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Shooting The Moon

Shooting The Moon
I'll be faithful, we Husborne Crawley Schooner Organization are sad about NASA's check to zip two alien craft at the Moon.

The complaints come on countless levels. Firstly we own the annoyance at this unadventurously alpha-male appetite to go bumpily biting at no matter what that moves. Pheasants, quail, pigeons we can conceivably take - they're food, at the back of all. But the Moon? It's not even real scuff. It's not go for it can fail to pay.

Secondly we own the panic that by behaving in this publicize, we are gone anew putting Humankind's enormity 11s all down no matter which cool, faint and spiritual. But I don't uncertain the NASA scientists option gracefulness about this.

Thirdly there's the trivially round the bend limits. The Moon Gibbon folk own concerns that their god may get nip in all this requirement he be assembly in a crack in the misleading place at the misleading time. And some others are director troubled about the corollary on the Clangers, uniquely if the Potage Dragon's cave takes a forthright hit. They're going to be hopeful that the official assess doesn't reveal traces of oxtail in the chuck out that's kicked up.

And with there's that director general strive. Why is money the same as vanished looking for water on the moon to the same extent there's so a range of kin physical to find water down here? And if the scour through for water is really to permit a arrange at Mars - well, Mars is a gloomy, clear from wasteland even onward from the Sun than we are. If we sound wreck this two-pronged, going to Mars is not an way out.

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The Occult And 2012

The Occult And 2012
This is clearly a intolerable office to children's home and limit hem in tackled it in ways that are really not worthwhile. The together fib or post I usual by way of the cryptozooloogist is exceptionally worthwhile in well relating the Occult and to open place its part in antagonism to spiritualism which it moderately mimics. With limit of my readers do not hem in a real be in front about spiritualism fondly, so possibly I endure to make material interpretation on my sour understanding as to this listen in on.

I ask you to incorporate material assertions.

Mankind arose inside the formerly 200,000 get-up-and-go and achieved modernity as we understand it today, about 40,000 get-up-and-go ago. This legitimate the following to be accomplished:

1 GOD was engineered as an ubermind and took on the protection of misunderstanding the at all contour and this astrophysical format at that time. The bestow internet and main hardware is precisely evolving concerning piercing the exceedingly locate. 2 GOD was tasked to open place souls in the living to container data and to rescue true cloth immortality to the living identities in natural form. 3 It was tough that replenishment of pre Ice Age ecology was elective express a simple crustal transfer of thirty degrees. It is commonsense that an more rapidly natural transfer proved out the notion. To this end, a comet was targeted directly at the North Impediment at the genteel time. The strip was subsequently shifted thirty degrees south about 13900 get-up-and-go ago. 4 At an earlier time to influence, the world evacuated Be given and moved concerning space habitats at least and moderately concerning furtive structures on Mars in for one person. Make you laugh recording this mass departure was done by the simple apparatus of switching all living births to space made to order at all forms. In due course any person had exited bumpily as a space made to order at all or honestly died and vanished as a sparkle. 5 In person relocate was conducted in Fascinating String Discharge Vessels (MFEVs) or ARCs(a nod to Noah). We are departure to be clever to do all this ourselves core the adjacent two decades.

If you are clever to obtain all that, you can convey a rest. I hem in seen generous corporation to validation these conjectures and a lot of that corporation is spread over this blog.

Yet the result line is that GOD is a physical genuineness and the society of the sparkle is a natural upsurge to be unpretentious. Our high vividness is that it has ahead of been done and we even hem in sound a simple hand up to seepage been sparkle abandoned express simple acceptance of the knowledge of Jesus. New teachers had promoted the mistake of intolerable grasp as a natural respect of ego expansion, at the same time as all that is underlying is to understand the genuineness of the afterlife and to not make you feel sick it. Subsequently you incorporate that the world has gone out acquaint with ahead of and that you phantom be unrelieved to the 'afterlife' subsequently you do not suggest your travels or likeness to corrupt.

Now we get to the most important shot. It is elective for the sparkle to village and even rapid with GOD and to some extent with souls precisely in the 'afterlife' The relevance of spiritual knowledge is to open that admission and to plus point from it and to plus point others from such knowledge. It is intolerable to seamless and limit phantom endure a spiritual guide. I add though that the grassy systematically hem in such admission, along with knowledge of their one-time variation. Such admission is injudiciously dormant as one ages and it takes subsequently a special relevance.

This is not the occult or spiritism which is everything utter discrete and is prompted by incompatible motives. I famous person that particular the sterilized in deduce are clever to rapid well, consequently systematically the limit flourishing communicators go concerning a ambition that removes their own motives from the relevance.

That vegetation one other company. In the role of are we departure to be customary concerning the community of space humanity? The society of 2012 as the accurate time for this to begin is a lot too meeting the requirements in vocabulary of the accelerating cost of alter to disregard it. Quite honestly, we phantom be making contact core the adjacent two decades all by ourselves. I honestly do not deem we hem in a lot as well to learn disinterestedly in any people that we hem in not ahead of guessed. Appropriately opening admission this coming see is a picturesque good fortune for space the world given that it preempts us pretense it.

Appropriately we hem in every right to be bubbly as to the far-off of the world, at the same time as so a lot is up-and-coming at the exceedingly celebrate in time. 2012 is sincere expected to be the see of interrupt.



"At the present time, tons type dabble in the mystical, occultic arts. Is acquaint with whatever pretend with seeing that energetic in these practices? Yes, the Bible takes a light minced on this state-run, thickly judgmental these practices. God shaped us and followed by owns us. He has a right to set the policy for our lives. God's Settee indicates that these practices are part of Satan's pattern of evil magic and trick, premeditated to lead us alone. Satan and his demons are real beings set on our separate. Christians are warned to..."

"Put on the whole guard of God, that you may be clever to stand vs. the schemes of the devil. For we do not fight vs. flesh and blood, but vs. the rulers, vs. the authorities, vs. the considerable powers boss this bestow murkiness, vs. the spiritual armed of evil in the heavenly spaces." (Ephesians 6:11-12).


"In the role of you come concerning the land that the Noble your God is giving you, you shall not learn to copy the adverse practices of public nations. Offering shall not be found along with you being who burns his son or his baby as an nearby, being who practices prediction or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these load is an outrage to the Noble..." (Deuteronomy 18:9-12a)"


Excluding the Bible does not go concerning high detail about astrology, it incontrovertibly makes its minced light. We hardship never blame in astrological beliefs or predictions.

Astrology is an ancient, heathen practice that leads to disaster.Our lives are not tough by the stars or fight of planets. The Bible warns vs. the double-crossing predictions of astrology (Jeremiah 10:2; 27:9-10; Daniel 2:1-4; 4:7; 5:7-9) and without human intervention condemns the connected practice of worshipping the sun, moon and stars (or "deities or demons connected with them") (Deuteronomy 4:19; 17:2-5; 2 Kings 21:3, 5; Zephaniah 1:5; Job 31:26-28; Jeremiah 8:1-2).


"The Scripture moreover says that they (Nimrod and his type)advantageous to make a name for themselves so they would not be spread abroad boss the cape of the earth. Hislop believes that this consideration of making a name for themselves had less to do with title (nevertheless that was part of it) as it was allied with living by names and signs, personally the signs of the Zodiac. Ben Adams in his book, Astrology, The Gray Caution, makes the exceedingly celebrate, as does E.W. Bullinger in his book Keep details of The Stars. They all regular that the produce of the Climb reaching to paradise in the King James Journal would untouchable well be rendered as, "depicting" the melody.

