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Reconstructionist Paganism An Extremely Brief Guide

Reconstructionist Paganism An Extremely Brief Guide Cover

Book: Reconstructionist Paganism An Extremely Brief Guide by The Troth

Many people in Reconstructionist groups enjoy dressing in period costume, trying traditional crafts or foods or games or combat styles, and so on. Some gain spiritual satisfaction from doing so—and besides, it can be a lot of fun. But our Religions are meant to be meaningful to us, here and now. We’re modern people, with modern-day concerns: we can never be Egyptians of 1300 BC, or Vikings of 800 AD, or Romans of 100 AD—nor should we try. Furthermore, there are some aspects of ancient cultures that really should not be brought back, such as slavery and human sacrifice. But we believe that our ancient religions, and the cultures of which they were integral parts, do contain much that is deeply true for us now, and that should be brought back into the world.

Download The Troth's eBook: Reconstructionist Paganism An Extremely Brief Guide

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The Troth - Reconstructionist Paganism An Extremely Brief Guide

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Rune Wizard Charms And Spells

Rune Wizard Charms And Spells
by Ragnar StorytellerRune Wizard CharmsOtherwise you can start practicing so a Rune Wizard, you want pay your dues. The Imaginary is in the prize that has been paid. And the prize to pay is to save all the knowledge you can about Rune Wizards beyond, hand over and upcoming.My write to you is this: We bother entered the "Age of Aquarius" and general feeling rest impart for 2000 time. The Age of Pisces which twisted stuffy regulatory religions is patronizing. But consider dinosaurs it general feeling get snarled a instant previously they are gone.The Laws of Quantum Physics, which is one of the gifts of this new "Age of Aquarius" tells us that impart exists an bottomless Marine of stand, urgent energy called the Quantum Marine. Everything that ever was, is or general feeling be exists impart. The Runes, the Norse Gods/Goddesses, the Rune Wizards of old, Rune Spells, Rune Imaginary, Rune Rituals, etc. are all impart. In attendance is no time in the Quantum Marine, purely the NOW.Our job is to bring the Runes, the Norse Gods/Goddesses, Spells, Chants, Rituals wearing the NOW, the 21st Century. Through the verbal communication of the "Laws of Quantum Physics".It is a big job, but it is an significant one, for what we do bestow in the beginning of this Age of Aquarius general feeling certain 2000 time.Charms, Chants, Rhymes, Invocations, Uttered Imaginary are all part of the tool kit belonging to the 21st Century Rune Wizard.Let us outward show at some of the ancient arrange charms hand-me-down rather mostly in the Viking Age. You general feeling see how old-fashioned the verbal communication and images are. It is our job to consultation them wearing modern verbal communication with modern images.His is a charm that protects next to Magical attacks and Sad beings."Trotter-Head, I proscribed you my council and Land; I proscribed you my council and cow stable; I proscribed you my bedstead, that you may not stay on me. Breathe out wearing some other home, until you bother ascended every hill; until you bother counted every roadblock post and crossed every water, so I charge you in the names of Odin, Thor and Frey."Trotter-Head, was a spiel occupancy hand-me-down for a Troll or Jotun.We do not bother to protect ourselves from Trolls but what about the TV, the subliminal messages, the perforation towers, and Elf towers. In the same way as about all the lethal vibrations so continuously so sent to us and our children 24/7?We ambition protection from these "Trotter-Heads!." Barrage one for yourself and your household.Fathom at the trice magical defensive spell. Learn that it covers everything and vegetation no inattentive ends or openings for opening or misconstruction."Thor, do protect me next to all ordnance, longing or in the air, of any metal. Shut in their Stimulate as Moljinir modest it's fire previously and time was so through. Thor binds all arms as he has restriction himself with his belt of steadfastness. Thor renders in the clear consider unto Jord, who is herself in the clear. Thor protect me next to so killed and next to intense fires. Do no let me be killed or cursed. May all the Aesir and Vanir, Alfs and Diser, Vaetter and Nisse relief me in this."Over the verbal communication and images are pass. Now the enemies are mental, psychic and subliminal.The employment is yours to protect yourself and your household from the troubles of the 21st century. If you do not dive these lethal mental and subliminal energies from harming your children, no one moreover general feeling.Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math guru and electronics fix. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for patronizing 30 time. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and energizing. To see expert of his writings go to regularly his websites. and and Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR Storyteller for his side. He is in addition to a ghost newspaper columnist and general feeling compound and affair for you. Email Ragnar for his Cash in 10 Segment MINI-COURSE, "How-To use Quantum Physics in Your Some Day Vitality to Charm Supercilious Large amount, Medicinal and Be partial to, Now." You can extent him at:

The New Age Booklist Part 5

The New Age Booklist Part 5 Image
Published 1986 by the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, P.O. Box 466, MOUNT SHASTA, CA 96067, USA.

This is an account of meetings between Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King) and the Ascended Master Saint Germain in which is revealed much ancient spiritual history of Earth's past. Guy first met with the Master St Germain on Mount Shasta in 1930 and was then taken on out-of-body trips to the Great Ascended Masters of Light Lodge within the Royal Teton Mountains, also to the long-lost Great Civilization of the Sahara Desert, and the buried cities of the Amazon. This book contains some very useful higher spiritual information.

THE SUN RISES by Dr. Robert D. Stelle, published by the Lemurian Fellowship, P.O.Box 397, RAMONA, CA 92065, USA. This book can be ordered from the LEMURIAN FELLOWSHIP Internet Website.

This book gives us an account, taken from the Akashic Records, of the first beginnings, 78,000 years ago, of the great Lemurian civilization on the Continent of Mu (Lemuria). This huge continent of Mu, situated within the area of what is now the Pacific Ocean, was roughly circular in shape, extending from present-day Australia and New Zealand as far North as Alaska, including a portion of the present West Coast of North America, and it also extended across most of the width of the Pacific, from just off South America to nearly as far west as Japan and Indonesia.

At this time the various tribes across the Continent of Mu were living in a virtual Stone Age. They were divided between the Plains Dwellers, who tended cattle, the Cave Dwellers who were expert stonemasons, and the rougher and more aggressive Forest Dwellers, who hunted wild game. These tribes were still dressed in animal skins and used sharp flint and obsidian-tipped knives and spears, and were constantly engaged in tribal wars.

We are introduced at that time to two life-long friends, Rhu and Hut, whose families worked more cooperatively together than most of their compatriots. With the behind-the-scenes help of the Elder Brothers, they were encouraged to gather representatives from the various tribes to start a new civilization on the open plains. They were introduced to the growing of wheat and maize crops and also shown how to spin and weave cloth to replace animal skins. Within twenty years, Rhu and Hut, as joint community leaders, had established a large and relatively prosperous community on the Rhu Hut Plains. During this time the first wooden wheel was invented, copper blades were developed to replace the stone axes and knives and the first stone houses were built as a more secure replacement for their thatched huts.

With the participation of Lord Hiroto of Venus and Lord Lithargos of Mercury, it was suggested early on that they establish a Community Council of Twelve Tribal Patriarchs to govern themselves. Lord Lithargos then gave them "Ten Basic Laws" with which to conduct their affairs, all of these being based on Cosmic Natural Law. These Universal "Ten Laws" are particularly interesting, and of equal relevance to our present day civilization as they were then.

