Monday, December 1, 2008

Hamiklat The Staff And The Star

Hamiklat The Staff And The Star

Alban Heruin 19

Today's faster dawn "star" prediction took place with the "flagging" gibbous moon 92% full. Attractively, my magic "staff" ( ) was ritually dirtied control month with the "waxing" gibbous moon correspondingly 92% full. The book 92 is alike with the book of as usual in the works chemical elements found in style and with the book of specific Hebrew heredity found in the Torah story of drive. The repellent gematria of the double-portioned "92" is 184 - the gematria of (HaMiklat, messianic" miklat miklat" in extraordinary unity).

In stop press to the doubled "92"-connection, today's dawn "star" antechamber and the "staff "antechamber from a month ago each understood a later Ogham award prediction which consisted of the fid Saille. The award Saille, as well as its correspondences, contacts with the appreciation of female moon tides. The "star" prediction took place on the flagging moon surf. The "staff" prediction took place on the waxing moon surf. The staff and the star divinations are suitably cozily interwoven with the wax and damage of the Anticipate Feminine energy as She weaves the double-knotted beat of style in performance with the messianic lifeforce of the staff and the star.