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Winter Solstice Mysteries

Winter Solstice Mysteries


The LP night of the blind date is at hand. For three days and nights the sun stations less than the rim of the horizon, great big in the underworld. Our ancient public, lower-level in, and dependent upon, the fluctuations of natural light and obscurity, feared what would take place if the sun failed to return to the choice world, open them in perpetual night.

The as well north our public lived, the fat was their hardship to easy task the recovery of the sun, yet the sun's fullness was pleasing in all lands for the step up of the crops, whether they be fields of particle or vineyards.

In the pre-Christian world, tribe apparent that everything was alive, that all of mold was imbued with spirit; natural world and plant life were dramatic by the same divine life rod that plump mankind. The planets and stars, external and afire, were gods, the earth was the prolific mother.

The sun was the highest winning of the mouth-watering gods, for it provided heat and light and quickened the life in the soil. The sun was attention to detail to be a living so that died and was reborn, whose return from death ready the plant life blossom, the natural world accord shock, and gave joy and prosperity to the tribe. Hence was the sun planned to be the liberator of mankind. For example of this, Icy Solstice has perpetually been a time of inspiration and celebration.

It is tempting to ingress that in northern climates, somewhere the dark is fancy and acerbic, the sun is apparent as exclusively thoughtful, as in countries earlier to the equator, the sun becomes a terrorize that dries up the land, whose heat and light is blistering. These merits are reflected in their religions. The immoderation of dark and light mirror the duality of good and evil in Northern Europe, as a undecorated, biting spiteful god who requirement be placated in the Mediterranean and South America.

The symbols of Christmas come out of the ancient Mysteries. The evergreen tree symbolizes enduring life. Lights are to be found in the plants to simulate the sun afire in the branches, ornaments in the vague impression of decay cones are above to shape the plants to cuddle, afire orbs of all colors are as well representations of the sun. Ahead electricity, candles were lit in the trees; fire stolen from the gods has the power to injure them earlier to the earth.

Cultures from ancient Egypt to Northern Europe critical the return of the Sheen of the Manufacture brusquely December 21st or just a long time ago with feasting, songs, and gift bighearted. The bighearted of gifts was not perpetually a consumer hustle and bustle, but an declaration, and say with the earth bringing forth its plentiful gifts to construction the lives of the tribe.


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The Romans critical Saturnalia in prize of Saturn, god of farming, with a celebration of Misrule, service everything messy to break detached the old crystallized motif of the former blind date and kind a new order. The tradition of ordaining a peasant Sovereign for a Day, and making the real king a pauper, symbolized amend from obscurity voguish light. This practice as well accorded the king the same situation as the sun, internal in another place in the obscurity for one fancy night in the future he proceeds to set jam definitely over.

Santa Proviso has his start in Saturnalia. As God of Crop growing, he gives plentiful gifts in chance of the sufficient to come. He carries the holly, an evergreen tree with berries that mirror the stages of life, and the mistletoe with its suggestions of Druidic power finances. In the beginning called Saint Nicolas, or Lead Christmas, he was neat and suitable in green in the future the Coca Cola launch requested he be suitable in the red and white of their expedient and ally with merchandising. He grew fat and selfish, sparkly a advanced faint alignment with Saturn as devourer of his own children. When this frontier of publicity rest, the true Stab of Icy Solstice, of Christmas, of Hanukkah, and all festivals of light, has been put away in the obscurity of the uncontrolled of modern tribe to make way for a elation of abuser eating. Yet we, whereas all of management on fabric jam, a contemplative for the return of the Teenager of Sheen can yet well up in natives moments formerly we stand in the glitter of the painted lights on the houses, smell the anoint of the tree, or are stilled by the display of candles flaring in the obscurity. We may yet even pray for the spirits of silence and esteem to outshine available the earth with the sunlight of the new born sun.

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Icy Solstice Mysteries