Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some Celtic Gods And Goddeses

Some Celtic Gods And Goddeses Cover Celtic myths were passed down orally, not written down, and there were many different Goddesses and gods, associated with different locations - streams, wells and groves. As the Celts were dispersed, living in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the names of each deity often varied and pantheons were not unified and unchanging, but a traveller could recongise familiar deities by the ways in which they were represented.

As a follower of Celtic Paganism, or just paganism with Celtic elements, these deities are great to incorporate into your spells and worship.


Cernunnos is the Horned God, protector of animals and instinctual behavious. He is at once linked to sexual delight, abundance and abandon as well as hunting and culling, and purifying and sacrificing. The Druids encouraged the worship of Cernunnos, attempting to replace the plethora of local deities and spirits with a national religion.

Cerridwen or Brighid

An important figure in Celtic Paganism, Cerridwen is the Maiden, and a corn (and therefore abundance and harvest) Goddess, who had a magical cauldron. the Cauldron is a feminine symbol, being linked to creation of spells and of course food. Corn goddess. As the poem above shows, she was the Mother of Taliesen, greatest and wisest of all the bards, and therefore a patron of poets and bards, and protectress of the healers and smiths. She is also connected with wolves, and some claim her cult dates to the neolithic era. Her festival Imbolc is at the 1st of February. Here's a great lens about Brighid

Danu or Dana

An Irish Mother figure Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann or the mother of 'the peoples of the goddess Danu'. She is also part of of a triad of war goddesses known collectively as the Morrigan. Danu is connected with the moon goddess Aine of Knockaine, who protects crops and cattle. Under a variety of names, including Anu and Don, Danu was worshipped through pre-Christian Europe and the Middle East.

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