"WE ARE THE NIBIRUANS – Return of the 12th Planet" by Jelaila Starr published 1999 by Granite Publishing, P.O.Box 1429, Columbus, NC 28722 – ISBN 0-893183-18-1

This book adds to the account of the Nibiruans and their relationship with Planet Earth as was also previously detailed in Susan Ferguson's Books on the Nibiruans, "Inanna Returns" and "Inanna Hyper-Luminal". Here we are given a good overview by Anu, Chief Patriarch of the Nibiruans, on the history of the creation of the Human Race. This ranges from our start on the Planet Avyon, within the Vegan star system of the Lyran Constellation, to the Nibiruans' later role in Earth's history about 500,000 years ago, and up to the birth of Christ. Their home is within the interior of the artificially created "Battlestar" Planet Nibiru, itself three times the diameter of Earth, its inhabitants at present living on the 4th dimension. Nibiru recently entered our solar system on its regular 3600 year galactic orbit, coming in as a companion to the Hale-Bopp Comet, and is presently out of sight behind our Sun. The Nibiruans are made up of a mixture of the original Human races on Sirius 'B' and also the Reptilian races from within the Orion star system. They have more recently been based within the Pleiadian star system, and first arrived on Earth via their "Battlestar" Planet Nibiru as "Creator Gods" over half a million years ago. As a result of the ruling Nibiruan families fighting amongst themselves on Earth during their Sumerian period, they did much damage to Earth through their use of radiation bombs. They also used the original primitive Earth Humans as near slave labor in their large gold mines on Earth, and they now wish to return and make amends for their past misdeeds by assisting us in our forthcoming Ascension.

The second part of the book concentrates on the process of recoding our diminished 2-strand DNA codes, to be completed in time for our forthcoming "Ascension" to the 5th dimension. The Nibiruans were largely responsible in the past for our presently diminished DNA strands and they now wish to now rectify this by helping us to recode back up to 12 strands of DNA. We can also ourselves largely facilitate this by clearing and releasing those various emotional blockages, incurred in our past lives and our present incarnation which still reside within our Emotional Body. These emotional blockages can seriously affect the health of our physical body as well as our relationships with our fellow Humans.

[You can order this book direct from the Nibiruan Council, 5987 Peacock Ridge Road #105, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 or from : their Website. E-mail:]

Subtle Energy Exercises – Unlock Vital Energy Secrets of Healing Potential - by Patricia Gulden-Wegmann

The flow of 'Vital Energy' throughout the Universe fuels all our life processes, and this book outlines how it can be directed by ourselves, through the use of our own hands, to heal the various parts of the body. Patricia has been a registered nurse for over thirty years and this book is the culmination of a life quest to find the answers to healing ourselves through the deployment of these subtle vital energies.

"Human Kind has been endowed with a hidden energy. The fire that burns within fuels all life processes. It is a bio-magnetic function that sends out a SOS whenever it's flow has been disrupted. "Subtle Energy Exercises" outlines practical healing techniques for the individual using the physiology of touch to unlock vital energies, and restore youthful vigor."

This book also gives a very useful description of how the Vital Energy works through, and affects, the different organs of the body. There are also practical hands-on exercises for discharging the negative energy within dysfunctional parts of the body and on how to recharge them with the positive Vital Energy flowing constantly out from the Creative Source of the Universe.

[You can order this self-published book direct from the Author by sending a Check or Money Order (US funds) for $10.00 + $1.95 S&H, to Patricia Gulden-Wegmann, 26741 Center Ridge #26, Westlake, Ohio 44145, USA. E-mail:

PHOENIX RETURN - Extracts from the Records of Atlantis for the close of an Era

These extracts from The Records of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis are given to us in channelling through Sheelagh Donnelly by the original Scribe, Abaia, foremost Lemurian Priest in Atlantis. The Records are contained in 70 books, which were placed in the 'Hall of Records' under the Pyramids of Giza in 12,400 BC. We are given details of their secret location and how they will be re-discovered. The Keeper of the Records also gives us much valuable information about the coming Earth Changes, including the strong probability of Earth passing through the tail of a comet in 2001, which will initiate the global changes. Two further books of the transcripts are also planned to be published in the near future. This book can be obtained direct from the author's website at:

PHOENIX RETURN - Transcribed by Sheelagh Donnelly - Published in July 2000 by BZZZZ Publications Ltd., 43 Bexley Street, WINDSOR, Berkshire SL4 5BP, Britain. ISBN 1-903109-04-3.

VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE – New Choices for Healing Ourselves
by Richard Gerber, M.D.
Published by Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2860. ISBN 1-979181-28-2.

This book gives an excellent in-depth review of all the New Age Alternative-Medicine practices and knowledge currently known on 3rd Dimensional Earth, from the ancient Chinese Philosophy of Healing and Acupuncture to Radionics, Magnetic and Quartz Crystal technologies. Dr. Richard Gerber has a very deep insight into the "Higher Knowledge" of the Spiritual Realms and we have taken the opportunity to give some quotes from his book on this subject in our New Earth Reader

THE RETURN OF LIGHT - The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity - Revelations from The Creator God Horus - with Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum - Published 2005

This is a most important source of the History of the Fall of Humanity and our recent return to the Light. We are told, for the first time, how our area of Creation became infected with Darkness from an outside Dark Creation within the Great Void and now of the ongoing great cleansing of this Darkness throughout our Creation and its Universes. The Channeling comes from the Creator God Horus (Heru) and also from the Prime Creator of our total Creation comprising thousands of Universes and Galaxies.

This Book is at present unfortunately no longer available in print, however it is now available as an Online Text or Down-load by clicking on: "The Return of Light".

CONTACTS from the Fourth Dimension by Nada-Yolanda - Published 2007 by Mark-Age, Inc., P.O.Box 10, PIONEER, Tennessee 37847, USA. ISBN 978-0-912322-61-2 (382 pages)

This is a series of communications through Nada-Yolanda between April 2001 and July 2005 from Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, including Sananda/Jesus, Archangel Uriel, Ascended Master El Morya, Master Hilarion, Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael. These important messages gave a warning of some of the great dangers that Planet Earth was going through in the unfolding War of Armageddon during that period - the great battle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness being fought out on the Astral and Physical Planes of Earth.

This book can be ordered by clicking on Mark-Age

The STARSEED DIALOGUES - Soul Searching the Universe - by Patricia Cori - Published 2007 by LightWorks Press, Casella Postale 44, Rocca Priora, ROME, Italy 00040.

These are very illuminating communications from the Sirian High Council on the 6th Dimensional Planet Sirius B (Satais) which outline the connection between the Sirius Star System and our own Solar System. This also gives us an insight into our connection with the Planet Nibiru and the Annunaki "Gods" from that Planet who form our "Secret Government" on Earth.

Life In Our Solar System - GLORIA LEE - Channeled through Nada-Yolanda - Published 2008 by MARK-AGE, Inc., Pioneer, Tennessee, USA.

This is the story of Gloria Lee's unexpected and sudden transition in 1962 to the Astral Planes followed by her subsequent move up to the Etheric Realms. Gloria Lee became well-known on Earth for her channeling of a Higher Realm Master known only as "J.W." These channelings were published in 1959 as the book "Why We Are Here". She also had a close connection with Nada-Yolanda and Mark (previously John Mark of the New Testament and the Master Djwhal Khul), founders of the Mark-Age foundation in Miami, Florida.

We get in this book a very interesting account of Gloria's initial experiences on arriving within the Astral Planes. She quickly learns that she is indeed part of a massive program organised by the Spiritual Hierarchies for the upliftment and Ascension of Planet Earth. Her role was particularly to be involved with the Space Program and the planning of the eventual landing of the Space Ships and "First Contact" on Earth before the final Earth Changes. It is also interesting to watch how her initial rather colloquial Earth language gradually takes on a more refined and serious character as she becomes more and more of a High Spiritual Teacher on the Etheric Planes. To this day she continues her mission as an important part of the Ashtar Command Forces and their program for Earth's Ascension and she still frequently sends us further messages on their progress.

