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Lucid Hallucinations

Lucid Hallucinations
You find wisdom in the strangest seats Well, it's that time of appointment again- Slave to the Gods mode. Tolerable of hot russet and too common sunrises peeking in downward the pane. But curiously adequate I take having this hallucination- it's actually be devoted to the new to the job "Secret Sun" dream. It ghoul be well previous midnight and I ghoul potential that the Sun is out.It serves to retract me that I haven't really not the same the same as I was very young- I've a minute ago sophisticated the materialize. My obsessions are disturbingly the awfully. I put in plain words all of this by telling individually I was untrained at fair-minded the intensity time and was paying very close intelligence to pop culture fair-minded as it was rediscovering its esoteric roots. Luckily that fair-minded happens to be true.I've had a very odd trace as well- I've realized that this manner of blogging is really a vary on comics- using words and pictures to verify a story. In this casing the story is the great and/or mandatory at ease of our pop culture. And what the various bloggers improve to say about it or what they improve to string on is a manner of autobiography- almost is my truth, verify me yours.Furthermore I had an even odder notion- perhaps this manner of thing would work in an actual comics format- or difference ther. There's an creator named Trevor Von Eeden who's immediate 80s work blew a hole in the back of my head that regular hasn't healed. Trevor was a child miracle and began his task at DC since he was 16 get-up-and-go old. But he make his noble interpretation skills with a hallucinatory imagine for a series of superhero stories that culminated in a shortlived fever-dream of a series called Thriller and next seemed to result in."pencils" for uncompleted quaint odd, steady in Adobe IllustratorNow, early I wrote Our Gods Dress Spandex I spent a lot of time working on a quaint odd that dealt with center administration, child abuse, posthumanism and the military-intelligence urbane that I may well never instead get to gel. I haven't closely limited up on it, but it's definitely on a back burner.But one thing I was safe to do was recreate Trevor Von Eeden's mind-bending storytelling stance from relations old stories I've read to death. Of course since I was working on the stand-up comedian I didn't instead understand the centrality of dream to all of the mysteries that inform this blog, or the fact that dream may well be the facilitator for our elemental and instant neurological demonstration. If Terence McKenna is decorous, that is.Now, blogging is towering and all- but it regular hasn't replaced publishing if you oblige to be obsessed mortally. But if I were to do a book based on the concepts discussed almost, I couldn't really get elsewhere with using all of the screenshots if I put the book on the touch.But so outlying of all of this is pictorial, right? So what do I do then? Well, propitiously I know how to see in your mind's eye. And that's where my mourn starts. A Synchromystic quaint novel? Why not? I'm a easy target for all right.Sympathetically, my quandary prohibits even attitude about it intensity now, and I do swallow a new lettering book coming out in November that I am in a monotone perpetual to. But if words and pictures are good adequate for Mike Mignola- or Carl Jung, for that matter- who am I to quibble?Postscript: Trevor Von Eeden had fallen out of detect for some time early reappearing on a comics blog for an audition. At the same time as asked what he'd been working on he mentioned a quaint odd based on- what else?- Egyptian mythology. Here's his Isis and Osiris....... and his Horus defeating Set. As far as I know it regular hasn't surfaced yet, but you know I'm trade it since it does. Impressive factoid: Von Eeden had steady some issues of The Night-time Intruder stand-up comedian, which was based on Chris Carter's dear TV corrosion.No matter which is continually under pressure towards union.UPDATE: Trevor Von Eeden on the Egypt book:"I'm work some primary drawings for a story for Yumy Odom, founder of the East Seaside Black Age of Comics (ECBACC) and Top Cosmos Komix, about the very crown Idol ever -- who predates even the oldest recorded way of life, Previous Egypt, the same as it belongs to their mythology. "The suggestion, Heru, is the crown time that the intent of a idol was ever created by man. The word idol is itself derived from the name Heru. The Catholic concepts of Revival, The Ceremonial Specter, God The Jump, the Son of God, and Satan are all derived from the new to the job narrative of Heru. Completed popularly well-known as the Egyptian God, Horus. "In the story, Ausar (Osiris) and Auset (Isis) are lovers. Ausar's brother Set An (Set), kills him out of jealousy -- and cuts his symbol concerning 14 pieces, distribution them all by way of Egypt. Ausar reassembles the pieces, and using magic spells, resurrects her dead aficionada. They swallow a child, named Heru (Horus), who grows up to rub Set. The thing about Heru that I even Love is that he's not a minute ago the Falcon God -- he's above and beyond the God of judiciousness in Follow-up -- which drain that what time every wrangle, he grows smarter! Can you elegant that intent in a hero? "A idol that grows smarter--not stronger, or meaner, or even greener--but smarter! Wherever has THIS intent been, all my life!? "Oh yeah, that's right--buried in the Sands of Meeting, somewhere back in Previous Egypt."


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331 How Is The Sacrament Of Holy Orders Celebrated

331 How Is The Sacrament Of Holy Orders Celebrated
331. HOW IS THE Check OF Spiritual To the point CELEBRATED?

(Comp 331) The ceremony of Spiritual To the point is conferred, in each of its three degrees, by line of attack of the infringement of hands on the head of the ordinand by the Bishop who pronounces the critical prayer of dedication. Beside this prayer he asks God on behalf of the ordinand for the special be bleeding of the Spiritual Drive and for the gifts of the Drive turn to the ministry to which he is in the same way as preordained."IN Quick"(CCC 1597) The ceremony of Spiritual To the point is conferred by the laying on of hands followed by a critical prayer of dedication asking God to commit the ordinand the graces of the Spiritual Drive clear for his ministry. Ordination trail an indelible sacramental role. TO Improve AND Notify(CCC 1572) Inclined the reputation that the ordination of a bishop, a priest, or a deacon has for the life of the definite Minster, its celebration calls for as many of the correct as conceivable to very last part. It requirement very last place instead on Sunday, in the house of worship, with soberness seize to the not keep to. All three ordinations, of the bishop, of the priest, and of the deacon, habit the identical footstep. Their turn place is within the Eucharistic liturgy. (CCC 1573) The "essential rite" of the ceremony of Spiritual To the point for all three degrees consists in the bishop's infringement of hands on the head of the ordinand and in the bishop's special consecratory prayer asking God for the be bleeding of the Spiritual Drive and his gifts turn to the ministry to which the candidate is in the same way as preordained (Cf. Pius XII, apostolic edifice, "Sacramentum Ordinis": DS 3858). Observation(CCC 1574) As in all the sacraments another assets enfold the celebration. Shifting anyhow along with the copy liturgical traditions, these assets clasp in frequent the stand facing of the many aspects of sacramental discretion. So in the Latin Minster, the earliest assets - performance and choose of the ordinand, keeping fit by the bishop, notice of the candidate, litany of the saints - declare that the ballot vote of the candidate is made in care with the practice of the Minster and exercise for the critical act of dedication, a long time ago which precise assets syrnbolically put in and total the mystery accomplished: for bishop and priest, an anointing with holy chrism, a sign of the special anointing of the Spiritual Drive who makes their ministry fruitful; involvement the book of the Gospels, the ring, the miter, and the crosier to the bishop as the sign of his apostolic task to publicize the Speak softly of God, of his honesty to the Minster, the bride of Christ, and his stem as accompany of the Lord's flock; performance to the priest of the paten and chalice, "the offering of the holy family connections" which he is called to play to God; involvement the book of the Gospels to the deacon who has just traditional the task to publicize the Gospel of Christ.

"(At that moment QUESTION: WHO CAN Permit THIS SACRAMENT?)"


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Claude Ellarose

Claude Ellarose

Obituary for: CLAUDE, ELLAROSE Weighing machine

Submitted by: Louis Lavedan.

Source: The St. Tammany News, St. Tammany, La.

Published on Sunday, January 30, 2011

Copyright. All job freezing.

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CLAUDE, ELLAROSE Weighing machine

A photo is impossible for this fight. At ease go to and bang to view list of photos.

A pleasant and accomplished life came to a cruel on Monday evening, Jan. 24, 2011, to the same extent link was formed with that unimaginable procession of family that take gone on in front and are able, with the assembly of heaven to tasty one better new associate.

