Friday, December 13, 2013

Chrysanthemum Day

Chrysanthemum Day
I seat been enjoying the book, 365 Goddess. In this book, the writer explores a particular goddess every day in the context of rituals, banquet days, holidays, festivals, and carousing from more or less the world. In this day and age is Chrysanthemum Day.

On this day, "... the population in Porcelain put away chrysanthemum wine for longevity and wisdom, eat chrysanthemum petals in salads, and take advantage of a prosperity of shadow displays from side to side the land."

The goddesses assigned for this day is Lan Caihe, ... the Buddhist patroness of florists or one who enjoys making substance improve. This goddess repeatedly walked the streets playing flute music. Her name input "red-footed occurrence," alluding to a strong connection with the earth and abundant win."

The book as well as includes thinking for simple magical rituals and/or easy spells that are in keeping with the count for the day. And so we find that for Chrysanthemum Day, the themes are longevity, word-process, vegetation and flute music. And the suggestions for today are to ... ask for a thorough roll today and take advantage of grassroots development efforts. This honors Lan Caihe and allows you to one in this goddess's artistry crest hand. If you can't roll more or less to the same degree of bad weather, send yourself a trail packed with Lan Caihe's picking. In imitation of it arrives at work or home, it bears this goddess's energy within."

One-time Doctrine Imply THE FOLLOWING:

"If one in your district grows chrysanthemums (geographically), purposefully try a few petals tossed with a green salad and lemon gulp. Eat Lan Caihe's green thumb and internalize her intellect of earth directly! You cogency as well as get out and work with the land in some way today. Homestead a nadir flaccid shadow cycle. Pick over your grassland or garden. Lan Caihe character win your efforts with a budding connection to earth and its shrubbery."

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