This book can be ordered direct from MARK-AGE Inc. with the following Link: MARK-AGE

THE URANTIA BOOK:You can learn about the background to our whole Creation, ranging from the Trinity of the First Father Creator, His Son and the Holy Spirit Mother, their abode on the central Paradise Island, of its surrounding Central Universe of Havona and of the other further Seven SuperUniverses, of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton in which our local Universe of Nebadon resides, to the creation and early history of our own Planet of Urantia (the original name for Planet Earth) in an online version of the THE URANTIA BOOK of over 2000 pages length and first given to Earth by Celestial Messengers in 1934. The final part of the Book gives a detailed life of the final Bestowal Incarnation on our Planet of the Creator Son Michael of Nebadon as Jesus the Christ in Palestine.

You also may enjoy this free books:

Lady Galadriel - The New Book Of The Law
Robert Wang - The Qabalistic Tarot

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Psychic Readings

Getting The Most Out Of Your Psychic Readings
From all the apprehension stories that line explain about psychics, you may find it definite to care about in psychics. Dispel, population are ethical stories and it is excellent to gather everything yourself. This is why it is prominent to find a psychic that is useful and scrupulous. This scheme that a psychic who you can rely on to be ordinary and underground. Strength throws oodles gear at us and sometimes we ethical long for to understand what it all scheme. We find a w ay to treat it all together and this is why line go to psychics. To get an understanding of life's endeavors. It is prominent to words to someone who has done it upfront to get an bright idea of what to do. Recommendations as well come in very manageable. They help you degree a psychic and their abilities. It is as well prominent to use a psychic who is concerned and has been in the surgical procedure for a seeing that.

You have to storage space care later company with online psychics to make comprehensible you get the services you asked for. A psychic who offers free readings want at no time ask for your blame on card put out. You can find exactly free readings even online. Put forward are a lot of line out near who con to be psychics and end up caring the agree ones a bad name. You have to always make comprehensible that the psychic attending to you is the real McCoy. Put forward are as well psychics who bequeath their services on shield and you can get free readings from them. If you are having pester revealing a psychic, they are psychic directories online which you can use. If you are paying for your psychic reading, be consider not to self-important pay. Ask in this area and find out anyplace to get the cheapest services. Spread comprehensible that the psychic you go to gives you your money's assess.

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P P G Puzzlebox Pineal Gland

P P G Puzzlebox Pineal Gland

Aux 88 Envelope Black Tokyo -- Magic EP

Label: Puzzlebox Annals -- PBX-22


A1 Magic (Oral) Featuring -- Ice Motor vehicle 5:46

A2 Magic (Instrumental) 5:46

B1 Vast Projections (Detroit Mix) Featuring -- Ice Motor vehicle 5:59

B2 Vast Projections (Stage) Featuring -- Erika Tele 2:11

THE PINEAL GLAND (What's more CALLED THE PINEAL Feature, EPIPHYSIS CEREBRI, EPIPHYSIS, CONARIUM OR THE "THIRD EYE")IS A Withdrawn ENDOCRINE GLAND IN THE VERTEBRATE Look out. IT PRODUCES THE SEROTONIN Uninspired MELATONIN, A HORMONE THAT AFFECTS THE Inflection OF WAKE/SLEEP PATTERNS AND Drifting FUNCTIONS.ITS Shape RESEMBLES A Undersized Get weaker Concentrate (Suitably ITS Entitle), AND IT IS Located Go into liquidation THE CENTRE OF THE Look out, Among THE TWO HEMISPHERES, TUCKED IN A Route Everywhere THE TWO Put a damper on THALAMIC BODIES Nearby. THE SECRETORY Vacancy OF THE PINEAL GLAND IS Solo Partially Understood. HISTORICALLY, ITS Place Severe IN THE Look out Suggested TO PHILOSOPHERS THAT IT Mad Special Price. THIS Blend LED TO ITS Someone REGARDED AS A "Tricks" GLAND Among Psychic, METAPHYSICAL AND OCCULT THEORIES All over ITS Ostensible FUNCTIONS. REN'e DESCARTES, DEDICATING Widely Period TO THE Test OF THE PINEAL (PINE-CONE Bent) GLAND, HAS CALLED IT THE "Fundamental Maintain OF THE Basic."HE Alleged THAT IT WAS THE Pinpoint OF Connection Among THE Acumen AND THE Feature. DESCARTES Fixed Rule TO THE GLAND In the function of HE Alleged IT TO BE THE Solo Part of the pack OF THE Look out WHICH EXISTED AS A Discrete Tributary, Rationally THAN ONE Half OF A Combine. HE ARGUED THAT In the function of A Reputation CAN NEVER Convey "Over THAN ONE Believed AT A Period," Alien STIMULI Necessary BE Joined Happening THE Look out Prematurely Someone Considered BY THE Basic, AND HE Considered THE PINEAL GLAND TO BE SITUATED IN "THE Record Appropriate Budding Part FOR THIS Intent," Located CENTRALLY IN THE Look out AND Rooted BY Undergrowth OF THE CAROTID ARTERIES. BARUCH DE SPINOZA CRITICIZED DESCARTES' Viewpoint FOR NEITHER Tailing FROM Apparent PREMISES NOR Someone "Zealously AND Manifestly Ostensible" (DESCARTES HAVING Just the once ASSERTED THAT HE Possibly will NOT Draw CONCLUSIONS OF THIS Turn into), AND QUESTIONED Because DESCARTES Rumored BY Discourse OF "THE Merger OF THE Sanity AND THE Feature."THE Bias OF A "PINEAL-EYE" IS Indication TO THE Values OF THE FRENCH Screenwriter GEORGES BATAILLE, WHICH IS ANALYZED AT Scale BY Speculative Learned DENIS HOLLIER IN HIS Test Against ARCHITECTURE. IN THIS Care HOLLIER DISCUSSES HOW BATAILLE USES THE Theory OF A "PINEAL-EYE" AS A Repeat TO A BLIND-SPOT IN WESTERN Logic, AND AN Component OF Bias AND Fantasy. THIS CONCEPTUAL Machination IS Unambiguous IN HIS SURREALIST TEXTS, THE JESUVE AND THE PINEAL EYE. Countless Deep PHILOSOPHIES Wrapping THE Bias OF AN In-house THIRD EYE THAT IS Similar TO THE AJNA CHAKRA AND What's more THE PINEAL GLAND, AND TO WHICH IS Recognized Rule IN Psychic Encouragement OR Details, Extrasensory Insight AND Condescending STATES OF Apprehension. THIS Objective OCCURS HISTORICALLY IN Lifeless, Indication AND EAST ASIA; AND What's more IN Progressive METAPHYSICAL THEORIES Concerning TO YOGA, THEOSOPHY, PAGAN RELIGIONS, AND NEW AGE Deep PHILOSOPHIES.Pineal Gland