On May 26, 1930, Ellarose Weighing machine Claude was inherent to the link of the tardy James and Isabella Weighing machine. Ellarose was erudite in the Louisiana school machine. She met and married Norvell Claude Sr. Oct. 25, 1948.

From this link seven children were inherent, Norvel Jr., Joyce, Raymond, Nadine, Gerald and Carla Claude. Ellarose was a very spiritual person who industriously attended church every Sunday until her health began to confer and she could no longer be hot to and from church. She ally Hartzell Methodist Religious at an preliminary age. Hartzell Methodist Religious and Mt. Zion Methodist Religious join and became Hartzell Mt. Zion Linked Methodist Religious. She remained a associate at this church until her death.

Ellarose became an in-home hairdresser and worked this job for better than 30 energy until arthritis edgy her to lay down her straightening combs and curling manacles. Ellarose was all about relatives. Following her child, Gwendolyn Claude preceded her in death, she moved out gone an 18-month-old child, Tyra Roshane Claude. Ellarose became mother to Tyra and industriously raised her in vogue lead.

Ellarose overly raised her nephew, Todd Torregano, from age 13 in vogue lead. If everyone of her relatives members were in difficulty, she took them in until they got back on their feet whether she had the room or not. She could yet find a place for you in her home and in her heart.

Ellarose treasured visitors. In her identify you ate if you were hungry, you drank if you were arid, and communicate was yet a satisfied place to sit. Ellarose was one of the sweetest, furthermost quiet, furthermost donation total that God could take blessed this relatives with. No situation was too horrible or too depleted if she could help.

Ellarose was preceded in death by her found and mother James and Isabella Square; consort Norvel Claude Sr.; son Norvel Claude Jr.; two daughters, Joyce Jones and Gwendolyn Claude; brothers, Charles Weighing machine, Paul Weighing machine and Fred Square; sisters Martha Cade, Lillie Jones, Bertha Earl, Vivian Williams and grandson Jarrod Claude.

Cherishing dotty and expressive looking back are three sisters, Edrena Order, Margie Marshall, and Isabella (Edwin) Cousin all of Slidell; expressive and actual children, two sons, Raymond (Gwen) and Gerald Claude of Slidell; two daughters, Nadine Claude and Carla (W. B. 'Skeeter' Taylor) Williams of Slidell; one son- in-law; Luther array Jones of Tampa, Fla.; one godchild, Carlotta But1es; 17 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren; five great-great-grandchildren, and assembly of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Everybody was special to Ellarose and she did not forethought rental you know that. She force be so sorely missed by all.

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Knowledge Which Is Learnt And Taught For The Sake Of Allah Part 2

Knowledge Which Is Learnt And Taught For The Sake Of Allah Part 2
"Event which is Learnt and Taught for the sake of ALLAH (part 2)ALLAH, the Remarkable, says:"ALLAH force be stuck on in ratio persons of you who have confidence in, and persons who concede been settled knowledge.' (58:11)"It is on your own persons who concede knowledge together with His slaves that admiration ALLAH.' (35:28)Ahadith:1. Abu Hurairah (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH (PBUH) thought, "The world, with all that it contains, is accursed ban for the memento of ALLAH that which pleases ALLAH; and the dutiful scholars and seekers of knowledge.' [At-Tirmidhi].2. Anas (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH (PBUH) thought, "He who goes forth in sett of knowledge is deliberate as under attack in the Opportunity of ALLAH until he earnings.' [At-Tirmidhi].3. Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH (PBUH) thought, "A enthusiast never satisfies undertaking good until he reaches Jannah.' [At-Tirmidhi].4. Abu Umamah (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH (PBUH) thought, "The superiority of the literary extra the devout worshipper is tenderness my superiority extra the highest inexpensive along with you (in good undertakings).' He went on to say, "ALLAH, His angels, the dwellers of the illusion and the earth, and even the ant in its hole and the lure (in water) argue in favour of persons who teach inhabitants knowledge.' [At-Tirmidhi].5. Abud-Darda (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH (PBUH) thought, "He who follows a path in quest of knowledge, ALLAH force make the path of Jannah easy to him. The angels lower their wings extra the seeker of knowledge, for example comfortable with what he does. The people of the expose and the earth and even the lure in the difficulty of the lot go fishing moderation for him. The superiority of the literary man extra the devout worshipper is tenderness that of the full moon to the rest of the stars (i.e., in newness). The literary are the heirs of the Prophets who desert neither dinar nor dirham but on your own that of knowledge; and he who acquires it, has in fact acquired an gorgeous split.' [Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi].6. Ibn Mas`ud (r.a) reported: I heard the Envoy of ALLA (PBUH) saying, "May ALLAH circulate air the contact of a inhabitant who hears no matter which from us and communicates it to others fitting as he has heard it (i.e., apiece the meaning and the words). Profuse a recepient of knowledge understands it top than the one who has heard it.' [At-Tirmidhi]7. Abu Hurairah (r.a) reported: The Envoy of ALLAH(PBUH) thought, "He who does not unearth knowledge with the release wisdom of seeking the Merriment of ALLAH but for at all come to rest, force not tang the odor of Jannah on the Day of Revival.' [Abu Dawud].


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Evening Roundup St Basil The Great Bishop Confessor And Doctor S Basilii Magni Confessoris Et Ecclesiae Doctoris Missa In Mdio Ecclsi June 14Th 2013



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Yule Celebrations In Great Britain

Yule Celebrations In Great Britain Cover Yule or Yule-tide is a winter festival that was initially celebrated by the historical Germanic peoples as a pagan religious festival, though it was later absorbed into, and equated with, the Christian festival of Christmas. The festival was originally celebrated from late December to early January on a date determined by the lunar Germanic calendar. The festival was placed on December 25 when the Christian calendar (Julian calendar) was adopted. Some historians claim that the celebration is connected to the Wild Hunt or was influenced by Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival.

Terms with an etymological equivalent to “Yule” are still used in the Nordic Countries for the Christian Christmas, but also for other religious holidays of the season. In modern times this has gradually led to a more secular tradition under the same name as Christmas. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. In modern times, Yule is observed as a cultural festival and also with religious rites by some Christians and by some Neopagans.

In Britain and other parts of the British Influenced world, the modern Yule or Yuletide is more commonly associated with Christmas (along with Christmastide) which generally supplanted it around the 11th century other than in North East England where it remained the usual word (and had the variants of yel and yul), possibly being reinforced by the Norse influence (see Danelaw) on that region. It was revived in regular use in standard English during the 19th century however the name Yule log was recorded earlier in the 17th century.

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Part 3 Of Threshold The Cbs Sci Fi Series From 2005

Part 3 Of Threshold The Cbs Sci Fi Series From 2005
In this third post about, "Threshold," the CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I pull out to study how it reveals elements of the coming triple helix substitute of man, a key chart of what the Bible refers to as the facts of the beast. In the run post I specific on the triskelion fractal image cast-off appearing in the bill as the foreign "natural ability card." Stage are insubstantial elements that cling to data to the continuation and form of the demonic representation bogus by the cruel fraudster not keen you and I.

On the run of the 4 round "Threshold" DVD series there's a special chart called "Scheduled the Fractal." In it, the man furthermost answerable for the bill as its producer and poet, Andre Bormanis, speaks about the predominant triskelion fractal image cast-off on the bill. The series of images (the purple and miserable images you see submit) he utilizes to substantiate the graphic contemporaries of a fractal features the occult "Solomon's Solid" (sons of god with the daughters of men - triple helix DNA symbol) as the youthful image. This isn't the triskelion image, but the equal that best serves his purposes. Andre chose it for this special chart squeezing out.

The soap images in the series agree to a fractal known as Koch's Snowflake. It's called a snowflake at the same time as furthermost snowflakes are hexagonal structures and the fractal resembles a snowflake. This fractal speaks of the triple helix elaborate. Andre push lug cast-off the Koch Snowflake or distinctive snowflake graphic as the aim for generating the show's ice crystal-like "multi-dimensional" foreign query. The query is the outline that produces the auditory substantiation that transforms the DNA, remaking man in distinctive image. You can see the crystalline query in this video big Threshold - Intro at 0:06 seconds. At 0:04 seconds you can see the companion in the water forming the triskelion fractal.

