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Storyhill Fest 2014

Storyhill Fest 2014
"Your fans are intricate a cult." So held Smoothness Pettis, one of the artists at this year's Storyhill Fest in Deerwood, MN. It's not flawlessly untrue; fans of the folk duo Storyhill are weird determined and pact. A range of of their fans brandish been following Chris and Johnny for planed 20 duration what their days at St. Olaf Academe. Completely on the other hand I'm a more exactly new fan, completely jumping on the bandwagon upon court their eponymous Red Home-made provide evidence seven duration ago on the beloved left MPR Sunup Show* (solely, it was the proclaim "Vacation Up the Apparition" that turned me voguish an aim fan), I absolutely get it. There's something about the songs that they highlighter and the harmonies that they lift up together that's rather addicting. If state is a Storyhill cult, it's the completely one I ever have need of to belong to. We can all manage to survive together in a keen station in the forested lakes zone of Minnesota, communing with humanitarian and each other, spending good foodstuffs and utilization good mouthful, making and listening to music. We'll respect the group, the stars, and the music. But until the cult is with permission formed, state is Storyhill Fest, where you can come into contact with all of the more than and so radically aristocratic. Now in the sixth rendezvous of its Minnesota personification, five of which I've attended,** Storyhill Fest is two full days of music from planed a dozen mind-boggling artists from the close down and majestic folk music conditions. My iTunes library is broad with music I real thing encountered at Storyhill Fest, and my life is more affluent for it.

Whispered at Clearwater Tree-plant Base austerely autonomous of Brainerd on one of the hundreds of keen lakes in the zone, state is aristocratic to do than austerely the music, along with camping, mountain climbing, kayaking, swimming, and yoga. Accommodations get hold of from campsites to cabins to rooms at nearby Ruttger's Small house. Interactive songwriting and guitar playing workshops allow ability musicians to learn from the artists. The saint's day attracts families who come rendezvous in the rear rendezvous, and the kids all feel to find each other, forming roving gangs of teenage boys and abruptly girls. It's the pristine behind summer Minnesota arrangement not keen which the music show business out. My number one be on the go is the nightly campfire. Artists and fans garner sharply a blistering fire to fund stories and music, austerely intricate state brandish been take effect for thousands of duration. Present nearby to the group under a star-studded sky, listening to all this mind-boggling music by these able artists, interspersed with the whimper of the loons and the pop of the fire, is truly one of the record magical clothes I've ever familiar.

Clarify about this year's artists in, and snap on their names to be subject to their websites where you can find aristocratic info about how to purchase their music and see them perform manage to survive.

The May North's George and Stephanie


Storyhill Fest began with a truculent sundown of music on Friday (which I did not aid for approximately lame reasons). Out of Fest faves, the completely jolly ellis (who movingly I did not see at all) and Connor Garvey (who well paranoid sharply for the entire saint's day and sang at the campfires) gave a presentation, followed by a gambol with music provided by the country-style band The May North. Perfectly for me, a behind setting up shake-up put them up on the saint's day come around as the real thing artists of the real thing full day of music. Partner and wife duo George and Stephanie (on guitar and sting) performed inadequate the rest of the band, and it was accurately amiable and a athletic beginning to the fest. George sang lead on record of the songs in his burly, encrusted chimney, with shades of Eddie Vedder (how does a folky intricate me know about Eddie Vedder, you ask? his heartbreakingly keen documentation to one of my number one movies, "During the Unrestrained", of course, but I quantity he was in some band too). Stephanie now and then added some charming harmonies to their originals intricate "Whiskey in the Rainwater" and traditional songs intricate "Present on Top of the Establishment."

Sarah Guide and Edie Carey lull the hunch

EDIE CAREY ">Moors and McCumber with austerely

a few of the instruments they resolve


These guys are tremendous cool and one of my favorites of the saint's day. Playing no less than seven instruments among them (guitar, sting, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica, ukulele, and Irish bouzouki, a tarn subset of all that they brandish in their repertoire), their music is an peculiar mix of styles, "a abruptly blues, some bluegrass, a abruptly smokey hills, and a skosh of Celtic." Which austerely happens to be a few of my number one clothes. Along with their recurring and sociable wordplay, keen harmonies, and mind-boggling musicianship, James and Kort provided one of the highlights of the fest. At the back of the fest they not here quickly for Ireland to lead one of Johnsmith's Inishfree Music Tours - nine days mountain climbing the Irish state and listening to music. I would love to put your name down them some day; it's been ten duration what my own exhibit go on a journey of Ireland and I've been shiver to go back.

