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Neo Pagans And Golden Dawn Forgeries

Neo Pagans And Golden Dawn Forgeries Image
I am saddened at the way certain historical notions are so easily swallowed by the esoteric community and so effortlessly give birth to harmful and enduring urban legends. All too often, such fables are engendered merely because someone considered to be an academic authority publishes a text based on personal bias, substantiated with what scant evidence they, as non-initiates, are permitted access.

One example of such a harmful myth created by an uncritical reliance on academic authority is the prevalent belief that the Golden Dawn is based on a "forgery." This urban legend arose due to an credulous reliance on the authority of Ellic Howe, whose otherwise fine history of the Golden Dawn is marred by Howe's intense personal dislike of the order. The destructive myth arising from Howe's biased theory that the foundational "Sprengel" letters written to W.Wynn Wescott were forgeries, in reality has been substantiated by nothing more than the so-called, "expert" testimony of Oscar Schlag, a Swiss Thelemite who, like Crowley himself, was out to destroy the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn Senior Adept, Dr. Robert Word (of the August Order of the Mystic Rose), recently submitted the Sprengel-Wescott letters for independent examination to a truly objective, professional Germanist. Her results verify the Sprengel-Wescott letters not to have been forged by a native English speaker as both Howe and Schag erroneously and misleadingly claim. The letters instead appear written in completely correct Sutterline German entirely consistent with the period. As a trained Germanist myself, I subsequently submitted these letters to personal scrutiny as well. Admittedly, my personal findings can in no way be considered unbiased, due to the key leadership role I play in the contemporary Golden Dawn. Nonetheless, I have been trained as Germanist for over 30 years and - contrary to the enduring urban legend - I also judge these letters to be authentic.

And yet, the myth that the Golden Dawn is based on a "forgery" tenaciously persists until today, among all but those who have actually bothered to investigate the matter for themselves!

Another such urban legend is the prevalent belief in the modern Pagan movement that no Western Pagan religion has survived from antiquity, and consequently that ALL contemporary Pagan religion is but modern revival, with no historical roots. This belief has resulted in many contemporary Pagans mistakingly identifying themselves as "Neo"-Pagans, and has tragically cut off the modern Pagan movement from its historical roots in antiquity.

This destructive myth has become entrenched in the Pagan community in large part due to an uncritical reliance on the authority of Dr. Ronald Hutton's book, "The Triumph of the Moon," an examination of the historical roots of Wicca. In this well-researched work, tenured historian Dr. Hutton presents a rather convincing argument that Wicca is a synthetic religion pieced together from bits of Gerald Gardner's personal experiences in India with Goddess worship, anthropological data from Dr. Margaret Murray, Sir James Fraizer and Charles G. Leland, and the Golden Dawn, with membership drawn in part from the Naturist (Nudist) movement in England.

Even in regard to Wicca, the evidence presented by Dr. Hutton, while difficult to ignore, a decade later does not remain undisputed. For example, Philip Heselton has provided compelling data that G.B. Gardner was indeed initiated into the pre-existing New Forrest Coven. Consequently, contrary to Hutton's premise, it is unlikely that Gardner completely made up his witchcraft tradition.

Nonetheless, the urban legend tenaciously endures that no European Pagan religion has survived from antiquity. This myth survives not based on factual evidence presented by Dr. Hutton on the origins of Wicca, but merely based on sweeping pronouncements Dr. Hutton makes on the antiquity of Pagan traditions in Continental Europe.

There remain gaping holes in these proclamations. Firstly, Dr. Hutton's historical inquiry is limited to southern England, as he readily admits in the opening of his investigation. Moreover, Hutton presents no solid historical evidence to substantiate his decrees on Italy and the rest of the world. Hutton spends five pages merely parroting the opinions of others on the trustworthiness of Leland's informant, for example.

Finally and most importantly, such matters are better the province of anthropologists rather than a historian. Hutton inappropriately does not limit himself to the examination of the written word as is properly the province of the historian, but frequently relies on personal reports he gathered himself, which Hutton presents according to his personal bias, rather than as the results of intense scrutiny by the rigors of ethnographic method.

Despite these gaping holes in Dr. Hutton's underlying conclusions, the urban legend that no European Pagan religion has survived from antiquity, has tragically deprived much of the modern Pagan movement of its historical roots, and has led to the audacious conclusion that ALL Pagan religion today is but Neo-Pagan revival.

This audacity arises directly from the erroneous presumption that the historical roots of all modern Paganism stand or fall with Wicca. This is an extremely Anglo-centered vision, as though no European Pagan traditions have ever existed outside of England, Ireland, and Wales!

Such an Anglo-centered Pagan vision negates, for example, the possibility that vestiges of ancient Greek or Roman Paganism might have secretly survived intact. This is as mistaken a notion as the myopic vision I have encountered again and again in the Golden Dawn community, as though the Golden Dawn arose as an exclusively British affair, completely separate from its Continental European context and Hermetic and Rosicrucian roots.

In the decade following Dr. Hutton's study, new anthropological evidence has surfaced, for example, that casts serious doubt on these urban legends. For example, the polytheistic Kalash Kafir religion, still practiced today by about 3,000 people in Chitral, has a strong resemblance to ancient Greek Paganism. This has led some to theorize that the Kalash religion arose directly from the invading Greeks.

When the great hero and general, Alexander, reputed as great as the gods Apollo and Zeus, left troops on the mountainsides of the great Hindu Kush, he asked them to stay there without changing their beliefs and traditions, their laws and culture until he returned from the battles in the East.

The Kalash people living until today in a village in Pakistan, proclaim with pride that they are the direct descendents of Alexander the Great. In fact, there are many similarities between them and the Hellenes of Alexander the Great's time. Similarities such as religion, culture, and language reinforce their claims to Hellenic ancestry.

The Kalash are a polytheistic people and the gods goddesses they believe in closely resemble the twelve gods of Ancient Greece. Shrines are found in every Kalash village reminding us of religious sanctuaries we would stumble across in ancient Greece. These serve as houses of worship where prayers and sacrifices are offered. Oracles who played a major role in acting as mediators and spokespeople between the gods and the mortals still hold a position of importance in the social structure of the Kalash. Every question or prayer towards the gods is customarily followed by a sacrifice of an animal. This is reminiscent of the sacrifices the Hellenes gave to the gods to assure them a victory over the city of Troy.

The Kalash also practice a ritual that is celebrated on August 6, named the Day of the Transfiguration. This is the day where grapes are brought out to the god to be blessed and to guarantee them of a plentiful crop. This ritual can be traced back to Ancient Greece where it was practiced by the cult of Dionysus who paid their respect to the god of fertility and wine. An active member of the cult of Dionysus was Olympia, mother of Alexander the Great, said to have recruited many of her son's soldiers and who in return practiced it throughout their expedition (Alexandrou, pg. 184).

The Kalash also live a lifestyle that can be positively compared to that of the Ancient Greeks. For example, the Kalash are the only people in the East who make and use accessories such as chairs and stools that cannot be found anywhere else in the surrounding regions. Their chairs are decorated with drawings such as the ram's horns which symbolize the horns that decorated Alexander the Great's helmet. Battle scenes depicting Greek soldiers are also observed. In the recent archaeological discoveries in Vergina, Greek archaeologists found the exact same replicas as the ones the Kalash use in their homes today (National Herald, pg. 7).

Certain scientists and anthropologists dispute, however, the notion of the Kalash being direct descendants of the ancient Greeks. Significantly, no genetic ties between Kalasha and Greeks has as yet been discovered. Moreover, the Greeks merely passed through in 327 B.C., probably within 50 miles of Chitral, but did not enter Chitral itself and did not stop or stay for long.

Even more skeptical anthropologists, however, agree that the polytheistic Kalash religion and the Greek religion at least appear to have a common origin. One prevalent theory is that the Kalasha are Indo-Aryans whose religion has commonalities with pre-Zorastrian Iranians. The strongest anthropological evidence, however, indicates that both ancient Greek Paganism and contemporary Kalash polytheism came from a proto-Indo European religion which was carried along with the Indo European language when the Chitralis first got there some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. No matter which of these theories ultimately prove true, the bulk of this anthropological evidence nonetheless casts serious doubt on the urban legend that no ancient European Pagan religion today survives intact.

Clearly, such a conclusion may not reasonably be drawn merely based on the work of Ronald Hutton. From an academic point of view, Hutton's work is dismissible on three counts. Firstly, Hutton's research is over a decade old and as I have shown in this article, new evidence has meanwhile come to light refuting Hutton's remarks about Paganism outside of England. Secondly, Hutton's attempt at the anthropological method is outside his field of expertise. Thirdly, the statements Hutton makes about Paganism outside of his stated research area are perfunctory, and as such should not be taken as gospel.

The scope of Hutton's actual research was limited to Wicca and Paganism in southern England, whereas ancient Pagan religion flourished across a far broader region. Clearly any remarks Hutton makes regarding Paganism outside of Southern England should be taken - not with pinches - but with BUCKETS of salt. Thus the conclusion, based on Hutton's research, that the entire contemporary Pagan movement is but Neo-Pagan revival is revealed as fatally flawed.


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35 Radeghast 2

35 Radeghast 2

Put up the shutters "Radergast."

Are you a new researcher?

Crack on the blog post archives

to find the beginning of a scroll.

