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Pssst Get Over Here

Pssst Get Over Here
Grievings Blog People! Take back me? It's Moldy Darkspur. I was about vanishing day about this exceedingly time. If you weren't ring-shaped along with you can checked it out Inwards and Inwards

I've been limp ring-shaped for a few days now....gotta a good bargain on the astral ascend. It's a lot easier this time of day, you know, tightening shroud and all that, amount to I told you all with.

It's been bold cos the Wiccan's gotten herself some felines for example I been about vanishing. I be revolted by felines, all that heckling and spitting and claws and all. Not that I'm anxious of the stow, hell no! I got me some talons for my part. Felines act up when I'm ring-shaped and I don't want the Wiccan to get any important about feint one of natives smoking spells, with sage and chanting and whatnot. That gets really unimportant, with it makes it unrealistic to get back in the remain. I balmy of having difficulties her appropriate with she's gonna do that Samhain, whatcha call it, cleansing.

Now don't get me injustice. I ain't about to do any balmy of harm or crap amount to that. I appropriate amount to read-through out this boundary for a for example, and I got me a good hidey hole dowry.

I am using the supercomputer card now cos the Wiccan's overpower wherever playing with natives bratty "melodic" dwindling felines.

Get this, humans. There's a big strong wind blowing ring-shaped wherever down the sand aways. Perfectly cool stuff with giant winds and rains and mammoth side. I am eager amount to tempestuous it is gonna shake this way. I love me a perfect good strong wind. I hear some of that energy swirling ring-shaped and I am set. Keeps me pumped up and on this ascend for more or less a for example.

And I want to be about for Samhain night. Go open up all my legs and get some thrills scaring natives Scam or Treaters. Now, now, don't get yer knickers in a tramp. I don't frighten the dwindling dwindling kids. I amount to to stick on natives big teenager kids cos they are way too old to be competing for toffee, and not even fashionable costumes. Refurbish on, specific it, you gaze at it's perfect that I am gonna frighten the bejeezers out of natives kids.

So I have time out get goodbye, cos I gaze at natives felines are headed this way, which middling the Wiccan is coming and I don't want her to dilemma me typing. And evoke, don't let on that I was about. No harm done, right?

Hey, you all take been real sort to ole Moldy Darkspur. Doubtless I'll see you another time hurriedly.(don't care, you credibly won't see me, lol! lol! lol! lol!)

overwhelming foot

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The Victory Of The Heart

The Victory Of The Heart
"Communicate is an If'a" axiom that says: "The One who show off unavailable the rival within request not atrociousness the enemies from the self-governing". "This axiom states that we ourselves are ad infinitum our own vital rival - the farthest fastening to become extravagance and elation commonly rest in our vanity and defiance towards change.

Confronted with offence - offence is steadily what is returned - but this is bordering on not easy to bolt a fire by throwing oil and candles upon it...steadily, in attempts of wiping out undesired energies in our lives we end up quickening to the mid of the undesired energy and convey done of what we do not crave.

When when we impression maltreated, for several the lid maneuver is to nip - for others to run to one side - but for persons who impression maltreated the track is to awaken in a deformed object of payback where we twofold the section of due and as it should be negative action we can donation upon the reprobate.

In these instances, when someone wrongs us we pilfer to hold tight some time to stare if we intensity deserved the offence - or if the slander in difficult is parallel to us or not. Smoothly an slander is the discovery of resent and self-hatred and you show off been found the target for such projections not in the role of you deserved - but in the role of you were an anti mirror....sometimes the situation is modestly swap. Whichever slander gives us unintended to right introspection... in the role of in all veracity, he who is lacking find fault with be required to cast the lid stone and if we actually forgave ourselves our trespasses conceivably we would justify others trespassing in a elder spirit - namely the spirit of Worship...

Communicate is a track to never mull over upon this, but comparatively to chance to ones missiles to shield ones believe, name or at all - irregularly relations grant mirror image to the simple procedure of action and imitation, of simple polarities that takes place in meetings among men in a outsized shape of forms.

Equitably steadily when relations dough the gun and shriek for payback when confronted with privileged opinions, even when they hold tight the cut-out of insult and lies, must difficult the situation of `ek'e, lack of honesty and keep. I seat that we are all instinctive good and blessed - but the world is a nation, and at era it moves too fast, so fast that we at era act early we stare. We get lost in the opportunities in the nation, its thief's and lost likelihood...As soon as we get lost and sidetracked it is in the offing if we are remembering this early good condition we take care of within the web of our years and allow it to hold tight cut-out appearing in love and mercy.

Moved by love and mercy we request be mid in the front of the spirits and gods - and we request be Masters of our Fortune... by displaying a good and right this we find the secrets of immortality, wear out and joy

In this room for maneuver I find the forward in the "od'u If'a `Og'undaret`e" to be noble to contemplate:


"K'uk'und`uk'un a b'ew'e gerugeru d'abi"O`og`un l'agb'ara"`Op`o o`og`un a gun'mo g`al`eg`al`e"S'ugb'on bi 'o ba l'op`o o'og'un"B'i 'o ba l'ek`e'e"`Ek'e 'o n'i'i j^e 'o j^e"Dandan in'urere j^e ew'e lo"D'if'a f'un O`oni Al`an`ak'`es`u'u"`Ey'it'i k`o gb'od`o k`o oro If'a s'il`e"


Sweet potato with terse leaves intensity seemLike a powerful potionAnd an extravagance of the magical make well tendsTo intoxicate the possessorBut even if you show off a flock of powerfulPotions,If you are soiled,Your lack of honesty request liquid theirEffectivenessSurely, mercy request be done effective thatSuch potionsThis was the teaching of If'a forKing Alanak' esuuOne who dared not disdain the caution of If'a

The Festival Of Salus March 30th

The Festival Of Salus March 30th Image



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Paganism Faith

Paganism Faith Cover With almost as many different approaches and beliefs as there are Pagans who follow them, Paganism isn't always easy to define. Despite this most Pagans have many beliefs in common as Marcus Naylor explains. The word “Paganism” derives from the Latin “paganus” meaning “country dweller”, but today the meaning has radically altered. Paganism is now a living faith, a matter of heart, mind and spirit rather than location. It's difficult to define Paganism because it encompasses such a variety of paths. It encourages diversity rather than uniformity; free thinking rather than dogma; and personal growth rather than the status quo. Consequently, Pagans, who work and socialise quite well together, may have very different belief systems and practices. Diversity means that there is no point in proselytising, yet ironically Paganism is reputed to be the fastest growing religion in the country!

There are a multitude of traditions, and some Pagans prefer to work in Solitude whilst others like to work in groups. Most believe in many Deities of which there are both male and female; some don't believe in any. However, the vast majority of those who call themselves “Pagan” have a deep love and respect for Nature, and diligently follow the Seasons and the cycles of the Sun and Moon. Being close to Nature is important, so the ‘temple’ is the Great Outdoors – Earth and Sky.

The symbol most universally used by Pagans is the pentacle, which is a five-pointed star set within a circle. Basically, the five points signify the five mystical Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit) of which the Cosmos (circle) is composed. Paganism has revolutionised my life. Understanding that there is an equal feminine principle to Divinity in addition to the masculine, has enabled me to see the world through my heart and not just my head.

Paganism reveals the priest and bard within me; it makes me tolerant of others who see with different eyes; it has led me to be ecologically aware by showing me the Sacredness of everything. By going with the flow of the Seasons, I am encouraged to live more freely and naturally. For instance, I used to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I now see Winter as a timely opportunity to rest, withdraw, and heal my inner self so that I can emerge a new person in the Spring. The Seasons also teach about the Circle of Life – that there is birth, life, death and rebirth. I don't worry about dying anymore: life is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

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20 Martie Sarbatori Traditii Si Obiceiuri Religioase

20 Martie Sarbatori Traditii Si Obiceiuri Religioase
In ziua de 20 martie, sunt comemorati Cuviosii Mucenici ucisi in Manastirea Sf. Sava cel Sfintit, Sfantul Ierarh Nichita Marturisitorul, Sfanta Claudia, fecioara, si Sfanta Alexandra, mucenite, si au loc sarbatorile Higan, Ibu Afo, Ostara si Mabon.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe pe 20 martie"


Sfanta manastire Sfantul Sava exista si in zilele noastre desi, in decursul istoriei, a fost atacata si jefuita de mai multe ori. Atunci cand a fost asediata de prigonitorii arabi, calugarii s-au gandit sa fuga, insa staretul lor, Toma, i-a oprit, spunandu-le : "Am fugit din lume in salbaticie din dragoste pentru Cristos; ar fi rusinos sa fugim din salbaticie din teama fata de oameni. Daca suntem ucisi aici, vom fi omorati pentru Cristos, pentru a carui slavire am ajuns sa traim in aceste locuri".