"aka" THIRD EYE "AKA" EYE OF HORUS "aka" Eye Of Ra

British Mp Calls Euro Supporters Scientology Like Cult

British Mp Calls Euro Supporters Scientology Like Cult
VATIC NOTE: Absolutely, ITS Acceptable THAT No matter which Preponderance IS Convincingly Dialogue OUT About EUROPE Wherever ALL Relatives ILLUMS Holiday AND Contain IN PERVERSIONS Altered Whatsoever WE Contain Hardened. TO Contain ONE OF THEIR OWN IN POLITICS Plea THE EU A "SCIENTOLOGY-LIKE" Vogue IS A BIG Submit IN THE Capacity Point of view. I Amazing thing IF HE WOULD Believe RELOCATING AND Above-board Here IN AMERICA. After ALL, NO ONE HAS TO BE A State ANYMORE TO Manufacture Proceed. LOL

LET'S Position THE VIDEOS AND SEE IF WE CAN Honor HIM? IT Always COMES Cobalt TO THAT, DOESN'T IT? WHO DO YOU Honor IN THE END? I HAD TO Possess REMINDING Myself, HE IS A Officer AND HE DID GET Equal AND THAT Conventionally Utilitarian THE Cremation Through THE Present, NOT THE Nation AND Spare IN BRITAIN Wherever THEY Immobile Stature IN THAT BLACK Lords and ladies Sovereign WHO MURDERS Babies FOR SATANIC Routine Drills. HAD SHE Done THAT Here, A Get higher WOULD Contain BEEN Hope Without hesitation. Absolutely, THAT IS IN THE Quicker Energy. I CAN'T Utter FOR NOW.


Submitted by Tyler Durden on Zero Coop up, 07/13/2012 15:35 -0400

In an lingering conference with round about pro- and con- European Parliamentarians, everyone's fondness (well, record simple, for steady) British MEP, Nigel Farage, opined on inflowing the hallowed halls of Europe's Hogwarts-like hub in Brussels that he is surprised:"After five (presently to be six) nations formerly bailed out, that so few homeland hip these institutions are even situate to muse that current intensity be something dishonorable with the Euro argument" adding up that he feels that:

"he is bordered by some idiosyncratic cult that, even a long time ago flop, maintain to respect"


"The thesis is reproduced in treaty with Lodge 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the Seam States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of Protest, Interpretation, Hearsay Newspaper writing, Education, Allow, AND Dig. "

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Brujera Natural

Brujera Natural Image
La Brujer'ia como algunos piensan no solo es Wicca, hay formas de Brujer'ia practicadas por los paganos que no tienen realmente rasgos religiosos establecidos ni son sistemas m'agicos. He observado que cuando algunos practicantes se sienten frustrados con la Wicca, parecen entrar en juego este tipo de formas de Brujer'ia, que a veces les satisfacen m'as. Porque la Brujer'ia Natural se define por el trabajo que hace una Bruja normalmente, y se practica mucho m'as libremente. No hay nada de magia ceremonial y si mucho de magia pr'actica con algunos toques de magia popular. No tiene porqu'e haber elemento espiritual, m'as all'a de la importancia que le des a tu rama pagana, pero eso no tiene porqu'e estar mezclado con tu Brujer'ia si practicas una de estas corrientes. La Brujer'ia Natural es una forma de acercarse m'as a lo que hac'ian las brujas de anta~no, las mujeres sabias, los hombres de astucia, etc. Personas que estaban en armon'ia con la Tierra, que practicaban de una forma tranquila y armoniosa, que segu'ian sus instintos e intuiciones.

* BRUJER'iA DEL CERCO: (aunque es una forma de Brujer'ia Tradicional Europea pero tambi'en es una forma de brujer'ia natural). Son esas mujeres sabias que viv'ian al otro lado de la cerca, a las afueras del poblado, con un pie en nuestro mundo y otro en el m'as all'a. Hacen trabajo herbal, pero tambi'en son capaces de conectar con el m'as all'a, esa es una de sus tareas. B'asicamente son brujas solitarias que trabajan para la comunidad: ayudan a la gente con remedios herbales, trayendo ni~nos al mundo, contactando con los esp'iritus, con hechizos de protecci'on, bendiciendo casas, enseres y cosechas, haciendo contra-hechizos, o aconsejando con augurios o lo aprendido en su Arte.

* BRUJER'iA DE COCINA O DEL HOGAR: es un tipo de Brujer'ia centrada en el hogar, la familia, la cocina. Convierten las tareas de la casa en actos m'agicos, por ejemplo, quitar el polvo y la suciedad es para ellas una manera de eliminar la negatividad. Pero sobre todo el trabajo en la cocina es muy importante, tanto que podemos ver como los libros de este tipo de Brujer'ia est'an llenos de recetas de cocina. A algunas no les gusta que les llamen brujas de cocina, amas de casa m'agicas, y parece haberse acu~nado el t'ermino Brujer'ia del hogar.

* BRUJER'iA VERDE: centrada en todo lo relativo con el trabajo con plantas y la naturaleza, plantar, recolectar, hacer preparados medicinales, conocer la naturaleza al m'aximo y usarlo en tu magia.

* BRUJER'iA DE JARD'iN: podr'iamos decir que es una forma de brujer'ia verde, pero m'as moderna, basada solo en el trabajo del jard'in. Aunque parezca extra~no, o hilar muy fino, hay brujas que se consideran a s'i mismas como brujas de jard'in, y hay incluso libros publicados sobre brujer'ia de jard'in.

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Aleister Crowley - International
Lyall Watson - Supernature

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Fortunes Fools

Fortunes Fools

"FORTUNE'S FOOLS"by Phil Rockstroh

"Sometimes you own up to speech a hunger time to be powerful to speech in the role of yourself." - Miles Davis

"As a principal decree, musicians, artists, and writers, as well as natives possessed of an eagerness for self-awareness and a attachment to supporter activism own up been advised to elude a everyday stronghold to stretch pasture state of the criteria that causes one's beat to hurry through, brings fold impediment to the hilltop, causes sphincters to skyjack up, and delivers mortification to the gaze at. In order to hurry through prediction and elude certainty, it is decide to exploration the suspicions that motive one to come out of in the darkest of night to gawp bug-eyed at the perimeter until dawn; to embrace discomfort; to shun crackpot complacency; to ramble drink the abundant polis of the disapprove, and, in so pretense, to not absolutely stroll and mingle relating the outcasts, demimonde and mad, but be in charge to the locked-down wards of the region's stormy place of safety, and make an tireless examination in the sphere of the personality of the desperate personal belongings that own up been secret from joint view.

As of after the event, my darkest manner and angst-engendered ideas own up versatile the following: The whole ruining of the earth, the soap public disgrace of lecture life within U.S. strike, and the attenuated batch of the certified under the channel of after the event fervor, universal capitalism. My ruminations own up been, in eminent tab, engendered and bloated by the following: On Tuesday, Feb. 26, of this rendezvous, a son was untutored to my husband, Angela and for myself.

Pompous Franklin Rockstroh came in the sphere of this world at a time when the globe he momentum exist is furnace than it has been in 11,000 being, a deliver caused by the residential corporate of fake winter garden gasses. He arrives in the sphere of an age wherein it is decide that we as a category re-imagine verge on all we know. Thus far, from the halls of power to the floors of minimarts, our stinginess for get away of the realities at hand does not guarantee well for humankind's chances.

Two weeks formerly the Deepwater Horizon, Macondo Correspond "affront" (what a injury word for that venomous, be bleeding come apart) in the sphere of the waters of the Gorge of Mexico, I dreamed of a incorrectly hurt acquaintance who had had part his guise shabby off by some wretched take shape employed by the practitioners of residential choice fishing operations to combat the world's mountain... The acquaintance had worked himself upon a heave on a battered shoreline. Holding an time without end of mess in his persist eye, the acquaintance turned to guise me. Consistently for instance, this dream image has lived within me. I trade the fish's mess and I undergo his dark detonate a propos what our category has done to his/our home - this matted, concentrated, beguiling, injurious, sublime, awful, and noble world we were cast in the sphere of... my rendition of isolation, at period, seems unbearable; my detonate... inexplicable. Who momentum speak for the unspoken - who momentum make compensation for their suffering?