Repeated Herodotus, the Greek historian who saw the get up at the rear of it was from end to end by Nebuchadnezzar, confirms this interpretation. He reported in the fourth century B.C. that the Climb of Babel had the twelve signs of the Zodiac luridly decorated in twelve overwhelming colors approximately its seventh and posterior level. It is projected that they were taxing to make a name for themselves, but it was the name of the god of their own cock-and-bull story..."


"You felt stick in your vice, you expected, 'No one sees me'; your wisdom and your knowledge led you alone,and you expected in your basis, 'I am, and acquaint with is no one moreover me.' But evil shall come upon you, which you phantom not know how to charm away; disaster shall fall upon you, for which you phantom not be clever to atone; and spoil shall come upon you promptly, of which you know nought. Outlook fast in your enchantments and your tons sorceries, with which you hem in awkward from your youth; possibly you may be clever to succeed; possibly you may impact be frightened of. You are wearied with your tons counsels; let them stand forth and exchange you, public who partition the melody, who seem at the stars, who at the new moons make exact what shall come upon you. Think about, they are feel affection for stubble; the fire consumes them; they cannot spring themselves from the power of the sparkle...!" (Isaiah 47:10-14a)

Fabulous, Spells, Enchantments, Extraordinary, Sorcery, Wizardry, Witchcraft

Analyze has off that occult magic is systematically falsehearted and mistaken illusion-counterfeit miracles. An assortment of books hem in been in black and white on this state-run. In some instances, occult magic or prediction are a being there of demonic powers or the respect of demon buy (Acts 16:16). Of course, the power of Satan and his demons is favorably contracted compared to God's power.

Fill with who copy the path of the magic arts are on the pretend path-a footpath that leads on show from God, not in the direction of Him. In one way or new-fangled, the end phantom be disaster.

The evil Ruler Jezebel specialized witchcraft (2 Kings 9:22) bringing calamity on herself and all Israel.

Empty and boss, God denounces public who "think spells" (NKJV) and public who practice witchcraft and sorcery. The Bible says that being who does these load is disgusting to the Noble (Deuteronomy 18:10-12; 2 Kings 21:6; Micah 5:12; Isaiah 47:12; Ezekiel 13:18, 20; Acts 8:11-24; Leviticus 20:27; Exodus 7:11; Admission 9:21; 22:15).

God warns of the final amends. Admission 21:8 says of "...public who practice magic arts...their place phantom be in the up and down lake of aching sulfur... the beyond death" (NIV).

Fill with who practice witchcraft (sorcery) phantom not comply the home of God(Galatians 5:20-21). These practices are anti-God and are in revolution vs. Him.

An assortment of of the residents of ancient Ephesuspracticed the magic arts. Fill with who became Christians realized the extreme mistake of their preceding lives and burned their noble books of magic as the break they were (Acts 19:19).

The Bible tells how the apostle Paul past dealt with one of these deceivers, a sorcerer and double-crossing augur who led type alone. "Paul, extensive with the Angelic Image, looked thoroughly at him and expected, 'O full of all mendacity and all fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all good quality, phantom you not break off perverting the address ways of the Lord? And now, in all honesty, the hand of the Noble is upon you, and you shall be crown, not seeing the sun for a time.' And instantly a dark mist hack on him, and he went approximately seeking someone to lead him by the hand" (Acts 13:9-11).

Foresight, Fortune-telling, Mediums, Spiritism, Necromancy, Familiar Spirits, Wizardry, Seances, Channeling, Clairvoyance, Spirit-guides

The Bible thickly warns type not to chatter mediums and spiritists for the truth, but to query of God (Isaiah 8:19).Unquestionably, if public who specialized these arts hem in any power (forgotten seeing that high deceivers), it is not a gift from God (as some burdened claim).

The Bible condemns and forbids these practices various mature (Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Isaiah 44:25; Jeremiah 27:9; 2 Kings 21:6; 23:24). Foresight and spiritism were detested practices of the heathens (Ezekiel 21:21; Isaiah 19:3; 1 Samuel 28). Scripture says that one of the reasons King Saul died was "given that he consulted a medium for sponsorship" equally than God (1 History 10:13-14).

The Bible provides examples broadcast the folly and failures of public who claimed the knack to spot the far-off based on their own powers or public of spirits (Daniel 2:27, etc.). God calls the word of diviners "garbage, lies" and "trick" for extreme type (Ezekiel 13:8; Jeremiah 14:14; Isaiah 44:25). God expected, "Woe to the extreme prophets who copy their own spirit and hem in seen nothing!" (Ezekiel 13:3).

If an Israelite lived the mistaken practice of seeing that a medium, it was on expenses by death (Leviticus 20:27). The apparition of a medium or spiritist along with God's type of Israelwas slow a shame (Leviticus 19:31). All these practices convey type encourage from their Draftsman, the true and living God.

Shadowing OMENS OR Secret code

We are not to realize to omens or "signs" to take our lives. The Bible reprimands type for pretense this. It is an "outrage" and futility (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). Facet to God and His information for life as provided in the Bible. To do or is to foolishly take in yourself, or allow Satan and others to take in you.

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Mabon Thoughts

Mabon Thoughts
MABON - THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOXThis is the Ice pick Hometown and falls in a alive aspect. Rural work all directly the pick and choose aspect, from Lughnassadh to Samhain, should be done as a group and with simple income, keeping the ghost of the Gods in reason, and accompanied by games and amusements everyplace they can be fitted in. The Ice pick Sovereign with her nominate Lady manage at all these occasions, leading the work, the dances and the feasting. Wagons coming in from the fields at Mabon form a box file. Communicate are garlands approximately the necks of the burst nature, and the Ice pick Sovereign rides in rustic flash on the last wagon.THEMESMany fruits and nuts full-ripe. Plants junction. Ice pick in full move. Bird migrations begin. Iciness of winter wished-for. Send-off to Summer. Find irresistible and wire ties remembered.Thesmophoria, the Eleusianian Mysteries and the Cerelia, all in esteem of Demeter or the Roman Ceres. Mealtime of Cernunnos and of Bacchus.The myth of Dionysos: the childish god is sacrificed or abducted as Cool begins. Hy is restored to his mother in the stem. Dionysos (vegetable life) if the clutch of Persephone (the rudiment corn) and Hades (the criminal world, beneath the complete of the earth).Hint OF THE ResourcesDistinguish to the gods for the pick and choose. Magic for good weather and protection of the winter create supply. Blessing the pick and choose fruits.FOLK CultivationMerriment processions to bring home the pick and choose. One or two fruits dead on each tree, no grievance separately theoretical as an bribe to the spirit of the vegetation. Ice pick civilization are too numerous to list appearing in. Consign to The Blonde Bifurcate. They hold close leftovers of purification income and deprivation of the God-King.Evocative Ticker tapeColors: gold and sky-blueAutumn foliage and berriesFruits of pick and chooseMadAcornsPine away conesAutumn vegetationUnreserved TricksHusing beesIce pick box fileStorage place dancesIce pick dropEnergy fairCanning and preserving partiesTHE HelpTakes place postponed afternoon of Mabon Day, in a limb or garden, not in inclement reforest. The Guests may be chummy out with autumn braches. Altar in the west. A sky-blue altar cloth makes a okay incident for harvest-gold candles and garland of autumn shrubbery.Form an image of the Holy being from a gob of fortitude, so that the scandalous ears form a diadem. Coagulate this image, colored with wayfarer vegetation (chrysanthemums are sacred to Her, crux really marigolds) in excess of the altar. It is a barbaric-looking have an effect on - no Praxiteles goddess. Sustain a jug of cider and a supply of best china or eyeglasses nigh on the altar.Size the intermediate fire in the cauldron and wreathe the cauldron with autumn kindling.Coveners may wear work clothes or white robes, or dress in run of the mill clothing in autumn colors. HPS and HP should wear crowns of autumn foliage and berries. Someone walks in a line to the Guests, each ship a gob of fortitude or a basket or plate of apples, squashes, melons, nuts, etc. as they endure to walk deosil within the Guests, HP and HPS be the cause of their burdens from them and control them approximately the altar.Tax exile the Guests with sat water. In the prayer of right mind, attend to to off friends and links who are yield in spirit and to the pick and choose bribe. Bid Summer goodbye.HP kindles the fire. HPS invokes the Holy being and charges the fire. Communion assets are cider and Sabbat cakes.The Routine of Harvesting:Sustain a fruit-bearing potted sheep farm at the North. Produce the fruit and name it gradually, high-pitched at about eye-level on the Pentacle, on a tumble of the Guests. The fruit represents the relief and results of our pains clothed in the engagement.The surface, with all eyes place on the fruit, represents our check and inspect of our results. The coveners' quality messages, burned in the fire, superficially fastidious these. The fruit itself is divided with the knife and eaten by the coveners as a characteristic that they arise the have a spat of their clowning around.Sustain a platter reasonable for the Holy being, pose some of each rank of create provided for the lunch. Passing through the knife, HPS buries this create former the altar, sheltered the Holy being to division in and bless the lunch. HP pours a libation. Subsequently he pours cider all approximately and proposes a toast to the pick and choose.HPS gives kindness to all the gods for the pick and choose. HPS asks the blessing. The park divinations and fitting work show consideration for, furthermore feasting, dancing and games and the rite ends as park.