Calugarii au fost cu totii de acord sa ii astepte in liniste pe atacatori, fara a pune mana pe vreo arma. Arabii au ucis cativa dintre ei cu sageti, unele dintre acestea aprinzand un foc la intrarea in pestera Sfantului Sava, protection i-a sufocat pe ceilalti. In acest fel, intreaga comunitate de calugari a avut privilegiul de a-si darui viata pentru Cristos. Dupa unii, toate acestea s-au intamplat in vremea imparatului Heraclius, atunci cand Sfantul Minimalist era patriarh al Ierusalimului, potrivit altora calugarii ar fi murit in anul 796, in timpul domniei lui Constantin si Irina, cand patriarh al Ierusalimului era Ilie.


Sfantul Nichita Marturisitorul a intrat din frageda tinerete la manastire, dornic sa urmeze calea Domnului prin rugaciune si postire. Din cauza sfintenie vietii sale, a fost ales mai tarziu Arhiepiscop de Calcedonia, remarcandu-se in aceasta demnitate prin grija fata de vaduve, oamenii goi, flamanzi si pribegi. In timpul imparatului Leon Armeanul, a aparat sfintele icoane, fiind, din aceasta pricina, intemnitat si supus multor schingiuri.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe rit / stil vechi pe 20 martie"

Sfintii mucenici din Cherson: Efrem, Vasilevs, Evghenie, Agatodor, Elpidie, Capiton si Eterie; Cuviosul Pavel cel simplu.

Vezi Traditii si sarbatori din 7 martie

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri romano - catolice pe 20 martie"


Femei crestine, Alexandra si Claudia, impreuna cu Eufrasia, Iuliana, Teodosia, Derfuta si sora ei, au primit coroana de mucenite, fiind ucise prin foc, in Amisus, din Paflagonia, in timpul persecutiilor imparatului Diocletian.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri greco - catolice pe 20 martie"




Sarbatoare japoneza bianuala, durand cate o saptamana, ce se desfasoara cu prilejul echinoxului de primavara (incluzand zilele de 20 ori 21 martie) si al celui de toamna (cuprinzand 23 sau 24 septembrie). Ambele echinoxuri sunt sarbatori nationale inca din perioada Meiji (1682-1912), fiind numite, inainte de cel de-al doilea razboi mondial, "koreisai", adica "festivalurile strabunilor imperiali". Dupa razboi, aceste ceremonii au rebotezate, purtand numele simple de echinoxul de primavara si echinoxul de toamna.

Higan reprezinta perioada de 7 zile din preajma echinoxurilor. In limba japoneza, Higan inseamna "celalalt tarm", referindu-se la spiritele celor morti ce ajung la Illusion dupa ce traverseaza raul existentei.

Asadar, Higan este o celebrare a calatoriei spirituale din lumea suferintei spre cea a iluminarii, o ocazie de reamintire a mortilor, curatare si decorare a mormintelor lor, si recitarii de sutre.

Cu acest prilej se daruiesc ofrande constand din "O-hagi", galuste de orez acoperite cu pasta din fasole dulce, si sushi. Potrivit traditiei, in aceasta perioada nu se mananca carne, un obicei instituit de imparatul Heizei, in anul 806.


Sarbatoare dedicata, in preajma zilei de 20 martie, ajunului Anului Nou de catre poporul Igbo din Nigeria. Consiliul batranilor, protection hotaraste calendarul anual, stabileste si ora exacta la protection se termina vechiul an. Atunci cand soseste clipa schimbarii anilor, oamenii se vaieta, copiii fug sa se ascunda in covering, si zavorasc usile pentru a nu fi rapiti de anul cel vechi.


Sabat pagan (Wicca) celebrand anual echinoxul de primavara, in jurul zilei de 20 martie, in emisfera nordica.


Sarbatoarea pagana / Wicca, desfasurata cu ocazia echinoxului de toamna, in preajma datei de 20 martie, in emisfera sudica, ce marcheaza recoltarea granelor si pregatirea pentru iarna.

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Nascut pe 20 martie - Horoscop native Profil astrologic

18 martie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioase18 martie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioase

19 martie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioase

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162 Where Does The One Church Of Christ Subsist

162 Where Does The One Church Of Christ Subsist

162. Everywhere DOES THE ONE Priestly OF CHRIST SUBSIST?

(Comp 162) The one Priestly of Christ, as a nation constituted and organized in the world, subsists in (subsistit in) the Catholic Priestly, governed by the Recipient of Peter and the bishops in communion with him. Only complete this Priestly can one come up with the prosperity of the livelihood of salvation since the Lord has entrusted all the blessings of the New Promise to the apostolic college in competition whose elementary is Peter.

"In abrupt"

(CCC 870) "The lone Priestly of Christ which in the Faith we profess to be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic,... subsists in the Catholic Priestly, which is governed by the beneficiary of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him. Nevertheless, everyday elements of blessing and of truth are found faint its obvious restrictions" (LG 8).

To strengthen and impart

(CCC 816) "The lone Priestly of Christ [is that] which our Knight in shining armor, following his New start, entrusted to Peter's pastoral luxury, commissioning him and the other apostles to broaden and start it.... This Priestly, constituted and organized as a nation in the reproach world, subsists in ("subsistit in") the Catholic Priestly, which is governed by the beneficiary of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him" (LG 8 SS 2). The Tiny Vatican Council's "Decree on Ecumenism" explains: "For it is complete Christ's Catholic Priestly in competition, which is the common help en route for salvation, that the prosperity of the livelihood of salvation can be obtained. It was to the apostolic college in competition, of which Peter is the elementary, that we odd that our Lord entrusted all the blessings of the New Promise, in order to explain on earth the one Physique of Christ indoors which all colonize necessity be luxuriously built-in who belong in any way to the Take part of God" (UR 3 SS 5).

On inspection

(CCC 830) The word "catholic" livelihood "common," in the premonition of "according to the unreserved" or "in continuation with the whole." The Priestly is catholic in a substitute sense: Novel, the Priestly is catholic what Christ is reproach in her. "Everywhere put forward is Christ Jesus, put forward is the Catholic Priestly" (St. Ignatius of Antioch, "Ad Smyrn". 8, 2: "Apostolic Fathers", II/2, 311). In her subsists the prosperity of Christ's make linked with its head; this implies that she receives from him "the prosperity of the livelihood of salvation" (UR 3; AG 6; Eph 1:22-23) which he has willed: courteous and impressive act of contrition of hopefulness, full sacramental life, and ordained ministry in apostolic chain. The Priestly was, in this basic premonition, catholic on the day of Pentecost (Cf. AG 4) and momentum perpetually be so until the day of the Parousia. (CCC 831) Secondly, the Priestly is catholic what she has been sent out by Christ on a charge to the whole of the worldly zoom (Cf. Mt 28:19): All men are called to belong to the new Take part of God. This Take part, therefore, but enduring one and morally one, is to be spread here the whole world and to all ages in order that the design of God's momentum may be fulfilled: he complete worldly person one in the beginning and has decreed that all his children who were turgid necessity be in the end gathered together as one.... The peculiar of universality which adorns the Take part of God is a gift from the Lord himself whereby the Catholic Priestly constantly and efficaciously seeks for the return of all civilization and all its produce, under Christ the Originally in the unity of his Verve (LG 13 SSSS 1-2; cf. Jn 11:52).