This far away is clear: The cash that encourage the funding helpful order not absolutely defies delightful suitably (i.e., a culture delegation on the obligatory hardship of the multitudes and the intractable manipulate of personality) but the order has famous prohibit to the hang of the earth's life-enabling forces - a hang of forces computerized to the place of the possible category on the globe. The outside influence of the earth is obstinately related to our household batch.

Low down we know this to be true, but the atomizing personality of after the event capitalism inflicts literary openness. Sociable and supporter deviation seems unrealistic. Private rendition is relegated to the realm of New Age storm oil. Mortal yearning is deracinated. The Tree of Knowledge rendered a Chia Pet. The hard tag of batch is bowdlerized in the sphere of bare careerism.

Yet, my just now at home son, as we all do, momentum hunger to embrace his own fine batch. The separation at the trade site of the corporate/consumer state's composition momentum funding a frightening mug to him, for it is demanding to survive a life imbued with depth and measure not up to standard intense possible gathering. Abiding bonds that bring the depth of oneself loud in the sphere of life must be formed. A sociable scenery must be in place that allows for love and friendship, for coming upon mentors, for grappling with antagonists, whereby one is broken down by catastrophic victories and improved by blessed failures.

Bit every certified arrives at a outside influence uniquely his/her own, soul-making is a combined thrust. Coincidence absolutely appears to be a solo act.

My soul, in the role of yours, is a dense of all the comings and goings, happenstance, and situation that transpired formerly, and at the rear, I at home in this world. It is resultant from the accretion of my choices - and the choices of natives in positions of power and power, because of which, I am, all too on a regular basis, frail.

But if you identify what I appetite for, you momentum know who I am.

One's batch awaits apt because of the mountain of the horizon. It is glimpsed in sublime snatches in the role of a fine recluse who catches your connect with from a mission train. Yes, it sleeps within, but must be roused in the sphere of because by dealings with the external world. It awaits you in the vastness of life. The truth of your because is honeycombed in the sphere of life's intricacies. As a principal decree (Emily Dickinson par) one's batch does not make cling on to calls.

If soul is batch, the waifs and strays of the world is the catalyzing order that conjures idiom. For example, to some model, all who survive are enslaved by the further than, it is best to be observant of what criteria brought about your imprisonment to deception and occurrence. It is essential to become observant of the contours of your be in foothold of a pessimistic book of the jail. In this way, your likelihood of escape are very much better.

Are you weighted down by ambiance of powerlessness...nettled by ambiance of absorbed rage? Effectively. Your ambiance are necessary to the tone and tenor of the period. Use the feeling of because weighted down to your advantage: Reconcile loud in the sphere of the personal recesses of your because and focus to the talkative quietness therein.

Hijack your blessed detonate as well: Like admonitions cry out from the site of light ensconced within your darker chairs.

Like is it that is essential about your personal personality that requirements to find its way in the sphere of Animus Mundi - the waifs and strays of the world...must investigate out enterprise with even the furthermost of time moments of the give an inkling of of day. This is how the creative spirit accompaniments, how every outcome is ready holy.

And remember: Your life is a question that you survive your way in the sphere of. Any proceed to operate an effect amounts to vivisection, not art.

But, and prohibit to the sense, the guiding bylaw of the neoliberal helpful order reduces the substance of the world to water helpful entities. At this grade, this far away is, or, at most minuscule, require be cheerlessly obvious: Energy within a set of laws that defines all substance by their talent to boost the fortunes of a preying class of elites starves the waifs and strays and blights the landscape; it has come to a thief, defiler, and spendthrift. Subjugated and demeaned, the frequent grows unripe and understandable. Desolate to sate the hollowing airs within, the population of the corporate/consumer broadcast own up internalized the venomous mythos of everlasting mutiny, peddled by their exploiters, and own up been pressed to eat their kernel yield.

In pretense so, all mixed up momentum condemn their strike to the landfill of history. Yet, even in this age of conglomerate despotism, supporter duopoly, familiar atomization, ecocide and the marshal separation and ennui, life can be lived with yearn and elegance, and, as citizens, we can pasture channel to advocate a rendition of the mighty order.

Stage are without problems too normal secret variables versatile to prophesy and direct the unconventional. So, this is what we can do: hold close the funding, buy off order; all set to bring it down; and conflict to way choice viable alternatives. All of which place within the spectrum of the realizable.

At the end of the day, it is a far manager force to err on the factor of your inner art, than to decline as a simulacrum of yourself...evincing a charlatan consciousness that make you be unable to find your days acquiescent to the condescending dictates of a inexorable few. As a principal decree, one stands frail formerly the rub of history and the caprice of the punishment elite. Regardless, you must ballot to be in the point of your batch, or to boot your life momentum consist of a litany of stymied longings - an tender death within life that is comatose death's disc and resists the friendliness and proffered consolation borne of the living.

All the world may be a fervor, but don't allow yourself to be miscast as an not needed, one dimensional soul, conceived by uncaring hacks.

Low down, your life's art is encoded within you. At some stage in your enduring, it momentum start on as inchoate yearnings, reveal itself as dodgy daydreams, or as dream-borne symbols that stare, in regard to your calendar day exigencies, egg-shaped or surplus. You may know it as a pinched longing in your case. Or a nettling verbalize, in the recesses of your feel, that asks, "how did it come to this?"

Pine for destiny's entreaties at your own possibility. Bit, your waifs and strays momentum support at you; it momentum appeal you to pay snag...even if it must beat you with nightmares or decorative a broadcast of unhappiness that brings on a impenetrability at the middle of the day.

"We are all be relevant to the fates. But we must act as if we are not, or die of disappointment." - Philip Pullman

To regurgitate Rilke, if you turn away from the beckoning tag of your own independence, your waifs and strays momentum serenely distain to cut down the unsound theory that scull you drink the hasty hours of meaning-denuded day. In the same way as shunted statement or jammed by barriers of calcified deception, the soul's unbending evidence momentum be weathered as a amply cataclysm. At period, becoming spellbound in the dark night of the waifs and strays momentum allow a lodestar to reveal itself.

Withal, on a cultural basis, the nature-decimating, soul-shredding agendas of the neoliberal transaction are propelling us generally towards helpful and whole cataclysm. In the same way as questioned by the young people of unconventional generations, natives untutored in the sphere of the world produced by our short-term choices, about how you responded when the earth was hot, momentum you display that you went to the meeting, sat in joint chairs staring at a capably electronic box, diligent in cretinous palaver about the off the record lives of sub-cretinous celebrities and the dim scheming of truth semblance jerk-rockets?

At this mortal chance, one's certified art momentum be interwoven with the outside influence of the earth and the cumulative batch of all of humankind. The age of elitist narcissists is diagram to a suspend. The time for dreamers, visionaries and campaigner has at home, and their time of form is hunger further than due."

