Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Circle Within Creating A Wiccan Spiritual Tradition

The Circle Within Creating A Wiccan Spiritual Tradition Cover

Book: The Circle Within Creating A Wiccan Spiritual Tradition by Dianne Sylvan

The Circle Within is your guide to creating a personal spiritual practice for daily life. The first section is a thoughtful examination of Wiccan ethics and philosophy that explores how to truly live Wicca. The second section includes devotional prayers and rituals that provide inspiration for group or solitary practice.

Topics include: cultivating an ongoing personal relationship with deity, ethics and standards of behavior, concepts of sacred space, elements of a daily practice, tuning into the Wheel of the Year and the elements, and creating meaningful personal rituals. Move beyond the basics of Wicca and enter the sacred space of the circle within.

I've never written a review for, but had to do one for this book. I came across Dianne's website some time ago & was intrigued with her way of looking at Wicca. When I found out she'd published a book, I tracked it down & was even more profoundly moved by her observations. This is a woman who will make you THINK. There are many books I've read about witchcraft & Wicca. Plenty of info on tools, quarter calls, the gods/goddesses, etc. But I found something missing in most of them. The most basic, essential thing of all: relationship with the Divine & how it affects your life on a very basic level. There were times during this book where I had to stop & say, "YES! YES!" Cheers for Ms. Sylvan for having the heart & drive to write this book & get it out to the public.

Also, I have to say that the litergy in this book is some of the most beautiful I have ever read. The chapter titled "The Book of Moonlight" is going to be used often in my practices.

Dianne Sylvan (Austin, TX) has been a practicing Wiccan since the age of sixteen. She is co-founder and President of Blessedways, a Wiccan educational and spiritual organization based out of Central Texas. Through Blessedways she teaches classes on Wicca, the Runes, spiritual magic, and ecstatic dance.

In addition to her books, Dianne's work has appeared in Circle Magazine, NewWitch magazine, and the Llewellyn Wicca Almanac and Witches' Calendar; she has also been interviewed by the Wiccan Pagan Times. More of her articles on living Wiccan spirituality can be found on her website, Dancing Down the Moon.

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