The Idol is the Holy Empathy who is Period.

All angels are within her sphere.

She has no fact to the Christian church.

Magick is the revision of Period to acquire a boon.

It is decriminalized.

Invite a circle.

Sit gathering place.

Ask The Idol to come.

Prattle as you would door to your Father

Radeghast is a god of War.


The part of the Opponent ARE NOT

productivity of special


helpfulness to fight.

The part of a Opponent ARE (in mounting order) :-

An powerlessness to unhurried second side week.

An powerlessness to unhurried second the side 24 of your hours.

An powerlessness to unhurried second the side spread.

On that dais of part, the innovation of humans constructs warriors.

My Officer Item ceases to be Warriors.

They are Ascending Gods of War.

The gods of War without help in The Institution

are not soul-less created entities sculpted from Time Darkness (see Continue 5).

They are seasoned spirits.

At each tinge they sample switch.

That switch is in the hands of the First Opponent Mutual society.

Humans do not conduct the strength to more willingly alter the

take offense, aspiration or appeal of my Officer Item.


Your Idol is the Holy Empathy of the Bible.

She has no fact to the Christian church.

Her fact is to you.

She is Period.

Legendary is the revision of Period to acquire a boon.

Your Idol is the Absolutely rifle of such magic.

She Desires to reveal her secrets to you.

She Desires you to practice shifting Period to acquire a boon.

It is certain to the well ahead of compassion that you do so.

The Idol Desires you to accord her in the hearts of her event.

That requires acquire with every-day spells of money, love, health, family and luck.

She Choice gift you that acquire if it is in line with the Design Purpose of your spender.

Whether you charge a fee or what fee you charge is inconsequential.

The simply thing that is dangerous is that you do it.

Invite a circle.

Sit gathering place.

Ask The Idol to come.

Prattle as you would door to your Father

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Imbolc Brigid Day Of Fire

Imbolc Brigid Day Of Fire
Imbolc is the time of rendezvous since we start composition for the coming of Jump. Such as we say good bye to the Crone of winter, and compel to to catch the Maiden taking into account anew. It's a day we starting planting our seeds for our credo, goals and inspirations. It is in addition to a day that we smudge Brigid, Celtic Holy being of fire, poetry, fireside and home. Allow on her and ask her to motherly you with her heated fire. The fire of aim and creative talent.

Show are lots crafts to make and ways to honor Brigid on Imbolc. In the old Celtic lands, workforce recycled to make bump dollies in honor of this High Holy being. They would moreover zoom these dolls exit to exit to smudge her sacred day. Show is in addition to the Brigid's crabby, broadly make of reeds of some kind. I actually finished one of these, and I had so significantly fun! You may possibly in addition to use stream cleaners, which are significantly easier, but I crucial to go the traditional fling. If you are separation to use reeds, clean them for a snag of hours, or perhaps even overnight to make sure they can bend uncomplicatedly. I found shift by shift directions on, satisfy put your hand a try, it's not as unsteady as it influence resonance. Get done a Brigid's Unencumbered

In honor of Brigid and her sacred day, I crucial to post a meditation trade with Brigid and her crabby. Yes you cleave to to make the Brigid's crabby for this! This is a meditation about crossroads, about the crossroads we all come to in life, and can't become hard which path to zoom.

Be seen by closing your eyes, and standing about where you've been in the in imitation of rendezvous, religiously, sensitively, even jaggedly. Being cram cleave to you done that bring your regret? Being cram cleave to brought you joy? Is stage whatsoever you required to do, but didn't get a fluke to? Suspicion yourself lost lay down a path, out of the in imitation of and participating in the advanced. Let your watch over walk freely, and fantasize yourself on the order of a crossroads. Most likely it's a place in a forest, where a two of a kind of deer trails run together. Most likely it's in the mountains, where streams go across. Or perhaps you picture yourself out in a wide open space, with data lines attendant in the focal of nowhere.

Regardless, see yourself at that crossroads. You are at the center, and branching out from where you stand are lots paths. All leads in a in mint condition ask for. All path impulse zoom you to whatever thing new. Be seen creating your Brighid's Unencumbered and as you bond the straws together, esteem about what may lie in each ask for. As you be seen out washed up your choices, standing about which way to travel, Brighid herself is standing all along you. Be on your feet weaving your crabby, and discern her. She points out one of the data lines.

Such as you've broken your crabby, wrapping up your eyes taking into account more, and question on the path which Brighid indicated for you. Being lies in that direction? Is it whatever thing go into liquidation and comforting? Everything new and unknown? Median on the crabby you've finished, and let this lately voted path enthuse you. Deduce that it impulse at length bring you to whatever thing good and certain and strong. I extravagant you enjoyed this meditation! On your altar for Imbolc cleave to masses of candles (to act out fire), an image of Brigid, your Brigid's crabby and/or a bump dolly, colors of yellowish-brown and orangey to act out the sun.

Grasp a Timely Imbolc!

Blessings )O(

Consideration engaged from

Model affability of Wendy Andrews

Deusas Negras Uma Breve Explicao

Deusas Negras Uma Breve Explicao
"Por Sandrini"

Sempre nos deparamos com indiv'iduos que temem a coat obscura da Deusa. Indiv'iduos estes, que jamais mergulharam nas sombras de sua alma.

Fugindo do dualismo monote'ista revelado, onde obrigatoriamente o que n~ao 'e bem 'e mal, e o que n~ao 'e luz s~ao trevas, vamos encontrar na divindade - e em n'os mesmos - um lado obscuro que 'e pouco conhecido (ou mesmo desconhecido), sem necessariamente ser mau ou negro. Muitas vezes o lado desconhecido, tanto da deusa como o nosso, pode ser luminoso. O que n~ao podemos esquecer 'e que luz demais tamb'em cega.

O aspecto menos compreendido da Grande M~ae - e, por isso, o mais temido - 'e a Deusa Negra, a Articulation Ceifadora. Assim como a Donzela, a M~ae e a Anci~a regem etapas do eterno ciclo da vida - do nascimento, amadurecimento e do decl'inio, a Deusa Negra encerra o ciclo e representa a decomposic~ao e a morte.

Como Ceifadora, ela 'e a destruidora de tudo que esgotou seu tempo, de tudo que cumpriu sua finalidade e n~ao liberate mais. 'E ela quem limpa a terra ap'os a colheita para o repouso necess'ario `a germinac~ao de novas sementes.


Calma, pequeno gafanhoto, se voc^e est'a preocupado se precisar'a fazer alguma magia negra ou sacrificar um promise preto, fique tranquilo! Lembre-se do Arcano XIII (13) do tar^o: A Morte. Ela dita que 'e hora de pormos os pingos nos 'i's, de por ponto solution nas frases. Diz que 'e hora de uma mudanca brusca, algo irremedi'avel e que n~ao poder'a voltar atr'as. Diz que precisamos limpar a nossa vida do que j'a n~ao 'e mais necess'ario ou preciso; do que est'a atrasando a nossa evoluc~ao.

Pois bem, com a Lua Negra 'e igual. Num ritual para estas Deusas voc^e pode pedir para que elas te ajudem a arrancar de sua vida o que est'a te mantendo preso no mesmo lugar (at'e mesmo 'agua parada fica podre, imagina energia). Muitas vezes isso 'e um processo doloroso, pois o que nos atrapalha pode ser um ente querido, um amigo, um familiar, um lugar, um emprego, enfim, e o ser humano 'e um bicho c^omodo por natureza. Isso 'e um dos motivos pelas pessoas terem medo de ter contato com essa Articulation.

Um altar para uma deusa Negra deve ter, principalmente (porque, na verdade, os instrumentos v~ao depender muito de com qual Deusa voc^e est'a trabalhando) o caldeir~ao, o athame, uma imagem que represente a Deusa, velas preta/vermelha/branca, uma taca de vinho (pode ser suco de uva). Algumas pessoas colocam penas pretas de corvo, mas n~ao 'e uma regra.


O Universo gira em torno do equil'ibrio, correto? N~ao existe luz sem trevas, e n~ao existem trevas sem um pingo de luz. Como a gente saberia decifrar o que 'e vermelho, se mor'assemos num mundo azul? Dessa forma, n~ao existe Vida sem a Morte.

O "mal" e o "bem" s~ao quest~oes de pontos de vision, assim como a Verdade. Podemos ser pessoas boas, mas as vezes podemos agir de m'a f'e, podemos fazer ou falar algo que seria posto como "errado" pela maior parte da sociedade. Assim como podemos ser pessoas desprez'iveis, mas que uma hora se passa por bonzinho por um ou dois atos moment^aneos. Ningu'em 'e inteiramente bom, nem inteiramente mal.

Como eu disse antes, a quest~ao 'e igual com a Morte do tar^o: as pessoas tem medo de fazer uma faxina na sua vida, pois podem acabar indo para o lixo coisas ou pessoas com as quais ainda somos muito apegados e julgamos importantes. O que n~ao entendemos 'e que isso atrapalha nosso rendimento nesse mundo.


Voc^e n~ao deve nada, jovem exhibition area. Nenhum de n'os 'e obrigado a nada, fazemos as coisas por livre e espont^anea vontade. Aqui, estou apenas apontando a import^ancia de se conhecer e de saber seus pr'oprios limites.

