Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Are We In

What Are We In
The originate is steadily raised: Whether the population who make contact with themselves pagan/Wiccans shape a community. If we use as a first-draft definition: a community is a group of population who work together for a regular aim and are mutually enthusiastic, also to our eyes the population who financial assistance the category retain lost their professed aim. A number of pagan/Wiccans find themselves taxing to rear a petty group of acolytes/seekers. Unluckily that teaching sometimes comes with an understood subscript, "My path or no path."

One coach aim of a community is dual state. If a bit is ill, is pudgy of currency, requirements help success a car repaired, or at all, also the community be required to twist together to promote what help it can. This is not to say the community be required to be enablers of parasitic or disparaging protocol.

We Frosts may be blessed with a generously proportioned tome of friends and contacts than heaps of you are, and we can say with some power (time with hard-wearing sorrow) that today's pagan/Wiccans do not support; somewhat they jewel down. We've all got to gap this behavioral spectacle, time adequate innocently we ourselves retain no idea of how to do it. So we're open to suggestions.

It would be a hard-wearing mercy if someone misrepresented their path so that we all formed one dour undeveloped collection. The whole vigor stemming from differences of tend, and consequently dividing line indicate, would be gone. In the function of can we do, mutually to help each other? How can we go forth as a associated religion (or spiritual path) and fire up our valid place in a modern society?

In the least of you read on this site the miniature native tongue about Gail Geisenhainer's tormented background in a UU fellowship. We got basically one real insinuation on why the members of the fellowship did not criticize the animal who justifiable such disparaging views about gays. Is that fact symptomatic of our problem? That apathy?

We're off to Toledo, so you'll retain oodles of time to get worked up anew at us.

Lovely be, y'all. Gavin and Yvonne