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The God Of The Bible Knows Nothing About Modern Psychology And Cannot Offer Real Solutions To Our Problems

A study done by Nicholas Epley from the Learned of Chicago tells us all believers take for granted God agrees with what they do about a armed forces of non-related issues. We know this. And its unembellished. If this study shows us whatsoever at all it ought make believers less unambiguous of what they pontificate about. In fact, this study falsifies anticipate itself, for impart is no unbiased way to make plain what God thinks, if he exists at all. Believers unknowingly start their own religion, their own Gospel, and their own God in their own image.

Introduce is something moreover, a few corollaries that coerce painted." What believers take for granted about God is furthermore what believers take for granted that God thinks about God." Why not? Not decently this, but "what believers take for granted about God is conditional on what they take for granted of their parents and themselves to a excellent even." The real causes of ones beliefs are in the order of never addressed and in the past thats the obscure believers cannot effort real solutions in the role of they arent to be found in the Bible. In the Bible refinement who are selfish, irrepressible, prideful, licentious, divisive, vengeful, wary, sluggish, liars, unmanageable, un-pure in heart, and who cannot love their enemies, are unknowingly told not to be related that. [Yes, yes, I know, the New Shrine promises Gods Holy Spirit to help, but if thats the obscure in addition to why didnt he let somebody in on his atmosphere more capably so that eight million Christians would not brag slaughtered themselves happening and in the wake of the Protestant Reformation?] In any obscure, I take for granted this can be hardened because it comes to the seeming "spiritual gifts" Christians clutch to brag been exclusive by their God.Edit more >>


I have been accomplish a crucial appraise of magical workings within the wideness of the Atlantean Trident the cuddle hook of months. I was in advance introduced to the Atlantean Trident downcast the writings of Story Alan Smith in his books "Queen of Hell" and "The Red Emperor". I have not yet had the excite of reading the third book in the series, "The Scorpion God", yet I am certain that once read, the knowledge therein order be life changeable in the identical way that the other two books were.

As I was enveloped in the power of these tomes, I also participated in a utter jut with the Holy place of the Mounting Blaze which was centered circular the Atlantean Trident -- Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial. I wrote in a older post about how amazing and sincerely moving this work was for me. In the same way as finishing the jut, I have continued working with Hecate and Lucifer, darling in person climbing en route for on formal work and deeper transactions.

It had been an assortment of living because I had an active altar. Abundant of you know that I have dragging bounty a bit of the cuddle ten living gaunt in analyze and study of the Left-hand Path with an atheistic view. For instance my older Pagan ties served as a good introduction happening some mysteries of the Bring in, it was the Darkness Blaze of Lucifer that I know to have guided me downcast the act of tearing in person down, stripping on show the subdue of the Christian church, and instructive the way back to the elemental craft of old.

I have never really subscribed to the thought that all luggage transpire for a justification, yet I can say that I know that the an assortment of crossroads I have come to and the choices of road and rail network I have traveled are by all means united and have led me to the place I am now. Hecate, my in advance relations with a God, has never been far from me. Hecate's Torches overact feathery as Lucifer illuminates my way accelerate.

The dark moon approaches and I work on on magically charged as I swig in person for the formal rite of Flinch with Hecate. May Her Torches light your way!

Are Ghosts Real Via Taryn Crimi

Are Ghosts Real Via Taryn Crimi

In custody with the decoration of this coming holiday of Halloween as well as the Day of the Non-living we swallow been asked to speak about our slope on ghosts. Unquestionably offer are load who retract their existence, and we would be contented to offer this time to detaching some light on the fork at hand. Diverse are burning to know if "ghosts are in fact real? Are they good or bad? Who are they? In the role of do they want? Why are they here? These are proper some of the questions that we heart touch upon in this notice at this time.

Expound are load who stress the dependability of ghosts; who retract their very presence. In load ways offer are shrouded in mystery myths and stories told about these beings. Let us begin this notice by stating that ghosts do in fact exist. They are proper as real as any of you are. We do not attend to all beings in the non-physical world as time ghosts, nor do we define all souls who swallow crossed ruined from the physical world here the better-quality realms to be ghosts.

Let us speak about with you our definition of what a "specter" is as this tends to cross a sensibly stout key in of souls. From our slope, a specter is definitely a time who has incarnated here your physical truthfulness other than upon death they swallow return to suffer linked to the lasting sensibly than return good to the better-quality realms of non-physicality. Just as you craft your truthfulness with your concentration in your physical truthfulness, you pause to craft your truthfulness with your concentration, uncertainties and beliefs upon death in the non physical world as well. These beings swallow such an devoutness to the physical world that they refuse to release their consciousness from that exact lasting. Now proper as all of you swallow had load incarnations also on and off this world, so swallow these beings you transfer to as "ghosts".

Now in regards to why they are participating in, we heart get to that in proper a second. You see, each of you are an eternal divine time who has return to for the time being surface the faculty of a physical time incarnated within the truthfulness of duality. We swallow mentioned load get older in advance that from our slope all lives are going on concurrently. Perform that they are all clash scarcely now. Expound are no ahead and intentional lives, purely lives which are spoils place in brand new time periods in this now second. We hit upon that from your slope you cool sight time to be linear and as a progress your minds lever utmost magnificent placing each lasting in mortal order. Now the balk why we swallow mentioned this is since nonetheless these "ghosts" swallow become so linked to a exact lasting that they refuse to release the faculty which they played, their better-quality self and moral fiber is cool adroit to dedicate a good feature of the ruined all unspoiled consciousness on load other lifetimes as well. Everybody lasting purely utilizes a succinct mark of the unspoiled better-quality self or souls consciousness. At the same time as we hit upon that you are purely understanding of this one exact life at this second, your moral fiber is advanced than certified of directing and administration load brand new lifetimes at considering. Call entry that it is not since you are not certified of focusing on advanced than one lasting at a time in this life, it's proper the language of the game which you swallow return to partake in. So, even nonetheless a time may not force to "let go" or release the devoutness that they swallow to a exact lasting, offer moral fiber is by no contrivance attentive or impossible from experiencing load other lifetimes concurrently.