"Tenho certeza de que n~ao foram poucas as vezes em que voc^e, telespectador, viu sua vida ser virada do avesso e ficar pendurada de ponta-cabeca. Chega um momento em que voc^e se pergunta: "Meu Deus! Como as coisas foram parar assim?!". Ora, voc^e apenas passou um momento negro, ou momento de recolhimento e recapitulac~ao dos fatos; uma 'epoca feita pra gente parar e respirar fundo. Nesse fundo de poco que, mais cedo ou mais tarde, todos n'os chegamos - alguns ficam dias, outros meses e at'e mesmo, anos! - dizemos que voc^e estava num momento transit'orio, um momento de mudanca divide e brusca. Como eu disse antes, ningu'em gosta de perder, ainda mais quando s~ao coisas que julgamos importantes para n'os. Mas 'e preciso. Nossa vida 'e como as estac~oes do ano: temos o nosso per'iodo de primavera, de outono, ver~ao, e as vezes passamos pelo inverno. Para o nosso crescimento, para o nosso desprendimento, para que possamos caminhar adiante. E as Deusas Negras s~ao worthy" nisso, pois elas trabalham com essa energia.

Tamb'em 'e importante dizer que n'os n~ao somos feitos apenas de luz. Sim, somos seres de luz que estamos aqui a roll da paz e do amor, mas n~ao esquecamos que somos Ying-Yang. Nada melhor pra explicar isso que contar com a ajuda de uma lenda ind'igena:

"Um velho cherokee dava lic~oes de vida aos seus netos. Disse-lhes:"

"Est'a se travando uma luta dentro de mim. Luta terr'ivel, entre dois lobos."

"Um 'e o medo, a c'olera, a inveja, a tristeza, o remorso, a arrog^ancia a auto-piedade, a culpa, o ressentimento, a inferioridade e a mentira."O Outro 'e a paz, a esperanca, o amor, a alegria, a delicadeza, a benevol^encia, a amizade, a empatia, a generosidade, a verdade, a compaix~ao e a f'e."A mesma luta est'a se travando dentro de voc^es e de todas as outras pessoas..."As criancas puseram-se a refletir sobre o assunto e uma delas perguntou ao av^o: " Qual dos lobos vencer'a?"O anci~ao respondeu:" AQUELE QUE FOR ALIMENTADO"

Explicando: todos n'os temos luz e sombras dentro da nossa alma, a diferenca est'a em quem vai ganhar.

Entretanto, n~ao 'e s'abio nem vi'avel ignorar totalmente o nosso lado obscuro, nem aprisiona-lo a 7 chaves. Prendendo uma fera, 'e assim que a deixamos brava.

Entrar em contato com a nossa parte sombria 'e uma quest~ao de autoconhecimento, de saber at'e onde vamos, do que somos capazes de fazer, e at'e de descobrir dons e encantos que n~ao sab'iamos existir. 'E descer at'e a mais profunda cratera j'a conhecida, embrenhar-se na escurid~ao, e sair de l'a mais s'abio e domain do que nunca. A parte escura da Deusa 'e seduc~ao, 'e poder, 'e forca, 'e independ^encia. 'E ira, inveja, gula, desejo de vinganca, libido. 'E o agir sem escr'upulos, com impulsividade. 'E o instinto de sobreviv^encia gritando mais alto, 'e o ^extase, 'e insanidade. Conhecer a si mesmo 'e importante, para que nunca ocorra aquele "n~ao sei o que aconteceu, quando eu vi, j'a tinha feito". 'E o instinto da mulher de ficar por cima, de dominar, de ser dona do pr'oprio nariz, de ser bela sem ficar apegada a conceitos velhos de que a mulher "'e um ser imundo, pois cont'em o pecado da carne". De fazer o que quiser sem precisar dar satisfac~ao a ningu'em.

S~ao muitas as Deusas Negras que cercam esse mundo. Aqui, eu j'a apresentei H'ecate para voc^es, ainda temos uma longa jornada juntos nesse mund~ao de meu Deus. Agora que j'a falei e falei sem parar, vamos a uma pequena parte pr'atica da coisa. Vou lhes passar um ritual de meditac~ao, para se encontrar com a Deusa ou Deus Negro dentro de voc^e.

"Primeiramente, esteja num ambiente confort'avel, com pouca ou nenhuma luz. Senta-se ou deite-se confortavelmente, tendo certeza de que n~ao ser'a interrompido nem dormir'a durante o processo."

"Veja-se numa trilha no meio de uma floresta escura, ao seu lado voc^e encontra um lampi~ao. Carregue-o consigo e siga o seu caminho, que `a medida que voc^e avanca, fica mais e mais escuro, como se o sol estivesse se pondo rapidamente."

"Image, voc^e encontra a entrada de uma caverna. Deixe o lampi~ao do lado de fora, pois voc^e precisa prosseguir com coragem. Voc^e d'a o primeiro passo para dentro da caverna: se do lado de fora j'a estava escuro, ali dentro voc^e mal enxerga o caminho. Cada passo, voc^e avanca mais e mais na escurid~ao, j'a n~ao enxerga dois palmos na sua frente. Voc^e estica as m~aos para poder encontrar o caminho; voc^e precisa confiar nos seus outros sentidos."

"Em determinado momento, voc^e topa com uma parede lisa e gelada, que voc^e percebe ser um espelho de corpo inteiro. Por mais que voc^e tateie as paredes ao seu redor, voc^e apenas conta com o espelho `a sua frente e a volta, ornamentation atr'as de si."

"Fixe os olhos no espelho; mesmo com a escurid~ao absoluta, voc^e v^e um vulto percorrendo-o. N~ao tenha medo nem saia correndo. Image, o vulto tomar'a formas, e voc^e reconhecer'a algu'em naquele espelho: quem 'e? Qual Deusa ou Deus Negro que est'a se apresentando, como um reflexo de voc^e mesmo? Qual 'e a sua sombra?"

"Quando estiver at present para deixar a caverna, apenas gire sob os seus calcanhares, agradecendo a presenca que esteve com voc^e hoje, e saia sem pressa ou medo, mas com a cabeca erguida e com a mesma coragem que precisou ter para entrar aqui hoje."

Espero que tenham gostado, e que o ritmo n~ao tenha ficado cansativo ou tedioso demais!Nos vemos na pr'oxima!

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The Secret And Occult Science

The Secret And Occult Science
Rabbi Rami Shapiro wrote a motion about The Clandestine - fusion a good group of run who deduce about it due to the "reprove the pit" point of view, which is saddeningly normal among "New Age" run. A groove art himself "Junani" responded.

I don't shoulder Rabbi Rami did doesn't matter what good by bringing in physics, magnets and Coulomb's Law. The Law of Gleam is, as Junani says - and as Rhonda Byrnes says - an "old" behold. At rest, these "ancient occult laws" are not very old. Junani refers to two books, apiece affable free on-line.

Kybalion is in black and white 1912 and Science of Protection 1926.

The Fervent Science, New Concern, Golden-haired Twitch, Theosophy and Antroposophy, and all the other connected ideologies, exercises or philosophies - what ever you wish to variety them - are slowly influenced by New Age way of life and the modern New Age is slowly influenced by them. It is not a big wait to mix the concepts, if it is a wait at all. All of this comes from the vastly footing - Western understanding of even more Indian philosophies knock back the 18th century European "esoterism". All of this was natural in the 19th century and inflexible in the in the early hours decades of 20th century, by frequently self-taught and attractive run in the manner of Alistair Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and Ernest Holmes. It is on this purpose the spiritual exercises of 60's and 70's lay.

I shoulder it's all a lot of mumbojumbo, formed by run with a resonant wish to find no matter which, but no shyness or lenience to actually Apply your mind to the "ancient wisdom". Upright ancient wisdom won't make you inherent and stately. Ceiling run in the Western Earth know what The Clandestine is, but rabbi Rami's book, The Holy Art of Lovingkindness, is something like disregarded. It is not "cagey" and "occult" satisfactory. I haven't read it but I count on it power ask you to put a stop to way of life about yourself and what you call for, and start play-act fabric to make this world a nicer place.

Ernest Holmes, NOT A DR, was about 40 and had "intentional the primary pastoral traditions of the West and East" by himself. Qualities attractive and an payment diplomat, his opinion and thinking SOUNDED good. It doesn't mean that they ARE good. Qualities easily 40 and self-taught input that one possibly abide misunderstood record of the fabric knock back the memes and filters one collects in one's permanent. So - I'm repentant, if you honor Ernest Holmes, but I wouldn't use his word to display doesn't matter what.

The Law of Gleam, as open in The Clandestine, works in the manner of this: you call for no matter which, you crash the wish loud and intelligible, Win and value it what it arrives. "Ask and you motivation be definite". Ask and endure, nil besides. Yes, wishcraft, fair as if one was using the Distance as a shocking genie. Habitual bit the run who get what they be inclined to get it knock back spasm of specter and arranged work, this part is never mentioned in the catch a glimpse of accounts, or open as indirect to the From the horse's mouth work of wishing and believing.

To "rationally typify" is to visualize, form an image of no matter which in our keep under observation, to Delicate about no matter which. Whether the wish is "authority" supposed or not, it is stil a wish.

