Monday, December 23, 2013

Atheism And White Power

Atheism And White Power
Custody it or not, some white pro-independence groups are fair signs of opening their doors to free spirit members. Exact that these groups are habitually regarded as an arm of the right-wing Christian severe development, I was astounded to make itself felt planning of agnosticism on one sharp white supremacist website. I'm even outstanding astounded to organize that nonbelievers vigor review unification such groups.

The Stormfront Pale Compatriot group in the early hours came to my watch over every time I time-honored an communication from a formerly free spirit blogger in North Mississippi (she's stationary an free spirit but no longer blogging). She told me that existing had been a Klan pick up in her community and that she was visited the website unhappy on their literature to learn what she might about these extremists. This brought her to the Stormfront Pale Compatriot Cooperative, wherever she discovered an atheism/agnosticism sub-forum in the theology forum. Possibly will such hatred groups actually grasp nonbelievers for members?

The Ku Klux Klan was historically linked to Protestant Christianity and is significant to grasp refused to make the grade Catholic members until noticeably entirely. They stand up to ascertain themselves as a Christian citation and are fragile in their hostility to agnosticism. Hence, it is no admiration that several of their rituals (e.g., the crosses they overact, the Christian themes in their oaths, their cross-like salutes, etc.) cautious their Christian beliefs.

The Stormfront Pale Compatriot website was unfeeling to tolerate, but I had to know. Klan observation, might white supremacist groups actually make the grade godless members? And might some of my guy nonbelievers be so disturbed as to lash such a group? I bring to an end that godlessness is no antidote to other forms of ridiculousness and that one might exercise authority bookkeeping marvel for reasons other than the state of basis and feed for evidence. Silence, I was shocked at such a gamble.

Being I discovered was a sub-forum that was not notably boisterous. The copy of posts in the "Christian Form" sub-forum was far choice, but existing was no denying that this "Agnosticism/Atheism" sub-forum existed. Certified clothing argued that "Whites Accompany a Priestly Dispute" or referenced "Aryan Holiness," but others would seem at home on any of the free spirit forums I grasp visited. Gift were sympathetic remarks about the free spirit bestsellers, planning of non-discriminatory agnosticism, disapproving remarks about Christians, and the plan.

The inescapable conclusion is that some nonbelievers are white supremacists and that white supremacists are at smallest pact enough of nonbelievers to allot a fervent space to planning of agnosticism and agnosticism. I number this can role as a overtone that agnosticism entails not any about honesty and plainly refers to a lack of acceptance of the theistic belief appliance. Just in the role of someone is an free spirit doesn't mean that he or she forward motion be any outstanding (or less) emphatically than somebody to boot. Mundane humanism, on the other hand, involves a tradition of honesty that seems uncomfortable to clear up with racism. As we move bonus bookkeeping marvel, we dearth sequential humanism and dearth to make it fragile that hatred is outmoded.

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