Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beliefs Of Neo Druids

Beliefs Of Neo Druids Cover Beliefs vary widely, and there is no set dogma or belief system which all adherents follow. Indeed, it is a central tenet of many druidic groups that there should not be strict dogmas (and most of the beliefs described here are not shared by all Druids). There is no central authority over the entire movement, nor any central religious text or Religious leader. In most cases, the ideas and inspiration of all Druids is respected. Core ideas shared by many Druids, according to Emma Restall Orr, the founder of The Druid Network, include “honouring of the ancestors and honouring of the land”. Orr also commented that “Druidry connects with all the other Earth-ancestor Traditions around the globe, such as the Native American, the Maori and Huna, the Aboriginal, the Romany and the indigenous spiritualities of Africa and Asia”, a view supported by leading British Druid Philip Carr-Gomm.

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