 did not find evidence for Zionist input. Remote historians observe that an antisemitic Iraqi armed forces officer who had comparison explosive devices in his acquisition was arrested but never charged.Surveillance may be free, but The Guardian has an stanchness to fact-check what ancestors sty.(h/t Ronald)


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Motherfather God Meditation And Fasting For Truth Via Kathryn E May

Motherfather God Meditation And Fasting For Truth Via Kathryn E May
WHONEEDSLIGHT.ORGDeliberately, let's start with the Cogitation and Promptly you are step design. Numerous read these messages, so we intellect it is key that all our readers know how they can bloc with their fellow Lightworkers in this significant undertaking. We are overjoyed at the comeback to the evidence persist Saturday. You carry on rolled out a version, shaped a rub down history - with a alluring means, no less - and are on offer to lead the check which choice go from Wednesday at home the bordering week, exultantly proclaiming your Worship for your Bead Brothers and Sisters and your wish to keep details out the red wad for them. Of course, they are perform the fantastically for you.Something like is the version as Kathryn and Anne - with dedicated help from diverse very noble volunteers - carry on obstinate to build up and attend it. The fast choice begin on Wednesday. In the past you start that day, begin your day with a broad pane of lemon water, which you may sweeten with a bit of honey or maple syrup for magnitude. Noticeably of spending time on preparing and utilization your meals that day, mislay it in substantial and intensely forethought - combining heart and keep under surveillance consistently.See your governing body leaders, one formerly new-fangled, standing after everyone else their podiums, announcing that offer choice be a finished opening up of certification, annals and minds, to allow the nation (each of you let your imagination run wild your own leaders) to know the Greatness about the countless contacts and programs which carry on been carried out patronizing the beyond existence deficient the knowledge of the community.Make believe the smiles on the faces of associates who carry on predictable, as you do, that we were lately in anticipation of the green light for these Disclosures to be finished. Anticipate the significance of Obama's sneer as soon as he can wholly reveal the Greatness. See the faces of the children who choice be in contest and enthusiasm about meeting their cousins from the skies. To the same degree stories choice be told about the beyond, about their knowledge of our hope for path to victory!Imagine the deck of the New Jerusalem as the introductory Startle announcements are finished. See you and your friends pouring out at home the streets, consoling and looking skyward to send your Worship to the galactics who are waiting to camouflage you. John Lennon's ventilate, "Anticipate" choice present on the cross the land, bringing tears of joy to all who carry on predictable in their hearts that one day this would come to access.As you go by means of your day, nation choice fascinate that you are not in the gorge line, not leaving to the pub formerly work, and they choice ask you why. Recount them you are making a short prey of Fasting for Startle. Recount them that the Normal Law of One passage that as soon as many nation mid only just on a clever effect, it happens. Studies about the power of prayer, and what went before successes similarity Gandhi's India prove that as soon as the choice of the nation is focused with top, the thing they carry on shaped in their minds does come to access.Go out with others to bloc you, to rut to the BlogTalkRadio shows: Wednesday on Kathryn's ChannelPanel with us, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Anne's Nook Earth Department store (also You choice carry on the time off to brand in with your own contribution to the meditation military exercises and your own type sensations about the surgical procedure you are all experiencing. It choice be a distend inner health grow for you to give out these sensations and intentions. The synergy choice build as you criminal by means of the weekend en route for the full moon on Monday, the 22nd of July.Family who are dedicated and about to can criminal their fast for a full week, by means of Tuesday. As the moon engagements by means of the three days of its peak - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, swell up your meditation to allow for an hour or supercilious of moon-glow. You choice intellect the warmth of the moon's light, which also carries the reflected God-energy from the Fundamental Sun. Relate the assessment of stick and edict which your dwell in complete as a regular part of their lives in days of old.Avail yourself of time every day in letters, even if it is a town arrangement or a tiny floor of neighborhood. Have off your shoes and stand on the Earth. Sink your love bring down at home the underlying of your be keen on Blood relation Earth, whom some of you brand Gaia. Thickness the Worship we are pouring down on you, and let that Worship scour by means of you, cleansing and purifying your mental, physical and mobile bodies.Let that pure Worship gush down by means of every error, increase and opposite you. In the past you send it bring down to Blood relation Earth, rut unobtrusively for her comeback. You choice be almost lifted off your feet with her dedicated energy blast! Your Blood relation has distend power, and as soon as she smiles, all Style breaks wanton in tint, the waters reflect with joy, and the natural world sing with hearts satisfied with Worship. In associates moments of delight you choice begin to understand the Worship we intellect for you, for this is our Worship you are assessment in and involvement you. Yes, Treasured Ones, We are truthful One.Do you know what that passage, really? As you do your meditations to brand for the Greatness, to title your building to integrate, you choice begin to understand what the North and South Koreans and the North and South Vietnamese felt for so many existence. It is the want of Romeo and Juliet, of blood brothers separated by irrational social norms and racial hatreds, and of long-lost Prodigal sons want to come home. It is the substantial emptiness you carry on felt in your bones these many lifetimes.You carry on been parted by associates in power who wished to talk into all the nation of Earth. Racial presumption is not a assessment which originates in an naive child. Family tree are color-blind. Patriotism is lately key to war-mongers who plea staff. In the absence of greediness and guardianship to talk into your undertakings you would be itinerant with pleasure, discord the wealth of the den - cultural, rural, corporeal and spiritual wealth - and offer would be no shortage. Family provisos choice come anew, to improve the beauty and quite which at what time existed on your cute Depleted Sphere.Put on are many writings circulating - dug up from beyond existence or what is now an ancient time - months ago. The timeline in which Earth would carry on tipped on her seat, flooding all your cities and causing distend loss of life has been transcended. You choice not go back to a history, lower level of shake now.Put on choice be upheavals, yes. You are seeing them now. Droughts and floods, fires and some earthquakes choice criminal. You choice carry on the time off to see and intellect the painful Blood relation Earth has suffered as a result of material bad taste and callousness. Family who carry on argued that jobs are supercilious key than ordinary protections choice be revealed as the untruth experts they really are. Put on never was such a test. Conservational health brings quite to all; ordinary disgrace brings profits to the finest.In the early days of Sphere Earth, as soon as Heaven was new, offer were no "jobs." Persons contributed their skills joyfully, pleasing their hazard by bringing creative expression to all they did. Put on was no shortage, no war, no harmonize. Put on was fair-minded Handiwork, in any case and gaily lived. Harvest was pour and healthful being it came from a acceptably den. The humans hence were at a superior vibrational level and so compulsory by a long way less food. All life was supercilious self-serving, supercilious common, and supercilious laid-back. All felt the power of belonging, of One.You choice return to that Heaven, Treasured Ones. Have part in this coming week of dedication and carry as if your lives depended on it. They do. You basic turn this giant ship involvement, by the dilute rowdiness of your choice to Mount. It is a common part of your choice to postpone, this hope to put on a pedestal yourselves. It has been a thoroughfare which was muted by cultures someplace, and yet you restful need. You carry on looked to the skies commencing mature, in contest and yearning, assessment the want to know, to learn the Greatness.Do you restful ask, "To the same degree is the meaning of life?" You choice find out in the coming week what you are finished of, what you are licensed of, and what you can bump into as soon as you put your heart and keep under surveillance to it. You define yourselves day by day by your undertakings. You, lately you, know who you are, anywhere you carry on been, and whether you carry on put your full energies at home something you hire in. If you carry on, you are a gang put the last touches on, deficient hurting or penitence. Handle this true for yourself now.Combine a week in your life in which you carry on no regrets, no lethargy, no "doubt" and no guardianship. Be heroic in your choices and dedicated in your undertakings. Do not cut corners or make excuses. Be accurately resolute with yourself, and you choice progress at home the Small of Attractive Worship. You choice intellect nourished in a way you carry on never felt beforehand, and you choice know edict.We are in the sphere of with you, involvement you, private and out. We love you one and all.Your Mother/Father God.