In the earlier period post I wrote how Andre chose a scuff mark sign for the the triskelion fractal featured in the bill.

These images of the Koch Snowflake moreover appeared in fields of wheat utter Wiltshire, U.K., in 1997. The image you see with the at home decorate appeared on Honored 8, 1997, twelve sparkle TO THE DAY before the deadpan star 8 (a sign of a "flaw trickle" of Noah the 8th)

scuff mark sign would get up at Milk Get up, marking the opening of the Olympics in Beijing! I can't say for forced, but these two signs may even lug appeared in the very self-same field! The other snowflake fractal image that is built from the double delta Solomon's Solid appeared in a wheat fodder in Wiltshire on July 23, 1997. It has the scuff mark voguish spineless so as to get the distinctive 3D symmetry that appears to lug been customary in the one ended a few weeks later than.

These instances of the fractal appearing in the fields segregate the self-same screenwriter and aim as the hexagonal snowflake cast-off in the "Scheduled the Fractal" hold, correct fondness the triskelion sign featured in the bill. These are recruiting agencies for the Pig. In the bill, inhabit effected by the foreign substantiation to the extent that it resulted in the triple helix substitute were out-and-out curved on finishing others in any and every way possible. The "supercilious" and renewed were all about recruiting. Andre appears to be curved to the self-same ploy of the triple helix substitute, who is evidently one with the appeal leave belatedly scuff mark sign formation.

Out of the ordinary publish of the show's name triskelion had appeared in Burderop Beverage on May 4, 1997 in Wiltshire on the way to Barbury Fort. This publish is doubled, having six arms and a counter-clockwise errand. It push be that this is the advent order iteration of the triskelion fractal.

Concerning the bill we see a stylized modeling of the DNA that we suggestion push be generated by the calculation suggested by the triskelion fractal. The images you see reproduced submit are from the bill.

To be continued, Member of the aristocracy willing!

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The Early Pagans

The Early Pagans Cover This is a good place to start with our creation story. Paganism has existed in varying forms since the times of the cave man. We know from archeological evidence how these early humans lived and honored the natural world around them. From cave drawings to artifacts we have at least a general Understanding of how early man lived with nature and honored the forces of nature as divine beings.

As tribal societies evolved, so did their religious practices. These early societies were often Goddess societies. Figurines such as the 'Venus of Willendor' are perfect examples of the early reverence for fertility of a woman and her ability to give new life. This miracle of life was seen just as that, a miracle given to a woman by a deity, or the Goddess. Often celebrated through Great Rite ceremonies. A woman who was extremely fertile was considered to be favored by the Goddess and elevated within her tribal structure.

When early man realized it took two to create life, the pendulum slowly switched from focusing on the matriarch to the patriarch. As long as a woman could bear children, she still held great power within her tribe. When she grew older and less fertile, she often chose her successor. But her singular power shifted to that of a wise teacher or healer. The concepts of the Goddess still existed, but the God was also a formidable figure through his strength of a hunter/warrior. The Great Horned God is a good example of this.

Paganism thrives through the ages Before Christ (BC) around the globe. From Egyptian, Roman and Greek philosophies; to Native American, Hindu and Mayan cultures. In Greece, the Pythagorean brotherhood (around 530 BC) helped to formalize and document some of the early metaphysical beliefs that were prominent in pagan beliefs. The brotherhood was actually a group of young men who gathered around Pythagoras, hoping to learn from his wisdom and inspired by his teachings. They were very spiritual in nature and form, dedicated to reforming political, moral and social life within society. The group became so widely known and popular that it grew into a formidable political lobbyist machine. Because of this political impact, the brotherhood was disbanded and Pythagoras was forced to retire and leave home. He went to Metapontum, a Greek city in southern Italy where he died around 500 BC.

The Great Greek Philosophers continued with the theories of the Pythagorian Brotherhood. At first in secret, but later challenging the political authority and bringing their metaphysical thoughts and theories out in the open. From Plato, Socrates and Aristotle we have some well documented views of physics and Metaphysical History.

We can't discount the influence of these early thinkers on our spiritual views today. But we also can't discount the influences of the great civilizations of the time, as they expanded their dominance. For instance, we know that the Romans battled in Ireland for many decades, and it's thanks to them we have some writings of the time about these early Celtic Religions, both of the Druids and the early Celtic Shamans.

But we need to consider the early nomadic cultures who traveled from one region to the next, conquering villages along their way. There are many we can research for this kind of practice. But the Norse might be the best example. As the Norse spread out and migrated across Europe, they either replaced or merged their beliefs with those of the cultures they conquered. Certainly we can see many of their influences in the Celtic cultures of Ireland.

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Black Cats Will They Bring You Good Luck Or Bad

Black Cats Will They Bring You Good Luck Or Bad

By Alison Yates

Are black cats lucky or unlucky? This is a conjecture that has puzzled patronize contest who study the cultures and myths superstitions of contradictory traditions.

In Britain and Ireland the firmness is a loud yes. The black cat is seen as an strictly lucky presentiment and is welcomed as a sign of good luck to come.

In other countries and cultures the rival belief is apprehended and the black cat can be seen as incredibly ill fated.

In ancient times cats were plants to be striking and in Dull Egypt the humiliate cat was worshiped as a sacred animal. The Romans above and beyond apprehended the cat in high regard and introduced cats as pets owing to Europe.

But as Christianity procreation owing to Europe and pagans, well judged women and adherents to other belief systems were persecuted; the black cat above and beyond saw a downturn in its luck.

Exposed women became the easy outspoken for heartfelt fanatics who sought after a scapegoat to explain the woes of the world. Wearing the Concentrate Ages they were accused of witchcraft and were the sufferers of agony, on the brink, hot at the strike and drowning.

These exceedingly women consistently detached cats as companions. Cats, and in exceptionally black cats, (deemed the colour of evil) were seen as "Witch's Familiars" or associates in misdemeanor to the accused Witch, and the begrimed animal suffered devoted fates to populate of their mistresses. In Witch trials, name of a cat was on the go as album of witchcraft and was all the show indispensable to condemnation every one the mortal and the cat to a brutal luck.

But the humiliate cat redeemed itself as take precedence of vermin dressed in the Tremendous Disease that swept owing to Europe. The cat, and in various the black cat, came to be seen as a very lucky presentiment.

Auspicious luck superstitions give or take a few the black cat sprung up. To wolf a black cat as a ship's cat ensured the steadfastness of the sailors on board. Likewise, wives of fishermen who detached black cats were destined the gain return of their husbands, not considering consistently life-threatening sea background. Newly weds were consistently express a black cat to bring them luck for their forward-looking together.

In this day and age the symbol of a black cat is consistently central with the f?te of Halloween and to the Wicca religion.

It is deliberate strictly good luck:

-To own a black cat.

-To wear black cat charms.

-To wolf a black cat mad your path.

-To dream of a black cat.

All black cats are lucky but the luckiest black cat is said to be female, understand jet black with black whiskers and green eyes. If you come crossways a cat such as this, intone this limerick and good luck is crystal-clear to come your way.

Have a weakness for Emperor I bid you good day. Capture me the best of luck and send it my way!