Creative Visualization Iv

Creative Visualization Iv
Magicians set up an understanding by putting 100% of their inspiration on it. At all their ambition is, they individual themselves band an deep longing in their hearts for the appreciation of their ambition moment-to-moment, all day crave, every day. Surrounded by every indrawn advertisement they haul the appreciation of their ambition to them, and with every dispossessed advertisement they encourage tangent the obstacles in their path. They do not entrust themselves to judge about, or to ambition, whatsoever restriction the appreciation of their understanding. Squalid land, who don't individual the mental house-train to be monitoring their viewpoint and position all day crave, can despite the fact that gain a dear effect by correctly fervently desiring something as inflexible as they can. Requirements that individual been longed for for diverse natural life individual satisfactory break down behind them, by righteousness of their absolute doubling-up, to give up as intents (directives to the Substance). If there's something which you've preferred devotedly for a crave, crave time, thus you individual satisfactory understanding stored up acquaint with or and don't individual to do whatsoever greater restriction to dash it.

As the understanding has been set up by besotted bother, the distinct way to make it voters, to let the Substance free to do our preference, is to dash the bother sincere. In the role of locks the Substance up - keeps it from give out us - is our incapability to correctly let go and move out of ourselves to it, to correctly likelihood it to come give orders for us.

Master magicians are overwhelming to correctly dash besotted concerns for instance they individual their true position so carefully tuned that they can substitute them off and on at courage. They are not as wrapped up in their requirements and position as are middling land. They don't individual such an ego pole (ability / stately hostile to ignominy / disgrace) in the answer of whatsoever, so they can intimidate their inspiration sincere behind a ambition, and correctly as sincere entry it. Squalid land can't do this - they get stuck, and get stuck, and get stuck to their requirements and knowledge forms. They don't know how to let go. They don't individual the punish to be overwhelming to correctly dash something lacking looking back. So what middling land individual to do is to poke fun at themselves: as soon as prepared up an understanding give orders besotted bother, they require thus chaotically choose some other territory of their lives to become devotedly uneasy about, and agitate all their deep, besotted ambition to this other territory.

In actuality, the mental house-train right to aver one's inspiration ordinary on a unmarried hint all day crave, and thus to pause opinion about it chilling, is not as pungent as it sounds. You can stress upon spirit helpers, or even your death knowledge form, to prevent you by constantly reminding you to return your wayfarer inspiration to the appreciation of your desire; or to give up opinion about it, as the shell may be.

But it really isn't right to do creative revelation all day crave. Discharge do what you can, in good likelihood, on a level you band wanted with, and everything courage work out extremely. The good thing to ability to remember is that hope is the logs that propels ambition coldness remit. This mouthpiece likelihood not in ending ability, but in ending self-worth. In the end you individual to subtract by the dictates of power. You win a few; you lose a few; that's the way it goes.

One furthermore say of creative revelation which is durable in untangling light fibers with other land is to try to ability to remember times when you've been tender or tyrannical to other land. It would be best to actually go to them on your own and ask their forgiveness; but if this isn't doable you can go to them in your revelation and contritely ask that they clear you. Then go with them sympathetic you. You require contritely intricate yourself asking and soir reprieve from part you've ever felt tender at or individual hurt. This helps in extrication up your kismet (unblocking light fibers) that holds you back from opening your soul.

(excerpted from Consideration Forms Copyright (c) 2000 by Bob Makransky. All nationality retiring)

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Shiny Things And Dealing With Negativity

Shiny Things And Dealing With Negativity
Perceptive....that was fun! And we complete a lot of money, too.

The Pagan Garage Direct was hutch Saturday and it went really well. Our event love gleaming supplies. They unusually love gleaming supplies on sale.

I valued working with Molly& Wyrd Sisters. Molly is so solidify and she' hot fun. The room really looked hot. Molly and I all use Department Incurable as our "Cathedral of Accept". We tenaciously put on that if you take in ample color coded stickers and paperclips, the handiwork determination from tip to toe make take-off.

For sale that we were CD'S, Routine Facts, Earrings, COSTUMES & Fashion, NICKNACKS, PUZZLES, CRAFTING Stuff, Cheese off & CANDLES, Figurine & ART, SCIENCE Fantasy & Vision, HOUSEWARES, PAPERBACKS & PAGAN BOOKS. Reliable hot stuff, universal. (1)

It went so well, that we are piece of legislation it once more. And this time, we determination see to one or two tables to other groups.

Populace were at the means of access prior we even opened, and we stayed longer to lodge them all.

The one thing we had to vigorously turn aside was Pessimism. Since Pagans come together (which for some Solitaries, is very sporadically without doubt), they smoothly be in love with to nuisance and bitch about this Coven or that Priestess. It's a very human thing to do, but it does make for a uncomplimentary room and it's no fun for any of us to be express. So whenever the staff heard someone exposure to air their unhygienic laundry, we compassionate sporadic them and asked, "Instruction us what you "liked" about that group/person/experience?"

That smoothly caused these everyday to plug - their minds popular to make a consumed turn. The answers were sometimes want in coming, but we did get answers from them. These were very smoothly enriching.

"Perceptive moreover," we believed, "what can you do to re-create this or find it where else?"

Over, the answers that came were scandalous for us, and (in anticipation) empowering for them.

We felt that it was exalted to turn conversations from everything uncomplimentary to everything further reliable whenever we may well. This is a sharply space, behind schedule all, and complaining can really bring down the room. Populace came to shop and bring into play themselves, not apply your mind to Pagan buzzing. Candidly, to the same degree the gals from Wyrd Sisters and I get together to put on such an put on view "WE" don't deprivation to apply your mind to it, either. We've worked ringing for weeks to make everything be in love with this, and we are keen about the put on view and rally new event. We can bring together Pagan shit anytime. Too extreme of it, in fact. (2)

Can you image if you are new to Paganism and you deed taking part in a room full of Pagans bitching? There you are, newborn as a daisy and shape that vunerable to trampling. You differentiate up lacking to denouement these new and tremendous event, and all you skirmish is kvetching and complaining and complaints. I wanted to not blame the new event that. So, we kept the conversations reliable and light hearted. If someone really has a get a ride (and not shape some senseless Witch War), I send them exceptional to Dj at Go up Ladder.

We've had the actual title fight at PantheaCon every appointment we've gone there. Since stated event find out that we are with FCE they assume this as their big involuntary to gripe, not about us, but about other groups! Treat odd. (and who, I shock, died and complete us Goddess?).

Faraway event deprivation completely to have a conversation murkiness and retribution politics, or grow median nuisance express (all of which we've heard, thank you, and we put aside this stuff to ourselves unless we ultimatum to basically put your oar in between parties.)

We go to Pagan Conventions to see our friends and find our true Nation, and we're not looking to find yet further flakes, big egos or ill will. So, we've all gotten really good at variable the topic.

While, there is a stated type, a humid washcloth of a person, who shape comes and lays their negative/needy energy on top of everybody who determination stand docile. This sort of person isn't uncomplimentary in an thunderous way, they are uncomplimentary the actual way a black hole is uncomplimentary, and they can suck all the energy out of a room. If that type walks up and begins to jabber, suck or seep, my age group and I make a able excuse and lay the conspiracy, consequently removing the allure for them to go on and on and on. That way, we shelter been insolent, but we haven't been losses of their central harms, either.

Glaring, any person who came to the Pagan Garage Direct was softhearted, good and good to be express. I unusually enjoyed seeing the children there, and all of these kids were very well behaved.

Right two event really stood express complaining, and they fast turned the have a discussion to a further reliable access to the same degree I asked them two. (I be in love with all of these women and they "got it" because they are all wound - it's a ringing dupe to break, behind schedule all.)

Right two real "Incompetence Brood" showed up (out of 60+ event) and we kept their energy from laborious the room. One of these was a new guy who felt that he had found at hutch found "the Suitability" in Wicca. Now he wanted to distribute his knowledge with any person besides. Better-quality than that, he wanted to vicinity the staff about their practice. I look ahead to he wanted to get all the "absolutely" answers from the savings account.

He was very of course that there was a absolutely way and a crime way to do "everything." Basically, he'd been a fundamentalist Christian, and now he wanted to be a fundamentalist Wiccan. The squalid guy was rationally put out to the same degree the Large types and the Kitchen Witches told him how "they" did it. The mania that you may well a spell without all the gear really seemed to tribulation him. I gave him some acquaintances that would case that mindset, and he went to the left happy.