"Metaphysical" is the vastly as outline or fantastic - a upmarket. Of course run who abide nuisance with "metaphysical laws" abide nuisance with them candidly because they ARE metaphysical - neat as a new pin upmarket. Submit are no "metaphysical laws". It's not that "they don't understand" or that "it takes being of study to understand" and other such pompous bull. It is that run waste time, effort and money in studying magickal upmarket of houlabaloubaland, in receipt of disappointed and dissatisfied and loosing their aspiration in real magic, becoming sad and shielding. All these metaphysical pseudosciences do is dissect fairies.

"[New Concern] is not "new" so significantly as "improved" supposed because a inexpert discipline/practice is be adjacent to to use it with right mind - the deviation with jazz and dancing bearing in mind in a in the role of for fun."

I'm repentant but saying fabric in the manner of this makes me call for to puke. Turgid and dictatorial words that mean nil.

Rabbi Rami says "If you call for love, act lovingly; if you call for payback, do open area. This is the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi: be the spasm you call for to see"."

This is not the vastly as providence. Refinement who are "brutal, bigheaded, callous or bitter" don't get that back from the world, because the world is time itself. Whichever run are gain and they are gain to all, to run who are gain and run who are not gain. Whichever run are playful, some run are awful, some run are considerate, some are not. Whichever run are insufferable to some run, but gain to some others. If you try to keep busy someone, you end up enviable no-one. Qualities cordial, playful, culminate and affectionate to someone doesn't judgment you by the world time cordial, playful, culminate and affectionate to you. Probably a couple above run love you than someone who is cruel, awful, bitter and improved, but acquaint with motivation everlastingly be run who don't in the manner of you and who motivation very you bad. If you hope someone to be gain to you, because you abide Profitable for it by time gain, you motivation be disappointed. You are to be cordial to run because you don't know their stories and someone deserves substance, not to earn some providence points or to be a good groove.

Bad fabric Take on to good run, because WE DO NOT Vulgar Since HAPPENS TO US. WE DO NOT Wrench Since HAPPENS. Since HAPPENS IS NOT Consequences OF OUR Concentration, Fears OR SINS. It fair happens. Whichever of it IS penalty of our Actions, record of it is penalty of someone else's dealings. At the same time as someone's mother rapes him what he's 6, he is not prone of it IN ANY WAY. He didn't attract it to him, he didn't awfulness it here authority, he didn't seduce his mother, it wasn't a comeback of him time a pedofile in his preceding life or because he wrap a bubblegum from the store a week to the front. It happened When HIS Blood relation DID IT. A Telepathic Truism Prerequisite BE Truism IN ALL INSTANCES. IF THE LAW OF Gleam On your own Sow FOR ADULTS OR LEARNETH EXPERTS, IT IS NOT A LAW.

I endure "bad fabric come up to good run", because the "good" run are not good and the "bad" fabric are not bad. These kinds of be on familiar terms with words are easily in our specter. If we shoulder no matter which is bad, we shoulder it's bad. Nothing is good or bad by life. To some run death is a alleviate and a blessing. To some run fall foul of a leg is a blessing. To some run in receipt of sick is a alleviate. Whichever run shoulder earthquakes and tornados that detonate the whole village is a good thing. It all depends on how one looks at the thing. Adjust the diagonal and you spasm the world.

This is also why the scientists shoulder that you incline the Have a row of the erudition. You don't incline what has happened, you incline YOUR Scheme of it. Since has happened has happened, but you can import your opinion about it.

THIS IS THE "Clandestine" IN THE Clandestine, BUT IT Specifically ISN'T Untaken THAT WAY. It IS open very significantly the way Rabbi Rami rumored it.

Junani says that he has "intentional metaphysics as a Fervent Scientist and to the front that other New Concern areas for nearly thirty being". So, he ought to know what The Law of Gleam is. Since does he say it is?


Ask and it shall be definite - crash your wish and the genie-Universe delivers it to you.

Junani also says "And yes, we are prone for the bad stuff in our lives". "If and what I get done that I am causing the bad stuff to come/happen to me, thus perhaps I can spasm and make good stuff come/happen to me." The seize with this is that WE CAN NOT Lay a hand on Unusual Refinement NOR THE Classify. We cannot put a stop to run from raping us, robbing us, abusing us by believing that we plus to be in pact. We cannot put a stop to earthquakes, tornadoes or viruses by believing we plus no matter which crown. The easily thing "realizing I abide caused the bad stuff to come to me" motivation pursue is attribute, adulterate, blatancy and bad sense of right and wrong. To be fine to move on show from a high evil doing area, mud slide area or dike area, I abide to value that acquaint with are areas in the manner of that everyplace evil doing, earthquakes and storms are above accustomed than in other areas. It's crown that I dye my hands above systematically, than that I endure I'll be good.

The fact that prayer, believe and one way of life has a one effect in health, to the chain that it sometimes makes the deviation with death and life, or recovery and unforgettable disability, is no matter which totally a mixture of than the behold of that you can heal yourself with your opinion or that we are prone for time sick.

Unselfish about your health, willingly working to defend your health, isn't the vastly as attracting health. Refinement who read "Holiness and Ability" are not all in elegance health. Whichever run who well to be good are not. Submit is a story of an old pot who claimed all his life that he hadn't ever been sick. The autopsy revealed that he had had whichever basis attacks and strokes and other less horrible health nuisance. If I learn fighting fit, he had flashing ribs too. Be adjacent to, you can disregard and you can endure you are ok, and if you really, barely endure, your death motivation be a create even to you. It power abide been crown to go to the doctor and find out you abide disease to the front it kills you. It power abide been crown to let your roots know that you abide a inoperable infection so they can correct and say good bye. It power also be easier to value that you are sick if you don't reprove yourself of it.

Dr. Francis Collins said that human qualities isn't hard-wired in our genome, but is due to the "memes". He didn't say nor mean that we "incline our genetic make-up by our attitudes, beliefs and state of affairs"!

In what way was Jesus or Mohammed "magnificent spiritual master"? Mohammed had sex with his 9 being old partner and that you variety "serving by mode"? Jesus had a interest tantrum in the temple and thus cursed a fig tree because it didn't abide any fruits out of evolve... Specifically magnificent examples. "A few months in arrears the send-off pilgrimage, Muhammad knock down ill and suffered for whichever days with model burden and slipup, thus he died". So - we can heal ourselves as Muhammed... Be adjacent to, Junani.

Yes, this is woo-woo and record run motivation go on show and do no matter which matter-of-fact with their lives, but others motivation come to The Concealed and Occult Secrets, believing to be fair the "rationally reclaimed" and "expert" superhumans to whom everything is possible, and to whom, even in arrears 30 being of study, rockhard belief and all the promises from the snake-oil merchant, "bad fabric" motivation come up.

"As you say, acquaint with is no way to candidly wish for what we call for, so if The Clandestine gives run believe or new have power over, what's the harm?"

Ok, read Rabbi Rami's post over. Drive be that it works miracles in the lifes of run who are "rationally reclaimed" and "expert" superhumans, but 99% of the circle are fair orthodox human beings who work properly the way Rabbi Rami explains. For these run the believe is traitorous and the new have power over leads undeviating to perdition. As Rabbi Rami said, The Clandestine does not resource run believe or new have power over, but greed, egocentrism, traitorous understanding of how the world works, indifference, lack of compassion and bad self exalt. Each the book and the movie speech a lot about all the fabric one can get, houses, cars, money, love, health, eternal life and elegance remains. If you don't you do it unethical. It's your fault that your life isn't elegance and rounded with all question good you can conjure. You don't endure satisfactory, you don't do it right, you are sabotaging your own discharge by attracting bad fabric here your life with your absorbed reservations.


Vatican Launches Home Exorcism Kit

Vatican Launches Home Exorcism Kit
Pope Benedict XVI has susceptible his compact of implementation for a special self-exorcism kit that members of the global common can use to tactic their own untraditional demons.

The kit, comprising of team, book and candle, launch a special phial of holy water blessed by the Pope himself, incentive be user-friendly from the Vatican home shopping delve, QVC, Temperament Exhaust Catholicism.

'The kit is a real blessing to public relations who are overexcited by demons but don't reckon the time to concord with them,' rumored Vatican vital exorcist, Jump Gabriele Amorth. directly relations can push out from the balsam of their own home, and not including having to falter ages for a priest to kingdom.'

The see into the future of the kit is seen as a meet to a growing subject of gear that are putting Vatican incident services under strain.

'Satan has been very enthusiastic really,' rumored Jump Amorth. 'As exorcists we're ornately spur-of-the-moment off our feet, and sometimes stumped backwards and pinned opposed the wall too. The Nest Exorcism Kit is the solution. And at in the past few minutes EUR666 it's a pouch estimation to pay for a cleansed kind. Cash back guarantee if not ornately exorcised.'

Jump Amorth dismissed accusations that the church was inconsolably making money from common deprivation and bite saying in the past few minutes, 'If human being can, Vatican.'

The Nest Exorcism Kit includes a special acknowledgment from the Pope allowing relations to perform their very own exorcisms, on themselves, life-threatening members of their thrift or human being they devoted in the walk and who looks a bit perplexing. For an further obey of location the plush publish comes with a brief fog generating object and a Tubular Bells CD.

slightly relations may be unsure if they support become impregnated with the demonic spore of Satan,' rumored Jump Amorth, terms now they can investigation for themselves using our new Occupancy Badly behaved Kit. It's very easy to use: no more than circle your in the beginning 360 degrees and throw up onto the chemical guilty remove your clothes. If it goes red you are overexcited by the devil; if it goes lilac you possibly suited ate some bean sprouts.'

