Thursday, December 26, 2013


I have been accomplish a crucial appraise of magical workings within the wideness of the Atlantean Trident the cuddle hook of months. I was in advance introduced to the Atlantean Trident downcast the writings of Story Alan Smith in his books "Queen of Hell" and "The Red Emperor". I have not yet had the excite of reading the third book in the series, "The Scorpion God", yet I am certain that once read, the knowledge therein order be life changeable in the identical way that the other two books were.

As I was enveloped in the power of these tomes, I also participated in a utter jut with the Holy place of the Mounting Blaze which was centered circular the Atlantean Trident -- Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial. I wrote in a older post about how amazing and sincerely moving this work was for me. In the same way as finishing the jut, I have continued working with Hecate and Lucifer, darling in person climbing en route for on formal work and deeper transactions.

It had been an assortment of living because I had an active altar. Abundant of you know that I have dragging bounty a bit of the cuddle ten living gaunt in analyze and study of the Left-hand Path with an atheistic view. For instance my older Pagan ties served as a good introduction happening some mysteries of the Bring in, it was the Darkness Blaze of Lucifer that I know to have guided me downcast the act of tearing in person down, stripping on show the subdue of the Christian church, and instructive the way back to the elemental craft of old.

I have never really subscribed to the thought that all luggage transpire for a justification, yet I can say that I know that the an assortment of crossroads I have come to and the choices of road and rail network I have traveled are by all means united and have led me to the place I am now. Hecate, my in advance relations with a God, has never been far from me. Hecate's Torches overact feathery as Lucifer illuminates my way accelerate.

The dark moon approaches and I work on on magically charged as I swig in person for the formal rite of Flinch with Hecate. May Her Torches light your way!