Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thor Response

Thor Response
New experiments in drink has posted a activity about a prayer to Thor. This is what happened adjoining.

Your prayer has been located in a queue and will be dealt with snappishly.

[evenhanded of Valkyries live]

Your prayer is explanation to Asgard Inc. and will be dealt with as swiftly as material.

[evenhanded of Valkyries live]

You are moving up the queue, anyway positive as Bifrost, the Rainbow Ramp.

[evenhanded of Valkyries live]

All our deities are living control now, but one will be almost snappishly to resolution your prayer.

[evenhanded of Valkyries live]

You have in stock asked for a a selection of deity. Your prayer will now be overcome to your selected deity.

[recorded message]

Hi, this is Thor, I'm out shagging and use control now - go fix your own come out, Heathenry is inevitable to be a religion for the self-regulating.

[listens to answerphone message]

You'll be good? Such as materialize of namby-pamby Christian crap is that? Oh storage, mead? Meeeaaadd? Now you're talking! Oh storage, YOU'RE gonna drink the mead? No, no, no and no. You bring into being the mead to me, that's how it's assumed to work.

[recruit, recruit, recruit]

Mmmm, mead. Now, what was your request? A car? No! I shall bring into being you a chariot. Clear by goats. And with knives on the wheels. Yarr!