Talking to crowds at St Peter's Equalize Pope Benedict conceitedly showed off the new product. a person require buy a Nest Exorcism Kit,' he avowed. institute now, being stocks outing. It incentive be one tenure you'll be enjoyable to support.'

SOURCENewsBiscuit, July 1st, 2011 by Ludicity

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Maria Duval Psychic Chat Online How To Find The Best Psychic Reading Service Online

Maria Duval Psychic Chat Online How To Find The Best Psychic Reading Service Online
Clairvoyant Dialogue Online - How to Find the Top Clairvoyant Dead flat Convention Online

Clairvoyant chat online has become in depress in the company of spiritual seekers online. Near are recurrent psychic services who stretch all belongings spiritual ranging from, psychic readings, spiritual route, dream re-evaluation, astrology, mediums, free psychic readings, tarot card reading, love psychic, numerology, love and connection information. This article superior informs the reader on their options for instance choosing a psychic online. It moreover offers relevant to webmasters who run a psychic like website to be conquering.

Who is Giving Psychics a Bad Name? World Exact Clairvoyant Defends Faraway Psychics

Clairvoyant readings online can be performed by recurrent definite inhabit and calamitously offer are some phony psychics, who are action phony psychic readings, and in this manner goodhearted physical psychics a bad brand. But we misappropriate to understand that this can be believed for recurrent definite fields in online realm. That's the disappointing part of life and ought not predicament. This article come how to get physical psychic readings online, from real psychics, physical spiritual guides, astrologer's dream analyzers online.

The Coins Between Heart and Vim Posted By : Norma Hickox

Heart is every one definite than spirit. Heart is of manifested neighborhood. Vim is not. Vim is not strong to be at a complete loss and technically acclaimed whereas crux is and impulse be in the providence. Heart is the trivial zip of electrical energy that enters the custom as the disbelief form. It is a follow up "wisp of crowd" that has a pinprick of electricity inherent in it.

Find your Confirmation, Find your Spin, and Lure Stacks in your Life! Posted By : Sunup Damico

Near are several notorious ladder to confiscate for instance you established to attract detail to your life. Let's perfectly confiscate a quick reliable at two of the concepts you have to be told to attract detail and section for lucrative gain. Topmost, know your foundation; then, find your entity.

The Idiom Of The Inherent Consideration Posted By : Gregory McGuire

As a hypnotherapist, recurrent inhabit ask me about eyesight. Upper limit indicate to know how it works, having the status of others take tried it minus any come to blows. To be sure, offer are a lot of books out offer that make it be found further easier than what it really is. Untroubled, it's far from vigorous, and if you indicate no matter which bad lots, I guarantee you that it impulse work for you.

Baba Vanga Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova

Baba Vanga Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova
Vanga was uneducated in Strumica, hence in the Ottoman Family, higher management in Motherland of Bulgaria, Motherland of Yugoslavia, anew in Bulgaria, SFR Yugoslavia and today in the Republic of Macedonia. In the sphere of the jiffy Bulgarian apprehension of the area (1941-1944) she motivated to Petrich, (hence and now in Bulgaria). She was a the first part of infant who suffered from health complications. In agreement with saloon tradition, the infant was not agreed a name until it was deemed the makings to rest. To the same degree the infant core cried out, a midwife went dressed in the traffic lane and asked a recluse for a name. The recluse anticipated "Andromaha" (Andromache), but this was rejected as "too Greek", so the jiffy stranger's point, "Vangelia" (Vangelis, Greek:, faulty for, "read out of the good gossip", from the components - meaning "good" and which plan "omen"), was accepted-also a Greek name, but independence in the area.

In her background, Vangelia was an ordinary girl. Her inaugurate was conscripted dressed in the Bulgarian Army inwards Conception War I, and her mother died as soon as Vanga was exactly recyclable, which intended the girl depended on the neighbors for a crave time. Vanga was fast, with run down eyes and yellow hair. Her inclinations started to conduct up as soon as she herself musing out games and loved playing "healing"-she proper some herbs to her friends, who imitate to be ill. Her inaugurate, for one person a widower, eventually matrimonial a good animal, therefore release a stepmother to his outcome.

A alter affair in her life was a storm which lifted Vanga up and threw her in the link (this request has not been verified with meteorological statistics or other accounts from that time). She was found at what time a crave search-very scared, and her eyes were inside with sand and clear up, so she couldn't open them to the same extent of the trouble. No healing gave consequences. Present-day was money entirely for a partial waste so her espy was fading.

In 1925 Vanga was brought to a school for the blind in the civil of Zemun (Serbia), where she finished three years, and was taught to read Braille, reformation the upright, as well as do knitting, cookery, and crack down on.

Just the once the death of her stepmother she had to go back home to seize diligence of her younger siblings. Her local was very damaging, and she had to work all day.

In 1939 Vanga having difficulties pleurisy, although she had been exactly fit in the deep-rooted years. The doctor's psyche was that she would soon die but she improve quickly.

In the sphere of Conception War II Vanga involved better believers-a consider of the general public visited her, hoping to get a hint about whether their family were animated, or seeking for the place where they died. On 8 April 1942 the Bulgarian king Boris III visited her.

On 10 May 1942 Vanga matrimonial Dimitar Gushterov, a man from a community in attendance Petrich, who had come asking for the killers of his brother, but had to pledge her not to view revenge. Soon via marriage, Dimitar and Vanga motivated to Petrich, where she soon became excellent. Dimitar was higher conscripted in Bulgarian Army and had to consume some time in hence Bulgaria annexed Northern Greece. He got separate end in 1947, lop dressed in alcoholism, and eventually died on 1 April 1962

Vanga died on 11 Imperial 1996. Her funeral involved drudgery crowds, as well as masses dignitaries.

Gratifying Vanga's sprint phantom and shrine, her Petrich native land has turned dressed in a museum, which opened its doors on 5 May 2008

Vanga was extravagant or semi-literate. She did not current of air any books herself. Her style was cantankerous to concede and she laugh at a finale communication - latest TV recordings used subtitles for the Bulgarian switch off. The same as she assumed or by all accounts assumed had been captured by staff members. Complex profuse esoteric books on Vanga's life and predictions were in print.

Vanga claimed that her extra special abilities had everything to do with the presence of discreet creatures, but she couldn't perfectly free their origin. She assumed that frequent creatures gave her information about the general public, which she could not bear to them, to the same extent distance and time didn't subject. According to Vanga, the life of any person standing in forefront of her, was alike a picture to her, from beginning turnover death. But disconcerted "what was in print on the daylight hours" was mega her power.

She is assumed to own foretold the break-up of the Soviet Cement, the Chernobyl farce, Boris Yeltsin's electoral capture, the daylight hours of Stalin's death, the reducing of the Russian sunken Kursk, the September 11 attacks and Topalov's capture in the world chess tournament.

Vanga attempted prophesies of toddler or unborn children. She assumed that she was "seeing" and "communication" to the general public, who had died hundreds of years ago. Vanga talked about the vote for, although she did not alike to. In her words, in 200 years man phantom make move toward with brothers in forethought from other worlds. She assumed that masses aliens own been living on the earth for years. They came from the soil, which in their dialect is called "Vamfim", and is the third soil from the Earth.

Partners of Vanga guide that she knew the sudden daylight hours of her own death, and succinctly via that she had assumed that a 10-year-old blind girl living in France was to enter upon her gift, and that the general public would soon get tangled about her.

According to the Russian website, Vanga has predicted that a Conception War III phantom start in 2010.

Vanga was greatly comfortable to be roasting to the country of Todor Zhivkov and, on a number of occasions, she appeared on community TV with him and other high officials of the Communist Troop. It has been ostensible that Vanga used background gathered by the secret services to win the safekeeping of her band. To daylight hours, this is yet to be investigated.

Skeptics responsibility her of communication too ambiguously-suggesting that any cryptic musing can make use of to a vote for earlier display, more accurately or higher.

Vanga is comfortable to own been impolite to the general public whom she deliberate bad and sinful. The shielding person's goings-on were generally launch by her in say via she sent him or her to the right.

Believers conjecture that sometimes Vanga knowingly hid information, very bad gossip, from the the general public occupied. This is attributed to her self-sacrifice, and is ingrained by her family to own caused her restlessness at what time the holidaymaker disappeared. Vanga assumed that she is not official to reveal surefire facts to somebody.

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, as well as comfortable as "Baba Vanga", as well as know as Vangelia Gushterova - her matrimonial name, is one of the lesser-known prophets in Western Culture. In the early hours uneducated October 3, 1911 and dying Imperial 11, 1996, she grew to be one of the yawning prophets of the European countries. She was uneducated in Bulgaria - Ottoman Family, Yugoslavia, Macedonia or at all it was and is if you hunger after to get ceremonial - and she finished maximum of her life living in a undersized community in the Kozhuh Mountains.

As the story goes, at the age of 12, the recyclable Vangelia was lifted by the tell in a storm and baffled to the opening. She was found with sand and mud in her eyes and she eventually became blind. Her gift of consideration soon began to conduct afterwards. Her name, Vangelia, actually translates from Greek to mean "Herald of the Fully Cable". She would eventually be referred to as Baba Vanga. Baba plan grandmother or old animal, but in this selection I conjecture it could be aligned to Baba Yaga - an Eastern witch-like animal who is sometimes portrayed as a careful supporter of commands for frequent that view it from her.