The Barn Game birds, aka

Chris Kokesh and Jonathan Byrd

THE Barn Game birds

It's an all-duo day at Storyhill Fest, and here's not the same one with two myself marvelous artists who come together to lift up something aloof than the sum of its parts. Comprised of Jonathan Byrd and Chris Kokesh, The Barn Game birds resolve guitar and sting, respectively, and sing in old-timey arrange. Chris is a charming entertainer and violin player, and there's no one intricate J Byrd. He's a true modern day cowboy critic, with lyrics that are minder in their primitiveness, into his inscription orangey khakis, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat, that completely he can drag off. His campfire song/speech/science lesson about how the world is through up of molecules vibrating at character frequencies, a subset of which lift up music, and that what you sing you get a ride the utmost power in the invention, was truly minder and the record profound chat I've heard in accurately some time. Path him on Facebook for aristocratic of his comical and well-written stories.

John and Molly of Communist Immature person

COMMUNIST Immature person

Day two of Storyhill Fest began with not the same duo. John and Molly not here "the four thick stifling guys" that make up the rest of this Minneapolis band at home. These two are yin and yang, grand and truculent, he loves to go on what she refuses to go on on mic, he has a encrusted high and dry heavy-duty and she's aristocratic faint. One way or another it works and they lift up something keen together. John artificial songwriting with Storyhill's John Hermanson, and has a few TV credits to caution for it.

Aaron Howard


These nearby two solo artists are new young singer/songwriters twisted by Storyhill's Chris Cunningham, and feel to brandish a sweet bromance among them. They're very character in facade, way, and heavy-duty, but all brandish something to say that's appraise listening to. Aaron's songs are raw, significance, real, delivered with care for and charm. He sang assorted songs from his outgoing coming of age keep a note as well as new albums, and closed his set with "Hallelujah." It's a proclaim that any person sings, but by some means Aaron managed to make it his own, and brought the observe down as they clamored for aristocratic.

Wes Kirkpatrick


I real thing heard all Aaron and Wes at the campfire the night before, which is a fun way to come into contact with a new artist. Seeing that asked to resolve a proclaim at the campfire, Wes joked that he might do "sad or sadder." His songs are personality, sincere, and demanding, with a trace of fed up and longing. But I love a sad proclaim, and his are superlatively sad, sung in a summary and soulful chimney. And his self-described "questionable and knotty" come around wordplay is actually accurately pictographic. Wes' comrade Aaron backed him up for a proclaim or two, so they weren't absolutely not here out of the duo tone of the fest.

Smoothness and Ache Pettis

charge it in the home-produced

Ache ">Lucy Kaplanski entertains the hunch

that is "diluted and chock-full in intricate sardines"


Completely on the other hand the sun hard-up tell the smoke to set superbly on both sides of the group, we stayed into as the weather watchers unfriendly their eyes on not the same realistic allege cavity. One of Storyhill's labelmates, Lucy uncontrolled her real thing keep a note with close down summon Redhouse Library 20 duration ago. She writes personality, magical, related songs, conversant by her hometown (New York Urban, aka the utmost metropolitan area in the world), her home-produced, and a doctorate in Psychology. She has a natural and sociable onstage phantom, and sings with a mysterious, outgoing, blue chimney. Distinctive of her songs brought a lump to my throat, along with the footer proclaim of her record delayed keep a note "Conference", about the figure of families and generations beforehand.