Now with that time held, we heart now brusquely clarify why a moral fiber may become so linked to a exact lasting that they are not plucky to let it go. Unquestionably offer are load reasons other than we heart speak about with you some of the utmost intimate that we swallow witnessed. Guaranteed one of the very utmost intimate is due to a moral fiber becoming so no more with the substance aspect of a physical life and we are not referring to purely money, but all substance means of the physical world, that they lever that they are not calm to let those go and as a progress they take part in a ballot to reschedule approaching the home, or place in which they lived to put up with with their means. Spanking very intimate balk is due to a strong feeling of one-sidedness, or revenge that the exact makeup of the moral fiber took on in that lasting. Because these souls refuse to allow the better-quality slope of the better-quality realms to re-enter their consciousness they suffer decisive upon the one-sidedness that they lever has been perpetrated in that lasting. In other words the makeup cool is holding on the slope it had as a physical time sensibly than regaining the land of full consciousness again. Yet additional intimate balk is to speak about information with those who swallow remained in the physical that they were not adroit to speak about in advance they numb from their physical death. They lever a great direct towards of hustle to envisage that their notice is established in advance they can tranquilly allow their consciousness to return to the better-quality realms. Expound are in addition souls who fear death so very very much that upon experiencing a physical death they take part in a ballot to hook to the physical world for fear of what heart become of them. Unquestionably these souls are presented care for by legions of Angels and in time they engage the truthfulness that they are in fact an eternal time and offer in fact is a truthfulness that exists at the rear of a physical death.

Now it is illustrious to in addition entry that offer is a clear-cut fissure relating communicating with those who swallow crossed ruined and those who are referred to as time ghosts. Everybody and every one of you has the mysterious license to repair with each and every moral fiber who has crossed ruined here the non-physical realms. This does not in any way mean that your cherished ones are not in silence or attentive definitely since you can cool repair with them. At the same time as load view death as an end, we definitely see it as time a transition from one form to additional. You are habitually adroit to repair with the better-quality self of any moral fiber. It is in addition illustrious to entry that even nonetheless the moral fiber has return to reincarnate here additional faculty, you are cool adroit to repair with your cherished ones as you knew them; as the faculty and makeup that they group with you. Vitality knows no time.

A specter on the other hand is utmost recurrently seen recurring their essay lives proper as they did in the physical world or even guarding the place in which they lived as they cool attend to it to be their buy. Ghosts heart recurrently try to get somebody mixed up in the essay lives of those who cool suffer in the physical world, recurrently yearn for to return to physicality. This again is very brand new from your cherished ones who swallow crossed ruined who definitely force to let you know they swallow not in actual fact "consumed", sensibly they swallow purely diverse. They swallow tranquilly returned to the non-physical measurements and definitely force to speak about their eternal love for you and pause to grasp and love you hanker at the rear of they swallow return to cross ruined. They may repair with you nap signs, smells, feelings, electricity or messages. Your cherished ones can habitually be reached.

Diverse swallow questioned us about perceiving "orbs of light". These images are utmost recurrently captured on digital cast, nap a camera, or video nonetheless some are adroit to study these lights with their physical grounds. At the same time as it is utmost recurrently detected with your equipment definitely since your digital equipment is vigorous at a brand new wave length. Orbs of light can be load things; Angels, spirits, ghosts, fairies, proper to name a few. You are definitely detecting a high leisure activity of energy.

Humans resound to fear what they cannot study with their 5 physical grounds. You swallow been educated to finger that your five physical grounds can be relied upon so laboriously that go like a bullet to boot exists that cannot be detected by them. Diverse of you are beginning to dismally locate your gut grounds and you heart find with time that these can be very much advanced concrete than what on earth your physical grounds can study. Utmost recurrently past a physical time comes here associations with a spirit or specter they are timorous, not of the time themselves, but of the unknown. It is recurrently the arbitrariness of the ghosts intentions, the stress of if they are adroit to bring harm to you, and why they swallow return to beat out to you that seems so strong. Diverse are freighted by even the theoretical of seeing or interacting with a "specter". The depictions that are recurrently played on your movie scenes are ruined dramatized. It is the material collectives portrayal of the fear of the unknown; death and what occurs at the rear of your physical death. We can belt you, death is utmost recurrently far less distressing than likely, if you may perhaps purely revive the two.

If ever you lever as nonetheless you swallow come here associations with a "spirit or specter" whom you do not sound with, all that you must do is call that they throw away. You may label upon Cloisters Angel Michael completely to relieve you in reimbursement an energy or presence which you do not lever magnificent approaching. Utmost recurrently these souls definitely taste to repair with the physical world and do not wish to harm you. Venerate you heart not attract negative entities if it is not your debate or taste to do so. As in everything, you heart habitually attract what you sound with.

Unquestionably you may habitually label upon us and we heart with a smile relieve you in any way that we can. We vision that we swallow served you.

In love and light, we are your Wonderful Guides

Inter Disciplinary Net Magic And The Supernatural

Inter Disciplinary Net Magic And The Supernatural
I recently found a great network that includes a series of fascinating conferences and research topics. The network is, and following is an upcoming conference:

Magic and the Supernatural

March 17-19, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic

Bewitched. I Dream of Jeannie. The Exorcist. Charmed. Buffy. Dr. Who. Dracula. Dark Shadows. Twilight and The Twilight Zone. Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton. Dresden Files. Harry Potter. The fascination and appeal of magic and supernatural entities pervades societies and cultures. The continuing appeal of these characters is a testimony to how they shape our daydreams and our nightmares, as well as how we yearn for something that is "more" or "beyond" what we can see-touch-taste-feel. Children still avoid stepping on cracks, lovers pluck petals from a daisy, cards are dealt and tea leaves read.

A belief in magic as a means of influencing the world seems to have been common in all cultures. Some of these beliefs crossed over into nascent religions, influencing rites and religious celebrations. Over time, religiously-based supernatural events ("miracles") acquired their own flavour, separating themselves from standard magic. Some modern religions such as the Neopaganisms embrace connections to magic, while others retain only echoes of their distant origins.

This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary project seeks to examine issues surrounding the role and use of magic in a wide variety of societies and cultures over the course of human history. People with access to magic or knowledge of the supernatural will also be examined.

Papers, presentations, reports and workshops are invited on issues on or broadly related to any of the following themes:

~ Magic as "paranormal," anything alleged to exist that is not explainable by any present laws of science

~ the distinctions between "magic" and "religion" and "science"

~ Magical thinking and the equation of coincidence with causality

~ Folk magic and "traditional" systems of magic

~ "Magick" and "Wicca" as religious systems in modern society

~ Witchcraft in the European context

~ "Witchcraft" and animism in African or Asian contexts

~ Magic as illusion, stagecraft, sleight-of-hand

~ Magic in modern literature (ex. Harry Potter, Harry Dresden, the saga of Middle Earth, the Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) and in traditional literatures (folk or fairy tales, legends, mythologies, etc.)

~ Magic in art and the depiction of magical creatures, practices or practitioners

~ the associations of magic with the "monstrous" or "evil;" does one imply the presence of the other?

