Saturday, September 25, 2010

Modern Beliefs Of Pagans

Modern Beliefs Of Pagans Cover I am not presumptuous enough to believe that these should be everyone's beliefs, nor am I egotistical enough to believe that these beliefs are mine alone. However, they are mine. I have formed these beliefs as an individual from the experiences in my life.

Organized Religion:

A mass of people led by individuals that may, or may not, have your best interests at heart. Usually the guiding religious leaders are so high up, and so far removed from the public that it's difficult (at best) to distinguish one from the other. I avoid organized religion because these groups have been known to use their influence or manpower for not so lofty goals. Furthermore, I think a set package of beliefs (a.k.a. Moral Combo Meal) ends up with a lot of people not really knowing what they believe in (as opposed to what they think they should believe in). To my mind this is a sad state of affairs. Some people do need an organized religion for guidance in their life. For them, I guess the system works fine.

Religious Leaders:

These people are just like everyone else... People. Have some used others for their own ends? Yes. Have they used their position or a connection with their deity to convince people to do their bidding? Certainly. Do some religious leaders just want to save souls, and guide people to do the right thing? Absolutely. Do some just want to do their part to help others, and make the world a better place? Without question. So honestly, it's impossible to know about an individual until you have met and interacted with that individual, just like everyone else. However, do keep in mind that any world leader (Such as the President of the United States, or the Pope), will only get the power they have if they want that power. This process also usually involves a lot of toe-squishing.


Good guy, lots of great ideas. An awesome philosopher, and an excellent teacher. I'm glad he was around. Was he the son of God? Yes, just as each one of us is the son or daughter of God. Is he my savior? No, he's dead... Besides, what do I need saving from? I don't believe that I'm being judged by any greater power, nor do I believe in Hell.


Gardner was an intelligent man with a creative mind. He was also a dirty old man who at times had questionable methods, and even more questionable motivations. Don't get me wrong, many of us owe a lot to Gardner, and I do respect him. There are times though, to me, some of his ideas seem ill-concieved or improperly researched.


I am not a homosexual, but I don't mind if anyone else is. These, to me, are the three blessings of relationships: You are blessed once if you know who you are. You are blessed twice if you have come to terms with this, are comfortable with it, and find it a source of strength and identity. You are blessed thrice if you can use this as part of a starting point for a mutually intimate relationship.


Not right for me, but mostly because that has to do with my views on sex, and whom I'd be having sex with. As with many other things, the morals that really count are the morals of the individuals involved, and how they feel about the procedure.


Cloning is the abandonment of the cycle of Nature that causes bubbles in evolution. The two most popular reasons would be to either create the illusion of immortality or to generate a subservient workforce of some kind. This concept is a near abomination to my mind.


Drugs (including alcohol) are for those who wish to alter their state of being, either physically or mentally. Personally, I like who I am, and I like my current state of being so I largely refrain from all kinds of drugs. I only take cold or headache medicine when I am really miserable (and thus wish to change my state of being). I make a special effort to avoid habit-forming or addictive drugs (the more potent/addictive, the more I avoid them).


Guns are designed to kill things. I've gone out target shooting with my brother. Some people really get a kick out of doing this. I think target practice with a bow is more challenging and interesting. Some people say guns have their place, and I'm sure they do. That's fine with me, so long as their place is as far away from me as possible.

Firearm Rights:

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was designed to allow the populace to hold a revolution if they thought there was a need. In this day and age, without proper weapons a revolution would be near impossible. Therefore, to uphold the purpose of the 2nd Amendment it makes sense that citizens be allowed access to military-grade firepower.

Cell Phones:

Driving while talking on a cell phone poses a danger to yourself and to those around you. Talk or drive, not both.


I was made to be an omnivore. I crave meat, I can consume it and digest it without difficulty. I have no problem with this. Being cute is not an excuse to not be nutritional (or tasty). To sustain our own life, other lives, (plant or animal) must end. This is the way Mother Nature works. Some would prefer plant deaths to animal, and that's fine for them. Ok, a good vegetarian diet can be better than a good omnivore diet. Oh well.

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