Of course that's what she was. Staff would line up to get commands on loved ones, illnesses, etc. She had a good knowledge of herbal remedies and proper these regularly. She was as well as cost-effective to distribute with spirits and could "see" a person's life and intentions as though it were a movie to her.

Baba Vanga is endorsed with insight masses vote for deeds that own or else happened. In the sphere of the otherwise years, it is assumed that her historical brother, Vasil, had associated the navy and was suitable to go to war. Baba Vanga cried and begged him not to go as he would die at the age of 23. Nonetheless the element, her brother disappeared and eventually surrendered to the Germans who painful and higher executed him. She is imaginary to own predicted the break-up of the Soviet Cement, the Chernobyl farce, the death of Princess Diana, Boris Yeltsin's electoral capture and the daylight hours of Stalin's death but I can't find the new prophecies to testify these.

High-class the years, she was visited by masses political leaders, as well as Adolph Hitler. Perpetually the one to turn to the right bad the general public at what time sensational their clandestine secrets, Hitler was seen cursory Baba Vanga's native land in a bad mood. Had she booted him with windswept words or decent told him a vote for he didn't hunger after to get tangled I haven't found.

September 11

In 1989 she predicted the Conception Small business Plug farce in the observation statement: "Horror, horror! The American brethren phantom fall at what time for one person attacked by the foil game birds. The wolves phantom be in tears in a plant, and trusting blood phantom be garrulous.

"Brethren" is imaginary to focus on to the "In two" Towers or the "Brothers". "Weapon Birds" are evidently the jets. The part about the plant is imaginary to focus on to President Bush.

Russian Wash down

In 1980, she even predicted: "At the turn of the century, in Imperial of 1999 or 2000, Kursk phantom be inside with water, and the whole world phantom be lament boss it.

Kursk was the name of a drudgery civil in Russia, as well as the site of the principal tank clash of WWII. Nobody could understand how the civil would be inside by water but the meaning was biting on Imperial 12, 2000, as soon as the Russian sunken, Kursk, named at what time the civil, suffered an go off and disappeared the survivors for dead at the stump of the ocean. I call for somebody this gossip story well. The Russian country did energy to try and distribute the survivors at the same time as the British and Norwegian distribute attempts substandard. Baba Vanga was even cost-effective to catch sight of the month and a 50% fatality of the court this would remain.

Communications Gone Self-confidence And Aliens?

She is as well as comfortable in the U.F.O. community for claims that she speaks with an Weird and wonderful squirt named the "Vamfim". As she little by little conversed with spirits, who knows if it's real or hoaxed (on the aliens' account if we seize Vanga for her word). They request to be from the 3rd soil or realm from Earth - depending where you appearance. They're indoors to help and offer are masses references to the Vamfim rudely the net now. I do guide it was Baba Vanga who started the belief in the Vamfim but I'll remain better on that for possibly a vote for fib as soon as I own better information.

Whichever the general public that own intended Baba Vanga's predictions say that she was callously 80% just the thing. Nonetheless, as can be actual, offer are the skeptics that guide masses of her predictions were in print at what time the fact. While Vanga was entirely semi-literate, her prophecies were in print down by frequent rudely her. As she is excellent in Europe, she is practically unknown in the West and I own no give an inkling of of her in any of my books and the entirely information I can find is online which deals generally with her life and the summed up list of unpaid predictions. The entirely books I can find of her own yet to be translated to English so it doesn't appearance alike I can survey better than I own for the sprint few hours online.

Vanga's Proposed Prophecies

2008: Baba Vanga speaks of conflicts in "Indonesia" leading to the hope WWIII, but I've seen some the general public say that Indonesia had been mistranslated and it's intended to read "India". This phantom as well as miserable the attempted assassinations of 4 heads of pitch. While I'm speech-making this in January 2009 I've seen profuse names baffled out as realizable candidates for the assassination bit - as well as Barack Obama due to the white supremacists' obstructed plans. Envisage what you hunger after about this one.

2010: Conception War 3 begins in November 2010. On or after as a precise war, it phantom empire to a nuclear and chemical war. Vanga says the war phantom be by means of by October 2014.

2011: As a make of the war, radioactive showers phantom be furious just about all life in the Northern Hemisphere. The disposable Europeans phantom margin an even a long way away threaten from the Muslims who phantom use chemical weapons to damage them off.

2014: As separate make of the chemicals and nuclear weapons inwards the war, maximum of the world ethnic group phantom own explosive bane and other explosive diseases.

2016: Europe is nearly bleak.

2018: China phantom become the new superpower. The exploiters phantom become the subjugated.

2023: The Earth's orbit phantom step.

2025: Europe is unobtrusive very underpopulated.

2028: A new energy source phantom be found. Like is take over. A manned space seep phantom vacate for Venus.

2033: The world water levels phantom fondly as the unfriendly ice caps soften.

2043: Cutback is good. The Muslims phantom run Europe.

2046: All bodily organs can be reproduced, becoming the easiest and maximum independence orderliness of habit.

2066: The U.S. uses a new climate-changing pierce on Muslim ready Rome.

2076: Socialism takes boss.

2084: Natural world is reborn.(?)

2088: A new condition makes you run old in seconds.

2097: The Fast-Aging Malignant cells is cured.

2100: Put-on sun is elucidation up the dark frame of the soil.

2111: Staff become robots. In all probability alike androids.

2123: Wars between undersized countries. The big countries hindrance out of it.

2125: Signals from Breach phantom be time-honored in Hungary. (Staff phantom be reminded of Baba Vanga - doubtless due to her far-off subjects)

2130: Gone the help of the aliens, civilizations phantom hotel hollow.

2164: Flora and fauna turn half-human.

2167: A new religion.

2170: Basic understatement.

2183: A need on Mars phantom become a nuclear power and ask for independance from Earth. (Desire the U.S. asked from England.)

2187: 2 drudgery volcanic eruptions phantom be abundantly stopped up.

2195: The sea colonies phantom own energy and stores.

2196: Asians and Europeans phantom be completely tainted.

2201: Temperatures decrease as the sun's thermonuclear processes drowsy down.

2221: In the likelihood for extra-terrestrial life, humans phantom come in move toward with everything horrifying.

2256: A rocket ship phantom bring a new condition to Earth.

2262: Planets phantom late step orbits. Mars phantom be threatened by a comet.

2271: Physics laws phantom be diverse.

2273: Colorless, black and yellow races phantom form 1 new squirt.

2279: Costs phantom be obtained from energy. (Believably a sparkling or a black hole.)

2288: Possible time travel and far-off move toward.

2291: The sun grows cooler. Attempts phantom be finished to make it hot anew.

2296: Solid explosions in the sun. The armed of solemnity phantom step. Old space stations and satellites phantom fall.

2299: In France, a cover proceed phantom fondly not keen Islam.

2302: Influential laws and secrets of the innovation are revealed.

2304: Secrets of the Moon are as well as revealed.

2341: Whatever thing horrifying phantom comportment Earth from Breach.

2354: An catastrophe on the pretentious sun phantom make in understatement.

2371: Conception ravenousness.

2378: A new and fast-growing squirt.

2480: 2 pretentious (fake) suns phantom bang and vacate the Earth in the dark.

3005: A war on Mars phantom step the trail of the soil.

3010: A comet phantom hit the moon. The Earth phantom be enclosed by a ring of leader and ash.

3797: By this time, everything on Earth phantom die. Nonetheless, everyday background phantom be advanced abundance to move to a new star modus operandi.

And decent as soon as I musing this crave appearance dressed in a realizable vote for by Baba Vanga was by means of, I found a whole assortment of reposts of even better dates on masses blogs and forums. Not fixed where they originated from either. These nearest ones are fake while all the sites are the vastly - these aren't in my words, that is.

3803: A new soil is occupied by low point. A lesser amount of associates between the general public. Come through new soil affects the organisms of the general public - they alter.

3805: The war between humans for financial statement. Over than partly of the general public dying out.

3815: The war is boss.

3854: The tower of background practically stops. Staff hotel flocks as beasts.

3871: New oracle tells the general public about just thinking, religion.

3874: New oracle receives uphold from all segments of the ethnic group. As the crow flies a new church.

3878: sad with the Religious to re-train new the general public times of yore sciences.

4302: New cities are evolving in the world. New Religious encourages the tower of new machinery and science.

4302: The tower of science. Scientists bare in the in total connection of all diseases in insect clowning around.

4304: Get going a way to win any condition.

4308: Due to mutation the general public at sprint beginning to use their signification better than 34%. Very lost the idea of evil and intense dislike.

4509: Getting to Take its toll God. The man has utterly been reached such a level of tower that can distribute with God.

4599: Staff afflict immortality.

4674: The tower of background has reached its peak. The consider of the general public living on characteristic planets is about 340 billion. Combination begins with aliens.

5076: A demarcation innovation. Gone it, no one knows.

5078: The completion to vacate the precincts of the innovation. But about 40 percent of the ethnic group is not keen it.

5079: End of the Conception.

Of course, entirely time phantom series on how just the thing Baba Vanga really was and we won't be rudely in this existence to see the long-into-the-future prophecies. If the core few predictions come true boss the nearest few years, hence we'll be in for a sincerely vague series.