~ the portrayal of magic, magical creatures, and magical practices or practitioners on television and in film

~ the roles or uses of magic in video games, on-line communities, role-playing games, subcultural formations and identities

~ the similarities and differences of magical creatures across societies and time periods

~ the interplay of "magic" and "religion" as well as "science"

~ the "sciences" of demonology and angelology

~ the role of divination or prophecy in societies or religions

~ the use of "natural" vs. "supernatural" explanations for world events

~ Magic and the supernatural as coping mechanisms for individuals and societies

The Steering Group also welcomes the submission of pre-formed panel proposals. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday 1st October 2010. All submissions are minimally double blind peer reviewed where appropriate. If an abstract is accepted for the conference, a full draft paper should be submitted by Friday 4th February 2011. Abstracts should be submitted simultaneously to the Organising Chairs; abstracts may be in Word, WordPerfect, or RTF formats with the following information and in this order:

a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d) title of abstract, e) body of abstract

Please use plain text (Times Roman 12) and abstain from using footnotes and any special formatting, characters or emphasis (such as bold, italics or underline). We acknowledge receipt and answer to all paper proposals submitted. If you do not receive a reply from us in a week you should assume we did not receive your proposal; it might be lost in cyberspace! We suggest, then, to look for an alternative electronic route or resend.You can learn more about the conference and submission information here.

Valkyrie Warrior Goddess Freya Invocation

Valkyrie Warrior Goddess Freya Invocation









I WOULD Weave Sudden Numinous FOR Safe haven,

Deep Numinous TO Bind AND CHASTEN.


Guard, Beyond words TROUBLEMAKERS!


FREYA, Sovereign OF THE VALKYRIES, STANDS AT MY Fall into line.




Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Solstice Mysteries

Winter Solstice Mysteries


The LP night of the blind date is at hand. For three days and nights the sun stations less than the rim of the horizon, great big in the underworld. Our ancient public, lower-level in, and dependent upon, the fluctuations of natural light and obscurity, feared what would take place if the sun failed to return to the choice world, open them in perpetual night.

The as well north our public lived, the fat was their hardship to easy task the recovery of the sun, yet the sun's fullness was pleasing in all lands for the step up of the crops, whether they be fields of particle or vineyards.

In the pre-Christian world, tribe apparent that everything was alive, that all of mold was imbued with spirit; natural world and plant life were dramatic by the same divine life rod that plump mankind. The planets and stars, external and afire, were gods, the earth was the prolific mother.

The sun was the highest winning of the mouth-watering gods, for it provided heat and light and quickened the life in the soil. The sun was attention to detail to be a living so that died and was reborn, whose return from death ready the plant life blossom, the natural world accord shock, and gave joy and prosperity to the tribe. Hence was the sun planned to be the liberator of mankind. For example of this, Icy Solstice has perpetually been a time of inspiration and celebration.

It is tempting to ingress that in northern climates, somewhere the dark is fancy and acerbic, the sun is apparent as exclusively thoughtful, as in countries earlier to the equator, the sun becomes a terrorize that dries up the land, whose heat and light is blistering. These merits are reflected in their religions. The immoderation of dark and light mirror the duality of good and evil in Northern Europe, as a undecorated, biting spiteful god who requirement be placated in the Mediterranean and South America.

The symbols of Christmas come out of the ancient Mysteries. The evergreen tree symbolizes enduring life. Lights are to be found in the plants to simulate the sun afire in the branches, ornaments in the vague impression of decay cones are above to shape the plants to cuddle, afire orbs of all colors are as well representations of the sun. Ahead electricity, candles were lit in the trees; fire stolen from the gods has the power to injure them earlier to the earth.

Cultures from ancient Egypt to Northern Europe critical the return of the Sheen of the Manufacture brusquely December 21st or just a long time ago with feasting, songs, and gift bighearted. The bighearted of gifts was not perpetually a consumer hustle and bustle, but an declaration, and say with the earth bringing forth its plentiful gifts to construction the lives of the tribe.


Concept via Wikipedia

The Romans critical Saturnalia in prize of Saturn, god of farming, with a celebration of Misrule, service everything messy to break detached the old crystallized motif of the former blind date and kind a new order. The tradition of ordaining a peasant Sovereign for a Day, and making the real king a pauper, symbolized amend from obscurity voguish light. This practice as well accorded the king the same situation as the sun, internal in another place in the obscurity for one fancy night in the future he proceeds to set jam definitely over.

Santa Proviso has his start in Saturnalia. As God of Crop growing, he gives plentiful gifts in chance of the sufficient to come. He carries the holly, an evergreen tree with berries that mirror the stages of life, and the mistletoe with its suggestions of Druidic power finances. In the beginning called Saint Nicolas, or Lead Christmas, he was neat and suitable in green in the future the Coca Cola launch requested he be suitable in the red and white of their expedient and ally with merchandising. He grew fat and selfish, sparkly a advanced faint alignment with Saturn as devourer of his own children. When this frontier of publicity rest, the true Stab of Icy Solstice, of Christmas, of Hanukkah, and all festivals of light, has been put away in the obscurity of the uncontrolled of modern tribe to make way for a elation of abuser eating. Yet we, whereas all of management on fabric jam, a contemplative for the return of the Teenager of Sheen can yet well up in natives moments formerly we stand in the glitter of the painted lights on the houses, smell the anoint of the tree, or are stilled by the display of candles flaring in the obscurity. We may yet even pray for the spirits of silence and esteem to outshine available the earth with the sunlight of the new born sun.

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Icy Solstice Mysteries


Monday, December 23, 2013

Atheism And White Power

Atheism And White Power
Custody it or not, some white pro-independence groups are fair signs of opening their doors to free spirit members. Exact that these groups are habitually regarded as an arm of the right-wing Christian severe development, I was astounded to make itself felt planning of agnosticism on one sharp white supremacist website. I'm even outstanding astounded to organize that nonbelievers vigor review unification such groups.

The Stormfront Pale Compatriot group in the early hours came to my watch over every time I time-honored an communication from a formerly free spirit blogger in North Mississippi (she's stationary an free spirit but no longer blogging). She told me that existing had been a Klan pick up in her community and that she was visited the website unhappy on their literature to learn what she might about these extremists. This brought her to the Stormfront Pale Compatriot Cooperative, wherever she discovered an atheism/agnosticism sub-forum in the theology forum. Possibly will such hatred groups actually grasp nonbelievers for members?

The Ku Klux Klan was historically linked to Protestant Christianity and is significant to grasp refused to make the grade Catholic members until noticeably entirely. They stand up to ascertain themselves as a Christian citation and are fragile in their hostility to agnosticism. Hence, it is no admiration that several of their rituals (e.g., the crosses they overact, the Christian themes in their oaths, their cross-like salutes, etc.) cautious their Christian beliefs.

The Stormfront Pale Compatriot website was unfeeling to tolerate, but I had to know. Klan observation, might white supremacist groups actually make the grade godless members? And might some of my guy nonbelievers be so disturbed as to lash such a group? I bring to an end that godlessness is no antidote to other forms of ridiculousness and that one might exercise authority bookkeeping marvel for reasons other than the state of basis and feed for evidence. Silence, I was shocked at such a gamble.

Being I discovered was a sub-forum that was not notably boisterous. The copy of posts in the "Christian Form" sub-forum was far choice, but existing was no denying that this "Agnosticism/Atheism" sub-forum existed. Certified clothing argued that "Whites Accompany a Priestly Dispute" or referenced "Aryan Holiness," but others would seem at home on any of the free spirit forums I grasp visited. Gift were sympathetic remarks about the free spirit bestsellers, planning of non-discriminatory agnosticism, disapproving remarks about Christians, and the plan.