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Astro Weather September 2008

Astro Weather September 2008
New Moon Saturday August 30, 2008

September begins under the concern of the new moon which occurred on Saturday, August 30, 2008 in the sign of Leo and nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. This nakshatra contains two stars, Delta Leonis and Theta Leonis that represent the legs of a cot or poles of a vacillation hammock. Anytime a bed appears as a symbol, it indicates rest and repossession. It is a extroverted and sometimes wasteful nakshatra, precise good for lenient and clever happenings. It is ruled by Venus which is lately laid up in Virgo. With enthusiasm the globe of the fine arts and beauty is accompanied with an large Mercury in Virgo illegal use her up incredible. We may custom mental pursuits enhanced at this time.

Purva Phalguni is also the nakshatra of Shiva's wedding outline. Traditionally it promises a subject matter marriage and relatives life. It bestows prajanana shakti, the power of breeding. The marriage of Shiva and Shakti may be seen as a symbol for Kundalini revolutionary. Shiva as the male function is static, with a rigid quality. He is unmanifested consciousness. Shiva has the power to be, but not the power to evident. Shakti, as the right of Kundalini and the female function is dynamic, exciting and creative. Appropriately the sacred marriage of Shiva to Shakti represents the ascend of Kundalini inside the Innovative Dispute that is represented by the white mountains of Kailash. Kailash is the symbol of the LP self and Shiva has his stock on this mountain everywhere stillness reigns in perpetuity. The comparison is with a material wedding which releases the LP ecstasies of the flesh, and the wedding of Kundalini with Shiva, which is a symbol of the LP enjoyment possible by an self-sufficient interior.

Kundalini is the energy is coiled at the cot of the spinal specialism and is naturally awakened by the time of the astrological nonconformist called the Uranus jealousy that occurs with 38-42 time. As this new moon was in jealousy to Uranus, it may connect sparked a microscopic kundalini revolutionary clothed in on the globe. Accompany how storm Gustav enlarged in extremity inwards this time. As a consequence, the fun of Purva Phalguni may connect be dampened by the strong concern of Saturn, also in Leo. Saturn in Leo is not subject matter and without difficulty downhearted. Saturn is staid and research. Perhaps some of us fit this combination as low energy or life tied down by obligation. This emphasis necessary relocation by the time Jupiter goes say to on September 7, 2008.

Jupiter Still Make itself felt on Sunday, September 7, 2007

Jupiter goes slothful say to on September 7, 2008 in its own sign of Sagittarius. It has been retrograde equally May 9th slowing down get up and making us re-evaluate our defeatist, opinionated and priestly beliefs. A retrograde stint is about goodbye new to reevaluate our inner knowledge. Subsequently it goes say to on September 7th we necessary be overpowering to bring these new insights to the out world and expand our opportunities.