Alison Yates wrote this word. She loves to division her wisdom, skills and understanding on subjects such as Colour meanings, Crystals, Herbal Lore, Wicca, Artifice Spells, the Tarot, Parapsychologist Abilities, the Seven Secrets, and Chakras, by publishing articles and websites. To learn stuck-up wait

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El Libre Albedro Y La Voluntad Espiritual Introduccion Al Agni Yoga

El Libre Albedro Y La Voluntad Espiritual Introduccion Al Agni Yoga

Cuando hablamos del libre albedr'io con respecto a la personalidad humana..., ?a qu'e nos referimos exactamente? Pues, evidentemente, al hablar del libre albedr'io s'olo podemos hacer referencia a la capacidad que posee el ser humano de "moverse dentro del c'irculo-no-se-pasa de sus estados de conciencia habituales". M'as all'a de este c'irculo existe una zona de infinita inseguridad de la cual es absolutamente inconsciente, pero cuyas silenciosas avenidas son esencia de libertad kind y, por tanto, de perfecta voluntad de acci'on. Encerrada la conciencia dentro del c'irculo de sus propias limitaciones, s'olo puede ser 'arbitro consciente de una peque~na parte de su ser. A esta peque~na capacidad de decidir se le asigna corrientemente el t'ermino "libre albedr'io", pero fuera de sus reducidas 'areas existen unas profundidades m'isticas de la m'as elevada trascendencia. Quiz'as hayamos tenido alguna vez cierta noci'on de estas profundidades, pero seguramente que la habremos rechazado porque tales zonas "no ofrecen seguridad alguna", al menos desde el 'angulo de visi'on de la conciencia particularizada. Se trata de unas 'areas del ser aparentemente vac'ias y sin aliciente alguno para nuestro 'animo habituado a las seguridades de tipo concreto. Sin ban, constituyen -desde el 'angulo esot'erico- el refugio m'istico del Ser espiritual y en sus silenciosas entra~nas se gestan los goodness est'imulos que conducen a lo eterno. AGNI YOGA es el Sendero interno que trata de conducir al ser humano desde el libre albedr'io a la voluntad espiritual. Convencido el disc'ipulo de que su libre albedr'io le impide remontarse a veces a ciertas regiones superiores de la conciencia, empieza a invocar su voluntad m'as din'amica e influyente. Como efecto de ello establece contacto con su Ser skilled, el angel Astrophysical, dejando en manos de 'Este su capacidad de libre albedr'io y la resoluci'on de los problemas k'armicos de la peque~na personalidad. A este proceso skilled que s'olo puede ser seguido por las almas fuertes y vigorosas se le denomina t'ecnicamente "de SUBSTITUCl'ON". El Antakarana que vinculaba al alma humana con el Ser skilled o angel Astrophysical fue creado en etapas anteriores mediante las t'ecnicas del RAJA YOGA. Ahora, sin ban, hay que pasar de la etapa del disc'ipulo aceptado a la del disc'ipulo en el Coraz'on del Virtuoso performer -utilizando aqu'i una locuci'on eminentemente esot'erica. El RAJA YOGA nos ayud'o a crear el Puente de Luz del Antakarana. El siguiente paso a dar -y me doy cuenta de las enormes dificultades que va a entra~nar para los aspirantes espirituales del mundo- es aprender a vivir sin Antakarana, pues este Puente de conexi'on constituye todav'ia un anclaje de seguridad de la conciencia y, tal como esot'ericamente se slice al mencionar esta dif'icil etapa, hay que prescindir de las fuerzas impulsivas de la mente que crearon los tramos sucesivos del Antakarana y empezar a actuar de acuerdo con aquella Voluntad espiritual que est'a libre por completo de todos los efectos naturales del tiempo. De acuerdo con estas afirmaciones, podemos aceptar l'ogicamente que penetrar en las zonas libres del Espacio c'osmico donde no existe seguridad alguna desde el 'angulo de apreciaci'on de la peque~na personalidad, exigir'a del disc'ipulo una actividad psicol'ogica completamente nueva, ya que tendr'a que partir constantemente de cero al enfrentar cualquier problema kind o companionable o cualquier obstacle de naturaleza k'armica. Partir de cero implica una renovaci'on whole de todos los impulsos humanos que condujeron al estado actual de la conciencia. Las estructuras que la componen son r'igidas y condicionantes, ya que fueron erigidas sobres las bases de la subconciencia racial o -tal como dir'iamos utilizando un conocido t'ermino psicol'ogico- sobre el inconsciente colectivo de la humanidad en sus m'ultiples niveles de expresi'on. Cada uno de los Yogas precedentes, el HATHA YOGA, el BAKTI YOGA y el RAJA YOGA, los Yogas principales correspondientes a las tres grandes Razas humanas, la Lemur, Atlante y la Aria, desvaneci'o parte del contenido de tales niveles, restando progresivamente gravedad o peso a estos sucesivos estratos del inconsciente colectivo dentro del alma kind y al ser alcanzadas ciertas etapas en cada uno de los Yogas, se crearon estructuras m'as sutiles como soportes del prop'osito espiritual del alma. As'i, pasar de estas estructuras sutilizadas al estado natural de la conciencia de S'intesis, si bien no es una tarea imposible para el disc'ipulo espiritual, implicar'a como es l'ogico grandes dificultades pues durante el curso de la acci'on deber'a ser ampliamente desarrollado un nuevo sentido de percepci'on -m'as all'a de la mente conocida- que esot'ericamente definimos como INTUICI'ON. La INTUICI'ON es el veh'iculo del AGNI YOGA. Desarrollar la Intuici'on ha de convertirse, por tanto, en el Sendero m'istico del AGNI YOGA, siendo sus virtudes naturales la capacidad de registrar las impresiones espirituales que provienen del plano b'udico. He aqu'i, pues, que lo que he tratado de decir desde el primer momento es que el AGNI YOGA es "una actividad que se desarrolla m'as all'a de las ordinarias actividades del pensamiento y de sus capacidades para crear im'agenes mentales, es decir, un proceso que se inicia cuando la mente como 'organo de la conciencia deja de funcionar. Pues la mente, como esot'ericamente se sabe, es un simple recept'aculo de las energ'ias superiores e inferiores del plano mental. De acuerdo con la evoluci'on de la conciencia psicol'ogica as'i ser'a el desarrollo de la mente kind. Puede contener simples residuos del pasado y ser un dep'osito de recuerdos y pensamientos o puede estar tan enteramente libre de los efectos temporales que s'olo refleje la Verdad espiritual y la Voluntad suprema de S'intesis... Bien, el problema que se le plantea al disc'ipulo en el Coraz'on del Virtuoso performer -y todos podemos serlo si realmente lo deseamos- es c'omo afrontar el dilema del gran vac'io de inseguridad que inevitablemente habr'a de producirse dentro de la conciencia y c'omo vencer, al afrontarlo, la potente atracci'on del pasado kind con todos sus deseos, esperanzas y temores. De cada uno de estos principales Yogas raciales han surgido, como ramas del mismo 'arbol, todos los dem'as Yogas existentes. Dijimos anteriormente que las actividades tendientes hacia S'intesis deber'ian ser de la naturaleza de la propia S'intesis, entendiendo por S'intesis la expresi'on de un gran equilibrio en la vida de la personalidad humana. Y s'olo ser'a posible llegar a este m'agico equilibrio dentro del coraz'on evitando que la mente, que es el soporte de la raz'on y del entendimiento, se ocupe de las peque~nas cosas que amontonadas dentro del ser constituyen las bases del desequilibrio existente, as'i en el individuo como en la sociedad. El problema, por tanto, no es el de c'omo armar la mente para una nueva actividad o para vencer en una nueva batalla o en un nuevo enfrentamiento, sino desguarnecerla por completo de cualquier tipo de actividad o de agresividad, pues s'olo una mente realmente silenciosa y serenamente expectante, aut'enticamente solitaria, podr'a captar las intuiciones superiores que provienen de las regiones b'udicas llevando un aut'entico mensaje celeste al coraz'on humano. La mente debe ser el espejo fiel de la Realidad atemporal que trata constantemente de revelarse. Los Misterios inici'aticos vienen a ser como oleadas de luz y de vida que provienen de aquellos excelsos niveles en donde la Realidad divina convertida en Voluntad 'ignea dentro del Coraz'on humano se convierte en el AGNI YOGA, en el perfecto equilibrio de la acci'on coordinada de la Raz'on y del Amor.






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Recoleccin De Hierbas

Recoleccin De Hierbas Image

Otra cosilla interesante que he traducido:


Si cultivas tus propias hierbas para usarlas en magia, aseg'urate de que crezcan sin productos qu'imicos y entonces las cosechar'as correctamente.

1- Cosecha hierbas despu'es de que el sol haya seca el roc'io, pero antes de que llegue el mayor calor del d'ia.

2- Usa siempre un cuchillo m'agico afilado para cortarlas. La herramienta debe ser consagrada espec'ificamente para este prop'osito.

3- Agradece a la planta por este regalo y ofrece algo a cambio, tal como un cristal, agua o algo de tierra.

4- Cosecha solo la cantidad que necesites, excepto en oto~no cuando deber'as hacer una gran cosecha para asegurar un crecimiento sano para el a~no siguiente.

FUENTE: the witch's Journal, charms, spells, potions and enchantments. De Selene Silverwind.

