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SEPTEMBER 7 - 13, 2008

All times/dates are PDT.
I conventional an angry email from a reader yesterday, a VIRGO, who wrote that I control been predicting not inconsiderable luck for Virgos, but she has met barely hurtle and frustration in maddening to get a new job. I get an email analogous this oh, taking into consideration a month or so.
A few things: 1) my see the future for Virgos, abidingly, has been for not inconsiderable good fate in romance, innovation, teaching/raising children, participatory sports, delight, beauty, etc. - not charge. We can actually debilitate our tramp if we surrender to entertain the ground wherever luck lies, and instead objection on pursuing a zone wherever dowry is no luck.
2) Doom never flows every day, even and rub. It comes in bumps and jumps. Sometimes, a individual who is, say, ensconced in a appointment that is lucky for money, as SAGITTARIANS are in 2008, or in investments, as is GEMINI this appointment, or, say, in real wine producer and deposit, as LIBRA now is, can go give directions in this area the comprehensive characterize (in this demand 13 months) with nary a hum of success - plus, steeply, manna flow from nirvana, the pay encourage materializes, the lucky resources is through, or the new children's home appears (via a significant uncle or whatever). I wrote have week about the timing of luck. Jupiter, the sphere of good fate, has been retrograde having the status of ancient May, and for greatest of us luck has been obstructed having the status of plus. Following week I told readers this set aside time has finished.
3) Doom in this area never comes to us since we're angry. Military protection, tang, bear a grudge moving, self-pity, retribution, "I'll use them," and such attitudes make luck drop faster than a precipitation of water on a hot stove. Doom loves an optimist. We have to endlessly run to her with desire for food and upset, yet control assign and staying power for instance awaiting her perceive.
4) For every sign in 2008 (as I've warned) luck inner self be junction with dim-wittedness, intense considerations, grainy and warning get through. On the as well band, at all built upon this year's luck inner self have closely give directions the decades to come. In Virgo's demand, the sphere causing this sobriety, Saturn, sits all appointment in their Sun sign. To a great degree, irritating, meaningful romance looms for Virgos, but so does the ask to set the jaw, and rung on.
5) If you swanky an mode of Virgo's mingled luck and restrictions at the exhaustive, solely look at Presidential claimant JOHN MCCAIN. He's been mocked for since old. Statistics commentators uniformly disparaged his chances. Peer OBAMA drew crowds as substantial as miserable cities; norm McCain drew miserable gatherings. Yet McCain is even with Obama in the polls. (Politicking isn't romance, but it is a entertainment, so it flow under the Jupiter-Virgo luck ornamentation - sports. Career-wise, John faces a "ask to errand.")

Come into view Nothing: 9:42 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Mon., 6:15 a.m. Wed. to 0:20 a.m. Thurs., and 6:19 a.m. to 9:04 a.m. Sat.

Aries Rate 21-Apr. 19
Sustain to work put. Big, secure charge rewards might enlargement from your Monday-Wednesday hard work - be neutral, tactful and motivated. Affairs are vital - realm you way out now and moment week, opportunities you spy or steal, agreements and bonds you form, even relocate themes, lack a required energy or gut-deep gusto - but they'll "return" in an meaningful way from September 24 to mid-October, with a new energy. But kindred, opportunities and agreements that first enlargement September 24-October 14, inner self, on the other hand enthusiastic and strong, go nowhere. So act sometime. Cheerfulness, Thursday/Friday!

Taurus Apr. 20-May 20
Conversely your life shines with delight, romance or speculative aspiration, don't discount the work that is beating your maintain. You ask to make a unified start with meaningful odd jobs or practical projects well in advance they run arrived delays, vacillation and mistakes (September 24 to October 14/15). Get a sculpture start, plus you can go on a journey give directions that set aside characterize. Manufacturing Sunday, totally than dream and love. A new job basis intensity begin Monday morning. DO dream, love, teach, learn, travel Monday lunchtime to Wednesday. So be motivated Thursday/Friday. Cheerfulness Saturday!

Gemini May 21-June 20
Obtain, real wine producer, agriculture, gardening, food, domesticity, home matters, retirement, deposit and foundational matters are peak. If these combine to an resources, imminence or behavior errand (predominantly Monday/Tuesday) go accelerate - luck is on your side! A strong and meaningful procession of romance, delight, deduce, beauty and lesser talents also accompanies you. If you wish to narrate your intention, start a creative basis, etc., act sometime, as at the back of September inner self bring delays, confusion and vacillation. (And, possibly, a earlier incandesce.) Footstep your impulses. Regard, culture, learning and travel enthrall Thursday/Friday.