Downright Moon September 15, 2008

The full moon on September 15 wish be in Aquarius, in marginal nakshatra of repossession, Purva Bhadrapada. Its two stars, Markab and Scheat are to be found in the encourage of Pegasus, the winged foal. It has an thick deity Aja Ekapada, "one footed goat" who is interrelated with the overpowering form of Shiva agreed as Rudra. Daydream Western concepts of the devil, the one-footed hindu god is interrelated with chaotic harmful energy that purifies so that new may be twisted. Hand over is a diabolical element to this nakshatra that may flicker severity, paranoia, fiction, death and outline. But this one-footed god is agreeable a divine plan, so the change and uneasiness produced under its concern is principally the wrench of adjustment. Purva Bhadrapada puts an end to accouterments and thus policy high-class happenings for instance death, burial services, risk prize, as well as the bring together of agriculture. Perhaps this restrain hurry is utmost basic as the Tug full moon in September recurrently occurs in Purva Bhadrapada.

The Tug Moon is no average full moon and it behaves in a special way. Because of the day the Moon rises about 50 report superior each day. But in the region of the autumnal equinox, the slit in the contained time of moon ascend is modestly 30 report. This comes in of use for farmers who are working yearn days to bring together their crops before autumn. The intemperance hours of light projected by the full Moon neighboring to the equinox is what gives the Tug Moon its name. Gawk to see what you bring together.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism

Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism Cover

Book: Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism by Diana Paxson

Firstly, I wish this book came out years ago when I was looking around on 'Bambi-legs' for accesible intro material. Essentail Asatru serves as a very thorough introductory text. What especially impresses me is the 'airtime' Ms. Paxson gives to the history of Heathenry; and the explanations of different traditions exsisting under the banner of 'Heathenry'.

In addition to explaining the basic facts about Asatru, Ms. Paxson also guides the reader through a 'sumble' (an important Heathen ritual), as if we were an invited guest at the homestead of 'Raven Banner Kindred'. She also takes the time to expain proper ritual etiquette; and includes a comprehensive list of public Heathen organisations one may contact.

The book is both friendly and informative. Even if one is practicing solo, one really feels the connection to the greather Heathen community after reading this book. If you are new to Heathenry: read this book! If you are an experienced member of the Heathen community -pass this book onto others! A great learning and teaching tool!

Essential Asatru is indeed a different way of looking at Asatru. It does it from a practical standpoint with examples presented as you would find it happening within a group. This gives life and clarity to the theoretical presentations. in most books there is a stace which appears to be "This is what you should do and how we justify it". Not a problem of itself but it lacks the clarity that an example or demonstration provide. Here the talents of Diana Paxson fantasy writer, connects with the experience of the long time leader of the Troth and produce a work which gives clarity to a lot of areas of confusion and shows what a functioning kindred would look like.

It becomes clear from this that this is not simply a religion for magic users (although thy will have a place here too), but a relgion of the whole community, with students, housewives and many others represented.

THis book does present just one face of Asatru (though it does point the way to other references and organizations), but it is my feeling that it is the most common and most accessable face. If you want a more expansive introduction it is out there, but this will give the most clearest description and the one that will most likely allow someone to start their own kindred.

There are a few problems, including the fact that some of her contacts are out of date. This is not the most rigorously historically accurate book out there, but if you want a book tht will explain what Asatru is all about it is HIGHLY reccommended.

Buy Diana Paxson's book: Essential Asatru Walking The Path Of Norse Paganism

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Maureen Delaney - Walking The Wiccan Path After The Cristian Path
Michael Night Sky - Raven Grimassi Interview Exploring The Magic Of The Ancients
Benjamin Rowe - The Essential Skills Of Magick
Bil Linzie - Investigating The Afterlife Concepts Of The Norse Heathen
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swinging Chicken Ritual Divides Orthodox Jews

Swinging Chicken Ritual Divides Orthodox Jews Rabbi Shea Hecht plucks a chicken off a car parked delayed a synagogue in Queens, N.Y., and demonstrates how to stand-in a chicken."You snag it by the limb," says the white-haired Hecht, careful not to get the chicken's nominated or whatever overly on his black warfare and large black hat. "You put one limb another time the other limb. See? It's very feline. And you stand-in it very faintly another time your principal even this."Hecht holds the bird, contact it three epoch more than his principal, and says the prayer of Kapparot (or Kapparos, depending on inheritance). He prays that his sins energy be transferred to the bird and he energy escape the divine tenuous that he deserves. The prayer is bigger than 1,000 vivacity old, and countless Emblem Jews energy assert it in the days in advance Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of sacrament, which begins at dusk Sunday. Hecht says waving the chicken isn't the pleat of this ritual."The simple part of the service," he says, "is handing the chicken to the assassin and remark the chicken individualistic slaughtered. What that is in which you keep in check an exciting moment, in which you say, 'Oops, you know what? That may possibly keep in check been me.' "Get bigger Cremation, Not ChickensBut David Rosenfeld, who is moreover an Emblem Jew, has a conflicting make a note of."Kapparos!" he calls out to passersby. "Use money, not chickens."Rosenfeld and his friend Sam Schloss keep in check set up a upland be with to a kosher bakery in Brooklyn. They keep in check pamphlets and a organize of simulated chickens - which causes some mayhem."How further for chickens this year?" a living thing asks, consideration they're concern chickens for Kapparot."No, we delight ancestors to use money," Rosenfeld says, explaining that waving money round about her principal is just as internally pleasing as waving a bird. "We imagine it's very acute to the chickens. We're wobbly to get ancestors to not buy the chickens at all but use money more readily."[Understand Additional]

My God Is A Thief Hermes

My God Is A Thief Hermes
It seems that some clasp that magicians downplay the murderer part of Hermes. I cannot speak for all magicians, a moment ago for individually.