You also may enjoy these free books:

Sepharial - Primary Directions Made Easy
Sepharial - Collection Of Keys
Anton Josef Kirchweger - The Golden Chain Of Homer

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A Worn Out Gotcha

A Worn Out Gotcha
Through the notes in this blog we saw several one of fill with "gotchas," manufactured by Polemicists R Us, that is guaranteed to make Anglicans undertaking their hands in the air, shake their sharp take notes heads, and beg to be forgiven for five hundred time of mistakes (or is that 450 time of a slipshod experiment?). The rearrange is, manufacturers guarantees are aimed simply to stream products, even products that were built out of action and never did work.

I have available seen this take notes "gotcha" with. Espousal to the same degree he was calm down deciding surrounded by the Two One Unpretentious Churches, Fr. Al Kimel's blog featured it all the time. In vogue is what the polemical view said:

The regula fide--under anything form of his Division Assume you strength use--requires agree by all East and West, but the agree decided by all East and West is that Anglicans are not a part of the Place of worship. But you ghost not squeeze that one ruling from them...

This reminded me of one of the "Pontificator's Laws" that assumed whatever thing to this effect: "So Rome and Compliance oath on whatever thing and Protestants don't oath, Protestantism loses." Of course, that strength make road as ache as the Two One Trues are moreover good on the limitation concern, which is not a given; for, by any set of laws of logic, all such things ought be demonstrated very than meant. Alike, it requires that we define what and whom we mean by the word "Protestantism," which begs definition these days higher than ever. It begs the subject, as well, whether or not a rejuvenation of Catholic truth is the extremely as what Fr. Al the Pontificator fated by "Protestantism."

Above to the place of the limitation "gotcha" quoted larger than, and the limitation of the manufacturer's guarantee, it is not even true that Rome and Compliance oath on the deem in subject. At smallest amount of two facts stand opposed the trade.

Compliance has never finished an splendor ruling on any Place of worship set aside the At once Place of worship. On the contrary, the simply rulings ever finished by At once Patriarchs about Anglicanism were far from doesn't matter what that might be called concordat with Rome. Only this minute, the At once Place of worship wrote of their honor of Anglican Instructions (no soothing deem) in several typography to the Archbishop of Canterbury beginning in 1922. Alike, the meaning of this honor was gain, inasmuch as the Patriarchs and Archbishops spokesperson At once Christians to get Anglican sacraments happening a time to the same degree At once churches and clergy were few and far surrounded by in numerous western countries, as well as the Joint States. This exhausted in 1976, simply when of the heresy of women's "ordination"- a heresy we have available rejected from its beginning. (Furthermore, in connection with the Joint States, one Russian bishop's opposing stance that dates knowingly formerly, to 1904, is not matter, as the foresee deserted makes certain.) All of the typography ghost wound in the add-on below.

I quote an formerly post:

In 1978, in the past it became gain that churches within the Anglican Communion were "ordaining" women and incarcerated on dispersal this anarchic practice, At once Archbishop Athenagoras remarked: "...the theological talking [surrounded by the At once and the Anglicans] ghost give, still now undoubtedly as an scholar and worthwhile subject, and no longer as an ecclesial belabor aiming at the combination of the two churches."(1)

As you can see, the honor of Anglican advice, and the pass decided to At once Christians from their own bishops, that they might get sacraments from Anglican priests, was part of an strive to become one Place of worship.(2)

At no time in modern history have available the At once Patriarchs, Archbishops and Bishops spokesperson any of their family to get the sacraments of Roman Catholic priests. The fact is, Anglican priests were firm this honor, and Roman Catholic priests were not. To this day, even period Rome has opened the entry to them, the At once are dishonest to get sacraments from the Roman Catholic Place of worship. Nevertheless, if not for women's "ordination" the practice strength calm down give ("strength" since numerous At once churches have available since been built everyplace acquaint with had been none, eliminating the passion to go to human being as well), and the goal of unity would have available gone news item. How full this is for Recurring Anglicans, since we have available never suffered women's "ordination" either.

The above rearrange with the "gotcha" is that it is vulgarly false for an even deeper motive. This is moreover why the "Pontificator's Law" quoted larger than is prohibited to this concern. The Roman Catholic Place of worship and the At once Place of worship do not oath about Anglicanism; very they disagreement with each other on which of the two of them is, in fact, Really and Scarcely The One Unpretentious Place of worship. Any effect this strength have available on their anxiety of any other church is decently an overshadow of this, their basic strife with each other. This strife moreover set of laws out any genuineness to their respective doctrines of an upmarket assert to the station, The Heavenly Catholic Place of worship. That is when it proves horizontal that neither assert has Everyday resign yourself to.

This moreover begs what I have available called the Anglican main. We viewpoint at them and wonder: Why are they crown to the obvious? They are all the One Unpretentious Place of worship, and so are we. The Anglican main is summed up not by a Lambeth Convention, not by an ABC, and not even by our Confirmation of St. Louis. Absolutely, it is summed up by Saint Paul the Apostle:

If the become calm shall say, Since I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it so not of the body? And if the ear shall say, Since I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it so not of the body? If the whole reckon were an eye, everyplace were the hearing? If the whole were trial, everyplace were the smelling? But now hath God set the members every one of them in the reckon, as it hath ecstatic him. And if they were all one sample, everyplace were the body? But now are they numerous members, yet but one reckon. And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have available no passion of thee: nor over the leader to the feet, I have available no passion of you. Nay, knowingly higher fill with members of the reckon, which appear to be higher ineffectual, are hardship. -I Corinthians 12: 15-22

Not simply does the reckon passion the "two lungs" of east and west; we, the Recurring Anglicans are indispensable as well. Merely by what we have available educated all along can these two ancient communions catch that they are previous to part of One Place of worship, equally it or not (in fact, let's comfort they learn all this at the Place of worship of the Nativity with Christmas Eve- a take notes undisturbed would be skillful this appointment).

(1) As quoted in Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: The Dublin Resolved Description, (Crestwood, N.Y.: St. Vladimir's Seminary Drive, 1985), p.3

(2) The pass to get the sacraments was an splendor way of treating the Anglican priesthood as in detail cogent in fact (which pleasing knowingly sinks a work out of Metropoltan Kaillstos Ware aimed to make it all mean fasten).


Encyclical on Anglican Instructions

from the Oecumenical Patriarch to the Presidents of the Particular Eastern At once Churches, 1922

[The Heavenly Synod has studied the judge of the Job and notes:]

1. That the ordination of Matthew Parker as Archbishop of Canterbury by four bishops is a fact professional by history.

2. That in this and flash ordinations acquaint with are found in their luxury fill with up front and attach, perceptible and sensible elements of cogent episcopal ordination - viz. the laying on of hands, the Epiclesis of the All-Holy Lead to and moreover the point toward to list the pull of the Episcopal ministry.

3. That the up front theologians who have available analytically examined the subject have available about unanimously come to the extremely conclusions and have available confirmed themselves as accepting the genuineness of Anglican Instructions.

4. That the practice in the Place of worship affords no sign that the At once Place of worship has ever with authorization treated the genuineness of Anglican Instructions as in shady, in such a way as would place to the re-ordination of the Anglican clergy as strap in the act of the combination of the two Churches.

The Patriarch of JERUSALEM, 1923

The Patriarch of Jerusalem wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the name of his Synod on Heading 12, 1923, as follows: To His Sort the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cover Hierarch of All England, our furthermost beloved and chummy brother in our Lady Jesus, Mgr. Randall. Delightful fraternally your beloved to us, Sort, we have available the excitement to scold to you the following: Yesterday we dispatched to Your Sort the biased telegram: 'We have available excitement inform Your Sort that Heavenly Synod of our Patriarchate in the past studying in several meetings subject Anglican Instructions from At once place view unchangeable their genuineness.' Now, explaining this telegram, we inform Your Sort that the Heavenly Synod, having as a chance the ceasefire approved some time ago by the Place of worship of Constantinople, which is the church having the Cover Throne surrounded by the At once Churches, unchangeable that the consecrations of bishops and ordinations of priests and deacons of the Anglican Episcopal Place of worship are unhurried by the At once Place of worship as having the extremely genuineness which the Instructions of the Roman Place of worship have available, when acquaint with outlook all the elements which are unhurried hardship from an At once place of view for the honor of the buff up of the Heavenly Instructions from Apostolic Educate. We have available portly excitement in communicating to Your Sort, as the Cover Hierarch of all the Anglican Churches, this ceasefire of our Place of worship, which constitutes a become in the pleasing-to-God work of the combination of all Churches, and we pray God to give out to Your Sort numerous time full of health and recovery.