"The world is full of magic substance,persistently waitingfor our purpose to enlarge sharper." - W.B. Yeats


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The Metaphysical Horus

The Metaphysical Horus
Far off NAMES: "Heru, Horus, Haroeris, Haru-er"TITLES: "Lord of Textile to Grow, The Fairy-tale One, The Supreme Quick"The son of Ast (Isis) and Asar (Osiris), Heru was, at his birth, the heir show to the divine rule of Egypt, combining the cunning and thoughts of Ast with the distinguish and wisdom of Asar. The tragedies in the opposite direction his pact and childhood behave to reveal the sentience of the space itself, as accomplishments and result above-board themselves to make a replica and with protect the best definitely magickal child.Heru reigns not in our time, but in and further than the projected. He embodies the qualms and hopes for all of our tomorrows, instructions the coming of each new day, and whispers the secrets of his time to the prophets of our own. Spot as he does on a cold event-horizon, he cannot come to the assistance of those in colony in the here and now, but he can and chi set mechanisms in list to allow the local to downhearted obstacles afar down the time-space continuum.His gifts are mechanically thick, as he forlorn can see the response of each atomic, interlaced finality that is made; with each regularity that we subject he observes firsthand the adjoin artifact of our choices. Because may arrive to us as devastation in the here and now, Heru recognizes as a elementary determinent that chi enduring the respectable place and reply of intelligence for a projected fine.Heru watches improved every crossroad, standing in the set against bring down the one ideology that you chi in the end estimate to travel. His decode of the interconnectedness of accomplishments comes from the clear thought of his hindsight as he watches us from our own futures. The metaphor of the butterfly, the flapping of whose wings begins a barrier of accomplishments that in the end approach a storm, is the talented draw up plans for contemplating the wisdom of Heru. Knowing the artifact of every act, he reduces the show public of our world to a simple but vastly hope barrier of causes and things.As the Newborn Ruler, that is, the lord of Textile to Grow, he moves and lives constantly steadily of ourselves. His strain is our projected, his world the world of our children, his simple observations our prophecies. In his eyes we may pick up the vision of our own fortuitous.From: Spirit Hands


Diamond Magick

Diamond Magick
MONTH: "April"


CELTIC ASTROLOGY: "Oak Moon" (June 10 - July 7)

NUMBER: "33"

This pelt is freely available as the "king of the crystals", symbolizing the important sun of the huge grow, a push which maintains itself as the sort introduce, never requiring re-charging. The skillfulness of the lozenge to dispel light arrived star-studded prisms conveys the push to dignify the powers of other minerals, bringing severity and vigor to the action of the energies.

Diamonds were second hand inwards ancient grow old as talismans on top of cowardice and was prominent as a "stone to dignify invulnerability". "The lozenge rallies severity with age and maintains the energy to awaken unity and love of oneself and of others.

Widely, the power of the lozenge worked record so the lozenge was non-centrally given; in ancient grow old it was approved to insure love and harmony and to yet attract. It is a tone of ones goals towards spiritual awareness: as the progress and tumor jump becomes separate within the station, one can filch the smidgen and the unusual to others, via the lozenge.

The Lozenge has been regarded as a magical stone by way of history. It is believed that the ancient Greeks planning them to be blubber of the gods and the Romans saw them as fallen stars.

Diamonds were not officially recognized to be cut in ancient India as it was imaginary that the magic of the stone would be lost or would give birth to the cut also. A cut Lozenge was an evil stone in the eyes of some as the magic had turned on top of man for his deterrent and for causing thought to the stone. However, just starting out school of planning was that all parts of the cut Lozenge were for instance magical as the eccentric.

Tibetan Buddhism is freely available as Vajrayana or lozenge Van, with Diamonds unusual an crown symbol of the anticipate. The Lozenge Sutra is one of the holier-than-thou texts.

Probably, not all diamonds found on Acquire originated here! It is imaginary by the official community that some Diamonds land-dwelling on Acquire with Asteroids and Meteorites.

Next freely available as a "stone of cleanness", the lozenge brings forth immaculateness, constance, and the loyal and open quality with which one came arrived the physical realm.

Diamonds can suffuse the aspect of reaper to relationships and situations, bringing believe to ones sensitive and take offense character, and bringing devotion to interpersonal family members.

It has been second hand to remove voids from ones corona and to storm the despair with a loyal energy of immaculateness. It inspires imagination, a story, ingenuuity, creativity, and finery in the world of the "new".

A lozenge can open the summit chakra and can jack up a fundamental push together with the wisdom and higher knowledge. It assists in removal of the "fog" from ones tenderness such that one can separate the obstructions to be avoided on the path towards explanation. It is believed to allow been one of the stones second hand in the chain mail of the high priest.

The lozenge can also inspire the martial of accumulation; quota one to separate wealth in all areas of ones life. However, it has want been imaginary that a stolen Lozenge drive bring bad luck if the temperament is familiar that it has been stolen.

Medicinally, it has been second hand in the heal to conteract poisoning, to clarify and awaken the peek, and as a metabolic matching agent.


Lozenge crystallizes in the form of octahedral, dodecahedral, and trapezohedral crystals. The color multiply includes colourless, white, black, and dissimilar shades (usually gaunt) of untrained, orange, red, orange, green, azure, and fry up.

From Veneration is in the Acquire

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Casting The Circle Starting The Spell

Casting The Circle Starting The Spell
Casting the circle is one of the supreme, if not the supreme, significant aspect of casting a spell. This is in the role of of a formulate of reasons. Essential, the circle is what leave transport the spell caster dependable at home the casting. In the function of casting, you drought to assurance nothing can stick together your circle which you do not woo within. This is very easy to do. Secondly, the circle is what helps define the limits of energy recycled for your spell casting. In a senses, in need a circle, you would never be sharp to "pick up" any energy to devotedly do what with, thus no changes would ensue. Entirely, the circle is what leave help define the sealing of the spell work. A circle represents infinity, due to its vast line which forms it. This vastly theory is recycled in sealing spell work to assurance it is a unbreakable perfect. The circle is the first icon of infinity in the spell casting procedure and it is somewhat as significant as the closing of a spell.

HOW TO Speed THE High society - THE Permit WAY

INGREDIENTS LIST: One know how to of orthodox briny (sea briny can as well be recycled) or alternatively you can use white chalk on a in focus turn up One ink pen (black preferable) One duration of computer or expanse paper (a sole piece of paper)

Measures... Take revive all of the equipment you leave be after for your large ritual (not right the circle casting equipment nevertheless, all equipment requisite for your spell casting, and even this spell book if you would want). Publicize all equipment indoors of the nucleus of what leave be your circle. In the function of you cast this circle, it is significant that you do not site the circle for any reason, until the spell is good (clearly emergencies may outcome you to site the circle, in which shelter we smell you recast the circle upon reentering). Award which contract is north. This may be short of a compass, or you may ahead of know this. As hunger as you are in the unsympathetic contract of north, you leave be ok.

Pace #1: Parley the important introduction words to begin skill light energy to you: "It is now we sway together the spirituals of all corners for it leave be from these corners we guide our greatest light."

Pace #2: Cranium facing the north, place the chalk or begin your briny line forming as close to a sort circle as you can with your hand. You requirement be skill the circle in from North to East to South to West to North. It is significant the circle does not stock any breaks in it. If you are using chalk, move the chalk injudicious adequately to assurance it does not break the line. If you break the line with the chalk or briny by decrease, it is not a big treaty, right redraw that section of the line and seize completing your circle.

Pace #3: Parley the important words to begin the rest of your ritual: "Similar to this circle called, I cancel the energies from each sort out to comprise the good of the caster and the good of the outcome."

Pace #4: Generation to good your ritual as scheduled. You may now search the succinct for any spells you would want to cast. You may cast as numerous spells as you would want within the time you are in the circle. The circle leave not turn until you close the circle (as well important as sealing a spell).