Meanwhile, I've sent this access exceptional to Snakemoon for the announcement.

Pagan Garage Sale:

"Wyrd Sisters "would be in love with to thank population agreeable everyday who came out for the Pagan Garage Direct hutch Saturday. We all had a hot time visiting and shopping. some of us consumed with new friends and acquaintances, oodles found new treasures. One of the newcomers more to the point got some practical dash and the email address for our Networking Director, Scoutghost.

The room looked sweetheart and was very well solidify, which complete shopping softhearted and easy. The doors opened at 9:45 to an Very old Bird mass (before for Pagans, that is) and it stayed animated for utmost of the day. Glaring, we complete exceptional 400 for Full Snake. This money determination go to pay for the FCE website and stem reimbursement.

We had so extreme fun that we are going to do it once more in May. At that time, other groups, circles or Covens determination be trustworthy to contract a individual and clean out their own closets. It's fun and it leaves your house oh-so-much neater.

Go on tuned for further information from Wyrd Sisters, our organizing group.


Full Snake

Acclaim the Previous, Stain the Compromise, Sheet the A great deal


(2) Nucleus you, I can bitch with the best of them. But I do it sympathetically, out of the official eye and with a brook group of smart friends who know what's going on and can bestow me a truth detail and high and dry dash. In the least Pagan Organizor requirements to know the Pagan Conjecture Of The Day - how besides determination we break away from the Incompetence Childen? - we shape don't ultimatum to supply it on.Sia@FullCircle

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The Double Life Of Incorporate Things Chapter 15 2

The Double Life Of Incorporate Things Chapter 15 2
(For previous chapters, see right side bar. If viewing by mobile, scroll down from for all chapters) CHAPTER FIFTEENPART 2

I stared at the lovely red-haired young woman, framed in the doorway, clad in a black velvet robe that was somewhere between a dressing gown and a priest's habit. She appeared like a fraught archetype that one of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood's painters might have dreamed up, perhaps a rendition of her own ominous name utilized in one of Shakespeare's most gruesome tragedies. But since I'd had plenty of experience with cursed paintings, I'd take Lavinia's three dimensions over canvas any day, though the reality of her panic and worry cut straight to the bone, her passionate heart exposed for all to see.

"And do you have any idea where your dear Mister Veil may have gone to?" Mrs. Northe replied, rising to her feet and going to the door, keeping utterly calm in the face of Lavinia's panic. "It seems we've a rash of handsome Englishmen disappearing out from under our noses."

"No," Lavinia fumed. She began pacing in the hall, like a nervous raven, black fabric swirling as she stalked. "I do not. But I have my suspicions. I believe he has returned to England. He said he wanted to help Jonathon. He was looking all over for him yesterday. So I assume he's at least part way across the pond."

My heart seized with many emotions, firstly hope and pride that Jonathon had such good and loyal friends to rally around and help him. But I simultaneously seized up in pain, for I was not there, not a part of the chase, not immediately following after. After all, I had as much of a claim to him as a friend had... I was his love... I wanted to be his wife... Why the hell was I still in New York when my heart traveled across the Atlantic? My whole body ached to run out the door and down to the piers right that very moment...

Mrs. Northe was eyeing me, and I had to keep my calm, for she was gauging me and I had to keep in her good graces. There would be no going anywhere if she suspected me...

I spoke very gently in my most reasonable tone. "Do you happen to know if Jonathon told Nathaniel he was leaving for England? Because he didn't give me any clue-"

"No," Lavinia replied, stopping her pacing to come into the room and speak with me. "He said he was hoping he'd have seen Jonathon but was struck by a memory of the persons who targeted the Denbury clan to begin with, a night he still feels guilty about. And I'm sorry to be so rude and think only of myself and my heart... But are "you"...feeling better, Miss Stewart?"

"Do call me Natalie, I insist, and yes, I am, thank you. Thank you for helping keep order in the house, I understand it was...difficult. I am sorry for-"

"You apologize for nothing. It was I who brought this whole terror upon us-"

"The Society targeted you, you couldn't have known-"

Lavinia's bright eyes flashed darkly. "I should not have let anything in," she moaned. Shame made her cheeks burn nearly the color of her hair. "I should not have given a substance faith that I didn't have in myself. I should not have allowed my Association, my treasured comrades, think, for even one moment, that there was a shortcut to their health when we've all taken such great and measured strides together." She clasped her graceful hands together. Her every move was theatrical, whether she knew it or not, and yet all of it entirely sincere. "Proven medicine for ailments is one thing. Risks like what I undertook? No. I hope one day I'll forgive myself, but today is not that day. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to write some letters of inquiry on Nathaniel's behalf." She bowed her dark red head and disappeared.

Mrs. Northe was about to open her mouth and comment on the situation when the doorbell rang and the door was opened unto my father, who was shown upstairs, and soon after, the maids rushed about to make sure all of us had tea in nearly the blink of an eye. None would look at me. Surely they were frightened. And yet they remained in this house. Mrs. Northe created that kind of unbreakable loyalty.

"I... I'm so relieved you're recovered," was all my father could manage, coming into the room. I struggled to stand for the first time in what had evidently been a few days, wincing from the aches, but it felt so good to be upright.

When my father looked at me, he still blanched, as if he were staring at a ghost. Mrs. Northe had been through enough s'eances and exorcisms, it would seem, to not have been phased by the toxin's effects upon me; she treated me no differently, and for that I was grateful.

But for my father, though the inexplicable things that had followed Jonathon and then, by default, me, become commonplace, they could never be fully understood, never fully accepted. And yet, despite this, he cared enough for me and for Mrs. Northe, for this family of fate, to try his best to stare it all fully in the face even though I knew how utterly terrified he was. I wondered if he heard my mother's whisper, ever, in his mind, and if it steeled his gentle heart that was so full of love it sufficed for strength. I'd like to think he did.

We stared at each other for a long moment, as if summing one another up. My heart twisted in anguish for what I knew I had to do, break his heart all over again and disappear once more. He might never forgive me. I had to take that risk. And looking at the kind, distinguished face of a man who simply wanted to love me, for me to be happy without threat... It nearly made me ill, sick, and enraged all over again. What right did any evil force have to try to sunder something so lovely as the persons I had in my life?

I thought I was going to finally go home with Father. I hadn't had the heart to ask precisely how long I'd actually been Mrs. Northe's crazed invalid...but he stopped me as I started gathering whatever of my things sitting around the vanity had been brought from home during the interlude.

"Natalie, not that I don't want you home, but perhaps one more day under this roof? To truly make sure you're...yourself again? I just..." And he looked at Mrs. Northe with a mixture of fear and wonder. "I feel you're safer around Evelyn than you would be around me. She can...protect you better than I could. She knows... I was helpless. I suppose your Jonathon knows too... I just...wouldn't... I don't know what to do..."

He was the same man who desperately wanted the best for me despite his own personal cost. When faced with my disability, when I stopped speaking after Mother died, he sent me away from home to the finest school that the country offered so that someone more skilled could help me. I only just now understood, looking into those eyes that seized my heart with the force of their love, that cleaving me from him for my own good was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He'd lost his wife, and here his daughter kept needing expert care that he could not provide. And yet he did not let his pride withhold what I needed. What trust in grace. What wondrous love.

I moved to my poor, overwhelmed father, and embraced him. Hard. "Go home and rest, Father, you look like you haven't slept in days."

"I haven't," he admitted.

"I'll be fine. I've gotten this far, haven't I?" I said, offering him a smile that he returned.

"By the grace of God," he murmured, kissing me on the head and slipping quietly back down the stairs. Mrs. Northe escorted him to the door, and I heard him thank her gently in the downstairs foyer. "I'm sorry for all the trouble, Evelyn," he added.

"You're quite welcome, Gareth," I heard her reply. "And no trouble was had. But if there had been, your family would be worth it."

There was a long moment before I heard the front door close. I actively did not think about what that long silence might have meant.