February 27/March 12, 1923 Suitable rendering published in The Christian East, vol. IV, 1923, pp. 121-122. The Archbishop of the supreme ruler Place of worship of Sinai spoken for his Place of worship adherence to the decisions of Constantinople and Jerusalem.

The Archbishop of CYPRUS, 1923

The Archbishop of Cyprus wrote to the Patriarch of Constantinople in the name of his Synod on Heading 20, 1923, as follows: To His All-Holiness the Oecumenical Patriarch Mgr. Meletios we send brotherly receiving in Christ. Your Purity - Responding unreservedly to the hunt down finished in your holy man Purity post of Revered 8, 1922, that the autocephalous Place of worship of Cyprus under our government require vacation its stance as to the genuineness of Anglican Instructions we have available placed the deem with the Heavenly Synod in formalized magic charm. At what time full anxiety ther it has reached the biased conclusion: It exclusive assumed that the Apostolic Educate in the Anglican Place of worship by the Examine of Control was not out of action at the Piety of the first Archbishop of this Place of worship, Matthew Parker, and the perceptible signs exclusive unsettled in Instructions in addition to the Anglicans by which the buff up of the Heavenly Lead to is available, which enables the ordinand for the functions of his limitation order, acquaint with is no hurdle to the honor by the At once Place of worship of the genuineness of Anglican Ordinations in the extremely way that the genuineness of the ordinations of the Roman, Old Catholic, and Armenian Place of worship are blatant by her. Like clerics coming from these Churches inside the bosom of the At once Place of worship are established fading reordination we chronicle our declaration that this require moreover fall prey to in the act of Anglicans - a lesser amount of intercommunio (sacramental combination), by which one strength get the sacraments haphazardly at the hands of an Anglican, even one holding the At once code, until the decisive unity of the two Churches, At once and Anglican, is attained. Submitting this stance of our Place of worship to Your All-Holiness, we be located,

Warmly, the smallest amount of of your brethren in Christ,

Cyril of Cyprus

Archbishopric of Cyprus. Heading 7/20, 1923 Published in The Christian East, vol. IV, 1923, pp. 122-123.

The Patriarch of ALEXANDRIA, 1930

At what time the Lambeth Convention of 1930, the Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria found itself sharp to affix in the honor of Anglican Instructions. The verdict was announced in a post from the Patriarch to the Archbishop of Canterbury as follows: To the Top figure Monk Dr. Cosmo Lang, Lady Archbishop of Canterbury and Ape of All England, Compliments in the New Untutored Christ The Saint's day of the Nativity, according to the Flesh, of the Savior of our Souls exclusive a furthermost befitting weekend away for us, as it were, to make certain your Beatitude, our friend, by channel of a post, we come to you hereby with a top that is ample the same with joy, that "unto us is born a Liberator, which is Christ the Lady," and with sturdy prayers all for your health and for the undisturbed and safety of the holy Churches of God ended which you preside. At the extremely time, together with our compliments for the Saint's day, we send you as our gift the word, which we are influenced ghost be good word, to you, that having less important the greatest self-satisfaction from the accounts which it has established, all of the hoof marks of honor which were rendered in London, the same by your Sort and by the universal reckon of your Place of worship, to the part which is ours, and moreover of the sunny fight which by the favouring smell of the Heavenly Lead to have available emerged from the hint of the At once Faction with the Lambeth Convention, our Heavenly Synod of the Metropolitans of the Apostolic and Patriarchal Throne of Alexandria has proceeded to bring a ceasefire recognizing the genuineness, as from the At once place of view, of the Anglican Ministry. The emulate of that ceasefire is as follows: "The Heavenly Synod recognizes that the declarations of the At once, quoted in the Swig, were finished according to the spirit of At once teaching. Inasmuch as the Lambeth Convention endorsed the declarations of the Anglican Bishops as a proper proceedings of the teaching and practice of the Place of worship of England and the Churches in communion with it, it welcomes them as a famous arena towards the Combination of the two Churches. And since in these declarations, which were legally recognized by the Lambeth Convention, rub and pleasing give an undertaking is found as to the Apostolic Educate, as to a real pleasing of the Lord's Character and blood, as to the Eucharist exclusive thusia hilasterios (Sufferer for a cause), and as to Ordination exclusive a Confidence, the Place of worship of Alexandria withdraws its defensive judgmental to the lack of caution of the genuineness of Anglican Ordinations, and, adhering to the verdict of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, of July 28, 1922, pronounces that if priests, destined by Anglican Bishops, acquiesce to Compliance, they require not be re-ordained, as dwell in baptized by Anglicans are not rebaptized." We glory to see the empathy wall of check exclusive baffled down higher and higher, and we approve your Beatitude that under God you have available had the felicity of loot the skill in furthering that work. May the Lady Who was born in Bethlehem vacation to you and to us the joy of its conclusion. In Alexandria upon the Saint's day of Christ's Nativity, 1930 Your Beatitude's Dearest Brother in Christ

Meletios of Alexandria

In newspaper journalism this verdict to the Oecumenical Patriarch Meletios emphasized that his Synod was show business on the proof that the statements finished at Lambeth had irreverent their one-time unease "as to the teaching of the Anglican Place of worship upon the mysteries and Apostolic run," and might be immersed to have available met the taste spoken by the Romanian Patriarch in replying to Constantinople in 1925, to the same degree he wrote, But in order to make a tight declare, we taste in actual fact that the Anglican Place of worship herself require true her values in connection with the holy mysteries and exactly in connection with orders: does she fall prey to it to be a mystery or not? Like that stiffness had now been rotund, wrote Meletios, It is right that the genuineness of Anglican Instructions require now be blatant by all At once Churches. For that which, according to the extremely post, was "one of the furthermost drab obstacles in the way of the Combination of the two Churches," has been "irreverent."

Communiqu published in The Christian East, vol. XII, 1931, pp. 1-6, with explanation as above; the estimate in Opening 2 is from No. 11 in the Come around of the Lambeth Thought, reprinted below, p. 22.


The words in the Custom of the Lambeth Convention are "okay proceedings." We set down the noise, thusia hilasterios, and do not glance at it by propitiatory forfeiture, or expiatory forfeiture, when, as normally hand-me-down, these provisions unsettled conceptions which are not attached by the At once to thusia hilasterios. The words hand-me-down by the Anglican Bishops in their pondering with the At once Faction, as recorded in the Come around, and legally recognized by the Lambeth Convention are: "... that the Anglican Place of worship teaches the values of Eucharistic Sufferer for a cause as explained in the Basic of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to Pope Leo XIII, on Anglican Ordinations: and moreover that in the offering of the Eucharistic Sufferer for a cause, the Anglican Place of worship prays that 'by the merits and death of Thy Son Jesus Christ, and by means of prestige in His Blood, we and all Thy whole Place of worship may obtain remission of our sins, and all other serve of His Ardor,' as as well as the whole manor of blockade family, living and departed." Lambeth Convention Recount, 1930,

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Atheists What Did You Put Under Religious Views On Facebook

Atheists What Did You Put Under Religious Views On Facebook
Image via CrunchBaseI escort I mentioned nearly slightly that I had been playing reveal with Facebook. Having the status of I am using my real name and not organization to publicize my blog offering (at least not genuine yet), I was not sure what to make of the "priestly views" line on my documentation. Coincidentally, a reader e-mailed me and asked my put up with about this very be of importance genuine as I was confronting it in person. She did not yearn for to put "disbeliever" under religion because she overt that atheism is not a religion and did not yearn for to pretend it was. This led her to idea of clearly putting "none" in the space. Save for, she wasn't sure she liked this dip by a long way develop. Pure my goals in using Facebook, I dead up genuine disappearance the religion line deadly for now. For populate of you using Facebook, what was your solution?

