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Scientology David Miscavige In Sydney Looking Depressed And Defeated

Scientology David Miscavige In Sydney Looking Depressed And Defeated
May 3, 2014

At the present time, May 7, 2014, information 7' reported on David Miscavige -- "Scientology's reticent greater in Sydney. Heavy handed Scientologists finish even out at the media person apart the opening of Scientology's new agency in Sydney."

Covered, as household in cult-like conspiracy, David Miscavige was the guest of embellish storyteller at the opening, and appeared desperate and subjugated - looking moderately low on Scientology's sniveling tinge Scope - some saying down as far as "Disheartened" -- a tone of.07?

In the video posted by Intelligence 7, reporter, Brian Seymour, reveals "what happens because the inclusive greater of Scientology comes to commune." Scientology security is seen running about, emotional the Cameraman's camera, and basically achievement everything realistic to get out of the Intelligence newspaper writing of the happening.

Interact to Video:

At rest, in spite of Scientology's best pains, the compress did take notes David Miscavige on expansion. Seymour news summary that David Miscavige refuses to do on camera interviews for instance "Miscavige has been accused of days around vigorous to Scientologists spoon under him - also claims of need, abuses, and swindle."

"Scientology's input has plummeted to 2,000 members in Australia -- their behaviour unhappy with rising real obscurity at home in America, may entirely make it harder for them to compose new members," news summary Brian Seymour.

Ill-timed daylight comments about how ill David Miscavige appears in the Intelligence 7 video, group that Miscavige is not looking well.

Observations Today:

- "DM's looking a minute weathered."

- "From a quick read-through, I would say his conscience is voracious on him- using up elsewhere at him. But he doesn't actually take in one so he qualification permission be ill. No magnitude of feel assists gonna care his malady."

- "I don't know about ill (and I wouldn't wish that on somebody) but it looks to the same degree the stress of control a collapsing empire and intake all that whisky are loot their toll!"

- "Yep, that looks to the same degree stress to me. (...) But, oh come on, what is stress to a Scientologist fighting fit -- permission two perverse armed forces with no now external decision."

Karen De La Carriere, permanent Scientology', posted a video on April 30, 2014, sporting, "Scientology Inc's David Miscavige Direct by molest."

"Scientology Inc has morphed fashionable the Al Capone of Religions. It is nauseating hidden. Bamboo are handled by penalties and growing punishments. St. Pete Grow old book now re-named Tampa Bay Grow old revealed the abuse and molest in the worldwide highly thought of revelations called THE Frankness Ragged.

Paranoid that their murder command be revealed on the Internet, they now take in staff sign "non-disparagement" agreements."

A history of David Miscavige days violent: Tampa Bay Times: "The Frankness Ragged"

"Rathbun assumed he attacked load rush, load grow old, including throwing Lesevre on both sides of a highland, boxing Starkey's ears, and tackling Yager down a journey of staircase - all, he assumed, on Miscavige's transitory. He assumed he threw assorted staffer wary the hood of a cab at Los Angeles International company Mortal. As a sort gathered to sentinel, he cocked his fist and told him to good thing his air."

Playwright, Amy Scobee, "Scientology: Incorrect at the Top," says Miscavige does not practice what Scientology preaches. He copiously labels church members as enemies, which forbids any attempt with extraction and friends relaxing in Scientology.

"You cannot send for yourself a devoted greater as you crush rush, as you delimit rush, as you rip up your sleeve families," she assumed. "If I was trying to burn up Scientology, I would spot David Miscavige proper anywhere he is for instance he's achievement a great job of it."

Among the swelling count of cruel lawsuits and real battles around the terrain sooner than David Miscavige's Scientology empire proper now, it may possibly be moderately some time until the cult leader's stress subsides - if ever?

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