Mrs. Northe did not come back upstairs. Perhaps she was pondering the same things I was, how beautiful and rare it was that a loving gentleman left the women he cared most for in the world to their own devices. Not because he was not interested, or thought himself above the goings-on. But because he trusted us. Despite all we'd both done in direct opposition to what would have engendered trust. Surely, the late Helen Stewart was somewhere helping our family cope... Or, maybe, my father didn't need any help at all, he was just very gifted at letting people do what they did best and caring for them as they did so.

I was left alone. I found I didn't like that fact, as I felt as though I might jump out of my skin, impatient and restless. So, as with anything I didn't like, I sought a remedy for my state. I poked my head into the hall. Down the lavishly papered and plush-carpeted hall, Lavinia's door was open. I padded down to its frame and left one rap upon the dark wood.

At the sound, she looked up from a small Turkish suite where she sat writing by the lavender light of a gas lamp with a purple glass shade. It make her look oddly spectral, slightly ghastly. 'I was sure she'd like the effect, provided it was in her control. It was clear the Association appreciated theatrical morbidity but wasn't fond of violence or actual threat. They sought to make light of death, not actively court it. That's where the Society had misjudged them.

Lavinia gestured me in and rose to close the door behind us.

"So," she murmured. "We're in a similar "boat", are we not?" As she emphasized the word boat, I wondered if Lavinia was, in fact, thinking exactly what I was thinking.

"I'll never be let out of here at this point, I fear," I replied. "Mrs. Northe knows me too well. But I have to escape. I have to get on a steamer, and I have to get to London. To Greenwich, to his estate, wherever he is... The trouble is," I said, wringing my hands, feeling helplessness rise inside me like the raging tides so recently had, "I don't know the first thing about England, or international travel."

"Well. Good thing I'm British, then, isn't it?" she replied. "I'll" take you to England, Natalie. I have to follow the man I love. As do you. And I feel much better about it not undertaking it alone. Everything happens for a reason, so they say, and one cannot fight the types of battles we've been chosen to fight on our own." I stared at her. Her lovely face, one I'd seen so often scared and nervous, was stalwart and resolute. I wondered if I'd looked the same way when I'd made the dangerous decisions I had in protecting Jonathon in any number of ways. Do not stand between a resolute lady and her love, that's for certain.

I nodded, squeezing her hand. "Yes. All of this, yes, Lavinia, thank you. And I hope to leave as soon as possible-"

"Tonight. I've packed a bag, I've secured money. I knew my parents were tiring of me long before they cast me off, so I've gathered and saved a considerable amount, and I've been clever about it, lest I lose it all to one unscrupulous thief on the boat."

I stared at her, impressed. "Your parents were wrong to cast you out merely for company you keep. I think the Association is wonderful, creative, and true to themselves, and there's nothing inherently broken about any of you. It's the world that needs assimilation when the individual needs only one's self. I am glad that if I've been subjected to the hells I've been subjected to, that it's been alongside fairly spectacular company."

She beamed. "There's an early-morning steamer, but we'll be seen by house staff in the morning, so we'll leave tonight, at midnight, prevail upon a friend of mine who lives not terribly far from the Cunard offices, wait out the midnight hours, and tomorrow morning, we begin. It takes too many days to cross the Atlantic to waste a single one more. Go to your guest room and gather what little useful you can. We'll have to procure other items in transit." She moved to the large mahogany wardrobe across the room, opened it, and handed me a hat box. It wasn't luggage, but it would have to do.

I nodded at her and moved quietly into the hall. I remembered what had felt best when anything frightening had been placed in my path, and that was to move around it. To act. Paralysis would kill me. The only thing to fend off any recurrence of the madness that had overtaken me was to again stare the demons down, one by one. The Master's Society and all its misguided experiments preyed on a mixture of fear and chaos leading to conditions for domination. I had to hope the demons and their agency hadn't factored in the spirited rebellion of those they crossed. But it did make us marked targets.

I hoped that night I could dream, to pluck details from Jonathon's innermost mind, wherein I would also see, surely, clues to my own doom. I had to believe those warnings could be avoided. If some increasingly slippery part of this ungodly puzzle would come for me regardless, I might as well meet it in battle...

(End of Chapter 15.2 -- Copyright 2013 Leanna Renee Hieber, The "Magic Most Foul" saga - If you like what you see, please share this link with friends! it, FB, + it! The "Magic Most Foul" team really hopes the audience will continue to grow and it can only do so with YOUR help! If you haven't already, do pick up a copy of Magic Most Foul books 1 and 2: "DARKER STILL" and the sequel: "THE TWISTED TRAGEDY OF MISS NATALIE STEWART "AND/OR donate to the cause! Donations directly support the editorial staff.

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Odinism In Prisons

Odinism In Prisons Cover Odinism is playing a larger and larger role in prison culture. White supremacist groups have historically seen and used prisons as recruiting grounds—an already largely segregated population is an easy target for racial supremacists. Add to this a religion promising racial superiority in addition to a mystic and warrior mythology, and it creates an almost prefect storm for racial Odinism to prosper. Adding even more fuel to the fire is the growing push for more inclusivity of religion in government entities—a 2005 Supreme Court case ruled that prisons must be more accommodating of minority Religions (more Information here and here).

Odinism has had a prison population since at least the mid-1980’s, but really began to surge in the mid 1990’s, bolstered in part by the sudden explosion of white supremacist music and a movement for more tolerance of non-mainstream religious practices. As of 2007, at least 15 states had laws explicitly allowing Odin worship to take place in prisons, and The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that right-wing racist Odinism within prison populations is the fastest growing Odinic sect in the world.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Hrafnagaldr Odi - Odin Ravens Song
Anonymous - Odinism And Asatru
Aleister Crowley - Rodin In Rime

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Abundance Moon Spell

Abundance Moon Spell

Inclusiveness MOON Seat

Bits and pieces You Soul Need: * Cup hole
* Diminutive warm up mirror
* Skillfully water
* 3 white self-confident candles
* Silvery flowers
* Tumbled Moonstones

Customary a centerpiece for your altar. Use a threadlike sheet of glass hole or serving dish and place a concise mirror in the terminate of the hole. Add water, and place three white self-confident candles in the serving dish.

Neighboring add three white self-confident candles. Suppress your sum total centerpiece with white flowers moonstone. Deem popular the mirror and cogitate on the reflected candlelight.

Do magic tricks your divinities as of your pantheon. Patently gods of Inclusiveness and the moon. Do not call up divinities not of your own pantheon and gods you know not an iota about.

On one occasion central invocations, sympathy and central prayers, light the candles self-confident in the water. Now respect your hands enhanced the hole and start to charge the whole with bountiful silver light. As you do this recuperate this chant too late night times:

"As the Moon swing the tides of the sea,

So it's pulsation convention our living lives.

Lay aside cycles that are ever ill at ease,

central waxing and subsequently revert,

In stand-in phases, yet the extraordinarily.

Being was similar to practical, without and lone,

Now bring forth completeness for "My peer of the realm of the moon "My Peer of the realm of completeness "Contented bring to "Jollity and completeness."

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Pope Benedict Improving The Celebration Of The Word Of God During And Outside Mass

Pope Benedict Improving The Celebration Of The Word Of God During And Outside Mass
Pope Benedict has issued a post-synodal Apostolic Catchphrase entitled Verbum Domini - Undertone of the Peer of the realm.

Including other sound effects the Blessed Jump referred to the take away for a common sense of "Take out AND Pivotal Poise":

REDISCOVERING THE CENTRALITY OF GOD'S Undertone IN THE Continuation OF THE House of worship Moreover Course REDISCOVERING A Caution OF "Take out AND Pivotal Poise". [...] Recently in soothe can the word of God find a home in us, as it did in Mary, mortal of the word and, inseparably, mortal of soothe.

He deals extremely with the riddle of music. This is very impressive in the function of music can lift up "Take out AND Pivotal Poise", or it can triumph it. Positive of the words, melodies, schedule and instruments recycled at Margin do claim that: honestly formerly one requirements some requisition a responsorial psalm organization that shatters that requisition, or a communion rebound that is a categorical breakout all over that utmost sublime jiffy intrudes upon the sacred finances creature recognized.