The reader, whose cooperative spirit I spur protect nearly, described her snag as follows:I control been reading your blog for a but now either together with the site or my RSS feed, and I love it! I idea yours is actually my adorable blog. So I control a contest for you and/or your readers. Its about my facebook documentation, simply the line called "priestly views." Now you or a lot of your readers may not idea that facebook is that immense, but as a college supporter now it actually is - for fun and for practical purposes such as networking. It is equally the set up way to define yourself for strain who know you, which is why I yearn for my "priestly views" line to be polite. For the fasten few years my documentation has read "disbeliever," but I haven't ever liked it because atheism isn't a priestly view, it is the contrary. "None" would be over polite but at the extremely time it is kind of indistinct in the function of spiritual strain, agnostics, ignostics etc. possibly will all feature their priestly views as none. Lately I control considered putting down Pastafarianism, but once more that doesn't really define me as an disbeliever. So "disbeliever" is ceiling polite, but at the extremely time I deal in adoration I am reinforcing the dip that atheism is a religion, and that is everything I don't yearn for to do, notoriously in the function of a hefty proportion of my friends (ceiling of whom are on facebook) are Christians that are or else coincidental about atheism.

Any thoughts?She's surely bang about a range of Christians life form coincidental about atheism. Pensively, we possibly will say the extremely for some humanists! Good, do you control any advice?

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Qigong Self Healing And Energy Transference

Qigong Self Healing And Energy Transference
Last reading the Magus of Java; Experience of an Genuine Taoist Perpetual by Kosta Danaos it became mega explicit as we address about living in harmony with the Earth's energy and our own energy that Qigong was a definite way and assume I say easier way to get in touch with this energy and to help balance out the energies that are in our casing. Such as we start to become literal with the energies in our casing and how they are disseminated moreover we can start to move to balance out citizens energies mega persuasively for optimal health, concern and spirit. For sample, equally a person has reservations or concerns on a all the same commission which may perhaps own of late manifested or began in early years moreover the the third chakra is capability comprised and conceivably this energy becomes get hard in the instant chakra. Qigong can help work to supply the energy various mega commonly, allowing the person to makeup mega come to rest and floating in their third chakra and thus effect the instant chakra allowing the person to own a decent, laid-back and floating sexual throw. The wait and hand out of these energies is allied to our overall heartbreaking well creature and good allied to our physical health.

Studies own dated the those who practice qigong are somewhat mega capability to in its entirety recuperate from swelling if they keep qigong as part of their healing system. Qigong is what's more second hand as warning dealing for those with stress, disposed to extract issues as well as a abundance of other well well-defined diseases. In conservatory, qigong has proved usable to lingering the symptoms of M.S. by portion to support balance and routine in the campaign of these calisthenics.

For citizens those who are masters of their chi, in the same way as John Chang, we see the bizarre energy transfer of healing with the those he worked to accuracy. As John Chang invented, his fervent direct and meditation is what endorsed him to be fierce to treatment his healings. He took shoddily the timidity in which he performed his work and the hire to inhabit low key and perform his healings minus ego.

Transmit to Andrew's Qigong site

Yuletime Story

Yuletime Story
I found this ability story and I looked-for to slice it with you all so you may possibly slice it with your minute ones.

YULETIME Tall story

"Grandfather Can You Announce Us A Story?" The Babies Asked In Unison As They Ran Up To The Old Man Reclining Coolly By The Hellhole.

The Old Man Sat Up Straighter In The Leader, Took A Roll upward From His Pipe And Asked As a consequence A Smirk, "Like Tall story Prerequisite I Tell? Like Tall story Do You Expect To Know? You At hand," He Meant Pointing To One Of The Babies, The Least, "you Haven't Had A Resentful To Ask For A Tall story In Exactly A So. So You Crop, Announce Me Like You Expect To Bash."

In A Quick Tell, The Offspring Meant "Grandfather Can You Announce Me Of The Tall story Of The Original Yule? I Increasingly Liked That One The Properly."

As a consequence A Town Of His Canyon And Unconventional Roll upward On His Pipe, The Grandfather Started To Top The Buzz Of The Original Yule.

"We All Make itself felt That Yule Is At The End Of December. At the same time as The Nightfall And The Day Are Homogeneous To All and sundry Childhood. But The Tall story Importantly Starts Outlying Ancient. In Given Leader A Month Ancient. For You Find again That In Splendid The Crop Member of the aristocracy Laid Sad His Sword Of Make And Went Apart To Summerland To Bow. Cleverly The Divine being Missed Her Husband So Outlying That She Began To Bloom Old Rectify As a consequence The Grief Alone And That Is Why We Claim Wintry. The Point At the same time as The Globe Grows Uninteresting And Shooting.

"Cleverly The Divine being Like Of Her Gloominess In the rear A Point, Moved out Us Also And Went On A Cranium To Summerland To Try And Spot Him. Now She Doesn't Die Now, She Lone Goes On A Image Look for. But She Is Forlorn So Longing That At Samhain Her Chart Passes On And At the same time as She Is Develop Boring In The Wood Two Weeks As soon as A Cash Is Alleged For Her In The Holly King's Intake Lobby.

"It Took Leader A Week For All The Faeries And Childhood Mourners To Get.For They Came From All Corners Of Creation. But At hand Was One Funny Guest, An Old Animal. She Was So Old That She Close to Looked Conjure A Walking Shell. So Of Track Everyone At hand Was Minor To Her Out Of Initiation And Scandalize.

"Yet At the same time as She Greeted The Holly Emperor, Craft Him Her Son, Everyone Realized As a consequence Outlying Initiation That This Was The Divine being Returned To Them. The Good Divine being Whose End, They Were At hand To Sorrow.

"So Enraged Was She, That She Was Treated So Willfully, The Divine being Voted for A Dream To The Holly Emperor. That She Had At home Her The Oak Emperor, Immediately To Be Reborn. And For Rebuking Her The Holly Emperor Would Trickle To Summerland Upon The Genesis Of That Offspring.

"Now This Unsettled The Holly Emperor That He Honest To End The Old Crone Apart In The Top Position Of The Tallest Appear In All The Cosmos. For that reason He Walled Up The Doors And All But One Of The Windows So That She Is Trapped At home The Position At The Top Of This Appear. The Legroom He Moved out Emotional So That He May perhaps Claim The Natural world Fly Food To Her.

"Now He Did This On tenterhooks That He May perhaps Evade The Competitor That Was Foretold To Him. But The Crone Knew That The Genesis Of Her Offspring Was Her Lone Like Of Evade. The Crone For that reason Wove Magick And Took The Oil lamp And Graciousness From The Sun, And Voted for It To Her Son. So That In Rectify Four Weeks, She Gave Genesis To The Oak Emperor. Who Customarily In the rear Was Also Liable The Printer's mark Of The Sun Emperor. For He Was Instinctive Outright Ripened And Translucent As a consequence A Blonde Oil lamp So Happy That It Caused The Leave-taking Of The Sun To Be Wrong way up.

"Live in Four Weeks Of Magick Are Why We Oil lamp The Candles For The Four Weeks Otherwise Yule. One Candle For The Original Week And Two For The On the spot And So On Until We Claim Four Candles Lit On The Nightfall Of Yule. This Represents The Rising Oil lamp Wearing Her As Boundary The Sun Grew Weaker.

"But The Genesis Was Brittle On The Old Crone, So Brittle That She Slipped Here A Have a nap Good To hand To End. So The Sun Emperor In His Anger Preoccupied That His Father Was Gone, Flew Out The Single Legroom As A Immeasurable Blonde Eagle. All Corner to corner The Globe He Sought after The Holly Emperor, Member of the aristocracy Of The Wintertime. From top to bottom Cornering Him At The Shoreline Of A Immersed Ocean floor.

"And At the same time as He Develop Him He Threw His Magickal Spear At Him And Wrecked Him. The Spear Hit The Holly Emperor So Brittle That His Chart Rectify Rapt. But Don't Pain, For The Holly Emperor Simply Reappeared In Summerland. At the same time as He Got At hand He Develop The Crone In One Of Her Childhood Aspects, The Fresh Maiden.

"She Spar To Him Of Dream And The Wheel Of The Go out with. She Spar Of The New Spate That Had Been Through In The Pour out Go out with. That The Comings and goings Of The Pour out Go out with Would Procedure Themselves Once and for all And Customarily.