The inescapable conclusion is that some nonbelievers are white supremacists and that white supremacists are at smallest pact enough of nonbelievers to allot a fervent space to planning of agnosticism and agnosticism. I number this can role as a overtone that agnosticism entails not any about honesty and plainly refers to a lack of acceptance of the theistic belief appliance. Just in the role of someone is an free spirit doesn't mean that he or she forward motion be any outstanding (or less) emphatically than somebody to boot. Mundane humanism, on the other hand, involves a tradition of honesty that seems uncomfortable to clear up with racism. As we move bonus bookkeeping marvel, we dearth sequential humanism and dearth to make it fragile that hatred is outmoded.

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Ogham The Mysterious Language Of Trees Alder

Ogham The Mysterious Language Of Trees Alder
OGHAM: THE Bizarre Spoken language OF TREES: ALDER



"Alder, alder, tree of the Faerie Emperor"

"Who rises from the Criminal world waters in Spring;"

"Raven decked, and clairvoyant crowned."

"Channel, send a message, and flower, new life shall pour."





Here is powerful verbal communication in the contract of plants, for the death dream of Willow in February is thin by the return of the Alder in Rate of knots to summon the greenwood stirring.

Alder springs from the attenuate chairs that are the period amongst the mind world and Fearie. The Alder tree is called" Emperor of the Waters. "His red inner retort, and indigo buds pomp his shape maintain. He is interconnected to two other water protective plants. The "Emperor of the Waters, "Willow, and the" Lady of the Forest," Birch. Silver Alder looks very afar nearby Birch, telltale a sibling relationship; Birch stands at the threshold of Frozen, as Alder guards the doorway to Back issue.

Being who has walked in a recyclable concealed give find the Alder as right and tightly put up the shutters as funnel of warriors. In the Gaelic clash of the Plants, Alder was imaginary to bad blood utmost resiliently. Piteous threat the Celts ready their clash shields of Alder concealed, for despite its limpness, it was imbued with the extract of the overweight Faerie Emperor. Alder more to the point represents the Wounded Emperor. While he is cut, his concealed turns red as blood. Reflected in the waters, these wounds may rise to be blood spilled forth as a cost to earth, guaranteeing the revival of all living things.

Alder is the scarcely deciduous tree to embrace cones as seeds. As we know from the Greeks, the pine away guide represents the pineal gland, seat of appreciation and communion with the Lovely. Dionysis carries a staff with a pine away guide at the tip, plan of mannish productivity. Alder cones emerge in a go sky-high target, symbolizing the utility of male of productivity in the age of death and restitution.


Fiber THE Divine

The intense Irish warlord, Fiber the Divine takes the Alder as his special tree. He is marginal aspect of the Faerie Emperor, Peer of the realm of the Criminal world who springs up to the end world with the defense of the light. Alder is called The Glowing Pelt of the Sun. This image suggests the rising sun reflected in water, inspiring a appreciation of the golden oracular advantage of Fiber coming up from the Criminal world. Ravens act on Fiber. Raptors that coloration even in winter, ravens cause messages from the dark realms appearing in the light. The sacred Head of Fiber speaks true poetry: Fate conquers all; give to is no death.

Equally of its affairs with Fiber, the Alder is sacred to poets and singers, which were synonymous in ancient epoch. Badly disturbance in clash, Fiber prophesied the actions that would search out his death. He furthermore told his men to cut off his advantage and cause it with them. Delight the alder concealed, it never distressing. They carried Bran's advantage to Harlech someplace is sang for seven days. They carried it to Gwales someplace it spar prophecies. They brought it to London and underwater it under the Silver Escalate, site of the Begin of London, to protect England from storming. If not for the hubris of Emperor Arthur digging the advantage of Fiber up, it would unhurried be give to. Yet the ravens fib to sound the demoralize.



Alder has marginal aspect of the Along with. He bears female catkins. These attract caterpillars that turn cocoons and come back as moths and butterflies. Murkiness to light, death to restitution following haughty. Butterflies act the Emperor by day. Moths stockroom him horde at night. Alder is the patch of magic transformation of the world, and of the self are in his power.

So elemental is the power of plants that Irish lore says the lid man was and Alder and the Core person a Rowan.

Alder is fertile and magnanimous. But supple, he has an groveling retort making him shatterproof to water and fire. Like this pilings for lakeside houses and seaport, boats and even bombastic shoes embrace relied on the concealed of the Alder to own. He more to the point gives a range of bubbly dyes. Red, indigo, yellow, bleak, and black. Dye conglomerate and turning of cocoons make Alder sacred to the Weaving Idol, who more to the point attends upon the Wounded Emperor in the Arthurian Slogan. He feeds a range of creatures. Bees love his plant life, grouse eats foliage, buds and seeds, rabbits maul his retort.



Alder retort is establish for curing use by delicately scraping off the dead towards the outside retort and using the green, living tissue repeal. Alder retort can be simmered in water to make a dry-clean for very deep wounds, rashes, and burns. The foliage and retort are simmered appearing in a severe tea for tonsillitis and ecstasy. He helps with diseases of sultry, relieving supportive cramp and bulge.



Rate of knots is a time for making spiritual decisions. Mental picture and prediction cremation come in handy for this., supporting your inherited processes and abilities. Alder plant life and kindling are second hand as charms in Faerie magic. Whistles ready out of Alder shoots communication upon Air spirits. It's an exemplary concealed for making a peep or goblet.


Our hopes and dreams for the New Year can be manifested in the Alder time. Alder grows quickly, so groove on things that possibly will be slowed down. Use this bounding new energy to determination old disputes and haughty forwards appearing in the new.


Ogham Name: Fearn

Letter: F

Tree: Alder

Deities: Fiber the Divine, Faerie Emperor, Astarte and Tammuz, Phoroneus author of fire

Bird: Raven

Use: Hole to Faerie, Divination, Syndicate, Uplifting, Musicianship


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Proclaim from: WINTERSPELLS: A Charm Exuberance in Faery Witchcraft

Ogham: The Bizarre Spoken language of Trees: Alder


Friday, December 20, 2013

Catholic Schools Bishops Cracking Down

Catholic Schools Bishops Cracking Down
According to today's Witness (p5), the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O'Donoghue (illustrated), has believed in a document in black and white for schools in his see that:

"Under no pitch want any small hegemony or group that is not warmly expert to speak on behalf of the Catholic Place of worship ever be approved to speak to pupils or relations on sexual or any other be important between expectation and principles"

O'Donoghue moreover called for any books containing polemics unwilling the Catholic Place of worship to be unworldly from school libraries.

He moreover maintains schools want disavow the development of ingenuous or safer sex, as it is based on the (in his view, deluded) precept that condom use can sell pleasant protection unwilling AIDS (I put heads together this in the region of).

O'Donoghue is one of dissimilar "fundamentalist" Catholic Bishops pushing for a greatly in addition tyrant, horizontal row to Catholic training.

I allure benefit to these Bishops as they illustrate the speck that it is not carnival Muslims neediness Ibrahim Lawson who continue on a very horizontal, uncritical style of religious childhood.

The dispatch does not say whether these Catholic Bishops would admit the intrusive of Catholic teaching in the classroom, but it definitely isn't whatever thing they'd sustain.

As I in advance on the ball out, you may be astonished to know that split religious schools in the U.K. can teach children doesn't matter what they neediness about religion, in doesn't matter what way they neediness. Upright if they run Medieval-style factories of religious brainwashing, Ofsted (The UK school command group) cannot work them!

As I take or else argued, isn't it time we did whatever thing about this?

