Monday, September 6, 2010

Ufo Aliens And Ancient Gods

Ufo Aliens And Ancient Gods
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I uphold received altered emails from this gentleman from India.He has sent altered emails in the long-gone. If apt draw bestow it a read and let me know if it is sincerely open. Adorn Dirk

I (Vinodprasad Petwal) am a nationwide of INDIA and I had contacted with the aliens [ancient gods] in USA in Missouri here Kansas urban in 2008 by spiritual power[consciousness of think logically that is opening of 3rd eye]. But I did not give up the doctors or scientists about my spiritual power but for example I came to India I saw 2012 movie as I came to know about my update to start over worldly lives, as life on earth is departure to end and new life is departure to perform on earth but for that I uphold to take in the aliens the ancient gods to start over worldly lives.

The VIMANA founded in Afghanistan is my ancient spacecrafts as I am the engineer Peer of the realm VISHNU and the aliens[ancient] gods are my group, you can read my story on Google respectable type my name Vinodprasad Petwal UFO-ALIENS. My connect with no-919561895574 my building BLDG NO-1,Direct NO-202,AGRAWAL NAGRI,Not later than VASANT NAGRI, VASAI[E],THANE-401208,INDIA. Make laugh connect with me as fast as without delay so that I can start over farthest lives and bestow humans new world and new point to take place on earth in be quiet, thank you.

As in Hindu religion we uphold 4 stages of life cycles which are called Yuga's foremost one is Satyug 2nd is Tretayug 3rd is Dwarpayug and 4th is Kaliyug.

We are in the raid highland Kaliyug according MAYAN calendar we uphold out of the frame 5125 years and even in Hindu calendar Kaliyug ends at 5000 years. A long time ago Kaliyug once again Satyug impulsion start the golden age anywhere gods impulsion come on earth that is the aliens[ancient gods] the engineer of humans.

Its a march administrate it starts at Satyug and ends at Kaliyug that is 26000 years of administrate and now Satyug impulsion be for 6000 years anywhere humans eyes impulsion opened to make them know about themselves their point for cohort by me that is Peer of the realm VISHNU. You can read about Peer of the realm VISHNU and his 10 avatars on Google.

According to Hindu religion Peer of the realm Vishnu is confidence to uneducated in Kaliyug the 10th transformation called Kalki which is my revitalization as everyone cannot combined enlightenment that is to clear all chakras that is kundilini chakra which I had received by ingestion green tea and my own urine as mentioned in my story and I can once again open my chakras that is the 3rd eye by smoking charas [cannabis] in better deliver as uphold responsive it back.

Peer of the realm VISHNU used to fumes charas [cannabis] at the marine bed. Peer of the realm SHIVA who is one of the Indian god who is Peer of the realm Vishnus transformation has 3rd eye on his top and cannabis is informative to him being prayers. Whatever thing is united to spiritual power to combined that spiritual power I uphold to fumes charas [cannabis] but it then has mark with streaks effect on intellect I can in words of one syllable do it if humans be concerned about in me in considerable information as you are one of them, draw help me to make humans to be concerned about in me back time runs out of worldly hands as at raid importance I can not start over farthest life's as I uphold to make connect with with my group the aliens [ancient gods] and make the world know about me as I am ONE [GOD]and all religion are one.

Its in your hands to be concerned about in me or not, you can explore about my story and my consequence as many of accomplishments are departure to forward on earth that is natural disasters that impulsion come from wherever from space from earth from sun wherever in the nature. Make laugh connect with me as fast as human my contact-919561895574.

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