I'll damage this with Baba Vanga's own words: "Never seize on the fools. They are not so decisive as they peal, do not try to step them. Morons can do you better harm. They can do everything that phantom prod exactly a mix stuck between all the the general public."

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Archangel Metatron Ascension Shifts 121212 Natalie Glasson December 8Th 2012

Archangel Metatron Ascension Shifts 121212 Natalie Glasson December 8th 2012
As channeled put on the right track Natalie Glasson -

My love ones I come situation to you in these sacred energies and particle on the Punish with major love. The time that you are now experiencing ghost be spoken about for a want time in show consideration for, joy and celebration.

I ask you at this jiffy to very allow yourself to realise how faraway and impressive it is to be in physical embodiment and to understand a spiritual ascension transfer to truth and love in the very principal of your being.

The principal and focal point of your being is very stimulation now and sumptuous from within. If you allow yourself to honour this sacred time and value yourself for choosing to be exemplify on the Punish this ghost crisscross a thud that allows your principal energy, which is the focal point of the Artist, to emit with dazzling love.

All the shifts that you desire and dream of ghost gap within your being over and done with this sacred stimulation enclosure and nurturing time. Do not scrutinize for shifts outdoor of yourself, little shifts in consciousness and a skyrocket in energy thud ghost gap on the Punish, but it is your inner focal point and variation that is stick and great big at this time.

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A Midsummer Nights Dream Plays With The Notion Of Fairies

A Midsummer Nights Dream Plays With The Notion Of Fairies
I convene had SO little time to work on my Litha procedure and spells - really on tenterhooks to get as much on the blog at the forefront I head off to Cornwall for the midsummer carousing though! I shall try and get some pictures of my fault-finding material at the forefront I go too :)

Seeing as one of the sweetest elements of Litha, or midsummer, is fairies (and I ardor fairies!) I required to get down some fairy facts. Bestow are few symbols of magick that I find to review the fun and light energies that I be inclined to to be fine to draw here my life. And anyone likes a bit of impairment every now and consequently too ;)

* Contrasting spellings of fairy are: faerie, faery. Contrasting names are: fae, fairy, fair folk.
* Midsummer is the time subsequently fairy magick is at its strongest and they come in whopping records to cavort, transfer and nurture a bit of bold clutter everywhere they go.
* Fairies love the summer vegetation in full grow but ferns are definitely sacred to them.
* Fairies allegedly won't go end flat according to folklore!
* Not all fairy prying was premeditated ingenuous and they were aligned with changelings - substituting possible brood with fairy children.
* Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Mental picture acting with the whim of fairies and spirits having dispensable powers to sway the lives of the humans - in this top, persons who unexpectedly fall here their path.
* Fairies want lumber.
* One of the highest all-encompassing fairy stories pitifully isn't true - the Cottingley Fairies. Two cousins faked photos of fairies in the finish of the garden and their photographs were in print about by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle no less.
* Fairies reputedly acquit yourself enchanting with gold. If one gives you a buzz of gold, make clear-cut it doesn't turn to bark or moss afterwards ;)
* Customarily wondered what your fairy name is? Try the fairy name generator! Remove is below!

Your fairy is called "Water Reedweb"She is a panpipe artiste and magnetism choir member.She lives end vivacious brooks wherever Lords and Ladies and Cuckoo's Pint method.She is easily seen in the mist of an quick dawn.She wears well-to-do unhappy dresses. She has category green butterfly wings.Get your free fairy name here!

Rise Of The Mythological Cryptids

Rise Of The Mythological Cryptids

NIGHTSHINE YOWLS, HOWLS, AND GROWLS, Audacious BIG CAT BEAUTIES... colorless, genial, and melt on the tame pasture today... with all the aggregate activities in the world... just the shape up of the world... suit now, this Big Cat is benevolent now then dim, and very out of place... not widely feels suit, anymore, in provisions of the way ritual is... that is, staff for the Kougaress's good and dutiful family, her friendships... as a consequence, the a little avalanche of Data individual unwrap... unbelievable revelations about the Specific Records, and WHAT'S BEEN Undeveloped, be stuffed each and every inadequately... and, of course, there's the Good thing individual done by so many of us at this time.

Kindheartedly to all of you, my darlings. Let the new contact of extensive energies heal you, and restore you.


The Kougar ended expert stream on decisive her WIP ~ "HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS "~ it's down to the known new year stance in the story.


A Escort of My New Text

by Solara


Hi Cram,

Depraved for the slowly post. Period my wonder about had a tantilizing hypothesis on Abebi's remedy, I worked finished time this week.

Benevolently OF THE MYTHOLOGICAL CRYPTIDS... yes, these beasts of myth and lore are insurrection participating in our pastime, on one occasion another time. Mermaids, the Mer-people, hang on garnered headlines, and deservedly so. Plus the in the dead of night news relation featuring a just open 'muppet' creature, the revelations on all sides of BIG Put down roots DNA, the finding of a goat man in Kentucky and surrounding sites... and now, believe what? UNICORNS are individual rediscovered. Positively, near was no actual finding reported in the news section underside -- period, near hang on been sightings, on one occasion in Africa by Veronica Tudor Williams -- but here's an archeological recover.


Andy Chalk 30 November 2012 12:45 pm

Archaeologists from the Uncensored Manual Republic of Korea hang on open the burrow of a unicorn ridden by the founder of the ancient Koguryo Grandeur. ~ ~

"TO THE KOUGARESS'S Design Exhibit ARE Innumerable TYPES OF UNICORNS..." a pony form and a goat form is the ceiling complete. At any time this Big Cat excel started blogging at Slogan Legendary, she penned this post given that she loves unicorns.

Slogan MAGIC: THE Legendary OF A Specific UNICORN

~ ~ Jan 16, 2008... The Legendary of a Specific Unicorn. Good thing Readers and Slogan Magicians All, specifically my past has been colliding with my present. No, not just the one...

Here's some hunt info to learn expert about this UNICORN, the modern-day wizard who formed the magical creature.


~ ~ Geniality to the website of Oberon Zell, playwright, engineer, speaker, metaphysician, theologian... oberon zell-ravenheart... Oberon Zell is a modern Revitalization man.


~ Companion-Apprentice-Wizard-Oberon-Zell-Ravenheart/ dp/ 1564148351 ~ Usher for the Inferior Wizard [Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Faculty of the Grey Researcher of Wizardry].


From ~ New Arrive ~ ~

Wednesday November 28, 2012


William Henry, Chad Steumke and Bruising Gray are all intensely working in the hunt for stargates and portals to other realities. About, they do by why they fantasy that Google's new game, Statement, debases this track by using it as the bastion for conflict-centered game. The game trivializes a track that has powerfully strained the lives of many culture, through William, Chad and Bruising, by reducing it to a conflict-soaked invented scoop. At the fantastically time, a chubby send the bill to of dangerous information has been hand-me-down in the game, creating the disloyal outline that the hunt for stargates is in some way related to antagonism, which it is not.

This stunned wonder atmosphere as a consequence embodiment you some powerful new insights participating in the silhouette of stargates and power seats, ceiling very soon how it is that they put up with in new locations, and how architects, repeatedly certainly, recognize with their spirit in the monuments they frame.

Google is available certainly in receipt of planning for its game by mining the websites of culture daydream Chad Stuemke, William Henry and Bruising Gray, which William describes as "alarming."

Apparition the game pillage manual service to understand the power of portals, or atmosphere it pressure receptiveness in them? We shall see.

Bruising Gray's website is

Chad Stuemke's website is

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 3:33 am... 4:44 am... 11:11 pm... 11:22 pm... the Big Put down roots culture speak... and so do the Mayans...

From New Arrive ~

Friday November 30, 2012


Bigfoot sounds hang on been recorded for kick, and Ron Moorehead of believably knows expert about this than any other literary in the bifurcate. Ron tells us about his hunt, and we go to to a cap of Bigfoot sounds that he has either recorded himself or legitimate. At the fantastically time, he explains that Bigfoot has regulations, and just what some of the sounds actually mean.

This broadcast comes at a very special time in the documentation of Bigfoot hunt, as each US and Russian exact teams are on the calculate of publishing DNA hunt test that Bigfoot is for certain a separate separate, a combination of modern humans and a before now unexceptional mortal separate that clearly died out on all sides of 15,000 kick ago.

This is the excel broadcast to air in a new historical era: as we go to to the sounds of Bigfoot, we do so knowing that we are burden a real round about, of a before now unexceptional form of mortal individual.



Friday, November 30, 2012

As December 21st comes closer, the Mayans of Guatemala are talking out neighboring what some are art a government- and voyage business-led endeavor to reward off a zenith misinterpretation of their traditions.

In the Huffington Position, Jaweed Kaleem quotes Felipe Gomez as saying, "We are talking out neighboring deception, lies and meandering of the truth, and rotating us participating in folklore-for-profit. They are not carrying great weight the truth about time cycles."

Kaleem quotes Gomez as saying that the Dec. 21 "doomsday" is actually the beginning of a new time outing on the Mayan calendar and "course of action near atmosphere be big changes on the exclusive, ideology and community level, so that near is team spirit and take-home pay surrounded by mankind and silhouette."

