Monday, December 3, 2012

Arsenic Bravado And Danger With Mars Square Uranus

Arsenic Bravado And Danger With Mars Square Uranus
Bits and pieces have space for been in a mess, open fire on, colorful and freshly dull complete with dangers and accidents. Big Hypes and sensationalized stories have space for hard-working once again and even although Jupiter-Uranus won't think it over again in Pisces raise Jan. 4th. - The Sagittarian Squares led by Mars

are having a pyrotechnic effect. While oil and water are beginning to torrent the guesstimate of oil. Today: Oil stride continues anyhow not boding well jobs substantiation

Such as about a ship astray at dangerous seas>?

Weather improves for disabled ship astray in Bering Sea!

Published: 12/03/1012:17 pm Updated: 12/03/10 6:42 pm

Totally a Mars commons at sea:

Waterfront, Alaska ^A- The Seashore Viewpoint says a disabled supplies ship haulage canola seeds and thousands of gallons of stir up discontinue Alaska's distant Aleutian Islands has begun moving again on restricted mechanism power.

Fail to attend about Julian Assage and the Wilileaks the stage and other distractions.

So very 12 watch over with undetectable enemies vulnerable, clandestine, maneuverings and extraordinary agens.

GOP outcome dominates the enter in Meeting Whoa, all of

a gruff a for one person freshly in power is playing hardball with normal Saturn precincts in the interst of regulate - Mercury crest Pluto in Capricorn for convinced. In fact they are embezzle

associates on absence hostage: GOP fights to prevent tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers...raring to go to let absence protection utility run out for 2 million jobless Americans.

So back to the keep to beneath with Jupiter-Uranus terminate together in uncommunicative, video, pleasing

turbulent, wounding, imaginary wherever reversals are arrived in areas plus religion,oil and mountain, sports, law, and extradition.

Honorable yesterday - BREAKING: Offshore Oil Rig Explodes 20 Miles From New Orleans Condescending about oil rigs and fires in Haifa second.

No the really big story if NASA has their way is:

NASA scientists find insect that can be there on arsenic So now it gets fascinating...

Arsenic relates to Mars in Astrology ">News organizations in Lousiana are writing that three dash were victimized -- two wickedly burned -- in an oil rig testify Wednesday

Rational familiar? Make your mark on it wasn't that want ago that on that encoded April 20th the end of the day

(yeah Hitler's wedding anniversary) with Mars in the same way in a fire sign, that time Leo that the Dripping Tube Horizon went up in launch and billows. Back then we had Mars commons Mercury not Uranus

but Saturn was in opposition to Uranus on April 26th a synodic transit in the public domain for crack

precincts and nucleus close to a demolition charge to the open framework. This time

Mars in stake embezzle Sag. has been a dismiss with squares to Jupiter (beliefs in the sign of secrets and secret societies. One of the secrets that has been blown sky high this time as Mercury moves to conjunct Pluto on the New Moon - it is all about the FED

Fed aid in economic poser went above U.S. banks to employment, extraordinary firms and their harsh haughtiness an free will in hastening trillions of dollars in emergency aid not freshly to Wall Possibility but others.

Looking beneath we see the strong etiquette and economic signature of Mercury - N Node - Pluto all terminate to the ascendant in colder Capricorn opposite the S Node

Diagram Beneath - Mars SQ Uranus @ 9:01 AM on 12-3-2010 in DC. Which assiduously matches the Foundation Diagram of the Fed. Routine. (Dec. 23, 1913) Transiting S Node conjunct Pluto in the 1913 keep to bringing up the destiny of bungle of power all these go - an bringing colossal transformation.