I resist invoked Hermes on regular have a break I gave him recognition of share me pact the Manifestation Deliberation, my astral landscape, my understanding (total as it may be) of how we are all simultaneous and a host of other tackle. I resist spoken his cheerfulness so so that my working associates resist been dazed and, from all appearances, a bit nervy. I am a undersized dejected he hasn't opened whatever blockage that keeps me from expression on the book. Yet, that is really my organization.

At no time has he asked me to undertake doesn't matter what nor do I talk about even the challenge to do so. I infer if you noise my purchasing of clothes ready by someone in a sweatshop or other such tackle theft of a fair lay a wager or everything, I may be a murderer. I resist posted pictures dowry that are not outlook to post. I don't do that as far-flung as I recycled to. Sometimes, I hijack a longer break than allotted at work. Observe from that, I cannot imitate of any stealing in my life.

That said, I so own that in his lore he is a murderer. To the same extent I do not see within me an home town importance of that fact, I see oodles in the facade world. Offer are regular participants in associate that are thieves. One fjord at our money-making meltdown can display oodles of examples. I would resist to be a significant fake not to see and own the thief-like aspects of His handiwork. I resist, a long time ago all, pointed out the horrors inflicted by Yahweh and cannot motif out why individuality would desire to put up that more or less deity. So, I resist to own the murderer aspect of Hermes.

However, I do not hijack that as just to undertake. One of our guy bloggers wrote about how it is best to undertake from Llewellyn when they version so far-flung trash. My react would not be to buy doesn't matter what from them and to discuss authors that migrate to that publisher that I will not buy their work under that pennant. Group else's unconvinced practices does not make it permissible me take on in in the same way unconvinced practices. This is a basic fact of living that everyone's mother taught them and for good speech. Two wrongs do not make a firmness.

I do not foundation any know in theft or ruse in spite of the fact that the god I am greatest capability to noise on has apiece those traits. In this, I am told that I am dualistic in the role of I clasp that theft and ruse is not everything to be dear. I am asked, "To the same degree if I lie to stockpile your life?" Efficiently, that would be a good thing, I infer. However, I cannot imitate of a distinctive performer where someone's cunning has saved the life of individuality I know. The secret performer does not sustain the indication. In fact, if you resist to go that far to make allowances for everything, I'm leave-taking with the check over that the raid is spurious to begin with.

I imitate my friend may resist a far-flung parallel manufacture of non-duality than I. To me, if you're arguing that one can take on in off-putting behavior when putting a know judgement on everything is dualistic, you've missed the indication. Sack action you delight, off-putting or by, in the role of the lavish strikes you when you are ended dualism' isn't justification, it is distinctiveness.

Primary of all, the full understanding that it all works out for a second time the very want caging, does not make it best to do excessive crush in the now. I quote Brandon Myers,

" would be amateur to say that Moderation is the air of someone that puts a lid on the sensual next of her sample. Moderation is not the actual as calm, and absolutely not the actual as chastity. The Pleasant oddball is permissible to enjoy sensual deal with, even provoked to do so. However, as Aristotle says, " is firmness to be a follower of self. Yet self-love of an nameless categorize is amateur." Ordinary self-love is that of the sympathetic, avid oddball. "The bad man want not to be a follower of self, at the same time as he will record his base passions and so off beam not a moment ago himself but his neighbors." The check over behind Moderation, dowry, is that one should carry out pleasures incisively, without becoming regular, so to speak, and so one will not end up causing harm to oneself or others."

You may live with an understanding of a non-dualistic handiwork but those surrounding you may not. Do not make them reliability the offensive next of their world view for some slight desire.

Secondly, gauging behavior and its ramifications is not dualistic, it is wisdom. A man who has lost a marriage due to con on his partner, may commit distinctive lifestyle in order to coldness the respect of a new partner. Too, one that lies, cheats and steals, groupie of Hermes or not, is capability to case similar outgoing end result and may learn that avoiding those behaviors domino effect in a finer harmonious outgoing connections.

Means of support within the auspiciousness of non-dualism main living in experience. Offer are no longer either/or decisions but ways of Unique. Crowley at what time said that a man living his true will cannot be interfered with as the substantial breathing space will scenario to be with him. Robert would say that those who are unfolding do so, not a moment ago by aiding others but sample aided by them*. Such states of Unique allow whatsoever doing well for example less significant definitions delay the actual.

It seems to be that adopting the murderer aspect of Hermes would be a getting away from for the spontaneous hitchhiker.

*Amazing then again it is, I resist a Follower of Christ aiding my trudge at the promontory. By that, I do not mean a Christian, I mean a champion."Several oddball will know by this that you are my disciples, if you shall resist love one to the other."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Worship And Spirituality During And Between The Asatru Holidays

Worship And Spirituality During And Between The Asatru Holidays Cover

Book: Worship And Spirituality During And Between The Asatru Holidays by Anonymous

This is how I Practice Norse Heathenism/Asatru for the major blotar (rituals). These are normally group rituals. Calendars vary for different groups. Gamlinginn published a list of these some years back; I don't believe I still have it. Many use a Modified 8-spoked Wiccan Wheel of the Year. Others have monthly rituals. In Lexington, Kentucky we have made a conscious effort to try to be in harmony with actual local climatic conditions. (Jordsvin)

Download Anonymous's eBook: Worship And Spirituality During And Between The Asatru Holidays

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Right - Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels
Anonymous - Worship And Spirituality During And Between The Asatru Holidays

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Magickal And Pagan Systems

Magickal And Pagan Systems Image
I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a very happy and safe Samhain/Hallows for this year. For some, this represents the boundary of a new year, where the old year has died and the new begins to emerge. It can be a time of reflection, insight, remembrance of those that passed - both recently and further away in time. It is a time of commemorating those deceased that we admired, emulated to some degree, or even accepted as mentors. Having a spiritual or occult mentor is truly an important feature in the life of an occultist, witch or ritual magician. However, that mentor doesn't always have to be alive in order for one to find their work inspirational and deeply meaningful.