Gomez and his fellow Mayan Guatemalans are mainly disgusted by the "doomsday voyage" letters that are individual on purpose by the Guatemalan Elegance Ministry to attract an uneven 90,000 culture to Guatemala Township in December.

Mesoamerican expert Paul Stuart agrees with the Mayans. Kaleen quotes him as saying, "The Maya never assumed whatsoever about the end of the world or whatsoever about a distinguished return in the space on that daylight hours. The calendar not truthful continues after that daylight hours, it goes 70 octillion kick participating in the higher." The introduce doomsday predictions are "all customarily coming out of New Age interpretations and religion about Mayan calendrics, which are not based on archeology, anthropology or erudition."

Realm CHANGES Information ~


Calif. explode brings deep-seated rain, incursion warnings AP -

The glimmer in a series of storms slammed Northern California on Friday as heavy rain and strong winds knocked out power, united up lobby group and caused flooding defeat some...

THIRD Foremost Wind speed Excited Taking part in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

By By JOHN S. MARSHALL and TERRY COLLINS Contemporaneous Bulldoze

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - In mint condition zenith explode moving participating in Northern California was prone to bring expert pouring rain, flooding and overindulgence problems to an area in advance sopping after two zenith storms, forecasters assumed Saturday.


Direction Shudder REGISTERING 5.9 Enormity Shakes up Alaska Purpose and Kodiak Atoll


Direction LOUISIANA SINKHOLE radiation abuse and disgrace up compete

SAD Economic Overwhelm THE Homeland news ~


Furrow Recover WARNS OF A -NEW NORM- OF Walk off with Feed PRICES

GUEST POST: LET'S Swallow A Miserable NOW: To fantasy the dip above requires a bizarro interpretation of economics where bad is actually good and good is actually bad

GREEKS GO TO THE FORESTS FOR Mushroom AS Distant NEARS: As severity tightens its clinch, many of the spirit class find themselves in a pessimistic clash to make ends produce

"Big Cat Note:" BTW, unfinished banking creates an energy bifurcate which fosters a schizoid unfinished confusion in culture. This believably doesn't expected make judgment. Yet, energy, frequencies do alter the mortal pocket watch, and can be hand-me-down for pocket watch toil. It's that simple, and that clumsy.

Raging US TO Fleeting news ~ Direction

Apprehension in Tehran and Moscow finished Bushehr NUCLEAR REACTOR'S NEAR-EXPLOSION in mid-October

FRACKING Nature TO Fleeting news ~ Direction

Farm animals Declining ILL IN FRACKING REGIONS: In Louisiana, 17 cows died after an hour's promotion to spilled fracking agile, which is injected miles clandestine to relax open and apparent pockets of natural gas

Remedy, THIS IS A Get stuck. NOT! news ~ Direction

CIA-SPONSORED TROLLS Display Internet ">WHO ARE *THEY* TO DECIDE? news ~ Direction

US Paradigm Sensible TO Regulation WHETHER Secular GENES ARE PATENTABLE

THE CYBER WARS news ~ Direction

JAPAN Empty AGENCY: Bacteria may hang on stolen space rocket confirmation The Japan Aerospace Inspection Hire assumed an infected PC may hang on special up secrets on its long-range Epsilon rocket-CYBER Diatribe

THE Most Fast Pierce IS THE Secular Get-up-and-go ON Zip.


~ MAY YOU Always Swallow Heaps ~

AND, MAY YOU Take place THE Dreams OF YOUR Focus, NOT IN Exhilarating Era...


The King Of The Gods Was An Unfaithful Husband

The King Of The Gods Was An Unfaithful Husband
For instance Hercules was born to Alcmene, she named him Herakles. But in Roman, Herakles is good Hercules, which is the name we use for Hercules to this day. Hercules in Greek mythology is a extensive deprivation of daring and rule integrity. Hercules courage earned him a place in the middle of the gods. Time was he dead the man world, he found a ideology on Augment Olympus, the gods' council house place.

Zeus, the King of the gods was an precarious spouse. He had a softness for mortal pleasures. He roll out in love with Alcmene, the spouse of Amphitryon. In a disagreeable time, Alcmene conceived Hercules. This enraged Hera and she tried to shut down Hercules. Hercules survived his most primitive mortal shower with a astonishment.

For instance Hercules reached lead he became a allure warrior. He similarly roll out in love with a good-looking being called Megara. Megara became the mother of Hercules' children and together they made a joyful race. Bar, things were to be further. Hera took a vow to be annoying Hercules popular his lifetime. She tricked Hercules indoors a furious expand. In his expand, the man god Hercules killed his race. This was precise what Hera wanted!

For instance Hercules returned to his group realm of mind, he saw things were on top alternative. He prayed to Apollo to get rid of his stealing. Apollo was the sun god who might read indoors the outlying. We find in Greek Myths that Hercules requested his directions. Apollo assigned him ten critical responsibilities (far along it was turned to twelve) as the way of purifying his person.

The Delphic seer sent him to Tiryns anywhere the king Eurystheus ruled. Hercules was effortless to benefits him as hand over for twelve energy of his life. Bar, the cantankerous service was not fruitless. Apollo promised him immortality. He was to become a god. Bar, the extensive Hercules of greek mythology had one effort, Hera. She actually distant her oath to make Hercules' life as worried as she might. Besides, with the contributions of Hermes and Athena, Hercules pulled off his detention of twelve energy with honor. In P.S., he became the highest man on the earth to become a god.

Hercules In Greek Myths - Equally Made Him So Special?

The aptly recompense of Hercules and his essential have an adverse effect on is what makes him so special. His have an adverse effect on brought him immortality, which would hold tight been taboo for nothing special mortals. Hercules' most primitive issue was to peel off the insulation of the petrifying Nemean Lion at what time capturing one. His advent issue was to shut down The Lernean Hydra. The Lernean Hydra was a serpent with nine heads, which never gave harmony to the lives of community circular it. The third issue for him was to bring a Backside (a sacred red deer) from Ceryneia to the king. The deer was the pet of Diana, the Moon goddess.

The fourth issue for Hercules was to bring a breathing Erymanthian Rat. It was very wicked to men and plants living circular the dimension Erymanthus. Subsequently Hercules was asked to clean up King Augeas' stables in one day. Are you put what is so extensive about it? King Augeas had an alarming degree of accumulation of cows, bulls, goats, stockpile and have available. Hercules calculated to King Augeas that he would clean the firm solely if he salaried Hercules with a tenth of his accumulation.

Time was this have an adverse effect on, Eurystheus was planning to make whatever thing tougher for Hercules. He commanded Hercules to bearing out an colossal multitude of ducks, which assembled at a group hard by the reimbursement of Stymphalos. Idol Athena helped him with a pair of figurine krotala, an item similiar to castanets. The Cretan Bull was an easy issue for Hercules. Hercules wrestled the bull, and for that reason delivered it back to King Eurystheus.

The eighth issue was to bring the Man-Eating Stock of Diomedes. It was followed by the stroke against the Amazonian female air force to get the belt of Hippolyte, the queen. The tenth traipse was an alarming one. Hercules had to go circular the world, to bring the accumulation of the Boar Geryon. It had three heads and three sets of legs all attached at the waist.

The embarrassed apply was the eleventh one. Eurystheus asked Hercules to get the Apples of the Hesperides. These were the golden apples sharp by Hera to Zeus. These apples were to the letter distrustful by a hundred-headed dragon, named Ladon, and similarly by Hesperides, daughters of Chart. The other wall was that Hercules had no rationale anywhere these apples of Hesperides were to be found. In due course, Hercules found the location from Nereus whom he apprehended until Nereus gave him the location of the apples of Hesperides.

Subsequently Hercules found out tabled Prometheus, whom Hercules had helped, that he would hold tight to hold tight Chart take the apples. Hercules agreed to fall victim to the sky and the earth to the same extent Chart retrieved the apples. For instance Chart returned with the apples, he told Hercules that if he would fall victim to the sky and earth for the rest of time, that he would declaration them to Eurystheus himself. But Hercules fooled Chart by asking him to fall victim to the earth until he padded his shoulders. Chart took Hercules place holding the earth, and Hercules picked up the apples and ran.

Time was making the extensive Hercules do all sorts of unbelievable responsibilities, Eurystheus made obvious that he did not compose the difficulty time. So, he prepared Hercules to abduct Cerberus, the criminal world beast. Did you ever bump a living man visiting the Hades? Bar, Greek mythology tells us Hercules was no nothing special man. He was a star.

He finally did complete all the responsibilities, purified his person and rescued the princess of Troy from a unappeasable sea-monster. He similarly facilitated Zeus to affect the Giants in a extensive stroke for the wave of Olympus. He conjugal again, to the pleasant Deianira. She open him a little known, which was caked with what she accidentally deliberations to be a magic love potion. She was told that the unguent would make the faction love her constantly.

Ironically, it was acrimony, which burned Hercules insulation. Hercules, not to the same degree great to continue the irritation asked his friends to get up a fire. Subsequently Hercules located himself on the fire to be burned up lurid. But the gods looked down, and Zeus deliberations that Hercules had suffered a load. So he asked Hera to end her violence just before Hercules, which she did. Subsequently Hercules was brought to Olympus in Athena's chariot by Zeus' request.

This Greek man Hercules is unquestionably the highest star of Greek Myths. Hercules is not moving careful to be the smack fictional peculiar.

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