Monday, December 15, 2008

Forn Sidr

Forn Sidr Cover Old Norse Forn Sidr, Anglo-Saxon Fyrnsidu and its modern Scandinavian analogues Forn Sed, all meaning "old custom", is used as a term for pre-Christian Germanic culture in general, and for Germanic Neopaganism in particular, mostly by groups in Scandinavia. Old Norse forn "old" is cognate to Sanskrit purana, English (be)fore and far. Old Norse sidr "custom", Anglo-Saxon sidu, seodu "custom", cognate to Greek ethos, in the sense of "traditional law, way of life, proper behaviour". In meaning, the term corresponds closely to Sanskrit sanatana dharma, a term coined as a "native" equivalent of Hinduism in Hindu revivalism. In contradistinction to Asatru, inn forni sidr is actually attested in Old Norse, contrasting with inn nyi sidr "the new custom", and similarly Heidinn sidr, contrasting with Kristinn sidr, and i fornum sid "in old (heathen) times". Forn Sidr is also the name of the largest Danish pagan society, which since 2003 is recognized as a religion by the Danish government (meaning they have the right to conduct weddings, etc.)

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