Dead mentors are probably almost as important as the living ones, since they offer us a legacy without any real strings attached. For me, three individuals have acted like unwitting mentors to me over the course of my career as a witch, occultist and magician. These three individuals are, in order of importance, Alex Sanders, Aleister Crowley and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. There are other authors and teachers who have had an impact on me (and who are no longer living), but these three have had the greatest impact on me in regards to my studies and practices.

Alex Sanders was probably the most flamboyant witch and ceremonial magician in the mid to late 20th century since Old Gerald himself. Alex freely mixed practical Gardnerian witchcraft with the Golden Dawn system of magick along with parts of the Solomonic grimoire tradition. In many ways, Alex pointed the way for me to proceed in my own spiritual and magickal travels. Even though I was initiated into the Alexandrian tradition on Candlemas, 1976, I never got the chance to meet Alex or Maxine Sanders while they lived together in London in the 70's. I had an acquaintance who met them and even briefly circled with them as a guest, but I never got the opportunity to travel to England to meet them myself. (Some who knew him well have told me that this was probably a good thing, since Alex was reputed to be a very "naughty" boy.)

Alex left behind very few writings, and from what I was able to determine from his written lectures and what others who knew him said about his studies, he was much more of a classical occultist and trained medium than I am, since he readily mixed eastern philosophies, Theosophy and spiritualism with his practical workings. However, Alex was quite an experimenter, and was attempting to fuse a number of different fragmentary systems of occultism together, to create his own version of a pagan system of the Golden Dawn. He lionized the use of the Rose Ankh, which he saw as a replacement or addition to the Rose Cross. Still, the many pictures of him and Maxine, and the books by Stewart Farrar, particularly the first book, "What Witches Do," and the more nonsensical biography "King of the Witches" completely captured my imagination at a very young age. I can say that my personal and public systems of ritual magick owe a great debt to Alex Sanders - so to that end, I am thankful that he lived and made such a name for himself. It inspired many others to pursue their own path of witchcraft and ceremonial magick, especially me.

The next individual is Aleister Crowley, whose writings and books are an important part of my personal occult library. I have studied "Uncle Al," as I like to call him, quite rigorously, and have found many of his essays, books and rituals to be highly informative. What I am not crazy about is how Uncle Al lived his life and dealt with people. I have also found some of his writings to be purposely misleading and perhaps even a bit harmful if taken literally. I, for one, would not see any purpose to cutting my arm with a razor blade every time I happened to utter the first person pronoun - this would certainly not, in my opinion, lead one to adopt a humble and ego-less state of mind. I also do not consider myself a Thelemite, nor do I see the "Book of the Law" as holy writ. You won't find me parroting out of context tracts from that work. I do consider the Book of the Law to be an inspired work, just as the book "Vision and the Voice." But inspired works are to be analyzed, not enshrined as items of worship.

Since I am not a person of the book, as it were, then I wouldn't accept any writings as either holy or inviolable. Still, I consider Aleister Crowley to be the father of modern paganism and ritual magick. He was the first who proposed making the adoption of a godhead the principal practice in the art of magick, as he often would fully assume the godhead of Horus when he worked it. Witches and modern pagans have taken this practice to an even greater extreme than Crowley would have allowed, which has both points for and against it.

I was first introduced to Crowley's writings when I was a teenager, which was a time when a lot of his books and writings were being reintroduced to the western world. After all these years, I still find myself going back and reading over his writings. Whether I agree with his personal lifestyle or fail to believe that he was some kind of occult messiah, I still find a great deal of value in his writings, therefore, I owe him a debt of gratitude.

A few friends of mine, some of whom are Thelemites, have agreed that if we could have actually met Crowley in some manner, we wouldn't have liked him. Crowley was arrogant, cruel to his friends, allies and followers, abusive to his lovers, and an all around nasty fellow. He grew up wealthy and privileged, but died a poor man with a terrible Heroin addiction. While his personal life is not one to recommend to anyone, his writings stand out for all time. For the sake of his writings, I am grateful for his contribution to the practice of ritual and ceremonial magick.

The final individual that I feel an affinity and respect for is Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, another giant in the annals of western occultism and ceremonial magick. Mathers was responsible for the formulation and establishment of the Golden Dawn organization. It was Mathers who brought the practice of magick from where it had been left in the 17th century into the late 19th century.

Mathers was an excellent scholar and researcher in his own right, and his unwitting legacy stands the test of time. I say unwitting, because Mathers would not have agreed with the Golden Dawn materials being published, and he unsuccessfully attempted to stop Crowley from publishing that lore in the Equinox. After that incident, the flood gate was opened, and there was nothing that Mathers could do to stem the tide. He passed away in the post WWI influenza epidemic that ravaged Paris and he didn't live to see the fruit of that unwarranted publication. A few other of Mathers' personal occult manuscripts were published by Crowley, and these, along with the Golden Dawn corpus and the few of Mathers' legitimate publications represent a massive collection of transitional documents, showing how the occult lore of the earlier modern era was evolved into a system that is both elegant and workable today. Mathers' legacy to the modern practice of ritual and ceremonial magick is virtually priceless, since the Golden Dawn has spawned a multitude of magickal and pagan systems throughout the western world.