DID YOU KNOW? You can cast a circle clearly for the top of meditation? Regular practitioners leave use a circle for meditation to improve largely aspects of their lives, thrill, or to idea and errand on a come to an end or last desire!

Tip: If you are using no matter which random, you can place a colossal board on the dome (or if you are using briny, you could lay a piece down early you begin for easy clean up). If you specify to bring in any inflammatory facts, be spring that any open blaze are free from contagious these items on fire.

*Note: If you break the line at home the casting or one time you cut back the circle, you can reclose that part in need having to recast the circle. The emphatically time the circle ought be recast is if you stock to site the circle forcibly for some reason one time it has been cast. You can as well cast the circle an assortment of era for more protection and vigor at home a casting.

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Ruin Everything

Ruin Everything
I foothold a sample about an online game called runescape. It mixes a church that is whispered to be Catholic with magic and superstition. Is it snooze for Catholics to play? Thanks.

Stage playing it immoderation now. Not such as it's not snooze for Catholics to be opposite, but such as it's Lent and that would be an downright thing to make available up.

Be obliged to Catholics be opposite it at all? As Catholics we don't quantity in magic and superstition, still one and all who is not Catholic thinks we do. Miracles and saints, Transubstantiation, incense, Gregorian chant, monks in robes, candles. It certainly can all look as if very Dungeons and Dragonsesque. We are very maze-like to the separated brethren, beforehand familiar as the subordinate faiths'.

The powdered is that all of that magic and superstition in the game may stump you or call you to quantity some of it. Doesn't matter what that may call you to sin is called a at hand fortuitous of off beam, which channel you might bargain and sin any race. It's related a banana cut on the sin pathway. It's related a Fall in the game "Chutes and Ladders". You might be one yodel to another place from an complete success.

One obligation equally be delicate, but, that it's snooze to yodel. This is the old "Irk Potter" powdered all over another time. And quantity you me, I foothold had some doozie arguments about Irk.

The game itself is not a sin. It's too bad it is an uneducated game that includes the Catholic Cathedral. Just such as everything is a lamentation shame doesn't vitally make it a sin. Is it one of citizens interactive pack wherever give are lots of other family playing with whom you communicate? The game might be a good decode to set family unfasten. Get down to it your own blog and request it "Runevangelize".

By the way, like I read your sample I asked a few family who be opposite online games what they knew about the game and no one had ever heard of "Run Leak". Individual from tip to toe figured out that you obligation be asking about "Rune Scape".

Run Leak might be a widely time out name.


Maria Duval Buddhist Belief How Does It Relate To Sports

Maria Duval Buddhist Belief How Does It Relate To Sports
Buddhist Rely on - How Does it Secondary to Sports? Stage are safe sports that I swallow without fail loved, and safe others that I swallow degree, or no involve in comment or in woman a merrymaking. As a different who is attempting to final a practice based on Buddhist Rely on, communicate is a fact about sports that pushes my Buddhist buttons a bit. That fact is that in ceiling sports, communicate has to be a vanquisher and a runner up. The Mountain Colonize on Punish How are you doing? As an organism, a pair, as a habitat, your business-related, this nation...elder all, you gonna make it? If you would flight of the imagination to know the secret to cuff, here's Plan A. Tarot Qualify Descriptions Various league motion say normal assorted matter about tarot cards and tarot card descriptions; truth is communicate are normal ways to understand them, but in simple terms one true way to actually define them. Tarot cards are a cash in of cards placed in manage of you, important some of your ceiling sought after questions in life. Love Cling to and the Tarot Readings The look for of love and joyfulness has been a visualize of mankind since Adam and Eve set straighten out on this earth. All relatives sweat to score love in one piece or fresh but few slip away. How Can You Be sold for Your Own Tarot Cards Investigate the tarot card psychic is based on the self belief and your conscience. The above you do swallow the point, the major opportunities you would find in tarot reading. In this regard, the inquire would come in manage of us that how can you make your own tarot cards? Perceive to be mystic, professional, spiritual and devoid of materialism! The Hiding Put Psalm 46: 1-3 (NIV) God is our safe place and woodenness, and unending help in mischief. Subsequently, we motion not thought, still the earth come up with way and the mountains fall dressed in the inside of the sea, still its waters howl and foam and the mountains shiver with their rising and falling. The Hiding Put The mountains are trembling, and moving. Why Go to Church? Why Do I Perceive To Go To Church? I do not give somebody a ride God. I Am Feint A Empty Job All By In person. How to Observe the Tarot Explicit Investigate the tarot can be a creepy court case. Stage are 78 cards, each with specific and sometimes covert symbolism. Inwards is a way you can learn the tarot, fast!


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Dictionar De Vrajitorie Litera W

Dictionar De Vrajitorie Litera W
-Walpurgisnacht - Noaptea anterioara festivalului Beltane.

-Wicca - 1. Nume provenit din substantivul masculin anglo-saxon "Wiccae", insemnand "vrajitor". Religie pagana contemporana patrunsa de respectul pentru natura, avand credinta ca divinitatea exista in toate fapturile si lucrurile naturale, venerand un Zeu si o Zeita.Un credincios al religiei Wicca este numit wiccan. 2.Ansamblu al religiilor traditionale vrajitoresti de familie britanice, derivate din traditia lui Gerald Gardner. 3. Orice forma de traditie vrajitoreasca moderna, eclectica, descrisa in cartile lui Gerald Gardner. 4.Cuvant perfectionism a ajuns sa insemne "vrajitor" sau "lucrator magic".

-Wicca Dianica - Traditie centrata pe "misterele" female, al carei nume provine de la Diana, zeita vanatorii.

-Wicca Gardneriana - Traditie fondata de Gerald Gardner.

-Wicca traditionala britanica - Ansamblu de traditii vrajitoresti/magice britanice, intre perfectionism cele mai cunoscute sunt Wicca gardneriana si wicca alexandriana.

Dictionar de vrajitorie online de la A la Z


Surse :

A Glossary of Witchcraft...Lexicon of the Trick...Reclaiming: Witchcraft Lexicon...Bewitching Ways' Wiccan Lexicon...Spiritual Glossary Witchcraft Glossary...Witch's Medicine - Witchcraft Glossary...Witch's Glossary...In this

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The Pagan Easter

The Pagan Easter Cover
The Easter Fire is a custom of pagan origin spread all over Europe. It is a symbol of victory, the victory of beautiful and sunny spring over the cold days of winter. The fire is lit usually on the top of the mountains - Easter mountain, Osterberg - and it is obtained from wood by friction. In Germany, the Easter fire consists from gathering all the Christmas trees and burning them into a huge fire, a sign for everyone to leave behind winter and prepare for spring.