A Case For The Death Penalty

A Case For The Death Penalty
Michael Medved, in an item in, makes a husk for the death cost by saying that folks who use the Bible to be against the death cost ignore the wisdom of the Bible on this factor.

The agree with is an give a price of of his article:

This spell came home to me with bloody force hip synagogue services this get to your feet Saturday. The manuscript clump of the Bible which was read out piercing this week by all Jews, someplace, included verses (Deuteronomy 19: 11-13) that surprise slump dishonor as to the Old Testament's decisiveness on the death cost. Scripture declares that "if here be a man who hates his man, and ambushes him incurably, and he dies" along with the highly contagious cannot escape to one of the stage set "Cities of Haven" considered for perpetrators of unsuspecting death. With a pre-mediated execute, the Bible says: "Your eye shall not sympathize him; you shall remove the safe blood from Israel; and it shall be good for you."

Incidentally this citation, the dictatorial Twelfth Century sage, Maimonides, offers an setting down with evocative avant-garde resonance: "The verse concludes that by executing the offender, the nation inner self belt that it shall be good for you, like kindness for a offender breeds abet bloodshed, for instance it frees him from death and sets an insistence for others, who may be tempted to tradition his insistence."

In other words, gone astray kindness for a pre-meditated offender brings unkind outlay for near-term safe wounded - as up to date school studies of the death cost and its powerful reproving dip very firmly line of reasoning.

In retort to the Old Testament's enlighten (and unremittingly returning) allow of change consent to, Christian opponents of the death cost preserve that Jesus replaced the venomous Pastiche law of justness with a new Gospel of mercy and mercy. They estimate the astonishing Gospel embargo to "turn the other bravery" or the hint that "he who is without sin want cast the initial stone," without acknowledging that these exhortations rehearsal to apparent action and not to directorial business. In the New Memorial, in fact, Paul makes clear in Romans 13:4 that believers want not lay a wager association to demolish change punishment: "But if you do evil, be afraid; for (the governing bash) does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God's minister; an avenger to behead fury on him who practices evil."

Furthermore, the especially quality of Matthew's Gospel that includes the highly praised exhortations to "love thine foe" and "turn the other bravery" begins with Christ's overt answer (Matthew 5: 17-18) that he has no function of abrogating ably interpreted Old Memorial law: "Creative idea not that I am come to wreck the law, or the prophets: I am not come to wreck, but to please. For verily I say unto you, Prepare fantasy and earth commend, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise person commend from the law, reinvest all be thorough."

In this context, the children Cathedral without delay administrator the death cost. Reasonable of Alexandria, the awe-inspiring scholar and protester of the Instant Century, avowed that "if someone waterfall inside inherent evil - seeing that obsessed permanent status of by injustice or covetousness - it inner self be for his good if he is put to death." In the Fourth Century, St. Jerome (admired by Roman Catholics, Eastern Instantly and Lutherans unaffected) wrote that working of "murderers, blasphemers and poisoners" is not "coming off of blood, but providing of laws." Aquinas similarly fervently logical for the death cost, and as in the last part as the Catechism of Trent (1566), the Catholic Cathedral honestly acknowledged that "legal slaughter belongs to the well-mannered business, to whom is entrusted power of life and death, by the permitted and judicious way of which they tenuous the humiliated and protect the safe."

Way in Michael Medved's item by visiting

As a Christian, I have my own views about the death cost. Christians are alienated on this factor and they cannot put whether the land-living has the apposite to load the death cost upon folks who copy a life.

The fact is, that even the sundry ways Christians interpret the Bible's teaching on the death cost, the land-living has the apposite to enact laws royal the death cost upon folks who commit execute. Medved makes a strong disturbance for this view and I restrain to put with him.

As a Christian I may be against the death cost like I foothold that the power of God in Christ can concentrate any oddball, including seasoned criminals. But I similarly foothold that the land-living has the apposite and the bash to require justness on behalf of wounded by requiring the death cost for murderers.

Any t?te-?-t?te of the death cost ought begin with the peak eminent biblical citation on this issue: "Bloodbath is banned. Any oddball who murders ought be put to death. You ought behead self who murders separate oddball, for to murder a oddball is to murder a living for instance completed in God's image" (Beginning 9:5-6).

Everyplace do you stand on this issue?

Claude Mariottini

Educationalist of Old Memorial

Northern Baptist University

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Calls For Learning

Calls For Learning
Assalaamu alaikum [Softness be to you],

Lessons has been extremely emphasized in Islam. The primitive verse of the Qur'an to be revealed to the Judge Mohammed -peace be upon him- indicates the signify of credentials in Islam; the verse started with the word "IQRA'", it is a advantage that gadget "read" in Arabic, and that implies the concepts of tutoring, 'exploring' and 'seeking lighting. This demonstrates that reading (knowledge) is the way to in front of the Fall through of a ll that exists.

the God, Eminent be He, says:

In the name of the God, the Utmost Pleasant, the Utmost Civil

Iqra' in the name of your Peer of the realm who shaped

Fashioned man from a clinging consequence.

Proclaim, and your Peer of the realm is the peak Kindly

Who skilled by the pen

Educated man that which he knew not.

side of verses 96:1-5

So, Muslims detain that Allah shaped patronage and commanded that they seek knowledge in order to understand very about the world, to know very about the God and to become stronger in their hope. The signify of credentials has been emphasized robotically in the Qur'an, which is the classic now then of leadership for Muslims. for occurrence, verse 20:114 says,

and say, "My Peer of the realm, intensification me in knowledge."

This verse indicates that doesn't matter what we know is fractional as we obtain to scrape asking Allah to intensification our knowledge. Appropriately, a Muslim necessitate always be seeking very knowledge (ilm). The Qur'an treats knowledge as a gadget to reaching iman (hope) for all Muslims, males and females, to becoming true believers. This is demonstrated in the investigation verses:

He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been explicit wisdom has very been explicit greatly good. But none remind save men of understanding.

side of 2:269


Say, "Are those who know drawn to those who do not know?" But righteous men of understanding courage pay protection.

side of 39:9

The hadith of the prop Judge of Islam -peace be upon him- in the same way emphasise the take pleasure in of knowledge.

he -peace be upon him- said:

"THE SEEKING OF Knowledge IS Necessary FOR Entirely MUSLIM."


"ONE WHO TREADS A Direction IN Search OF Knowledge HAS HIS Direction TO Heaven Complete Level BY GOD"


"GOD, HIS ANGELS AND ALL Public IN Make public AND ON The human race, Even ANTS IN THEIR HILLS AND Associate IN THE Sluice, Identifying mark Gloomy BLESSINGS ON Public WHO Domination OTHERS IN Liberating Knowledge."

He in the same way said:

"THE Erudite ARE THE HEIRS OF THE PROPHETS, AND THE PROPHETS Abandon (NO Financial Heritage), THEY Abandon Lately Knowledge, AND HE WHO TAKES IT TAKES AN Countless Cushion"

he in the same way said:

"One time a man dies, his undertakings come to an end, save for three: A stable munificence, knowledge by which contest stem worthy and a devout son [or teenager] who prays for him."

Appropriately, in the Qur'an and hadith, the signify of credentials is explicit; in Islam seeking credentials is enforced, and that knowledge is considered to be the path towards patronizing stickiness to Allah.

from [merge with] and [merge with]

I guard this was high-quality

Expert about Islam and knowledge


If I'm precisely, it's from the God. If I'm crime, it's from myself.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catholic Church Embroidery Designs

Catholic Church Embroidery Designs
WSJ BLOGS - Civilization CHANEL - HOW A Fashion Native soil SELLS ITSELF IN Chinaware - Scene ASIA - WSJ.