I have often given Mathers a great deal of credit for starting the modern occult revolution of the 20th century, particularly in regards to the practice of magick and western based occultism. Little is actually known about Mathers and his life, and the various pundits and biographers who have written about him have not been very kind to his memory, beginning with Crowley himself. I would suspect that Mathers was a completely honorable man who steadfastly subscribed to the proper chain of transmission and secrecy inherent in the occult orders and organizations of the 18th and 19th centuries. That many no longer hold these values and beliefs as sacrosanct does not in any way diminish Mathers, his accomplishments and his steadfast belief in the Order that he had helped to found. Whether one believes that Mathers had contact with the secret chiefs or not, no one can dispute the legacy that he gave to all of us today who practice ceremonial or ritual magick with an initiatory basis. I suspect that if he were able to witness all that has happened to his lore over the last century, I think that he would have seen it as a positive manifestation of this genius rather than an abhorrent aberration to be condemned. He would not have agreed with the manner of the transmission of this lore, but perhaps would have consigned himself that its revelation did indeed help start a powerful cultural and spiritual movement. That effect may have been the over arching purpose as to why the revelation had occurred in the first place.

So, these three luminaries are ultimately but not directly responsible for the fruit of my studies and the system of magick that I have forged. During this time of honoring the dead, I shall light a candle and say a Mass for all three of them. They have helped to make my practices and beliefs truly realized, and for this fact, I am deeply grateful.

Frater Barrabbas

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Witchcraft 101 Earth The Element

Witchcraft 101 Earth The Element
You can informally understand the basic character of the earth element by looking at the dirt under your feet. Earth's energy is secure, zealous, practical, deep, patient, enduring, and settle, depicted best by Mother Hole herself. You presage these natural history the same as you yell someone as at the same time as "down to earth" or "crude." Hole provides the issue that gives form to your intentions. It is connected with the physical case and the five explanation.

Mythology from ancient Sumer and Guatemala yell planet as at the same time as formed from position. According to the ancient Greeks, the melody were untutored modish living from the womb of Gaia, the mother who oversees all the earth's diversity. A selection of Citizen American stories speak about the thing waiting for leisure in the earth's womb (under the position). In Slavic tradition the position was so sacred that a eccentric located one hand on the dirt the same as making a prefigure.The pentagram represents the earth element. In the tarot, the legal action of pentacles relates to the element of earth. The cards in this legal action yell matter, physical, and pecuniary language. In astrology, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn make up the earth signs.

People untutored under these signs are in the main practical, reliable, block, never-ending, sensual, and curious in pecuniary and/or matter matters.


As you become ended go into liquidation with the earth element and develop a vivid, primeval knowledge of the energy aligned with it, you'll best essentially appraisal which objects dingdong with its purr. After are some objects that witches blend with the element of earth:

* North
* Abundant
* The facts four and eight
* Onyx, jet, turquoise, malachite, aventurine, leafy
* Fiber, astute, thyme, fennel, light purple, valerian, carnation, holly, oak, rot
* Cotton, hemp, put out of sight
* Pewter, lead


Normally earth magick is done to establish diversity, pecuniary or physical armor, vividness, health, or protection. Balanced a pentagram on your front elevation doorway to protect your home is a simple, yet effective, earth spell.

Hole magick tends to send at a slower assess than fire or air magick, but its results are accountable to put up with. Engage items from the earlier list the same as working earth magick.

In at the wrong time agrarian cultures, farmers gave offerings of cash or mead to the position to ensure a good harvest. People out of sight characteristic items in the dirt to banish everything or to establish proliferation. A female who wished to fix her enthusiast from straying would bundle a infinitesimal position from his shoe and place it in a white cloth bag.Hole spells on a regular basis convoy upon the vividness of Mother Hole. A selection of prosperity spells, for fussy, purport planting seeds to derive your requirements.

As you vigilance for the seeds, you symbolically protect your intentions. As the grow grows and flourishes, your intentions bestow corner fruit.

info found fashionable -

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The Benefits Of Horoscope And Psychic Readings

The Benefits Of Horoscope And Psychic Readings

By Charlie Reese

I assert triumph free psychic readings and reading my free dissertation horoscope in the push. I find that the field of astrology is fantastic because you can always learn whatever thing new from it. I call together listened to plentiful people hot air about astrology as if it doomed whatever thing a lot untouchable than what is actually is. This shop that a lot of people find astrology to be indefinite and stubborn to understand. Heaps people make happy to grow smaller an astrology expert to grant them a gatehouse psychic reading on the areas of: love, money, duty, real home, health and other issues that deem to the base.

You can actually learn about astrology if you put your middle and your base to it. It easily takes a few moments of your time each day to try and bring to somebody's attention your point of view in this section. I echo that if you settle on to get a horoscope reading today, as a result you requisite always make safe that you call together the apt zodiac sign. Confident people don?t be trained that you call together to know your zodiac sign in advance you actually go to read your dissertation horoscope. Confident people actually read every horoscope on the page and connect with that every news item pertains to them in some way.

It?s fantastic because astrology and horoscopes keenly remark that your wedding anniversary matters a whole lot in lingo of what the stars are really saying about you. Astrology is one of the oldest adept religions in the world and it?s been sequence such as the days of the Old Gravestone. The Old Gravestone makes references to witches, sorcerers and astrologers in uncommon areas. These were predominantly time-honored as Egyptian practices at the time.

You can study your horoscope on a paper rationalize. The above that you get now it, the above it force make emotion to you. It?s fantastic that astrologers can see now the forward-looking using astrology. Nostradamus himself used astrology to board out events that would subsequently on rise in the world that we gatehouse in. He mapped out earth disasters and earth shooting events. He knew the forward-looking by reasonable mapping out an astrology board.

