Friday, December 11, 2009

Ufo Believing Group In Cairngorms Pilgrimage

Ufo Believing Group In Cairngorms Pilgrimage
A UFO-based dutiful classify are preparing for a pilgrimage to a Cairngorms peak in a bid to response some chief beings.

Members of the Aetherius Partaker request traipse to Creag-an-Leth-Chain this month to fall one of their "shrines". They accept the partition is charged with spiritual energy by a "Peer of the realm of Chance".

The disciples of the classify, founded in 1955 by one-time London cabbie Dr George Sovereign, request with hold their new found energy on the as well as stage of their pilgrimage - to Ben Macdhui.

At the peak they accept they request come defend to defend with members of "The Earnest Hierarchy of Native land - later than secular beings who like cheated death by reaching a chief notice of because.

Dr Sovereign founded the group in 1955 once upon a time he claimed to like been visited by aliens from Venus and Mars. He with relayed this energy to 19 mountains of dutiful magnitude concerning the world, as well as Creag-an-Leth-Chain.

Terrain friendship

David Trimble, 71, request be leading the trade show on Admired 28 and has welcomed any buddies from the family circle community to associate them past they pray for the end of international warming and world friendship.

He said: "In imitation of we get up to the top we request be using a service called the 12 blessings.

It is an loll of Jesus' Sermon on the Grand mal which the considerable beings delivered complete Dr King's voicebox as he was in a chief yogic pleasure.

"We use this outing and past we are on top of Creag-an-Leth-Chain we are nice to tap here an mind-boggling height of energy."

Mr Trimble with hopes the shallow to the as well as peak request be repaid with a squeal with the chief beings....

via UFO-believing group in Cairngorms pilgrimage Scotland STV Information.

Way of thinking beings chief vigor be development, but I read a story about some bears today... ;-)