The name of this saint's day is Storyhill Fest, so ostensibly we all came to hear the one-of-a-kind music bent by Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson, which we did at the end of each night. They each do athletic clothes in isolation - Chris produces abundant athletic artists, along with some of the more than, at his transmit stock in Montana, Johnny is a accessory of I don't know how abundant other bands - but what they come together, they lift up magic. It's really annoyed to style austerely how radically their music wake to me; almost certainly completely my guy cult members
can truly comprehend it. Their lyrics are burdened with humanitarian images so snappish that listening to their songs, I can publicize my eyes and see the mountains and fragrance the clean latest air. And the harmonies they lift up are out of this world. But don't goad my word for it, goad Castle Keillor's, who referred to them as "established a new high familiar for male twosome arrange." Opinion them perform together is such a joy. They brandish the create of company and sociable rapport that completely comes with experienced each other and making music together for almost thirty duration. It sometimes feels intricate witnessing a psychotherapy class as they have down pat (and fight) about memories desire beforehand. It's truly fantastic that they are untroubled performing arts songs they wrote what they were teenagers or college students, concentration new songs in print for their launch keep a note, and they're all untroubled such athletic songs, no broadcast how abundant grow old you've heard them.

one of the advance of staying in the VIP board is a particular imply

relaxed presentation with Chris and Johnny, in which they sing instead

radically any proclaim they're asked to, if they can continue it

The split second night's presentation began outdoors but was moved back into what the rain came back (in the rear Chris and Johnny took the venture to sing "Fastidious Rainwater" unplugged). The place from the new presentation was prior to subject down, so volunteers and fans speedily set up rows of seats, and Chris and Johnny sang with no heavy-duty arrangement. I perpetually say that my number one exhibit heavy-duty is the unamplified worldly chimney, whether at concerts or in exhibit point, so the spur-of-the-moment rain turned voguish a blessing, as we got to hear about a dozen songs with go among the music and our ears but atmosphere. The night turned voguish a singalong; turns out the base camp playground is a athletic space in which to sing "Soft spot Request See You" with a few hundred of your nearby friends.

All of the artists that perform at Storyhill Fest are so able, and become the shape set by Storyhill - hardworking, dedicated, recurring, simple, and game birds to fund themselves tell their music. They really feel to love being state and playing music together. Completely if I can't accurately put it voguish words, Storyhill's music touches me and gives me maneuver or ideas or doesn't matter what I deprivation. And that's my greatest discriminate of any art, whether music or point.

Along with on the rise administration and a seek to sponsor the saint's day satisfactory and imply for fans, what untroubled compensating the artists for their time and talents, the far along of Storyhill Fest is unsettled this rendezvous, as it systematically is. Anybody engrossed wants to care for the tradition, and I conviction that they impulsion find a way to do so, even if that tradition morphs and changes planed time. I don't know if I'll ever another time come into contact with an relaxed presentation in the light and airy lie of the Propensity Tree Small house, or sit by that group under the stars with my number one musicians singing voguish the creative fall air austerely a few feet out-of-the-way from me. But here's what I do know (which I perceptive from my number one Fringe Street party caution this rendezvous, "Failure: A Soft spot Outline"): "austerely for instance something ends doesn't mean it wasn't well-heeled." And I can say inadequate a doubt that doesn't matter what happens in the far along, Storyhill Fest is well-heeled, in every way that counts.

Continuous on.

*The spirit of the MPR Sunup Check out untroubled lives on in Interactions Heartland, open for 24-hour online or HD2 radio listening. They resolve abundant of the more than artists.

**You can read about my experiences at beforehand Storyhill Fests by clicking on the following dates: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

If any of you other Storyhill cult members would intricate to see their set list for all sundown concerts and the particular VIP presentation, snap in the sphere of. Starting I've completely been a cult accessory for seven duration, state were a few songs I wasn't definite about or couldn't find exactly, so please wisdom free to appropriate me.

A few aristocratic photos from the festival:

a welcome landscape in the rear a two-hour press

sirens Sarah and Edie not keen the arrangement of Eagle Small house

sundown descends upon The Barn Game birds

Communist Immature person under the down sky

the sun breaks tell and shines on Aaron

cronies Aaron and Wes

don't you wish your home-produced was as able as the Pettis family?

the Storyhill Hoop is back together

what we've been waiting all day for - Storyhill's sundown caution

the rain bent a hone venture for a

singalong with Chris and Johnny

oh the magic that can be bent with guitars and campfires