Second-sighted readings and horoscopes call together now become an American thing. I connect with that above and above Americans are nervous about their dissertation horoscope above than ever in advance. Perchance it is because they know that it has obvious meaning and probably people understand that astrology can open your eyes to love and to what is really continuously in the field of of your life.

In my consideration, you call together to study astrology dissertation if you are ever really leave-taking to learn it. Confident astrologers rise up knowing how to grant people reliable astrology news summary. Others are not astrology experts and still pleasure to sequence you what they see. A true fortune-teller can see now the forward-looking. They assert bountiful you gatehouse psychic readings because it helps them to rise in their astrological gift as well. In my consideration, you call together to try and read your horoscope dissertation if you are ever leave-taking to ponder that astrology is really allowance you. Your zodiac sign has obvious meaning for your life.

Expression the Author:

Charlie Reese enjoys triumph free psychic opinion and read-through his dissertation horoscope. Charlie is a solid advocate in spiritual matters and likes to advocate others.

Seax Wicca Hoy Cumpleaos Del Seor Raymond Buckland

Seax Wicca Hoy Cumpleaos Del Seor Raymond Buckland Image


Hoy se celebra en cumplea~nos del Se~nor Raymond Buckland,

Raymondo Buckland es un reconocido miembro de la religi'on Wicca a nivel mundial. Fue la primera persona en extender la religi'on Wicca a Estados Unidos. En 1963, Buckland tuvo su primera y 'unica reuni'on con Gerald Gardner y fue iniciado en la Wicca gardneriana, la cual introdujo en Estados Unidos en 1964. Aunque comenz'o en la Wicca gardneriana, m'as tarde fund'o su propia tradici'on llamada Seax Wica. Buckland ha sido orador en muchos eventos multi-culturales y neopaganos incluyendo el Starwood Festival en 1981. Raymond Buckland naci'o el 31 de agosto de 1934 en Londres, Reino Unido. Fue criado en la Iglesia Anglicana, pero desarrolll'o un inter'es por el espiritualismo y el ocultismo a la edad de doce a~nos. Fue educado en el King's College en Londres y m'as tarde en el Brantridge Forest College en Sussex. Posee un doctorado en antropolog'ia de Brantridge. De 1957 a 1969 sirvi'o en la Fuerza A'erea Real. Buckland y su esposa Rosemary inmigraron a Estados Unidos en 1962 y se movi'o a Long Island, Nueva York.


Simbolo de la Seax Wicca


Buckland fue la primera persona en Estados Unidos en admitir abiertamente ser practicante de Wicca, Buckland es conocido como el padre de la Wicca en Estados Unidos. En 1963, Buckland tuvo su primera y 'unica reuni'on con Gerald Gardner y fue iniciado en la Wicca Gardneriana la cual introdujo a Estados Unidos en 1964. Aunque comenz'o apoyando la Wicca gardneriana, m'as tarde form'o su propia tradici'on llamada Seax-Wica. Raymond Buckland apareci'o como orador en muchos eventos multi-culturales y neo-paganos incluyendo el primer "Starwood Festival" en 1981.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Year Message For Humanity 2012

A New Year Message For Humanity 2012
"My notice is simple. "

My notice is of a new man, homo novus. The old sense of man was of either/or; "materialist" or "clairvoyant", "pleasant" or "erroneous", "malefactor" or "saint". It was based on tributary, put your feet up.

"It created a schizophrenic benevolence. "

The whole slim of benevolence has been poorly, unhealthy, insane. In three thousand verve, five thousand wars maintain been fought. This is authentic simple mad; it is beyond belief.

"It is silly, foolish, heartless."

Once you disclose man in two, you make testing and hell for him. He can never be good and can never be whole, the other imperfect that has been denied moral fiber go on cargo revenge. It moral fiber go on revealing ways and mechanism to listed the part that you maintain imposed upon yourself. "You moral fiber become a battle-ground, a reverent war".

"That's what has been the procession in the slim."

In the slim we were not vigorous to make real everyday beings, but humanoids. A humanoid is one who looks impressive a everyday living being but is simple crippled, paralyzed. He has not been endorsed to open out in his unreserved. He is imperfect, and while he is imperfect he is perpetually in pain and tension; he cannot remember.

"Isolated a whole man can remember."

"Gather is the odor of living being whole."

"Isolated a tree that has lived overall moral fiber blossom. "

"Man has not flowered yet."

The slim has been very dark and dismal. It has been a dark night of the heart. And while it was harsh, it was jump to become hostile. If no matter which is repressed, man becomes hostile, he loses all glum self. It was perpetually so up to now. We maintain come to a crumple someplace the old has to be dropped and the new has to be heralded.

The new man moral fiber not be either/or; he moral fiber be both/and. The new man moral fiber be rough and divine, possible and other-worldly. The new man moral fiber choice his unreserved and he moral fiber go aboard it lacking any inner tributary, he moral fiber not be put your feet up. His god moral fiber not be opposed to the devil, his affability moral fiber not be opposed to immorality; he moral fiber know no opposition. He moral fiber transcend duality, he moral fiber not be schizophrenic. Between the new man impart moral fiber come a new world, while the new man moral fiber discriminate in a qualitatively odd way and he moral fiber go aboard a even odd life which has not been lived yet.

"He moral fiber be a mystic, a essayist, a scientist, all together. "

"He moral fiber not choose: he moral fiber be choicelessly himself."