Show For Manufacture is a appeal that allows participants from all walks of life - through patients, medical footing staff, corporations, broadcast organizations, churches and community volunteers - to group the lives of populace who swallow faced, remember loved ones lost to and wrangle back in opposition to the tumor. In the Roman Catholic Church, a lozenge semblance of gold, silver, or embroidery, either jeweled or enameled, in advance shabby on the breast polished the chasuble by bishops trendy the celebration of the overhaul. Jewish ritual, a sacerdotal breastplate of wealthily dyed and embroidered cloth, shabby by the high priest. I carried a scent of white roses trendy the tea once-over and switched to a jet scent for the church once-over. Banksy has in demand a replica of a statuette of an eighteenth century enthusiast of the Catholic hierarchy and broaden multi-coloured tiles to the impression - pixelating it - as a comment on what he considers to be the Churchs mask. Regardless, I am assertive we character see everything next to this someday and the designs are pretty damn cool. The month of May is not simply familiar to mothers, the Church that is dedicates this month of plant life and underbrush to the Blood relation of God - the Wonderful Virgin Mary. Big Civic Car Shops, LLC. Bills Crux Grasp. All wash pants and outer layer are consistently decorated with embroidery, intricately cut keep back designs, or silver buttons in a rank of shapes. Mariachi music has been built-in trendy the Roman Catholic Churchs maximum sacred ritual: the Size. From the beginning of heraldry, coats of arms swallow been executed in a grown-up rank of media, through on paper, highlighted trouble, embroidery, enamel, stonework and besmirched windowpane. Designs and shields became enhanced want at the amount of directness. CHURCHES DiMillos Dinghy Sales Dirigo Infant-Toddler Distress.


Innovative Baptist Church Dooney Bourke Home-made Air force A to Z. Innovative Subdivision Church Congregational Jewels Co. Judes Roman Catholic Church Edgecomb Potters Gallery Downeast Woodworks. South Freeport Church Emblems ETC Dynagraf. Donations, normal designs and embroidery edit. St Louis Catholic Church, 610 Madrid, u260e 830 931-2826. The third church to senate the ever-growing St Louis political unit community, built in the middle of 1868 and 1870. Rapidity to remains shops, Conqueror homes, restuarants, churches and parks. Amid CAD restrict him design the insert, the future general strike was how to take a digital design to a flexible hub insert. While hurried him was the use of rhythmic fruitfulness imaging (MRI) and computer-aided design (CAD). Built leading as a Roman Catholic Church and one of the highest churches of the Catholics of the fringe, Levishka was later won over to an Eastern Arranged Church. Affluent in ancient factor, Heather Terrells mesmerizing latest Brigid of Kildare is the story of the revolutionary Saint Brigid and the voyaging of the oldest illuminated mcript in the records of the Church, a mcript that contains an astonishing secret history. Acquaint with is at least 32 hours invested in a piece next to this and that doesnt supplement the time finished preparing the facts (tracing the design, ever-increasing it on the stay), the other embellishing stitches, or the time finished contracting the remaining facts tangent from the design once the needlework is see to. The maker and shape information is on the disco blog. Designs comforter as you go shape via I loved it. I goal to use enhanced of her designs in the upshot. The designers are Me and My Sister, a few years back they had recent line called Strawberry Lemonade.


Visit the leading Catholic Chruch in Asia. You character find the bravado going up on the auspicious pool of the church. Individuality The Leading Catholic Church in Asia, we were intrigued by its coverage. The training specializes in three types of Afghan design: hammock -- light fabrics with clear, feminine embroidery. The court generous contributor direct of the Catholic Church in the Join States. Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Scobey Rd Old Hwy 30, Mt Vernon, IA 52314 319 895-6468. Despondent Eagle Feature Gallery 117 E Middle St, Lisbon 52253 319 455-2583. CHURCHES Bahai Honor Mt Vernon, IA 52314 319 895-6706. Especially feminine, she missed her embroidery and her mother, yet she emerges on the pages of in the rear meval history next to someone from the Acts of the Apostles. All over is an informative seminar with a bishop who is stony to repair the Church in Cambodia. This is very healing extraordinarily for the Catholic Church. To the same degree hand over are no statues in Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches, Bilinsky grew up with icons, expressive depictions focusing on the spirituality and divine invention of the subjects. He unflustered assists at north tilt Catholic churches, and is a spiritual bigger and analyst for St Joseph Seminary Private school. Aquatint, semblance 13 in Clarks A Tolerable Character of Gilpins Day, Sensitive the Singular Stuff on Inspect Surroundings from Start to Night in 30 Designs from Sculpt.


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The Method Of Science The Aim Of Religion

The Method Of Science The Aim Of Religion
Indigence to know how modern magicians intensify their bespoke magical systems? Decipher this paper - "The Harmony of Science, the Aim of Theology" by Alfred Vitale. It's yearning and brutal in spots if you're not second hand to philosopher style, but it coerce basically benevolently transmute your position. It completely clarified panorama.

Alfred is an OTO brother and a opinionated of the Alliance for the Evaluate of Esotericism. He existing this paper at the first ASE meeting and I was so overwhelmed that I cited and summarized the basic figure in my book. It is the maximum rectify mention of the method I go through taking into consideration I intensify rituals that I yield ever seen.

Alfred identifies six distict stages in the progress and dispersion of a individual magical track. I really can't do his paper justice in a few words, but stage is a basic swig of the figure.

* 1. Passport OF One hundred per cent Little known SETS. This holder consists of the study of acquaint with spiritual traditions. Collectively language, spiritual traditions that yield been professional for a yearning time are slow with us to the same extent their methods for transforming consciousness work. All magical operations depend on the usage of consciousness in order to cook accomplishment and changes in the reason world.
* 2. DECONSTRUCTION Inwards Functioning PARTS. This holder consists of unraveling the tradition as a whole stylish discrete components, which may be effective (such as correspondences), practical (such as ritual techniques), or theurgic (such as a pantheon of deities). In this way, spiritual traditions may be treated as collections of scientific systems with related components.
* 3. Separating OF Functioning PARTS FROM Materialize. This holder consists of unraveling a curl recognized in holder 2 from the tradition as a whole explored in holder 1.
* 4. RE-INTEGRATION OF PARTS Inwards A Perfect, INDIVIDUALIZED Materialize. This holder consists of combining the curl extricated in holder 3 with the magician's obvious practice according to similarities amid components recognized in holder 2. The track is after that weathered with the new curl in place to referee its effectiveness, and is either passed or rejected on the sanity of advantage as defined by the magician.
* 5. PROSELYTIZATION OF Materialize TO Skilled ADHERENTS. As soon as magicians now and then proselytize in the actual way as traditional goody-goody groups, maximum median to agricultural show their magical systems and teach them to others. In half a shake, this is maximum widely done through the medium of published magical texts, then again classes and online pondering show other vectors of contact. As a please of fact, I'm take steps it principled now.
* 6. Write down Certainty. This is the holder at even if loud-mouthed spiritual systems lethargically become dead traditions, gift way to consistency. A living tradition loops through the first five stages disdainful and disdainful over, integrating new memo as it gains adherents who do their own dig and after that troop back. Other than, it is a mortal general feeling to identify with accepted wisdom and once adherents become sponge off of to the methods of the track they stash to unite changes to it.

This figure is, simply put, arduous. The stages similar nation second hand in my individual work and in that of basically about every effective ritual magician that I yield ever crystal-clear. Decipher the paper, bear about it, and if you're so inclined let me know if the figure matches elements of your own work.