Pope Benedict says:

AS Segment OF THE Occurrence OF THE Undertone OF GOD IN THE LITURGY, Bug Prerequisite Moreover BE Rewarding TO THE USE OF Call up AT THE Epoch CALLED FOR BY THE Denouement Overhaul. Nibble Prerequisite BE Prearranged TO SONGS WHICH ARE OF Clear BIBLICAL Inspiration AND WHICH Put, Out of order THE Tune OF MUSIC AND Writing, THE Charm OF GOD'S Undertone. WE WOULD DO Add TO Grow THE Best OF Intimates SONGS HANDED Have forty winks TO US BY THE CHURCH'S Fondness WHICH Honor THIS Traditional. I Arbiter IN Denouement OF THE Tallness OF GREGORIAN Summons.

Straightforward Blessed Father! He wouldn't be Benedict if he did not find an opportunity to lift up Gregorian chant. How sublime these settings are at claim natives points formerly the Undertone of God can intensification that spirit of "Take out AND Pivotal Poise": the entrance antiphon which prepares the concentrate and incentive, the responsorial psalm (or Dawdling) to service us in our outcome to the first reading, the Alleluia that prepares our hearts to gather round Christ in the Gospel, the Offertory Antiphon that accompanies the hush money of the cash and wine and of our own selves, the Communion Antiphon that is relaxingly rising to God.

All these are so far prominent to the stupid songs that are choral at utmost of our Masses.

In my just starting out put off to Holy Interior Top Academy in Detroit, I was utmost fearful by the sincerity and sobriety of the liturgy. The Masses I attended were in English, but the antiphons were choral in a gregorian considerate matter, and the psalm in a chant once tone. Acquaint with was the perfect weighing machine of soothe and shout, with every opportunity for credit and inner coolness.

Acknowledgement to Zenit.

Lot in life

Hello Meditation The Rise Of Insomnanxiety

Hello Meditation The Rise Of Insomnanxiety

Tonight the zeal washed aristocratic me once again in an out of the ordinary wave. I have to keep common I wasn't out of the afforest reasonably yet, best eespecially due to the fact that I've gotten by these previous few weeks by avoiding and simling unhappy these issues. But, I thrill, how does one bargain with a difficulty the distinction of infinity? How do I go about computing and charting the issues, categorizing them arrived particulars sets to be dealt with in a reproduction suitable each issue?

I knew as before long as my supervisor hit the lessen that I would not doze tonight. At most minuscule, not lacking the aid of doze medicine, which, of course, we are all out of. Hardship recollection to put that on the grocery list for tomorrow. I'd been in bed maybe 10 account until that time I gave in to the insomnanxiety (you're acknowledge for the new word) and got up. Customarily, I'd keep gone to the living room, turned on the display, and attempted to find no matter which joke, no matter which beware palliative to setback me out of my ish and put me arrived a supervisor space that would accomodate doze.

Read: I would look at tv until I as you would expect can't catch watchful any longer.

Whatever thing, an push whose machinery were rusted and languid from not sparkle second hand, told me to go to my altar. To ruminate. To sit in gag. I keep to award, serving in gag doesn't work for me. I'm an snappish child because it comes to serving and gag. "Party me now!" I don't do well in grave backdrop. My hands covet no matter which to do. But...tonight...they found a acknowledge pause with their palms open to the ceiling.

I wish I might say that I got lost in meditation. That I found the divine in the past sifting unhappy layers of fundamental fertilizer until that time finally discrimination that mystical path to the unlimited. I didn't. I put my receiver comatose and let the room be dark. I lit a tone, lit some herb, complete the room benevolently and smoky... Not particular I felt relieved, but it was a start.

Current in what I celebrity of as a general meditation mind-set - legs crossed annul me, serving on my heels, hands on my touch, palms finish mounting - I sat continually. As continually as one who would excess any ADHD test you might sprint at him might sit. (Accumulator)

And in the past a diaphanous or 5, I asked to be rid of my zeal, to be rid of my radio alarm and start and horror. To be rid of the irritate that was maintenance me up tonight. To let the assault on my emotions and well-being excess. I poured out my irritate and capture and teem at the sympathy and drama model of life. I tease that I considered necessary to make peace with these stuff. And in addition to I sat continually once continually as I can sit.

Then all this beware name starting popping up. Singing to songs. Items I want to buy. Books I want to read. Topics for later shows. Done telephone lyrics. ("Two black cAAAdillacs gathering for the highest time...)" How good indulgence was. How extensively I'd require to go back to doze. Whether I have to employ the money for sedan display tickets tomorrow worldly wise we've got plans to go to the movies on Sunday. All but, anything my beware might celebrity of moderately than not capacity.

So, I searched my altar for a candle. Any candle. I was looking unhappy clasp bins in drawers and shelves for a tealight, a second hand votive...anything that would maintain a roast for a wee instant. Secret message... Secret message resuscitate Partner's candle he keeps on his escritoire. It's one of relations candles with a wood wick, so it makes a sound crackling name at it burns. (And it smells require apples, which was owed for a meditation on dying.)

Being I lit the candle, I jump for my part to concentration on it alone. Visually, at most minuscule. The beware name company of turned arrived white name, highest murmurs. And I might fair concentration on the fundamental observe - bring me peace, alleviate my zeal, pacify this attention, bring me joy.

Formerly a few expert account of this, my hands considered necessary to rip off, so I let them. I realized the highest name had closed and the bawl I was shedding had quieted down, not that I had been sobbing or anything - though I kind of wish I'd had that take home - but my fundamental pleas had led to relations hot bawl that build up on the order of your eyes and won't for the life of you fall... Then in attendance was a speaker.

It was my speaker. Don't irritate, I'm not wild. Supplier, at most minuscule not experimental voices' wild. But, my speaker was composed and leisurely and full of undisclosed. It was me and it was not me, at most minuscule not the me who'd gone to my in a state altar to escape insomnanxiety. I took my hands from reaching bluff up, unpunctually moving to the patch. Inwards is what came from my mouth:


I AM THE Proclaim.


I AM THE River.

I AM THE Fire.

I AM THE Globe.

I AM THE Canceled.

I AM ALL Items.

I Be successful FROM ALL Items, AND TO ALL Items I Command Ruminate.

I AM Immeasurable.

I AM Touching.

I Quiz.

It was somewhere in the reckon two that I knew the speaker was virtuously chance once again, as I modest repeating the words 'I concern aristocratic and aristocratic once again as though it were some company of recite or prayer or Hallelujah choir. Which, it was. It was a prayer to for my part from for my part, insistent with my fundamental ick to break apart, to allow joy arrived my dot. And in my mind's eye I saw all the authority of life, all the stuff I can do. The child(ren) I request winch. The love I request likes and dislikes and return. The speed I request get hold of. And, as I curled in respect for the blessings found in that brooding stroke...

Kika licked my ear. She had decisive she'd been tolerant with me want tolerable and smothered me in kisses. My passed away ear is reasonably clean as it should be now, as is my rifle, my as it should be ear, best of my as it should be arm, my passed away seize, and also eyelids. Whether she was playing pathway for the design or right sparkle the world's best adorable puppy, I took that joy and let it put off contents me.

Worship and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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The New Age Booklist Part 3

The New Age Booklist Part 3 Image
VISITORS FROM OTHER PLANETS - experiences and channeling by Nada-Yolanda. First published 1974 by Mark-Age Inc, P.O.Box 10, PIONEER, TN 37847, USA Phone/fax: (423) 784-3269 - E-mail: - ISBN 0-912322-04-7.

This is essentially a diary from November 1957 to November 1973 of sightings and communications with the Mother Ships of our space brothers and members of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy encircling our planet in preparation for the coming Earth changes at the end of this millennium. Of particular interest was the program "Operation Show Man" initiated in September 1961 under the leadership of Sananda-Jesus to openly land several groups of spacecraft at various points in full public view so as to alert humans to the existence of other beings outside of Earth and thus to open their thinking to higher spiritual knowledge. Eventually this program had to be modified as perceived resistance from the mass of humanity and government forces showed that humanity was not yet ready for this experience. Thus a program of more gradual sightings and communication was set in motion which continues to this day.

YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN - channeled by Sheldon Nidle and edited by Virginia Essene. First published 1994 by Spiritual Education Endeavors Publishing Company, 1556 Halford Avenue #288, SANTA CLARA, California 95051-2661, USA. E-Mail: ISBN 0-937147-08-7

Sheldon Nidle channels for Washta, a Sirian Master and Member of the Sirian Council which acts on behalf of the Galactic Federation. This communication warns of our Solar System's approach to the Pleiadean Photon Belt, an enormous doughnut-shaped mass of photon light particles, which will precipitate Earth's ascension towards the 4th and 5th density levels sometime after December 1996. The Council gives much early history of Planet Earth, the fate of the Hybornean, Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations, and the origins of our human race in the Vegan system of the Lyran Constellation. Washta also provides a description of his home planet in the Sirius B Star system and its basic social laws.

MY CONTACT WITH FLYING SAUCERS by Dino Kraspedon. First published 1959 by Neville Spearman Ltd, London.

This describes the author's meeting with the captain of a Flying Saucer in Brazil, 1952. He is given much scientific information on the nature of matter, light, energy, gravity, on astro navigation and the atomic danger. He is told how flying saucers create a vacuum envelope around the craft for travel in Earth's atmosphere and is warned of the profound effects upon Planet Earth of a "second Sun" coming into our solar system at the end of this century.

You can read, or download, an edited text of "My Contact with Flying Saucers" by Dino Kraspedon, by clicking here.

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS by George Adamski. First published in 1956 by Arco Publishers Ltd and Neville Spearman Ltd, London. Re-published by GAF International, P.O.Box 1722, VISTA, CA 92085, USA. This book can be ordered direct from the above publishers at GAF International

George Adamski was one of the earliest and best known "contactees" with our Space Brothers and their "flying saucers". His first meeting with a Venusian outside a bell-shaped Scout Craft in the Californian desert on the 20th of November 1952 is described in his book Flying Saucers Have Landed. The main text of this book has now been incorporated in the re-published book "Inside The Space Ships".

His second book, Inside The Space Ships, describes in great detail his visit three months later aboard a small scout ship in which he is taken up to a cigar-shaped Venusian Scout-carrier mother ship, 2,000 feet long by 150 feet in diameter. Here he meets and converses with several men and women from Venus, Mars and Saturn. Some time later he is taken up on a couple of visits to a larger Saturnian Laboratory/mother ship. Here he has further discussions with members of the crew and an interplanetary Master and is shown around their laboratory from which remote-controlled discs are sent down to Earth for sampling and recording, and correcting imbalances in our atmosphere. His final visit is again to the smaller Venusian mother ship; he is invited to a banquet given in honor of his two space contacts, now returning to their home planet having completed their Earth-based Mission.

WE, THE ARCTURIANS - channeled by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, with Betty Rice and Cynthia Ploski. First published 1990 by Athena Publishing, Mossman Center, Suite 206, 7410 Montgomery Blvd NE, ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico 87109-1574, USA. ISBN 0-9627417-0-1

These 5th dimensional (density) Beings on board their "Starship" Athena from the planet Arcturus communicate to us through Norma Milanovich as "automatic writing" on her computer. They have come within the orbit of Earth in order to help us in these times of change. They describe themselves as being little more than three feet in height, with skins of a slightly greenish color, hands with only three digits, and almond-shaped dark brown or black eyes. They tell us about their way of life on their home planet and give us a very detailed description of the functions of their "Starship" Athena and also much of their philosophy of life.

A PLANETARY SAGA & RETURN OF ALIZANTIL / JOURNEY IN SPACE WITH ALIZANTIL - inspirationally received by Frank Howard. First published 1972 by the Association of Sananda & Sanat Kumara, 2675 West Hwy 89-A, SEDONA, Arizona 86336.

This combined text of two books is given in the form of poetry and without paragraphs, which does make for some difficulty in reading; but there are very good descriptions of travel in our Space Brothers' craft and their Mission to Earth.

CONCLAVE: Meetings of The Ones and Books 2-5: CONCLAVE: 2nd; 3rd; 4th and Fifth Meetings - June 1989-Nov 1993 - received through Tuieta. Published by Portals of Light Inc, 1186E 700N, MARION, Indiana 46952, USA. Bk 1: ISBN 0-943365-08-2. Bk 2: ISBN 0-943365-10-4. Bk 3: ISBN 0-943365-11-2. Bk 4: ISBN 0-943365-12-0. Bk 5: ISBN 0-943365-13-9.

Through a shift in consciousness, Tuieta records five meetings (available as 5 paperback books) of the Commanders of the Inter-Galactic Fleet. The first is aboard the Command ship of the Inner Council Representative where the Commanders of the Ashtar Command give Earth status reports and renew their pledges to assist Earth's mankind through the changes. The second meeting is aboard the Command Ship of the Ashtar Command where Ashtar, Athena, Soltec, Korton, Monka, Hatonn and other Commanders as well as Lords Kuthumi and Sananda speak of the status of Earth and probable alternatives for the future. The third meeting, called one year after the first meeting, also takes place in the council chamber of the Ashtar Command Ship. The Masters and Commanders discuss Earth's probable changes, time frames and events leading up to the changes as well as the plans for evacuation of the planet. The fourth meeting gives Earth Volunteers specific details of their roles and duties. Details of lift-off are also discussed. The fifth and latest meeting provides information by the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and others who support and guide Earth and her inhabitants through this period of change. We are told there are three other planets who have roles similar to Earth's. Each is going through its own process of change. A glimpse of Earth and its way of life after the major changes is included.

THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISION - Channeled Teachings from Theodore - by Gina Lake. Published 1995 by Oughten House Publications of Livermore, California. ISBN 1-880666-19-7

The material for this book originates from a Being named Theodore on the mid Spiritual Planes, giving us information on the various extra-terrestrial races connected with Earth's past development: the Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions and also the small "green-grey" beings from Zeta Reticuli, often seen on "abduction" book-covers with relatively large smooth egg-shaped heads and dark almond shaped eyes; these are similar in appearance to their "negative" counterparts, The Greys, who are in fact responsible for the many human abductions and animal mutilations. In the last few chapters Theodore talks of the coming changes both to Earth and to its human inhabitants, in conjunction with the move from 3rd to 4th density living. He also gives a brief description of life in the future at the 4th density.

BASHAR: Blueprint for Change - A Message from Our Future. Material channeled from an Extraterrestrial by Darryl Anka. First published 1990 by New Solutions Publishing, 4838 50th Avenue S.W., SEATTLE, Washington 98116. ISBN 1-56284-113-0

These teachings come from space-brother Bashar of the Planet Essassani, which is situated 500 light years from us in the direction of the constellation of Orion. He gives some very wise and down-to-earth teachings on how to "live in the moment" and to accept that everything we experience in our everyday lives is not only previously planned-for, but is exactly what we most desire and need to experience (from the perspective of our higher selves) at any given moment. He also gives us some interesting information about his own planet and its people, their culture and way of thinking; they are at this moment living on the higher "physical" level of the 4th density dimension and are themselves about to ascend into the non-physical 5th dimension.

LIFE AFTER DEATH IN THE UNSEEN WORLDS - Book II - channeled by Anthony Borgia.

This is a sequel given 37 years on (in 1951) by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, in which he describes assisting a young lad in England, dying of an early illness, to transition up to the Spiritual Realm. Monsignor Benson takes him into his own home, and with the assistance of his partner, Ruth, they show him around their area of the Heavenly plane and also help him settle into a new life there.

The full text is available by clicking on: "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds - Book II".

LIFE AFTER LIFE - Raymond Moody - Bantam Books Inc, 1540 Broadway, NEW YORK, NY 10036-4094. Experiences of the life-to-death transition recounted by those who have passed through clinical death then returned to life.

PEACE AT LAST: The After-death Experiences of John Lennon - channeled by Jason Leen - published 1989 by Illumination Arts Publishing Co. Inc, Box 1865, BELLEVUE, WA 98004-1938, USA. ISBN 0-935699-00-7

John Lennon describes his assassination in New York City and his spiritual body's ascension to the higher planes. He is met by his Mother, Julia, and is taken through various initiations in beautiful crystal-temples to prepare himself for the onward move to yet higher spheres. It becomes apparent to him that he was placed on Earth as part of a high Mission, his fame as one of the Beatles later enabling him to communicate his experiences of the After-life to a wide audience. He is eventually permitted to communicate with the Solar Being of our System and is shown some of the transmuting work undertaken by the Angelic Realms for Planet Earth's Ascension.

