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The Geography Behind Hanukkah Hebrews Caught Between Larger Things

The Geography Behind Hanukkah Hebrews Caught Between Larger Things
Bountiful Christians and seculars habitually space Hanukkah as the "Jewish Christmas", i.e. the largest and most noteworthy holy day of the rendezvous. Even so, it is track a grudging holiday on the Jewish holier-than-thou calendar. To a great extent of the holiday's arguable given name is the self-control to suppress a Jewish way out to Christmas in order to protect Jewish similarity in main part Christian/post-Christian cultures.

The story of Hanukkah itself meanwhile is the same with Jews desiring their own similarity in a opposite world. Enthrallingly adequately it involves the improve on persistent aeration of Judaism to a European culture.

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In 332 BC Alexander the Crushing marched and apprehended the Levant from the Persian Reign. The Jews of the district were lawful their de facto house looseness as hope as they productive assessment equally Alexander was more knowledgeable in defeating the Persian Reign than Hellenizing the world. Just the once Alexander's nation split the land of Israel went to the ancestral Greek, Egypt-center Ptolemaic Glory. The Ptolemaics continued Jewish immoderation of religion though a delay but sure thing alter of Hellenization began surrounded by some Jews.

In 198 BC discrete side-effect of Alexander's nation, the Seleucid Reign, overwhelmed award Israel from the Ptolemaics as part of a campaign to put down critical difference lanes and make inroads for an movement of Egypt. Seleucid Queen Antiochus III continued Greek moderation of Judaism.

Antiochus' son, save for, had alternative strategy. Antiochus IV was the improve on Seleucid king to necessitate stress of glorify for his concentration of divine establishment. He saw this as a way to influence the nation on all sides of his idol and build morale for the arrival movement of Egypt. Instant Hellenized Jews were diversion to pursue the commands to lionize the monarch most Jews refused.

In 168 BC Antiochus IV and his pro-Greek Jewish allies looted the Crest (the most holiest place in Judaism), massacred Jews who refused to add the Greek Gods to Judaism, and unthinkable monotheistic Judaism. It took the Maccabees Uprising, a ascend of monothestic, anti-Greek Jews described in the Bible books of Eminent and Small Maccabees, for Jews to become aware of their lack of prejudice and holier-than-thou immoderation. The Seleucids were too lively stroke off cumulative threats from the unclean Greek-Iranian Parthians and the cumulative Roman Republic to ever ledge the Jews frankly previously the civil disobedience.

The Carnival of Lights itself comes from the Maccabees faint of Jerusalem from the Seleucids and their allies. The Maccabees went to the Crest and cleaned it of Pagan and other defilements. Just the once the cleansing the Crest was rededicated. 1 Maccabees 4:56 (RSV-CE) states

"So they esteemed the dedication of the altar for eight days, and informative overcooked assistance with gladness; they informative a sacrifice of deliverance and applause. "

The special Jewish historian Josephus wrote a similiar disparage on all sides of AD 75

"Now Judas esteemed the anniversary of the restitution of the sacrifices of the temple for eight days, and gone astray no typography of pleasures thereon; but he feasted them upon very big and illustrious sacrifices; and he venerated God, and delighted them by hymns and psalms."

Just the once the end of the war the Jews were set in Israel for the time person. Bountiful challenges were to come but beauty to the Maccabees their immoderation of glorify was preserved.