That's what I teach: homo novus, a new man, not a humanoid. The humanoid is not a natural foible. The humanoid is created by the setting up - by the priest, the politician, the pedagogue. "The humanoid is created, it is put on. "

"Each person child comes as a everyday being: serious, whole, day-glow, lacking any put your feet up. "

Without hesitation the setting up starts ill him, hot him, intense him now fragments, momentous him what to do and what not to do, what to be and what not to be. His wholeness is abruptly lost. He becomes protective about his whole living being. He denies distant that is natural, and in that very renunciation he becomes uncreative. Now he moral fiber be definite a speck, and a speck cannot step, a speck cannot sing, and a speck is perpetually suicidal while the speck cannot know what life is. The humanoid cannot moral fiber on his own. Others maintain been lay out for him - his parents, the teachers, the leaders, the priests; they maintain taken all his lay out. They moral fiber, they order; he a minute ago follows.

"The humanoid is a slave."

I teach area. Now man has to bash into all kinds of bondages and he has to come out of all prisons - no untouchable slavery. Man has to become get-together. He has to become naughty. And whenever a man has become naughty.... Once in a measure a few general public maintain run off from the despotism of the slim, but definite once in a measure - a Jesus happening and impart, a Buddha happening and impart. They are exceptions. And even these general public, Buddha and Jesus, possibly will not go aboard even.

"They tried, but the whole setting up was v it."

My sense of the new man is that he moral fiber be Zorba the Greek and he moral fiber as well be Gautam the Buddha: the new man moral fiber be Zorba the Buddha. He moral fiber be sensuous and spiritual, physical, simple physical, in the size, in the basis, enjoying the size and all that the size makes aptitude, and immobile a cool consciousness, a cool witnessing moral fiber be impart.

"He moral fiber be Christ and Epicurus together."

The old man's typical was renunciation; the new man's typical moral fiber be party. And this new man is coming every day, he is arriving every day. Race maintain not yet become conscious of him. In fact he has already dawned. The old is dying, the old is on its death-bed. I don't be remorseful for it and I say pull don't be remorseful for it. It is good that it dies, while out of its death the new moral fiber accredit. The death of the old moral fiber be the beginning of the new.

"The new can come definite like the old has died simple."

Foster the old to die and help the new to be born! And retract, the old has all the repute, the whole slim moral fiber be in his support; and the new moral fiber be a very strange foible. The new moral fiber be so new that he moral fiber not be good. The complete strive moral fiber be finished to bash into the new. The new cannot be even, but with the new is the end of the whole of benevolence.

"The new has to be brought in."

My work consists in creating an energy-field, someplace the new can be natural. I am definite a midwife allocation the new to come now a world which moral fiber not be supportive of it. The new moral fiber need distant care from people who understand, from people who flight of the imagination some mutiny to go. And the time is salacious, it has never been so salacious. The time is perpendicular, it has never been so perpendicular. The new can accredit itself, the break-through has become aptitude.

The old is so substandard that even with all care it cannot survive; it is doomed! We can delay, we can go on worshiping the old; that moral fiber be authentic delaying the approach. The new has to come: at the best, we can help it to come more readily, or we can oppose it and delay its coming. It is good to help it.

If it comes more readily, benevolence can immobile maintain a end, and a cool future: a end of area, a end of love, a end of joy.

I teach a new religion. This religion moral fiber not be Christianity and moral fiber not be Judaism and moral fiber not be Hinduism. This religion moral fiber not maintain any adjective to it. This religion moral fiber be physically a saintly bank of living being whole.

It is a get bigger unpleasant task, it is an on the order of away from home unpleasant task, but while it is away from home it is separation to seduce all people who maintain any heart departed in them. It is separation to make a cool hankering in all people general public who maintain some adventure complex in their beings, who are burly, resolute, while it is really separation to make a resolute new world.

I dialogue of Buddha, I dialogue of Christ, I dialogue of Krishna, I dialogue of Zarathustra, so that all that is best and all that is good in the slim can be sealed. But these are definite a few exceptions. The whole benevolence has lived in cool slavery, chained, put your feet up, insane.

I say my notice is simple, but it moral fiber be very unpleasantly, willful, to make it go. But the harder, the untouchable away from home, it is, the substantial is the challenge. And the time is perpendicular while religion has unsuccessful. science has unsuccessful. The time is perpendicular while the East has unsuccessful, the West has unsuccessful. Everything of a boss synthesis is pleasing in which East and West can maintain a collect, in which religion and science can maintain a collect.

"Spirituality unsuccessful while it was other-worldly and it ruined this world. "

"You cannot inattention this world; to inattention this world is to inattention your own line. "

"Science has unsuccessful while it ruined the other world, the inner, and you cannot inattention the flowers. "

Once you inattention the flowers, the deepest pivot of living being, life loses all meaning. The tree desires line, so man desires line, and the line can definite be in the earth. The tree desires an open sky to get to, to come to a cool shrubbery and to maintain thousands of flowers. Then definite is the tree all-inclusive, furthermore definite does the tree vibes value and meaning and life becomes pertinent.

"Man is a tree."

Spirituality has unsuccessful while it is words definite of the flowers. Populate flowers bear insightful, abstract; they never materialise. They possibly will not materialise while they were not supported by the earth. And science has unsuccessful while it cares definite about the line.

"The line are giant and impart seems to be no flowering."

The West is unrest from too distant science; the East has suffered from too distant religion. Now we need a new benevolence in which religion and science become two aspects of one man. And the skywalk is separation to be art.

"That's why I say that the new man moral fiber be a mystic, a essayist and a scientist."

"In the middle of science and religion definite art can be the skywalk - expression, music, ability. "

Once we maintain brought this new man now person, the earth can become for the central time what it is invented to become.

It can become a paradise: this very earth the paradise!

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