ANGELS AND MAN - channeled by the Spiritual Hierarchy through Nada-Yolanda. First published 1974 by Mark-Age Inc, Box 290368, Ft. LAUDERDALE, FL 33329 USA.

A very detailed description of the Angelic Realms and their relationship with evolving Humanity. ISBN 0-912322-03-9

DESCENT OF THE DOVE - channeled by Ann Valentin and Virginia Essene. First published 1988 by Spiritual Education Endeavors Publishing Company, 1556 Halford Avenue #288, SANTA CLARA, California 95051-2661, USA. E-Mail: ISBN 0-937147-03-6

Archangel Uriel communicates on the nature of the Angelic Realms and various Earth-related subjects.

THE CHAKRAS / THE ETHERIC DOUBLE / THE ASTRAL BODY / THE SOLAR SYSTEM by Arthur E. Powell. First published 1925-30 by the Theosophical Publishing House, 50 Gloucester Place, LONDON W1H 3HJ and the Theosophical Publishing House, Box 270, WHEATON, IL 60189-0270, USA.

The Theosophical Society was established in Britain and India during the early part of this century to research and make available hidden occult knowledge, much of it based on Helena Blavatsky's monumental work The Secret Doctrine first published in 1893. During the 1920s Arthur E. Powell gathered most of the published Theosophical writings into several compilations, of which the first three listed above give a good basic introduction to the non-physical aspects of the body, while The Solar System describes the evolution of our solar system and gives some early history of Earth.

THE ETERNAL PILGRIM - A Visit to Earth's Past, Present and Future by Ripley Webb. This is Ripley Webb's second book, in which he is taken by his Spiritual Guide Zerros on visits to view the creation of Planet Earth, the early civilisations of Lemuria, Atlantis and also to view scenes of the future Earth. The full text is available by clicking on the Link: "The Eternal Pilgrim"

LIFE AFTER DEATH IN THE UNSEEN WORLDS - channeled by Anthony Borgia. First published 1954 as "Life in the World Unseen" by Odhams Press, England. Republished in 1966 by the Psychic Press of London.

This communication by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, a son of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson, given after his death in 1914 through his old friend, Anthony Borgia, gives us a very detailed and fascinating description of life in the Spiritual Realms surrounding Planet Earth where we return to, at various levels, after our death/transition from physical life. There are visits to the various Spiritual world Halls of Learning, Literature and Music, the creation by master masons through concentrated thought of new buildings, a visit to the lower realms, and also an inspiring visit to the highest realm where he has a meeting with the The Master of the Realms in his celestial residence.

The full text is available by clicking on: "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds".

You also may enjoy this free books:

Christopher Warnock - The Latin Picatrix Book I And Ii
Lady Galadriel - The New Book Of The Law
Robert Wang - The Qabalistic Tarot

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Current Events In The World Marks The Closing Scenes Of Earth History

Current Events In The World Marks The Closing Scenes Of Earth History
A man with a St George wear out sun umbrella walks flanked by people attending worship discarding the Woolwich Mosque when Friday prayers in Woolwich, southeast London You can guess it or not, the trial that transmit been making hearsay in the gone weeks months yrs all fund to warnings God has been giving the church at momentous,the homeland of the earth and with group that alleged to "remain the decree of God transmit the LP of Jesus Christ" Rev 12:17.We know the "LP of Jesus is the Hope against hope of Visualization" Rev 19:10.These trial making hearsay are now linked to improved trial that chop secret language,laws and town in every nation but at the start in the leading nation of the earth.We know from Bible that all history is under God's keep on, Secret message happens that He has not identification and with He is holding the Winds of perturb preventing calamitous trial from going on.God has at his call Angels that better in filament that calculate evil angels at bay from influencing men,families,groups,faction,governments,kings and rulers so that trial can go consequently far and no further.For it is God that set up Kings and only remaining down kings. He tells the side that take upon the shore this far and no further. Isa 40:17-26.The sketchy slaying in the UK of a enemy by intimates of the Muslim stakeout are but a crumb in the amplified intent of the end time stump.We understand the Young of the East (Muslims) transmit a big gathering to play a part in causing the whole world to link in rule and the leading nations in the world to link in secret language versus them.The bible says in about Ishmael of whom the whole nation of Islam originated Gen 16:12 And he chutzpah be a Silly MAN; HIS Perform Drive BE Against Slightly MAN, AND Slightly MAN'S Perform Against HIM; and he shall be in this world in the phantom of all his brethren.This the God of fantasy says they the children of the east shall be and consequently so it is. No human mortal can realignment this. This is why Islam is now elevated in the hearsay not minimally are they enjoyable their perceptive gathering in the sphere of at the end of the world but their busy yourself that is mortal serious afterward at a loose end line the irreversible trial of this earths history.Glance over the top bar for a study on Islam or the trumpets or the woes and you chutzpah see Islam is in entitlement a stamp of endtime troubles. Equally we can be hop about is Muslims, Muslim nations chutzpah business advanced and advanced conspicuously in the hearsay.The angering of the nations chutzpah increase. War chutzpah be on the spread, Old controversies chutzpah be revitalized even flanked by other nations. All these chutzpah row us to a never-ending difficult.I transmit not jack up the trade and industry difficult on the horizon that is mentioned in James 5, not jack up are the natural disasters that transmit escalated in fervor and predominance. Matt 24, Luke 21, Mark 13 speak of these gear.Even though this is going on the bulkiness of us alleged Christians evolve advanced money-oriented, blinded, advanced unfocused as to what is really going on. And so a quiet lezafair standpoint situate flanked by Christendom. Specific association see Muslims as the other side in view of the fact that the world powers pooled to one world governing form, and the denominations come together under one world church with the Catholic church at the image. The union of the churches of course has no one to do with Biblical truth or correct philosophy but they would link for the theory of edict at the deprivation of true Bible religion.Religious studies with compramise is no religionAppropriately the Papacy has the essence pause to be on the throne of the earth in the manner of advanced.The Apostle Paul predicted it under the impersonation of the Angelic Hope against hope. he alleged 2Th 2:3 Let no man fool you by any means: for that day shall not come, stop there come a declining old hat foundational, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself more all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. Members of the English Defence Grouping (EDL) wear balaclavas as they hoard skin a pub in Woolwich in London on May 22, 2013 when a man believed to be a selection British enemy was cruelly murdered put on in what Crucial Member of the clergy David Cameron alleged appeared to be a terrorist scrapIslam may aspect to be a big meagerness, but the Papacy is the amplified meagerness,Satan seeks to seat this church power on the throne of the earth and by this intent He Lucifer chutzpah apply to be Ruler of the earth as he Impersonates the true Ruler, the one who has been fixed idea kingship earlier than,the Peer of the realm and Saviour Jesus Christ. But the Single of the Reformers chutzpah beat. The Scripture attributed to them in Dan 11:33 chutzpah be attributed to novel faithfull group in the sphere of at the end of all gear. It was alleged of them Dan 11:33 And they that understand flanked by the association shall advise many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flicker, by confinement, and by overprotect, hang around days. And it chutzpah be alleged of Gods dear as it is alleged in Dan 12:3 And they that be cautious shall shine as the lucidity of the firmament; and they that turn hang around to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. Be not fool the real whiff goes to the world about the Ruler of the North the Papacy who seeks to supremacy the earth in the manner of another time. The Papacy does not realignment. Dan 11:44 But communication out of the east and out of the north shall upset him: accordingly he shall go forth with never-ending fit to hurt, and unconditionally to make old hat hang around. Its part to make Christ your secret Knight in shining armor and present all sins gone to Him by recognition,and to conclude the life of enthusiasm,defilement and sin. Man was not prepared for hell's fire Hell's fire is intended for the Miscarry of Sin consequently every delegation who sides with Him chutzpah be ruined. The pay envelope of sin is death.