Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freedom Of Pagan Religion

Freedom Of Pagan Religion Image
Pagan religious rights advocates spent more than ten years in a struggle to achieve the Veterans' Pentacle victory. As we celebrate, we must ponder our next move in the quest for religious freedom. The Veterans' Pentacle is a wonderful victory, but the longer campaign for universal religious freedom continues. And so, what should our next steps be?

We have seen how long it took to get the Pentacle. Surely we can manifest continued focus on Pagan religious rights issues, so that we don't wait another ten years for our next victory. We need to voice a further agenda for Pagan religious rights now, while America still remembers that a department of the federal government stonewalled the Pentacle for political reasons. And we need to voice our demand for religious freedom publicly, and invite the media to attend as well.

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