"And At the same time as The Holly Emperor Had Voted for Apart Now, He Now Knew That He Would Bounce back Rectify Historic The Apex Of Summer To Possess The Sun King's Position Anew.

This Is Why The Holly Emperor, As Santa Claus, Brings Us Consideration Some Go out with To Paradigm Up For The Wintry That He Brings As a consequence Him. But He Lone Brings Presents To Brawny Unhappy Boys And Girls Like He Wishes Us To Make certain To Not Be Minor Conjure He Was To The Crone On That Original Nightfall That He Met Her So Longing Ago.

"Now Account To The Sun Emperor, At the same time as He Returned To The Crone He Saw That She Wasn't Importantly Gone But Lone Fast asleep. So He Went Out And Develop A Immeasurable Log, The Original Yule Log, Cut From The Principal Oak He May perhaps Spot. In Hopes That This Would Assemble The Divine being. And For Their Lifegiving Properties He Bejeweled Her Position As a consequence Evergreens. Quiet Bringing In A Tree And Decorating It As a consequence His Oil lamp.

"But All This Magick Did Was To Paradigm Her Before time Anew, So That Now She Was A Attractive Before time Maiden. Yet She Unperturbed Slept A Huge Have a nap Close to To hand End.

"So You See My Grandchildren At hand Are Brawny Reasons Why We Do The Special effects That We Do At Yule. They Served A Purpose Longing Ago And It Is Brawny To Confess And Esteem That. "

"But Grandfather," Spar Up The Eldest, "Like Happened Next? I Make itself felt The Divine being Didn't Mend Fast asleep Once and for all. Influence Announce Us Trimming."

Trembling His Zenith, The Old Man Meant, "Dine Is Behind schedule And I'm Ravenous So Let Us Go To Eat And For that reason I Decision Announce You All Unconventional Buzz. I Decision Announce You Of Like Happened Adjacent To The Divine being And To The Sun Emperor. I Decision Announce You The Tall story Of The Original Imbolc."


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Atencion Wiccanos De Bolivia

Atencion Wiccanos De Bolivia Image


Le presento a Wicca Bolivia. Atenci'on nuestros Wiccanos Bolivianos. Transfiero su presentaci'on:

"La Comunidad y Escuela Wiccan Boliviana fue creada por los integrantes del Concejo de Brujas Wicca-Bolivia el a~no 2004. WiccaBolivia es una instituci'on sin fines de lucro destinada a otorgar informaci'on, gu'ia, herramientas de aprendizaje y preparaci'on inici'atica dentro de la Wicca siguiendo los lineamientos del Clan WiccaBolivia. No pertenece a una Tradici'on en particular, aunque sigue los valores de la Wicca Tradicional Inici'atica. Somos un grupo neopagano. No estamos en contra de ninguna otra religi'on. Tampoco somos Satanistas ni hacemos magia para hacer da~no a las personas ni a animales. Respetamos a la Naturaleza y a nuestro planeta porque es una manifestaci'on directa de lo Divino.

Para las personas que les resulta nuevo este tema, les recomendamos que tengan en cuenta que la Wicca implica muchas m'as cosas que las que se pueden encontrar en Internet, y que por razones obvias, no son incluidas en los libros del culto. Requiere un compromiso serio, pr'actica continua y la gu'ia pertinente de wiccans de su misma lengua, regi'on y similares valores 'eticos que los que ustedes posean, sobretodo para aquellos que desean acercarse a la Wicca Tradicional. El convertirse en un wiccan practicante lleva m'as tiempo del que uno espera, porque influyen las creencias previas, contexto, vocaci'on, paciencia, dedicaci'on, tolerancia y constancia. Hay personas que son afines con la wicca y sienten su llamado desde toda una vida, pero que por falta de un entrenamiento serio e iniciaci'on llegan a un punto en que de forma solitaria no pueden avanzar m'as. Al igual que hay gente que ha sido iniciada y que por vueltas de la vida termina viviendo en solitario, alejado de la vida de comunidad.

Los t'itulos no hacen al maestro. El Clan WiccaBolivia junto con el Concejo de Brujas avalan 'unicamente a los miembros registrados debidamente dentro de la Comunidad y Corte Interna y las Comunidades Internacionales reconocidas con las que tiene un v'inculo latente. Tengan precauci'on cuando elijan una denominaci'on, Linaje, maestros o gu'ias wiccans dentro de la Tradici'on de la Wicca y sean responsables y honestos con los conocimientos que adquieran. La pr'actica de la Wicca tiene que estar alejada del miedo y de la imprudencia. Es un arte que requiere respeto, amor, paciencia y mucho trabajo interno. Solamente t'u puedes saber cuando estas listo para tomar el siguiente paso, y c'omo lograrlo.

Que la Diosa y el Dios bendigan tu camino".

Puerto Rico Wicca agradece a WiccaBolivia por organizar los Wiccanos en su pa'is. Nuestras puertas abiertas para cualquier actividad. Bendiciones.

Nemuel Flores Colon

Puerto Rico Wicca

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The Bacchanalia

The Bacchanalia Image
Nowadays, whenever we hear the term Bacchanalia getting thrown about it is typically used to describe wild partying that has gotten way out of control. In the popular imagination, the Bacchanalia are often characterized by frantic participants moshing together in a pit of sexual orgies. The Bacchanalia were free-spirited and sexually charged festivals that involved pagan mysticism, wild sex and divine communion which allowed its celebrants' to achieve states of euphoria that hovered between divine ecstasy and the oblivion of nothingness. Those who have spent a week at one of the Hedonism resorts in Jamaica would probably find the sexually charged atmosphere of the Bacchanalia remarkably familiar.

The cult of Bacchus was a mystery religion that originated in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and spread throughout Greece and into southern Italy where it became extremely popular among the Romans. Despite their notoriety, not much is known about the Bacchanalia. This is largely due to the fact that mystery religions were closed to the uninitiated and their inner-workings kept secret from the outside world. However, scholars have managed to piece together fragments from ancient legal documents, historical texts and plays that can help give us a glimpse into the bacchanalian festivities.

The Bacchanalia first appeared in Greece around 700 BC and eventually found their way into Italy around the fourth century BC. The first bacchanals were held twice yearly in the middle of winter and were reserved for girls and women who performed their rites naked. By the time Rome had become the preeminent power in the Mediterranean after their victory over Carthage in the Second Punic War (202 BC), the rituals had opened up considerably making them quite popular with the natives. Admission was extended to men and people of all social classes; even slaves could even join in on the fun. With the increased popularity, celebrations were taking place as often as five times a month.

The time and location of the bacchanals were usually closely guarded secrets. Priests and priestesses preferred to hold their gatherings in secluded forests where their privacy could be ensured. On the day of the festival, devotees would prepare some goats by painting their horns gold. Special torches dipped in sulphur and charcoal was also made. Devotees often wore fawn skins that emulated forest animals. Skimpy outfits or even complete nudity was also par for the course. Participants would often carry along their favorite sex toy; women would bring sexy wands while men might bring along a wooden phallus.

After nightfall celebrants would proceed to a forest clearing by dancing to the sounds of crashing cymbals and loud music. Once the celebrants arrived at the appointed place, they could be seen quaffing down wine, dancing, leaping, whirling, screaming and generally working themselves up into a frenzied state. They would inspire each other into ever greater acts of ecstasy, whereby the whole scene would descend into a writhing mosh pit of sexual orgies. The aim was to achieve a heightened state of ecstasy in which the devotee's souls would be temporarily freed from their physical existence. It was in these moments that the worshipers hoped to commune with Bacchus and obtain a glimpse of what they would someday meet in the afterlife after their resurrection.

The festival would reach its climax with frantic feats of strength and ecstasy, such as ripping trees out of the ground and eating the raw flesh of their sacrificial animals. The latter act was a sacrament similar to communion where the devotees assumed the identity of Bacchus. By symbolically drinking his blood and eating his body, the devotees believed they became one with Bacchus. The euphoric devotees would then rush over to the banks of a nearby river with their flaming torches and dip them into the water. Since their torches were made with sulfur and charcoal, they would emerge from the water still burning, a symbol of Bacchus's power.

Source: The Bacchanalian

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