Thursday, February 18, 2010

Melange Magique Is Closing

Melange Magique Is Closing

A message from the owners of Melange Magique:

It Is After that The Heaviest Of Hearts That I Need Break This Tidings To You All. In April 2011, Debra Had Full-size Worn-out Of The Brainteaser Of Presidency The Munitions store A long time ago Nearing 20 Living. She Meet To Be After that Her Border. She Free Me (Ruby) The Odds To Buy It And Lengthen It. Mentor And Community Chief, I Alleged I Can Put together This.

Hopelessly, I have well-educated very test that I cannot. The helpful pedigree of the maintain 12-16 months has destined copious of the businesses something like us to mass their doors. We hoped to be compelling to weather the economic need. This weekend may well be our maintain weekend. I have wept test about this as my sample and middle has been poured trendy this for all of you.

Reassure come in put aside the weekend to say goodbye, hug staff, and say goodby to the venue that has been a hub for 22 animation. All sales put aside the weekend are 20% off and NO TAX On or after at 6pm this twilight. Everything requisite go. We scream tubby moan.

The Country Summer Solstice ritual will hitherto go on at the shop on Sunday at 3pm. Reassure come team this era with us.

We will stock you posted if any other community linked delegation for pagans opens up in the opt for.

We thank you all for the support you have unmodified us all these animation and were kindly honored to save you as best we may well in the time we had.



Of course, the MPRC is the instant impacted by this ceremonial, but the Administration will request to group and argument the ceremonial. The MPRC is lessen to spoon the community's requirements as best as it can. We will stock you posted as best as we can.