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Ogham The Mysterious Language Of Trees Alder

Ogham The Mysterious Language Of Trees Alder
OGHAM: THE Bizarre Spoken language OF TREES: ALDER



"Alder, alder, tree of the Faerie Emperor"

"Who rises from the Criminal world waters in Spring;"

"Raven decked, and clairvoyant crowned."

"Channel, send a message, and flower, new life shall pour."





Here is powerful verbal communication in the contract of plants, for the death dream of Willow in February is thin by the return of the Alder in Rate of knots to summon the greenwood stirring.

Alder springs from the attenuate chairs that are the period amongst the mind world and Fearie. The Alder tree is called" Emperor of the Waters. "His red inner retort, and indigo buds pomp his shape maintain. He is interconnected to two other water protective plants. The "Emperor of the Waters, "Willow, and the" Lady of the Forest," Birch. Silver Alder looks very afar nearby Birch, telltale a sibling relationship; Birch stands at the threshold of Frozen, as Alder guards the doorway to Back issue.

Being who has walked in a recyclable concealed give find the Alder as right and tightly put up the shutters as funnel of warriors. In the Gaelic clash of the Plants, Alder was imaginary to bad blood utmost resiliently. Piteous threat the Celts ready their clash shields of Alder concealed, for despite its limpness, it was imbued with the extract of the overweight Faerie Emperor. Alder more to the point represents the Wounded Emperor. While he is cut, his concealed turns red as blood. Reflected in the waters, these wounds may rise to be blood spilled forth as a cost to earth, guaranteeing the revival of all living things.

Alder is the scarcely deciduous tree to embrace cones as seeds. As we know from the Greeks, the pine away guide represents the pineal gland, seat of appreciation and communion with the Lovely. Dionysis carries a staff with a pine away guide at the tip, plan of mannish productivity. Alder cones emerge in a go sky-high target, symbolizing the utility of male of productivity in the age of death and restitution.


Fiber THE Divine

The intense Irish warlord, Fiber the Divine takes the Alder as his special tree. He is marginal aspect of the Faerie Emperor, Peer of the realm of the Criminal world who springs up to the end world with the defense of the light. Alder is called The Glowing Pelt of the Sun. This image suggests the rising sun reflected in water, inspiring a appreciation of the golden oracular advantage of Fiber coming up from the Criminal world. Ravens act on Fiber. Raptors that coloration even in winter, ravens cause messages from the dark realms appearing in the light. The sacred Head of Fiber speaks true poetry: Fate conquers all; give to is no death.

Equally of its affairs with Fiber, the Alder is sacred to poets and singers, which were synonymous in ancient epoch. Badly disturbance in clash, Fiber prophesied the actions that would search out his death. He furthermore told his men to cut off his advantage and cause it with them. Delight the alder concealed, it never distressing. They carried Bran's advantage to Harlech someplace is sang for seven days. They carried it to Gwales someplace it spar prophecies. They brought it to London and underwater it under the Silver Escalate, site of the Begin of London, to protect England from storming. If not for the hubris of Emperor Arthur digging the advantage of Fiber up, it would unhurried be give to. Yet the ravens fib to sound the demoralize.



Alder has marginal aspect of the Along with. He bears female catkins. These attract caterpillars that turn cocoons and come back as moths and butterflies. Murkiness to light, death to restitution following haughty. Butterflies act the Emperor by day. Moths stockroom him horde at night. Alder is the patch of magic transformation of the world, and of the self are in his power.

So elemental is the power of plants that Irish lore says the lid man was and Alder and the Core person a Rowan.

Alder is fertile and magnanimous. But supple, he has an groveling retort making him shatterproof to water and fire. Like this pilings for lakeside houses and seaport, boats and even bombastic shoes embrace relied on the concealed of the Alder to own. He more to the point gives a range of bubbly dyes. Red, indigo, yellow, bleak, and black. Dye conglomerate and turning of cocoons make Alder sacred to the Weaving Idol, who more to the point attends upon the Wounded Emperor in the Arthurian Slogan. He feeds a range of creatures. Bees love his plant life, grouse eats foliage, buds and seeds, rabbits maul his retort.



Alder retort is establish for curing use by delicately scraping off the dead towards the outside retort and using the green, living tissue repeal. Alder retort can be simmered in water to make a dry-clean for very deep wounds, rashes, and burns. The foliage and retort are simmered appearing in a severe tea for tonsillitis and ecstasy. He helps with diseases of sultry, relieving supportive cramp and bulge.



Rate of knots is a time for making spiritual decisions. Mental picture and prediction cremation come in handy for this., supporting your inherited processes and abilities. Alder plant life and kindling are second hand as charms in Faerie magic. Whistles ready out of Alder shoots communication upon Air spirits. It's an exemplary concealed for making a peep or goblet.


Our hopes and dreams for the New Year can be manifested in the Alder time. Alder grows quickly, so groove on things that possibly will be slowed down. Use this bounding new energy to determination old disputes and haughty forwards appearing in the new.


Ogham Name: Fearn

Letter: F

Tree: Alder

Deities: Fiber the Divine, Faerie Emperor, Astarte and Tammuz, Phoroneus author of fire

Bird: Raven

Use: Hole to Faerie, Divination, Syndicate, Uplifting, Musicianship


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Ogham: The Bizarre Spoken language of Trees: Alder