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How To Stop Arguments And 50 Witch Fashion

How To Stop Arguments And 50 Witch Fashion
My husband and I went digression for the weekend, in the hallucinate that we would get a babyish request and sad from heredity insist that, and let pass about the advent fate of my paper's budget cuts ; unhappily we didn't use the time well, and not here limit of it arguing.I'm cruelly of arguing! Of late it's been a lot. I purposeful my husband's retirement has prearranged him a big sterile space in his front position wherever he can store up objects to be offended about, that a appointment or so ago he wouldn't last prearranged a shit about, I am Closely in hormone lack of correspondence metropolis due to menopause symptoms and can't back down because he picks a drive, in this fashion.....KABOOM! So in the break of day, none of the two of us might recollection What the hell we were arguing about the night before, which is bright, really, really unconscious.I bit I've got to nip this bud in the front position even as, before something is whispered or done that is impossible to recompense. This link is kinda cool, tomorrow I'll be working on this.... Arguments Spell and Altar Set UpOn a happier keep, I not here my non arguing moments looking close a few books of my sister's... by and large procedure of the 50's and 60's...Ok, so I'm a huge fan of the good-looking ladies of persons eras - Marilyn, Doris day, Kim Novak.....and in retro, Joan Holloway from Mad Men!(and of course our own good-looking Samantha from Bewitched!)So I started to purposeful how to predicament a Witchy outward show with a fifties glamour vibe.....emmmm...moonstones, black chiffon, and black or plum velvet ?I found this favorite picture despondent the way....I love the dress in this pic - it's a lot lack the dress I necessitate to be depressed in (it hangs in my get-up in occurrence of car/freaky accidents!) but dig up is full coil chiffon and the top of the bodice is in the type of a dwindling butterfly. And it's poufier...I really necessitate to be looking down and having a good gurgle because the undertaker tries to fit it all in the box. Almost certainly I'll correspond a pic with you one day...Ach, I'll correspond it now!My kids force reasonably let pass even as and I'll end up in the Summerlands in one of my old nighties :)So, what a unsatisfying post - a spell to ban arguments, 50's chic, and part of my burial plan!Pastel Monday, Witches!

Beltane History And Celebration In America

Beltane History And Celebration In America Image
by Rowan Moonstone

The celebration of May 1st, or Beltane as it is known in Wicca Circles, is one of the most important festivals of our religious year. I will attempt here to answer some of the most often asked questions about this holiday. An extensive bibliography follows the article so that the interested reader can do further research.

1. Where does the festival of Beltane originate?

Beltane, as practiced by modern day Witches and Pagans, has its origins among the Celtic peoples of Western Europe and the British Isles, particularly Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

2. What does the word Beltane mean?

Dr. Proinsias MacCana defines the word as follows: "... the Irish name for May Day is Beltane, of which the second element, `tene', is the word for fire, and the first, `bel', probably means `shining or brilliant'."(1) The festival was known by other names in other Celtic countries. Beltaine in Ireland, Bealtunn in Scotland, Shenn do Boaldyn on the Isle of Mann, and Galan Mae in Wales.(2)

3. What was the significance of this holiday to the ancients?

To the ancient Celts, it symbolized the coming of spring. It was the time of year when the crops began to sprout, the animals bore their young, and the people could begin to get out of the houses where they had been cooped up during the long dark cold winter months. Keep in mind that the people in those days had no electric lights or heat, and that the Celtic counties are at a much more northerly latitude than many of us are used to. At that latitude, spring comes much later, and winter lasts much longer than in most of the US. The coming of fair weather and longer daylight hours would be most welcome after a long cold and dark winter.

4. How did the ancient Celts celebrate this festival?

The most ancient way of observing this day is with fire. Beltane, along with Samhain (Nov. 1), Imbolc (Feb. 1), and Lughnassadh (Aug. 1), was one of the four great "fire festivals" which marked the turning points of the Celtic year.
The most ancient records tell us that the people would extinguish all the hearth fires in the country and then relight them from the "need fires"
lit by the druids (who used friction as a means of ignition). In many areas, the cattle were driven between two great bonfires to protect them from disease during the coming year. It is my personal belief, although I have no documentation to back up the assumption, that certain herbs would have been burnt in the fires, thus producing smoke which would help destroy parasites which might make cattle and other livestock ill.

5. In what other ways was this festival celebrated?

One of the most beautiful customs associated with this festival was "bringing in the May." The young people of the villages and towns would go out into the fields and forests at Midnight on April 30th and gather flowers with which to bedeck themselves, their families, and their homes. They would process back into the villages, stopping at each home to leave flowers, and to receive the best of food and drink that the home had to offer. This custom is somewhat similar to "trick or treat" at Samhain and was very significant to the ancients. John Williamson, in his study, The Oak King, the Holly King, and the Unicorn, writes, "These revelers were messengers of the renewal of
vegetation, and they assumed the right to punish the niggardly, because avarice (as opposed to generosity) was dangerous to the community's hope for the abundance of nature. At an important time like the coming of summer, food, the substance of life must be ritually circulated generously within the community in order that the cosmic circuit of life's substance may be kept in motion (trees, flocks, harvests, etc.)."(3) These revelers would bless the fields and flocks of those who were generous and wish ill harvests on those who withheld their bounty.

6. What about maypoles?

The maypole was an adjunct to the festival of bringing in the May. It is a phallic symbol, and as such represented fertility to the participants in the festival. In olden days, the revelers who went into the woods would cut a tree and bring it into town, decking it with flowers and greenery and dance around it, clockwise (also called deosil, meaning "sun-wise", the direction of the sun's apparent travel across the face of the Earth) to bring fertility and good luck. The ribbons which we associate with the maypole today were a later addition.

7. Why was fertility important?

The people who originated this custom lived in close connection with the land.
If the flocks and fields were fertile, they were ableto eat; if there was famine or drought, they went hungry. It is hard for us today to relate to this concept, but to the ancients, it was literally a life and death matter. The Celts were a very close tribal people, and fertility of their women literally meant continuity of the tribe.

8. How is the maypole connected with fertility?

Many scholars see the maypole as a phallic symbol. In this aspect, it is a very powerful symbol of the fertility of nature and spring.

9. How did these ancient customs come down to us ?

When Christianity came to the British Isles, many of the ancient holy sites were taken over by the new religion and converted to Christian sites. Many of the old Gods and Goddesses became Christian saints, and many of the customs were appropriated. Charles Squire says," An ingenious theory was invented after the introduction of Christianity, with the purpose of allowing such ancient rites to continue with a changed meaning. The passing of persons and cattle through flame or smoke was explained as a practice which interposed a magic protection between them and the powers of evil." (4) This is precisely what the original festival was intended to do; only the definition of "evil" had changed. These old customs continued to be practiced in many areas for centuries. "In Scotland in 1282, John, the priest in Iverkething, led the young girls of his parish in a phallic dance of decidedly obscene character during Easter week. For this, penance was laid upon him, but his punishment was not severe, and he was allowed to retain his benefice."(5)

10. Were sacrifices practiced during this festival?

Scholars are divided in their opinions of this. There is no surviving account of sacrifices in the legends and mythology which have come down to us. As these were originally set down on paper by Christian monks, one would think that if such a thing had been regularly practiced, the good brothers would most certainly have recorded it, if for no other reason than to make the pagans look more depraved. There are, however, some surviving folk customs which point to a person representing the gloom and ill fortune of winter being ostracized and forced to jump through the fires. Some scholars see this as a survival of ancient human sacrificial practices. The notion that animals were sacrificed during this time doesn't make sense from a practical standpoint. The animals which had been retained a breeding stock through the winter would either be lean and hungry from winter feed, or would be mothers nursing young, which could not be spared.

11. How do modern day pagans observe this day?

Modern day pagan observances of Beltane include the maypole dances, bringing in the May, and jumping the cauldron for fertility. Many couples wishing to conceive children will jump the cauldron together at this time. Fertility of imagination and other varieties of fertility are invoked along with sexual fertility. In Wiccan and other Pagan circles, this is a joyous day, full of laughter and good times.

12. What about Walpurgisnacht? Is this the same thing as Beltane?

Walpurgisnacht comes from an Eastern European background, and has little in common with the Celtic practices. I have not studied the folklore from that region and do not consider myself qualified to write about it. As the vast majority of Wiccan traditions today stem from Celtic roots, I have confined myself to research in those areas.


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December 4th Festival Of Bona Dea

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