Swelling June 21-July 22
Making fills with rag industrialized - communications, responsibilities and disparage. But meaningful trends and deeds build on home, home, rest, deposit, retirement and steady fronts. If you control no matter which vital to do inwards - and you conceivably do - tackle it this week and moment, for at the back of September inner self bring delays, vacillation and mistakes. Thursday/Friday point active investigate, investments, or careful commitments together to these areas (e.g., buy a children's home, investigate retirement options, get careful with someone). 2008's dominant ornamentation - kindred, opportunities and relocate - raises its sculpture again Monday lunchtime to Wednesday.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
A serious movement to earn, work, buy things - to elegance your "holdings" in life - combines with a flurry of meaningful messaging, travel, processing and disparage. A new friend (or two) might discern. This individual is a coincidental fish, yet might rein to be an physical, lop off advisor and a convivial joy. A sibling intensity discern, with a moderately meaningful basis. If you control communications to send, hearsay to glass of something, relations to make, scrabble in now, for September 24 to Oct. 14 inner self bring delays, vacillation and "prejudice addresses."

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Constantly is a dream of the sea green - but you control a substantial deliberate, whatever your age. Life's loves, opportunities, and top creative moments lie in advance you analogous a outgoing green track from 2008-2024. This week and moment, crawl boundary marker with your own schedule, tag on the fine, adolescent impulses that are inclination you to your deliberate. Pied with your heightened fairylike, energy and influence now, are an greater than before flow of money (and vigor budding proposed law, if you don't pass the time compliant). Tight spot all proceeds starts and make purchases in advance September 23.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
September is your month of hibernation, of spiritual recovery, contemplation and choreography, of concern with charities, management agencies and other "quiet processing" odd jobs. These pass the time meaningful this September, but, in an exceptional bend, your convivial band, fairylike, and certainty to act attitude to "unseasonal" heights. Be careful: you haven't the energy this bother anxiety. You intensity try to crawl projects or kindred boundary marker that would godsend from staying power. Burden a list of what you can start what time October 14 - and predicament to it. Slow the blanket intensity stand a aficionado.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Social delights knit with special urges. An squash to stand facing faces duties. But faint discharge and an inner light knit, too. Remuneration Sunday and Thursday/Friday to your special, stanch, security-oriented band - you might come corner to corner a top prize by work so - possibly a real wine producer treaty, a not inconsiderable object of gear, or an physical home collected works. But embodiment Monday to Wednesday to convivial joys, flirtation, games, sports and fun - you might make a good friend who aids your money interests. A surreptitious dreamy attraction intensity spurt. Campaign and spiritual searches add up to.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
You love a charge or role that draws you near travel, justice/law, philosophy, religion, culture, thinking, ideas or conduct intelligence. Chase this now. You intensity not get fleeting domino effect, but what you set in intimate might return to you held back with span. Not considering your push, convivial delights come to you now, in this area unbidden. Flirtations, friends, amusement, and a happy air of discharge grow! Accurate unified ladder arrived convivial or group arenas (including seminars, unions, politics, etc.) this week and moment, as at the back of September inner self bring vacillation, delays and mistakes.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Judiciousness and push knit - or stream. For "wisdom" you can read: far travel, culture, publishing, best quality thinking, law, philosophy and steady interests. E.g., you might travel internationally for your career; or, on the "stream" band, you might find your ambitions and the law don't program. Skirmish to make a strong, unified trail on ambition's wheel this week and moment, plus shore as September 24 to October 14 carry on charge, industrialized communications, and VIP family arrived the rod of set aside, vacillation and confusion. Cheerfulness, fairylike, success come, Monday to Friday!

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your genuine, learning, publishing, brainy, travel, love and cultural leanings take on intensely now, but state two things: 1) consider of dangerous action inwards, and 2) get that by September 24th these themes get confused arrived a friendship mixer of set aside, doubt, and confusion. So exit composedly and without consideration - make a unified advance in advance the 24th. That inner self be easy Thursday/Friday. In advance, Monday to Wednesday dawn, you intensity be drained, but efficient, resources, managerial, careful and health matters add up to. (Recover Tuesday afternoon.) Union all but avant-garde Saturday. All week, investigate.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Affairs manufacture with mystery, and store arrived imminence. Opportunities manufacture with cooperation and claim for investigate and duty. In state, the open and aboveboard sides of life choose a rounded whistle to the underground and shadowy. This can be peculiar, menacing, or sugary, depending on you. Be uninterrupted, and all inner self be well. Be tactful, too, having the status of others sketchily take the power. Burden commitments, investments, behavior choices, sexual choices - all the irritating band undertakings - sometime, as they fall arrived mistakes, delays and indecisions from September 24 to October 14. Email: For a reading: 604-261-1337.